It's was going to be another day for Lincoln putting the squriel suit one.

Lynn Sr:Son we need you in your the suit on.

Lincoln:Yes dad...*But what his gets the suit he stops for a momment.*

Lori:Well Lincolb we're waiting.

Lincoln:*Lincoln looks at his family at the momment then looks at the squirel suit until...*:AAAUUUUGGGHHHH*Ripping the squirrel suit.*I

Lynn Sr and Lori:*GASP!*

Lincoln:IT A SQUIRREL RUG!*Laughing crazy.*

Lynn Sr:Lincoln what are you doing son!?

Lincoln:*Throws the shredded pieces in the air while laughing crazy.*

Lori:What's literally gotten into you? clean up this mess now!

Lincoln:Sure thing!*But he just have Luna's axe and Lynn Jr's bat and start swinging around with them.*YEHAHAHAHAHA!

*Luna hides in her room holding Lily seeing their brother going was going crazy! Destroying everything in the whole house like a crazy madman!*

Lynn Jr:You're making a mess!

Lincoln:Okay!*He pull our a vacuum and sucking stuff in the living room*Yeah!

Lynn Sr:Stop it! and suck Lynn Sr's clothes leaving him nothing but his underwear.*

Lincoln:WHOOPS!*Lauhing crazy*

Lynn Sr.:Son what s gotten into you!?

Lori:*Worried* Lincoln, take it easy!

Rita:Lincoln you are way out of line young man! Stop this behaviour immediant-*But she notice Lincoln takes out the vacuum bag.*No wait!

*Lincoln rips it open releasing the dust. Everyone starts coughing and sneezing.*

Lincoln:*Using Lori's phone.*Hello Bobby this is Lori's brother Lincoln speaking.

Bobby:Bro what are you doing with babe's phone.

Lincoln:Just this.*Burp.*

Lori:*Grabs her phone out of Lincoln's hand and turns it off.*You've gone mad!

Bobby:*Confuse.*What was that about? Oh well.


Lincoln:*Put his tongue out in front of Lori.*

Lori:Don t you dare!

*Lincoln licks Lori's hands.*


Lincoln:WOOO! WOOOO! MEEEP MEEP MEEEP MEEEP MEEP MEEP!*He goes to his dad's records.*

Lynn Sr:Not my disco records!

Lincoln:*Scratches them like a DJ.*BOING!*Flings them into the air and they shattered to the ground.*



Lincoln:*Lincoln made Lori's picture with Bobby crooked.*Hiya!

Lori:Not crooked!

*Then Lincoln grabs Lynn Jr s Trophies.*

Lynn:My trophies!

Lynn Sr:*Trembling in fear.*Lincoln this has gone too far son!

Lincoln:AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Kirsplash*Throws Lynn Jr's trophies outside the window.*

*Lincoln was causing all kinds of mayhem! Until he flooded the bathroom.*

Lincoln:Jahranimo!*Slides on it.*WOOOHOOOO!*Land on the ground.*




Lincoln:What happen?

Clyde:What happened? You did it Lincoln!

Lincoln:I did?

Ronnie Ann:Yeah you face your problems with your family by going nuts!

Clyde:How do you feel?

Lincoln:I feel good. I think.

*But then crying was heard inside.*

Lincoln:Guys?*He enter and saw Everyone was crying their eyes out.* that you...?

Lincoln:Hey I'm sorry of how I went insane and-

Lynn Jr:No, no it's my fault I should've threaten you back in the games after I loss...I been a real jerk and a sore loser...I'm sorry...

Lincoln:Oh Lynn.*Lynn hugs him.*It s all right Lynn.*Hugs back.*

Luna:*Came out of her room, holding Lily.*That was totally crazy bro!

Lily:Winky!*Reach out to him as Lincholn picks her up and hugs her.*

Lincoln:I know guys. I m sorry I went ballistic. I ll have the damages paid out of my allowance.

Lynn Sr:No we will cause it's our fault too...


Lincoln:Oh guys.

Rita:You going crazy made us realize our mistakes.

Clyde:What a wake up call.

Ronnie Anne:No kidding.

*The family did a group hug.*

Clyde:I get so choked up over these moments.

Ronnie Ann:*sniff*

*The bad luck incident was over and the house gets fixed up. Everything was back to normal and Lincoln got his stuff and room back.*

*The end*