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(Roots by Uverworld)

Chapter 1

(Who Needs School?)

"Damn you, you annoying little pest!" A mysterious figure stated their frustration aloud while dodging bullets fired from a very powerful Model 500 dual barrel S&W Magnum Custom. The captivating gun was a thing of absolute beauty. Engravings of roses traveled along the barrels and down toward the grip handle of the magnificent firearm.

"Look, we both seem like really busy people…am I right? So let's do each other a favor and speed this up. How about it?"

"You bastard, your nothing but a half breed!"

"Your point?"

"That vile blood runs through your veins as well. You cannot be allowed to live." Hearing this, Nero, a now fully fledged Devil Hunter looked at everything around him in a bored annoyance. The place was a complete wreck thanks to the demon that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"Yeah, for some strange reason I do get that a lot."

"You think a half breed like you, even though you carry the blood of Sparda can defeat me…Belmont?" The now named demon Belmont said as he stood at least one hundred feet tall with black hard skin, almost like obsidian with purple embers escaping the cracks of his body. It's eyes were Intimidating, red and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. There was a wave of violet colored flames leaking into the atmosphere that the demon continued to release into the air. Horns on his head that looked harder than even the toughest of steel. The enormous demon had black chains around his forearms, pulsating violently to hopefully place fear in the younger Hunter. But in the end it had an opposite effect. Nero rolled his arm mockingly to signal the demon to hurry up. They were doing nothing but wasting time at this point.

"I'll feast of your chest cavity after I kill you, you worthl…."

"Ok…ok I get it already! You want me dead, feasting on my chest cavity, nothing left of me. Did I get it all right?" Not saying anything else, the demon had enough of this form of disrespect. With almost blinding speed it tried to speed blitz Nero, causing him to dodge in mock surprise as landed on top of a nearby rooftop. You would think that with its size that Belmont would have no trouble hitting someone so close to him and yet Nero did so almost effortlessly.

"Whoa there big fella…you gotta be more careful. You all most got me that time." Nero's face bore a mock surprised look as he checked his clothes for any damage.

"You are way too confident even knowing you are going to die this day!"

"Hmmm…you don't say? Look, here how about this…" Nero placed his hand over his eyes in an attempt to rile the demon up further. Well, it was sure working if that was the result he was looking for.

"I'll even give you a handicap…take it or leave it, it your last chance!"


"It took you long enough…" Now placing his gun back in the holster attached to his coat.

"Unfortunately, I have a curfew so we're going to have to hurry this up." Removing a human sized bastard sword that was a mixture of red, silver and gold he began revving it like a motorbike handle. (Red Queen) the incredible sword was spiting flames as it started to burn brighter and brighter showing how it was increasing the heat in the atmosphere the more Nero twisted its handle. It was certainly a beautiful blade indeed.

"Again, if it was the weekend I would have found more time to fit you into my personal schedule so don't take it the wrong way." now kicking off the ground causing debris to scatter while surprising the demon with his tremendous speed and strength. Nero found his way to the side of the demon's right shoulder while in mid-air. He pulls Red Queen back trying to gain momentum hoping for a clean cut through the demons torso. But the demon Belmont was no slouch himself. It was already on the counter with its own slash attack causing the Nero to duck under it as incredible wind pressure brushed past him. Nero skillfully performed a leg sweeping maneuver combined with his air-hike to gracefully move around the demon. Nero jumped off Belmont's massive arm while his grip was held tightly onto Red Queen. The sword's vengeful screams filled the area and warmed the air. Nero had one thing on his mind and that was to kill this demon.

"I'm a pretty nice guy y'know so it bothers me quite a bit not knowing how you feel about dying. So in exchange, I'm going to end this in an instant for both of our sakes." swinging down with such great speed and force, clearly intent on ending the fight with a single strike. Belmont saw Nero's attack coming and actually hit him in the chest. The direct hit from his enormous fist sent Nero sailing into the buildings next to them. The impact from his body alone caused the buildings to collapse on top of him. Being buried under rubble wasn't a fun experience at all. If anything it only made his whole ordeal more annoying.

Belmont was looking on with amusement ready to boast about his accomplishment.

"What did I tell you boy? You never stood a chance against me! And to make you feel true despair, I'll kill the ones you love next as well until there's no…" Wait...something was off, felt wrong even. Stopping in the middle of his speech, the demon was feeling something strange. Looking down to his left arm he noticed it was missing from the bicep down.

"GHHAH! W-WHEN DID YOU…?" Now holding his half stub of a detached arm, Nero started to knock the rubble away from his body.

"And here I thought you wouldn't notice." now showing Belmont that he had the demon's severed arm that was easily ten times his size. Nero simply tossed it in front of Belmont, crashing into the ground with a huge thud.

"That's what you wanted right? Don't worry, you can have it back. Besides, I think I like my own arm a lot better anyways." Flexing his own arm, Nero looks to the demon with a cocky taunt. Seconds later he disappeared from view with pure speed as he reappeared behind the demon Belmont. But what the hell was this feeling in the air all of a sudden? The huge demon was now letting off a foul aura that made the air feel extremely heavy.

"How shameful. Forcing me to use this form on a half-breed. Boy, you should be honored." Belmont said as his size seemed to increase making his already huge body enormous! But even though that was occurring, what was really strange was purple fire now started to coat his body.

"Be prepared. Don't get distracted and lose focus, because when I use my real power…whatever I consume, the stronger I become!"

"Onii-sama, we are supposed to take our entrance exams tomorrow and I'm a bit excited… " A teenage girl with bluish black hair and blue eyes said as she eagerly looked to her brother who had a darker coat of black for hair with blue eyes as well.


"Tatsuya…please, I want you to be there with me while I attend school…" Miyuki said cutely as she used her hand to rub her arm shyly. All she could do was look quietly at the ground as if the action would make her feel more at ease but her brother could see her distress and released a small sigh. Rising from his position on the couch, Tatsuya started to make his way to his sister in an attempt to comfort her. He always hated seeing her like this and it didn't help that she was giving him the puppy eyes either.

"Miyuki, I promise you that everything will be alright. Me and you will both be attending First High. That much I can promise you. So don't worry." rubbing her head reassuringly as she looked into his eyes in a daze. Her brother was doing his best for her sake so Miyuki felt it was only fair that she would do the same for him.

"Onii-sama…" closing her eyes with a small smile on her features, the girl whispered in a barley heard murmur as a smile graced her pretty face.

"I love you…"l

Disciples were training in the open court of a temple as a middle aged Japanese man was looking at them run through fighting stances. It was such a nice day outside that afternoon. He couldn't help the thought of maybe spending his evening tonight catching up on some of his video games. Those souls games were really something else. *Ring-ring-ring* his phone suddenly started to ring. Motioning the students to continue, he gets up walks off to a more private location. From the smile on his features it was obvious he knew the person on the other side of it.

"Yaahhh! How long has it been since we last talked my friend?" The bald Japanese man with a scar over his right eye and some peach fuzz under his chin said.

"Too long right Yakumo?" The voice said on the other line of the phone only causing the ninja to laugh a hearty chuckle.

"Ha-ha-ha! Indeed it has my friend. Indeed it has…" he said cheerfully before his expression turned deadly serious and so did his voice.

"You heard about what's going on right? The increase of demons disguised as humans killing innocent people." He said as the other voice on the line also became more serious.

"Yeah, I heard about it and it seems like it's getting out of control over there in Japan."

"It is…but that's not even the bad part. I received some information from them in regards to… IGNUS." This caused the individual on the other side of the phone to sit up straight in his chair signaling they were now giving their full attention.

"They intend to flush him out. That's why they are secretly gathering magicians to build an army strong enough to defeat him should he ever appear again. But there are still those who are naïve and blind to the government and the way they operate. After all, we should know better than anyone. Isn't that right…Dante?"

"…I'm getting too old for this…" was all Yakumo received as a reply causing the mood to lighten up a bit.

"You and me both my friend. You and me both." Yakumo said happily as they both fell into a deep silence for a few moments. "So what's the plan? Is it going to be like old times?" The bald ninja suddenly asked Dante. Even though everything seemed like it was going to shit, Dante could not help but smirk.

"Who knows? Recently it's not just me around the shop anymore. I'm probably going to send over my cute little nephew and he can help you until I find the right time to make a move. Oh, and do fill him in once he gets there. I'm terrible at explaining things in detail."

"Not just little but cute too? He must be a handful." Yakumo joked before regaining his seriousness.

"Is he strong?" He had to know for sure if this kid was the real deal or not. But of course, Dante being well…Dante answered in kind while leaning back in his chair.

"The bastard has my blood running through his veins so what do you think?" he did have a point about that. This gained a laugh from Yakumo as the bald man shook his head. He missed times like these. It wasn't every day that he was able to joke with an old friend.

"Then I'll look forward to…"

"His name is Nero. Just trust me…you'll know it's him as soon as you come across each other."

"Let me guess…his white hair?"

"Are you pulling my leg again Yakumo?"

"Ha-ha, I'll see you around…old friend."

"Count on it."

Nero was blocking his face from the immense pressure Belmont was oozing from his body. The surrounding area wasn't doing too well from the look of things. As time went on, things were hit with bone crushing gravity reducing it to nothingness. Nero's long blue Holy Order coat was flailing in the wind as the immense pressure was increasing gradually as time passed. Nero was pretty annoyed by this. His facial expression stayed calm as if all of the destruction around him was not an impressive feat but his irregular breathing made it pretty obvious.

"You done powering up yet?" Nero asked Belmont who did not say anything at all. He just opened his mouth as a huge ball of dark energy started to form, crushing the buildings next to him. Releasing the humongous draft of gravity pressurized demonic energy, it continued to make its way toward Nero. Building after building was destroyed easily with just its traveling presence alone. Nero was standing in his spot and holding his ground. He was not moving or wavering in the slightest from this display of power.

Nero closed his eyes as the wind increased around him, coat fling around more and more as the ball of gravity came closer. As the gravity ball entered into Nero's personal space, time seemed to slow down to a crawl.

"As if something like this could kill me…" Wait, why doesn't he dodge?


The Gravity ball connected. It was a direct hit and everything within a four hundred foot radius was completely obliterated. The demon Belmont could only scoff to himself in disappointment.

"Like you even stood a chance against me…such foolishness…" the tall demon said as he started to walk away from the battlefield. He was so heavy that just him walking was causing the ground to shake from his immense size and weight.

"If I'm the first to survive that attack…does that mean I at least get a prize of some sort?" Nero's voice called out behind the smoke and broken rock. With a wave of his hand it extinguished all the rocks and smoke that was near him. Such a feat of strength was to be recognized.

The look of utter shock was present on Belmont's features was almost comical. The thought of someone surviving such a concentrated amount of energy baffled him. What in the world was this boy?

"W-what kind of abomination are you? That is impossible! No one can survive an attack of that magnitude!" And to make things worse he noticed Nero didn't have a single scratch or broken bone on him. His clothes weren't even scuffed from the impact.

"What witchcraft is this?"

"Wait, were you trying to kill me? Wow! Sorry about that. If I would have known, I would have at least played dead for a bit or something. Man…now I feel bad." Nero lightly taps on the ground with his foot causing vibrations to run through the earth as it started to crumble under his own demonic energy. Popping out of the ground was a decently sized rock as big as a basketball. Lightly tapping it with is foot made it burst out with immeasurable speed and force. It moved so quickly that it burned like a meteorite entering earth's atmosphere. Slicing past the demon Belmont, it in the process took a chuck of his chest off and his remaining arm with it. Pain…there was nothing else to call this sensation but absolute pain.

"GUAHH!…" blood oozing from his open wounds, Belmont looks up to see Nero causally sitting on top of some recently created rubble with an unreadable face.

"What's with that face? Don't look so shocked. It of course comes at a price. You see, whenever I use my magic to that degree, my heart will stop beating until I release my control over whatever I'm manipulating. I can't do it every time I feel like it or I'll eventually die." Now looking to the ground where Nero saw his Red Queen, he sighed dropping down to pick it up before slowly making his way to the hurt demon.

"I'm a cultured man after all so I'll make sure you don't suffer…"

"No wait! I can grant you anything your heart desires…anything!"

"Dumbass…I already have everything I need." Nero leaped off the ground as the earth beneath his feet cracked from the strength of his powerful legs. He intended to finish off Belmont with a painless strike if possible.

"No…..No….NOOOOOOOOOOO!" slowly the head of Belmont was falling from his enormous shoulders. An earthquake shook the surrounding area as it finally hit the ground below. Belmont's body started to turn to ash and purple fire. The soul of the demon started to emerge from its body in a purple glowing ball.

"Are you my master?" The soul asked as if it was reborn anew.

"With the contract of blood only you will be able to use my power." Nero blocked his face from the bright glow as he saw the demon's soul started to form into a devil arm right before his eyes. It started to morph into a European Claymore. The blade was all black but the guard had a purple gem that looked to hold the gravity core of Belmont's abilities from earlier. The guard also had the engraving of a Diablo in silver as the lower hilt was black and silver. Where the blade met the handle of the sword were black chains holding the sword in place almost like a seal. The blade was emitting pulses from the razor sharp edges used to butcher its prey.

"Let me taste thy blood and I will serve thee for eternity." Now grabbing it, Nero brings out his left arm slicing the claymore against it. His blood traveled down the blade all the way to the gem causing it to create a seal on his arm before it started to disappear inside of his body.

"The contract has been complete. You may now call upon the power of my gravity manipulation at will…" the Belmont devil arm said as its very aura could crush anything. Taking practice swings, Nero uses a wide stance quickly cutting the air. Shockwaves with purple pulses of energy left the blade to engrave the ground and buildings surrounding him. The vibrations were felt through the earth. It was nothing short of an earthquake as the ground beneath him caved in. Nero remembered what Belmont said earlier. "Be careful… because whatever I consume the stronger I become!"

"No kidding!" Nero inspected his new weapon with interest. Bending his knees as he re-entered his stance Nero leaped in the air once more. Performing ten strikes instantaneously created another loud shockwave in the surrounding area. The middle of the building was molten ember while it slowly split in half. Seconds later, he sees that the cut he made started to compress and implode on itself similar to that of a black hole. It was Incredible…

As nice as this all was Nero cursed to himself for taking so long with finishing of the demon Belmont. Nero and his EX rank unlucky stat. He might as well start heading back now.

"Damn it."

"Yo! I'm back. Wait, where's Lady and Trish?" Nero asked while taking off his coat and hanging it up as he walked over to Dante's desk.

"They had to take care of some important business of course. You aren't the only one that takes up jobs around here Nero. But enough about that…" Dante said looking like he was in the middle of thinking about the right words to say. But seriously, how was he going to handle this? Oh well, he will just have to wing this like everything else.

"Anyway, Nero…I've decided…" now kicking his legs up on his desk while bringing his arms behind his head.

"What have you decided?"

"That I would enroll you in a school in Japan for magicians. Also, you have to take your entrance exam in three days." This caused Nero to stare at Dante for at least twenty seconds without moving or speaking a word. He could have sworn he heard his idiot uncle wrong. Walking over to Dante's desk he suddenly slammed his hand on it hard enough to make it implode on itself. Dante looking at his now broken desk with a dropped jaw then glared at the teen.

"Nero! What the hell man!"

"ME WHAT THE HELL!? NO, YOU WHAT THE HELL DANTE!" Nero wasn't having it!

"Chill out man! It's for your own good. You are still the age that teens are in school and I have a friend kind enough to put in a good word for you. Besides, Kyrie said she was ok with you going to learn overseas. I know if she's ok with it then you're ok with it." Dante said brushing of Nero's early outburst.

"Except for the fact I'm not ok with it even if she's ok with it! Dammit Dante! I wanted to grow up in the family business! How could you just make a decision like this without asking me?"

"You will…trust me. By doing this you'll be helping a great deal." Dante seemed surprisingly serious when he said that. Nero would be lying to himself if he didn't admit that he was slightly caught off guard for a moment.

"But, Japan…really JAPAN! We live in North America! A.M.E.R.I.C.A! You couldn't have just homeschooled me instead?" Nero tenderly rubbed his temple thanks to the sudden throbbing headache he received courteous to his unbearable uncle.

"Yes Japan, it might not seem like much but they have some of the best magicians in the world there. So tell me…what better way for my cute little nephew to learn something new even though your own magic is quite…unique."

"You better have a good reason for this or I swear man…" Nero still clearly upset as he could be seen grabbing for blue rose. Dante could only hold his hands up in defense.

"Whoa there Clementine…this can teach you some important things. Especially how this world works." Leaning forward with a slight serious voice and unfazed gaze by the gun in his face Dante continues.

"There are things that are best left unknown but what you don't know can terrify you. There are things going on here that are much bigger than me and you Nero. You're going to Japan and that's final." His voice was so demanding yet serious and Nero knew what a serious Dante could do especially when angered. He sucked his tongue and re-holstered his gun. Damn idiot!

"Thank you very much! And before I forget to mention it, I have a friend there by the name of Takumo Kokonoe, he'll want to talk with you personally about this whole…arrangement." Dante stated.

"Don't worry; I have directions on how to get to his place so relax."

"Why do I feel that I should be more worried now since you said I shouldn't be?" Nero was already feed up with his uncle. What the hell was his problem anyway? Going behind his back and making decisions for him like that? It pissed him off.

'Maybe I can just flunk the entrance exam so I don't have to worry about going to that damn school…' Nero thought to himself actually thinking it wasn't a bad idea.

"Oh, and if you're having any ideas of flunking on purpose it's not going to work. You see…me and my friend Yakumo have some really good connections. Thankfully the one giving you your test owes us a big time favor so even if your score is low, you're pretty much in for the ride kid."

"You…are an asshole! You knew what I was going to say and planned this from the very beginning didn't you?" Dante simply nodded his head, closing his eyes and used his hands as a support for the back of his head.

"I swear…" Nero's hair shadowed his eyes as he shook violently in his spot. Dante could feel the atmosphere getting heavier so out of reflex he stood up before it got out of hand. *Ding* suddenly the shop bell rang signaling someone entering through the front door. Dante released a sigh he didn't know he was holding and wiped away fake sweat from his brow. It was just the person he was hoping would stop by.

"Nero congratulations! I'm so happy you are trying to further your education!" Nero's childhood friend Kyrie and sister figure said causing his features to soften up a bit but he still made sure to still send a glare towards his uncle.

"Yeah, you know….I just couldn't wait to start school…" Kyrie raised her eyebrow at the rising tension she could feel in the room. She noticed him giving his uncle a fierce glare.

"Nero, what's wrong?" asking him with her worried eyes. There wasn't really anything wrong per se. It's more so the fact that this was decided without his say so to begin with.

"It's nothing. Just a stupid bet I lost is all." he said before looking at the said man again "that damn cheater…" he finished making Dante cough in his hand to defuse the atmosphere.

"Ok! Kyrie here came over because she wanted to wish you luck on your schooling overseas. After all, she supports your decision one hundred percent, right Kyrie?" Dante gained a nod from the brunette female in the room who couldn't help the smile that her lips formed. Nero was growing up so fast. It seemed like it was only a few years ago that it was him along with her and her late brother Credo. Time was flying before her very eyes. But hearing the news that Nero wanted to do this made her want to support him on his journey no matter what he decided.

"I'm so happy for you Nero! Really, so please make sure you don't get yourself into any trouble while you're over there ok?"

"Uhh…yea." Straightening his back and looked into her eyes reassuring her that everything was fine.

"I'll be fine…I promise." Nero softly said. Dante gained a barely noticeable smile. He loved getting his way and now was no different than any other time.

"Then you should go and pack for your trip. Well, don't just stand there. Chop, chop!"

Nero was now ready for his trip to Japan. He was wearing black Retro Combat boots with black skinny jeans as the bottoms of his jeans were stuffed inside his boots, while having a black belt that hung down off to the side. He then had a black Beater with an open gray Slim Army Jacket with red interior as the jacket's arms were rolled up to elbow level showing his black wristband on his right arm.

"I guess this is it kid. Finally on your way to becoming a man." Dante teased the young devil gaining a grunt in response. What was he trying to say anyway? He was one to talk. Especially from his lack of being a proper man himself.

"Oh would you knock it off Dante! Let him be. After all, he might actually come back more of a man than you." Trish said as she smirked at her jab toward the older man. "And trust me that won't take that much effort."

"Hey, now hold on..."

"She's right you know. You are just a kid in a man's body." Lady said in a matter of fact type of tone.

"Lady, you're not helping!"

"They're both right about you though…" Nero finally spoke up this time causing Dante to change the topic from obvious embarrassment.

"Anyway, by the time you get to Japan you will most like need to take your entrance exam. First High School should be on that map I gave you as well. Oh, and don't be late!" Dante said adding the last part with a glare before continuing.

"And I know Kyrie wanted to be here to at least see you off but she was supposed to visit the sick children at the hospitals today…" Nero could understand. Knowing how Kyrie was always caring for others more than herself.

"Yeah…" Nero just didn't want to leave. Damn his stupid uncle and his ridiculous reasons for this whole situation. As Nero was in deep thought he was knocked out of it when suddenly someone's arm found itself around his shoulder. As he looked to see who it belonged to, he spotted Trish giving him a playful wink.

"Hopefully you don't tempt women while you're gone like your idiot uncle here. After all…" now moving closer to his ear as she teasingly whispered "You wouldn't want to hurt my feelings now would you?" Wearing a mock painful expression as she stared at the teen. Nero stared blankly at Trish, gently brushing her arm off his shoulder.

"Yeah...right…" Nero's voice was monotone which made the blonde smirk even more from his reaction. She enjoyed messing with him from time to time but it was clear to her that he was starting to get used to it. He really was growing up.

"Women are unpredictable creatures Nero so you'd best not underestimate us." She finished,walking to re-join both Dante and Lady who were still in the middle of waving thier goodbyes to him. Nero waved over his shoulder with his back facing them as he continued to walk towards the entrance to board. This was the beginning of a new chapter in his life and the others felt like the young boy they used to know was leaving the bird's nest to find his own wings. It was almost as if he was being forced to fly on his own.

"He'll be ok by himself won't he?" Lady asked Dante as Trish also looked at the man for his answer. Dante crossed his arms and gave Lady's question much thought as still looking at Nero's retreating form.

"That…is something entirely up to him."

Currently in Japan, it was 7:45 A.M. in the morning and both of the Shiba siblings were up and about ready to start their day.

Tatsuya was seen typing up a document regarding the model of his new invention on his laptop. Suddenly, out of nowhere he felt a shiver travel down his spine that made him twitch in his spot. The action did not go unnoticed by his sister who was nearby.

"Onii-sama, what's wrong?" Miyuki asked her brother causing the boy to shake his head to defuse her worries.

"It's nothing…I just think I felt a chill is all." Tatsuya said not entirely lying but that feeling he had was definitely an uneasy one.

"Oh…well I'll just close the windows then so you don't catch cold." Miyuki now getting up to do so while Tatsuya gave her a small smile.

"You don't have to trouble yourself Miyuki."

"Don't be silly Onii-sama. I'll do anything to make sure you are well and in good health." after realizing her bold clam the bluenette blushed in obvious embarrassment.

"I mean…that's what any sister would want for her brother…" Miyuki was trying her best to find a good excuse to not stumble on her words.

"I'm glad you are so worried about me Miyuki." Tatsuya walked up to her rubbing her head affectionately as it earned a deeper blush from the younger sister. Miyuki loved the warmth of her brother. She was in such bliss that she almost forgot something important. Oh wait…

"Onii-sama, our entrance exams are in three hours from now. I know you will be ok but I still want to wish you luck." Miyuki said as her brother gave a small nod.

"I will do my best Miyuki. Even if we are not in the same class, I hope to be at the same school as you." this caused the sister to frown since there was that possibility of her not being placed with her brother.

"Miyuki look at me." doing what she was asked she stares into his eyes.

"Nothing in this world will separate us…I will always protect you no matter what. So please don't forget that." still looking into her eyes.

"Onii-sama…I know you can score the highest on your exam, so I won't burden you anymore with my worries."

"No, I'm glad you care about my well being Miyuki. Truthfully, I'm extremely glad."

"Onii-sama…" Now looking away from his sister, Tatsuya peers out at the landscape of the city from their balcony with a strange feeling in his chest.

"Just what was that feeling I felt a moment ago? Something doesn't seem right." He thought to himself with a calculating gaze still viewing out of the window. Miyuki noticing his gaze was elsewhere, followed his line of sight. He was acting a bit strange.

"Onii-sama what's wrong?" Miyuki's question caused him to be knocked out of his thoughts to reassure her that everything was fine.

"It's nothing Miyuki. Let's get ourselves prepared to leave." Gaining a nod from the girl, Miyuki then left to get ready for the day. Tatsuya was still wondering what he felt enter the city. He will have to just be more cautious from now on.

"What was that?"

"What's with this shitty map?" Nero, currently in Japan, stepped out of the cab trying to make his way to Yamuko's temple. Even though he did not care for much attention, he was getting plenty of it from younger and older women alike. Maybe it was for his extremely good looks or because he was a foreigner?

His silky white hair and blue eyes, European features etc. seemed to cause the younger ones to gossip about the beautiful foreign teen. However, Nero being himself carried his belongings over his shoulder while completely ignoring them.

"I have to at least admit that this place doesn't look half bad." Nearing a place that seemed to have a long pathway of stairs, it looked like a huge upper wall that surrounded big double doors that could easily fit a sixteen wheeled truck through it. Over the wall he could see the top of what looked to be a big temple. Maybe he was finally at the right place? Finally…

"Looks like this is it…" Nero examined the full length of the stairs before taking in a breath.

"What's the deal with all these steps anyway?" Shifting his belongings on his shoulder Nero began a running start. Making sure no one was around to see him, he leapt with a powerful jump gracefully landing in front of the temple doors that were currently closed. But something else caught his attention when he landed. On the right, there was a sign that said 'Only those who can open these doors can challenge this dojo' on the side.

"So this is a dojo? I thought this was a temple? Whatever, it doesn't matter…" Nero started to inspect the large doors and while doing so he noticed something was off about them. He had to admit…they were huge. The doors had to be at least twenty feet tall. However, what Nero didn't know was that this was one of the things this temple would do to keep most unwanted fights at bay. Usually when the doors were open was only when the residence of said dojo knew Tatsuya and Miyuki would be on their way. The Shiba siblings would usually show up around the same time almost every day so they knew when to open the doors. Nero used his knuckle to knock on the door to test its sturdiness and realized something interesting as he raised an eyebrow at how ridiculous it actually was.

"Are these people serious right now? This is pure steel. No normal person would be able to open this with just brute force…" Nero on the other hand placed his index and pointer finger from his left hand in the middle and centered them between the seal that separated both doors. Taking another deep breath he pushed them forward as the huge steal doors flung open with great haste.

Nero made sure he took his time slowly walking through the doors. Wait, he noticed that no one was there…like no one at all. Seeing as no one was around, he made his way toward the big temple building in the center of the field. Hopefully someone was inside that he could talk to?

"HELLO! I'M LOOKING FOR A MR. YAKUMO!" Nero yelled trying to see if anyone could hear him but before he made it toward the middle he felt someone behind him and thankfully he trusted his gut because not a second later a kick was placed where he was just standing.

Graceful in his maneuver, he did a Barani front flip so he could fix his position to see who attacked him from behind. As he landed on his feet, Nero found not one but three different people looking at him with hostility. "Who are these bastards anyway?" Nero said to himself aloud before he heard more running around him. Seven more bald men came from out of thin air and circled behind him readying themselves in a fighting stance. Seeing that they were ready to attack, Nero raised his hands up in defense. He really didn't feel like going through this today.

"Whoa…I don't want any trouble alright! I'm just looking for a man by the name of Yakumo Kokonoe." This caused one of the many bald headed men to come up to Nero with a narrowed gaze.

"What business does a foreigner have with our master?" The bald monk asked now retaking his stance out of instinct.

"Speak now! I don't know how you were able to get passed our doors but I will not let you just waltz in here outsider." Nero's own expression looked slightly annoyed since no one wanted to hear him out. All he wanted was just to talk to this Yakumo guy and get it over with.

"Like I said, I was told to come see hi…" Nero was cut off by one of them trying to throw a punch at the side of his head causing him to lean back before kneeing said person in the stomach. The force from the blow made them spit up bile from their mouth. It's not like it was intentional or anything, Nero only retaliated out of instinct. It wasn't his fault; they were the ones to attack him without warning. Still, everyone stared the other down as they analyzed the current situation. The battle was on. More started to jump at Nero ready to pound him into the ground as the Devil Hunter skillfully evaded two of them, sweeping their legs off balance. In the middle of doing so he gently tossed his belongings away so they did not receive any damage in the upcoming fight.

Of course Nero being himself wore a expression of mock surprise as he ducked under a roundhouse kick. *Whistle* whistling as he watched the leg go over his head he quickly leaned back up performed a graceful butterfly twist over a leg sweep he would have received.

"Wow. Haven't you guys ever heard of a good first impression when you have a guest?" Nero only added fuel to the already lit fire as one of them who seemed more skilled than the other's rushed forward. As he threw well thrown punches toward Nero's face and chest area, Nero agreed that he was without a doubt the biggest threat there.

'Compared to the rest of these guys, this person is definitely no push over.' Nero parried the first four strikes, placing his leg in the fighter's personal area and throwing him off balance. Using the momentum in his hips, Nero turns with enough spin to use a thrusting palm strike that hit dead center against his chest. Nero's attack was successful. Sending wave energy through his opponent managed to throw the bald disciple off balance with great force nearly flying away. The others seeing this stopped and eyed Nero cautiously before the white haired teen maneuvered to the next set of people. Nero dashed in using his elbow to hit the one nearest in the mouth, quickly dashing and delivering another punch in the face. Nero then attacked the disciple's mid section and ended him with a spinning downward punch. The poor soul hit the ground hard and unconscious with only his voice squeaking in pain quickly. Without resting, Nero turned around to mow down the remaining people. Punching straight ahead a powerful force released from his fist as it hit the other three that were grouped together. They never expected this newcomer to be this powerful let alone take them all one at once. "W-what the heck is this guy?" One of the many bald men asked yet their question was unanswered as the powerful attack ripped all of their gai, knocking them back thirty feet, sliding to a stop. "Ugh" pain was coursing through all of their bodies as they rolled over to grab their freshly placed bruises. He was strong. Their master was right about this person. Even though it was meant to test his abilities, even they didn't expect Nero to be this powerful. Nero's display in martial arts was indeed impressive. And not even three seconds later he could hear the sound of someone clapping their hands as they approached him from behind.

"Not bad…not bad at all. You just might be even better than Tatsuya…Nero." An older bald man with a scar on his right eye said. Was he another one of these annoying guys? Just looking at him Nero could tell he was completely different from the others he just fought against.

"Who are you and how exactly do you know my name?" Nero asked with mild interest but was also on alert just in case.

"Oh I know a lot about you my boy. Even enough to know that you held back on using your…" he leaned over so only Nero could hear what he whispered next.

"Inhuman strength against them. Otherwise they would be dead in one hit, no?"

Now Nero was on full alert taking a chance to grab the man but he skillfully evaded the grab, back flipping away.

"Uh-uh-ahhhh. You know you can't be too aggressive on our first meeting, it shows bad character." The man taunted the white haired devil causing said boy to suck his teeth in annoyance.

"You're one to talk after trying to start a fight." The man laughed heartedly as Nero remembered what Dante said to him before leaving for his flight a few days ago.


Nero there is no way you could miss this guy he can talk circles around just about anyone, trust me if he mocks you within the first 10 seconds you meet, it's without a doubt Y…."

Flashback End

"Yakumo Kokonoe…" Nero said as the man before him smiled while his eyes were still closed.

"Bingo! I see that you've heard of me?" Yakumo said as he rubbed his peach fuzz under his chin gaining a blank look from Nero who thought that this person and Dante acted almost identical.

"You could say that. After all, I was told to come and meet you here since you know about this whole schooling situation." Nero said looking around at the scenery.

"Indeed I do…come let's chat inside. I have some other things to discuss with you as well." Yakumo said as they both made their way to the main part of the temple. Nero on the other hand wanted to know more about this guy. Why did Dante respect him so much?

Miyuki Shiba was now finishing up getting ready for the day and decided that maybe it was a good time for her and her brother to start heading out. However, there was still something that was bothering her. She let it go and thought nothing of it earlier but there was obviously something still bothering her brother Tatsuya. He was usually good at hiding his emotions from other people but she could tell when he was acting. Something made her brother feel uneasy and she wanted to ask about it without preying too much. It was kind of disheartening that Tatsuya always concealed certain things from her in hopes to keep her safe without Miyuki herself worrying about it.

"I can tell when something is wrong with brother…but why does he keep things from me?" She asked deep in thought even to the point where she almost ran into her own room door. She knew things were changing around her little by little, especially after the death of her now late mother. Miyuki wasn't sure what she should do. Her mother was her everything. She was as important to her as her brother Tatsuya is now. Everything she did until this point wasn't really done with the intention of Miyuki's own best interest. Being a part of the family she was, in the end seemed like more of a burden than a blessing. For that very reason, Miyuki wanted nothing more than to live an ordinary life for as long as she could. Free from responsibilities of the family name. Free of having everyone around her trying to control the decisions she made or live her life as if she was used by the family to replace her mother. She hated that thought and now more than ever Miyuki wanted to do things like normal people would her age and that included with her dear brother. Maybe in the process she could even make a few friends as well?

"I need to focus." Miyuki lightly slapped her cheeks in the attempt to stop her wondering thoughts.

"Kay, here it goes…" Miyuki made her way out of her room as she entered the living room finding her brother fully dressed and ready to leave as well.

"Onii-sama, you weren't waiting for me too long were you?" Miyuki hoped that she wasn't slowing him down. Miyuki was waiting for his reply but she only received silence as he again seemed in his own world. What really caught her off guard was his fierce gaze as he looked out the window.

"Onii-sama…Onii-sama!" Tatsuya was so into his own train of thought that he didn't realize he was spacing out and seemed to worry his dear sister even more.

"Oh Miyuki…I'm sorry, I just have so much on my mind as of late." Miyuki wasn't buying it fully. She could see the look on his face and knew instantly something was really bothering him.

"Onii-sama, I know when something's bothering you. So why must you hide your feelings from me? Let me help you." Miyuki said in a pleading manner causing Tatsuya to give his rare apologetic look her way.

"I'm sorry if I'm worrying you Miyuki but it's nothing to concern yourself with. I promise its fine. I'm probably just over thinking some things." He said rubbing Miyuki's head gently. His sister gave him an adorable pout in exchange. She always disliked when he wasn't honest with her about things like this.

"Anyway, it's time for us to head out." Tatsuya now heading for the door.

"Onii-sama, wait for me." Miyuki right behind him.

Both Nero and Yakumo were now sitting at a short Japanese table while Yakumo himself made tea and had some refreshments. Nero was just waiting to get out of here and get this over with. It was bad enough already that he had to be in a foreign land so far away from home in the first place.

"So I know you were told about why you're here am I right?" Yakumo asked while sipping his tea with that ever present smile on his face.

"Yeah, something about learning different things about magic at some big name school." Nero said still a little annoyed. Yakumo could feel the tension from the younger man…with good reason. He was probably blindsided by his uncle and convinced forcefully to come to Japan.

"Ah…yes, one of the many schools of magic, First High school to be correct. That school is for the rich and people who have a place in this world." Yakumo said causing Nero to snort in response before speaking.

"Then what the hell am I here for? I wish I had money like that but I don't. I make a living hunting demons not school time with some snobby nobles." this just earned a laugh from Yakumo. At least the boy could be humorous when he wanted to.

"Indeed but…" Yakumo gained a surprisingly serious gaze to the point that Nero thought he was sitting with another person entirely.

"That's not the only reason why you came to Japan Nero." What was that? Maybe Nero heard him wrong because he could have sworn he said that his only reason for being there wasn't the case. Hearing this caused the teen to sit up straight in confusion.

"Wait…what do you mean?"

"It's exactly as I said. There is another reason why you are here in Japan. And one of the reasons is to help stop a vicious demon that myself and Dante encountered in our youth." Yakumo now stood up and walked to the far side of the room grabbing an amulet off the desk near the window.

"This amulet is one of the keys to helping seal him away." he said tossing it to Nero who easily caught it.

"And who is this "him" you keep talking about?"

"Oh silly me, I forget to tell you his name…the once unimaginably powerful demon of hell, IGNUS!"

"IGNUS?" Nero never heard of him from Dante even once before.

"Yes…he was an extremely powerful foe. I and Dante both fought him off at the time but now he seems to be trying to come back to this plain of existence. Nero, we need to be ready when he does or millions of people will die."

"In fact, he was second to only Dante's very father Sparda. Even Mundus feared his power for it was too great."

"But that's not all. Ignus was once a kind hearted demon like Sparda who had compassion. Love however, is a dangerous thing you see. The bad blood between your grandfather and Ignus became thick because they both fell in love with the same woman. Only one could have her heart so one thing lead to another." Yakumo said taking another sip of his tea.

"So you mean…"

"Yes, Sparda was the one to win Eva's love and jealousy and bitterness grew ever true inside Ignus' heart. It was such a one-sided love. Eva never viewed Ignus the same way he viewed her. There was a realization about that fact that probably inflicted the most damage to his heart. Once a kind and understanding demon, he became foul and cold hearted…showing those around him no mercy. Sparda has already engaged and defeated him long before me and Dante had to reseal him but it seemed like his hatred kept him coming back for revenge time and time again."

"Dante knows this all too well. After all, the kin of Sparda have been hunted by many demon families for decades. Most failed but they continue to try ridding your blood from existence." Nero could only sit there in silence as he tried to process everything he was being told.

"Nero, I need you to promise me that you won't use your true power unless you have to. Only if you or someone's life is in danger should you act past your human capabilities Nero…understand?" Nero released a sigh but agreed by nodding his head. Whether it was a trigger or some type of switch that was flipped this caused Yakumo's mood to soften a bit.

"Now then, you need a place to stay right? Well…lucky for you, the higher ups are paying good money for you to be an exchange student so they gave me the information to everything you will need while you enjoy your stay. Remember Nero, we are your customers and you are being paid to fulfill a contract." He did have a point about that. Nero was being hired for an extremely high paying job…that only had the end of the human world at stake. Could this put any more pressure on him? He could sure use a little more of it.

"Oh, you need to be at the school to take the entrance exam in I don't know…thirty or so minutes. So if I were you I would um…hurry up." Nero gladly stood up as he made his was to leave.

"Nero, if you want to train here again just stop by. You might help this old man work up a sweat even." He mocked playfully only gaining an over head salute that his words were heard loud and clear.

"That boy might be his son but he definitely reminds me of you the most…Dante." The sound of sipping tea filled the room as Yakumo continued to sit in a comfortable silence.

The Shiba siblings were both currently split from one another as they each took their entrance exams in separate rooms. Tatsuya was currently showing his magical capabilities. From the looks of it one could assess he didn't do too well even though he could use it well in certain circumstances.

Miyuki on the other hand seem to fly threw her individual tests with little to no effort at all. It was only natural she would score extremely well on her magic activation sequences. Scoring a terrifying 'point twelfth' of a second put her far above just about anyone in her age range and easily in the top of her class.

Nero on the other hand did well on certain written areas of the examination tests since he only knew certain things about different types of magic. However, that was not the problem at that particular point in time. The problem really was that Nero couldn't or would not use any magical spells at all.

"We'll Nero, it seems you have no magic abilities whatsoever…" This person was the one Dante mentioned about owning him a favor. The male had brown hair and brown eyes. He was shorter than Nero by at least six inches and he was obviously Japanese. The man's name was Yorichi Takeda.

"I will have to file this unfortunately…but don't worry too much about that since even people with low to no magic levels still attend this school. This school is mostly teaching them how magic works anyway. Plus, First High is a school more worried about its income than if someone knows how to use magic fully."

"My magic reserves are just really low compared to other people I guess." Nero was clearly lying through his teeth and Takeda knew he was. Especially since he also knew Dante was his uncle.

"Yes, well it sure seems that way. Anyway, that also seems to be it for your tests. We will be sure to contact you immediately once your results are reviewed."

"Yea, I got it."

"The results should be ready by sometime early next week so please keep yourself assessable." Takeda said still writing on his clipboard.

"Yea whatever, I guess I'll see you around…" Nero made his way to the door behind him. He was just glad that was over and done with. A week felt like such a drag though.

Sometime later, Miyuki and Tatsuya finally met up again after completing both of their entrance exams.

"Onii-sama!" Miyuki walked up to her brother with a beautiful and confident smile.

"Miyuki…from the look on your face I suppose you did substantially?" Tatsuya asked with a small smile of his own. His sister nodded her head in delight just thinking about it.

"Yes Onii-sama, I made sure I completed all of my tests without fail. I'm sure you also passed as soundly as I did Onii-sama?" Miyuki asked causing her brother to place his hand gently on her shoulder.

"Of course Miyuki, remember I promised that you and I would both be attending this school together and live normal lives for as long as we could." Tatsuya's soothing words seemed to make his sister's bright smile shine brighter. Miyuki was so glad that she had an older brother like Tatsuya. With him around she felt that just about anything was possible.

Suddenly, the Shiba siblings each felt it was almost time that they headed back home. That was until something in the corner of Miyuki's vision caught her attention. She turned her eyes which landed on the back of a male who was at least ten inches taller than her brother. And from the look of his aesthetic build, he was almost a size and a half bigger than Tatsuya in that department as well.

But what caught her interest the most about this person was his silky white hair. Never before has Miyuki Shiba ever witnessed such snow white hair in all her life. To her it almost appeared to glimmer as the light bounced off of it. She could not view the boy's facial appearance since as his back was to her but something almost told her he would be quite handsome.

The male made his way out the door as he silently disappeared from her vision completely. There was a feeling that the Shiba sister could not place about him but she could not help but wonder about whom that could have been.

"Who was that person?" Miyuki asked aloud slightly curious but it seemed she was not the only one who wondered that question. Her brother Tatsuya had a more calculating look on his features as he watched Nero leave out of the building. Maybe Tatsuya could sense something that his sister could not?

"That guy…"

On Nero's adventure back home, he made sure to inspect his surroundings. After all, this would be the areas he would spend a good amount of time around now. It seemed like it was too good to be true. Nothing was out of the ordinary, nor did he feel any demon presences around either. Compared to back home, you might as well call this an unwanted paradise.

"S-stop!" maybe he spoke too soon? Nero heard it not too far away from him. Seemed like people harassing someone about something yet everyone else around seemed oblivious to that fact. Sighing to himself, Nero knew he currently had nothing else to do. Finding his way over to the end of the building near the crosswalk, he spots a group of males surrounding what looked to be female students from another school.

"Well, well, well. Look at these pretty girls, boys…" One male said with a lip piercing and ear gauges.

"I want the one with the nice maroon hair, she smells so good." another said as he sniffed the girl's hair who looked terrified.

"Please let us go! D-don't do this!" One of the scared girls pleaded to the thugs who looked at each other before laughing loudly.

"Ha-ha! Like hell we'd turn down a nice piece of a…" but unfortunately for him, he was backhanded hard enough to black out.

"Sorry about that. I guess this is where you ask me if I know what I just got myself into and then attack me for interrupting something?" Nero asked lazily as everyone's attention was now on him. The girls looked shocked to see someone there to actually come and rescue them.

"You damn pretty boy! Who the hell do you think you are, huh?" One angrily asked before taking his iron pipe and swinging at Nero's head. Nero of course skillfully caught it while looking at it in mock interest.

"Wow…you still carry one of these around? It's like 2095 man…are you serious?" Bending it like a pretzel with ease around the thugs arms.

"My arms! What the hell? How did you do…" a boot quickly collided to his face making him shut up while the other male thug seemed to gulp loudly. He just knew he was about to get it too.

"Wait! C-cant we talk about this?" the thug begged.

"No." Nero slowly stalked up to the terrified thug.

"Hold on….hold on…w-wait…EEH-EEHHHHAAA!"

Nero dusted off his hands from a good days work, turning to the girls to help them off the ground. He could see the look on their faces…they were terrified. Could you necessarily blame them? They just experienced some form of sexual assault and he knew they had to be quite shaken up from the ordeal. Nero knew he had to at least comport them to make them feel that they were now safe.

"Hey, It's alright. I promise I won't hurt any of you. Those guys won't be bothering you ever again." This surprisingly gained him a flying hug from the girls as they seemed to be beyond relieved someone saved their purity.

"Thank you-Thank you-Thank you so much!"

"No problem…really its fine." After the released their embrace on him, Nero gave each girl a look over.

"Next time you all need to be more careful around here ok? I know I said that these guys won't bother you again but if they do, I'll just find a way to get to you no matter where I am." Nero gave them a small smile that made blushes spread across each of their faces. Nero turned to make his way home as he waved to them over his shoulder.

"W-wait! C-could you at least give us your name?" one of the girls asked pleadingly. Nero stopped and gave it a thought. How did he forget to mention his name to them? It must have slipped his mind.

"It's Nero, Nero Angelo." Little did Nero know but he just gained his first group of female admirers that day.

A week flew by in the blink of an eye as Nero received his school uniform and was on his way out his front door, getting ready for his first day at First High. Little did our White haired demon know his uniform was indeed a little different? Nero decided against wearing a dress shirt underneath his school jacket/trench so he had it open with a black t-shirt underneath. Nero did not realize the colors on his uniform were different compared to the course one and two students. The white, green and, black color pallet was changed from the normal male student attire. His was black in the areas that white would usually be and green in areas the black trimming normally was.

Nero's class jacket also stopped just past his waist and there was no back trench style like the normal white male uniforms had. His cuff links had the symbol of a plant stem as he rolled his up to his elbows like normal and placed his stem pin inside his jackets lower pocket. Nero also wore the male students black pants with black school shoes to finish his wardrobe.

As he made his way toward the school, he noticed there were people around the schools front entrance who seemed to be putting up signs and ordainments alike. To be honest, this actually looked so normal. Well, that is until his attention was occupied by a sudden outburst.

"I CANNOT ACCEPT THIS!" Now focusing on the pair that caused the commotion he noticed a dark blue haired Japanese girl who had blue eyes and looked to be upset about something. It wasn't hard to tell that whatever was bothering the girl didn't sit too well with her.

In addition, Nero carefully inspected her school uniform and thought it was actually quite appealing. It was a nice silk white dress under a short green blazer that seemed to be connected to a see through nightgown. While the person she was standing in front of was a male that had black hair and blue eyes.


"Miyuki, you're still going on about that?" Tatsuya said not really wanting to go through this. The students that were standing around were conversing amongst each other.

"What's that? Are they fighting?"

"Aren't they freshman?" Nero was looking on with mild interest. This was probably the liveliest thing to happen are there since he arrived at the school.


"This is a magic high school. It's obvious they would place more emphasis on practical ability than paper tests, and with my practical ability it's surprising that I even made it as a course 2 student." Tatsuya stated only causing his sister to go on about her disagreement.


"MIYUKI!" Tatsuya suddenly yelled startling the girl a bit.

"Even if you say that out load, it can't be helped… you understand that right?" Tatsuya didn't want to be so harsh to his younger sister but it goes without saying that he had a good reason for saying those things. In the school of First High you were branded by your status and ability. Discrimination was something that would follow people no matter where they go and this place was no acceptation.

"I…apologize." Miyuki was feeling a bit guilty about this whole situation and for having her brother go through this in the first place. She just couldn't understand any of this. Why wasn't her brother selected to represent all the first year students instead of her? He was the best of the best in anything he did when it came to combat and magic. It just wasn't right!

The gentle hand of her brother suddenly touches her head softly. "Seeing you getting so angry in my place…it makes me happy. I'm always saved by that." Tatsuya said not knowing the impact his words were having on his beloved sister.

"Lair…" she said almost in a whisper.

"Onii-sama is always scolding me…"

"I'm not lying, Just like how you feel about me…I also feel the same about you." these words caused the young beauty to raise her gaze to meet her brothers as he blush increased.

Nero raised his brow at this "Ok, now correct me if I'm wrong… but is he not her brother? So what's with this awkward atmosphere all of a sudden?"

"O-onii-sama, no way! To tell me so suddenly how you feel about me…" her whole demeanor changed completely. It was a one hundred and eighty degree turn in her character, almost as if the calm words of her brother put out an inextinguishable flame.

"She seems to have misunderstood the meaning behind what I said but I'll just leave it at that for now"

"Miyuki." Tatsuya spoke out regaining her attention.

"Even if you did back out on giving your reply address…there is no way I would be the next person to be selected as a replacement. It would just affect your appraisal and with your intelligence, I'm sure you know what that would mean."

"Well…about that…" Miyuki began but Tatsuya continued.

"And besides Miyuki…I'm looking forward to it. So show this useless big brother of yours the glorious moment of his cute little sister." this again caused said girls temperature to increase.

"O-onii-sama is not a useless big brother! B-but I understand, please forgive me for being willful."

"Go on, it's almost time for the meeting before the reply address right?"

"Yes. I'll be taking my leave then. Please be sure to watch me onii-sama." Miyuki said waving and giving her farewells to her brother as she made her way toward the school building.

"Alright" Tatsuya thought about walking around for a bit more to see the rest of the school's additions.

As the girl left so did the crowd and Nero who felt this was too much to watch had walked off a little before Miyuki and Tatsuya went their separate ways.

"This school is just full of weirdoes isn't it?" Nero wasn't really into large crowds so he made it his mission to get away from there as quickly as his legs would take him. As he walked with one of his hands in his pocket, there was a group of female Bloom students straight ahead and heading towards him. Upon closing their distance from him they noticed a white haired handsome prince with beautiful blue eyes. Truth be told, they could not help the blush that appeared on their faces while their vision locked onto him.

"H-he's so handsome…" one of the girls said aloud. However, there was also something else they noticed about Nero that caught their eyes.

"But look at his uniform…"

"Yeah, but how can someone so good looking not be a Bloom? You would think he was some type of royalty!"

"I know…but isn't that the color for Stem student uniforms?"

"You're right, he's a Stem student. Aren't those supposed to be the worst of the worst in the schools rankings?"

"But he's so hot! Yet at the same time, there's no way my parents would ever let me date him if they knew he was a Stem student…" One whined to herself almost depressed about the fact.

"W-well, maybe we shouldn't talk to him then? Wouldn't other Stems think its ok to hang out with us if we do?" Another girl asked as they all then tried to hastily move past Nero. Nero didn't really care in the slightest, if anything it was fewer headaches for him to deal with. This school seemed so focused on status more than anything else and things that stupid and shallow didn't really matter to him. He could tell that his time here would be the best time of his life. The beauty of sarcasm…

"A Stem huh?" Now it made sense why his pin was in the shape of a plant stem but he soon brushed off the thought and continued to walk toward the main building.

Tatsuya had free time until his sister's big speech so he wanted to walk around and make sure he knew every part of this campus. He was always overly careful so this was just something that he would eventually do sooner or later. His and Miyuki's safety was his top priority and he didn't care how he did it as long as it was done. He was so into his own thoughts that he didn't realize he was approaching a group of students. He could see that some of their faces had blushes on them as if they had been recently flustered in some way. Unfortunately, Tatsuya just became the next target of their attention.

"I wonder why that Weed is out here all by himself?"

"Yea but he seems really enthusiastic even though he's just a reserve doesn't he?" Tatsuya hearing this just smiled to himself. "An eight-pedaled flower is present on the left chest of a course 1 student…also know as a Bloom. Since the emblem on my jacket is absent it clarifies that of a course 2 student known as a Weed.If the entire course 1 student's meet the schools standard quota and are successfully able to pass then the course 2 student's like myself end up being completely unnecessary."

"Then there are the students who are below even us Weeds…the Stems. They have little to almost zero magic capability. Truthfully, the only reason the school has bothered to make that branch is because the families usually paying for their children's education is helping to fund this school while also learning about magic." Tatsuya decided to put those thoughts aside for the time being as he comes across a spare bench that he decides to sit down on. Even though he didn't want to think about such trivial things he couldn't help but recall the events that happened throughout the week. Apart of those thoughts was him remembering Nero from the other day.

"That guy…something was definitely different about him. I could swear I even felt his presence when I was talking with Miyuki not too long ago." Tatsuya didn't quite understand it himself but there was warning bells about Nero that he just couldn't describe perfectly. No matter, if he was to be a threat to himself or his younger sister Tatsuya would make sure to get rid of him quickly.

"I will have to look deeper into this person just to be on the safe side."

Nero was almost near the steps of the main building before he spotted a short petite girl with long black hair and red eyes who seemed to also be a Bloom student like the girls he saw before. She currently looked to be searching for someone. Nero personally didn't want to engage in conversation so closed his eyes while he made his way toward the building. Well that was until she noticed him. Who wouldn't? Nero was a very tall individual so spotting him would be like finding a weed sticking out of freshly cut grass. "Oh, why hello you seem to be…" but she paused as she viewed his outfit and noticed right away he was a Stem.

"Sorry, where are my manners? My name is Mayumi Saegusa and yo…" but the cheerful Mayumi finally noticed Nero's appearance. She took in his foreign features and couldn't quite help the blush creeping onto her face. His silky white hair…and those ocean blue eyes made her doubt her next words. This was strange to her though. Mayumi wasn't one to get self conscious about stuff like this but here this male student made himself seem almost unapproachable. Nero surprisingly continued to steadily walk past her. It's not her fault. He was just still feeling a bit upset about being there in Japan in the first place. And he wasn't that much of a "people person" to begin with. Maybe it was a small case of Home Sickness?

Quiet silence was all she received as the handsome white haired boy completely ignored her. That act in itself was obviously very rude but it wasn't done purposely…or was it? Mayumi's beautiful face formed a frown as she looked at Nero's retreating form. Her being displeased with his rude behavior was an understatement yet she couldn't understand the strange feeling she had within her stomach.

"Excuse me, but you are being extremely rude!" The black haired girl implied causing Nero to do wave over his shoulder.

"You'll forgive me won't you?" He asked jokingly but this caused Mayumi to frown at his words. But what was this feeling?

"A Stem is he? How rude."

'Something tells me this won't be the last time we meet each other.' Mayumi stared at his retreating back. In a way something within her hoped that she would.

As Nero made it into the main building, he was looking around, taking in his surroundings, trying to get a feel for the school. Ok this was really starting to get old now. Nero tried his best to ignore whoever it was but now it was just started to bother him.

"What do you want?" Nero asked causing the person behind him to jolt a bit in surprise.

"Oh, so I was right after all. You are a foreigner!" The female sounding voice said almost please with their accurate guess. Nero turned his vision to find a short petite red headed girl that was wearing a fairly decent size smile across her features while walking in sync with the white haired devil. Based off of her attire alone she looked to be in the Weed student uniform if Nero was correct.

"Hello there, my names Erika Chiba. It's nice to meet you!" This girl Erika…she had way too much energy. Nero gave her a raised brow from her over the top bubbly attitude. She was awfully energetic…

"Nero…Nero Angelo." Nero introduced gaining a nod of approval from the girl.

"Say Nero, where are you from anyway?" Erika asked the boy as she leaned over while looking at him from the side in wonder.

"North America."

"North America? No way!" The girl said incredulously. But then she looked at the boy up and down with calculating eyes that looked to be trying to processes his physical measurements.

"But seriously Nero-san, what in the world are they feeding you people over there in America?" Erika admired Nero's build. He was easily over her without much effort and she could tell that he was in excellent physical shape. He had to be in sports or some type of martial arts with a physic like that.

"I don't know. What do they feed you girls here in Japan?" Nero asked looking mainly at her chest from a side glance. Erika not missing it had the decency to blush heavily before turning away to cover herself.

"W-wait Angelo-san! That was one extremely bold claim you said there…" Erika stated now catching back up to him while looking at him from the side once more. She could not deny that he was ridiculously good looking. In fact, he was almost like a character out of those fairy tales she used to read as a kid.

"You asked first didn't you?" Nero asked with raised brow. Unbelievable, he had no filter did he? Erika's cute pout spread across her face thanks to his teasing. She was usually the one doing the teasing but being on the receiving end of it could be a different story altogether.

"Nero, you are such a jerk."

"I get that a lot." A small smile appeared on Erika's face from his reply. She could see why that was the case if it was true. Her eyes suddenly averted downward, landing on Nero's school apparel.

"Now that I think about it, I see that you wear the Stem student's attire. Did any of the Blooms give you a hard time yet?" She asked as he kept his gaze ahead.

"Wasn't paying attention." was all she heard making her think she needed to approach him differently. He seemed like he was a loner type but she wanted to get to know him a bit better. Maybe he didn't really associate himself with other people?

"Say Nero?"


"I don't blame you if you don't want to be here either. I'm the same way a little. I wanted to come here hoping to better myself but ended up getting a bit lower than what I first sought out to do. Sure, it lowered my resolve a bit but I still intend to push on with my head held high." Nero quietly listened to Erika. The girl did have a point though. It's about holding your head up and moving forward regardless of what other people thought about you.

"So, I guess what I'm trying to say is…you don't have to act so distant. I might not be a Stem like you are but I do know what it's like to feel like you are not good enough."

"What are you talking about?" Nero suddenly asked Erika making her turn her head to him again.

"Blooms, Weeds, Stems…who really cares about something like that? I'm not you so I personally don't know why you feel so beat up about it in the first place. Is this not an opportunity for you? If you were the best of the best, wouldn't you just think less about improving yourself in general? The groups of countless people who are viewed to be beneath others better than themselves have to work much harder than those with overall natural talent. Who knows, maybe in the process even they could probably surpass those who claim or seem to be superior in comparison. Is something like that really ok with you? If you were already at the top in everything you did, could you really say that you would be ok with living your life like that?" Nero paused for a brief moment before continuing his thoughts.

"Who would be able to stand before you if you were already the best of the best? What would your own motivation to better yourself be afterwards? All you would do is make all the underdogs around here more motivated to surpass you instead. Becoming their goal to defeat but in exchange, you yourself would have no means or resolve to continue to grow stronger unless only to keep your image intact. Having such a lame reason as that would be more of a burden than anything else. Right now, you are the best you can be because you have a goal that you've yet to achieve and because of that…you hunger for it. In the end maybe you're much better off the way you are now." Nero said lazily as Erika could not help but feel there was great truth to his words. To her, Nero spoke as if it was something on a personal level for him. He wasn't lying. Even as much as an idiot his uncle was he respected that man. He was so powerful and felt so far from him that he would try to chase after him like an impossible star in the sky that he could never grasp within his hand. Nero knew what it was like to want power. Without it you can never protect anything precious to you.

"Look at you Nero-san. You sure have a way with words…surprisingly." Erika stated sarcastically but did not hear him rely back to her playful jab. She could only give him a small smile. He wasn't so bad behind that tough guy demeanor he had.

Erika was quietly thinking to herself but suddenly stopped in place as her face clearly showed obvious concern. How in the world could she forget something so important? Her talk with Nero made her forget about meeting up with her friend that was most likely waiting for her. Erika had to mentally kick herself for being so absent minded.

"I'm such an idiot! Sorry Nero-san, I forgot to meet up with a friend of mine so I guess we will have to cut this a bit short. Our little chat made me forget for a second so I feel a bit bad." Erika said as she closed her eyes and shook her head.

"Then go." Nero said looking back at the red headed girl who only smiled brightly at him.

"Hopefully we can meet again soon ok…Prince-san." Erika said as she winked happily, jogging away and laughing at the nickname she gave him. She knew that she was going to enjoy this place even more now.

"Thanks again…Nero."

"W-what!? Hey Erika! Tch…" Nero called out to her but she kept going. He wanted to address his displeasure about that nickname but she ignored him completely.

"That girl..."

Tatsuya was still seated on the bench when his pager alarm went off telling him he had at least fifteen minutes left before Miyuki's speech started.

"Looks like it's time to go now." getting up, he suddenly could feel someone else's presence near him, turning to looking in said persons direction.

"Are you a freshman? It's better to head over to the venue soon or you might be late." the feminine voice said.

"Excuse me, I will be on my way immediately." Tatsuya said gaining a smile from the girl.

"At least someone has proper manners…unlike someone." she said thinking of our white haired devil.

Tatsuya now looking up spotting her C.A.D (Casting Assistant Device)

"Ah, I haven't properly introduced myself yet, pardon me." now taking a better look at the female, she was short with long black hair and red eyes. It was the same girl who encountered Nero from earlier.

"I'm the student council president of the first high school, Mayumi Saegusa."

"Seven huh, seems she is one to be a successor to her family." Tatsuya thought before introducing himself

"My name is Shiba Tatsuya."

"AH! You are that Shiba-kun!?" Mayumi asked aloud.

"An average of ninety-six marks over the seven exams subjects. Especially Magic theory and Magic Engineering, which have an average passing mark of sixty among the examinees…you actually got a perfect grade for them...your that Tatsuya Shiba-kun right?!"

"Those were just paper results, we all know that this is a magical school and that's what matters the most."

"Nope, at least I know I wouldn't be able to get that high of a grade if I did the same assignment. Shiba-san, you're awesome." she praised but for some reason he felt weird. He wasn't use to this type of attention even though he did not care much in regards to the opinions of others.

"Please excuse me. It's seems to be time for me to leave after all. I mustn't be late…President Saegusa." And with a polite bow Tatsuya made his way to the venue while leaving an extremely curious Mayumi behind. She could tell that something was unique about Tatsuya. You could say it was a gut feeling and usually her gut was never wrong. For now she will leave that thought for another time and head towards the venue and prepare for the opening ceremony.

"These new students are certainly something."

Nero found a nice spot where no one was sitting all the way in the back of the venue. He was deep in thought as he scanned the area. He could see the Blooms, Weeds, and Stems were all divided within the room. He gained unwanted attention from female students who were talking about his good looks and his cool attitude. For now he was just trying his best to ignore their voices the best that he could.

"So there are white and green jackets with the flower emblem. Others with no emblem and then people like me with only black and green…" Nero looked at all the students around the room in wonder. Stems seemed to have a small portion of the room while Blooms and Weeds had the majority of the venue. He realized the female stem uniforms were quite similar to the normal course 2 students but the normal green color was black and the black trimming was green.

Nero was currently sitting with his arms resting on the seats next to him while his right leg was on top of his left in a "figure four" position as he closed his eyes with a bored expression.

"Umm…excuse me. I-is that seat next to you taken?" Nero heard a soft, timid voice speak to him as he opened his eyes. The white haired devil looked over to see that he was greeted by a very pretty shorthaired blonde girl with green eyes and a surprisingly big chest. She was wearing the black and green version of the girl's uniform like all the other female Stem students were so it was fairly obvious where she belonged.

"No, you can sit here if you want." Nero said but she was a bit hesitant at first. Nero didn't remove his arm from its resting place so if she were to sit down, it would look as if he was putting his arm around her. This thought caused the girl to blush massively as Nero only gave her a side glance noticing her flustered state.

"Are you ok?"

"Y-yes, I'm fine." the girl said quickly earning a raised eyebrow from him. The more she thought about it the more embarrassed she became. This won't do, Shiemi knew she needed to change the subject before she messes something up again thanks to her nervous tendencies. Maybe she should try introducing herself?

"M-my name is Shiemi Moriyama…its nice meeting you." Shiemi said shyly bowing her head slightly. Nero couldn't help but feel it was only right to at least introduce himself as well. "Nero Angelo…and it's nice to meet you too, Shiemi was it?" those words seemed to brighten the girl's mood tenfold.

"Nice to meet you Angelo-san." Shiemi greeted back kindly.

"Just Nero is fine." Wait…hearing Nero say that to her made the girl look incredulously at him. Was it really ok for her to use his first name so casually?

"U-um…are you sure that's ok?" She did just meet him after all so it felt kind of disrespectful yet pleasant at the same time.

"Its fine, I don't mind." He was willing to allow her to call him by his first name already? Maybe this was a sign that she has been looking for? This was her chance to finally break free of her burden of being lonely all the time. The realization strongly on her mind, Shiemi shyly played with her pointer fingers. She has always been bad at things like this. Ever since she was a little girl, Shiemi was terrible at making friends. All she ever wanted was to have people in her life that she could laugh, play and talk with but it seemed like such an impossible dream for her. She was always getting overly nervous or clumsily messing things up for herself and she didn't know how to talk or approach others like normal people did. It didn't help her case that she was socially awkward thanks to the many years of solitude she experienced while growing up. Maybe just this once she could find the courage to make a friend…her very first friend. Shiemi was feeling a bit more pressure about the whole ordeal given the fact that Nero was such a good looking individual. Heck, because of these challenges presented in front of her, she felt that if she could befriend someone like Nero, then she could befriend just about anybody. Her first step started now!



"I-I know this it's weird asking someone like this that I j-just met but…will you be willing to be my friend?" Shiemi asked him almost too innocently. Well, it was a pretty different approach than what he was used to but he couldn't help but feel bad for her. Just looking at the blonde girl he could tell she seemed so…lonely. But even then, becoming friends with someone like him? Maybe it wasn't such a good idea.

Nero stared at the girl, almost like he was contemplating in his head the right thing to say. She was watching him as he stared intently in her eyes. Waiting for his answer made it feel like a lifetime under that powerful gaze of his. Nero let a sigh escape his lips, looking away from the Shiemi while closing his eyes.

"Shiemi, to be honest with you, I don't think you would want to be friends with someone like me. You are probably better off asking someone else."

"No." Shiemi spoke with the shake of her head as she looked at him with a soft smile.

"Even though Nero-san doesn't think so I can just tell you're a good person, I can feel it." Shiemi's words made Nero look back at her, slight confusion present on his face. "What exactly did she mean by that?" Nero pondered. But the look on her face said everything to him. She was serious about what she said. That gleam in her eyes was clear as day for even someone like him to see. Nero closed his eyes once again and slowly rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Fine. If that's what you really want…then I'll be your friend. But Shiemi, I can't promise you that I'll be a good one."

"Really Nero-san, really?! Don't you worry; we'll be the best of friends, you'll see!" the girl's early display of nervousness was quickly replaced with that of pure happiness. Nero didn't realize it himself but a small smirk appeared on his face in defeat. Her beaming smile; how could he ever destroy something like that? He could only hope that he made the right decision. Living the life that he did, he didn't want to get too attached to anyone around there. Yet, even though he knew that crucial reason, he just couldn't bring himself to say no to this girl.

On the other side of the venue it seemed as if Tatsuya was experiencing something similar. "Excuse me, sorry to bother you but is it ok if I sit here?" A girl with short black hair and glasses asked him who also seemed to be developed in other areas of her body. Said girl seemed to be wearing the normal course two girl's uniform.

"Please, help yourself…" Tatsuya made more room for the girl to sit next to him before the girl was jumped from behind by someone else.

"It's great that we can sit next to each other right?!" said an overly hyper short redheaded girl. It was Erika Chiba. Tatsuya wasn't very talkative unless he was necessarily addressed in conversation but even then he could tell that the red headed girl was in a league of her own.

'What's with them?' Tatsuya thought to himself finding them rather strange.

"Thank you again. My name is Shibata Mizuki. Nice to meet you." said the glasses wearing girl kindly.

"I'm Tatsuya Shiba. It's nice to meet you too Shibata-san." Tatsuya said while inspecting the girl's glasses. It was rare to see glasses of that prescription on anyone this day in age so it did definitely caught Tatsuya's attention.

"And my name is Erika Chiba, nice to meet you Shiba-kun!" Erika now introduced herself to Tatsuya before a thought popped into her mind.

"It's a pleasure Chiba-san."

"Hmm…Shiba, Shibata and Chiba. Now that I think about it our names kind of rhyme don't they?" Erika asked aloud gaining a look of understanding from Mizuki.

'Another one from the numbers?' Tatsuya thought as he looked at Erika who seemed to be talking with Mizuki until said girl scanned the room as her eyes landed on the Stem section of the venue.

"AH! Look Mizuki-chan! Look over there! There's Nero, the guy I was telling you about!" Erika said as she pointed to the white haired teen also gaining Tatsuya's attention. Erika wasn't paying much attention to it before but now that she got a good look at the situation she could swear she saw Nero who seemed to be engaged in light conversation with a blonde female. Not only that, but the girl who he was currently talking to seemed to be well endowed in the most important areas. Erika looked down at herself before looking back at them with a frown.

"Just who is that girl anyway?" Erika didn't even realize that she asked her question out loud. Strange…for some reason she felt intimidated.

Tatsuya on the other hand, was watching Nero without taking his eyes off him. 'Erika seems to know the boy from somewhere so it might be best to gather information from her.'

"Erika, you said that you two know each other?" This received a nod in return.

"Just a bit I suppose. Get this; his name is Nero Angelo…a mysterious foreigner from the USNA. He did seem to be a bit rough around the edges at first but once I was able to talk to the guy, he wasn't so bad. In fact I kind of like him." She said as her friend Mizuki on the other hand was frozen in a stasis. Mizuki continued to stare in Nero's direction with an increasing blush on her features as her Erika raised her brow at the girl. Erika didn't know if her friend was alright or not so she took her hand and started to wave it in front of her friend's face to snap the girl out of it.

"Hellooo…Mizuki-chan~? Yoohooooo…" Well that was strange. Erika followed her friend's line of sight back to Nero then back to her friend again. So it would seem that she has been captivated by a certain someone's charm.

"So you have been struck by his beauty I see?" Erika teased, as she too could not help but think the same thing about the white haired male. After all, Nero was in a class of his own when it came to his looks. Actually, how could any guy look that good?

"But I wonder who that girl is with him?" Erika asked as she bit down on her thumbnail unconsciously. Tatsuya was in his own world thinking about whom this person was that makes him feel so uneasy. He would have to go home after school and look more into this person like he intended from earlier.

"Nero Angelo…"

"SILENCE!" They then heard someone yell knocking them out of their stupor.

"Right know the affiliate of the university of First High School's, School entrance ceremony shall begin. And next, reply address from the representative of the freshman's Miyuki Shiba!"

As if on cue, Miyuki comes out onto the stage for all the students to see. She was already getting admirers from what Nero could hear.

"Whoa do you see how pretty she is? A-and she looks so innocent too." some said aloud.

"She looks like a model from those famous magazines." others stated.

"On this good day, I thank you for your words of welcome. I representing the freshmen, am proud to be a member of First High School." Nero listening in while Tatsuya was looking toward his sibling.

"We shall study hard together! And not just limited to magic, we swear to grow together in all school activities." Nero and Tatsuya had different reactions to these words. Nero could only give a small sigh since he knew what she just said is way easier said than done. Tatsuya on the other hand was slightly panicking. Just what the heck was his sister thinking?

'Miyuki! What kind of dangerous phrases are you using?' his gaze moved around the room to see everyone deeply affected by his sister's charm. She for as long as he could remember always was able to sway people with her presence. It was nothing short of a gift that the Shiba sister possessed. Having people around her see the girl as something beyond normal or even so much as to idolize, makes Tatsuya feel his sister was born with an extremely rare gift.

"So lovely…"

"Miyuki Shiba-sannnn~" others said in a complete daze practically slobbering from their mouths.

"Looks like my worries were meaningless after all…" Maybe he was just overreacting?

Sometime later after Miyuki's speech, students were outside talking to each other.

"I'm in class 2E what about you guys?" Erika asked Tatsuya and Mizuki excitedly.

"I'm class 2E." Mizuki said.

"I'm also in class 2E." Tatsuya stated with little interest. It seemed a bit coincidental that the people he ended up seated next to at the venue are the same people that he will be attending his classes with. Almost makes him feel like someone was behind all of this mess.

"Alight! That means that we'll be classmates! So let's go and take a peek at our home room you guys!" Erika said to the others but Tatsuya himself had other plans.

"Sorry, but I promised to meet up with my little sister so you two will have to go without me."

"Your little sister?"

"You don't mean…she's the freshman representative Miyuki Shiba do you?" Mizuki asked a little shocked.

"Are you two twins?" Erika asked with a raised brow.

"No I was born in April while she was born in March. More importantly, how could you tell Shibata-san? I mean…me and Miyuki don't necessarily look similar to each other in the slightest so how did you notice?" Tatsuya implied, making the glasses wearing girl quite nervous thanks to the look he was currently giving her. Maybe he wasn't aware that he was glaring a hole through her?

"Ohh, it's nothing really. It's just, I guess you two have the same aura if that makes any sense?" This put Tatsuya on full alert as his gaze became fiercer. So she had such an ability all along

"Your eyes are really good Mizuki-san." Tatsuya said as his voice was cold as ice. Erika gave them both a look of confusion as she looked back and forth between them. It was clearly obvious that the redheaded girl was not understanding what he meant by what he had said pointed out the flaw in his words.

"But she's wearing glasses…"

"That's not what I meant Chiba-san. Those glasses have no proper degree right? Your eyes can see spirit particles meaning they are a pretty special case am I right, Mizuki-san?"

'It'll be dangerous if she continues to look at me…she might find out my secret.' Tatsuya said as his features only seemed to darken further. Thankfully or should we say for Mizuki's sake, not too long afterward he was knocked out of his thoughts by the sound of a familiar voice calling out to him.

"Sama…Onii-sama!" Tatsuya turned to see his sister approaching his group happily. Mizuki released a sigh she didn't even realize she was holding until that point. The glasses girl couldn't help but think that at that moment not too long ago, Tatsuya was scaring her. An indescribable feeling in her chest, a knot in her throat and those sharp eyes of his, they all made her a bit scared.

"Sorry for making you wait. I hope you weren't waiting too long?" She asked her brother Tatsuya. Tatsuya noticed that there was a girl that was walking behind his sister as he focused on the approaching face. As she came closer to his group he noticed that it was the same black haired, red eyed female that he ran into earlier. If he remembered correctly she said that her name was Mayumi.

'Why is she here with Miyuki?'

"Onii-sama, who are these people with you?" Miyuki suddenly asked as she looked at both Erika and Mizuki with slight displeasure. If Miyuki knew better it was almost as if her brother was going behind her back and doing funny business with these two girls!

"Oh, forgive me rudeness. These are my classmates, Mizuki Shibata and Erika Chiba." now introducing his new acquaintances.

"I see brother but aren't you a bit quick to go on a date with your classmates?" She said with a fake forced smile.

"You know that's not the case Miyuki, and don't you think you're being rude to the two of them?" Tatsuya did have a point. His words made Miyuki rethink her actions carefully. The last thing Miyuki wanted to do was upset her brother in any way so the only logical thing to do was apologize. She couldn't help her possessive nature that she had for her beloved older brother. It was just the way she has always been ever since she was a young girl.

"I beg your pardon Shibata-san, Chiba-san. I am Miyuki Shiba and also Tatsuya's younger sister. It is nice to meet the two of you and I'm sorry about my behavior."

"Nice to meet you/you as well." Both Mizuki and Erika greeted. Erika of course was a bit amused by the whole display but she also wondered what was going on with the young female Shiba. There was something about the way she acted that was a bit strange to her.

As the girls talked quietly amongst each other, Tatsuya moved is vision to inspect Mayumi as she stood not too far behind with a smile on her face. Moving his gaze slightly to the side Tatsuya also noticed a male student behind her that looked quite annoyed. He must have been some form of assistant?

"Miyuki, don't you still have business with the student council?" Tatsuya asked his sister. Miyuki had also forgotten about her duties thanks to her recent conversation with her brother's new classmates Erika and Mizuki. How could she be so absentminded?

"It's fine, I just came over to say hello for today. She is all yours." Mayumi said happily causing the male student next to her to be shocked and confused.

"But Madam Preside.." But before he could finish his words Mayumi raised her hand to stop him. She didn't feel it was right for her to take Miyuki away from her brother if said girl already had plans with him.

"She already has other things planned so we'll just have to do it another day. Well then, let us catch up some other time, good day everyone." Maymui said with a smile before giving everyone a small bow. This made the male assistant look at Tatsuya quite angrily, shortly following behind Mayumi quietly. Something was telling Tatsuya that it wouldn't be the last time they would cross paths with one another. It can only be a matter of time and that was something he wasn't looking forward to.

"I'm sorry Onii-sama, because of me…" Miyuki started.

"There's no need to apologize Miyuki."


"Thanks for your hard work today. That was a great address reply." Tatsuya said cupping some of her hair in his hand.

"Err…hello?" Erika was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable looking at them go at it. Whatever the hell was going on she didn't need to see it, turning her head away from them awkwardly. When she did this, Erika suddenly spotted a certain head of white hair that belonged to a certain individual out the corner of her vision.

"Nero-san…wait up!" A voice called out now coming up behind the boy. The person appeared to be the same blonde haired girl from earlier that he was conversing with. Nero stopped walking and waited patiently for the girl to catch up as they both started to go look at their homeroom.

"Ah...Nero-san!" Erika said aloud which caught the attention of those close to her…even Mayumi.

"HEY! NERO…HEY!~" Erika happily called out to him, waving in his direction. Her action made everyone there look toward the person Erika called out to. Mayumi's eyes landed on the same rude white haired male from earlier, frown returning across her features to boot. This did not go unnoticed by the male assistant next to her either. He could sense the clear discomfort of his dear president and would not forgive anyone who would make her feel that way.

Tatsuya kept his calculating gaze on Nero as he watched how things would play out. Miyuki however, was truly looking at Nero for the first time. The one time she noticed him she couldn't quite see his face before. No wonder he seemed so familiar to her, his snow white hair. But now that she could, Miyuki could not deny one fact even though she wanted to push it away and out of her mind. The fact being, this particular person before her…was unbelievably handsome. So much that just his appearance made her avert her eyes for a brief second before refocusing back on him.

Mizuki…well she was as still as a statue. To the point that if she moved one inch from her current position she felt this perfect picture she's looking at would shatter. However, that is not the only thing she noticed about Nero.

"His aura…" was all she whispered is amazement but Tatsuya heard her and so did Erika. What exactly did she see when she looked at him?

"Well, if it isn't Erika." Nero said coolly as he walked up to them with what seemed to be an elegant posture. Now standing close to him, everyone now realized just how tall he truly was while his muscular build only added to his unapproachable aura. Well except for Erika that is, since she was a daring kind of girl.

"And who's the girl with you?" Erika asked Nero with a raised eyebrow as she looked at the shy looking girl or should we say, more at her well-developed frame with slight irritation in her voice.

"And why exactly are you asking me who she is when she's standing right here next to me? Shouldn't you just ask her yourself?" Nero said with mock un-interest causing Erika to pout cutely. He had a point. Erika shook her head before sighing in defeat. The least she could do was properly introduce herself to Shiemi.

"Hi there, my name is Erika Chiba. It's nice to meet you!" Erika extended her open hand to give the blonde haired girl a proper handshake. Hesitating at first, Shiemi wasn't used to this kind of friendly attention but she slowly took Erika's hand into her own. The shy girl smiled a bit more relaxed as she also returned the introduction. It almost seemed too good to be true but it seemed like her goal to gaining friends was coming true faster than expected.

"H-hello Chiba-san, my name is Shiemi Moriyama. It's nice to meet you too." Shiemi said as Erika then pointed at her friend Mizuki who seemed to still be undressing Nero with her eyes.

"And this is my friend Mizuki Shibata. Um…she would normally introduce herself and say "hi" but I think something or someone is keeping her temporally occupied." Erika said looking dead at Nero.

Erika gave him the 'it's you idiot' look as if it was obvious. Tatsuya hated to intrude but he coughed in his hand so he could make himself known. Erika heard his slight grunt and turned to him with a look of guilt for forgetting about both Tatsuya and his sister.

"Oh sorry, and this is Tatsuya Shiba-san and his sister Miyuki Shiba." the red head finished with her hand in their direction.

"Tatsuya?" Nero thought about the name carefully. That name…it was somehow familiar to him but he just couldn't remember where he had heard it from. Anyway, for now he'll just push that thought in the back of his head and figure it out later. Nero's attention suddenly traveled towards the sister of the Shiba siblings.

"You recently gave a speech at the entrance ceremony not too long ago right? You did pretty good." Nero said genuinely as he looked down at the Shiba sister. The height difference between the two of them was far too noticeable. Nero had to literally look down at her to meet her gaze.

"Thank you very much Nero-san." Miyuki bowed politely out of respect before she brought her head back up to look into those deep blue orbs of his. There was just something about them that made her intrigued but also caused her to look away again. Miyuki's brows started to scrunch up in confusion. She didn't understand what was going on and why she had such a reaction to the boy. Sure Nero was extremely handsome but it shouldn't cause her to feel so self-aware about herself.

"Oh Angelo-kunnn~" Erika came over poking his arm making said male's eye twitch in annoyance.

"What Erika?"

"Nero Angelo." Miyuki thought to herself while looking at the two who were talking amongst each other. They seemed like they have known each other for years even though they most likely just met. It was a sight to behold for the group as both Nero and Erika continued to go back and forth with one another.

"What class are you in hmmm?" Erika asked still in his personal bubble. If the twitching brow of the boy was any indication of his annoyance it would be impossible to understand it any other way.

"Class 3H, why?"

"Oh no reason really…just wondering…" Erika wore a big smirk as she mocked Nero. He just knew that the redheaded girl was going to be a hand full while he was going to attend school there. However, from a short distance away you could see Mayumi who randomly pulled out a handkerchief and started to bite down on it, pulling extremely hard.

"What's with this? Why is he so nice to them but was so rude to me?!" Mayumi whispered frustrated at how well they were all getting along. Was this all some kind of sick joke to make her feel ignored? If it was…then it was sure working. Wait, why was she blushing? Was she into this kind of thing?

"That rude, good looking jerk!" she continued as the male next to her frowned even more while looking back to the group they left not too long ago.

"Just what exactly happened between that guy and madam president?" he asked himself before looking back to Mayumi who was still looking at Nero before closing her eyes and biting harder on her handkerchief. Her breathing was unsettled and rapid as she thought to herself that it would be a good time to leave from that location. Knowing how Mayumi's day has been so far she wouldn't have been surprised at all if something else happened that made her flip out completely. She turned to leave but the red eyed beauty took a step forward stopping, taking one last glance in the group's direction. Mayumi would make sure to keep an eye on that boy from now on. He was definitely a jerk…that was for sure but she was somehow also hopeful that he would eventually come around from that behavior of his. Because when he does...wait, what the heck was she just thinking?

"W-well then…shall we be off to the student council room?"

"Yes madam president." As the assistant followed behind Mayumi, he noticed her acting strangely as she tried to hide her face from him. Either his eyes were playing tricks on him or he could swear he saw red covering her cheeks. Was she that angry with that white haired Stem student? Whoever he was, there was no way he could ever forgive him if he was stressing out his president to this extent.

After they all viewed their classrooms and other areas of the school they were allowed to leave since the real day would start tomorrow. So now on his way to the front gate, Nero was suddenly stopped by the sound of a voice he has come to remember quite well.

"Hey Prince-san…wait up!" He almost wished that he didn't stop. This nickname only came from one person he knew, Erika.

"What?" Nero asked slightly annoyed. Erika she loved it regardless.

"Let's go home together. I was going to ask Tatsuya and the others but I think they already left." Erika said walking in harmony with him as they headed towards the train station.

"And how do you expect to do that? As far as I know we could live on opposite sides from one another." Nero said in his monotone voice making Erika frown since he had a point.

"Well I live at least forty-five minutes or so away from here if we're to take the train, what about you?" Erika said to Nero as she noticed the boy was not saying anything but she could swear she saw sweat come down his forehead.

"Forty-five minutes?" Nero asked trying to make sure he heard her right.

"Mhmm, I live on Shukuhi road. My family pretty much has our own land out there. It's a really big looking temple not too many people could miss it." She said causing said boy to sigh to himself.

"If it's the same one I think it is…then that means…" Nero said looking at the girl causing Erika to give the victory sign.

"So we do live close to each other don't we? What about you then?" She asked as she had both her arms behind her back holding her bag.

"I live in the apartment complex a bit further down from Shukuhi road. But to think this whole time that ridiculously big estate was yours. You must be well off." Nero said nonchalantly as he looked at Erika. What he didn't expect to see from the hyperactive girl was the expression she was wearing on her normally beautiful face. She looked so sad and deep in thought, almost like she was really thinking about what he had just said.

"There's really nothing great about it..." Erika quietly whispered to herself in a way Nero couldn't hear. She hated the thought of going back home some days and it was one of the few thoughts that would bring a frown to her lips. That place…there was nothing but loneliness and expectations. Sometimes she just wished she could run away from it all.

"Erika?" Nero called out to her which seemed to jolt the girl out of her thoughts. She noticed now that he might have seen her saddened state and quickly tried to fill herself with her normal bubbly confidence while changing the subject.

"Hey, I know! Since we live so close together maybe we should hang out sometime. What do you think?" She asked Nero while happily walking backwards in front of him, holding her bag behind her. Nero was far from dense when it came to reading the mood. Especially after having seen the look he could never have imagined her wearing. He looked at her for a few seconds until closing his eyes and deeply sighing once again.

"Do whatever you want."

Tatsuya and Miyuki were home now and both seem to have things on their minds. It seemed to be about the same person but for different reasons.

"Nero Angelo…" Miyuki said to herself while trying to figure out the new enigma that appeared at school earlier that day.

"He is really good looking…" She thought while her face was slightly buried in her pillow on her bed.

"There is just something about him that I can't quite put my finger on…." she thought. He was someone that seemed like he preferred to be to himself more often than not. Miyuki did wonder what made him the way that he was though. It was actually a bit strange to her that someone like him would purposely try to distance himself from others. She almost felt sorry for him since she knew better than anyone how gaining attention from certain groups of people could be quite overwhelming. But then there was the fact that he was only a Steam "course three" student but gave her a feeling that he was much more than what his status branded him as. Those repeating thoughts in her mind made her want to get to the bottom of why she was so fascinated with such minor things to begin with? It dawned on the Shiba princess that she was letting her curiosity get the better of her a bit too much as a slight frown formed from her thin lips.

"Brriinggg!* suddenly, out of nowhere her phone went off. Sitting up from her comfortable position on her bed, Miyuki closely inspects the caller ID to see who it was. As her eyes took in the information of who was on the other line, Miyuki started to feel all of her energy leave her body. The last thing she wanted was to talk to that person at the moment. The girl was starting to feel depressed as a result.

"It's them again…"

Tatsuya who was in the living room was typing on his computer about ways to perfect one of his prototypes he was working on. As Tatsuya did so, he occasionally remembered the white haired devil who was acting nice to his younger sister earlier.

"Nero…Angelo, just who on earth are you really?" Tatsuya thought. There was this feeling in his gut that told him that he should look deeper into exactly who Nero truly was. He hated not knowing a potential threat and Nero was no exception. Anyone, no, everyone around him and his sister were possible threats. That is why he always made sure to do research on anyone he has personally come into contact with. The thing is, Nero was a special case. For some reason he wasn't able to find out any major detail about him other than the information in regards to his date of birth and place of residence back home. That was impossible. No matter how good someone was at hiding their identity, there would always be some sort of information that will linger and eventually come to light. But it was strange, in Nero's case…he could find nothing. It almost made him feel like Nero was someone more dangerous than he could have ever imagined. Someone like him could surely be a problem if he was to get involved with him and his sister Miyuki. For now, Tatsuya felt it would be appropriate to try and devise a plan of countermeasures just in case he would need to get rid of him. As he continued to think to himself a sound coming from his sister's room reached his ears. Turning his vision he noticed the disapproving look on his sister's feature as she slowly made her way into the kitchen.

"Onii-sama, I'm about to make coffee would you like some?" she asked but he could hear the sadness in her voice.

"Uh, yes thank you." he said but he noticed the state she was in. Something unnerved her and it was clear as day to him.

"Miyuki, is something wrong?" this halted the girls movements as she slightly shook her head in a negative motion.

"Onii-sama, they called me again."

It was the next day and Nero was making his way to the train station for school. "Morning Nero." he heard a female voice that he recognized.

"Yo, Erika." he said lazily as the girl ran up to him with a smile plastered across her face.

"I didn't think you would be out this early before walking to school." she said checking her watch.

"Who knows…maybe I was in a good mood and felt like meeting up with someone." Nero laxly said causing Erika to blink a couple of times.

"And who is this person you are going to see so early in the morning on a school day?" She more so asked with interest. If anything the redhead looked like she was dying to hear his answer especially from just the stupid smirk she had on her face. Erika had her suppositions already though. Someone like Nero could probably date just about anyone he wanted to so it wouldn't be that surprising to hear him say something like that.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you? She's a really pretty girl I met earlier this week. I mean…she seems ok but she's super noisy and a bit of a tomboy. Come to think of it, she has red hair just like you too. Same height, eye color…it's a bit scary actually..." Nero said in his monotone kind of way as he started to walk ahead without her. Hearing this new bit of information made Erika to frown more.

"Oh really, and who is this girl you speak of?" Erika was barely able to hold back her growing smile. It was clear on her face as she hastily picked up her pace to catch him.

"Come on just tell me!" she demanded to know.

"Would you shut up if I said it was you?" Nero said walking past Erika who stopped dead in her tracks.

"Y-you think I'm pretty?" She asked blushing tenfold before it hit her, remembering everything else he said afterwards. That good looking bastard!

"HEY! Nero you jerk! You called me a tomboy!" Erika yelled as she cutely pouted.

"You coming or what?" Nero was a good length ahead of the girl. He stopped to look back at the blushing girl who hurried to his side but before they started walking again, she lightly punched his arm.

"Point proven." he said before walking off and making Erika's blush more prominent.

"Hey, you take that back! I'm very lady like!" Erika protested. It fell on deaf ears if the fact he continued on quietly wasn't a clear indicator. Why did he have to go and say something like that out of nowhere? Damn womanizer thinks she will fall for something like that? Well…it wouldn't hurt to hear him say things like that every now and then though.

"Nero, you idiot…"

Miyuki and Tatsuya were both on their way to school as they left their family home. The Shiba princess was as beautiful as ever it would seem. Looks from onlookers were a guaranteed effect of her presence alone. It was almost as if a red carpet was made especially for her as the people made way. Miyuki and her brother were in light conversation in regards to his adapting to his new school life. She was happy like this…it was so nice to live a normal life without fear or concern. She could only think about the new friends she has made while attending First High.

A small yet beautiful smile graced her lips as she could recall the events. She thinks of the new faces of the recent people she has meet over the week. She remembers the students of the student council, her brother's new classmates Erika and Mizuki, and then…she remembers the foreign white haired boy Nero Angelo. He was such a mystery to her. She couldn't quite understand the handsome devil that has been recently on her mind lately.

He seemed like the "loner" type that didn't really socialize with other people unnecessarily. But he did seem to be friendly or at least…that's what she could feel from him. She was sure that someone like Nero and with his charm, should have no trouble making friends if he really wanted to so it was a matter of his preferences. Miyuki was still deep in thought, looking down with a troubled expression as they continued to walk. Tatsuya noticed his sister's expression and wondered what could be bothering her enough to make such a face like the one she was currently wearing.

"Miyuki, what's wrong?" Tatsuya asked looking at her from the side. Miyuki slowly shook her head to shake off her current thoughts. The last thing she wanted to do was trouble her brother with more of her worries.

"It's nothing Onii-sama, I was just in deep thought. Please don't worry yourself about me." Miyuki said with a slightly forced smile. But she should know that her brother could sense that something was indeed bothering her or on her mind so telling him something like that would never work.

"Miyuki…you know you can't fool me. Tell me what's bothering you." Her brother's obvious concern caused Miyuki to look over in his direction once more.

"Onii-sama, do you think that we could stay like this? This nice, peaceful life…not having to worry about fulfilling orders given to us?" She asked her brother. This whole time his sister felt like this and he realized it at some point not to long before transferring to First High. Her feelings in regards to their current situation when it came to the world around them were quite relatable. In his being he felt that she would want things to stay this way compared to going back to the role she has as the next heir of the family. Tatsuya really took what she said in deep thought. After all, she had a point. Life for them might not always be this relaxing down the road so thoughts like the ones his younger sister were having was completely understandable.

"I cannot say for sure Miyuki, but I do know one thing. I will do whatever in my power to make your happiness last for as long as I possibly can. That's as much as I could do for now as your older brother." Tatsuya said with a small smile as he rubbed the top of her head gently. Miyuki's features gained a small smile in appreciation.

"Nero, you are so adorable when you get mad!"

"Shut up…" The siblings heard two familiar voices as they saw both Nero and Erika walking together. Of course they seemed to be engaged in some sort of conversation as they repeatedly went back and forth. It was obvious the Chiba redhead had got under the white haired devil's skin somehow as she looked to be beaming with a sense of victory.

"Nero-san, Erika-san…good morning." Miyuki called out gaining their attention.

"Oh Miyuki-chan, Tatsuya-kun, good morning\Morning…" Erika and Nero greeted back as they made their way over to the siblings. Miyuki once again was taken aback by the silky white haired male's good looks. It was downright unbelievable.

"Miyuki-san, you seem to be getting along well with everyone at school. I already hear people talking about the great Miyuki Shiba in class now." Erika said as she and Miyuki were walking and talking to one another about school and a few girl things. Nero and Tatsuya followed behind quietly but you could feel that both were trying to avoid one another. He didn't know why but Nero could tell that Tatsuya didn't take too fondly to him. Nero didn't really care but it was a bit annoying.

"I wouldn't go that far Erika-san. I'm sure they only see me as such for now because of my recent speech." Miyuki was being far too modest. Erika shook her head with closed eyes which was also accompanied by her famous smirk. Usually if you saw it, you would know that she was thinking of something ridiculous or up to no good.

"Just how silly can you be Miyuki? You are like a walking goddess to those people. If anything, maybe you could use it to your advantage?" Miyuki gave an awkward closed eye smile to that. Erika sure knew how to speak her mind…

Erika took this time to look back at both Nero and Tatsuya as they walked most of the way without a peep.

"Nero, Tatsuya, you two seem awfully quiet back there." Erika said with a mock smirk aimed mainly at Nero who nonchalantly fired back with a jab of his own.

"At least it's not awfully talkative…" Even Tatsuya had to smirk at that one.

"Hey!" Erika pouted at him before sticking her tongue out.

"Right back at you, tomboy." Nero's insult gained a tick mark from Erika.

"Take that back you damn pretty boy!" Nero's own eye twitched in obvious annoyance. Erika just knew how to tip him over quickly.

"What's with that nickname anyway? I'm not even that good looking!" Nero asked sounding like he really wanted to know why she kept calling him that. Both Miyuki and Erika looked at each other in amazement thanks to his ignorant comment about his looks. The two girls shook their heads in disbelief with a small giggle before looking back at him.

"Y-you're kidding right? Who knew you had it in you to be a troll Nero. I'm…actually impressed." Erika said with a hint of sass in her voice. Nero didn't really take kindly to the answer he received to his question and because of it he tried his best to ignore them. Miyuki however, still couldn't put her finger on it but there was just something about Nero she just couldn't figure out. If she was honest with herself, she was extremely curious about the handsome white haired devil. Maybe she could ask him if he has been enjoying his time at the school so far? Anything at the moment would do to strike up some form of conversation. After all, it was hard to become friends with someone who barely talked to her in the first place. Building up courage seemed a bit more difficult than usual in her case at that very moment. Maybe ask him if he was getting along with his classmates or his peers? Erika was surprisingly watching quietly as she observed the Shiba princess' actions. The glint within her eyes were proof of that much.

"Nero-san…" Miyuki suddenly spoke up as the group caught back up to him. Hearing the girl asking for his attention caused Nero to look down at her as they walked.

"What is it?" Miyuki averted her gaze from his piercing blue eyes. The older Shiba brother was glad that his younger sister was talking to other people besides himself. It was a nice change of pace to be honest but he was still wary of Nero. The most he could do for now was keep a close eye on him.

"Do you hav.."

"Look, its Miss Shiba-san!" A voice suddenly called out cutting Miyuki's question off in the middle of her brave attempt. It seems the group of four didn't notice that they arrived to the school gate and were greeted with many students. As the students flocked over to Miyuki, Nero started walking away with his lax demeanor, eyes closed and with his hands in his pockets. Nero felt it was time to go their separate ways before thing escalated. The last thing he wanted was to get stuck in the middle of one of Miyuki's…gatherings. No way in hell was he ever going to find out how terrifying that could be.

"It seems like you've got your hands full so I'll be on my way." Nero said coolly as he waved over his shoulder like normal.

"Nero, coming behind you!" Erika said as she also tried to escape Miyuki's crazed fan-club. Miyuki could only look at the two as they walked further and further away, staring at their retreating forms. Maybe in Miyuki's case she was staring more so at the mysterious devil. It was a bit of a coincidence that she was interrupted as soon as she was about to ask him a question. The events stopping her from finding out more about him only made her want to find out even more. It almost made her think maybe there were things better left unknown if this was a reoccurring outcome. Her eyes eventually averted back to the crowd of people as she gave them her warmest and most beautiful smile yet. For now…whatever her curiosity wanted at that point in time would have to wait. She will just make it a goal of hers to talk to him later.

"Good morning everyone." the young Shiba sister gave them a polite bow as half of the crowd was won over by her innocent and captivating appearance. Tatsuya could only sigh to himself as he also felt maybe he should follow both Nero and Erika's example.

"It seems like it's time for me to go as well Miyuki. I'll make sure to talk to you later." Tatsuya said to his sister as the girl understood the situation.

"Alright Onii-sama…" Miyuki said softly walking off in the direction of the student council building with the crowd still following behind her. Tatsuya then went his own way towards his homeroom class. He could only shake his head in thought of what that would be like.

Nero was on his way to class when he found a male student picking on a small looking girl with pink hair who seemed to be at least eight or nine years of age. How was that even possible? This place could have kids just walking around here like everything is normal all of a sudden? Something didn't seem quite right about that. The thought lingered in Nero's mind as he thought about the possibilities. There were female students around that looked to be trying to stop the black haired boy from what he was doing be he wouldn't listen.

"Stop it, that's enough! Just leave her be."

"Yeah, cut it out! If you don't stop we'll go and fetch the discipline committee chairwoman." The girls said. Even with all of their warnings the boy paid them no mind. He knew that this person wasn't normal after he caught sight of what was around her neck. Just what was she playing at trying to show herself around a place like this?

"All of you need to be quiet. I could have my father send all of you whiners packing with just one phone call so do me a favor and shut up. As for you…"

"What do you think you're doing?" Nero asked suddenly making his way towards the commotion. His voice was ice cold, enough to send chills down the arrogant boy's spine.

"It's Angelo-sama." The females stopped instantly. They all had heard about the handsome Stem a few times beforehand thanks to the information going around the school.

"It's Nero…" another one of the girls said while watching him closely. He was definitely spot on with the rumors they have heard about him. It was one thing to hear about him and another to see the young devil in person.

"Who the hell are you?" Kuro asked before his vision had to travel upward. He could see the look in Nero's eyes and could tell that the white haired teen would probably resort to some form of physical violence.

"Y-you wouldn't dare. I could have my father call this school and have you ex…." However, he was cut off as he found Nero's boot slamming into his face. Kuro was sent sailing a good twenty feet before sliding to a stop unconscious. The female students saw a good opportunity to now inspect the downed little girl.

"She only has slight scuffs but other than that she should be fine." One of the girls said as her vision traveled to Nero. She didn't know much about him, only the rumors that have been floating around. Well, whatever she heard up until now, there were more than a few things that seemed true about him just from her observation alone. One of those things being that he looked really cool sticking up for the little girl just now despite his "loner" attitude.

"Thanks for helping out Angelo-san. Kuro-san is a real pain to deal with so you actually did us a favor." Hearing this made Nero give his signature closed eyed sigh. This place…there was always something going on at every given moment. He was only there for a few days and yet it felt like years already.

"Hey, are you alright?" Nero asked the young girl softly. He didn't always show his nice side to people regularly but if he did, it was with good reason. The female student who inspected the girl got up to return to her friends. He sure was something else.

Nero could hear the female students giggling behind him but chose to ignore them and focus on the little girl in front of him.

"You should be more careful. This isn't a place for kids to be running around. This is a schooling area for older students so where are your parents?" Nero asked. He was use to talking and being around kids thanks to his upbringing. Being an orphan while growing up allowed Nero to have a soft spot in his heart for kids. He knew better than anyone what it was like to feel lost and alone. However, the girl before him was shaking in her spot, eyes shadowed by her hair and tightly gnashing her teeth. Sure her savior was a beautiful specimen but she wouldn't let him get away with talking to her like that!

"I-I…" she started as Nero leaned in to hear her better.

"You what?" he asked.

"I-I'll have you know that I'm twenty-five you jerk!" She said as she looked up with watery eyes. Everyone always assumed she was a child and it was really starting to get annoying!

Nero's brain locked up as he looked at her blankly.

"Ok~ I think we should find your parent's now…" he wasn't going to buy into her lie in the slightest. It seemed that the young looking girl was still taking the situation pretty hard. Reaching in her shirt and pulling out her Teacher's license with a photo ID to boot, Nero's face fell. How was something like this even remotely possible? You mean to say that this person is actually…

"The Hell…"

In Tatsuya's class, he was on the computer while Mizuki and Erika both were talking to each other.

"Yep, so I'm supposed to hang out with Nero again later since I convinced him yesterday on our way home. Maybe he can make it up to me and get me something on the way home?" A proud Erika said a little too enthusiastically. You could obviously tell she was plotting something if the look on her face wasn't a dead giveaway.

"You're so lucky that you two can walk home together…" Mizuki said releasing a sad sigh. Her friend did get the chance to be with the handsome male after all. Something she wished she personally had more time to do herself. She wouldn't say it aloud because of her normally embarrassed personality but you could say that she has gained quite the crush on Nero. He was almost the definition of her perfect ideal significant other check list and he filled out just about every check mark there was. She would be lying if she said she wasn't jealous of her best friend for being so close to the white haired boy. It was just one of those times were she wished she could trade places with certain people even if it was for a day. *Click, Click, Click* Hearing continuous clicking, Mizuki turns her head to the person making the noise. Tatsuya seemed to be in the middle of something as he typed away on his keyboard.

"What are you doing Shiba-kun?" Mizuki asked as she seemed quite interested in whatever it was. This of course also gained Erika's attention.

"Confirming the curriculum and registering for Classes." Tatsuya spoke while not taking his eyes off of the screen even once.

"At breakneck speed if that!" Someone out of the group said causing Tatsuya to look at whoever said it.

"My bad, it's just kind of rare to see people using a keyboard to enter stuff in a computer these days." This male had brown hair and green eyes. He looked quite ordinary if that was the right word to use but he seemed like a nice fellow at the very least.

"Once you're used to it it's a lot easier this way in my opinion." Tatsuya stated. The brown haired male gave a small nod in understanding.

"Oh, my name is Leonhart Saijo. Honestly, you can just call me Leo. I specialize in Convergence-type Fortifying Magic sequences" the male now known as Leo said.

"I'm Tatsuya Shiba, you can call me Tatsuya."

"Okay then Tatsuya, then what are your signature spells?" Leo asked him as Tatsuya himself tried to think of what to say. He didn't want to say something that would draw too much attention to himself so he will stick to something normal for now.

"Well, I actually kind of suck at practical skills so I want to become a magic engineer."

"You don't say, well you do look like a smart guy so it's not too surprising…" Leo stated before Erika interrupted them.

"Wait, you're an aspiring magic engineer Shiba?" she asked slightly surprised from the fact. To think there were still people who wanted to be placed in that branch of profession?

"Hey Tatsuya, who's this dude?" Leo asked causing Erika to pull back to make sure she heard him right.

"Whoa, did you just call me a "dude" from the get-go? How rude is that? You forever alone types are always the same." Erika struck back, angering Leo as he arose from his seat, stalking closer to her.

"What the! Now who's the one being rude dammit?! And don't think you can get away with it because you're slightly good-looking!"

"Looks are important you know. Maybe you should follow Nero's example. Nevermind, that's way too impossible for someone like you. Just forget I even said that." Erika retorted. Leo grunted in annoyed anger. Just looking at that smug look on her face was enough to make him feel like boiling over.

"Excuse me? And who the heck is this Nero person anyway? I'm sure whoever he is, he can't be all that special." Leo said. This earned a hearty laugh from Erika as she started to wag her finger in his face. By now it was blatantly obvious that she was instigating a confrontation.

"You have no idea what territory you're stepping into…"dude."

"Oh yea? This Nero guy can't be that good looking. You are probably just saying that so you can win our argument! Besides, he can't be that much better looking than I am!" Leo said as Erika was seconds away from bursting out in laughter while Mizuki quietly turned her gaze and looked to the side. When Leo brought up the doubt in Nero's good looks there was something that made Mizuki almost pity Leo. He even had the audacity to compare Nero's looks to his own. If she wasn't as timid and kind as she was it was almost something she wouldn't be able to forgive. Leo clearly had no idea who the white haired male was or what he looked like. There was no way he would have ever said those words if he did. Tatsuya knew he needed to stop this squabble sooner or later before it got out of hand.

"Oh, are you sure about that? I mean…that thought might not be clear for a guy like you who confuses their sloppiness with the wild edgy look if you catch my drift." Erika said now back in his face. Erika just knew how to push people's buttons that's for certain.

"W-what was that?" Leo asked daring her to repeat what she said again. Who did she think she was anyway?

*Ding* Now hearing the bell Tatsuya tries to defuse the situation.

"Leo, just back off...that's the first bell. You too Erika, that was going a little too far." Tatsuya said causing the two to look at each other again, Erika in a taunting way while Leo was clearly still upset.

"Humph/huh!" They both said in harmony before going back to their respective seats. Erika of course was making faces at the boy as he continued to growl in his chair.

Suddenly, a woman came in the room with brown hair and brown eyes, people guessing she was the teacher for their class. As she came to the front of the class, her attention was focused on one main student…Tatsuya Shiba. It looked like this woman was already affiliated with the male somehow.

In Nero's class, he was sitting at his desk which was two spots across from Shiemi's. He just seemed so deep in thought. Of course he had the right to be, after all there was yet to be any strange activity since he has been in Japan. He actually started to hope he would come across something soon.

"Nero-san did you hear? Our teacher is on their way right now." Shiemi said causing Nero to sit up a bit.

"You know what they look like?" He had a gut feeling that it was who he thought it was but suddenly the bell went off and not to long after the door to the classroom opened.

No longer than two seconds later, a small pink haired girl walks into the room with a bright smile on her face and she seemed to carry a stool with her.

Now reaching the center desk, she places her things on it before hopping onto the stool to write her name on the advanced board.

"Nice to meet you everyone, from now on I'll be your home room teacher… Tsukuyomi Komoe." this made the class so quiet that even the crickets looked at each other before looking back at her.

"Ahh! It's you…" she said pointing toward Nero who had a hand on his face as he slowly dragged it down. Something told him this was going to happen.

"Uh…Komoe sensei, are you going to take roll call?" One student asked aloud breaking the almost unbearable silence. This was a bit much for everyone to take in but it seems like the day had to go on nonetheless.

"Oh...you're right! Let's see now…" Komoe said as she grabbed her student log. The teacher was about to start reading names but the classroom door opened to show two male Stem students. What in the world happened to them? They looked beat up really bad as they walked to their desks quietly.

"Oh my! W-what in the world happened to you boys?" Komoe asked them as they seemed to be afraid to even say.

"I-it was the Blooms…they said we were an eye sore and the next thing we know they just started beating on us…" one of the boys said as he held his head down in shame.

"All I wanted to do was reach my dream by becoming a C.A.D technician…" the other cried while whipping his tears away. Most of the other class members were dead quiet. They knew all too well what it was like to be treated differently compared to the first and second course students. However, Nero just couldn't sit there anymore.

"Just look at you…" He said as all eyes were now on him.

"If you look so un-nerved from just one beat down…maybe they were right about us." Nero said causing everyone to look even more depressed. What was he trying to say all of a sudden?

"Nero-san…" Shiemi whispered to herself sadly not understanding why Nero would say such a heartless thing at a moment like this. But it didn't seem like something he would do without good reason.

"It's funny though…why am I, someone who barely knows any of you the only one who believes in you people? Why don't any of you believe in yourselves as much as I believe in you?" Nero sighed to himself as he closed his eyes.

"Maybe I was wrong about all of you…" Nero then reopened his eyes looking around the classroom.

"To be completely honest…I usually don't like getting into other people's business. But for some reason, I just couldn't sit here quietly anymore while you all looked so pitiful. It's incredible. You get so shaken up over something as small as this? Look…I'm not trying to be the voice in your ear so who am I to tell any of you anything? After all, it's your lives so you can live them however you want. But don't be so quick to give up and sell yourselves short. Each of you have your own reasons for wanting to be here don't you?" The students in his class sat quietly in deep thought about what Nero just said. Sure, it was a bit harsh but his intentions were felt. They can't sit here and be gloomy forever. Sometimes you have to move forward regardless of how tough some things seemed to be. That was called "maturing."

"…Angelo-san is right…" One of the female students said gaining the others attention.

"How long are we going to sit here doing nothing but licking our wounds? We attend this school with the mindset of us following our dreams even though we knew very well that we weren't like the course one and two students…" the girl said with resolve. She wasn't going to give up so easily.

"Yeah…I refuse to give up now!" Another student spoke as they got up from their seat. This made other students in the class also get up with new found motivation. Who knew…maybe a few harsh words of encouragement was a dose they needed.

"YEAH!" More yelled in determination.

Ms. Komoe was happy that her students were able to cheer up after the heavy atmosphere. Though the methods were a bit straight forward, she felt it all turned out for the better. A smile appeared on her face as she looked at the white haired teen. He had his chin resting in his hand while his eyes were still closed with lack of interest. He acts like he doesn't care…but Nero was truly a kind hearted boy. She could see that clearly even if he doesn't like to openly admit it.

"Good job Nero-san…good job."

As lunchtime arrived most students already received their trays of food while students like Nero and Shiemi took some time entering the cafeteria.

At one table Tatsuya, Leo, Mizuki and Erika were sitting having lunch together as they were engaged in small talk. Leo was mostly talking to Tatsuya who did not seem all that interested in whatever the boy was talking about while Erika being herself picked at Leo annoying him with each passing second.

"Hey look, it's those Stem students." They suddenly heard students say to one another. Could you blame them? The people they were currently looking at were appealing to the eyes.

"Hey, isn't that the Handsome Zero?" One girl asked her friends as they nodded in agreement.

"Yea, it is him. Isn't he good looking?" The three at Tatsuya's table heard. They knew exactly who they were talking about but Leo was a bit clueless.

"Wait, who's that beautiful girl with him?" Another asked obviously regarding the blonde haired girl Shiemi. This caused Erika to have whiplash looking around for the center of everyone's commotion. Finally spotting them as Nero seemed to be in line with the blonde girl Shiemi, if she remembers correctly?

"Hey! Nero, Shiemi come sit with us!" Erika yelled not really caring about what the others thought about her actions. They were her new supposed friends regardless of what they were as students. She would be damned if something as dumb as that would stop her from talking to them.

"You hear that? Weeds and Stems sitting together…" Some students said as whispers could be heard filling the cafeteria. Nero and Shiemi walked over to Erika's table as Leo looked at both of them in wonder. He looked at Nero and took in his appearance…

"So this is the guy Erika was mentioning earlier?" Leo quickly coughed in his hand and looked to the side. There was no way someone, especially a guy could look that good. He cursed himself for having even thought Nero and himself wouldn't be too far in looks. He now realized that he was gravely wrong. Erika patted a spot next to her seat as she scooted over for Shiemi to sit down. She didn't want the girl to feel uncomfortable sitting next to Leo after all. He was a bit much to handle.

"I'm not entirely sure I want to eat this…" Nero said while looking at his tray gaining a laugh from Erika and Shiemi since Mizuki looked to be having an internal battle with herself. The girl with glasses seemed to be playing with her fingers as she looked to be trying to find the right words to say.

"Ah…N-Nero-san, if you'd like you could have some of my lunch?" Mizuki said with a heavy blush on her features. She mustered all of her courage to ask that question so there was no turning back now. Nero looked over to the girl with a raised eyebrow. He guessed she was trying to be nice after she heard his complaint regarding the school's meals.

"Mizuki was it? You don't have to go out of your way for someone like me. You have my thanks for your kind offer though." Nero said casually only causing the girl to blush a bit harder.

"N-no Nero-san, I don't mind at all. I actually m-made a bit more than I can normally eat today so please…help yourself." Erika watched things play out with a bit of interest. Her friend seemed to be coming out of her shell right before her very eyes.

Nero could feel that Mizuki's intentions were truly sincere and he couldn't turn down her kind offer after seeing how much effort she put into asking him. Nero closed his eyes and sighed to himself. He didn't always trust the food of other people but it would seem that for now Mizuki would be the acceptation.

"If it's really ok with you Mizuki, then I will accept your offer." This caused the girl's face to brighten up in delight.

"H-here you go Nero-san." She said to him as she holds out her homemade bento box. There were a few varieties of sandwiches and small octopus shaped hotdogs nesting perfectly in the tight container. Nero observing the food carefully, took one of the neatly made sandwiches from the bento as he looked at it.

"Well…here goes nothing…" as Nero slowly took a bite into the neatly made sandwich, he was expecting it to not taste as good as it looked but the more he chewed, the better it started to taste. In fact, that was probably one of the best sandwiches he's had in a long while. Nero had to stop for a brief moment and look at the surprisingly tasty home prepared food in his hand.

"H-how is it Nero-san?" Mizuki asked as she watched the boy eat one of her hand prepared lunches.

"It's delicious. Mizuki, you might have to make enough for me every day if it's going to taste anything like this." This caused the girl to burst into a flustered bliss. Her face was now tomato red as she looked down cutely and played with her fingers again. Leo was too busy blushing three shades looking at Shiemi to see the glasses wearing girl's reaction. Shiemi was incredibly beautiful. Nothing more than that needed to be said.

"She's so pretty…" Leo thought to himself before noticing Erika out the corner of his vision. She looked to be wagging her finger in his direction and it made him frown deeply. Her 'no, no, no' fashion taunt was starting to irritate him because of what the redheaded girl wasimplying. Leo wouldn't back down because of her! He ended up doing what any person would who felt distain toward another person; he ignored her warning and tried to make advances toward the shy blonde girl anyway.

*Gmhm* clearing his throat, Leo grabbed the shy girl's attention as her gorgeous green eyes landed on him in wonder. "Hello, my name is Leonhoe Sanji. I mean…Lanji Haruto." wait, what in the world was he doing!? Leo blushed madly from messing up his own name. This was so messed up. Shiemi looked at the brown haired boy with confusion and Erika was about to burst as she held her side and her month waiting to blow.

"You good?" Nero asked with a raised eyebrow, watching Leo struggle to get his name out of his mouth. Strangely or not really that surprising, for some reason when Nero asked Leo his question of concern, Erika could not hold it any longer and exploded in laughter.

"HA-HA-HA-HA! "YOU GOOD?" HE ASKED! HA-HA…"LANJI HARUTO!"...HA…oh my God…HA-HAAAAAAAH!~" Holding her stomach while now slamming her other hand on the table repeatedly in mockery. Leo looked like he wanted to die, slowly sinking into his seat to hide himself from any more shame.

Nero looked at Erika for a second as he scoped the situation. It seems they were putting on a Broadway show for everyone to see. The looks and whispers from the people around them was proof of that much. The redhead seemed to no notice her volume had since exceeded a level that can be used indoors.

"Hey tomboy, you mind lowering your voice?" Nero asked her in his normal voice which in turn caused the girl to stop laughing instantly. It's almost as if he knew what to say to make her be quiet. That bastard!

"Tomboy!? Take that back you jerk!" She growled out angrily before seeing Nero's face that clearly showed 'you're making a scene' all over it. Erika took the hint and looked around to see most of the student's eyes were indeed focused on them making a small bit of pink dust her cheek in slight embarrassment.

"He-he…uhh..oops?" Erika said almost unsure but deep down she knew it was so worth it.

"Onii-sama." Suddenly, the voice of Miyuki called out to her brother making everyone look at her as she approached their table. Upon arriving to her destination, Miyuki noticed Nero was sitting at the table amongst some new faces she has yet to meet. The blonde girl Shiemi from the other day was also there and seemed to be getting along well with everyone else there. Miyuki personally was trying her best to avoid Nero's gaze, feeling his eyes burrowing into her. It's not because she didn't like the boy. It was mostly because every time she looked into his piercing eyes she felt...nervous. It wasn't a bad feeling per say but that is what she didn't understand. She was so captivated by his looks that in some way Miyuki Shiba felt that she was betraying her Onii-sama somehow. Quickly Miyuki shook her head to rid herself of those roaming thoughts and looked back to her brother and his friends.

"Umm…is it alright if I join you?" She asked looking at everyone but Nero who went back to eating his food courtesy of Mizuki.

"Sure, you can sit with us." Erika and Shiemi scooted over to make some more room.

"Thank you very much." Politely bowing, she took a seat and released a sigh. Today has been rather hectic for her the past couple of hours. If it wasn't because of her duties in the committee it was because of her admirers. Nevertheless, Miyuki then realized something, from where she was sitting, Nero and her were straight across from one another. She didn't realize she was doing it but Miyuki started to stare at the boy as he ate another one of Mizuki's sandwiches. Nero himself could feel eyes on him as he ate so he looked to see it was Miyuki Shiba who was staring dead in his direction. They both made eye contact for an extended period of time causing Miyuki to finally understand what was going on and blush while averting her gaze, embarrassed for being caught staring in the first place. It's one thing to look at someone without them noticing that you were doing so but when they actually catch you staring it can be a bit embarrassing. But what the both of them didn't notice was that there was a shy pair of green eyes looking at the two of them keenly.

"Tatsuya, who is she?" Leo asked gaining some of his courage to speak back thanks to Nero taming Erika's behavior.

"Miyuki Shiba, my younger sister."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Miyuki Shi…" but she never got to finish her introduction.

"Miyuki-san!" someone called out to her. Everyone turning their gaze to a bland if even noticeable brown haired male with gray eyes.

"Let's go somewhere else where there's more room." he said with a sickly fake smile. You could tell that the boy was obviously irritated about something.

"You shouldn't disturb them." one black haired girl said as she looked at Miyuki.

"Oh no…it's fine. I'll stay here and…." Miyuki tried to get her words out.

"Miyuki-san…you shouldn't share a table with a bunch of Weeds and even worse…Stems." The brown haired boy said looking around the table making Shiemi feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Huh?" Erika must be hearing things. There was no way this guy was speaking to them like this.

"We need to draw a line between courses one, two and course three students don't you think Miyuki-san?" Another male said angering Leo.

"What did you just say?" Leo now standing up from his seat. Like hell he would let this person say whatever they wanted while disrespecting all of them. What the hell was with some of these people and their superior being complex? This guy even went so far as to insult Shiemi right in front of him. No way was he going to let that slide.

Suddenly, Nero stood up as walked off to dump his tray of food he didn't eat. He has seen enough to know he wanted nothing to do with whatever was about to transpire. The last thing Nero wanted was to punch the guy out in front of everyone there and draw unnecessary attention to himself. He was just better off leaving quietly before things escalated further or worse.

"Nero, where are you going?" Erika called out to him.

"I'm done eating so I'm going to head out." Nero implied in an attempt to make his way out of the cafeteria. It was starting to get crowded in there anyway.

"Nero, wait!" Erika motioned for Mizuki to move out of the way so she could follow the boy out. Seeing this made Mizuki realized that she should also leave before things escalated any more than they already have.

"I-it was nice seeing you again Miyuki-san." Mizuki bowed as she then walked off following Erika and Nero. Shiemi was right behind them as well but not without taking one last look behind her. Shiemi didn't like how that boy was looking at her or her friends. The look in his eyes was so unnerving that it felt as if he viewed them all as nothing more than trash. It upset her, talking about her new friends like that. No worse, talking about Nero like that. If living a life where you enjoyed feeling that you were somehow vastly better than someone else while purposely degrading and slandering them was a thing…then she wanted nothing to do with individuals like that. How could people be so cruel to one another? As kind and soft a girl Shiemi is, she felt that at that very moment, she could never forgive him for what he said. How dare he insult her friends like that.

"Miyuki, I'm done eating as well so I'll be taking my leave as well." Tatsuya followed suite right after. He wanted nothing to do with the new groups squabble. He could tell by how the boy talked with authority that no matter what Tatsuya himself said, it would all be meaningless. There were always times in life where just simply walking away from an obvious escalating situation made you the better person. Addressing such a situation with an act of violence is unnecessary. For now he would just meet up with the others outside and hope his sister would not be held up too long.

The time flew by quickly for that day. Nero was making his way to the front gate with Shiemi so they could leave and make their way home. He was bored out of his mind if that was the right way to put it but he knew he lacked patients on top of that. All he could think about was how things seemed so normal around there. No demons, no attacks, no threats to his life or anything. While Nero was deep in thought he didn't notice Erika and the others talking it out with the same group from earlier that they met in the lunchroom. Tatsuya and Miyuki were standing together in the far back as they looked upon the argument going on between the two groups. Things were starting to escalate more and more as this went on. Shiemi hearing commotion turned her attention to see the same group from earlier bothering her new friends. A frown appeared across her beautiful face as she watched them go back and for between one another and couldn't help be feel a sense of anger returning within her.

"Didn't you hear her say that she wanted to walk home with her brother? What right do any of you have to split them apart?" Mizuki asked causing Miyuki to blush misunderstanding her words completely.

"M-Mizuki-san…what exactly… what exactly are you implying?" Miyuki asked slightly flustered.

"This is a matter that concerns 1-A, so don't go around meddling with our affairs you lowly weeds!" the brown haired boy said with venom in his voice.

"And you!" He was now pointing towards Nero who was minding his own business. The boy hated Nero's existence! He was the new ridiculously good looking low life that stole all the attention. Every girl he came across would at least mention the white haired male at least once. It was frustrating and a blow to his ego that someone like him could get so close to Miyuki Shiba of all people.

Nero just continued to walk quietly with Shiemi next to him no paying the boy any mind. The blonde girl gave Nero a look from the side to see his reaction to the insults he was being bombarded with only to see his lack of interest. He didn't really care about that kind of verbal fighting so there was no point in caring about it right there either. That personality was something she liked about Nero even if he tried to pretend otherwise. However, that didn't excuse the feeling in her chest for every insult he threw the white haired devil's way. Shiemi felt something building up inside her the more she listened to the brown headed boy as he continued.

"You're nothing but a Stem! Someone like you should never be allowed to be around Miyuki-san!"

"You better leave Angelo-san out of this! Aren't we all newly enrolled students?! Just how superior do you think you are from us at this point?" Mizuki asked angrily causing the brown haired male to grind his teeth together.

"This is getting bad…" Tatsuya said before the brown haired male smiled.

"Do you want to know just how superior we are?"

"Sounds entertaining, why don't you show us then?" Leo asked readying himself for an upcoming fight.

"Fine, in that case…I damn well will show you…" the boy started to glow yellow as traces of magic spawned clearly over his body. Nero stopped in place and turned around to look at the boy. 'So he's really willing to go this far?'

"S-stop…" Shiemi whispered in a tone that no one could hear but she wished that they could. The usual timid girl wanted to find her voice so she could stand up for Nero, for her friends.

"This…is how much better we are…" now pulling out a gun shaped C.A.D and pointing it at the group. Nero suddenly gained a serious look upon his usually handsome features. No one had to get hurt over stupid things like this.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you…" Nero replied suddenly. The chill he felt from hearing Nero's voice caused the male to halt his finger on the trigger. The boy didn't quite understand why himself, but he could feel fear from Nero's calm words. Wait, fear…from a Stem?

"A-and why the hell not?"

"Because if you were to pull the trigger on that gun of yours, just know that you brought the outcome upon yourself."

"You're bluffing!" with profusely sweating hands the boy gulped loudly. Nero made sure that his gaze met the boy's own.

"I'm serious." Those words to Tatsuya carried a huge meaning even though he knew little to nothing about Nero. For some reason, Tatsuya's gut told him that it would be bad news if Nero decided to comply with his warning. He had to intervene before Nero really ended up badly hurting the boy even if he deserved it.

"Y-you bastard…"

"S-STOP IT!" Shiemi suddenly yelled startling everyone nearby. Her face was one of a pained sadness as she looked at the group who were messing with her friends.

"Why? Why are you doing this? How could you be so cruel to another person so easily? I just don't understand…" her voice returned to a softer tone as she tried to fathom the reason behind such behavior.

"I don't care what you say about me but I won't let you insult my friends any longer, especially Nero-san. I-I won't let you!" Shiemi said with tightly closed eyes and flushed cheeks. If anything she was more cute than intimidating. Nero was slightly shocked by the girl's sudden outburst though. This was a side of her that he never saw so it was all new to him and the others around. Inwardly however, what she said made him feel a bit proud of her brave actions.

Erika seeing that the boy was occupied frombthe shy girl's outburst, dashed past Leo skillfully knocking the gun out of the brown haired boy's hand. It surprised the boy that she was able to move in so quickly from the distance she was recently standing from. Erika had the biggest smile on her face as she stood up from her crouched position, pointing what looked to be a black combat wand toward him and his group of followers.

"As you can see, it is so much easier to move my body from this distance." she stated mockingly. The boy held his hand in pain, sucking his tongue in annoyance. They just had to get in his way when everything was going so well before. They were all an eyesore and all of them except Miyuki were trash.

"Not too bad Erika. I mean…your form could use a bit of work but it was still nicely done." Nero jokingly stated causing Erika to turn and stick her tongue out at him.

"Oh please. You know I'm amazing." She boasted. Erika slowly made her way to join Nero and Shiemi, making sure that her eyes never left the body of the boy who started the whole mess. Nero himself, suddenly placed his hand gently on the top of Shiemi's head as the girl seemed to melt in his touch looking up at him curiously.

"Thank you…Shiemi." His gaze softening as he looked into her eyes. She didn't have to stick up for him the way she did but even so, he appreciated her for trying to stand up for even someone like him who she viewed as a friend. Shiemi's cheeks lit up brighter than ever once it finally hit her in regards to what she just did. Even she was surprised that she had the courage to say what she just did. But for her friends she would do it all over again.

Miyuki could see the look on the blonde's face as the girl looked at Nero fondly. If Miyuki didn't know any better she would assume that the blonde had a…never mind.

"All I wanted to do was go home peacefully without an idiot like you giving me an unwanted headache but that seems like it would be impossible even for someone like you." Nero said with disdain. The brown haired boy couldn't explain why he did it or why his body acted on its own but Nero's hard gaze made him to take a step back in fear. The one next to him didn't like what Nero said in the slightest however and if they had anything to say about it, everyone in Tatsuya's group would be on their knees begging for forgiveness.

"You filthy bastards! You think just because you're good looking you can talk down to us?" Now activating his C.A.D he aims it towards Nero, Shiemi and Erika.

"Please don't fight anymore!" A short light brown haired girl said also activating her own C.A.D. Tatsuya now activating his scan field could sense something was off. Miyuki noticed her brother's actions and knew what he was about to do.

"Onii-sama, don't…" but his arm stopped her from continuing as he deactivated it.

"It's fine. It looks like it's already taken care of." Tatsuya said before within seconds a magical attack strikes the female Bloom's wrist that was ready to use her magic.

Everyone but Nero turned their newly guided attention to the two approaching females who seem to hold their hands ready for anyone who refutes against them.

"Alright that's enough! Using magic in a way that does not involve self-defense is considered a criminal act!" Mayumi said while eyeing everyone. Mayumi's eyes traveled to the far back where they stopped on the retreating form of someone with white hair. She quietly stared at his back as he got further and further away. After all, there was only one person she knew with a head of hair that snow white.

"I'm sorry. This was my fault in the first place. He was only showing me his spell activation sequence since I asked to see it earlier. If I had known it was against campus rules to do so I would have never asked." Tatsuya said defending the boy who had a look of shock on his face before scrunching it in anger. Why was he trying to help him out after everything his did?

"And what of the girl who was ready to use her own spell?" the other female asked who had black short hair and golden eyes.

"It was just a flash spell, it's completely harmless." Tatsuya said making the golden eyed females eyes narrow.

"You have the ability to read spells before they are activated?" she asked him.

"I have some skill in that area but that's about it since I'm not very good at using that many practical spells." Tatsuya clarified but that only caused the female to look at him much with a much fiercer glare than before.

"You seem to be a good liar since you can say such things so casually without even flitching."

"I have no reason to lie to any of you." Tatsuya pointed to his shoulder, showing that it was missing the emblem of a bloom symbol.

"Since after all…I'm just a mere Weed."

'That's right, those who come to this school are split into different groups depending on their status. Even if one has talent in other areas, people who are magically gifted are treated with more respect and high standards than us Weeds and Stems. That's just how this world is and like it or not our fates were sealed once we received these jackets.' Tatsuya thought to himself as the wind started to blow.

The tension was clearly starting to increase causing Miyuki to try helping her brother out.

"It was all a misunderstanding. I apologize greatly for causing you trouble." Miyuki bowed her head to show respect to her two superiors. This polite and unexpected gesture caused the golden eyed female to look slightly surprised.

"Then that should do Mari, don't you think?" Mayumi asked her friend as she moved in front of Tatsuya and the others with her closed eyed smile. Mari wasn't quite convinced but she decided to hear her partner out. Mayumi turned her attention back to Tatsuya and his group.

"Tatsuya-san, it really was just a learning experience for you right? It's not as if students can't teach each other some new things correct?" she asked looking at everyone else.

"But the implementation of magic entails some detailed restrictions. It would probably be a good idea to refrain from any self-schooling that involves magic activation." Mayumi's eyes once again drift over to the only head of white hair who was on their way off the school campus grounds.

"Ehhm…" the girl now known as Mari cleared her throat to gain the other's attention once more.

"But still Mayumi, don't you feel that they are getting off with just a small slap on the wrist? I think they need some form of punishment as an example." Mari stated but soon noticed Mayumi wasn't paying her any mind at that moment. Mayumi's attention seemed to be looking somewhere else entirely.

"Mayumi?" For some reason Mayumi felt like Nero was smoothly escaping his troubles. It didn't seem quite fair that everyone else got scolded but him. She was sure she saw him with the group as herself and Mari made their way over to their current location.

"Ara-ara, and where do you think you're going…Angelo-san?" Mayumi asked aloud with a forced closed eyed smile. Was it obvious to the others that she was rather moody that day? She could only hope they didn't notice. Nero now stopping in place gained the attention of Mari as well since her main focus until that point was Tatsuya and his group. All Nero did was slightly shift his head to the side before facing forward again and continuing to walk, hands back in his pockets.

"I'm going home."

"Wait!" Mari said as she gave the white haired a long stare.

"What?" Nero asked slowly stopping again.

"You're a Stem by the look of your attire. What's your name?" Mari asked strictly leaving room for debate out of the question. Everyone else in the group could feel the newly built tension in the air as Mari looked at him fiercely.

"My name isn't really that important and I'm sure whatever you have to say to me can wait until tomorrow." Nero said, continuing to walk as he waved lazily over his shoulder. The atmosphere got heavier as he continued to walk off.

"Nero-san…" Shiemi said the boy's name aloud to herself.

"Is this guy insane?" Leo asked sweating after hearing Nero's words. Sure he looked pretty damn cool doing that but there were lines that shouldn't be crossed.

"This guy..." Tatsuya thought sighing.

"Excuse you!?" Mari snarled as she speedily walked over while grabbing his arm to spin him around. Only finding that she couldn't even budge him at all.

'What is this guy made out of…lead?' Mari thought before she found less resistance against her attempt as Nero himself decided to finally turn around and face her. All he wanted to do was go home quietly and yet here these people kept popping up one after another.

Nero looked down at Mari while she looked up at him. His blue eyes into her golden. "W-wha…" the male's gorgeous blue eyes seemed to attack her soul directly. She soon found she couldn't look away as her face started to heat up dramatically. What the hell was with this situation? Why didn't Mayumi warn her about someone like this? He was trouble. Someone like him was bad news if he looked like this. So this was the foreigner that she heard so many rumors about that floated around the school recently? There was absolutely no mistaking that one hundred percent of what she heard about him and his appearance was all true and more. It almost made her regretful that her heart fluttered for a few quick seconds even though she already had a boyfriend. Mari scolded herself for even having such a thought run through her head as she continued to stare dumbly into his ocean colored orbs.

"W-Watanabe-senpai, you're still holding onto Nero-san!" Shiemi squeaked flustered trying to separate the two of them with her words. Mari was knocked out of her daydreaming thanks to the blonde girl's voice. What she said to her didn't really register until looking down at her hand that was indeed still attached to his arm. Mari quickly let go as if she had her hand on a hot electric stove.

"I…but…" Mari was surprised by her actions. She shuddered at the fact that this male before her was this handsome. Quickly averting her vision she looked to see everyone's attention on the two of them. Some had blushes on their faces and others had nothing but shock. Then there were the ones with an annoyed face, Erika included. From the look on Erika's face however, it was something much deeper than annoyance there. You could see the girl hawking Mari down as if what the discipline chairwoman was doing was unacceptable.

"W-well, s-since the president herself seems inclined, I'm going to look the other way this time…b-but make sure this does not happen again!" Mari stated before turning to her friend flustered.

"Mayumi, please continue without me. I have other duties to attend to." Mari said before quickly leaving everyone involved with the incident. Mayumi held her own look of shock at what just happened before her. He was good. Not only was he a charmer but he knew how to manipulate a situation in his favor.

"Good day to everyone and please be safe on your way home." Mayumi said before leaving the group but not without giving Nero one last look. Standing close to Tatsuya the brown haired boy from before started to speak.

"Don't think I owe you anything for that."

"I won't hold anything over you for it either." Tatsuya said right back to him with a small smirk.

"My name is Shun Morisaki, I'm a member of the main Morisaki branch." he said before pointing in Tatsuya's face.

"Don't think for a second that I acknowledge you, Tatsuya Shiba…" he paused before looking over to Miyuki who stood there quietly from the exchange. You could see the obvious displeasure in her face for the way he was addressing her beloved brother.

"…Ms. Shiba-san should be hanging out with us…"

"So that's how you address me and still talk about my sister?" Tatsuya asked earning a growl as the boy just started walking off with his groupies.

"Onii-sama we should head home now shouldn't we?" Miyuki finally speaking again.

"That sounds like a good idea."

"Um…" the same girl from before whom casted the flash spell came up to Tatsuya and his sister with an interesting expression if that was the right way to describe it. The girl looked to be a cross between relieved and regretful at the same exact time.

"My name is Honoka Mitsui, I'm really sorry for what happened earlier." now bowing to everyone for the trouble she has caused them all.

"I wanted to thank you for covering for me. I know what Morisaki said, but it was thanks to you that the situation didn't escalate big brother"

"You're welcome, but you don't have to call me big brother since Tatsuya is fine." Tatsuya said causing the girl to nod as she then started looking around in wonder.

"Also…" Honoka seemed to be looking for something or someone.

"Angelo-san is no longer here?" Honoka asked as everyone noticed that both Nero and Shiemi indeed seemed to have walked off without everyone else.

"That's definitely Nero for you. Always so mysterious and disappearing…makes you curious doesn't it?" Erika said teasingly to the brown haired girl who gained a small noticeable blush on her features.

"It's true. I myself can't help but wonder about him…" Honoka said aloud before realizing it. The girl then started to wave her hands dismissively while shaking her head side to side. To them she was sure it sounded like a misunderstanding.

"I-I mean lately there has been talk going around the school about Angelo-san so I was a bit curious…" Miyuki could understand where the girl was coming from if she was to be honest. She would hear things in regards to the handsome devil and it only made her wonder more and more about him. He was mostly distant with others but had the charm of royalty regardless of his status as a Stem student.

"I also wanted to thank him…" Honoka said a bit sad that she missed her chance to talk to the boy. Erika and the others seemed confused except for Tatsuya.

"Thank him? What do you mean Honoka-chan?" Erika asked with a raised brow.

"Angelo-san helped us back there Erika-san, couldn't you tell?" Honoka said as she put her hands behind her back and drew a circle in the ground with her foot. It was a cute gesture.

"Even though it didn't seem like it, Angelo-san distracted Mari-senpai from scolding us more." This new bit of information certainly surprised most of the group. So that whole little charade of his was on purpose this entire time?

"Always trying to act so tough…" Erika said with a smile as she shook her head. She knew Nero under that tough guy mask, had a kind heart. This only proved her suspicions true even more than before.

"And for that I am extremely grateful to both Shiba-san and Angelo-san." Honoka now looking back at the group as she tried to gather her courage.

"Um…" she said blush thicker than before causing Miyuki to get protective of her brother as she stepped in front of Tatsuya.

"What is it?" Miyuki asked Honoka as kindly as she could.

"Would it be ok if I walked with you all to the train station?" Honoka asked the group as Erika was already thinking about the idea in her head.

"You know Honoka-chan, if you really want to thank Nero yourself then I'm sure he couldn't have walked that far ahead of us. We could probably catch him on the way to the train station if we hurry. Is that ok?" Erika said as a smile found its way on Honoka's face.

"Yes please! I would like that very much."

Now the group was making their way down to the station together including Honoka and her friend. As they talked and discussed things about their C.A.D they noticed two familiar figures not too far ahead who looked to be engaged in conversation with a group of females.

"It's Nero-san and Shiemi-san." Miyuki said as they neared Nero's circle.

"W-well…" one of the girls said shyly as she reached in her bag while the other girls did the same. Taking out what seemed to be envelopes before walking up to Nero who had an innocent look currently on his face.

"P-please accept these\Please accept this!" They all said almost in sync, as everyone looked on in bewilderment. What in the world did they just walk into? Nero of course not being accustomed to Japanese culture took each one earning a loud gasp from Erika and Miyuki as they looked at him with shock. The girls now running off as the group just looked at Nero who held all the letters in his hands.

Nero noticed the new group approaching him as he turned to see most of their baffled looks.


"Nero…do you even realized what you accepted?" Tatsuya asked him with mild amusement. He had to admit, Nero was a lady killer for sure.

"You just…" Tatsuya was about to say but was cut off by Erika.

"Accepted their undying love for you. Those where love letters!" The redhead said sounding like she was excited to torment him for it. Shiemi was a bit put off by the whole thing. They were all over Nero and it made her a feel a bit uneasy.

"Except for the fact that they're not." he said casually as he turned the letters around to show everyone it says 'thank you very much' on the front. Excitement gone and replaced with confusion, Erika grabs one from his hand and looks at the front herself.

"Open it…" Nero says to her while leaning against the wall near him with folded arms. So doing just that Erika sees at the top 'Thanks for saving us' and go figure by the nickname they gave him…'Prince-san'.

"Thank you so much for helping us the other day. If it was not for you those thugs could have done anything to us. My family owns a chocolate shop named "Fujika Sweets" so please stop by whenever you can." Erika read as everyone gathered around in wonder.

"Well I'll be…" Leo said coming over a patting Nero on the back.

Mizuki did not expect anything less from the white haired male as she wore a smile. Miyuki also had a smile, even though Nero seemed intimidating, he was really sweet and seemed kind. The Shiba sister didn't realize how long she was staring at the boy. Erika was still looking at the letter in her hand for a few more seconds before a disappointed look came onto her face.

"Well, this is no fun. I was hoping to get some type of gossip out of this."

"I'm starting to think you want my life to be miserable…" Nero said as he slowly started walking past everyone. However, he was suddenly stopped once he felt something holding him in place. Nero looked to see what it was and found Erika giving him a small smirk.

"Nero, not so fast. You have someone who wants to talk with you." Erika said cheekily as she turned around a pointed to Honoka and her friend. Honoka was blushing madly as Erika suddenly put her in the spotlight. Miyuki quietly watched as she looked on from the side. The girl didn't know why, but something didn't feel right. It's not like she cared about who the boy talked too necessarily, but maybe her curiosity of who Nero was slowly made her somewhat obsessive over him? That's Impossible. Even Shiemi knew what he was trying to do at that time but decided to keep quiet. After being around him and viewing his 'tough love' personally up close, the blonde had a feeling that he had good intentions. After all, this was the person she respected the most. She couldn't explain why but just being around Nero made the girl want to grow more as a better person. The girl felt that if it was with him then there would be nothing she couldn't really do…or that is what she believed.

"…" Miyuki didn't quite understand. She felt something within her as she started moving closer to her brother hoping that his presence will help to ease her concern. Tatsuya did not really mind, but he did notice Miyuki acting strangely from the exchange. He looked down to see his sister's attention on Honoka and Nero as her grip on him slowly increased over time.

"What's gotten into her?" That's the thing; she didn't know what she was feeling. Only confusion and uncertainty filled her emotions.

Honoka was contemplating in her head how she should express her gratitude towards him. She was fidgeting with her hands as she looked down at them in nervousness. This was a lot harder than she thought. Taking a deep breath she slowly looks up at Nero as the boy seemed so relaxed. He was staring straight at her.

"M-my name is Honoka Mitsui. Truthfully, I wanted to thank you for helping us out earlier Angelo-san. Because of you and Shiba-san, Mari-senpai didn't continue to scold us back at school. I-I am very grateful and I'm sorry for causing you any trouble!" The flushed girl said bowing her head politely. Nero's features didn't change as he looked at the bowing girl before him. Closing his eyes he sighs to himself, softly waving it off as if it he didn't have any idea what she was talking about.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about. It was only a coincidence that happened back there. My only intention was to go home peacefully, so I'm not sure if I'm the one who truly deserves your thanks." Nero said bringing his hand back to his side. Honoka however, looked back up at him with a soft expression. She knew, even if he didn't want to take credit for any of it, she knew.

"Angelo-san, there is no mistaking it. I could just feel that you had good intentions within your actions." Honoka now bowing her head once again.

"Thank you." Nero's eyes slowly opened in surprise. This isn't the first time someone has said something like that to him since he has been there. People could somehow feel he had a good heart despite his behavior. Nero stared at the girl for what seemed like forever before closing his eyes once more. He turned around so his back was facing everyone and brought his hand up to his head as he gently rustles his hair with a heavy sigh.

"Just…make sure you stay out of trouble next time…" Nero said in a surprisingly soft voice before he slowly started to walk off again. Honoka took Nero's way of accepting her apology with happiness. Somehow she felt that maybe this was the only way Nero knew how to show his kindness to others? That part of him to her was kind of cool.

"I promise…Angelo-san." Everyone watched the exchange in silence. Miyuki could only stare at the back of the retreating boy. Her eye's held a soft gaze within them as she remembered the expression Nero had made while he talked with Honoka. Miyuki could see some of the boy's true nature leaking through even though he disguises it so well. There was just something about Nero that made her unexpectedly drawn to him. There was a long list of things if she was truthful with herself. His looks, charm, charisma, confidence, etc…It was all appealing. Nero Angelo was someone she wished she could eventually understand.

"Hey Nero, wait up will you?" Erika called out as she started to jog after the boy. Everyone else seemed to follow behind the two at their own pace. As Miyuki walked next to her brother she looked down in deep thought. Maybe she could try talking to him herself? Everyone else seemed to engage with the handsome boy but her. Thoughts roaming through her head, one after another, only filling her brain with more and more questions. This was the first time that Miyuki Shiba could say she found some form of interest in any male besides her brother Tatsuya. Interest did not necessarily mean affection per say, but the boy did captivate her curiosity. Tatsuya looked over to see Miyuki deep in thought again like she was before. He knew her usual tendencies, so seeing her like this made him wonder.

"Miyuki, is everything alright?" The voice of her brother seemed to knock her out of her thoughts. Miyuki looked at her brother with a beautiful smile as she tried to reassure him the best that she could.

"Yes Onii-sama." Miyuki said happily before her vision slowly went back to the walking form of Nero.

"I'm fine…" She says softly as Tatsuya looks at her gaining a small smirk on his face. Maybe he was worrying for nothing it would seem. However, Miyuki wasn't the only one to observe the red and white headed teens. A soft pair of dazzling green eyes found themselves in the direction of the two. Even though Mizuki and Leo were trying to converse with Shiemi her attention was elsewhere entirely.

Later that night Nero was on the phone with Kyrie and telling her about his time so far there in Japan. Nero couldn't quite explain it but he could feel something was off in the air. Trusting his instincts he tells Kyrie he will talk to her later as he grabs his hunter gear. Grabbing Blue Rose and placing it in the holster inside his purple coat, he opens his apartment balcony door before jumping off five stories landing gracefully on the ground. He could feel it…the foul aura in the air. Something was definitely going on tonight and he would get to the bottom of it.

Following the feeling he had, Nero came to an abandoned warehouse miles away from his apartment. He swiftly jumped to the top of the building noticing it had a skylight roof. It allowed Nero to look down and get a good look inside. But what he saw made his face turn…

Inside were four male looking figures that seemed to be abducting a girl and her mother while the husband lay on the ground beheaded.

"No…please take me! Don't hurt my daughter. I'll do anything I swear!" the mother pleading in panic while the other males were about to unzip their pants.

"Don't worry, you won't be the only one because she'll get it just like mommy." a sick freak said earning laughs from the others with him.

Nero was pissed. Turning around while picking up some of the rocks on the roof he expertly aims before flicking each person that was about to hurt the women in the knees causing their knee ligaments to explode.

"GAHHHHHHHHAAAH!" They all yelled as the sound of the rocks hitting their ligaments made it seem as if they were hit with a 50-caliber sniper rifle.

Nero jumped down taking out blue rose and holding it against the male that threatened the mother. The look in Nero's eyes was unreadable yet fierce.

"Hurry up and turn so I can kill every last one of you." Nero said to the person who even though in pain, looked shocked. Were they found out already? Just who in the world was this guy?

"H-how…*pant* …how did you know?" the man asked as his shifted into his demon form and so did the others whose wounds slowly healed.

Nero continued to aim Blue Rose for a couple more seconds before bringing his hand down turning to the girl and mother.

"You need to get out of here, I don't want any of you to see what will happen here" Nero said softly helping to reassure them both as the mom nodded before looking at their late husband one last time until this was over.

"You bastard! You are so dead! How dare you even think you can show your face around here after hurting us pretty boy?" one said as they circled and closed him in.

"Do you have any idea what a big mistake you made?" the leader of the group asked as he flexed his clawed hand in hopes to intimidate Nero. Nero just placed his gun back in his coat before an unimaginable pressure filled the room making all the demons around hit the ground and hard.



"P-PLEASE…" The demons did not understand what was happening to them. One second they were ready to pounce on the white haired teen before them, then the next their bones were being tuned into chalk dust. Nero was using his gravity manipulation as the ground in the warehouse started to sink deeper and deeper as the pressure increased. Nero looked down at them coldly as one of his eyes were glowing a crimson red in anger. No way would he forgive scum like this. He would make sure they paid the ultimate price for their sins…their lives. The floor of the warhouse could only take so much punishment before it gave out and then formed a huge endless sized hole fifty feet wide. The hole looked bottomless… as darkness could be seen no matter how far you looked into it. No screams or cries for help could be heard.

Nero turning to the dead man's body noticed something strange about it as he kneeled down inspecting it a bit more. There was a small light in his pants pocket. Reaching for it, Nero pulls out a cell phone type of device that was on record. Well that was a bit strange...why what could he have been recording before he was killed? Pressing the replay button he hears the voice of what sounded like the woman he saved earlier in the background.

"Come out, come out wherever you are~"

"W-whoever receives this message, there is this crazy woman and a little girl following me. Someone please help me. I'm at the…wait whaggh…." A man said now sounding like he was being chocked

"Don't' struggle, this is all for the cause of our great lord IGNUS" this shocked Nero after hearing those words. She just said Ignus didn't she? That's not good. How does she know about him unless…

"W-wait…please I have a wife and kids…don't do this! PLEASSSEEE!" then the recording ended.

Nero decided to destroy the device so no one could hear what was said.

"I'm getting rusty around here…" Nero said in a cold tone before getting back up walking outside to see the woman who held a look of shock on her face before quickly fixing it to normal.

"I'm so glad you made it out alive. You saved me and my daughter's lives." she spoke while Nero walked up to her with a smile on his face.

"I do my best…especially when it comes to killing demon scum like you." saying the last part sourly as he pressed the re-drawn Blue Rose to the woman's head who had the look of utter shock on her face once again.

"I bet you were counting on me dying in there huh?" Nero asked grinding it against her forehead as her daughter seemed emotionless.

"She's a Soulless Mimic isn't she? I noticed something was off about her when she didn't make a peep in the warehouse. Even a little girl knows when she's scared." This caused the shocked face of the women to turn into a frown.

"You know too much to be a mere human…" now speaking in her demonic voice, she looked at Nero annoyed.

"And you know too little about us devil hunters…dumbass." Nero retorted making the women scoff.

"I should have killed you myself when I had the chance but you looked so handsome. I didn't want to ruin that pretty face of yours." she mocked causing Nero to scoff back at her.

"Please, by all means don't do me any favors…"

"It won't matter even if you kill me. Our Lord Ignus will rise again and there's nothing you can do to stop him. The death and destruction he will bring to this filthy planet. The screams and torture of these lowly human incsects will know true despair before they die!" She said grinning at the devil hunter who just looked unfazed.

"Seriously, I swear every last one of you say something similar to that, but it never goes your way. Why don't you try not saying those lines out loud and maybe you might get somewhere…" Nero said causing her to growl.

"You have no idea do you? Once master is reborn no one can stop him not even the defiled kin of Sparda!"

"Hmmm, I heard of them before…but let's just forget about that for now…" now pulling back the firearm, Nero notices her opening her mouth. If she was to strike now would be a good time while his guard was down! Arms growing into large bladed weapons ready to swing at the half demon who comically dodged to the side. Her attempt to take a bite out of his neck was also unfruitful.

"Whoa…can't have you doing that now can I? But you could at least aim for my face next time. I might be able to get a handsome scare to show off." Nero goofed around. The Demon snarled at his cocky remark and went back on the offensive.

"Stand still you bastard!" Jumping at the boy he performs a no handed back flip over her slicing attack before landing gracefully. Damn it, he was playing around with her.

"Here's a bit of advice, we aren't in an anime dumbass. Stop yelling in frustration before trying to hit me and you might get somewhere. Of course Nero was lying. Whether she did or not wouldn't have mattered. He would have just avoided it regardless but it didn't hurt messing with her.

"You cocky half-breed!"

"Confident…actually." Nero corrected her with a closed eyed smirk shrugging his shoulders. His witty attitude was something demons could not stand.

"I've had about enough of you!" Running towards the boy again her bladed arms start to stretch and turn into bladed whips of some sort. It was pretty amusing to see.

"HAAHH!" Rapidly slashing at Nero who repeatedly dodged attack after attack. Grabbing one of her arms in mid-swing mad the female demon widen her eyes in shock.

"I-impossi…" She was cut off as Nero casually used his arm strength to lift and slam her into the ground.

"GAH!" Blood shooting from her mouth from the impact made it clear it was a painful landing. Nero slowly made his way over to the downed form of the demon who saw the figure of the young male standing over her. Just seeing the look on her face made it obvious to him that she was afraid.

"Y-you monster." She realized just how helpless she was against a kin of Sparda. They're strength was just too great.

"That's the last thing I would want to hear from someone like you." Nero casually pulled out his Blue Rose once again, pointing it at her downed figure.

"If you kill me then they will come looking for you." Nero raised his brow at this.

"Who will come looking for me?" A weak smirk appeared on the female demons face.

"The six generals of Lord Ignus…The Dark Six."

"The Dark Six?"

"Don't get all high and mighty just because you defeated me! The six general's powers are worlds apart compared to my own. I am but a pawn…boy. A single general could wipe all of human life off the face of the earth." Well that's not good. If what she says is true than that could be a problem down the road. But oh well.

"Good. Bring them on. It was getting boring around here anyway. I was wondering when things were going to liven up out here." Did he not hear what she just said?

"A-are you mad?"

"No. I just know what I have to do. All I have to do is win right? It's quite simple logic." This guy…she couldn't let someone like him live. He was indeed powerful.

Noticing his guard was down she opens her mouth wide "DIE!" A needle shaped projectile shot out with great speed. The needle looked to almost penetrate Nero's skull before it was repelled back as it entered her own head with twice the force.

"Gahh…" Eyes rolling in the back of her head as she laid there lifeless. Nero only shook his head from her actions as he holstered hid gun. He could tell that was a poisoned needle as well.

"Dumbass…I'm immune to poison…" He slowly looks to the soulless girl who looks no older than five years of age. Moving to touch the girl a sudden light appears blinding his vision. There before Nero the small girl was…changing. As the light dimmed down Nero could see the same small girl with the white dress and bare feet. But her appearance was completely different. She now looked European with white long hair that went to her back and blue eyes. All in all, she looked exactly how Nero would look if he was a five year old girl.

"What the hell?" Nero asked astonished of what just happened only to see the soulless girl move up to him and grab his pant leg while still looking straight ahead, like this was a normal everyday thing.

"Oh, no-no-no-no~" Nero now slapping his forehead repeatedly from the bizarre outcome this night brought him. The little girl still cutely holding onto his pant leg, staring ahead as if she was waiting to leave.

"Dammit, come on…" Nero whispered scooping her up before leaping from the warehouse heading back home.

"Dante, I'm telling you she just suddenly turned into a little sister lookalike!"

"No kidding kid? Well, you are in tough shit now. A mimic usually only takes after who they feel comfortable around and that seems to be you in her case." Dante said while Flipping through his magazine on the other end of the phone like things of this nature happed all the time.

"Don't give me that sh…crap." Nero said pausing while looking to see if the girl heard his slip up, she was only five after all.

"Look, you need to help me out here. I don't know what to do!"

"Hate to tell you this but she's stuck to you. But look at the bright side…a soulless will put out what you put in. And by the way you described her, whoever had her before you probably never gave her the time of day."


"Meaning she will learn fast, you teach her how to survive like any normal person. She's pretty much and infant in development. Oh, word of the wise, make sure you use ABC Mouse." on the other end you can hear Dante laughing it up. Now hanging up forcefully Nero just gained another headache.

Walking to the couch and sitting next to the girl who seemed into the little cartoons on TV, he picked up the remote to turn the channel. Switching it to the sports channel, he then set the remote back down. Now starting to relax only two seconds later…right back to the cartoons. Looking down he finds the remote in the middle where he left it so picking it up he switches back before putting it back down.

Again, the channel reverts, so now he looks over to the girl narrowing his eyes a bit while she looks over narrowing her eyes at him.

"She's good."

Now shaking her head and pointing at him.

"Onii-san no TV." Nero was shocked.

"This…isn't happening…" he said baffled.

Now getting up to turn the sound all the way down he sits on the living room table to block her view.

"My name is Nero ok?" the girl just sat there staring at him.

"Neerro." she slowly said causing him to smile as if he scored an A on the semester finals.

"Yes! My name is Nero Angelo…now what is your name?" he asked.

"Naaame?" she said not understanding but copying.

"No…who are you?" he said pointing to her as she looked at her own pointer finger before pointing to him.

"Uhh!" getting frustrated he puts his face in his hands.

"Onii-san." she said cutely still pointing to him as he looked up at her before sighing softly to himself.

"How about we give you a name then?" he said causing the girl to stare once again. Nero at first was wondering what to call the girl but he remembered something special to him. When he was an orphan and before he found out who he truly was…he was raised as family with Kyrie. Kyrie, her parents and Credo her brother, were all important to him. A small smile graced his lips as he thought of his adoptive mother. She was kind and beautiful woman.

"I'll call you Elena." Something about giving the girl his mother's name felt…right. Nero didn't even care about the TV anymore he knew he had to get up for school in the morning so he let the girl have it back. She was watching a Japanese show with kids hanging out with their sisters and brothers.

"Onee-san" they said for the sister, "Onii-san" for the brother. The little kids talking as Elena was absorbing it like a sponge. Nero on the other hand had to make a quick call to someone .

"Hello…yeah…I need a favor…yea, well something happened tonight…yea…I'll tell you everything tomorrow morning when I see you…yea…alright..bye." Now slumping down on the couch again he sighs as he turns to see that Elena fell asleep sitting up.

"That girl…" he said not noticing the smirk on his face. Nero got up placing his big coat on her for cover as he laid on the other end of the couch since he was too tired to get in bed.


Morning came and Nero was blinded by the sun light having to cover his eyes.

"Oh yeah, I forgot I have school today…" weakly trying to sit up only to feel added weight on his chest. Looking down he sees the cute sleeping form of Elena who somehow moved to him overnight. Nero trying to skillfully slide from under her started to shake around. She felt his shuffling as it ended up causing her to wake up.

"Onii-san…" she whispered while yawning right after causing him to sigh in defeat before rubbing the top of her head tenderly.

"It's times like this where we say good morning Elena."

"Goood Moorrnningg." she pronounced it as best she could causing Nero to turn his head to the side. Ok she was pretty adorable.

"When you see people just like Onii-san you should always say hello ok?" Nero asked her getting a stare again.

"Ok maybe you should nod or say ok when you understand me?" he said as the little girl got up before walking a few steps.

"Bbaathroomm…" and that's all she had to say because Nero dashed to her while helping her to the toilet

"This is going to be a long day…"

Morning now came and the Shiba household was heading for Yakumo's for Tatsuya's morning training before heading to school.

"Onii-sama do you want me to slow down for you?" Miyuki asked her brother who was running next top her while she was on her scooter.

"No, don't let me slow you down Miyuki" he said as they

Now almost halfway there Miyuki swore she saw Nero go into a girl's clothing store.

"That…couldn't have been…" Miyuki thought to herself before continuing on with Tatsuya toward Yakumo's place.

"Awww, she's adorable! Just like her handsome big brother. Aren't you both the cutest pair together!" The store clerk said as Nero bought Elena some things. Especially shoes some new clothes.

"Please come by again…cutie." she said winking at Nero who closed his eyes and sighed to himself again.

"That's the last store, now I got to head over to Yakumo's." he said as Elena was holding his free hand as the bags where in his other.

She also was changed into some new clothes he bought her. She had a cute silver hair clip like Mayumi with a black sundress, white socks and black shoes.

"Omg! Look how cute they are!" Nero continued to hear. It was ok at first, but now it got kind of old.

"Ok, time for a shortcut." now picking Elena up he uses his superhuman speed to make it to Yakumo's quicker not even knowing Elena was smiling enjoying the ride. Now reaching the temple, Nero walks up the steps to see the bald man waiting for him before spotting the little girl.

"Well I'll be, she's the splitting image of you Nero." Yakumo said waving at the little girl who suddenly hid behind Nero's leg.

"Aww…don't dump me on the first date young lady." Yakumo teased before looking at Nero who motioned he wanted to talk.

"Alright everyone please watch over Nero's sister carefully" Yakumo entrusted the others who bowed showing they understood.

"Yes, sensei!"

Now telling Yakumo what happened he gained a more serious face while actually opening his eyes.

"So they're at it again trying to revive Ignus? These guys are consistent."

"You could say that." Nero said before yawning a bit.

Now making it to the temple, Tatsuya and Miyuki enter through the doors finding the monks having their normal morning training.

Tatsuya now walking to the center gaining their attention, while Miyuki stayed behind to watch her brother practice from a distance.

Quietly waiting, she was thinking many things in her head. One being what happened between Nero and Honoka yesterday.

"It's strange…I can't stop replaying that scene in my head. No matter how much I try to forget it, it just keeps coming back…" Miyuki said convincing herself in some way that the event didn't bother her. Her eyes, even though in the direction of her brother seemed so , something grabbed at Miyuki's school dress catching the girl off guard. Miyuki jolts in surprise as she quickly looks down into the most adorable blue eyes she has ever seen in her life.

"Onee-san." Miyuki's heart rate spiked. D-did this little one just call her "sister?"

"K-kawaii…" Miyuki knew it was strange for a random little girl to be at Yakumo's temple of all places. She had to be lost. Her family could be worried sick looking for her at that moment. Miyuki felt she had to make sure the little one got back to her siblings safely.

"Little one, my name is Miyuki…what's your name?" Miyuki asked the young girl kindly as she tried to give her a reassuring smile.

"Elena…" the girl said cutely as Miyuki's smile grew larger. Miyuki gently grabbed the girls little hand as she looked into her eyes.

"Elena…that is a beautiful name."

"Uh-huh." Elena agreeing with Miyuki as she nodded.

"Elena sweety, are you lost? Do you need me to help you find your family?" Miyuki asked Elena who shook her head negatively.

"Onii-san is here." Her brother? This bit of information caused the Shiba princess to process little Elena's words. But now actually thinking about it, Miyuki takes a good look at the girl who is obviously a foreigner. Elena had… snow white hair…white hair…wait!

"White hair, blue eyes, European features…just like someone…" Miyuki whispered to herself as Tatsuya finished with the monks and turned to see his sister with a small girl.

"Miyuki, who is that?" Tatsuya asked walking over before taking in Elena's features. The girl however hid behind Miyuki performing a shy gesture as she dug her face in the Shiba sister's leg. Tatsuya could only give the small girl a little smile from her response to his approach. Miyuki's cheeks lit up pink once again…t-that was adorable!

The sound of footsteps nearing the siblings caused them to turn their attention towards it.

"Onii-san!" the little girl said as she saw Nero and Yakumo returning from their chat.

"Elena…" he said softly, and then he saw Miyuki holding her hand as they made eye contact.

"Look Onii-san." the girl said before pointing up to Miyuki.

"Its Onee-san." she stated causing Miyuki to blush while both Tatsuya and Nero looked shocked.

"E-Elena-chan…where did you get that idea from?" Miyuki asked flustered as her eyes looked up at Nero knowing her face was probably heating up out of embarrassment.

"Onii-san and Onee-san." She said reaching for Nero's hand. This was all happening so fast!

"Nero? What is going on Yakumo-sensei?" Tatsuya asked eyeing the situation carefully. After all this was very strange finding the foreign student at his sensei's temple.

"Nothing really, all you need to know is that Nero's uncle and I go way back. I guess you could say that I'm a family friend to this one here. Do make sure he stays out of trouble will you?" Yakumo jabbing his thumb in Nero's direction. The Boy as always had his eyes closed but you could see it slightly twitch in annoyance.

"Shut up…" Nero lazily said bringing his hand up and running it through his hair. This guy was always messing with him. Tatsuya and Miyuki held shocked looks on their faces. Nero wasn't just some random student but someone Yakumo knew himself. This was definitely a new bit of information for both Tatsuya and his sister. Miyuki has just found out another piece to completing the puzzle known as Nero Angelo. What were the odds of an event like this happening? Wait…did that mean he would be around Yakumo's temple more often?

"Shouldn't you guys be on your way to school?" The bald ninja said as he reminded them changing the subject.

"Yeah, you're right…" Nero now kneeling down to the girl and rubbing the top of her head gently.

"Elena, I promise I'll be back after school ok? So try to be on your best behavior while I'm gone." Nero said softly gaining a cute "ok" from the girl. Miyuki was quietly watching the scene not realizing her blush slowly returned to her face. This was a side of Nero she has never seen before. In her eyes, Miyuki saw the Nero before her as a loving older brother who cared deeply for his younger sister. Elena was someone he did not have to hide his emotions from. It was…nice and comporting to view this side of the boy.

Now standing up, Nero turns around and starts walking off leaving the group behind. You could hear Elena calling out to him as he just raised his hand over his head to wave his goodbyes. Miyuki continued to look at Nero's back as he walked further away. A small smile graced her face from his actions. Nero was something else. Miyuki feels that she might finally be able to understand why a part of her can't help but be drawn to the white haired male.

Now leaving with her brother, Miyuki waved to Elena one last time getting her to gently wave back. Miyuki's face heated up again at the cute gesture before looking back in Nero's direction in wonder. A thought crossed her mind thinking about what just happened. If Nero was Elena's brother and she was her supposed sister, then what in the world did that mean? Miyuki knew that she barley talked to Nero. She wanted to have a conversation with him like the others usually did but she was always running into an obstacle. Miyuki and the group were almost to the school. If they were walking to school she felt that she might as well at least try to know a bit more about him, so Miyuki took this opportunity to make her way to Nero's side to keep pace with the boy.

"Nero-san?" Miyuki speaks out as she looked at the boy from the side.

"What is it?"

"Yakumo-sensei said that he knew your uncle. Who is he exactly?" Miyuki asked as she saw Nero look down at her with a raised brow.

"It wouldn't be that much of a secret if I told you now would it…Miyuki?" This caused the girl to pout at him as she eyed him from the side. It would seem that he was messing around with her. That was something else she noticed about Nero. The boy had a serious yet joking personality that made him hard to read. When he is around Erika, they would always lighten the mood within the group. The way they would go back and forth with one another, you would think the two of them were a married couple.

"Tatsuya-san, Miyuki-san!" A familiar voice called out interrupting Miyuki. She felt that she would never get a proper chance to talk with Nero. Something or someone always got in the way. Almost like the world was telling her she'd never find out anything else about him. Miyuki only closed her eyes and sighed softly to herself in defeat. Wait? Did she just pull a Nero? Was he rubbing off on her?

Turning to the voice they see Mayumi running towards them while waving their way.

"Mayumi-san." both Tatsuya and Miyuki said while Nero just watched as the girl approached also looking his way.

"Oh…Angelo-san, what a pleasant surprise seeing you around. This must be a fateful day indeed…" Mayumi still wearing her forced closed eye smile.

"It's good to see you too…president…" Nero said lazily causing the girl to frown before stalking up to him. She just didn't understand why he was like that towards her. Out of all the males she has encountered in her lifetime, Nero was one that purposely tried to distance himself from her. Was there something about her that he didn't like? She didn't want to admit it…but it was driving her a bit crazy.

"You know what? I was letting it slide before, but now I can't take it anymore!" Hands on her hips as she looked up into his eyes.

"What's your deal anyway? Why is it that out of everyone, you won't talk to me?" Maymui asked now poking at his stomach. She was so much shorter than he was that it was the only thing she could do. Earning a sigh from the devil, he gently knocks Mayumi's hand away from his stomach.

"You know president…I really wonder why you care so much about what I think of you?" Nero says as he returns her deep stare. Nero slowly brought his hand up, moving some of the girl's hair out of the way before softly placing his hand on her right cheek. The action caused Mayumi's face to heat up as he stared into her eyes.

"What…are you…"

"This is what you wanted isn't it…for me to notice you? Mayumi, if that was the case then I would be an idiot not notice a woman as beautiful as you. I have my reasons as much as you do…" Nero stated, closing his eyes as a small barely seen smirk appeared on his features. Slowly dropping his hand back down to his side, Nero just turned around and continued to walk off making his way towards the direction of the school building. Mayumi was stuck trying to process what just happened to her. Her mouth was left slightly agape while her flustered face was as bright as ever.

"T-that barbarian…" Mayumi lightly stomped her foot as she cutely pouted in obvious embarrassment. Tatsuya couldn't deny that Nero was without a doubt, good at this kind of thing. Miyuki wore a barely noticeable frown at this gesture and her brother Tatsuya did not miss it. Miyuki was unsure about the exchange, but she knew Nero was only teasing the girl. Still, it looked so real for a second that…wait, why did she even care?

"I think we should start heading to school before we are deemed late wouldn't you both agree?" Tatsuya said aloud gaining both his sister and Mayumi's attention.

"You're right Onii-sama, we shouldn't be late…" Miyuki stated before a still flustered Mayumi and the group started following behind Nero in the direction of the school. Miyuki sent the male sneaky glances every once in a while on the way there while she was talking with her brother and Mayumi.

As the group finally made it to school they found Erika, Mizuki, Honoka, her best friend and Shiemi talking near the front entrance. Erika noticing them turns and looks at the group before spotting the head of white hair she was looking for.

"Hey Nero, Tatsuya, want to walk to class with us?" She asked as all five girls approached the group to say their morning greetings.

"I actually have a choice?" Nero asked with a teasing raised brow.

"No…not really." Erika said in a matter of fact tone causing the boy to sigh deeply. Tatsuya on the other hand had to give the girl a regretful smile.

"Sorry Erika, but that's not possible right now. Me and Miyuki need to visit president Mayumi's council room this morning." Erika just nodded in understanding. Not like it was any sweat off her back.

"Maybe next time then?" Shiemi asked gaining a nod from the siblings.

"Yea…we'll see you later Miyuki, Tatsuya!" Erika said as they waved to each other before splitting up. Honoka and her friend also leaving to go to their class but not without saying their goodbyes as well. Miyuki looked in their direction before a hand touched her shoulder softly.

"Miyuki…it will be alright, let's go." Tatsuya said as he followed Mayumi toward her head quarters.

"Ok, Onii-sama…" Miyuki said as she took one last glance in the white devil's direction before catching up with her brother.

Chapter End

Yayy! Ok this was a fic I just had to do, I love Nero and I think Miyuki is so cute

For all those wondering, yes Nero's ability is Accelerators from (To Aru Majustu no Index)

Also I hope you like the new uniforms and class I made (Stems) I thought to make this because Even though Blooms are better than Weeds each have Stems that are beneath them. But Stems should not be underestimated because beautiful flowers to even ugly weeds need the support of a strong stem to keep them stable. I thought of that pretty cool huh?

I actually don't know why I had Nero ignore Mayumi in the beginning since I think she is a pretty cool character but yeah…

Shiemi moriyama is from (Ao no Exorcist) and is Nero's classmate and friend.

Tsukuyomi Komoe is from (To Aru Majutsu no Index) and is Nero's homeroom teacher.

Elena is a Oc I just winged for the story but she will be really important later so don't worry, if anyone knows my writing I have a reason for everything I do.

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