"Hey we can you help me get on Epona I still have that stab wound in me."

"Oh right sorry."

"It's not a big deal this leg is probably gonna heal in a week or two since I drank that red potion."

After Erica helped Link get on Epona they continue to travel back to Timeston the walk was quiet and calming for the both of them after what just happened. Once they got into town everyone stared at both of them mostly at Erica and backed away. "Did she kill someone?" Asked a person.

"She must of because here's blood on her clothes and she has a weapon that had blood all over it." Said another person.

"No look at the kid in the green he has bandages around his leg maybe she saved him." Argued someone else. Then everyone was looking at her horrified some keeping their children close to them. Others put their hands on the bolts of their swords.

"There she is." They both behind them and saw a woman with two guards. Erica looked worried she didn't know what to do she felt someone's hand on her shoulders it was Link. "Don't worry I'll explain this."

"T-thank you." Link smiled then turned Epona around to face the guards.

"Is she with you." Asked the Guard.

"Yes she is." Said Link.

"Why does she have a sword covered in blood not put away like everyone else's and why is her clothes and face covered in blood too?"

"Long story short. I'd save her from a slave farm yesterday and today the same guy who I saved her from stabbed me in the leg and was making me suffer and slowly killing me. So she basically saved my life by stabbing him in the chest."

"Okay you two come with us."

"Fuck we should have cleaned up before coming to town. Think Link Think for once in your life think."

The two were escorted to a big castle once inside they were guided to the throne room. There was a queen but no king, Erica immediately bowed while Link was confused about what was going on. "Show some respect to royalty Link." She mumbled. Link immediately got off of Epona and bowed.

"You may now stand." The two stood up.

"Gardain why is there two children here."

"We believe that they committed a crime, second degree murder."

"Is that so. Girl explain. Now."

Erica looked nervous she tried to speak then she looked at Link who gave a smile and a thumbs up, she took a deep breath. "I and many of my friends had our parents killed our homes burned by a clan called Plague Prince we were forced to work for them as slaves for three years we were abused, raped, hungry, thirsty, and many many more horrible things, until just yesterday I had enough so I suckered punched someone in the face. My punishment was whipping in the back 150 times. After the 100th one Link came to save me and my friends from the farm, I had nowhere to go so I decided to do my travels with Link. until just this morning he did a surprise attack on us he stabbed Link in the leg if I didn't stabbed him Link would have died and I most likely would get raped then killed on the spot either." She began tearing up Epona nugged her then she hugged Epona. Link looked up, the Queen had one of the best poker faces Link has seen he couldn't read her he didn't know what she was thinking.

"Boy you look like you've been on adventures. What's your name?"


"Link is what this girl saying is true?"

"Of course. Without her I would be dead right now."

"Since it is illegal to kill. He did deserve death as his punishment according to what he did to you. So I'm gonna let it off with a warning but you better not do that again."

After their meeting with the queen they've been kicked out of the castle. "Alright let's get you some clothes. Don't wanna look like that for the rest of your life now would ya." Said Link.

"No I wouldn't." Erica answered.

They walked around for a bit until they found a tailor. "Excuse me sir but do you have clothes that'll fit her? And do you have new boots for me?" Asked Link.

"Yes we do. Boots are on the shelf and girls clothes are at the back."

"Thanks." Said Link. So Erica went to the back while Link went to get new boots he looked at the selection they were a little bigger then Links current boots he's wearing right now so he took the smallest size of brown boots he could find now he's just waiting for Erica. It took longer than expected but she finally came out she wore brown trousers with a blue hood, a purple shirt and black boots. Link handed him 10 red rupees then they walk out of the store. "Better?"

"Yes thank you now I need something to carry this sword." Said Erica

"Ya I'm gonna stop by this blacksmith to turn in the materials. So let's go before it's too late." Erica nodded in agreement. They went to the edge of town by the docks and Link saw the old man at the ticket booth.

"So Link you made it back and it looks like you got a girlfriend with you."

"No that's not it and you know that."

"Either did you get what I wanted?"

"Yes I did now where do I drop it off."

"12 houses down right beside the inn I should be there in an hour."

Link nodded he turned to Erica "were just gonna go 12 houses down."


They walked 12 houses down they waited and waited until an arrow barely missed Link's head he turned around and saw a man charging towards him Link blocked the attack with his shield. "Who are you and what do you want!?"

"My name doesn't matter and what I do want is that courage boy and that little blue ocarina too."

"Not gonna happen. Link shield bashed the man, as the man fell over he dropped his dagger but before he could get up and grabbed it. Link pulled out his bow and aimed at the man. "Who are you? What do you want? And who do you work for?"

"Like I said my name doesn't. Ow, shit oh, for the name of Hylia, you shot my arm."

"Answer my questions."

"Okay, okay, my name is Roguan. I work for the Plague Prince. His goal is to get the triforce then take over the world."

"Aw shit. Where is your stronghold?"



"Across Polynia." He reaches for his pocket and took out a bottle "Not telling you where tho." He drank the bottle then he started to teleport but before another of Links arrow can hit he was gone.

"Dammit, why."

"So kid you have my materials?" Link and Erica turned around and saw Michel standing in front of the door. "Well don't just stand there bring them in. Bring them in." Link and Erica carried the materials in for Michel. "All right, what do you want. A deal is a deal."

"Well my friend Erica wants a sheath and a belt to hold her sword, also 40 arrows or can you make a bigger quiver?"

"I can do both but the arrows you're paying yourself."


After 3 hours Michel finished the quiver and Erica choose a sheath and a belt from the shelf's. "Alright this quiver should hold up to 70 arrows and the 40 arrows will cost 40 rupees and two tickets will cost 80 rupees." Link handed the man two purple rupees and one red rupee. They thanked him then walked out of the shop and went to the docks, showed their tickets and sailed off towards Polynia.