I'm sooo hoping the next game releases this year and the speculation around the internet thinks so too! :D People are speculating and it will render everything I wrote even more non-canon. But what does the hand have to say? What does it think about? That green on the arm looks more like the green from the ghosts of the Champions which means it could be a helping hand. You should share your favorite crackpot theory as to what is going on for the trailer. My favorite is that the hand choking the mummy is the toilet hand of Termina. (With those claws, it doesn't look like a helping hand.)

Kass was having a lovely day talking to Sidon. They stood at the railings of Zora's Domain and the stories which the prince had to share helped Kass immensely with his research. Epona had come to the area for the flavorful grazing in the Lanayru province. All of Hyrule was enjoying the lack of regenerating monsters wandering about ruining traveler's lives.

Sidon was talking. "...By the way, Kass, I haven't heard much of what Link and the Princess Zelda are doing. Do you know where they are?"

"I believe that Her Highness was curious about the Castle basement. She felt it prudent to investigate the history of the castle with a bodyguard."

This precaution made sense to Sidon. "He is a fine warrior, but Link is a little odd sometimes." Sidon decided to rephrase that. "Link is a little odd. She should be able to keep Link out of trouble, right?"

The two men thought this through and felt a shiver of foreboding. Then they saw a discoloration in the sky above where Hyrule Castle might be dust had billowed up. That might be either a dust storm, errant cloud, or a cataclysmic event to put the Calamity itself to shame. Epona looked up and galloped in the direction of the blot on the sky. This told Kass it was probably the last thing on the list of possibilities.

Sidon lost his smile. "I'll go tell my people to sharpen their spears."

The monk of the Sealing Shrine was, fortunately for all of Hyrule, a lot more patient than Link was when he was stuck hanging out with Ganon underground. All that was left of him now was a spectral hand but by golly, he was gonna do a good job of keeping Demise's incarnation down here. He wished he could do more to keep darkness from slipping out between his fingers but he thanked Hylia he'd got the neck. This monk didn't think he could have stood the Redead screaming for more than half a century. Or the Redead's singing, complaining, or any vocalization.

There were a number of ways he could have grabbed the Incarnation of Malice to seal it. He could have pinned it facedown with its arms behind its back. He could have used the hair for a nice grip. He could have dangled it by the ankles. No, when it came to stopping the stupid zombie from screaming non-stop, there was nothing better than a good old chokehold. He hoped Link would come back soon and bring the Master Sword so they could just stab this corpse and be done with things.

He then saw Link coming in with Zelda. This was good. What was not good was that they didn't seem like they'd armed themselves for battle with the Ultimate Evil. The monk wished he could plug his ears or warn the teens about the Redead screech incoming. It put every other one in history to shame.

The monk was now thinking as Link moved closer to possibly touch something he really should not.

The monk was thinking. I have no mouth and I must scream at Link for being an idiot.