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(The Truth: Uverworld)

Chapter 2

(One of Us)

The events of late appeared to have started escalating rapidly and our white haired devil was not the only one who noticed something going on. Currently at the Yotsuba residence, a very uneasy informant stalked their way to the main room of the mansion.

"I bring important news!" the speaker said, dressed in a black tuxedo with shades to match. The appearance was one that was usually associated with undercover FBI or CIA agents. One would think if it was not one of those to options then the third would be along the lines of a family mafia.

"Speak! What do you know?" a soft yet pleasant feminine voice spoke. It was unquestionably one that was pleasing to the ears but also held power behind it almost demanding respect from everyone around her.

"My lady, we have found there to be more strange activity that occurred near the Takomo warehouse. Our teams have been investigating and have been told that strange earthquakes were repeatedly occurring around the area." The speaker said as the woman brought her mug back up to her thin lips and took a small sip of her tea.

"Hmm, was this the work of a supernatural being?" she asked calmly. This must not have been the first time that something similar to this situation has occurred before. She has had her suspicions about the recent activity happening across Japan but this new bit of information has proved her suspicions correct. It was something she has tried her best to keep an eye on thanks to past experiences with the unknown and even now was no different. Such beings roaming the earthly plain made her fear for what was to come in the near future. If things were to become anything like it was in her youth, then she had every right to be a little bit fearful. There were things in the world that was far beyond human understanding and the fact that these abominations could blend in so easily with society made it vastly more difficult to identify them. Whether it be a demon, angel, God or Devil, it didn't change the fact that she needed a way to keep them under control if things were to escalate out of proportion.

"We aren't sure milady but what we can say for certain is that someone not too far from that location saw a strange light that caught their attention. They said that once close enough to see what it was, they came across what looked to be a white haired male." the messenger finished his explanation. That was an unexpected bit of news. The woman's hand twitched making some of her tea spilt on the floor. If what he said is true then there was a possibility that it could be…

"I-is this true? When was this information given?" She asked hastily as she strangely wore the face of hope or could even be mistake for that of pure relief. There was a possibility that it was him. Ever since she was placed in an arranged marriage, the only person she could think of was the white haired man clad in red.

"Well, we have…" but the man was cut off by another person who decided to run in the room.

"Milady, we have been given a picture of the white haired male. Although his face isn't very clear I think you'd want to see this." The women rose from her chair to stand, holding out her hand in anticipation. Finally, a lead to the possible whereabouts of her old…friend.

"Bring it to me. I need to confirm something." she demanded. This was something she dreamed of. Night after night, wondering if he was alright after all this time. Sleepless and desperate, she wanted nothing more than to see him again. A burning ache in her heart was left there after they've been separated for so long. There were times when she would only close her eyes, tired and fatigued but his face would pop into her mind, bringing back all of her emotions from the past. Love isn't supposed to hurt but every time she thought about him her heart was pained.

"Yes, Maya-sama." Maya was an extremely beautiful woman with her long dark violet hair and violet eyes, cream colored soft skin and lushes lips. Her bodies' curves were the shape of an hourglass as her dress hugged her figure tightly. She was without a doubt a person most men would dream about but because of her powerful status among the families, most of the men around her were far too terrified to even dare try anything. There was also the fact that she was a married woman. Though it was a marriage she only went through with because it promised her the man power to have control of her own fate. Never again will she let the things happen to her like they did in the past. Not to her or even her beloved niece and nephew. She would admit that she used them from time to time but it was for the overall greater good of the world that she envisioned. People may have or still view her as a villainess but to Maya herself, she was the hero of her own story. There were just some things that had to be done for the greater good, no matter the cost. Handing her the photo of said male, her cheeks flushed but it was for many different reasons. But then she realized something was a bit different in regards to the person in the picture.

"This can't be you after all these years can it…Dante? How long have I waited to see you again." She said shaking her head. There was just no way that this could still be him. Sure she knew about his demonic heritage but the boy in the picture looked no older than eighteen years of age at most.

"It can't be, that was at least twenty years ago. Then who could…" she whispered before her eyes slowly started to widen. Dante's image started covering Nero's in the photo as she now remembered someone close to her from a long time ago

"This boy…there's no mistaking it. He's the son of Ter…"

Dante was now at his shop finishing up on tuning his dual pistols Ebony and Ivory while accompanied by a blonde haired vixen. The two of them looked to be doing their own things around the shop. It was obvious that there was a thickness in the air and for one reason or another, no one was willing to speak to the other first.

"Dante" Trish finally broke the awkward silence as she looked up from her magazine, placing it down and walking toward his newly bought desk thanks to Nero's…disagreement.

"What's up?"

"Why haven't you ever told Nero yet?" she asked with mild seriousness as she folded her arms under her bust, leaning on his desk. This question made Dante release a heavy sigh. Scratching his head and placing his Ebony pistol down against the hard tabletop he looked up to the woman knowing to prepare himself for whatever she had to say next. The normally goofy and childish older man gained a serious expression across his features, pondering in his mind exactly what he could tell her. He knew that excuses especially right now would never work on Trish. She knew better than to fall for such half-assed explanations.

"Because I didn't think he was ready to know yet. After all, there are just some things that are better left unsaid."

"But he deserves to know regardless even if you think he isn't. I know he was an orphan because of certain circumstances but you can't leave him in the dark about it forever Dante. Trust me, its better you tell him yourself than for him to find out some other way." Trish had a point and Dante knew it.

"Yeah…I sometimes think about that too." Dante ran a hand through his hair, sitting up straight. There was a time and a place for everything and he was reluctant to tell Nero because of the way his father ended up. His brother was someone that no matter how much he said he hated him at first, he was his brother. Deep down Dante felt closer to him than anyone else in the world despite their differences between another. Usually he would never admit it to anyone but he really did wish that he and Vergil could have grown up like normal brother could have. Knowing there upbringing and the paths they decided to walk down made it all the more difficult for that to become a reality. If things didn't turn out the way they did…would he feel so lonely? Would Nero have grown up the way he did? Almost every day there was a question in his head that made him wonder how it would be if things were different.

"He should know about his father." Trish said trying to have Dante find it in himself to go through with it. Her words however, only increased the devils inner guilt about the whole situation. Dante looked to be deep in thought as he listened to Trish's words and played them back in his head.

"I would have said something to him myself but it wasn't my place to do so. That means that it's your time to step up and be that person." She finished causing Dante get out of his chair to stand up. He slowly walked over to a picture frame that sat on a small counter near his pool table. Picking it up into his hand the man looked at the picture that held himself, Trish, Lady, Lucia and Nero together as they seemed to be in a group photo. But that wasn't the reason why he grabbed that picture frame. The real reason was because of the secret photo behind their group picture. Reaching around, he pulled it from behind the picture on top and looks at it with a nostalgic gaze. Just trying to remember the past and what it once was is the heaviest blow that any person could endure. There were three women and three males present. In the picture was him with a Japanese man with dark hair and light purple eyes. While one beautiful female had dark midnight blue hair and light red eyes, also Japanese. While it seems she had a twin sister who had dark violet hair and purple eyes as well. Then there was Nero's mother, someone that had a hair color of chestnut and eyes as green as emerald gems. She was quite beautiful and was originally from Europe. Vergil didn't really care for simple minded girls but there was obviously something about Teresa that made the man fall for her so her death hit his brother as hard as their mother's.

As he continued to look at photo, Trish got off the desk and placed her hand on his shoulder. "This is the responsibility of us adults Dante. We cannot run away from our problems forever." she was right. A sigh escaped out of him as he shook his head slowly to accept her hard but true advice on the matter.

"This picture was taken a little bit before Vergil decided to go rouge, leaving us behind. After the death of Teresa giving birth to Nero and losing our mother the way that we did, Vergil lost his mind. The power to get stronger so he would never lose anyone else precious to him started to cloud his thoughts like a poisonous fog." Dante said, walking back to his desk and taking a seat.

"That was a hard time for all of us. Especially when my…friend was going through hard times of her own. If only I would have been there...I could have stopped that from happening. My hands were tied with me fighting against Vergil that I never could go and save her. Even till this day I feel like I can't forgive myself for not protecting her when she needed me the most."

"…Who was the one that was kidnapped?" Trish sadly asked him. She didn't want to bring up bad memories from the man but something about her curiosity caused her to ask such a question. Now she felt a bit bad for doing so.

"The women in the photo with the dark purple hair and violet eyes…" This made Trish look back at the photo as her eyes landed on the figure he mentioned.

"Her name is Maya Yotsuba. Even though she survived her kidnapping, she still suffered a great amount of emotional distress. Even after returning back home she was never the same person she once was. It caused trouble between her and her twin sister Miya Shiba, and…" Dante said Maya's name with a distant look in his eye that Trish didn't miss but decided to push it aside for now. She could tell that he wasn't telling her everything in regards to that woman. Dante might have whispered to himself the last part of his sentence but she heard it. He said "me…"

"Maya…Yotsuba?" Trish said aloud as if she could recall that name from somewhere before…

"Yea, I know you've heard of the "Devil of the Far East" Trish's eyes widened. So she was the infamous human that has earned the title of devil that resided in Japan. It was quite surprising or more of a coincidence that Dante even knew such a female in the first place. It would seem that Dante has known this woman before he met Lady when they were both younger. Both Dante and Lady ran into one another when he was fighting against his brother Vergil and the crazed human Arkum. However, her thoughts were soon interrupted by the shop bell ringing signaling someone's arrival. Both Dante and Trish looked toward the front door and after getting a good look at the person standing there, Dante couldn't help the small smile that crept upon his face.

"Well it's good to see you old friend. What brings you here to America?" Dante said pausing as the man was the one form the photo he showed Trish not too long ago.

"Tatsurou Shiba" Dante said as the man gave him a slight smile.

"It's been too long hasn't it? Dante..."

Miyuki, Mayumi and Tatsuya reached the student council room they entered meeting some new faces. Mari, the short black haired female Tatsuya remembers, but the other two caught his attention. One was a girl with short orange/brown hair and bright green eyes. She seemed to be the smallest one in the group by a large margin while the other girl had dark teal colored hair and red eyes. Just looking at the dark blue haired girl Tatsuya could tell she was a direct and outspoken type. He would even bet she was into making other people uncomfortable for her own enjoyment.

"Come in and welcome to my den!" Mayumi said jokingly as she used her arms to increase the presentation of said setting. Tatsuya was just glad that Mayumi was able to recover from her earlier episode. After all, Nero probably took his teasing a bit too far.

"Mayumi, where in the world have you been?" Mari asked as she then noticed the Shiba siblings with her. Mayumi seemed to be in slightly better spirits compared to the last two days, but Mari knew something was eating away at her friend.

"I was just walking to school this morning and happened to run into Miyuki-san, Tatsuya-san of course. But then…" Wait, why did she stop? Mayumi looked to be averting her eyes to the side slightly unsure.

"Never mind…" she forced down a creeping blush that found its way sitting on top of her rosy cheeks. If Tatsuya knew any better he would think his president was a "special case" in regards to a certain fetish he didn't want to mention aloud.

"What do you mean never mind?" Mari found Mayumi's mood swings as of late a bit random and out of the blue. This made Miyuki to stare at Mayumi in wonder as well. Now that everyone in the room thought about it, Mayumi has been acting differently for the past week. The girl's emotions were constantly fluctuating and it was becoming belatedly obvious to everyone around her that something was bothering the girl in some way. The smaller orange haired girl had something on her mind as to what it could possibly be but she didn't want to jump to conclusions at first. Watching her council president take a seat quietly at the table seeming to ignore answering Mari's question, she sees Mayumi pick up some papers neatly sorting them with an annoyed look.

"It's because of a boy isn't it?" This question caused Mayumi's shuffling of the papers to halt to a stop.

"Is that what it is? Whoa Mayumi, since when? I'm your best friend and you never said a thing about a boy!" now Mari was interested. She knew her friend was always playing hard to get with the males so hearing this was somewhat short of surprising for her. But she also knew Mayumi was in an arranged marriage so that was a huge factor in it as well. It was something the girl didn't want anything to do with but withstood it because of the sake of her family name and for that reason Mari felt for her friend. Getting married without love was something she herself swore to never do so she could only imagine the grief her friend was felling each passing day knowing that her love life did not truly belong to her. Tatsuya and Miyuki watched this from the sidelines with different expressions upon their faces. Who knew that the student council room could get so lively?

"What!? Who would like a jerk like that anyway?" Mayumi asked aloud as she huffed with closed eyes.

"Obviously you president…" The girl with the dark blue hair and red eyes said taking a sip of her cup of tea.

"I-I DO NOT!" Mayumi dismissively yelled as she rose out her chair, slamming her hands down on the table while her blush returned to her face. What was the meaning of this?

The small orange haired girl looked at the state Mayumi was in and shook her head positively. Yep, she knew it. All those strange excuses or reasons for leaving the council room started to make sense to her now.

"Come to think of it, aren't you always trying to leave the council room early so you can hopefully run into that boy?" The small girl asked causing Mayumi's blush to increase a bit deeper.

"W-what no!" The president fired back defensively with a look on her face that screamed otherwise. If she wasn't trying to tell on herself it was already too late. Her face told everyone in the room everything they needed to know. The dark blue haired girl took another sip of her tea with her eyes closed as she sensed the lie in Mayumi's words.

"It's definitely that boy. If I recall, he's a foreigner on abroad from overseas. The one who has been receiving a great amount of attention because of his good looks if I remember correctly?" Miyuki knew exactly who she was talking about as soon as she heard those words and Tatsuya was watching them go back and forth with amusement. He figured it was about Nero a good while ago, but them saying it aloud only confirmed it.

"That is impossible! No way could I fall for a guy like that!" The girl with the teacup in her hand breathed deeply as she felt that she needed to finish Mayumi off without mercy or it would never end.

"For the past three days I've caught you gazing at him from the window every time he walks by heading to his other classes." Taking another sip of her tea, Mayumi stood there frozen in place. If her face wasn't red before, it was probably the same color as her eyes by now.

"I-I…" she was trying to retort but she had absolutely nothing.

"Yep, I saw that too! Every time I would call out to you trying to ask for your help you were always in a weird daze. Even though you complain about how much of a jerk he is to you I'm starting to think you actually like the way he treats you…madam president." Mayumi was obviously beyond embarrassed by now. If anything she looked mortified from her friend's analogies if anything. After all, her friends just secretly implied that she was into S&M play…

"A-channnnn!~" Mayumi pouted weakly. She comically tried throwing some of her neatly sorted papers at the girls who did this to her in the first place but the papers obviously did nothing and gently fell back in front of her harmlessly. Mayumi's embarrassment increased further for failing to inflict any form of damage in her recent attempt. Mari could understand in some ways in regards to the handsome foreigner. She was also captivated by the boy's good looks as well so no wonder the other guys stood no chance when it came to reeling in Mayumi. This whole time she was into 'bad boys.' It seemed like the other male population were either too nice or not rough enough for the girl's liking. But Seeing her friend in this state brought a smile to her face none the less. She finally had someone she was at least interested in and that made her a bit happy. As a friend she wouldn't mind giving the girl some tips in romance.

Miyuki didn't quite know what to think from the soap opera episode she just witnessed. She had just found out that council president Mayumi Seagusa, might have some form of feelings for Nero. She unconsciously frowned at that realization while staring at the flushed girl. Tatsuya called it. Something told him Mayumi was into that kind of thing and it caused him to give a closed eye smirk in triumph. His intuition is usually if not, ever wrong.

"Um…excuse me?" Miyuki was trying desperately to change the subject. She quickly made herself known to her upperclassmen as she and her brother Tatsuya were sitting patiently the entire time. It felt a bit late because of the current event but she just wanted to talk about something else for now. Mayumi cleared her throat trying to force down her earlier embarrassment.

"Sorry about that you two. It feels like everyone wants to pick on me today. Anyway…" Moving her hand in the direction of the girl who was sipping tea she tries to start the introductions.

"We might have already introduced ourselves but just in case, sitting next to me is our treasurer, Suzune Ichihara aka Rin…the one who just butchered me!"

"You're the only one who ever calls me "Rin the butcher" President…" Suzune said uninterested.

"With obvious good reason." Mayumi retorted with a closed eyed smile. Now moving her hand over to her best friend.

"I'm sure you should know the girl next to her right? That's Mari Watanabe, chairman of the disciplinary committee." Mari just gave a quick wave.

"Then there's our secretary who also chewed me out, Azusa Nakajo, aka A-chan"

"President…I beg you, I know you're mad at me but please don't call me A-chan in front of the underclassmen! I have a reputation to maintain, too, you know!" the girl known as Azusa said cutely but was completely ignored giving a well deserved pout in the process.

"And along with Hanzo, our vice president, that's our student council this semester."

"Although I'm not a member…" Mari said cheekily.

"Ms. Watanabe?" Miyuki suddenly asked gaining the girl's attention.

"Hmm, what is it?"

"Did you make that boxed lunch by yourself?"

"Yes…I did, is that a big surprise?" Mari had to ask with a raised brow. Was it weird that she prepared her own lunches? Well, the real reason was for something else entirely but that was neither here nor there.

"No…not at all." Miyuki defended not trying to be rude. It's not every day that you see someone actually take the time to make their own lunches.

"We can tell by your hands whether or not you cook on a regular basis. Seeing your hands being bandaged the way that they are shows us that you are trying your hardest to become an excellent cook. Nothing to be embarrassed about, it's a nice skill to have." Tatsuya said as this caused Mari to withdraw her hands blushing lightly. Was it that obvious?

"I know, Brother! Why don't we start bringing our own box lunches to school as well? Wouldn't that be nice?" for whatever reason Miyuki found the idea rather pleasant. After all, making a homemade lunch and better yet, sharing it with the people you care about…wait care about. The remembrance of Nero eating from Mizuki's bento box came back to her mind and made her think deeply about what that could possibly mean. Now that she really thought about it, Miyuki was quite observant towards how the glasses wearing girl would look at Nero from time to time so there had to be something more than Mizuki just trying to share her lunch. A frown appeared on Miyuki's face briefly recalling the event as if it yesterday. Form the way Nero was eating the homemade lunch it seemed like he enjoyed it greatly. So…Mizuki was somehow able to get Nero to eat her food…that was made with her tender love and care. Now Miyuki really felt irritated for some reason. Tatsuya was usually extremely good at reading his sister's mood under certain circumstances but at that particular moment he was absolutely oblivious.

"That does sound appealing…but I don't know where we would be able to be alone?"

"You two sound more like lovers than siblings." Suzune said causing Miyuki to blush lightly and Tatsuya to think about it.

"Do we? Well, I do admit that it has crossed my mind before. That if only we weren't blood related, I would want her as my lover…" Tatsuya said with a small smile toward Miyuki causing the others around them to blush fiercely.

"Needless to say, I'm only joking…" Miyuki and surprisingly Azusa both looked rather disappointed from his supposed attempt as a joke. Darn, she finally thought she came across a real life incest couple. Those 'Sibling Love" manga books she was reading were getting the best of her for sure.

After the little fiasco, Mari boldly tried to nominate Tatsuya as one of the discipline committee while Miyuki agreed as did Mayumi. After realizing he was pretty much defeated, he let it go for now and went to his classes knowing he would return later.

At the same time at the temple, Elena and Yakumo were inside sitting at his table.

"I want to give these to see onii-san and onee-san" she said as the silver pendant shined with its beautiful glossy finish.

"And I'm sure they will love it little one" Yakumo said with his smile before sensing something.

"Elena honey, go show the others the gift you want to give your brother and sister ok?" Yakumo said as the girl smiled brightly before hastily running while showing all the monks her present.

When Yakumo heard that she was busy with the others he pulled out two of his kunai knives and throws them out the window. He heard the quick yelp of something in the nearby trees before it fell and hit the ground lifeless.

Looking out he spots two demons that looked like gargoyles while his kunai was implanted in their skulls. Slowly they started to turn to ash as the wind blew the rest of their remains away causing Yakumo to gain a serious expression.

"It seems I need to start placing more runes around the temple, just to be on the safe side" he says to himself as he then quickly turns back to his playful nature while joining the others.

Nero was in class earlier learning about spell activation and how it is important to get every sequence right or the spell will always fail. But he didn't care much about that since he has already seen most demons do everything and beyond what this school was teaching when I came to magic. Nero was walking to his next period class as he thought about the events of yesterday and today.

"Hey you!" Nero heard someone call out to him. Nero turned around to find the same brown haired male that was with Mayumi the other day but Nero himself didn't know that since they never met personally.


"You're that Stem who was giving madam president a hard time…are you not? I won't forgive you for that!" He said making Nero raise his eye brow slightly amused.

"It's not that big of a deal." Nero said causing the male to growl in absolute anger.

"W-what insolence! Not only do you insult me but you dare not apologize to lady Mayumi? Unforgivable…" he said as Nero just stared blankly at the guy.

"I, Hattori Gyobu, challenge you to a duel for lady Mayumi's affection!" Hattori said pointing at Nero with determination clearly in his eyes.

"Where are you going with this? And who said anything about me and Mayumi having a thing?" Nero stated while looking at the boy's finger that pointed in his direction. He must have also seen the way Mayumi looks at Nero from time to time and couldn't forgive the devil.

"Don't try to escape! You shall be punished for even making her feel so upset in the first place!"

"I don't have time for your foolishness. I'm going to be late to my next class if I sit here and chat with an idiot like you." Nero said while ruffling his white hair in bored frustration before slowly walking away from the boy who hawked the back of his head.

"I refuse to let you get away with this Nero Angelo! That is…unless you are afraid you will be utterly shamed and humiliated?" Hattori said as Nero just continued walking off to class, paying the boy no mind.

"You can do whatever you want. I don't really care to be honest but whatever you do, don't play with yourself to long…you might get use to it." Waving over his shoulder as he walker further and further away.

"T-that…damned Zero!" Hattori said with gritted teeth as he mocked Nero's school nickname as the "Handsome Zero" he attained from school gossip. He tried to intimidate the white haired male but to no avail. He wasn't so easily swayed into acts of violence it would seem. He was hoping the boy would have retaliated so he had a reason to strike him down on the spot. Dammit! He should have pressed the boy a bit more so he could have forced his hand. Turning around in anger Hittori knew to himself that he would get back at the handsome devil…somehow.

"This isn't over Zero…"

Miyuki and Tatsuya were now heading back to the Student Council room in the attempt of meeting up with the council president. Tatsuya was thinking about how he doesn't fit in with this kind of environment while Miyuki was thinking about earlier and how Tatsuya hurt her feelings by joking this morning about his love for her.

"Onii-sama was so mean joking about my feelings like that…but…" she thought now looking at his back as he continued to walk in front of her. Peering out the window taking in the beautiful scene of the setting sun, Miyuki was a roller coaster of built up emotions at the moment. It's been nearly three hours since the whole ordeal took place from the early afternoon and Nero was slowly but surely becoming more and more popular before her very eyes. It would seem that it was especially the case when it came to the female body of the school. It was a quick yet strange feeling that she experienced earlier when she found out her president's possible feelings towards the white haired devil. Miyuki looked down at her hands that were carrying her bag in deep thought. She was thinking about the boy more frequently now as well and it confused her greatly.

"Why?" She asked herself as if she could answer her own question…but she couldn't. The events of today and the remembrance of him interacting with his younger sister made Miyuki see that there was much more to Nero than she first thought. Normally it wouldn't matter to her if she had heard her council president was interested in a boy. But it wasn't just some normal boy…it was Nero, the same person who made her curious because of his mysterious personality. Miyuki wanted to keep telling herself that it wasn't any of her business or that she didn't care about what he did but as time went on…she did. The Shiba sister had to shake her head to rid herself of those roaming thoughts once again as they returned to overflow her mind with doubt. Usually the thought of a boy touching her or being near her made her feel uneasy but when it came to Nero, she didn't feel unnerved or anxious at all. There was something very wrong with Miyuki Shiba, and Miyuki herself knew it.

"Are you ready Miyuki?" Her brother suddenly looked back to his sister behind him. They just arrived in front of the council room waiting at the door so he wanted to make sure she was ok before entering. Tatsuya has noticed Miyuki being quiet and to herself recently as well. Maybe what he said earlier might have taken things too far and ended up hurting her feelings?

"Yes Onii-sama, I'm ready now." With that he opens the door, walking in with his sister. Everyone around the room looked to be doing their own tasks and it was a bit refreshing compared to what they walked into earlier. It seemed like all of them present but there was something wrong with a boy standing near a window as he peered out into the distance. Hattori was gazing out of the window with his hands behind his back with such an intense expression; one would think he was a prison warden looking to punish someone the first chance he got. Tatsuya felt that Hattori was angry at something or someone from the look of his face and posture.

"It's Tatsuya."

"It's Miyuki."

"Ah, welcome back you two!" Mayumi greeted happily. Hattori, the brown haired boy turned around and gave Tatsuya a cold hard gaze. To Hattori, Tatsuya was nothing but another hindrance around the council room that they had no time to babysit. Making his way to the siblings he completely ignores Tatsuya and greets Miyuki.

"Hello Ms. Shiba-san, I am Vice-President Hattori Gyobu, welcome to the Student Council." Hattori said as all he did was found a way in angering Miyuki since she didn't like how he disrespected her brother by ignoring him. Miyuki still bowed however, to show she was at least respectful out of the two of them.

"Well then, shall we get started A-chan?" The orange haired girl nodded her head in approval to Mayumi's suggestion. They had a lot of work to get done and waiting around any longer would just cause all of their responsibilities to back up and overwhelm them.

"We should also get going Tatsuya-san." Tatsuya look slightly confused in Mari's direction. He was wondering why she was so aggressive toward him joining her division. Tatsuya was sure that as chairwoman, Mari was a woman that didn't take the word "no" for an answer.

"Go where?"

"To the Discipline Committee of course, it will be easier if you see how it's done in person." Mari headed for the door in her attempt to leave said room but was suddenly stopped by the voice of Hattori.

"Ms. Watanabe, please wait a moment."

"What is it Vice President Hattori Gyobushojo Hanzo?" Mari asked causing the boy to blush out of embarrassment . There were just some things that he didn't want people to know about himself and one of them was his true full name. For his own reasons he disliked the sound of it and how certain people used to tease him about it.

"Please don't call me that anymore, my name is just Hattori Gyobu here!" he tried to defend before coughing in his hand to clear his throat.

"Anyway, I don't feel he deserves to be a part of the discipline committee especially since he is a mere Weed. Also a Weed has never been able to enter into the committee period why change that now?" he asked.

"You know it's forbidden to refer "Course 2" and "Course 3" students as Weeds and Stems. You actually have some nerve uttering that in front of me. Especially when you know how much I detest such behavior." Mari said in a professional manner but some of it seemed like it was taken a bit personal. She was sick of the discrimination that was going on within the school and felt it needed to stop. The continuous disrespect between students of lower status was enough to make her stomach turn. No way would she let something like this continue in this school. This was her last year before graduation and damn it, she will make sure the torch she passes on will be left in good hands.

"Sugar coating it won't do any good now will it Watanabe-san? A Weed will always be a Weed and a Stem will always and only be a Stem. After all…they cannot handle the situation with their inferior skills. It's only the truth is it not?" Hattori said only angering Miyuki further. Who in the world did he think he was to say something like that? He not only insulted her brother, but their friends as well.

"It's true that we usually wouldn't do something this but in this case it's for a good reason. Tatsuya has the ability to read activation spells so I feel he will be a valuable asset to the committee. So I will not sit here and let the committee I lead continue to discriminate because of one's rank!" Mari said causing Hattori to suck his tongue in annoyance before turning to Mayumi.

"President, as Vice President, I am against appointing Tatsuya Shiba to the Discipline Committee. A Course 2 or 3 student lacking magical experience would be a hindrance to the Discipline Committee." Hattori said without flitching. Miyuki was to the point that she couldn't take his berating any longer.

"Now wait a minute! It's true that my brother's practical test scores were sub-par, but only because his skills were incompatible with the method of assessment! In actual battle, my brother would never lose to anyone." Normally Miyuki would be right about that statement she just said if it were regarding humans alone but there were beings in the world that were terrifyingly more powerful.

"A true magician is able to adapt to what they are provided and engage in any situation accordingly. You saying that your brother can do all those things will not change the fact he is still the status of a "Weed" Ms. Shiba. Please refrain from using your clouded judgment." Hattori retorted as this put Miyuki more on the offensive.

"I'm sorry, but what I said is not because of my clouded judgment! It's true. Onii-sama can't be defeated in combat…" but she was suddenly stopped by Tatsuya who proceeded to then approach Hattori.

"Vice President Hattori, I usually refrain myself from matters such as this but…I challenge you to a duel." Tatsuya said calmly. Hattori didn't know it but he just upset Tatsuya Shiba.

"How dare you! You are just a mere reserve!"

"It's not about me. It's about my sisters words that you accused of being false. I will not let you make her into a liar" Tatsuya said calmly. You can only go but so far with messing with his sister before he retaliates and unfortunately, Hattori had done just that. Hattori was about to receive a taste of what happens when you disrespect his younger sister.

"What is it with you Weeds and Stems getting so bold anyway?" Not receiving a quick enough answer he agrees to Tatsuya's challenge.

"Fine, have it your way."

After that whole ordeal Tatsuya went to fetch his equipment to at least look prepared even though he knew he wouldn't need it. Miyuki was feeling a bit guilty that her brother got put into this big mess because of her. She didn't intend for it to turn out this way. But she also didn't want to stand by and let Hattori insult her brother and even her new friends. As they arrived, they found everyone from earlier waiting patiently as Hattori seemed to be burning holes in Tatsuya's soul with his eyes. Standing across from each other everyone seemed interested in the outcome of the duel. A Weed going against a Bloom. One would say this was an opportunity to show them that Weeds are just as capable as Blooms were when it came to magical talent.

"For this fight no lethal attacks are allowed, weapons and hand to hand combat are prohibited…do you two understand the rules?" Mari asked as both males as they nodded showing they understood the rules.


"All I have to do is place my force rune underneath his feet while he is distracted" Hattori thought to himself as he put in his C.A.D activation code. Tatsuya bending slightly over to position his self dashed forward with speed making him appear as a blur. Dashing behind Hattori, the vice president couldn't even react fast enough before something went through his body causing him to hit the ground unconscious.

This of course surprised everyone but Miyuki. She had no doubt in her mind that her brother would be victorious. A smile graced her features as Tatsuya looked over and sent his own smile to his sister. It was for her sake after all.

"What was that?" Mari asked herself surprised staring at Hattori's downed figure before looking at Tatsuya.

"W-winner, Tatsuya Shiba!" Mari and the others started to question Tatsuya about his abilities and if he used acceleration magic while Hattori was knocked out. However, Hattori woke up not to long after they started asking Tatsuya repeated questions.

"Practical scores are based on casting speed, length and complexity of the sequences, and the sequences power to rewrite the information of the target…" Hattori said now holding his head still drowsy.

"I see…you were right that the test measured your abilities incorrectly…" he said before Mayumi came over to check on him.

"Are you alright, Hanzo-kun?" She asked causing said male to quickly stand like nothing happened

"I'm perfectly fine madam president" he after all did not want to look fragile in front of his love interest.

Hattori felt like shit, especially since he looked like a complete idiot for not being able to back up his words. Turning to Miyuki he felt he had to apologize to her for his harsh words.



"I…apologize for accusing you of playing favorites. I was the one with poor judgment, forgive me…" now bowing to her showing his guilt which gave her a smile as she too bowed.

"I should also apologize for speaking out against you …please forgive me." The Shiba sister said with a graceful bow of her own. She was just happy that they could see her brother wasn't just a mere reserve and he was more than capable of doing his job properly. Hattori taking a quick look back to Tatsuya who looked as bland as ever but still calm.

"I also owe you my apologizes Tatsuya-san."

"It's fine as long as we can move forward from here."

After that Tatsuya went to the discipline committee room while he meets some of the members he would be working alongside in the future. Afterward, he was told to come back in the morning so his real job could start.

Miyuki was making her way outside as the end of the school day came to a close. Many students started to flood the exit in an attempt to make their way home as quickly as possible. She knew that there was just a bit of time left before her brother would finish up with his duties and decided to head out a little bit early. While she would be waiting for Tatsuya, her mind wondered about Nero's cute little sister Elena. His adorable sister looked at her as an older sister figure and that made the Shiba sister unexpectedly happy. Miyuki's cheeks lightly heated up remembering how the little girl latched onto her skirt hiding from her brother Tatsuya a bit earlier that day. Miyuki felt a bit special thanks to her supposed little sister. While Miyuki was thinking those thoughts to herself, Nero and Shiemi came into her vision.

Nero looked as if he were wearing a small barely noticeable smirk on his face and her new friend Shiemi also seemed to be smiling with her cheeks flushed a tad bit. Talking about what? Miyuki did not know for certain but she had an idea of it falling along the lines of Nero probably teasing the poor girl. Miyuki stared at them quietly, watching as they talked heartily amongst one another. Her hands were resting firmly on the bag she was carrying, inspecting their interaction with keen observation. Nero looked like he was enjoying himself and because of that, some part of Miyuki felt confound as her eyes never left the conversing pair. It was mostly regarding the fact that everyone she personally knew within her circle of friends seemed to be able to make talking with Nero look so easy when Miyuki herself…could not. It's something she's been thinking about for the past week now that continued to bother her. But she always pushed it to the back of her mind and tried her best to ignore it. However, the scene of him and Mayumi from earlier that morning continued to play in her head. Miyuki's eyes started to slowly open in realization about her internal debate. Could Miyuki Shiba be jealous?

"I can't be…" that was impossible. She looked down at her bag with confusion upon her face trying to figure out what all these thoughts could mean exactly.

Nero knew he would most likely get an earful from Erika tomorrow because of him leaving without her. Oh well, he had to think about Elena and he wasn't ready to introduce her to everyone he knew just yet either. As he continued to walk to the exit of the main gate, Nero tried his absolute best to ignore the person that was burning holes in the side of his head. He could just feel that someone nearby was looking in his direction. He slowly turned his head to the side, finding Tatsuya's younger sister Miyuki standing there as some students said their goodbyes to the school princess. Her eyes and his own landed within the others shortly after. Eyes meeting as neither party decided who would turn their gaze away from the other first. Miyuki knew she was staring again but she didn't pull her eyes away at that time even after that realization. She only continued to stare at the boy as he slowly started to make his way over to her.

"Nero-san, good evening…" Miyuki spoke as he stopped in front of her. Nero didn't really pay much attention to Miyuki before but now that he took the time to look at the girl, he would admit that she was indeed quite beautiful.

"Miyuki, it's surprising seeing you out here without your crowd of admirers. I have to admit, it's strange but a bit refreshing." Nero said to the girl as a smile appeared on her features. Nero was actually trying to converse with her. This was something she has been trying to do since she first saw the boy.

"I may not seem like it but its rather tiring dealing with a fan-base of people each day. But you also seem to be fairing quite well with certain groups of people Nero-san."

"Does it really seem that way? I've never paid much attention to such small stuff like that." Nero said in a slightly interested tone, causing the girl to lightly nod her head.

"I would say so. It seems you just have that affect on people." Nero gave Miyuki one of his signature smirks as he lightly waved off her comment.

"Nah, I'm sure that since you're an extremely attractive girl you have it a lot worse than I do Miyuki." His words caused her to gain a noticeable blush on her cheeks. She knew that Nero was a teasing flirt but unlike the early show with Mayumi, he actually sounded genuine when he said that to her. Miyuki found that her eyes drifted to the side, finding the nearby gate exit rather intriguing all of a sudden.

"Are you just teasing me Nero-san?" with the shrug of his shoulders, Nero closed eyes from her question.

"Who knows, maybe I am or maybe I'm not…" If there was one thing that started to drive Miyuki crazy, it was the fact that she was still learning Nero's personality at her own pace. She couldn't tell if he was serious or not at times and not knowing really made her mind wonder. It amazed her how he could just say things like that with such a straight face, kidding or not. It was almost as bad as her brother's teasing nature or maybe even worse.

"Anyway, it's about time I headed out. Are you going to be ok by yourself?" Nero asked. Miyuki gained a slightly shocked look from the question as a thought dawned upon her. 'He's worried about me?'

"I'm actually waiting for my brother to finish up with his duties. He should be finishing up any minute now but thank you for your concern." She stated. Nero looked at Miyuki for a brief moment as he processed what she had just told him. The Shiba princess noticed him staring at her and couldn't help but feel a little self conscious under his gaze. It didn't help that he told her she was a good looking female either. She used her left hand to move some of her beautiful blue hair behind her ear gently as her eyes scanned his, wondering what he could be thinking.

"Nero-san, what's wrong?" Nero closed his eyes with a small and barely noticeable smirk from her actions.

"It's nothing really…" The white haired teen said as he started to walk past her.

"Well, if you're planning on meeting up with your brother after he's down inside then I'll just be on my way." He was leaving already? But he just started talking to her.

"You're already leaving?" Miyuki asked softly. She looked at the boy who was walking further and further away from her with a frown that plastered her thin lips. The devil seemed to hear her question, stopping in place and turning his head to face her.

"Sorry, but this idiot big brother has a little sister waiting for him to return. She'd let me have it if I was even a minute late..." Nero again started to walk but not without waving over his shoulder like normal.

"Later…" Miyuki was once again stuck staring at the boy. Miyuki couldn't help but ponder at his words in her mind over and over again. The person she was looking at right now was someone Miyuki Shiba could not take her eyes off of no matter how much she would want to at that very moment. The words that Nero had just spoken were words that reminded her of her older brother Tatsuya once again. Miyuki was absolutely certain of it now. Nero Angelo was a sweet and caring older brother who loved his younger sibling greatly. This made Miyuki bring her hand up to her chest unconsciously as she continued to watch him leave quietly. Now thinking about it, Miyuki herself wanted to visit the small girl that day. Maybe what Nero had said made her want to step up as well and be something similar for Elena. She was the little girl's supposed "older sister" figure after all so there had to be something she could do for the little one.

"Nero-san, wait!" Miyuki yelled as she ran with speed she rarely used to catch up to Nero. Nero could hear his name being called by the girl so he turned around towards her as she made it up to him. He could see that the girl was slightly flustered or out of breath by the look on her face. Maybe she was just winded?

"What is it?"

"After my brother finishes his duties inside, why don't we all go together to see Elena?" The bluenette asked looking back into his eyes, patiently awaiting his answer. Nero looked at the girl with a raised brow trying to understand her reasoning for asking to see Elena in the first place. As he looked at the Shiba princess he could see her resolve to see the little girl again. Maybe Miyuki had taken a liking to the girl after all? Nero closed his eyes and rubbed the back of his neck, bringing his hand back to his side. The way Miyuki was now he doubted he could refuse her. She seemed like she really wanted to visit Elena and saying anything other than "yes" wouldn't probably stop her anyway.

*Sigh* "Fine." Miyuki clasps her hands together in delight with a beautiful smile to match. This was so wonderful!

"Miyuki…" someone's voice called to her causing the girl to blink before she noticed it was her brother who wore an unreadable expression but she could see his vision travel to Nero who was also looking at Tatsuya.

"Onii-sama! You're finished for the day?"

"Yes, Mari-senpai asked me to return tomorrow morning."

"Then onii-sama, can we stop by Yakumo's on our way home tonight? I would really like to see Elena before heading home." Tatsuya gave the girl a soft smile. He didn't mind to be honest, he was more than willing if it was something Miyuki wanted.

"I don't mind. It's also nice to see you as well Angelo-san." Tatsuya said while giving the devil a quick nod in his direction. Nero returned the gesture of course.

"The feelings mutual." Nero could tell that his presence rubbed Tatsuya the wrong way. He wasn't sure what he did to spark that within the older brother but whatever it was, it wasn't that big of a deal to him anyway.

"Alright then Onii-sama, Nero-san, let us be on our way." Boy are their friends going to let them have it tomorrow for leaving without them.

Maya currently had a lot on her mind since she was literally thinking a thousand miles a minute. Her heart was still aching from earlier this morning when she found out about the white haired young male who reminded her so much of her old lover Dante.

She couldn't help but feel warm as she wore a small barely noticeable blush still looking at the photo in her hand. Just looking at it seemed to bring back old memories of the man she loved.

"Dante…" she whispered to herself as if saying that name would let him appear before her. Deciding to now place the picture down after the hundredth time she took glances at it, she could not help the urge to meet the young male in the photo.

"He looks identical to him as well. He must be…" Maya said thinking about her old friend. The twin brother of her first love, but also the lover of her old friend Teresa. The woman to give birth to the boy in the photo was a good friend of Maya and her late sister growing up. The group of women would always joke and tell themselves that if they were to have children of the opposite sex, they would let them marry one another and always look out for each other. But that once joking atmosphere turned into something much more. After continuous encounters with supernatural beings, Miya made sure that her next born child would take on and truly fulfill that role. There was more reasons why her young Niece was "created" the way she was. It would seem like the time was drawing near and closer to everything coming to light.

"Teresa, he has grown handsomely indeed…" now smiling before picking up another cup of tea.

"Yes, I think I'll pay him a visit sometime soon." looking down at the picture once more, bringing her finger to her soft lips as she laughed softly to herself.

"My prince…"

On the rooftops of the city, as the sun was setting for the day and the horizon was as beautiful as any day was something that seemed to be watching Nero, Miyuki and Tatsuya as they made their ways towards Yakumo's temple.

"He's the one I've been looking for, for the past three days. I could feel something inside of him that feels similar to the demon blood of Sparda. My blood…It boils to kill that boy!" The figure said as his blood red eyes glowed in the night before slowly his body disappeared in the shadows.

Nero and the group finally made it to Yakumo's as they were greeted by the bald man.

"Ahh…you're all finally back. And how was school?" He asked them as he seemed to me messing with them again.

"It was…different I would say…" Tatsuya said while noticing Yakumo's students were not outside.

"How about you, anything happen?" Nero asked as he walked up to the man who looked as goofy as ever.

"Oh...just some guests dropped by is all. But other than that it wasn't bad." he said causing Miyuki to look slightly confused while Tatsuya looked more observant, but Nero knew exactly what Yakumo meant when he said that.

"Oh yeah, how many?" Nero asked playing along.

"About two, but it was a very short visit anyway." Yakumo said as he smile increased as he waved it off.

"How was Elena while I was gone?"

"Yes, is she alright?" Miyuki suddenly asked.

"Oh she was a real treat to have. She was so cheerful and kept saying how she couldn't wait for her brother and sister to return home." Yakumo said making Miyuki blush while Nero scratched his cheek a little embarrassed. Tatsuya looked at the two and how they seemed to feel slightly flushed, more so in Miyuki's favor. Even he knew the affects Nero's little sister had on his own sister.

"Where is she by the way?" Nero asked looking around.

"Sorry…I can't say. I promised to keep it a secret." smile increasing while Nero just stared at the man. One of these days Nero is going to slam him into the ground with his devil bringer.

"I'm just teasing you. Look, she's coming right now." They all turned to see the young girl running towards them.

"ONII-SAN, ONEE-SAN YOU'RE BACK!" Little Elena yelled as she ran up to Miyuki and hugged her leg before she smiled at Nero.

"Elena-chan…" Miyuki said tenderly as she bent down to hug the girl back. She couldn't help it. The girl was the cutest thing she's ever seen.

"Did you have fun while we were gone Elena?" Nero asked as he received a happy nod from the girl as she moved out of Miyuki's embrace.

"Uh-huh… and I have a secret gift for Onii-san and Onee-san." Elena said cutely as Nero looked at her and couldn't help but smile while Miyuki wanted to hug her again. She was too adorable.

"Onii-san." Elena said while motioning him to move closer so that he was near her and Miyuki. Doing so he kneels down in front of Elena as he joined Miyuki. The Shiba princess noticed the increased closeness between Nero and herself as her eyes looked at him from the side.

"Onii-san, Onee-san I want to give my gift. Close eyes." she said to them as Tatsuya watched quietly in the back. He was a bit curious as to what this "gift" could be. Guess he would just have to wait and see for himself.

"Ok/Alright." Miyuki and Nero said almost in harmony as they did what was asked of them. Both Nero and Miyuki soon after felt the soft peck of a kiss hit each of their cheeks. Elena's little arms wrapped around her brother and supposed sister's neck as she tried to hug them tightly.

"Onii-san, Onee-san…I love you…" Miyuki and Nero's eyes opened in shock. As the little girl pulled back from them she gave them a big heartwarming smile. The Shiba sister stared at the girl speechless as she brought her hand up to the spot she received the kiss. Something inside Miyuki's heart was building up and her warm cheeks were proof of that. Miyuki closed her eyes and turned her head to the side in bliss. She seemed to be mouthing things to herself about "my cute little sister" while wiggling in her spot. This caused Nero, Tatsuya and Yakumo to sweat drop while Elena laughed at her onee-san's funny gestures. Nero shook his head before a smirk appeared on his face. He placed his hand on top of Elena's head and started to rub it affectionately.

"Thank you for thinking of me Elena." Getting up from the ground Nero turns to Miyuki offering the girl his hand. The action made Miyuki to look at it for a moment before bringing her vision to his gorgeous gaze. If she was truthful to herself, she wouldn't mind seeing this gentle side of Nero a little more often. As she slowly placed her hand in his softly the devil gently helped her onto her feet.

"Thank you Nero-san."

"No need…" There he goes again. Miyuki cutely pouted as she returned a side glance back in his direction. Feeling something cold around her neck her eyes look towards her chest, finding an item she was sure her little sister placed around her neck recently.

"Wait…Elena-chan, what is this? I-it's beautiful…" Miyuki inspected the necklace in her hand carefully. It was indeed a sight to behold. It was magnificent. Silver with a clear colored crystal in the center of a crescent shape mold. Miyuki gripped it tightly to her chest. This would be something precious to her now, especially since it was given to her by her supposed little sibling. Nero had one as well, but he noticed something was a bit off about his.

"Elena…is my necklace supposed to be missing a piece?" Elena only smiled bigger at his question as she nodded her head happily.

"Onii-san's piece is missing because Onee-san has the other half!" Nero exhaled deeply closing and turning his head to the side. He had a bad feeling about this from the start and his gut is usually never wrong. Miyuki on the other hand started to blush profusely. Wait…did that mean that they were...

"E-Elena-chan, you gave us couples jewelry?" Miyuki stated with obvious embarrassment. This was the last thing she saw coming!

"Mhmm…" Elena's smile only became wider and wider the more Miyuki became flustered. Yakumo saw the Shiba sister's distress and decided to add fuel to the fire.

"That is an old necklace that was kept within the temple for some time now. " Yakumo said as he stroked his beard with an unreadable expression but on the inside he was grinning like a madman.

"You see…that there is the necklace of Eros. There's an old tale behind it, but it's said that those who wear each piece will be inseparable and bound together even through the end of time. It does indeed sound like its befitting for lovers...does it not?" Yakumo said as Miyuki started to blush tenfold.

"BWAHAHAHAHA!" Yakumo busted out laughing at her reaction. That was priceless! Nero's eye twitched in annoyance as he had the decency to wear a small blush of his own. This guy….

"HAA! Sorry, I had to." whipping a tear away from his already closed eyes. Tatsuya was shaking his head at his sensei for teasing his sister like that. Seems like the man would never learn.

"It seems to be getting late for today so I think it's time me and Miyuki headed home…" Tatsuya said causing said girl to be knocked out of her stupor. But at this moment in time even Miyuki felt that leaving now was maybe for the best.

"Onii-sama…" she said looking toward her brother who gave her a small smile. Nero felt something run into the back of his leg, looking down to see Elena. Of course after everything that's happened she wouldn't want to be separated from Miyuki. She was her sister and she wanted to be with her like the happy families she viewed from the television at home.

"Why can't Onee-san come home with us?" Elena asked cutely causing Miyuki to relapse a blush at the question as well. She wanted them to live together?

"Elena…" Nero said as he gave another sigh to his sister's question.

"I don't think that's a good idea little one." Tatsuya said making the little girl frown. She was a young girl so she didn't quite understand the complexity to having healthy boys and girls under the same roof.

"But I want Onee-san and Onii-san to be together…" Elena whined softly. Miyuki was rendered speechless. The Shiba sister did not know what to tell the girl. What could she say? Nero looked at the little girl as he placed his hand on her head softly once again.

"Elena, even your Onee-san has a life of her own. And right now…whatever she does or decides to do, you should respect her decision. That's your job as her little sister…is it not?" What he said was true. There were just times in life when you had to let the people you love experience or do things for themselves. Elena gave him a small nod as Miyuki sent a grateful smile to Nero.

"I guess we'll see each other tomorrow then?" Nero asked them uncertain.

"Of course. We'll look forward to it…Nero-san, Elena-chan." Miyuki said as Tatsuya also bowed but took a side glance at his sister who seemed a bit happy. She was really warming up to Nero's little sister.

"Tomorrow then…" Nero said as he and Elena turned to go their separate ways. Nero waved over his shoulder as always while holding Elena's hand in his other. Miyuki and Tatsuya began to leave as well but Miyuki made sure to wave goodbye to Elena as the little girl returned the gesture. Could she be any more adorable? Miyuki then slowly turned to face forward with her small blush remaining on her cheeks.

"Onii-sama, is there anything that you would like to eat tonight?" Miyuki asked enthusiastically. Tatsuya could see the pep in her step and knew she was in a good mood. His sister then latched on his arm as she laid her head against his shoulder. He could only smile at her actions. She was always happy when she was with him…but now…now he could say that this was the first time in a while after their mother's death that he saw Miyuki's true smile.

"You already know by now Miyuki. Anything you make is fine."

Nero and Elena were now on their way home, Nero was thinking about the things that happened earlier before looking down at Elena. He had to admit the girl has grown on him. But the fear he had in his heart was always there. The type of work that he did would bring enemies of all shapes and sizes and that realization…terrified him. Nero was afraid of her getting hurt because of him. That is another reason why he didn't want to get too close to the people here in Japan. He didn't want them to become caught up in all of this. Sucking his teeth in frustration grabbed Elena's attention as she looked up to see that her brother looked conflicted.

"Onii-san…" The girl could see that her brother was struggling with his emotions. Nero looked at her while trying to give her a small smirk the best he could.

"I'm alright Elena. I guess I'm just a bit tired is all." Nero said while making her stare at him still not convinced.

'Wait, what is this feeling?' Nero's eyes instantly became alert before grabbing Elena and performed a back flip 30 feet in the air while holding her firmly. As he performed the acrobatics, something went past where he and Elena once were. Landing gracefully, Nero stared intently at whatever tired to attack them.

"You have good reflexes…Kin of Sparda." his words made Nero go into full alert. He had to protect Elena but he didn't want her to see the fight that might take place as well. Dammit!

"Onii-san…" The look on her face said it all. The thing standing across from them was far from normal and even Elena could feel something was off. The look of discomfort on her face spoke volumes to Nero. He had to protect her. No matter what the cost he needed to get her out of there safely even if it killed him. He looked at her with a confident smirk on his face trying his best to reassure the little girl and let her know that she would be alright. No way would he let any harm come to her if it was up to him.

"Elena, don't worry. I promise no matter what happens I will protect you." Nero had to gauge the situation carefully. He didn't have Blue Rose or Red Queen with him at that point in time so he would have to rely on his abilities. But wait…he had his Belmont. The good thing about Belmont was he could draw out its power without it physically being wielded.

"I am here to kill you and rid this world of your foul stench…half blood." The creature was an ugly looking fellow if Nero was honest. But he gave off an intimidating aura that Nero could easily feel. He knew that this demon before him was no pushover.

"You know, I have school tomorrow and the last thing I want to be is late." Nero said causing the demon to snort in amusement.

"You will not be leaving here boy. Prepare yourself!" With that the demon started to hunch over as its body started to distort and protrude. You could hear the creaking of his bones or ripping of his muscles as his body started to change into something horrific. Nero seeing this knew he couldn't keep Elena there now. Turning around he starts to run fast enough to get away from there. He can't fight him seriously while she was with him. He didn't want her to get hurt because of him.

"Onii-san, I'm scared…"

"It will be ok Elena. I promised remember?" Landing near some trees about four miles away, Nero places her down while looking at her in the eyes.

"Elena, can you please do me a favor?" The girl slowly nodded her head.

"I need you to wait here for me without making a sound ok? Whatever you do please do not leave this spot unless your life is in danger."

"Ok…" the girl said softly as Nero used his finger to wipe away some of her tears.

"Believe in me Elena. I'll be back in no time." with that Nero quickly sprints away from the girl making his way towards the monstrous aura near the mountain side.

"So you've returned kin of Sparda? I would have hunted you down regardless. You are lucky I let you get away the first time. The hunt is always more enjoyable when they stall." Nero saw the form of a metallic humanoid with three glowing red eyes and stood at least twenty feet tall after transforming. The power he was oozing was the real deal.

"Just who the hell are you anyway?" Nero asked calmly as he analyzed his opponent. The Demon brought his arms out as it held its head high.

"I am Orphis, the demon of Distortion. Come…Half-Breed, and let me erase your existence from this world!" Nero got into a defensive stance as the demon hunched over.

"I have to be read…" Kicking off the ground causing debris to scatter, Orphis closed the distance between them so fast it looked like he teleported.

"He's fast." Nero thought as he performed a corkscrew flip to the side to dodge the demon's blitz attack. As soon as Nero's foot hit the ground he could feel the presence of the Demon standing over his body looking down at him. Nero's eyes slowly grew wide in understanding. He really was something he couldn't hold back against.

Quickly performing a back flip to dodge Orphis' punch that hit the ground, the effect caused an explosion from the force alone. The wind sent Nero sailing back as he landed on his feet fifty feet away. The smoke from the attack started to disperse showing the crater that was made from just the wind pressure of his punch. The crater was deep and wide. It was at least forty feet wide and seventy feet deep. What the hell was with that power?

"Hey now…you could have seriously bruised me there." Nero joked as he fixed himself once again ready to re-engage the demon.

"You disappoint me boy. Where is the power we demon's fear? The power said to destroy worlds! Show it to me!" Orphis yelled as he dashed towards Nero again. Nero felt it was time to take the offensive with an enemy like this. Focusing he stares at the demons approaching punch. Timing it perfectly Nero jumps over it as he then turned his own body sending a punch towards Orphis.

"So predictable…Rewrite." Orphis spoke as an invisible sphere expanded throughout the area. Something wasn't right. Nero was halted in place before all of his movements were being reversed to just before he dodged the attack.

"I won't miss this time." As time resumed once again, Nero received the punch he swore he just dodged. The hit threw him back at least a hundred feet. Back hitting the ground Nero used his momentum to back flip up right before noticing the demon was already in his face once again. Kicking the boy in the stomach, the shockwave from the blow was enough to make the surrounding tree vaporized from the force.

"Gah…" Orphis then finishes his kick as Nero was sent through multiple trees. What is that he used?

"You cannot escape me. My ability "Rewrite" allows me to distort an area and rewind the effects that occur within it no matter what it is so long as it is under five hours. If I want I can blanket just my body or cover three hundred meters vertically and horizontally it doesn't matter! But I'm glad my ability has a drawback that doesn't allow me to use it again until ten minutes have passed. The hunt would be no fun otherwise. Do you understand now kin of Sparda?" Walking slowly to Nero who quickly got back up to catch his bearings. Wiping the dirt from his face Nero's eyes gain a serious gaze.

"That's it! Those are the eyes I want to see! COME!" Nero had to be smart fighting against this demon. His ability was going to be hard to get around. Dusting himself off, Nero tightens the muscles in his legs as he dashed forward kicking up dirt. A sonic boom could be heard in the air as he threw a punch at Orphis who brought his arm up to block the attack. The metallic demon was confident in his hard metal body so the damage would be little to none regardless. He was wrong...

Nero's punch hit true as the force was far greater then Orphis first anticipated.

"S-such power!" The ground underneath their feet imploded as a crater formed under as well. Orphis was lifted from his feet, thrown back destroying tree after tree with his heavy body.

"For him to knock me back this far..." using his hand to stop his momentum he slams it in the grown. The demon looks up to Nero who was just staring at him.

"In this form I weigh at least one hundred tons. Impossible…" Standing back up they both stare down the other before both disappeared.

*BOOM!* Punch after punch was changing the landscape. Almost as if an earthquake was taking place the demons continued to go back and forth. Orphis before wasn't even using half of his power. But now seeing Nero step it up a notch, he felt it was time for him to also get serious. Swiftly dodging Nero's kick by leaning back he uppercuts the boy into the sky. As Nero blocked the attack he saw Orphis crossing his arms in the "X" formation.

"I think it's time for me to get serious…GAHHHHHHHHH!" Yelling into the night, Orphis' power started to skyrocket through the roof. The aura on his body started to vibrate the surrounding area to the point just its presence caused the earth around him started to vaporize.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Prepare yourself!" As soon as those words left Orphis' mouth he was somehow in front of Nero who was still in the air. Nero eyes widened in surprise before a huge hand gripped his face.

"TAKE THIS!" The veins in the metallic demons arms bulged as his mass increased as well. Throwing Nero towards the ground as hard as he could sent air pressure so great that even though they were a few hundred feet in the air the shockwave effected the surrounding below. Just the force from the throw caused a crater to form on the ground even though they were both still in the air. Nero's body hit the ground with such speed that the normal eye would view him as a lightning bolt. The ground imploded even more than before as plates of rocks and boulders of earth shot out like a volcano. Orphis landed on a pillar of rock that was formed from the impact Nero made with is body. It looked like an Armageddon wasteland. Nero suddenly popped out back flipping onto uneven earth. His uniform needed a washing for sure now. Hearing the sound of vaporizing earth he knew Orphis was once again trying to attack him.

"Where are you looking?" Barely dodging to the side the wind pressure from the punch made everything behind Nero vaporize into nothingness. Looking at Orphis he saw the demon still in the stance of holding his punch out in front of him. Nero could literally see his aura with his own eyes. There was at least a mile of missing land and the mountain that was behind him was almost completely gone. The ground had embers and smoke spread everywhere from the friction of Orphis's fist. With his punch alone he caused a natural phenomenon. How was no one alerted by now with this destruction...unless they were in temporary limbo? Landing on the ground once again, Nero knew with someone like this he had to give it his all. There was no time for games against someone that had the potential to very well kill him if he slipped up. Reaching to his right arm sleeve he rolls it up.

"Sorry about this…but it looks like I can't hold back on someone like you after all…" slowly lifting his arm up, Orphis could feel tremendous power coming from it. A blue light started to cover the half-breeds right arm that made him stare in wonder. Just what was he hiding?

After the light died down Nero's arm took the shape of something demonic that glowed as true as the light that covered it. It was his Devil Bringer. Flexing his arm to get the feel for it from not using it in a while the white haired devil looked at Orphis with an unreadable expression.

"What is that?" Orphis asked as a weapon of some sort started to materialize in the boy's demonic hand. Orphis couldn't help but feel a bit weary of Nero now. The power the boy was releasing now is completely different compared to how it was before.

Using his incredible speed once more Orphis had his punch ready as it neared Nero's face from the side. He had to finish him off quickly.

"You're finished!" Throwing his punch at the stilled Nero made received an outcome he did not expect. When Orphis' punch almost made contact with the white haired devil an incredible invisible force repelled the damage of his attack back at him in full.

"GUH!" Being thrown back like a rail gun cannon, Orphis could see his arm was completely busted and hanging on by fibers of muscle. What the hell was that ability? He could have sworn he landed a direct hit on the boy. Looking back up to Nero…wait he's gone?

Orphis could feel a presence over him which made him look up to see the boy coming down towards his body. Nero reached out with his right hand as a spirit like substance shot from his demonic arm hitting Orphis in his chest. The impact of the hit caused the metallic demon to be slammed into the uneven earth causing an even greater crater. Nero still falling from the sky used his Devil Bringer to pin Orphis to the ground readying his next attack in hopes of damaging the demon. Nero knew that just holding him there wouldn't be enough to keep someone of Orohis' brute strength on the ground. With that he flipped his Belmont in a reverse grip while increasing the gravity over the demons body.

"GRAH! W-WHAT IS THIS PRESSURE?" Orphis continued to be pushed further and further into the ground. What incredible force! It was like sinking in quick sand. You had no hope of escaping. Nero then placed an "Air Hike" rune behind him as he used it to kick off towards the downed demon. His velocity reached hypersonic levels causing the air to explode from his speed. Slicing Belmont forward, Nero made contact with the demons neck area as the collateral damage from the attack gave the earth another earth quaking tremor. As the dust started to clear it only showed the demon to have a shallow cut around his neck.

"You Bastard!" Swinging at Nero with his other functioning arm once again, it only hit Nero's vector field causing a returning backlash.

"GAAAH!" Both arms now destroyed made Orphis look like his time would be over soon. Nero had to admit, this demon's skin was made out of some crazy durable substance. It was easily harder then thick diamond but the demon could move around so freely which made it hard to believe. Nero raised Belmont over his head as he looked down at the demon with a cold gaze. Something didn't feel right...

"Rewrite." Nero brought his sword down with great hast only stopping just before his blade hit the demon's neck again. Nero and the damaged environment started to reverse. Wounds, damage, earth…everything was set back to the way it was before Nero destroyed Orphis' first arm. Nero was back to standing in the spot that he once was with a sense of déjà vu. It would seem that ten minutes have passed giving Orphis the ability to reuse his power.

"Why does this seem so familiar?" He could swear he was in this exact same spot as he looked over to Orphis who was flexing his renewed limbs.

"That power of yours is quite dangerous. I won't make the same mistake again." Orphis then looked at Nero who seemed slightly confused. Something was very wrong here. Orphis dashed at Nero once more but instead of throwing a punch he grabbed his left arm. Nero snapped his finger causing his gravity to slam in the spot Orphis once was. The metallic demon disappeared from his vision completely causing Nero to feel unbelievable power from behind him. Turning his head he could see a punch already near his face.

"Shit" Dodging his head to the side the best he could, Nero couldn't escape the force of the blow behind the attack. The punch created a vacuum effect that completely destroyed Nero's clothes above his waist. The wind pressure then blasted him back like a rifle as he smashed against the remains of what was once an entire mountain. Orphis' ability can stretch to however long he desires as long as he can provide enough demonic energy. The demon purposely only covered enough space for him and Nero to be effected by his magic. A foot, meters, miles…it did not matter.

"Get up kin of Sparda. We will settle this fight here and now!" Nero could be seen slowly coming out of the rubble that his body helped create. This was annoying. Nero didn't want to abuse his ability because of the drawback in regards to stopping his heart. Blood could be viewed trailing down the side of Nero's head as he got to his feet.

"Oh well, I guess I have no choice…" Closing his eyes he started manipulating the vectors around him. His hair started to slowly stand up on its own as he started to walk forward in an attempt to meet Orphis head on. Every footstep he took caused the earth under his feet to buckle in submission. Orphis raised his hand towards Nero in an attempt to invite his assault.

"COME!" Each one jumping at the other, disappearing from sight. The sonic boom and vibrating earth shook throughout the area as they engaged one another.

Around the same time this happened, Miyuki was at the Shiba residents and couldn't stop thinking about what happened at Yakumo's place. She was currently on her bed in nothing but her underwear and bra, as she tossed and turned around. She couldn't sleep. The girl could only quietly stare at her ceiling before looking down at the gift she received from her supposed little sibling. Miyuki grasped it tightly as she brought it closer to her chest happily. She would bring this with her everywhere she went no matter what. This was a strange new feeling to her. Something inside the girl was building up and she liked it. She could not help but think about the white haired teen and his younger sister. Many things and thoughts were roaming through her mind at once. As she continued thinking about it, time went by without her noticing as she slowly started closing her eyes. Finally the Shiba princess felt like she was succumbing to her sleep as the world around her was succumbed to darkness.

Nero had enough of this. Balling his fist, he covered it in a vector field that had the properties of a high frequency blade but destructive force of a bomb. He intends to end the fight as quickly as possible. His heart couldn't stay in stasis forever. Orphis could literally feel the power coming from the boy's fist. He knew he couldn't take something like that head on. He had to counter! Nero threw his punch outward in the direction of Orphis who disappeared once again. Wait…what is this? Nero's punch seemed to disfigure the air. The air itself looked like it was being warped by an invisible vortex.

"W-WHAT IS THIS!?" Orphis could feel his being getting sucked into the half-breeds attack. He could see Nero escape away from him trying to create distance between them. Pumping all of his demonic energy into his right arm Nero shoots out towards Orphis once again. Orphis knew…he couldn't dodge this. He had three more minutes until his next use of his power. He knew he might not survive this attack.

"HAAH!" Nero screams as he punches a hole through the chest of Orphis where his heart would be.

"GHHAH!" The demon coughed up a pool of blood as some of it landed on Nero's unreadable features. They both stood there quietly as the sound of the wind blowing past them went through the night. Orphis slowly reaches up and grabs Nero's arm as he grinned wickedly at the teen.

"It looks like you really are worthy of that cursed bloodline. Mark my words kin of Sparda, this is only the beginning of the end!" With that Orphis' big hand slips off and falls lifelessly to his side. Nero's arm started to glow a bright white as power started to flow within him. What was this feeling? Right now Nero was the only thing keeping Orphis from falling to the ground. Closing his eyes Nero releases a tired sigh from his mouth as he let the lifeless form of the demon fall next to him. Orphis' body started to decompose and wither away into the night breeze. Looking at his hand Nero could see a blue seal appear on his left forearm before quickly disappearing. Nero could see himself giving off a powerful white aura before it went away as fast as it appeared. Looking around and taking in all the damage that was done thanks to his recent battle, Nero had an idea pop into his head.

"I wonder if I could…" Bringing up his hand slowly he quickly snaps his fingers.

"Rewrite…" Time stopped for an instant. Slowly everything started working in reverse around him. Thankfully he absorbed Orphis' power or else the demon might have returned as well. Piece by piece, rock, trees, the mountain, and his clothes…all of it reformed to the way it was before the battle even took place. Nero looked down at his hands. He just gained a new ability from absorbing the demons demonic powers. This was something he noticed his devil bringer had as an innate ability. Every time he touched something long enough he could absorb its power and make it his own. Reverting his arm back to its human form, he felt he needed to hurry and find Elena. That was five miles back in town so he had to dash there quickly.

"Wait for me…Elena"

Little did Nero know that someone was watching him with binoculars as he ran out of the limbo boundary field.

"That looked like some sort of magical barrier. And that school uniform…" The long red haired figure said with golden eyes that shined behind her mask.

"I knew I felt something strange. That must be the identified family of Sir Redgrave that Morrison mentioned to me?" The person said as they lost sight of Nero with his incredible speed.

"He's fast!" She needed to get to the bottom of this for sure. Remembering his school uniform an idea popped into her head but that would have to wait for another day.

"Commencing Mission." Tucking her binoculars back into her blue coat pocket she dashes off in the direction she saw him heading. She would follow him and see just what was he up to.

As Nero finally reached the location he left his sister at, he found the little girl crunched up in a ball hiding behind a tree. You could hear her whimpering showing how scared she was. Nero slowly walked over to the girl as his footsteps gained her attention. Looking up at the noise, Elena noticed him walking towards her.

"O-onii-san!" The girl quickly got up from the ground and ran into him as she cried.

"Onii-san you're ok!" Rubbing her head gently Nero gave her a soft smile as he tried his best to reassure the girl.

"I told you didn't I Elena? I promised you I would be right back so everything will be alright." His words seemed to help the girl calm down a bit but she was still distressed from the whole situation. Masking her presence nearby with magic, the red haired figure could be seen spying on the two siblings. As she watched the scene from her spot she unconsciously gained a soft expression from the exchange. To the redhead it looked like a brother only trying to comfort his scared little sibling. She brought her hand up to her head as she sighed while shuffling through her hair. Her mission was to monitor the boy but this felt like an invasion of their privacy. Slowly backing away from the tree she was hiding behind, she felt that for now she would let them be and continue her mission some other time. It was getting late anyway. Turning around once more to look at the handsome boy she gained a small and barely noticeable smile before quietly walking into the shadows.

The next day comes as Nero was in his own world still thinking about the fight he had yesterday. He suddenly runs into Erika as he was on his way to school after dropping Elena off at Yakumo's again that morning.

"Good morning Nero..." Erika said happily before noticing he seemed more distance than usual.

"What's wrong…are you ok?" She asked causing him to be knocked out of his thoughts.

"Oh…Erika…" his slow reaction caused her to raise her brow in wonder. What was going on with him today? He seemed so spaced out and it didn't really feel like the same boy she knew.

"And what side of the bed did you wake up on this morning Angelo? Teasing him a bit which received her desired reaction and brought more life to him again.

"Would it matter? You make it seem like we share the same bed…" Nero countered as this made Erika blush.

"H-hey now!" Nero smirked at her playful nature. It did help him forget about his problems at the moment so even if she was mildly mouthy, he was grateful. He started to wave her off as he continued to walk towards the school with redhead following right behind him.

When they both arrived at the front gate, Nero and Erika were making their way through the courtyard. Many eyes were on the pair as they tried to ignore them as best they could. A little off to the side you could see Tatsuya and Miyuki were accompanied by some of the members of the student council. The group seemed to spot them as they made their way toward the main building. Miyuki silently watched the pair while she suddenly halted her conversation with Mari. Mayumi also noticed Nero and Erika as they walked further away. A thought came to her mind as a small smirk covered her beautiful features. She would get back at him for what he did the other day if it was the last thing Mayumi did. As the girl made her way over to both Nero and Erika, Mayumi's action caused the other members of the council to look on in wonder or with others, interest. Miyuki looked over to the red eyed girl and saw the direction she was heading. As Mayumi started to pick up pace, she wanted to make sure she caught the boy off guard. She takes her arm and wrapped it around his own making Nero look down at the girl in wonder.

"Oh Nero-kun, it's so good to see you." She softly leaned her head onto his arm causing Nero to raise his brow at the action. He could see a bit of her face and almost instantly knew from her smirking face she was up to something. Erika looked on with a gaping mouth and the others within the council group had different reactions as well. Tatsuya only sighed to himself knowing good and well what Mayumi was probably up to. He could tell as soon as he saw the look in her eyes once she noticed the white haired teen arrived at school that she would try and pay Nero back for the other day. Miyuki's finger slightly twitched from watching the exchange that just occurred. Her face was also unconsciously accompanied by a frown.

"You don't mind if I stay like this a bit longer do you Nero-kun?" The president asked in a flirty tone that caused the boy to close his eyes and give his own small smirk. Two could play this game then.

"Not at all. You can stay there as long as you want." Nero said. She looked into his eyes a bit surprised from his reply. That wasn't the reaction she was expecting. She was hoping he would be a fumbling mess by now but he wasn't even fazed by her feminine charms.

"You know Mayumi…if it wasn't for the fact that we had other people around…I would have you all to myself." Nero said but in a way that made it incredibly hard to tell if he was joking or being completely serious. It was always like that with him. You couldn't really ever tell what he was thinking in that head of his. Mayumi blinked a few times trying to process what she just heard. When his words were finally de-coded by her brain, it caused Mayumi to blush madly, quickly forcing her to let go of his arm flustered.

"W-w-w-what are you saying all of a sudden?" Nero stared at her trying his best to keep his face from smiling.

"What's with that face? I meant what I said. After all, I belong to you as much as you belong to me." Erika was holding her mouth at the look on Mayumi's face. It was priceless. She could feel the boy was teasing the girl but man was he good at it. She was going to blow with laughter at any moment.

"…." Mayumi's mouth was moving like a fish out of water but no words would come out. Her obvious embarrassed state didn't go unnoticed by her council members either. Her plan had backfired horribly. Tatsuya just shook his head. He saw that coming from a mile away and the president set herself up for that one. Miyuki started to unknowingly let off a cold draft as she looked at the two while the small orange haired girl noticed her friend\president was having a bit of trouble. That had to be the boy she heard so many things about around the school.

Azusa was finally meeting the person who she heard gossip about in regards to being a foreigner. And even though they heard rumors about his good looks, she had no idea he was this level of handsome. With his silky white hair and ocean blue eyes she was holding her hands clasped together with stars in her pupils. Suzune who usually doesn't make many facial expressions, had the decency to blush a pink hue as she took in the handsome devils appearance. To her it wasn't just how good looking he was. No, it was more than that. She was focused on how well he carried himself, almost as if he oozed charisma. Now she could see why Mayumi found herself interested with him. He was leagues above the other boys here at this school in that department. Mari looked over to her friend to see that sure enough, Mayumi still had a noticeable blush on her face as she looked at the boy. So what everyone said the other day was true then?

"Whoa…you're so handsome! You're a foreigner right, where from?" Azusa asked excitedly as she jumped up and down excitedly.

"I'm from Fortuna in the USNA." Nero stated, gaining more starry eyes from the girl as Suzune also came to ask him some questions of her own. Fortuna? That was the location that founded the Order of the Sword. Everyone just learned a new bit of information from the boy.

"Whoa! You're from the place that started The Order? I always wanted to go there and visit! Is it every bit of what its said to be?" Nero's gaze softened a little bit as he thought about his home.

"Yeah it is…" Miyuki stared him from the side in wonder. To think that Nero was from a place like that growing up? She then looked to her brother and noticed he was in deep thought himself. So his suspicions about Nero weren't wrong. There was something he was hiding and Tatsuya knew it.

"By the way, I'm Azusa Nakajou and this is Suzune Ichihara. It's nice to meet you Angelo-san!" The two girls gave him a quick bow. Nero just weakly waved off their polite gesture. He didn't really care for formalities that much.

"Nero Angelo. And just Nero is fine…" Nero was soon after bombarded with questions while the others looked at how he calmly and effectively answered them casually. Seems like he was a natural at this kind of thing?

Among all of this Erika spotted both Tatsuya and Miyuki within the group as she waved to greet the siblings. You could see that the girl purposely avoided Mari on her way over to them. Wonder what that's about?

"Oh hey Tatsuya, Miyuki. How are you this morning?" The redhead asked as Tatsuya gave the girl a small smile as she approached them.

"So far I can't complain. Plus we all were given a front row seat to our president's flustered state." Tatsuya said low enough for only the three of them to hear. Erika lightly giggled in her hand completely agreeing with him. This morning has already started off on a good note for sure. Erika then looked over to Miyuki and noticed that the girl's attention was still occupied on the group who were in the middle of talking to Nero. A smirk appeared on Erika's face as she stealthily slid next to the female Shiba. Erika carefully covered her mouth with her hand so no one could hear what she would say to the girl next.

"What's this…is our Miyuki-san jealous perhaps?" She whispered causing Miyuki's eyes to slowly widen, blushing slightly, turning her head to the side and closing eyes. She let out a cute huff showing that she was definitely bothered by something. Was she mad?

"I'm sorry Erika-san, but you must be mistaken. I was only curious about the topic they were discussing between one another." Erika blinked blankly at her friends actions before her face returned back to her well-known sinister smile.

"Erika, would you please refrain yourself from teasing my sister so early in the morning?" Tatsuya said as he sighed deeply. Shrugging to herself, Erika felt it was best to drop her teasing for now. As she looked back at Miyuki she gave the girl and apologetic expression as she clapped her hands together before slightly bowing her head.

"Sorry Miyuki, I just couldn't resist messing with you at least once today." Miyuki looked back at the girl while giving her a warm smile. Miyuki felt it was just Erika trying to mess with her but she wouldn't admit some things were bothering her a bit. However, it had nothing to do with what the redhead said to her...

"It's quite alright Erika-san. I know you were only teasing me." Giving Miyuki a grateful smile, Erika saw something she didn't notice before.

"Whoa…Miyuki, that necklace is beautiful!" This made the girl in question blush a bit more as she used her hand to cup said item in her delicate hand.

"Thank you Erika-san. I also think it's beautiful…" Miyuki said as her vision slowly traveled back to the white haired devil. Erika saw the action but decided to ignore it for the time being. Miyuki again remembered the scene of her and Nero receiving their gifts from her younger sibling. A small and beautiful smile found its way across the Shiba sisters face once again. She didn't say anything about it, but she noticed Nero was also wearing his half of the necklace. Tatsuya just reached over to his sister and placed his hand on her shoulder with a smile of his own.

"Let's go Miyuki. We shouldn't be late for class." nodding in understanding, Miyuki agreed that it was time to be productive as she wondered if the rest of the council members were ready to go.

"Well it looks like they're finishing up now so I'll see you two later. Especially you Tatsuya!" Erika said waving to the siblings before running over to catch up with Nero. As Miyuki looked back in their direction she could see Nero and Erika finally trying to escape the council group's assault. Azusa could be seen waving happily at the white and red haired duo's retreating forms as they went their own way. Seems like the small orange haired girl took quite a liking to Nero if her facial expression was anything to go by. Mayumi was still pouting since Mari was teasing her about her failed attempt that backfired. It was glorious.

Miyuki could see that the white haired devil was slowly but surely becoming more and more popular. It was something that was unavoidable when it came down to the type of person Nero was. People just gravitated around him and his charming nature regardless of his tough and distant attitude. Averting her vision to her brother, Miyuki felt it was best to forget about things like that for now.

"Shall we go Onii-sama?" A beautiful smile covered the Shiba princess' face as her brother nodded his head in agreement.

"Let's go"

It was a long day for Tatsuya Shiba. Tatsuya was just leaving the meeting the discipline committee held before being confronted by the brown haired male Shun Morisaki who didn't like the fact Tatsuya was showing off in front of everyone. Not too long after that Tatsuya ran into Erika before saving the poor girl from a group of people trying to get her to join their club while asking how she knew the "Handsome Zero" personally.

Tatsuya then ended up having to break up a fight from the kendo class while using his superior martial arts and cast jamming to end it without casualties or anyone getting hurt. He was now standing in front of the heads of the Council as he explained what happened so things would not get out of hand. But even though he didn't want to admit it, the male Jyumonji Katsuto had an intimidating aura around him. Maybe not as much as Nero, but he still put Tatsuya a bit on edge. After he was finished with his duties for the day, time flew by rather quickly. It was already time to head home and what a day it has been for him.

Tatsuya found himself meeting up with his sister Miyuki and the others as the rest of the group consisted of Erika, Mizuki, Leo and Shiemi. The group seemed to come to an agreement that they would go to the café on their way home that evening. Erika saw a familiar head of snow white hair and waved over to the boy to get his attention. Even she knew it wouldn't be a day out with friends without the boy. There was also something she wanted to tell him but she would save it for when she could embarrass him in front of everyone. That to Erika made the entire trip worth the effort.

"Hey Nero, want to come with us to the café on our way home? I'm sure it will be fun." Erika asked as Nero stopped to face them. From the look on his face he looked almost regretful.

"Sorry, as fun as that sounds I'm a bit tied up tonight. Maybe some other time." Turning back around he waves over his shoulder like always as he walked off of the school grounds.

"And there he goes..." Erika spoke as if she saw it coming. Tatsuya and Miyuki understood Nero's circumstances regarding his sister or should Miyuki say "their" sister. In some way the Shiba sister felt conflicted and wanted to go see the girl as well but she had already agreed to go out with Erika and the others that evening. Shiemi who was standing next to Erika watched sadly as Nero went his separate way as the shy blonde wondered to herself what it could be that had him so busy. It wasn't any of her business but she hoped that everything was ok. But even then, truth be told, she was deeply wishing that he would have come with them to the café. She has become so used to his presence being near her that it was rather weird to Shiemi if he wasn't around. She couldn't explain what she was quite feeling but whenever she was able to see Nero it just felt like everything would be alright. Courage, confidence or self-esteem, Shiemi knew she had neither but Nero being by her side made her feel like he filled those missing traits within herself. He was the first person to not only become her friend but also to accept her for who she was even with all of her flaws. Watching him leave her almost made Shiemi feel…vulnerable. But why was that? She had friends that made her happy, that could make her laugh and smile or even share their happiness together so why…why does she feel so alone as the person she admires the most walks further away from her?

"I'm sure Nero has good reason for declining us Erika. Maybe he will accompany us next time?" Tatsuya said as they all started to walk to the café together. As Miyuki engaged with conversation with her brother and friends, some part of her was also wondering how the white haired siblings were fairing.

As the group made it to the café they talked amongst one another in regards to their day at school. Miyuki and her brother Tatsuya were acting all weird again as they teased the others. It was more so teasing Mizuki since the girl believed the two were being sincere about their taboo feelings for each other. Erika and Leo only shook their heads from the whole ordeal. If Erika knew any better she would think they really were lovers. Mizuki gently placed her mug back down while in deep thought about something that's been on her mind.

"I hope everything's ok with Nero-san. He seemed to be in such a hurry this evening…" Mizuki mentioned as the group all had different expressions to her statement.

"Yeah, you're right Mizuki-chan. Wait…you don't think it was because of a girl do you?" Erika asked as this made Leo hit his hand in his palm as if a light bulb went off in his head.

"You know…that could very well be the case." Leo said aloud. Shiemi was starting to feel extremely uncomfortable talking about this topic. The girl was just using her spoon to quietly stir her cup of tea while trying her best to keep her composure. Just the thought of that being true made a weird feeling in her stomach arise. She wasn't sure exactly what it was but she knew one thing and that was the fact that it didn't feel very good.

"Erika-san, I don't think Nero is that kind of person." Shiemi spoke softly. Even though her redheaded friend was most likely joking about the whole thing she was in a way still implying that Nero was some sort of womanizer. If there was one thing that Shiemi was sure about it was that Nero wasn't that type of guy. Erica gave Shiemi a glance over as she inspected her friends appearance. Whatever she said probably didn't sit too well with the shy girl but a bit of Erika wanted to know why exactly that was the case. A smile slowly plastered its way on her features as she continued to stare at the girl in question. "Yeah, yeah I know. I was just kidding but you can't blame me for being at least a little bit curious."

Miyuki was looking at the exchange of chatter as it went back and forth. That couldn't be his reason for not accompanying them…could it? Shaking her head slowly she thought about the possibilities. He had a lot on his plate as it was and she knew little Elena wouldn't want him to take too long returning home from school.

"I wonder who this girl is if he can't even introduce us to her?" Erika asked as her hand was under her chin, using her arm as a support. Suddenly her playful smile retuned on her face while an idea popped into her head.

"Or maybe he and Saegusa-san are out on a date?"

*SNAP!* The sound of something breaking caused everyone to look around in confusion. Miyuki heard it as well as she looked around herself in wonder before turning back around. As she did so, she noticed everyone was staring in her direction. Wait, why were they all looking at her like that?

Tatsuya looked at his sister as well, noticing her odd behavior.

"What's wrong?" Miyuki asked her friends as Erika pointed downward towards Miyuki's hands. Looking down, Miyuki started to lightly blush in embarrassment. In her hand was the broken handle of her coffee mug she was drinking from. She didn't even recall ever doing such an action. What in the world just happened?

"I'm terribly sorry…" Miyuki said softly. What was happening to her?

"It's fine Miyuki, accidents happen to everyone." Tatsuya said as he kindly took her mug and walked toward the counter to get her a new one.

"Thank you Onii-sama." Miyuki's vision just looked to the side confused.

"Yeah, Miyuki-san, it's ok. I'm clumsy all the time so don't feel bad." Mizuki said trying to help cheer the girl up a bit more. It was all so strange to her. She unconsciously broke something without even realizing it. Miyuki looked back up at the glasses wearing girl with a small smile.

"Thank you Mizuki-san. Maybe I just have a lot on my mind. I apologize if I startled any of you." Miyuki now slightly bowing her head to them. After seeing her sincere apology everyone just kindly waved off the matter. It wasn't that big a deal to begin with in the first place but it was a tad strange from her reaction. After Tatsuya returned back with her new mug of coffee the group proceeded to make light conversation until it was time for them to go their separate ways. One can only wonder what tomorrow would bring.

Around the same time there was a group of people sitting around a big table as all of their faces were blacked out by the shadows. They seemed to be talking about the death of one of their undercover cultist that was killed a few weeks ago.

"I'm telling you, whoever killed her must know more then they need too. And you try to tell me no one has found this person yet?" Someone asked annoyed since the very female that Nero killed was an undercover spy for this secret organization.

"I'll handle it, so stop worrying" a mocking voice said that sounded young like someone in their early twenties

"You better…if news of this gets out we'll…" someone started but was cut off again by the same mocking voice but this time it was deadly serious.

"Didn't I say…I'll handle it?"

"Yes….well, do be sure to take care of this debacle."

"Count on it."

Chapter End.

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