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Dalia hummed a soft tune as she managed her work. Though their plans to depart Agrabah were in place, she was more than happy to continue her duties as handmaiden while their ship underwent construction. The vessel was, as her dearest friend exclaimed, the least she could do to offer the small gift to the pair.

The constant drum of footsteps nearby caught her attention as she lifted her gaze to her own fiancé.

"Dear, you're pacing again," Dalia paused her humming to inform the troubled man.

"Huh? Oh, sorry," he paused and shook his head. "I just can't stop thinking about the kid."

"I know," she sighed while setting her work aside; offering her hand for him to take. "Let us discuss this over breakfast, I am starved."

Together they walked into the halls.

"He's going to work himself into the ground," Genie continued. "He has doubled his sparring time and then he wanders the palace like a lost pup. I do not know how to show him that this is where he belongs."

"Jasmine is also being stubborn," she sighed in agreement. "I've encouraged her more than once to speak with him, but she insists on waiting for him to come to her."

"He will not do that until he feels worthy of her," he groaned, recalling countless arguments he and Aladdin had throughout the recent weeks. If he had not cared so dearly for the boy, he would have let him suffer in his own pity until he snapped out of it. "And that kid will never find the confidence on his own. He thinks very little of himself."

"I know, dear, but what are we to do?" She asked as they neared the dining hall. "These are their affairs, we cannot solve their problems for them."

"Perhaps we could help nudge them in the right direction. I'm talking some much-needed tough love," he exaggerated his speech by pounding his fist against his hand. "Even if I have to smack some sense into the boy."

She could not help bug giggle at her fiancé as he began to rehearse his speech. Every word was riddled with mock anger and far-fetched statements that truly no one could resist a smile.

"We just need to sit them both down, look them in the eye and tell them that…" Dalia nearly collided into his back as he stopped at the door. Before them, the pair in question sat side-by-side at the table. Jasmine nibbled at the remaining scraps on her plate while Aladdin focused on a book. However, the most surprising image was their entwined hands resting on the table. Both of their gazes lifted upon their entrance and together they smiled.

"Hey guys," Aladdin smiled.

"What's going on?" Dalia asked.

"Breakfast," Jasmine answered as if it were the most obvious answer. Beside her, Aladdin adjusted his posture to share his reading with his betrothed.

"What does this mean?" he asked the sultana. The young woman turned her attention to the man beside her, taking a moment to help him through his sentence. When she finished her teaching the boy kissed her forehead in thanks before they returned to their separate business.

"Alright, stick to the plan. You both need to sit down right now and listen up!" Genie moved closer. Aladdin and Jasmine both lifted their gazes to stare in confusion at their friend.

"We are sitting…" Aladdin began but was cut off immediately. Dalia reached for the estranged man's arm, but he ignored her subtle plea.

"You both are tearing this family apart!"

The confused couple shared a glance with one another before turning their comical glances to their friend.

"Sweetheart," Dalia tried once more but was silenced.

"No, no, they need to hear this," he waved his arms around.

"Do you understand what's going on here?" Jasmine glanced to Aladdin for guidance, but he merely shrugged.

"He just wants attention, just ignore him." His gaze returned to the book he was reading, but even he could not hide his smirk.

"I see," their sultana shook her head with a smile. "Since you both are here, I think we should discuss the wedding."

"Jasmine," Dalia stepped forward. "You do not need to concern yourself with our ceremony. You already do so much for us, we don't expect any more."

"I am more than happy to help with your ceremony, Dalia," her friend smiled. "But, actually I meant our wedding."

"Yours?" She blurted. Dalia glanced at the pair; the pair that only a day ago could hardly bare the tension of being in one another's presence.

"We have decided upon a date." She turned to meet Aladdin's smile while her thumb grazed along his hand. "We were hoping that you could help draft some letters."

"You, letters, what?" Dalia's mind fumbled at the entire scenario. For just a moment, she wondered if she had dreamed the entire conflict. She quickly recovered as a large smile filled her features. "It would be my honor."

"Thank you, Dalia," Jasmine smiled but the confusion remained within her gaze.

"Well, Hakim will have my head if I'm late," he stated before standing. He lifted her hand to his lips, placing a kiss at her knuckles. "I will see you for lunch."

"Actually, I have a spare moment before my first meeting. I could accompany you, if you wish?"

"Even better," he smiled before leaning in for a proper kiss. After they pulled apart he offered his arm which she happily accepted. The pair nodded to them before leaving the room.

Together, Dalia stood beside Genie, watching in perplexion at the pair's trail.

"See, I told you," Genie folded his arms with a victorious smirk. "They just needed some tough love."

"Is that what just happened?" She smiled. Together, they shared a laugh before linking their arms once more. Everyone was going to be just fine.

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