Written by Dapple-ishh


The blue-eyed boy looked up into the sky, where grey clouds were gathering. He sighed and looked down at the navy blue waters, a slight mist covering it. It will soon be worst. He thought and walked back to the deck.

His ship stood still on the water, wiggling slightly. Everything around him was grey and white, the only color visible was the navy blue from the waters. He legs trembled impatiently. Where are they?

On the distance, a ship sailed towards his and he rolled his eyes. Finally. He stood on the side, where he could be seen. The other ship stopped right beside his ship and an anchor was thrown into the water, people could be heard on the other ship.

He used a plank to connect his ship with the other, and Buccaneers on the other side grabbed it to stabilize it. He stood straight while a man and a woman walked through it to get to him. He took his hat off in a polite manner. "Captain Shriek," He turned to the slender woman beside him. "Sharp Eye."

The man, or Captain Shriek, dipped his head. "Feathers."

Feathers gritted his teeth. "I told you to stop calling me that."

Sharp Eye jumped in. "Cap'n Shriek doesn't take orders from anybody else but Cap'n Shriek."

Captain Shriek kneeled down and put his hand under Feather's chin. Feathers gulped, and shivering, he closed his eyes. Captain Shriek smiled smugly and scoffed. "No matter where you go, I still control you, it seems,"

Feathers opened his eyes outraged. "You don't control me at all, I just agreed to this for the treasure." Captain Shriek passed his thumb through Feathers' lips and stood up. Feathers stared at him. "So, what's this matter so important to you that you're offering a good amount of treasure, huh?"

Captain Shriek circled him. "I want you to find this boy and bring him to me. Him and his brother, no one else."

Feathers rolled slightly his eyes. "Alright, where?" Captain shriek signaled with his head at Sharp Eye and Sharp Eye took from her vest a yellow-colored ragged map. Feathers took it and raised an eyebrow. "Neverland?" He closed the map and stared amusedly. "Who am I looking for? Peter Pan?"

Captain Shriek looked unamused. "Close, but no." He threw in the air a picture and Feathers had to jump to catch as the wind almost blew it away.

Feathers looked at the picture and sarcastically said. "Captain Jake, the prodigy of the Seven Seas and..."

Sharp Eye growled. "Jase, his twin brother."

Captain Shriek fixed her with a glared and looked at Feathers. "Also known as Buccaneer Scourge, or so the Never Clan called him," He looked amusedly at Sharp Eye. "That's it before we killed them all."

Feathers couldn't stop looking at the picture of the two boys, especially Captain Jake; he had heard unbelievable stories of him. "Why do you want them?"

Sharp Eye was already making her way through the plank when Captain Shriek snarled. "That's none of your concern," His crew was already pulling the anchor out of the water and he kneeled down to stood nose to nose with Feathers. "You'll just bring the two of them to me and you'll get the treasure, the rest is none of your business."

He dismissed Feathers and walked through the plank to his ship. When it sailed away, the plank fell into the water and Feathers growled. "Stupid old man…" He looked at the picture and for some reason, even though the prize was royal, he couldn't help but feel wrong about this. What's gonna happen to them once I deliver? He looked at Captain Jake surrounded by his loved ones and with a bright smile in the picture.

Most importantly, what's gonna happen to him?

I know it's short, pretty short, but it's only the prologue, the chapters will be longer I promise. Now, before continuing with the story, I will address something here.

Captain Jake and The Neverland Pirates: The Great Neversea Conquest and season 4 of said show is not canon on my stories.

Why? Because they weren't truly part of the show, at least not to me. Jake was too much of a mary-sue/gary-stu in these and every development every character had -background and secondary characters included- was thrown out of the board, it was as if they didn't exist. I really hated what happened to Jake and to the whole show in general after The Great Neversea Conquest.

The Great Neversea Conquest did happen in my stories but in a really different way, what happened in the episode did not happen in my main story. Did Jake become a captain? Yes, but Izzy and Cubby are given the proper protagonism they should've had from the very beginning. The Grim Buccaneer doesn't exist, nor does the Colossus or Captain Colossus, so don't expect any of that.

All said, I hope you enjoyed the prologue! Thanks for reading and don't forget to review :)!