Banjo and Kazooie decided to go visit Good Burger as the bear and bird were curious about what kind of burgers they had after being sick of the gross ones found in Witchyworld, with the furry feathered pair entering as they spotted Ed at the counter.

"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?" Ed greeted with a smile on his ace as he was in his usual cheerful mood.

"Yeah, just a burger and fries for us." Banjo asked while pulling up his yellow shorts.

Ed tilted his head to the right. "A burger and flies?"

Kazooie looked annoyed while perched in the blue backpack, moving her red wings. "No you idiot, fries."

"Why do you want to fry?" Ed questioned.

Kazooie and Banjo exchanged odd glances with each other.

"Banjo, you can't be serious about this place."

"C'mon Kazooie, it can't be that bad."

"Ed, what's taking so long?" Dexter Reed commented as he placed his hands on his hips.

"Oh you know Dex, just these weird cereal mascots." Ed responded casually.

Dexter took a glance at the animal pair as he nodded his head. "Hey... I think I've seen you before. N64, right?"

"Looks like someone here isn't so dim." Kazooie spoke up as she edged her way out of Banjo's backpack.

"Anyway, what is it that you two would like?" Dexter asked for he was clearly more professional.

"Your finest burger and fries would do," Banjo spoke up as he thought about it. "Make it an extra burger."

"Ed, you better not mess this up." Dexter commented to Ed.

Ed laughed as he wrapped his arm around Dexter. "Oh Dex I can't mess up if I didn't make a mess."

Kazooie slapped her feathery forehead with her left wing. "This is making me regret choosing a different place..."