percy's p.o.v

I sigh and run my hand through my hair,

I am currently sitting in camp van waiting in New York traffic to get to mom's apartment. My mom hasn't seen me in eight month's (and from what I have been told) she is freaking out. The second giant war is over and all hero's and camper's are headed to Olympus, but I convinced them to let me go home for one and a half hour before the meeting. They will probably be holding the awards ceremony, but they didn't say exactly.

I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice the van coming to a complete stop . I nervously got out of my van and tap on my legs to lessen the ADHD. I am really nervous and excited. I haven't seen mom for a whole year and I really miss her.

I waved goodbye to Argus and head into the building going straight to elevator and press third floor button and start thinking about what to say when I see her. I know I can't exactly say ;"Hi mom! It's nice to see you . Sorry, I was kidnapped by a crazy goddess and thrown into second giant war where I fell into Tartarus, that's why I was gone for so long, But I am home now ". Yeah! she would probably try to kill that mad goddess ,especially, if she is Hera.

I was broken out of my thought's when the elevator opened with a ding, signaling I made it to my floor. I nervously ran my hand through my hair as I walked o my door an old habit of mine, I steeled my nerve's and knocked three times before I could change my mind and turn back. I heard a faint "Coming". I put my hands in my pocket to stop them from acting up due to ADHD and shuffle my feet.

The door open's revealing my wonderful mom shocked to the core, both staring at each other with tears in our eyes. "Percy, is that really you!"she say's reaching out a hand to touch my cheek , as if seeing a ghost, I couldn't talk so I just nodded my head as she crashed into me enveloping me in a bear hug that could rival Tyson's

We were both crying when Paul hollered from inside the apartment "SALLY! who's here?". After not getting a response he came to the door and his jaw dropped in disclosure at the sight of mom hugging me to death and crying her eyes out, after looking at my face he did a double take and said Percy at which I replied "Hey, Paul." Which had him rushing over and scooping both mom and me in a bear hug. After I managed to pry them both of due to lack of air, mom led me to the couch and sat beside me instantly demanding to tell her where I was. So I started explaining everything that happened (leaving out some stuff like tartarus).By the time I was finished it has been more than an hour.

"Mom, I have to go, there's a meeting on Olympus which I have to be present at. I was able to get them to let me have two hours for meeting you guys but I don't think they'll appreciate it if I am late" she nods " Ok, but promise you will come soon, and no more disappearing or I'll have to charge up to Olympus and beat the crap out of the gods to tell me where you are?". We all laugh at that but I knew she'll do it . I promised to come visit soon and make my way straight to the empire state building.

Once reaching there I head into the lobby and ring the bell on the reception at which the receptionist looks up who's eyes widen at me and quickly rummages in his drawer for key card and instantly handing it to me on finding it."Here you go sir, have a nice day ".I chuckled as I got on the elevator and inserted the key card. I groaned as the elevator music started playing and really hoped that Apollo didn't choose this music cause it's the worst music on the planet. Gods know he already makes the worst haikus, it would be real bad if he had the worst taste in music.

I was so consumed in my thoughts that I didn't notice the elevator come to a complete stop and the doors opening. I stepped out of the elevator and marveled at the beauty of Olympus, Annabeth had put in a great effort at redesigning it. I made my way to the throne room, smiling and waving at its inhabitants everyone waves back(few even blushed) in return. After few minutes of walking I made it to the huge doors of throne room depicting scenes of battle of fallen, I could hear lots of inaudible talking and shouts from inside. I sighed (some things never change) and pushed open the doors with a bit of strain as they wereheavy.