Door to Door

~Elle the Insane's POV~

Boy, what a hot day today is. I decided to take the week off skool, to think of my disguise, so no-one noticed how much I have changed. Unfortunately, I haven't created a holographic inducer, to create a holographic simulation of my former human form. And I'm pretty sure my gem doesn't work that way either.

That only leaves one option, disguise myself the same way Zim does: With a wig and contact lenses, until I can create a holographic inducer.

With my fabricator, I was able to create a wig that was similar to my human hair, and a pair of amber-brown contacts.

I also changed out of my Irken Invader uniform into something more comfortable. I got dressed into a black t-shirt with a skull design and dark purple sleeves, under a dark grey, short-sleeved hoodie. A folded black and purple skirt with black leggings and dark purple boots.

I wiped the sweat from my brow, as I heard screaming coming from the neighborhood. I looked out the window to see my classmates knocking on the neighborhood's doors and carrying boxes of candy bars.

I sighed and shook my head, "Great. Fundraising again. Fourth time this year..."

I really hate fundraisers. The prizes were garbage. No one would be able to sell the candy with a neighborhood that is not interested. And I hate socializing with other people. That's one of the reasons why I live in a tree-house outside my family's house.

I looked again and saw a familiar green-skinned boy carrying a box of candy in a wheelbarrow and a smaller child following him, carrying a box over his head. The green-skinned boy was Zim, so that means the smaller child must be Gir. They were heading toward my home.

I exit my house and climbed down the ladder to meet up with the Irken soldier and his robot colleague.

"Hello Zim. Hey Gir." I greeted with a small smile.

Gir screamed with a high-pitched voice and then laughed and hugged my waist.

"How did you know we were coming?" Zim asked me, raising a brow.

"I saw you coming from my window." I answered casually, then I noticed something, "You feeling alright, Zim? You don't look too good."

Zim tilted his head at me, then shook his head and waved his free hand at me, "Do not worry, Elle. I'm feeling fine."

I shook my head, "Zim, you look like you're going to collapse at a any moment." I walked closer to him and placed my hand over his forehead. He was warm. Very warm. "Zim, you're burning up." I gasped, removing my hand from his forehead, "You've been exposed to the sun too long. You need to lie down and cool off."

Zim shook his head at me, "I can't not give up the competition now! There's a secret prize at stake! I must get the mystery prize!"

"Zim, you'll end up sick if you continue in this state!" I argued back, "Look, getting yourself sick for the sake of a 'mysterious' prize is not worth it." I put my hands over his shoulders, "You have the whole week to sell these bars. Come into my tree-house and lie down for a few hours."

Zim looked at me and then rubbed his chin in thought. He knew I was right, so why be stubborn and argue with someone who cares about you and your well-being? It's hopeless.

Zim looked at me, "You know, you are very stubborn for a Rose Quartz." He lightly smiled, "Alright. I'll rest."

I smiled back and lead Zim and Gir in my tree-house and laid the Irken soldier on my bed and turned on the solar-powered air conditioning for him. Zim laid still on the bed and Gir stayed by my side. I left Zim to his rest and looked over the progress of the fundraising. I hacked into the Skool board and found that the warranty for class desks has expired and the Skool is using this fundraiser to buy more.

Why? Would it make more sense to use the money they spent on candy and prizes to buy desks? Sounds like a waste of money and puncturing a hole into the city's economy, which is not doing well.

I sighed and shook my head again, "When I'm old enough, I'm definitely moving to another city. A quieter city. Maybe somewhere closer to the beach."

*One Week Later, At Skool...*

"Children, your performance was miserable." Ms. Bitters told the class, "Your parents will all receive phone calls, instructing them to love you less now." She stood up from her desk and walked over to Dib's desk, "But... In a shocking display of Skool Spirit, Dib has come in first, by selling one hundred candy bars. Congratulations, you win a..." She continued in a automated voice that wasn't her own, "Adhesive medical strips."

Dib took the box of band aids and smiled, "First place!" Then he glared at Zim, "Take that, Space Boy!"

But Zim was nowhere to be seen at his desk.

Dib raised a brow, "Hey! Where's Zim?"

I gave my twin brother a small smile, "Oh, he'll be here soon."

Suddenly, the ground started to rumble. The classroom door burst open to reveal a flood of dollar bills and Zim rolled down to the ground.

"I am here, Dib-Worm." Zim announced, "And I have sold over 1.2 million revolting candy units." He marched over to Ms. Bitters, "I am prepared to receive the power of the mystery prize. GIVE TO ZIM!"

I rested my head over my hand. It was obvious that there was no mystery prize. Zim has fallen for one of the basic plunders of Earth psychology. Bring in a secret mystery prize to hype up the competition. And Zim fell for it. Hook, line and sinker.

Ms. Bitters' lifted her head slightly and grabbed a small parcel, "Well... This has never happened before." She ripped the parcel open, "Zim, your prize is..."

Zim braced himself, as Ms. Bitters grabbed a piece of paper from the parcel and read it.

"Your prize is... Nothing." Ms. Bitters informed, "There is no mystery prize. They just made it up to make kids work harder for more money."

A small smile crawled on my face. Hah! Called it.

Zim's eyes widen with shock, as he turned to our teacher with a raised brow, "Huh?"

"As a consellation..." Ms. Bitters gave Zim a can of tuna, "Here's some tuna."

Zim took the can of tuna and shouted at the top of his lungs, "CURSE YOU, POOP DOG! CURSE YOU!"

The volume of his voice created a powerful shock-wave that destroyed most of the class desks. Thank goodness for the extra money Zim won from his methods.