Danny, Sam, Tucker and Star were all hovering over Danny's computer enjoying the rerelease of Fusionfall. It was a long and boring week and lately, there was nothing to do so Danny just decided to enjoy a game with his friends and family. This on the other hand was not how he pictured doing this. Danny may be a fan of classic Cartoon Network shows but this was getting ridiculous. Not only were his friends and family were there but Timmy and his fairies were right next to him and was cheering him on.

He needed to focus because he was about to beat the final boss. It was Lord Fuse himself and the half ghost was eager to finish it. It didn't help that the entire family was watching him too. Wanting to spend more time with Danny, his surrogate grandparents Eclipsa and Globgore (long story) where with Danny.

"So Eclipsa how did you manage to get WiFi here on Mewni?" Star asked while Danny tried to concentrate. His small handful of friends were cheering him on and everyone could see that Danny was sweating.

"If you must know Star, I made a deal with a mysterious warlock who was running a bizarre stand in the market place. I have to admit that he was a really strange fellow." All of a sudden the power went out.

"We really need to talk about talking to strangers Eclipsa." Star says plainly.

"I have to admit that the man did have an ominous vibe around him when he told me the information." Replied Eclipsa who was a little concerned.

"I think that the fuse might have been busted. Hang on, I'll go see what's up." Said Danny and Tucker went along with him. That was when they both decided to go look for the fuse box. It was dark so Danny used his ghostly light in order to see. Tucker then opened the device and the next thing they knew was that they were nowhere to be seen. It has been two weeks since the incident and Dexter was in his lab because lately there had been a disturbance. He needed to know what was causing it and it was peaceful until Shaggy and Scooby came running in.

"I saw it! Everyone told me that I was crazy but Scooby and I definitely saw it!"

"Yes, yes, I am aware of the Moth Monster that had been attacking Bellwood recently. If you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you two would leave me alone because I have an important anomaly to find." Said Dexter who was clearly aggravated. To Dexter's dismay, Shaggy and Scooby wouldn't let it drop.

"But I swear that I saw it and Scooby saw it too! It looked like a human! It had antennas, hearts for eyes, it had these giant black and white wings and it even tried it attack Velma!" Shaggy was being persistent now while Scooby imitated what Shaggy described. As if on cue, Velma came in the lab along with Ben, Rex and Daphane. The poor girl was attacked by the creature as well.

"You know Shaggy, it could just be an alien going through puberty." Said Ben trying to calm Shaggy down but apparently it only made things worse.

"That's even worse!" Replied Shaggy who was now having a panic attack and Dexter sighed. He just wanted to get his work done and over with so he said,"Will you guys leave me alone if I put this on the mission board. I will have you know that I am very busy and I need to find this anomaly. A rift between a parallel universe has opened up and I need to close it before it could do any damage."

"Are you seriously talking about work when my friends are in danger? Daphane and I nearly got hurt trying to catch that thing which was why I didn't want to come in the first place." Said Velma who scolded her cousin. They may be cousins but they don't exactly see eye to eye. Dexter glared at Velma and Velma glared at Dexter. Things in the laboratory were starting to get intense and everyone in the room became nervous.

Meanwhile, all of the Dexlab soldiers were minding their own business. They were are having lunch in the cafeteria and there were even some Kids Next Door soldiers who were waiting in line so that they could get their hands on some gator tots. The only one who was causing a scene was Kyle and he was trying to get people to like him yet again. Kyle was one of those people who like to please everyone but for some reason it always stabbed him in the back later. In fact, Kyle just came back from a mission and he was brusised and beat up.

"I am back and I just got beaten up by a fusion monster!" Kyle Said in an almost happy tone. His purple hair was a mess and there was even a twig that was sticking out of it. Not only that but he even had a black eye and only one of his toxic green eyes could be seen. His sister on the other hand was not doing much better.

"I'll pay you twenty dollars if you agree to never speak about this with anyone." Said his sister who was equally worn out. Kyle silently agreed and they both fell onto the floor.

"Wow, you guys look like you had it pretty bad." It was Buttercup and it looked like that she a little worried. Blossom and Bubbles were with her as well and the blue Power Puff picked him up and gently sat him on a nearby table.

"So did Kyle see the Moth Monster?" It was Hoggie. Thatvwas when the girls saw him trying to get through the crowded area. Hoagie was a bit large for a kid. He wore a simple blue t-shirt and brown shorts. Not only that but he also wore an old pilot's helmet with the number two written in the middle.

"A Moth Monster? Dude, that sounds awsome!"

"Buttercup, we all know that there is no such thing as monsters. Besides, I think that you two are scaring Bubbles!" Blossom accused and true to her word Bubbles was seen cowering underneath the table.

"I still don't understand why she is still scared of monsters. Oh well, at least that I am not worse than Mandy." Said Buttercup who looked like she really didn't care. There was when the group turn to where Mandy was. They saw her sharpening some weapons and they all felt a shiver run through their spines. That was when they found more members of the Kids Next Door show up. In fact, it was the rest of the Sector V Kids Next Door and it looked like they were carrying somebody to the Dexlabs Hospital.

"And I thought that you guys didn't like teenagers." Buttercup pointed out and it revealed that they were indeed carrying a teenager to the hospital. In fact, everyone who was in the kitchen gathered around to see that it was indeed a teenager. He had raven hair, a white shirt with a red circle in the middle, wore blue jean that were torn to shreds along with his shirt and only had one shoe that was red and white.

"Is he okay?" Blossom asked out of concern and the leader of the Kids Next Door Sector V handed her his autopsy report. He wasn't dead though but he looked like he was barely breathing. "It says here that he was zapped by electricity but you guys found him in the middle of the woods. I wonder how that was possible?" Blossom read the report once more but was still confused about how this could have happen. It just didn't make any since.

"We also found this." Said an Acrican American girl. She then threw what looked like a backpack to Blossom and she open the backpack up where she found a weapon inside. It was a black and white scythe but once it was in her hands, it transformed into a book. "Careful, it does that. It was a paintball gun when I touched and and Number Four thinks that he was using it to defend himself from something but what?"

"We also found these." Said another kid who was carrying a pair of scissors.

"Wally be careful! Those are dangerous!" Blossom schooded.

"I know and that is why I am keeping them!" The Australian kid now known as Wally declared. Blossom then sighed and sighed,"Just take him to the hospital. Oh and before I forget, will you guys take Kyle and Susie to the hospital as well?" They then did so but not without extra help. A few hours later, Danny woke up and he saw that he was surrounded by a bunch of kids.

"Um, hello?" Danny was now confused.

"So how did you end up in the middle of the forest?" Asked one kid.

"Did you try to kill someone?" Asked another. Danny only blink unsure of how to respond to that kind of question. He tried to find an answer but couldn't since it seemed that he can't remember anything from two weeks ago. That was until Dexter came in along with Ben and the Power Puff Girls.

"If this is Jana's sick and twisted idea of a joke than I am not laughing." Danny mumbled to himself. He was unamused by the situation he was in. Besides, even if this was a prank, it seemed to be a bit elaborate.

"I can assure you that this is no prank and you are perfectly unharmed." Said Dexter in a thick Russian accent. He was trying to keep Danny calm but he was in a hospital. Still, Danny had to give Tucker credit since he now knew why hospitals can be scary.

"There were some members from the Kids Next Door who found you out in the middle of the forest. Care to explain because that was where the Moth Monster was sighted." Said Ben who appeared to be impatient.

"Yeah and we think that you might have seen it!" Buttercup accused. She was still excited over the idea that there was a monster on the loose. That was when it hit him.

"Okay, let me just get this out of the way because you guys are going to find out one way or another. I am from Earth just not yours." Said Danny but the only thing that he got was a stare from the others. Dexter on the other hand, seemed a bit enthusiastic about the idea and it made the half ghost feel uncomfortable because the scientist was looking at him in the eye.

"That is amazing! It changes what we know about science and the universe!"

"I know right?" Said Blossom who agreed with her adoptive brother. When Blossom stared at him, it made him even more uncomfortable. That was when a crescent moon mark began to appear on his face. This surprised both Dexter and Blossom as well as the other children that were in the room.

"Is that normal?" Blossom asked clearly concerned. Danny was unaware of what Blossom was asking him and more crescent moon marks appeared on his face.

"Alien puberty, I knew it!" Said Ben and everyone stared at the shapeshifter looking quite worried. "What? I may be able to turn into aliens but even I don't know what the kid is going through and I think that everyone needs to leave. You know, for safety." Everyone except for Ben, Dexter and Blossom left.

"Blossom what are you doing?" Dexter asked clearly concerned. He found Blossom leaning down on the side of Danny's hospital bed. Her elbows were on the cushion and there was a longing look in Blossom's eyes. She soon found herself holding Danny's hand and Danny was becoming more and more uncomfortable by the minute.

"Blossom, you have to leave. Clearly, it looks like you are becoming part of the problem." Said Ben and Dexter pulled her away.

"I don't know why but I suddenly feel attracted to him." Blossom admitted while Ben showed her the way out of Danny's hospital room. The next day Danny was supposed to be released from the hospital and that was when Danny found out why everyone was acting so weird around him. He then went to the bathroom and looked into a mirror. In fact, it looked like he wanted to freak out but couldn't.

"Are you okay? Dexter told me to check up on you." It was Ben and unknown to him, the half ghost just finished peeling of the marks that were on his face. Danny was releived once he was finished.

"I'm fine." Danny lied.

"That great and since you are supposed to be released from the hospital today, I am supposed to be showing you around." Said Ben once Danny was finally out of the bathroom. Ben then gave Danny a Dexlabs soldier uniform and the half ghost immediately changed into it. "Are you sure that you are going to be alright?"

"Absolutely yes!" Danny was now being hysterical but the shapeshifter was oblivious about it. That was when the tour began and the first thing that he noticed was his avatar. He was fine but he now had a cast on.

"I am afraid to ask but what happened to you?" Danny asked once he walked over to him. Kyle was still a little messed up from the fight and it took him awhile for him to realize that someone was trying to talk to him.

"Are you talking to me?" Danny nodded his head. "Well if that is the case, I take it that you are new here and people don't normally talk to me because they think that I am weird." Kyle admitted while at the same time trying not to sound nervous.

"I don't see anything wrong with weirdness. I get it my real family and my adoptive family are weird. In fact, I welcome it." Danny smiled and Ben felt awkward. "My name is Daniel Butterfly but my friends just call me Danny and don't even think about calling me Dan because there was a lot of time travel junk involved so I don't feel like talking about it." Everyone stared at Danny when he made the sudden outburst and Danny laughed nervously because he nearly gave away one of his deepest darkest secrets.

"Don't call you Dan got it." The scene became awkward once more and someone even coughed in the background. "So are there any other names that I should avoid calling you?"

"Daniel, Fentonail, Fentina and Little Badger because that is what my uncle calls me and he is a sphyco who is obsessed with my adoptive mom. The other names are what my bully calls me and don't even think about calling me twerp because that will just bring back bad memories." Danny ranted while Kyle listened.

"That's interesting… by the way my name is Kyle by the way and that over there is my little sister Susie. Try not to anger her." Kyle said whispering the last sentence to Danny. That was when Johnny and the Test sisters came in to get some lunch.

"Uh oh, I think they multiplied." Johnny said while he and his sisters backed away slowly. Johnny sisters on the other hand only glared at their brother since he was being rude.

"Johnny be nice and it looks like the poor thing is breaking out." Said one of the Test sisters while more crescent moon marks appeared on his face.

"This will be perfect because it will give us the perfect chance to try out our new acne lotion." Said the other Test twin. Danny would have been overjoyed if he wasn't freaking out. In fact, what he had was not simple acne. It was much worse.

"Johnny was wondering if you have seen the Moth Monster!"

"Straight to the point huh? Johnny, what you saw wasn't a monster. It was…" Danny was about to finish his sentence but that was when Velma came in looking quite angry.

"I am on to you mister." Velma said and was now accusing Danny. "The whole "monster in the woods" thing is just a hoax and all of the evidence points to you!"

"Velma, let's be rational. Danny is from a parallel universe and I think that he is probably just going through alien puberty." Ben said trying to keep everyone calm. That was when everyone began to argue with Ben who was the only one who was being reasonable at the moment. Danny became nervous because he didn't like being the center of attention and he knew that he had to get away before anyone got hurt. However, only Susie noticed that he was gone.

"Everyone shut up!" Susie yelled and all eyes were now on her. "While you guys were bickering, Danny ran off and he is nowhere to be found! As a junior Kids Next Door operative member in training, I have to say that I am disappointed." Ben sighed because he was glad that everyone finally calmed down. The only clue that the shapeshifter found about his whereabouts was a photo of him and some girl.

"I wonder if she is Danny's girlfriend or something and I have to admit that he has good taste in women." Said Kyle who looked at the photo as well. However the only response he got was an eye roll from Ben. "Still, I can't help but wonder where he ran off too."

"Maybe whatever Danny is going through is more dangerous than we thought. I still remember when Swampfire went through puberty, he had it pretty bad. I think the best course of action would be to draw him out."

"Yeah but who is going to be the bait?" Kyle asked. As if on cue, Shaggy and Scooby was seen carrying a mountain of food on a single tray. That was when Kyle and Ben looked at then while Kyle had an idea. That was when the duo caught on and began to back away.

"So how would you guys feel about trying to lure a new friend of ours?" Kyle asked. Shaggy then became nervous when he saw the the purplette was smiling evilly. What made things worse for the two was that Ben was showing off an evil smile as well.

"Like, why is it that everyone wants me and Scooby to be the bait? I deal with being chased by fake monsters all the time and I don't want to deal with another so count me out." Shaggy protested.

"Who says anything about a monster and if you do this, I'll give each of you guys a Scooby Snack." Kyle smirked only for Scooby to walk up to the teenager.

"Kyle." Said Scooby with two of his paws on Kyle's chest while looking serious. Kyle was sweating since he was hoping that his idea would work. He then swallowed his saliva until Scooby said,"Bribe excepted." The next thing they knew was that they were all out in the middle of the woods and both Scooby and Shaggy were dressed up as steak for some reason. Not only that but Dexter and Ben was with them as well.

"Shaggy, Scooby, why are you guys dressed up as steak?" Kyle asked creaky confused. That was the the Dexlab soldier felt like he was going to regret the answer that he was going to get.

"It was Scooby's idea and besides whenever we get scared, we also get hungry so he thought that Danny might be hungry too."

"I still don't understand how you guys can eat so much and still stay skinny."

"Lots of running Kyle." Said Scooby looking serious. "Lots and lots of running."

"Okay but that still doesn't answer why Ben and Dexter decided to tag along. I understand the reason why Ben came but I know for a fact that Dexter hates the outdoors." Dexter only shrugged his shoulders since he really didn't care one way or another. In fact, if the teenage genius had to be honest, he came because he was curious about how this would turn out.

"Okay now that the awkwardness is out of the way… Shaggy, Scooby, go out there and act natural because we don't want Danny to catch on." Said Kyle but he saw that the two had already left. Kyle sighed and he decided to track them down and the soldier's superiors followed. They trio kept walking until it became dark. No one could see a thing and luckily there was a light at the end. However, what they saw was very disturbing. In fact, what the trio saw where human females trapped in a purple cocoon with Shaggy and Scooby looking petrified.

"Hmm, that's interesting. When this is over, I am going to have to ask Danny if I could study this in my laboratory." Dexter said while poking the cocoon with a pencil. Everything was quiet until Shaggy said,"It's the Moth Monster!" Shaggy tried not to scream but it was already too late.

"I think that you made him angry." Said Scooby who was trying not to scream as well. That was when the creature noticed them and the two began to run. Immediately, Ben activated the omnitrix while Dexter had to improvise. Luckily, Dexter knew karate and was a red belt. At the same time, Ben tried to find an alien that he could use and when he found the alien that he wanted, the teenager slammed the dial.

"Swampfire? Really omnitrix?" Ben whined. "You know this is kind of ironic and I never knew that this thing had a sick sense of humor." Ben ranted while Dexter pushed his friend out of the way. Kyle on the other hand was intrigued.

"Guys, I think that the Moth Monster is Danny!" Kyle called out while he tried to dodge and attack. That was when Dexter punched Danny. He wanted to protect Kyle. Kyle tried to stay calm but the others kept attacking Danny. There was now silence and Danny was nowhere to be found.

"Well that was anticlimactic." Dexter said while he used this opportunity to dust himself off. As if on cue, Ben returned to normal and caught Danny once he saw that the half ghost was falling from the sky.

"What happened?" Danny asked while he felt like he just had a hangover. Ben was still carrying him bridal style when Scooby and Shaggy came back with Velma and Daphane. Not only that but the Test sisters were there as well and they looked like they had just woken up with a huge headache.

"Do you never want to speak of this ever again?" Velma said to Mary who nodded her head before passing out. The men that worked with Dexter were already there and they were busy helping out the rest of the females that were attacked while some ship came to carry the victims to the hospital. That was when the trio looked at Danny and he knew that he was in hot water when Ben finally dropped him.

"Okay, you have five seconds to explain yourself." Said Ben impatiently.

"The situation that we just got out of was out of my control. I think that I was going through… Mewberty." Danny shivered at the thought of it. "Honestly, I never thought that guys could have it too and it makes me wish that I never skipped Justin's chapter."

"I told you guys that it was alien puberty but did anyone listen? No!"

"I get it Ben and you didn't have to rub it in."

"Well I wasn't the one to wanted to study it for science!" Ben snapped while Kyle tried to get everyone's attention. The purplette whistler and everyone turned to him.

"Excuse me but what are we going to do about Danny's living situation? He doesn't exactly have a place to stay." Kyle pointed out and everyone realized that it was going to be a problem if Danny didn't have a roof over his head. The next thing that everyone knew was that, Ben, Dexter, Kyle and Danny were all in the teen genius's laboratory.

"Seriously, you guys didn't need to go through all of this trouble. Besides, I have my own form of transportation." Danny then searched his pockets only to realize that his dimensional scissors were gone. "Of course they are gone."

"What's gone?" Ben asked out of concern.

"My dimensional scissors. They are my only ticket out of here."

"How would a pair of scissors bring you back home?" The scientist asked out of curiosity. In fact, he was intrigued. Danny then sat down on a nearby chair and was looking quite distressed. That was when Dexter said,"I'm a scientist and I think I know a way to get you home." Danny perked up.

"You do?"

"Of course and since that have someone like me to help you get home that you should have no trouble getting back home at all. I can almost guarantee it."

"This is going to be so much fun! Danny, since you have no place to stay, you can stay at my place for a while. My mom has an open room for rent." Kyle said excited about the idea. Danny agreed because he really didn't see any problem with it.

"You know Kyle, your enthusiasm reminds me of my girlfriend. I think that you two would get along really well." Danny says sadly. That was when Ben spoke up and said,"I remember Wally took your siccors. I need to ask him so that he could give those back to you and if you ask me, I still don't understand why he would want something so dangerous in the first place." Unknown to the quartet, Ben's question was answered.

That was when Wally could be seen walking around in the Kids Next Door Moon Base. It was dark and hardly anyone was there. In fact, everyone was home because it was time for everyone's curfew. While Wally was walking around in the darkness, the blond could feel his heart pounding. He then looked around to make sure that he wasn't being watched. As if on cue, a girl appeared and it just so happen to be the former leader of the Kids Next Door.

"Okay, this is beginning to get a little creepy." He said. Wally shivered because she appeared out of nowhere in the darkness. She looked angry and Wally looked away because of what she might do to him.

"What do you want this time number four?" The red head snapped while speaking in a scottich accent. Wally cowered while at the same time was trying not to make her even more angry than she already was. That was when he showed her the siccors.

"These siccors were in the possession of a teenager and they have the ability to allow the user to go into another dimension. I swiped it from him because they are too dangerous to be in the hands of a teenager."

"I guess that I might be wrong about you number four. Everyone else has been telling us that most teenagers and adults aren't evil anymore but we are the only ones who are refusing to get in with the times because once they earn our trust, they'll stab you in the back. Good work number four." The red head then gave Wally a salute but the child soldier couldn't help but feel like he was going to regret his descission.