Chapter 55: Lycaon

Setting: God of War: Ascension. Prison of the Damned.

Narrator: After Kratos killed Megaera's minions, Megaera flees deeper into the prison.

Megaera: You will perish in your attempt to be free!

Narrator: Kratos rips apart part of the ceiling to reach the next floor. A rumbling sound in the distance is heard. A large beast appears and lunges at Kratos, who takes out the Blades of Chaos and grapples the creature: a large beast with brown fur and patches of ripped flesh showing. The creature had a wolf's snout and large sharp canines. The beast races around the room with Kratos holding on for dear life. Kratos releases one of his blades and throws it. The blade wraps around the arm of one of the nearby statues. Kratos grips the end by the chain and pulls on it. The creature slams face-first into the wall. Quickly, it regains conscience and prepares to fight. The creature stands up on its hind legs as it fights Kratos, mostly with slashes and through bite attacks. Periodically, it would jump on the wall and lunge at Kratos. If Kratos got caught in the attack, the beast would sit on top of him and bite him to death. After a struggle, Kratos would jam his blade into the creature's mouth, causing the beast to stagger back. Then, Kratos would grab his blade with both hands and brutally yank the blade out. Eventually, a yellow bar would appear over the creature's head, starting an attack. Kratos slashed the creature's neck with his blades and jumped on its chest. Then, he jumps off and knocks the creature over. With a spin, he slices the beast's leg off. Left with only one leg, the creature fights more animal-like. In addition to its biting attacks, it would also do slam attacks. Eventually, a red bar appears over the creature's head, launching a final attack. Kratos jams the Blades of Chaos into the creature's upper chest and knocks it to the ground. He grabs it by the neck and flips it over onto its back. Kratos places the Blades of Chaos onto his back and proceeds to punch the creature's face and chest. After about eight punches, he takes out one of the Blades of Chaos and charges it up. Then, he jams the blade into the center of the monster's chest. The beast roars in pain. Then, its head lays limp. Kratos gets off of it as the camera pans over to the ceiling, where Kratos will continue his journey.

AN 1: Hey, guys. Sorry that I'm not updating as frequently as I used to. The good news is that school is over and I can start updating more. I might end the story (again) soon and move on to a new one. We'll see.

AN 2: After killing Lycaon, Kratos will receive a trophy. I think that the trophy should be called "Doggy Style." Anyone else agrees?