Chapter 15: Family Dilemma…Settled

(Back in Subspace)

Ultra Mario and Kyrin were still trapped in a caged arena with Tabuu while surrounded by an audience of Tabuu's minions and followers. Tabuu fired a ball of energy from his hand and shot it at Mario and Kyrin. Kyrin countered with an energy ball he fired from his hand. The two blasts of energy collided and exploded on impact, filling the entire caged arena with smoke. Ultra Mario to use the cover of the smoke to get in close and hit Tabuu with a super jump punch. However, Tabuu took two steps back and avoided it before Ultra Mario became visible in the smoke cloud.

Ultra Mario- He dodged it?!

Tabuu- As I said the last time we fought, Mario, you need to learn new tricks. You, Shantae, and Bowser Jr. pulled a lot of trick like that one against me during the last season finale. Not to mention you and Kyrin used it against Bowser two chapters ago to death. I rarely repeat performances, Mario. And you better figure out how to evolve your strategies.

Then Tabuu fired a laser from his eyes at Ultra Mario. Ultra Mario tried to block with a white fireball, but the fireball wasn't powerful enough to hold back Tabuu's attack. And Ultra Mario was knocked to the ground. Then all of Tabuu's followers began cheering and screaming at the sight of Ultra Mario beaten to the ground. Fawful, who was still standing on the top of the cage grabbed hold of his microphone again.

Fawful- And how the mighty have fallen. Hey red ****head, how dirt taste? Now Mario knows how we all feel when Mario Team keeps kicking our asses!

Then Fawful was shot in the rear by one of Ultra Mario's white fireballs and knocked off the top of the cage.

Fawful- OOOOO! Mario lucky Master Tabuu say he remove Fawful's head if Fawful interfere with fight, or Fawful kill Mario for that!

Tabuu- Not much for critics, are you Mario? But you should be focusing on me since I'm the one you and Kyrin are fighting.

Ultra Mario tried grabbing one of the bars to give himself support as he tried to stand back up, but Ultra Mario immediately felt an electric shock coming from the cage and quickly pulled his hand away.

Ultra Mario- What the…the cage is wired?!

Kyrin- That's my brother for you. Completely cruel to the core.

Tabuu threw a punch at Kyrin, but Kyrin blocked with his mechanical arm.

Tabuu- Interesting. I supposed that's to replace the one tore off?

Kyrin- You bastard.

Kyrin fired a laser from his eyes and knocked Tabuu back a few feet.

Tabuu- Strong as ever, Kyrin.

Then Tabuu looks at Ultra Mario and an idea popped into his head.

Tabuu- But let's see if you've really changed over the last 1,000 years…

Tabuu points his left index finger at Ultra Mario and flicked it like a firing a gun as a blast of energy was launched at Ultra Mario. As soon as Ultra Mario noticed Tabuu's attack, Kyrin quickly jumped in the way and took the blast instead. When the smoke cleared, Kyrin was on his knees as a large hole was blasted through his mechanical arm. The module-237XB apparently fell out from that opening and Kyrin couldn't make it function anymore.

Tabuu- And here I thought you had learned better. Especially after foolishly took a bullet for that fool, Marco, too!

Tabuu was about to attack Kyrin again, but he felt something grab hold of both of his ankles. Before Tabuu could react, Ultra Mario began spinning Tabuu like how he usually spins Bowser around.

Ultra Mario- So long, dear Tabuu!

After Ultra Mario let go of Tabuu, Tabuu flew right into the wired cage and got electrocuted before falling to the ground. Ultra Mario rushed to Kyrin and helped him back up.

Ultra Mario- You ok, Kyrin?

Kyrin- I'm ok, but he damaged my arm…I can't use it anymore and I can't fix it without the…

Ultra Mario- Module-237XB?

Then Ultra Mario showed Kyrin the module-237BX in his hand.

Ultra Mario- I actually managed to grab this before grabbing Tabuu.

But when Ultra Mario and Kyrin returned their attention to Tabuu, they saw he was already back on his feet. Not only that, but there was a pair of rainbow-colored coming out of his body now.

Tabuu- **** you, Mario! Now you've both really ****ing pissed me off!

Then Tabuu's body began building up energy.

Kyrin- Mario, get back!

A set of rainbow-colored wings appeared from Kyrin's body as energy began building up from him too. Then Tabuu and Kyrin each unleashed a huge burst of energy from their bodies at each other. The force from both attacks seemed evenly matched. However, it was if the entire dimension of Subspace was crumbling to apart from the collision of Kyrin and Tabuu's powers. Even the audience of Tabuu's followers were flopping around from all the force of these two attacks clashing. Ultra Mario was barely able to keep his balance as he stood there up close to Kyrin and Tabuu. Then Ultra Mario remembered all the other battles he had with Tabuu and an idea came into his head. As Kyrin and Tabuu's strongest attacks were still clashing against one another, Tabuu's was starting to push back a little. Kyrin was starting to feel some pain from the damaged mechanical arm.

Tabuu- Not feeling so good now, are you, bro?

Ultra Mario- Remember how you told me I needed some new tricks? Well you should take your own advice, Tabuu!

Tabuu turned around and saw Ultra Mario fire a fully charged white fireball at Tabuu from behind. The white fireball burned Tabuu so much, it made him lose his concentration, allowing Kyrin's attack to push through.

Tabuu- Oh ****! NOOO!

Ultra Mario managed to get out of the way before Tabuu was hit with Kyrin's burst of energy, which buried Tabuu in a mushroom cloud explosion. Tabuu was lying on the ground, but he was struggling to get himself back up.

Ultra Mario- That might be your strongest attack, but every time you've used it against me in a fight, it always leaves you wide open for a second opponent to land a direct hit to you.

Tabuu- (GROAN) …

Kyrin- But this fight will never end unless we can get out of here.

Suddenly, Kyrin's wish was granted as a blue portal conveniently opened behind him and Ultra Mario.

Ultra Mario- Must be Palutena and Viridi.

Kyrin- But…how could they open a portal to Subspace? Only a few S-Rank gods can do that. And those two are only A-Rank.

Ultra Mario- Doesn't matter. This is our one chance of escaping.

Ultra Mario and Kyrin rushed to the portal, but when they got halfway through the portal's opening, Tabuu grabbed each of them by an ankle.

Tabuu- Not…yet…I've waited far too long for this…I'm not letting you leave that easily…we still have a score to settle…and I'll settle it if it's the last thing I ****ing do…

Suddenly, another version of Tabuu and Kyrin's strongest attack was launched from the other side of that portal. However, this version felt at least a hundred times stronger than Ultra Mario had ever seen Tabuu unleash. It struck Tabuu and made him let go of Ultra Mario and Kyrin. But the portal closed before Ultra Mario or Kyrin could see the explosion result of that burst of energy.

(At a crystal monastery)

Mario and Kyrin came out of the other end of that portal and ended up faceplanting into the body of a very large and fat looking Primid.

Ralph- Daahhh…they here now…dahh…

Luigi- Mario!

Mario and Kyrin looked around and saw Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Link, Kirby, Ash, Sonic, Ty, Pit, and Shantae surrounding them.

Mario- You guys?

Yoshi- Yoshi happy see Mario and Kyrin again.

Mario- So, you were the ones who got us out of Subspace?

Link- Not exactly. We…had to ask for some help…

Mario- You mean Palutena or Viridi?

Pit- Lady Palutena said she couldn't open a portal to Subspace. Neither could Viridi. There was…only one god we could think of that was powerful enough to do so.

Then Kyrin took a look at the fat Primid and realized it looked familiar.

Kyrin- Ralph? Is that you?

Ralph- Dahh…Kyrin remembers me…

Mario- You know this Primid?

Kyrin- His name is Ralph. He was the very first Primid my father ever created and he eventually became my father's personal servant. And…this is my father's Crystal Monastery. Are you saying you all went to…

Before Kyrin could finish that sentence, he heard the sound of wheels on a wheelchair moving. Slowly, the Lord of the Universe moved his wheelchair from behind Ralph.

Lord of the Universe- Well…hello there…

Mario- Is that…

Sonic- Tabuu and Kyrin's father. Meet the Lord Arkness. A.k.a. the Lord of the Universe. And let me tell you, we had a lot of trouble just getting passed the front door of the Crystal Monastery. Those stiffs outside told us to make an appointment 600 years from now.

Shantae- But when we mentioned Kyrin was alive…the Lord of the Universe actually rushed outside to see us at Sonic's speed.

Kyrin- Probably should've know this was coming. Hello father…

Lord of the Universe- Kyrin…

Kyrin- I suppose you're mad that I have everyone believe I've been dead for the last 1,000 years.

Lord of the Universe- Yes, I suppose I am…

Then the Lord of the Universe stood from his wheelchair, wrapped his arms around Kyrin, and gave him a great big hug.

Lord of the Universe- But right now…I'm just so happy you're alive!

Ash- You're telling me you could stand from that wheelchair this whole time?

Lord of the Universe- I never needed that wheelchair. My wife, Lisa, died giving birth to my sons. But then…one turn…so bad…and I thought I had lost the other…I was suffering from an emotional disorder. You mortal have a similar disorder you refer to as depression. With those that I cared the believed to have been gone…I honestly thought there was no point…for anything…But now that I see my son standing before me…it's as if a dark cloud that's been over my head for the last 1,000 years has lifted.

Kyrin- It's good to see you too, father. But right now, I think I need a repair job. My new arm was damaged during that fight with Tabuu. Hey Ty, since you fixed my arm last time, think you can do it again?

Ty- Sure thing, mate. Anything for our new friend.

Mario- Yes, our new friend indeed.

The End


(Tabuu's room in Subspace)

Tabuu was wearing a full body cast while lying in his bed.

Tabuu- ****! **** it all! And worst of all, my father helped them escape and basted me in the process! Now that I think of it, I've only been able to regain 80% of my full power. Why can't I regain the other 20%?! Tabuu cast a seeker spell and a book from the bookshelf flew into Tabuu's hand. Then the book opens up, flips through a few pages on its own, and stops at a picture of a man who looked like Mario.

Tabuu- What the…why would my seeker spell show me…wait a minute…

(Flashback to Shooting Star Summit 1,000 years ago)

The Lord of the Universe- Tabuu…you shame me…you shame your mother…and worst of all, you shame your brother with everything you've done! All the lives you've taken! The damage you've done!

Tabuu- What will you do, father? Kill me like I did to Kyrin?

Then the Lord of the Universe grabbed Tabuu by the neck and it looked like he began choking Tabuu.

Lord of the Universe- You! You are no son of mine!

The Lord of the Universe opened a portal with his free hand and pulled Tabuu's face to it.

Lord of the Universe- Tabuu, as punishment for the death of your brother and all the destruction you caused on Earth, I sentence you to rot in Subspace until the end of time!

Then the Lord of the Universe punches Tabuu in the face, breaking Tabuu's nose and knocking in into the portal to Subspace at the same time. But before the Lord of the Universe closed the portal behind Tabuu, he saw a man that looked like Mario swipe his hand across a stream of Tabuu's energy before it followed Tabuu to Subspace.

(End of flashback and back to Tabuu's bedroom)

Tabuu- So that explains why I can only regain 80%. Marco Mario…even in death…you still manage to find a way to **** with me!

Tabuu took a deep breath and eventually calmed down.

Tabuu- Alright then, Marco my old friend…I'll play your little game for now. But once I win, I'll have destroyed your final precaution you set to stopping my plans of revenge. But who to start with?

Tabuu cast another spell and the book began flipping through the pages again. It eventually stopped at a picture of a young prince who looked very similar to Ash.

Tabuu- Prince Calmly it is then. Oh J!

Not long after Tabuu called, Poke'mon Hunter J began limping into Tabuu's room and she was also looking hurt really bad.

Poke'mon Hunter J- What do you want, Tabuu?! Can't you see I'm still recovering from that nasty explosion your father caused in that steel caged arena!

Tabuu- Don't get smart with me, J! I might be in this full body cast, but I'm still your master who brought you back from the dead and I can send you back with a mere finger snap. Now then…I think I have a task for you that could make up for this travesty. And if you play your cards right, you might be able to capture a very special Poke'mon as your prize.

Poke'mon Hunter J- You're kidding me?

Tabuu- I'm not, J. Tell me, have you ever heard of a Poke'mon called Ho-Oh? Because believe it or not, I used to know a trainer that had one.