"You know, these burgers are pretty tasty." Kazooie said as she and Banjo were eating the Good Burgers.

"You think so?" Banjo commented to Kazooie while stuffing the patty into his mouth.

"Well it's certainly better than what we're used to." Kazooie responded as she flapped her wings, with red feathers going all over the table.

"We always pride in making our Good Burger... well, uh, good burgers!" Ed laughed as he approached the bear and bird. "Can I get you anything more?"

"I think we're good, thanks." Banjo responded with a casual wave as he felt satisfied with his meal.

Ed laughed as he turned around, only to slip on the wet floor and land on the table, causing it to collapse. Banjo and Kazooie exchanged glances with each other as they watched Ed get up.

"My bad!" Ed laughed while rubbing the back of his head, whistling as he headed back to the front, slipping on the floor again.