Okay, so I'm not rewriting the Tarrey Town or the Trailer stuff, but the rest of this was just irritating me with the lack of effort I put into things. I've finished editing and rearranging the first two chapters. We'll see how long my editing goes before I decide it is too much work. I've also noticed other authors like to publicly respond to all the reviews and I tend to PM people. I guess that would help me keep track of who I've responded to...

Chapter 6 had minor stuff, so did 7, 8. 9 had some redundancy removed and a lampshade hung on Link's hairdo.

Notes about additions 2/26/20

-Chapter 3 had only minor tweaks as did chapter 4.

-Chapter 5 had minor tweaks to get rid of a few typos and a new paragraph added in the beginning.

Notes about additions 2/22/20:

-Rearranged some events in the first three chapters. They are now two.

-Added a couple extra scenes of events on the plateau.

-Working on a consistent past tense.

Preexisiting author notes:

I had the Tarrey chapter but I've not fixed it yet. The other chapter I posted I'm deleting and rewriting because, well, it was worse. At least we can still speculate on the details of the upcoming sequel and swap crazy plot trailer chapter is going up since I don't see it ever getting better.

Please, if you guys think of what NPCs absolutely needed to show up, let me know! If it weren't for stealing-ahem- honoring people's great ideas this wouldn't have been as much fun. If I ever go back and fix things, I'd want to add another chapter to justify notifying people. I have run out of ideas for now though.

This was way too much fun to waste time on. I consider Wild Groose Chase to be a much better quality work but this was much less work and much more popular. Some guy even drew it which is still mindblowing. (It's a great drawing.) Also, it was fun writing a story with a corrupted Link where the angst is ignored in favor of pure confusion. Why don't people do that more often? Some other things which didn't make it are below.

-I probably could also see if I can make chapter title puns for everything like Wild Groose Chase had. Puns are good.

-The Scourge of the Master Cycle Zero never got written. Ah well. Someone else already came up with Cuccoblight Ganon. Wonder if I should steal that idea...

-Explosions in various explosions was a typo. It kind of fits so I think it should stay.

-Worry not, reviewer! Zelda likes cats too and will help Link bring them back. Not only that, but she'll make sure there's enough variety of cats to have a sustainable gene pool. Plus, new cat breeds are fun. (I want a munchkin cat soooo bad.)

-Thank goodness people help point out mistakes and stuff for me. There was the hair color, the forgetting to tag this story as complete, mismanaged edits...

-I forgot a minor bit of dialogue between Paya and Kass. Added acknowledgement of Epona's pyromania as of 11/5. Added chapter titles too. It's so minor compared to other issues like, you know, grammar.

-I should add Tarrey. Thanks Valonstar. There is a certain other NPC I have my eye on too unless people have other suggestions.

-Wild Groose Chase might get a sequel but I'm not sure it is worth the effort.