(Shortly after Haggar zapped the wormhole).

Shiro woke.. Having been unconscious in his lion for.. Who knows how long. When he woke.. He looked around. He saw only grass. He activated his com link, "Keith." No answer, "Lance?" Also nothing, "Pidge? Princess? Hunk? Coran?!" Nothing. No matter who he tried to call.

'No signal' he thought. 'Should get to higher ground.' He walked forward.. Until he saw something.. Horrifying. Soldiers. Human soldiers.. With the American, British, French and Canadian flags on their shoulders. All laying either dead or wounded. Their uniforms.. Looked like World Wars era uniforms.

He heard one of the wounded say, "Fucking Krauts! Came outta nowhere."

'Krauts?' Shiro thought, 'Germans? Well.. At least I know I'm back on earth.' He looked around again.l seeing destruction.. From his position.l he saw a building of, unmistakable European design.

He said to himself, "Okay.. So, I'm back on earth.. I'm in Europe.l and clearly something went wrong with Germany."

He saw one of the dead men.. Carrying a calends on his hip. He whispered, knowing the man couldn't hear him, "I hate to do this.. But I need answers." He turned the man over. Shiro couldn't believe it.

The calendar read.. February, 1942.

Shiro practically lost his mind at this. He was not only back on earth.. But sent back in time as well? Back to World War II? What was he supposed to do? Most important.. Where was the Black Lion? If the Germans got their hands on it.. There was no telling what their leader could do with it.

In the middle of his mental freak out.. He realized something.. He heard German soldiers.. Not too far from him. .. Which meant Allied soldiers probably weren't far behind. And a Japanese man in Europe is not going to last long in war. He quickly started running. As far as he could from the German army.

As he suspected.. The Allies weren't far. A group of soldiers quickly got there.. And started fighting the Germans. One of the allied troops.. Was a man whose uniform.. Looked like an American flag. In his hand.. Was a shield with a star right on it's center.

Unknown to Shiro.. The allied group, was the Howling Commandos. And the man with the shield, was their leader.. Captain Steven G. Rodgers.. AKA.. Captain America.

And the Germans . . Were agents of the renegade Nazi science division.. Hydra. One Hydra agent.. Due to the darkness.. Mistook Shiro for Captain America. And shot him in the back.

That shot proved to be his downfall. Hydra had once again been defeated by Cap and the Commandos.

After the last Hydra agent was down, Rogers gave an order, "Alright! Look around! Underground hospital isn't too far from here. Grab the wounded and let's take 'em there!"

The Howling Commandos searched everywhere. Taking notes of the dead.. And carrying the wounded off to the secret hospital.

Dum Dum Dugan, one of the top men in the Howling Commandos, spotted Shiro. He said, "Cap!" He gestured Rogers forward, "Not sure what he's doing here."

Cap found a bullet.. Obviously a Hydra bullet, by the markings on it. He said, "Alright. Let's get him to the hospital." The others (except for Morita, the Japanese-American of the group), looked to Cap in shock. He said, "If Hydra shot this man, he must be on our side. So, let's take him to the hospital."