The Nightmare Begins.

It was a quiet night tonight. I was in my own-built tree-house, using my telescope to study the stars and constellations for my assignment for a paranormal and supernatural investigation club called the 'Swollen Eyeball Society'.

So far, I've studied the Ursa Major and Minor. Orion the Archer. The Zodiacs and their meaning in the stars. Even the Madonna. Right now, I'm studying the constellation of Ophiuchus and its importance to the 12 other Zodiacs and why now has it decided to show itself among the stars.

My name is Eleanor Mai Membrane. However, I go by my nickname and reputation in this town; Elle the Insane. Why? I'll tell you another time. My mind is focused on the stars right now. They put my mind at ease. I can hear them whispering to me. Telling me secrets, stories and warnings.

"Elle!" A tiny, yet familiar voice shouted to me, "Elle!" It shouted again, this time getting louder. It was followed by what sounds like footsteps, "Elle!"

Wait a minute, I know that voice anywhere.


Something around my size bumped into me at great speed. Causing the collision on to the floor and my notepad out of my hand.

"Ow..." I muttered.

The object that crashed into me was my childhood friend and older twin brother, Dib Membrane. In the Swollen Eyeball Society, he's known as Agent Mothman. I'm known as Agent NeverMore.

Dib is around my age, 11 years old, but he was around 5 minutes older than me. Pale skin, compared to the other kids. Short, spiky black hair with a strong, scythe-like lock on the top. Amber-brown eyes behind a pair of large glasses. He wears a blue t-shirt with a grey smiley face, under a black trench coat. Matching black pants and boots.

He's into the paranormal and supernatural so much that he's very eager to prove they exist or fake. However, the habit gets him into trouble and hated all across the town.

"Elle, you're not gonna believe what I found out." He told me.

"Depends, Dib." I spoke up, "Would you get off me, first?"

"Huh?" Dib noticed he was sitting on top of me, then scurried off, "Oh, sorry."

I stood up, flexed my back and turned to him, "Next time, use the front door." Then I sat down and asked, "Now, what did you find out?"

Dib smiled and explained, "Well, I was on the roof, trying to track alien signals. And I got this broadcast coming through. I listened into the broadcast. They're coming, Elle. The aliens are coming!"

I raised a brow under my smaller glasses, "Are you sure? What if that signal was just a prank?"

He shook his head, "I'm very certain. They spoke about invasion. Impending doom. There was more, but it was mostly static."

I nodded and leaned back a bit, "Then, I guess we just have to wait and see."

Dib nodded in agreement. With that, he left my tree-house and returned to his house. I grabbed my notepad and returned to my study on the stars.

Let's see...




Ursa Minor.

Supernova... No, wait... Satellite.


Orion's Belt.

Cancer's Claw.


*6 Months Later...*

I woke up and did my everyday morning routine; Brush my short, ravenette hair with pastel pink streaks, clean my teeth, and get dressed and ready for Skool.

I wore my casual clothes consisted of my signature black-rimmed glasses. A black choker with a strange pendant. A black, short-sleeved hoodie with a red spider design on the chest area and the Swollen Eyeball logo on my left arm. The hoodie was over a red, long-sleeved shirt with dark grey sleeves and trimmings. Red webbing design on the sleeves. A pair of black khaki pants and black sneakers.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm a goth. Laugh it up, stare and point or scream. I don't care.

During breakfast, Dib has been going on non-stop about the broadcast 6 months ago.

'The invaders are coming!' 'I know they are.' 'Whenever they're coming, I'll be ready!'

This got him punched in the face by our younger sister, Gaz.

Gaz is a deadly force to be reckoned with when you cross her. She shares our brother's amber eyes, but her hair is purple and jagged, like shark teeth. She's a determined gamer and loves Bloaty's Pizza.

Turns out she likes me because I know when to stay quiet and I like games as well.

Anyway I'm rambling. After breakfast, Dib and I arrived to Skool before the last bell. Something in my gut told me that there was gonna be a surprise soon.

In class, Ms. Bitters was standing in front of the classroom with a young boy.

The boy was about Dib's height. His hair was black with a shine and was styled in an Elvis Presley quiff. His eyes were lavender. He wore what looked like a type of uniform. A red armored tunic with pink sleeves and shoulder-pads. Black gloves, leggings and boots.

What was strange about him was that his skin was green and lightly scaled. No ears and no nose. His hands had three fingers; two fingers and a thumb on each hand. It was like he was an anthropomorphic bug in disguise of a wig and contact lenses.

Wait a minute...

"Class, I would like to introduce the newest, hopeless appendage to the student body." Ms. Bitters started, "His name is Zim."

I raised my head in interest. Well, this is gonna change the boredom of this town.

Ms. Bitters turned to the boy, "Zim, if you have something to say, say it now. Because after this moment, I don't wanna hear another sound from you."

With that, she sat on her desk. The boy, Zim, looked at the classmates and smiled, "Hello friends. I am a perfectly normal human worm baby. You have nothing, absolutely nothing to fear from me. Just pay no attention to me, and we'll get along just fine."

Throughout that entire speech, Dib was pointing at Zim with his mouth hanging open.

Here we go.

"Take your seat now, Zim." Ms. Bitters told Zim. Zim did so and took the desk across the class from Dib, in front of Zita, closest to the classroom door.

"Today's lecture is about outer-space, and how it will eventually implode in on itself." Ms. Bitters began the lesson.

I rested my head against my hand and rested my forearm on to my desk.

Here we go with Ms. Bitters' lectures about how life just always leads to death, nothingness and doom.

How did this woman get hired for this job?

This is pointless!

Zim stood on top of his desk and raised his arms over his head.

"Yes, Zim?" Ms. Bitters answered.

Zim sat back on his desk and asked, "In the event of, say, a full-scale alien invasion. How prepared do you think this planet's defenses would be? Tell me!"

I raised a brow at the green-skinned boy. Ms. Bitters went quiet for a few seconds, then returned to the lecture, "As I was saying; The universe is just doomed. Doom, doom, doom!"

She continued this routine, as the rest of the class toned her out.

Then Dib spoke up, "Okay. Am I the only one here who sees the alien sitting in class?"

The other classmates looked among each other. I sighed.

No Dib, I see him too. But, unlike you, I'm keeping my mouth shut about it.

Dib pointed to Zim, "There. Right there!" The kids looked over to Zim, who was sweating buckets. Dib stood on top of his desk and shouted, "That is no kid! He's an alien! An alien! One of the monsters I've been talking about! He's come to conquer Earth!"

Zim reached for something on his sleeve, until Zita spoke up with a sigh, "Oh, not this again. You're crazy."

The object on Zim's sleeve retracted into his glove-sleeve and Zim calmed down.

"What about his horrible green head?" Dib asked.

"Insulant fool boy!" Zim shouted, then explained calmly, "It's a skin condition."

Then Dib pointed out, "And he's got no ears." He turned to Zim, "Is that part of your 'skin condition', Zim? No ears?"

Zim sulked, "Yes."

The other classmates glare at Dib.

"Man, Dib. You think just because someone looks different, you can call them an alien?" Tae asked.

"I guess that Old Kid is an alien too, huh?" Brian asked, pointing to Old Kid at the back.

Old Kid heard his name and waved, "How's it going?"

Dib leaped off his desk and walked over to the chalk board, "Okay. See? This is us." He pointed to a chalk drawing of a human adult male. Then pointed to a picture of a familiar alien species, "Now, over here. Over here, is Zim." Then he asked, "See the difference? Anyone? Anyone? Questions?"

The other classmates just drew blank. Until The Letter M spoke up, "Yeah. What's wrong with you? All you talk about is aliens and ghosts and seeing Bigfoot in your garage."

"He was using the belt sander." Dib defended, then turned to me, "Elle, you know what I'm talking about. Tell me you believe that Zim is an alien too."

The other kids looked at me.

Great work, Dib! Drag me into this argument.

I just said nothing and put my hood over my head. I don't talk much because of my reputation and I'm very shy around crowds. I told Dib years ago to not make me back him up when he talks about his paranormal investigations.

I'm not sure why, but Zim spoke up, "Yeah, he's always saying stuff. I remember that one time-"

Then Dib cut him off, "Hey! You just got here!" Then he turned to the class, "Don't let him trick you. I know what I'm talking about." He pointed to Zim, "And there it is. Sitting. Right. There."

Then the kids started looking over Zim. "Well... He does look pretty weird." "Yeah. And he is sitting."

Dib started smiling, "You see? Actual proof that all of the things I've been saying are actually right." He rubbed his hands and his eyes widen, "Finally. A way to prove that I'm... I'm... I'm-"

I put my hand over my mouth and imitated Dib's voice the best I could, "Crazy."

Zim turned to me. I just waved at him with a friendly smile.

"Okay. Now, that makes sense." Zita agreed.

Zim gave me a glance. I just waved my hand, as Brian spoke up, "Man, we almost believed him."

Dib and Zim got into a staring contest with each other.

"Doom, doom, doom." Ms. Bitters continued, then instructed, "Go home, now."

Right on cue, the bell rang. Good thing it was a weekend. Skool ends early on a weekend. I joined the kids in exiting the class. I walked over to my locker and started grabbing my homework. I grabbed my book on Physics for Dummies and closed my locker to see Zim standing to my left.

"Hello, Zim." I greeted.

"Greetings, fellow human classmate." He greeted with a small wave, "I am here to offer my gratitude for your actions earlier."

"Think nothing of it." I answered.

"Tell me... Uhh..." Zim began, but drew to a blank.

"Elle." I answered.

"Tell me, Elle. Since you appear to know a lot. How prepared is this planet's defenses, if an alien invasion would occur?" He asked me.

I shook my head. Ms. Bitters never gave him a straight answer.

"These humans only believe what they want to believe. What happens at one end of the world, the other side doesn't bother to bat an eyelid." I answered, then continued, "There are some people who do believe that aliens exist outside this planet. But they keep their theories to themselves."

"Where do you fit?" He asked me.

I looked at him, "If anyone out there is planning an invasion, so be it. Humans have done enough damage to this planet already. Hopefully another species would treat this planet better."

I continued walking toward the main doors of the Skool. I felt Zim stare at me, as I heard him mutter under his breath, "She's not like the others..."

I walked down the steps, grabbed my bicycle and made my way home, to my tree-house. Yeah, my home is my tree-house. My tree-house is in the backyard of our home. I thought if I lived outside the house, nothing bad will happen. I do enter the house from time-to-time. Like lunch, breakfast and dinner. But, I'd rather keep to myself. It's better that way.

Half-way home, I saw Dib and Zim fighting on top of the Skool Bus and Dib was winning. Dib was holding a pair of cuffs. No doubt his alien-sleep cuffs.

Damn it, Dib!

I followed after the bus as it drove across the street.

"Zim!" I called. Zim looked and noticed me behind him. "Jump. Let go." I told him.

Zim looked at Dib at the top, then at me. As if he was deciding between falling or getting caught by Dib.

"Trust me. I'll catch you!" I assured him.

He looked at me, then let go of the bus and landed into my bicycle basket. I braked to a stop, as the bus continued down the path, with Dib still on top.

Zim laughed and waved, "See ya, Dib." He hoped off the basket and backed toward the fence behind us, "Pitiful hyooman."

I recognized the gate and shouted, "Zim, look out!"

However, I was too late. A large pit-bull dog grabbed Zim and started attacking him. Dib jumped off the bus and ran across the brick fence down the street.

I quickly jumped into the bushes of the lawn and started tapping the dog on the nose with a rolled up piece of my homework, "Bad dog! Bad dog! Scram! Get!"

The dog whimpered and left Zim alone. I took hold of Zim's gloved hand and lead him through the bushes. Good thing the bars were wide enough for us to fit through. Zim grabbed his boot, that fell off, and put it back on. He noticed Dib on top of the fence, jumped and knocked Dib into the garden. The pit-bull attacked Dib.

Zim backpack brought out some kind of communication device over Zim's head. Cool.

Zim grabbed the device and spoke into it, "Gir! Help me! There isn't much time!"

"Yes sir!" A robot voice answered.

The device returned to his backpack. Then there was the sound of rockets. Alongside the rocket sound, was a flying green dog with black legs, arms, ears and tail.

I'm guessing that's 'Gir'.

Zim jumped down, as the dog flew closer. It was right in front of Zim as he told it, "Get me out of here now, Gir! Now!"

"Okie dokie." The dog, Gir, answered.

It flipped Zim on to its back, taking Zim by surprise, "Hey! Wait a minute! What the-"

Once Zim was on its back, Gir shot down the street in high speed, leaving a trail of smoke and rocket fumes. Dib got away from the pit-bull and climbed out of the gate.

He shot me a look, then noticed the trail. Dib smiled and followed it. I leaped on to my bike and made my way home.

*Later, that night, in Elle's Tree-house...*

Today went very well, I think. An alien invader has joined Skool. Dib has finally found a rival or a 'nemesis'. I made a new friend, I think anyway. And there was a very fun chase.

I looked out my window. Low and behold, Dib was on his way. I finished my homework and put my book away. Dib climbed up and looked at me. He was not happy with me.

"Hello, Dib." I greeted.

"Don't 'hello' me." Dib snapped, "What was that about? You helped Zim escape me. Why?!"

I folded my arms with a small glare, "I was at the right place at the right time. Zim needed help."

"You should've left him to me. We could've turned him in. I won't be called crazy anymore." Dib shouted, "You wouldn't be called insane anymore. It would've been great!"

"No, it wouldn't, Dib." I snapped, "The reason why the townspeople call you crazy is because you're obsessed with proving truth to the paranormal and the supernatural being real. I'm called insane because people don't understand my point of view about certain things."

I jabbed my finger into his chest, "Do us all, and I mean everyone in the whole town, a favor and keep your feud with Zim between you and Zim. No one else wants to get involved. And neither do I."

With that, Dib fell silent. He left my tree-house, and I was left alone.

Okay, I feel tired. Maybe next Skool day will be as fun as today.