-Gundam fight begins the gundam that fell to earth-

Somewhere in space.

Old Man:We must never let her escape.

Tall Pirate:We'll just launch the fighters. At this rate, we can take her.

Blue3:This is Blue 3. I'm ready to launch.

Blue5:This is Blue 5, ready to launch.

Blue2:This is Blue 2, ready to launch.

Commander:Alright, listen up dirtbags. We're going up against Ice Hilda. I need all of you to stay sharp, it ain't gonna be easy. But once we catch her, we take the treasure. Got it?

All: Roger.

Commander:Let's do it!

Commander:Missile, fire at aim 3 to slow her down.


Commander:A barrier? Damn! We have no choice but to close in and fire your anchors to catch it.

Horis:Multiple Impacts. Hull condition critical. Use of emergency escape devices recommended.

Horis:Unable to return fire. Unable to return fire.

Blue3:We did it! We caught our Ice Hilda.

Horis:Unable to return fire. Unable to return fire.

Hilda:To stay here is death. To go is death.


Tall Pirate:Her location, sub ether drive. Damn that Horis, I cannot believe he activated it in that condition.

Old Man:Damn you, Hilda.

The destination Horis is heading too was earth where a bunch of colonies launching object towards earth.

Stalker:On this day countless shimmering objects were seen hurtling towards earth a planet that once prided itself for it's beauty. One object went to Neo America, One Object went to Neo China another to Neo Russia, Neo France. The object look like a garden of beautiful flowers as each of them headed for what was left of their home on earth. However one of these glowing objects had completely feared off it's course.

In a building a little girl was sleeping with her older brothers until she wakes up to see the object head towards the city at its lands. As a mafia boss Michelo Chariot, the Gundam Fighter for Neo Italy was watching a gundam being closed up by a capsule.

Michelo:It's arrived.*He crushed his glass bottle that's the signal hehehe that's signal! that's the signal to start the gundam fight I been waiting forward for so long!*Laughs maniacally*

The object was capsule was being surrounded by police.

Belcino:Look at that does it have a cooling device or something. Guess the guy must have thought he was arriving safely using his retrofire.

Mejina:You know it's totally ruined this tourist attraction inspector.

Belcino:Hmm yeah but it has been going on for 60 years now.*He smoke a cigarette.*What's the big idea with this gundam fight? The guys up at the colonies have no regard for what happens here on earth.

Majina:What do they think earth is supposed to be anyway?

Belcino:I suppose they look at it as just one big ball of dirt that's grown so filthy it's unusable these are the times we live in. Now why don't we start looking for the owner of this.


Everyone in the city Roam was evacuating before the gundam fight begins.

The news reporter:Today's investigation revealed that the meteorite which fell into the Spanish field at dawn is in fact connected with the gundam fight for this reason the area within a three-mile radius of the fallen object has been designated a high level danger zone.

On top on one of the roof a young man was looking at the the object from a distance meanwhile Michelo have his mob gathered.

Michelo:Listen up the Gundam fighter from the meteorite is located somewhere in this city, hunt this guy down we'll use him as scapegoat and at the same time we'll celebrate the beginning of the gundam fight!

Michelo's men:YEAH!*As the begin the hunt.*

Meanwhile a space pirate ship that was chasing Horis landed in roam and three pirate members came out of the ship.

Old Man:Are we certain that Hilda has fled to earth in this city?

Girl Pirate:3 days ago, we assume before the gundam fight begin. If she's avoided all our traps, this limits her to this area.

Tall Pirate:Search for her!

The pirates search for her.

In a bar the same young man was in there and his name is Domon Kasshu.

Bar tender:*On the phone.*That's right there's a weird stranger just sitting here you got it.

Boy 1:Wow would you take a look at all this money.

Boy 2:Forget it these days it's worth more if we recycle it. this is what we want.

Boy 1:Hey cool jewelry! If we keep on getting good stuff like this I hope they have gotten gundam fights all the time heh!

Bar tender:Hey pal I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Can I ask are you like some of the others and have no place to go? Well once the Gundam fight gets underway it won't matter where you run.

Domon:Listen you wouldn't by chance have seen this man around the city?

Bar tender:Can't help you.

Domon:It would have been about three months ago.

Bar tender:Nope never seen him.

Domon:I see.*He drops his photo.*

Sophia:*picks up.*Um excuse me.


Sophia:Y-you drop this sir.

Andre:*Grabs Sophie by her left arm.*Let me see.


Andre:Hmmm this is too precious for little brats. Hey you agree with me on that one don't you mister?

Sophia drops the photo and Domon grabs the photo and throws a big table at him and into the door and outside infrom of Michelo's gang. Domon came outside.

Andre:*regains his conscious.*I'll get ya, you little!

Domon fight Michelo's men one by one until Andre rise from the fountain to get him but Domon lifted him up by his chest with one hand.

Domon:*Shows him the photo.*Tell me you seen this man right here? He happens to be one of your guys? Well then answer me.*Hears a gun shot.*

Belcino:Now hold it right there pal.

Domon drops Andre back to the fountain. Little does they know that a blonde woman with shades was watching. Later Domon was arrested.*

Belcino:As I said a hundred times we're concerned about the owner of that huge aircraft parcel delivered to our streets. All we want is for him to hit the road so the city won't get demolished.


Belcino:*Brought out pizza.*How about it I'll bet you're real hungry huh hmm?*Domon remain silent.*Don't be shy you can have as much as you want just as soon as you admit to us you're a gundam fighter here!*He shove Domon's face in to the pizza.*

Officer:Inspector someone's here to bail this man out.


It was Kid Salsamille who was waiting for him as Domon arrived.

Mejina:Domon Kasshu citizen of Neo Japan reason for travel tourist.*Give Domon him read cloak back.*

Belcino:Enjoy your stay as long as you're out of the city with in an our do I make myself clear?

Domon and Kid leaves. On their way to a hotel.

Kid:So, what do ya wanna do Domon, do you get something good to eat, do you want to hit the casino, oh by the way you probably haven't heard yet so I better tell you...A ship came down, it was a pirate ship.


Kid:I don't know what organization it was with.

Domon:What about quarantine?

Kid:The Federation don't come down here. So, you just need to grease some palms.

Domon:I don't get it, what is it they possibly could be interested in down here in Neo Italy in the beginning of the Gundam fight.

Kid:I don't know, Domon, you're asking the wrong guy. Anyway I was thinking maybe you wanna go... hmmm...*He notice Domon stop.*What is it?

Domon turn around and saw the kids from the bar coming to them.

Boy1:Hey there mister would you wait up for us? Huh.*The three panted after catching up with them.*

Boy2:We were just there the cops said they'd let you go so we ran as fast as we could to find you.

Sophia:H-here take these.


Boy1:They're for you kind of our thanks for saving us back there,

Boy2:Well actually somebody at the bakery just left them outside.

Domon takes the bread with a smile.

Kid:Thanks guys but shouldn't be with your parents?*But he notice their sad faces.*

Boy2:It was some time ago when the last gundam fight happened our mom and dad-

Kid:Oh sorry to here that. Then why not stay with us for the night.

?:Then mind if I tag along too? Cause I need a bodyguard.

Domon:And you are?

Rachel:My name's Rachel.

Domon:So Tell me, who's the bodyguard for?

Rachel:For me, I didn't know that this place could be so dangerous for the inexperienced like myself.

Domon:This your first time to Neo Italy? You sightseeing? Heh, well there's nothing to see except for the Gundam Fight.

Rachel:It's my job, it's for my father.

Domon:So, how long would you say you need a bodyguard for?

Rachel:I'll need you to start right now, until I leave the area and my job is done.

Domon:Alright then you can come.

Rachel:Very well then.

Domon:Okay, we have ourselves a deal.

Rachel:With you around Domon Kasshu, I think my job will be much more pleasant.

On their way to the hotel.

Domon:After the hotel and the fighter of this country I need to face where are we headed, anyway?

Rachel:To an agroplant that's located 30 kilometers to the northeast.

Domon:What? outside the city?

Rachel:Uh huh. You see, I have something that you could be the right man for the job for

Domon:*Thinking:Is that why she needs a bodyguard?*Hmm...

Suddenly a pirate came.

Domon:Does this guy happen to be a friend of yours?

Rachel:Uh uh.

Pirate:*Brought two members.*You, leave the woman and walk away! Otherwise, you're a dead man!

Domon:Come and get me!

Domon takes on the the three pirate until one managed to retreat.

Kid:Who were those guys anyway?

Domon:I don't know.

Kid:Well, guess we should get going.

Domon:Yep.*Thinking:I have a bad feeling about this. But now I need to find the Nero Italy's fighter.*Let's roll!

Kid:Maybe I was just being paranoid. This job seems simpler than I thought it would. Maybe those guys that attacked you just then thought you were somebody else. Those guys had pirate guild written all over them. There's no way that pirates would be after someone like Rachel. You know what Domon? If you take the next off ramp its a straight shot the rest of the way.

Domon:Yeah, I know.

As they got to the hotel they ring the bell and nobody answered.

Boy2:I get it even the hotel workers have taken off.

Boy1:But you better watch your back mister. I bet went to their boss Michelo to tell him all about you.

Domon:Hey do you know this Michelo guy?

Boy2:You're kidding! He's well known as the country's gundam fighter.

Boy1:But actually before he used to be the boss of the mob and then soon after that he became a fighter so does whatever he wants now. How can a guy like that get picked to stand for our country?

Domon:Because he's strong.

?:HAHAHAHA! Tha'ts right!

The wall was breaking.

Rachel:What's going on?

Domon:Get back!

A huge hand burtst through the wall and Domon sees a giant mecha and knows what it is.

Domon:Errr! A...Gundam!

It was Neo Italy's Nerose Gundam along with the pirates.

Domon:A Gundam?

Kid:Domon, it's them, the pirates!

Michelo:*Chuckle*I just happen to receive a little news bulletin that you've been a bit rowdy with my men! Well well now it's you and me Neo Japan fighter. Looks like you had a chance to hang around here and get your kicks now you'll feel mine!*He use the silver kick.*

Domon blocks it and deflects it.

Michelo:Oh boy I guess he weren't selected to be a gundam fighter for nothing.

Domon form a battle pose.

Michael:Wait don't make any rash decisions take a look at this.*His Nerose Gundam is holding Sophia.*


Boy2:It's Sophia!

Michelo:If you have any serious intentions of getting her back your only chance is to come our hideout alone. Don't even think about bringing your gundam along with you, of course that's if you can get out of here alive first especially with these pirates here.

Girl Pirate: Okay, playtime's done now. Can't fool us anymore. Come out and we'll spare your life, Hilda.

Michelo:Fire! let them fear your power Neroes Gundam.

Kids:Hilda? Hilda?! Hilda?!

Hilda:Close your eyes! Floor it!*Throws a flash grenade and they made their escape.*

Old Man:Damn you, Hilda!

Domon:Okay, tell us how much is a lie and how much is true?

Hilda:Rachel is purely a fictious name.*Removes her mask.*The part about me needing a bodyguard however is real.

Domon:Okay, so your real name is Hilda. Why are those pirates after you?

Hilda:I'm their enemy. We're after the same treasure.

Kid:Treasure? This is bad news Gene! Lets get outta here!

Domon:You don't think they'll let us go do ya? Well I need to prepare to fight him and nothing more.

Belcino:*He and Mejina pointing guns.*I can't allow that. I'm not gonna stand back and watch you guys damage the city any further gundam fighter. Mejina guard this guy and the girl and the boy.


Belcino:If it's anyone's job to rescue hostages it's mine.

Somewhere in the Colosseum Michelo and his gang were waiting for Domon as Sophia is tied up and hanging from Neroes Gundam's hand.

Andre:Do you really think that guy's gonna bother showing his face?

Michelo:Yeah I know for a fact he's gonna come.

Turns out Domon escape the police while Kid and Hilda activate the signal button to get the object to awaken. Meanwhile Belcino took the boys with him to the Colosseum as he aims his rifle at Michelo.

Boy2:Hey didn't you tell us you were gonna rescue Sophie sir?

Belcino:Just be quiet. Listen this never would have happened if those guys weren't here.

The boys:*gasp!*Huh?

Belcino:That's right Gundam fighters are the scum of society by getting rid of the scum.

Andre:He's here! he can just like you said boss.

Domon arrived and was prepare to fight.

Belcino:*Gasp*More scum.

Andre:Stop! I'm telling you to stop!

Michelo:So you wanna play with me? Andre!

Andre:Yeah!*Starts cutting the rope.*

Belcino:NO!*She shoots*

Michelo:Huh?*He notice the bullet and use silver kick to deflected it right at the rope causing Sophia to fall.*

Boy2:No Sophia!

Sophie:*screams as she falls.*

Domon rushed in and manage to catch her.

Michelo:Grr fire!

Michelo's men begin firing at Domon.

Andre:Huh?*He notice Domon stop all those bullets and reveal his right hand to have the King of Hearts.*I seen that crest before of the champion of the colonies the King of Hearts! No one could have stopped all those bullets that guy has to be him Domon Kasshu!

Michelo:*Thinking:You've gotta to be kidding!

Andre:But boss we don't have a chance, even if we try to fight this guy!

Michelo:SHUT UP!*Kicks Andre off.*Stand up rise above them Nerose Gundam!

Nerose Gundam is activated and begins chasing Domon.

Domon:Here!*Throw Sophia to Belcino.*

Belcino catches Sophia.*


Boy1:You alright?

Michelo and his Neroes Gundam continues to chase Domon.

Michael:I'll crush him for sure! No escape this time!

Domon:Kid now!

Kid activates the beacon and the capsule flies over to Domon Kasshu's location.


Domon:RISE SHINING GUNDAM~!*Snap his fingers.*

The capsule opens revealing to be Neo Japan's Shining Gundam.

Michelo:It decided to make an appearance!

Domon puts on the fight suit.

Computer:Mobile trace system checking brainwaves, blood pressure, pules, respiration, temperature, metabolism all green.

In space, beam ropes surround the Earth to signal the beginning of the 13th Gundam Fight.

Computer:Gundam fight combat signal confirmed. The 13th tournament is now authorized to commence.

Michelo:In that case Gundam fight!*Rips his clothes off revealing a fight suit.*Ready and on stand by!

Domon:Ready GO~!

It's Shining Gundam vs Neroes Gundam.*

Belcino:Can't believe after all this, they went ahead of the match.

Shining Gundam heads up to the air.

Michelo:You're not getting away!*Use vulcans*

Domon blocks them.

Michelo:Take this!*Fires small shoulder cannons and Shining Gundam's left arm but no damage.*

Domon throws a smoke grenade.

Michelo:He's hiding from me? Then I got no other choice but to force him out with these silver feet.*He first silver kick from Neroes Gundam's leg and laughs crazy.*

Belcino:Ugh! You're all scum to me.

Sophie:But sir did you see how that guy saved me did you?

Belcino:I want you to look very carefully. The colonies decided to have competition so they wouldn't go to war with one another. Each of them sends a Gundam represent their colony nations, and they fight each other on Earth. And they fight, and they fight, and they continue fighting, until the nation represented by the last standing Gundam, earns the right to rule all of space. They're totally insane. They think of the planet Earth as nothing more than a playground. But think kids what happens to the people who remain here. When I was a young boy about your age.*flashback to when he was a child and watches ships fly to space.*One day I stood and watched those guys leave us behind and fly to space. I understood only too well from that day on we were forsaken humans. But not now I won't let them toy with this earth, at least not this city, not where we were born and raised.*He charge in right went Neroes Gundam is gonna fire another silver kick.**Gasp*

Suddenly Domon and his Shining Gundam blocked that attack protecting Belcino as he gets up and opens his face plate.


Domon:You may have those silver feet but I got these gold fingers*As he charge straight toward Nerose Gundam.*Here I go SHINNING FINGER~!*Grabs the head.*


Domon:Article 1 of the gundam fight international regulations, a unit who's head section is destroyed is disqualified.*Begins crushing Neroes Gundam's head.*I'm not done I got something I've been meaning to ask you.

Michelo:*Notice the cockpit system is showing something.*What's going on?!

Domon:*Shows him the photo.*Do you know this man?

Michelo:N-never seen him! I don't know him! I don't! I never seen this guy before in my life!

Domon:I see...it's time for you to reveal article two of the gundam fight international regulations.

Michelo:Ah...Ah Pilot must never...a-aim the cockpit of the opponent's gundam!*As his hair turn white, his gundam's head exploded and collapse.*

Domon:At least you didn't lose your life I spared you Michelo Chariot.

Later Michelo and his gang are arrested.

Boy2:Now that they disqualified him as a gundam fighter he's just an ordinary guy.

Domon meets up with Kid and Hilda.

Hilda:Domon Kasshu you're definitely the right man for the job I'm gonna give you.

Domon:So you're tagging along with us?


Domon:Alright then.

Belcino:Gundam fighter Domon Kasshu!*Give him pizza.*


Belcino:It's the Pizza I promise you.

Domon leaves with Kid and Hilda with a smile.

Belcino:The dawn of the gundam fight. This is gonna be one of those awful years.

However little do they know someone on the roof top is watching them. It was Garland.

Garland:So...it has begun.

Later after leaving Rome they head to Hilda's hide out which was an abandon farm. Inside Hilda brings out a huge briefcase.

Domon:A briefcase?


Kid:And an electronic lock one too.

Hilda:The code is VSDO2C.

Kid:Okay, that did it!*He use the code and the briefcase opens*Domon look at that.

Domon:Huh, what the hell, what is it?

It was a naked girl in the briefcase, frozen sleep.

To be continued