Stalker:Greetings if you will allow me provide for you a brief explanation origin and purpose of this Gundam Fight. It all began about 60 years ago, people had left an intolerable earth to live inside colonies out in space, to avoid war among the colony nations a competition is held every four years one representative from each nation pilots a machine called a gundam and takes part of a match, it's called the Gundam Fight and the pilots fight fight, and they fight, and they continue fighting, until the nation represented by the last standing Gundam, earns the right to rule all the colony nations. These space gocernments have come up with a war based of the principles of great sportsmanship, however one problem still remains this competition takes place on earth that's right this grimy planet on which we live but this time around there seems to be something a bit different about the tournament.

Domon:Hey you over there!*Shows the photo.*Do you by chance remember seeing this guy?

Stalker:Hmmmm...*Looks at the photo.*Well now, how might this charming little photo here have any effect on today's fight. Today's opponent is the Dragon Gundam of Neo China who will pilot this Gundam in this battle? Tha'ts a secret. Let's get things started!*Remove his eyepatch.*Gundam fight all set ready GO!

-Beat the Dragon Gundam-

Sai Feilong:Listen to me well Sai Saici, you are to go to the earth with the Dragon Gundam and answer to the question of who will rule space. You shall show the people that Neo China is in fact the answer to that question. Bear that in mind and be sure to win understand.

Sai Saici:Hmp!

Sai Feilong:Then us must go.

A capsule was launched from Neo China's space colony and send to earth as it land in the chinese lake.

Sai Saici?:Heheh...The Gundam I've admired is finally mind forever. Now rise Kokuryu gang rise! Burn it all, destroy and grab everything you can!

Kokuryu gang beging terrorizing villages by shooting flame flower guns. They even form their jet cycles into one dragon.

Panda:Look at that Shifu!

Shifu:Try to control yourself Panda.

Panda:Look at him, I never thought he'd stoop as low as to become a common bandit. We no longer have any choice in the matter.

Shifu:No wait Panda did you see what I see over there?

They saw Domon Kasshu.

Domon:AAAAHHHHHH!*As he fights the bandist with Hilda.*

Then Po and the furious five came to fight the bandits.

Po:Enemies of justice prepare for war!

Domon:A talking Panda who knows kung fu?

Hilda:This is just keeps getting better and better.

Po:Hey you're Domon Kasshu of Neo Japan aren't you?


Po:You came to fight the bandits are you.

Domon:That's what we're doing.

Po:Then let's do it!


As the fight the bandits the Skunk fu gang came to help.


Fox:Eat this!*Kick a bandit at the private.*

Domon:More talking animals that know kung fu?

And finally Mulan and Tang Shin and their friends arrive and they all team up with Domon to defeat the bandits.


The bandits were surrounding Kid and Melfina who're on top of the core lander.

Kid:Merlfina get behind me.


Kid:Now for you bandits don't take another step, cause I have a gun and I'm not afraid to use it!

Domon came and give the bandits multiple kicks.

Bandit member:Let's get out of here.

Melfina:What's going on, Domon who are these people?

Domon:I don't know, but look!

There is the dRagon Gundam.

Domon:Check it out these guys got a Gundam. Kid get the Shining gundam I'm fighting.


Shifu & Panda:Wait just one momment! It is obvious was that you are a notorious Gundam Fighter, we have a favor to ask of you.


Po:Master Shifu!

Skunk:Manster Panda!

The morning Melfina was bandaging the people who are injured.

Melfina:Okay he'll be fine but try to keep his arm still.

The mother:Thank you so much.

Melfina:Oh this is pretty awful so many of them hurt. Whatever medicine wasn't destroyed in the fire won't be enough and besides Domon I...

Domon is with Panda and Shifu.

Shifu:Please, please we ask that you face our Gundam Fighter of Neo China.

Panda:We ask you face him and eliminate him.

Domon:What do you mean?

Shifu:I'm sure this must sound incredibly strange to you.

Panda:But this is our conclusion after giving the matter a great deal of thought.

Domon:Who are you guys anyway.

Shifu:I am Shifu and I'm Po and the furious five's master.

Panda:And I'm Panda and I'm Skunk, Fox and Rabbit's master and we are followers of the Shaolin Temple who remain on earth.

Domon:Shoalin Temple

Shifu:That's right it's the truth our-

Domon:I know.

Shifu & Panda:Huh?

Domon:The temple of the martial art know to be the most powerful on earth but 60 years ago most of the followers defected to the Chikurin temple. since that time the temple hasn't able to do more than protect the Shaolin name.

Shifu:But our master seriously believed that if our representative became champion in the Gundam Fight it could lead to the revival of the temple. So he sent his only son, Sai Saici to to the colony's Chikurin temple and had him trained diligently. His son succeeded in being selected to pilot the dragon gundam and was sent back here to earth.

Panda:And now it is as you have witnessed, we heard that he now uses Mount Godai as his base.

Domon:I see you want me and Hilda to get rid of him before he causes further embarrassment to the temple.


Panda:The best solution would be to have him lose in a gundam Fight Match.

Domon:And what if I said "no"?

Both Shifu and Panda try to attack but Domon block them.


Panda:In that case!

The two kung fu masters pull up a staff and held Melfina and Kid with it.



Shifu:Will this change you mind?

Panda:What is your answer?

Domon:Fine we'll do it.

Po:Then we'll come too.


Mulan:We'll join in too.

Mushu:*Pop out on Mulan's shoulder.*And I'm gonna join in too.

Domon:First a bunch of talking animals that know kung fu and now a talking lizard?

Mushu:Hey! Dragon. DRAGON, not lizard. I don't do that tongue thing.*hiss*'re tiny.

Mushu:Of course! I am travel-sized, for your convenience. If I was my REAL size, Mulan's cow here would die of fright. [Khan tries to chomp him.] DOWN, Bessy.

Domon snaps his fingers and gets on the core lander with Skunk, Fox, Rabbit, Po, the furious five, Mulan, Mushu, Tang Shin and their friend and Hilda.

Domon:Kid, Melfina we'll be waiting for you in Mount Godai!


Shifu:Do you have faith in the gundam fighter will do as we have requested?

Panda:It's possible.

Melfina:Um could you uh put this away now?

Shifu & Panda:*Remove the staff from Melfina and Kid.*Oh we're terribly sorry!

In the Bamboo forest on their way to Mount Godai Domon gets to know Mulan, Po, the Furious five, skunk, Rabbit, Fox and Mushu.

Mulan:By the way we haven't introduce ourselves to you Domon my name is Fa Mulan.

Po:I'm Po the dragon warrior.

Domon:Dragon Warrior?


Tigree:I'm Tigress.


Viper:I'm Viper.

Monkey:And I'm Monkey.

Mantis:And I'm Mantis.

Skunk:And I'm Skunk.

Rabbit:I'm Rabbit.

Fox:The names Fox.

Mushu:And I am Mushu.

Domon:Well now looks like we're gonna find Sai Saici together.

Mulan:That's right.

Po:*notice something ahead of the road.*Hey look!

Some kid was sleeping in the middle of the road.

Domon:*Stops the core lander.*Hey you move off the road!

The boy:*Wakes up and yawns.*Hey sorry to ask would you guys mind giving me a life?

Domon:We can't, we're in a hurry so you're out of luck kid.

The boy:I see.*he disappeared.*


The boy:*appeared next to them.*What's wrong? perfect I'm in a hurry too, so let's say we blast out of here.

Domon:Ah but how did you-

The boy:Come on let's get going.

Hilda:Well this got interesting all of a sudden.

The group took the kid with them to Mount Godai.

The boy:Appreciated bro you're a huge help.

Domon:Wasn't intended, oh well. By the way since you look you've been doing some traveling maybe any of you guys come across this guy?*Show them the photo.

Mulan:Sorry I never seen him before.

Mushu:Me neither.

Po:Sorry don't remember him.

Tigree:We the furious five never seen him before.

Skunk:Same with me, Rabbit and Fox.

The boy:Hmm not a clue who is this guy?

Domon:If any of you don't know him then just forget it.

The boy:*Notice a village.*Hahaha! there's a village hey bro why don't we stay there tonight.

Domon:Sorry but some bandits clean me out, I don't have a dime.

The boy:Don't worry I got an idea.

Later that night the village were doing a festival and it turns out Domon and the other are working at a restaurant, Domon and Hilda were washing the dishes.

The boy:*Who's cooking.*No hard feelings right bro? Of course they were looking for extra help with all the villagers out at this festival and how else where we gonna crash for free, Lucky I've been trained to be a gourmet chef.


Later after working.

The boy:Oh I'm so beat.


The Boy:Here.*He gives Domon, Hilda and the kung fu gang food.*

Domon:What's this?

The boy:Got it while I was cooking for those guys.

Domon:You don't do anything for free do ya?

Suddenly both the Huns and bandits invade the village with Tai lung with them.

Bandit 1:Hey fells look I think they having a festival so why don't we help ourselves to the feast!

Tai Lung:With pleasure.

Shan Yu:Huns attack!

They rampage through the village

Domon:Oh no it's them again. But with army of horsemen and...a talking leopard that knows kung fu?

Mulan:The Hun here too?!

Domon & Hilda:The what?!

Mulan:The Hun Army are the murderous and bloodthirsty enemies of Neo China lead by their leader Shan Yu.

The Kid:*Blew out the candle and notice Dragon Gundam outside.*Dragon Gundam.

Suddenly a bandit got in and shoot a flame thrower.

Domon:*Push the boy out of the way.*Duck.*Then he moves behind the bandit and knock him out the window,*

The bandit landed on a pile of hay where Domon's core lander is hidden and took it.

Domon:They got the core lander!

They they saw Dragon Gundam's outside.

Domon:A Gundam?

The boy:Run!

The gang got away as the Dragon Gundam puts it's hand through the window then walks away as Domon, Hilda and the gang watches from the roof.

Domon:Looks like I'm gonna have to fight him anyway.'s the only way I can get my core lander back.

The group uses horses to travel to the great wall of China.

The Boy:Look guys that there is the great wall from the old days. I guess they're using it as their base.

They hid in the big rocks an see the Gate.

The boy:So they're well guarded it won't be easy getting close to them.

Domon:You sure know a lot about this place area.

The boy:Yeah I've got my homework.*But he covers his mouth.*Whoa well...


The boy:Well naturally I mean the place I gotta get to is just on the other side of that fort. I know! I'll go there by my self and check it out, it's my way of thanking you for letting me ride in your lander, later!*He heads off.*

Domon:Hey there wait!*But the boy already left.*That kid...ho is he?

Hilda looks at the boy leaving and begins to be suspicious. At the get to bandits were guarding the gate.

The boys:Hey you, you over there! I've got some information, you won't want to miss this one look!*He put out his hand and points.*Over there over there look carefully.

The two bandit guards:Huh?

Meanwhile where Domon, Mulan, Mushu, Po, The Furious five, Skunk Fu, Rabbit and Fox were waiting.

The boy:Bro! hey bro!

Domon:What is it? what took you?*Notice something.*Huh?

They were surrounded by bandits, The Huns and Tai Lung.

Tai Lung:Well, well what do we got here the dragon warrior and his friends.

Po:Tai Lung!

Domon:*Notice Hilda's gone.*What the where did Hilda go?

The boy:See I told you, I found this guy here snooping, all around your hide out.

Domon:Just what are you trying to pull?

The boy:Haha! i just adjusted the situation.*But he winks at Mulan, Mushu, Po, The furious Five, Skunk, Rabbit and Fox as they nodded.*

Later while Mulan, Mushu, Po, The furious Five, Skunk, Rabbit and Fox are in prison cells, Domon gets tortured by the bandits, The Huns and Tai Lung.

Tai Lung:So you're the one who's been aiding the dragon warrior Po.

The Bandit1:What are your intentions? Tell us! What have you come here for?! spit it out!*Beating Domon.*Hey give him some water!

The second bandit throw water at Domon as the boy felt disturb by the sight.

Bandit1:How's that? you feel like flapping your gums yet?*pull on Domon's hair*

Domon:I've got nothing to say to you!*He kicks The bandits.*

Bandit1:You'll pay for-

Sai Saici?:that's enough!*arrives with Shan Yu.*The young man down here has come to see me right?

Bandit 1:Y-yes sir.

Domon:*Looks at Shan Yu.*I take it you're Shan Yu the leader of the Huns?

Shan Yu:*Approaches Domon*Nice work boy, you found the Hun army. Also there are certain people who inform about you coming here.

Domon:And who would that be?

It turn out to be the space pirates as they enter.

Domon:You guys again?!

Pirate old man:Yes we figure you would come here thanks to out Tao magic tracking mark on Hilda's ship.

Pirate girl:Now we have you, you're gonna tell us where is Hilda and where is Melfina?

Domon:*Thinking:Is that why Hilda disappeared because she knew they would come?*Well you can forget it, Melfina isnt' a pawn for you!

Pirate girl:Tough on aren't you.

Domon:*Looks at Sai Saici(?)*And you must be him, you must be Dragon Gundam Sai Saici.

Sai Saici(?):Huh?

Domon:You feel you need all these thugs? You can't think of any other way to fight me? No wonder Shifu and Panda were devastated.

Sai Saici(?):What are you talking about?

Domon:You could at least settle our differences in a Gundam Fight match!

Sai Saici(?):Oh I see, so you mean to say that you also have a Gundam? Well then we'll settle things right here an now!*He put his fake dragon head and tie him up and pull him down.*Right now throw him behind bars!

The Boy:Hey bro...!

Sai Saici(?)Hey kid! what's going on? are you with him well?

The boy:N-not a chance i happen to be a little old traveling chef. I heard how strong and powerful you are sir and i was hoping I could maybe serve as your chef.

Sai Saici(?):Hm...alright do as you wish.

Pirate old man:Seems we'll make you tell us where's Hilda later.*They leave.*

Shan Yu:And if you escape and get you gundam then I'll be ready.

Tai Lung:Same here HA!*Leaves*

The boy:Thanks so much! Haha! I won't have to see your ugly face again!

Later the bandits were enjoying the boy's cooking.

Bandit:You know what that kid's cooking ain't so bad at all.

Meanwhile Domon is in a prison cell with Muan, Mushu, Po, The Furious five, Skunk, Rabbit and Fox un Hilda break in.

Hilda:So there you are.


Hilda:Sorry I had to leave you but i figure those bandits hook up with those space pirates.

Domon:I figure that when I saw them again.

Then the boy arrived.

The boy:Hey bro, guys come on you gotta forgive me, I brought you some food to make up for all the things I've done. You see it's all part of my plan to get into this place, to prove it to you I'm unlocking the door to your cell.*He open their cell.*It's up to you, do as you wish, You'll find the lander inside the warehouse beside the main entrance.


Domon, Mulan, Po, Mushu, The furious Five, Skunk, Rabbit and fox get out from the cell and notice The boy with a grin on his face.

The boy:*Runs off*They escape from jail! The prisoners have escape!

Domon:I don't believe him.

Hilda:Let's go!


Sai Saici(?) was enjoying his meal until the boy came by.

The boy:*Runs by*Escaped! Domon and the others are not in their cells they escaped they escaped!

Pirate old man:Hilda must've come to help them!

Pirate girl:Urgh! GET THEM!

Domon, Mulan, Mushu, Po, The furious five, Skunk, Rabbit and Fox fight their way through the bandits and The Huns.

Sai Saici(?):Don't let him get to the lander!*He heads to the Dragon Gundam that's in the waterfall but stop and saw the boy in front of him.*What?! what are you doing here?

The boy:Ha! i wanted to thank you in person for taking care of my precious gundam!*He jumps over with a chuckle then knock him out with a kick from behind the head.*Article Four of the Gundam fight International Regulations: A fighter must take responsibility of protecting his/her gundam.

Domon:*Ride in his lander.*Now I'm going to find Sai Saici and-

The boy:Hey bro!

They saw Dragon Gundam coming out of the waterfall.

Domon:So there's Dragon Gundam!

The boy:*Putting his fight suit on.*That's right thanks to you bro I was finally able to get my Gundam back Thanks a bunch.

Domon:You mean to say that you're-

Sai Saici:Thats' right can't fool you I am the real Sai Saici.

Domon:Then why didn't you...

Sai Saici:Well to tell you the truth after making my descent from the colony I had a little bit of an accident before I realized that the Gundam and I had landed in different locations, luckily it was okay but meanwhile bandits claim it as one of their toys. Plus Mulan, Po, Mushu, and the others were informed about this.

Domon:What?!*He looks at Mulan and the others.*You guys know about this too?

Mulan:Yeah sorry about that but it was our secret mission to help Sai Saici get his gundam back.

Po:And we didn't expect for you to come along but it gave him an idea.

Hilda:Now it all makes sense.

Domon:Oh I see so you use me to get your gundam back. If that's the case you can return the favor with a match!

Sai Saici:Okay Gundam fight stand by ready-

Domon:GO~!*Snap his fingers, put his fight suit on.*

Computer:Mobile trace system checking brainwaves, blood pressure, pules, respiration, temperature, metabolism all green.

Shining Gundam has arrived.

Sai Saici:Cool this will be the first fight for my Dragon Gundam HA!*He launches arms into dragons fangs.*

Shining Gundam dodges them and one of them shoots out fire as Shining Gundam blocks the attack.

Domon:You're not doing too badly kid, I can understand why the Shaolin Temple is counting on you to resurrect their dreams.

Sai Saici:Just cause I owe you for your help doesn't mean I'm gonna let you win!*He made his dragon fangs hit Domon.*

Domon pull out his beam saber while Sai Saici form staff as their weapons collide. Then Domon kick him.*

Sai Saici:That's no fair bro!*He turn his staff into a flag to black.*

As Domon sliced it, the Dragon Gundam had vanished then he turn around as the Dragon Gundam extended his staff, made Domon drop his beam saber. Domon use vulcans to shoot but Dragon Gundam blocks it with his flags.

Domon:Just flags? where is he?

Sai Saici:*Laughs*Bro can't see me Can't you tell where I am?*As his flags appeared one after another.*

Domon:*Thinking:My eyes are being tricked by the flags.**He close his eyes waiting for Sai Saici to strike with his hand glowing as Sai Saici was behind him.*There you are!*Use Shining finger the dragon Gundam but it was an illusion by a flag.*What's he...

Sai Saici:Hahah! I'm over here.

Domon:Above me!?

Sai Saici:*Charge from the air.*Gotcha!*But notice.*Huh?

Domon:*Fly into the air.*Here I go SHINING FINGER~!*grabs Dragon's Gundam head and pin him down.*This hand of mind glows with an awesome power, it's burning grip tells me to defeat you, now Sai Saici say your prayers!

Shifu:Stop right there!

Shifu, Panda, Kid and Melfina appeared with Hilda, Mulan, Mushu, Po, The Furious Five, Skunk Fu, Rabbit and Fox with the ship Horus.

Shifu:I suggest you call this match a draw.


Panda:Otherwise you'll more than likely end up losing your head.

Domon:Huh?*He saw Dragon gundam's ponytail around his head with a spear head with it, ready to cut off Shining Gundam's head.*

Sai Saici:What now suggest a draw and I might accept it.

Domon:Hmph! you're such a big talker aren't ya? fine then guess we'll call today's match a draw.

Sai Saici:Ha.

*Shining Gundam let's go of Dragon Gundam's head and Dragon Gundam did the same but suddenly the bandits cycle dragon attack them from behind.*

Domon:What the?!

Sai Saici:Them again!

They both smash the cycle dragon with their fist but it was not over as they saw the Pirate ship arrived.

Horus: Magnetic aberation in enemy ship's Tao field delayed detection. Its closing in fast.

Hilda:Alright Domon we need to take down that ship.

Domon:On it, you with us kid?

Sai Saici:You bet!

Horus: I am unable to determine how the enemy ship tracked us here.

Hilda: Some Tao spell. How are the engines?

Horus: Ether Drive Engine is active. Shall I release the anchor?

Hilda: They're only after Melfina. They won't do anything drastic. Ammunition?

Horus: 34% remaining.

Hilda: We'll attack from right here.

The enemies head out and the battle begins. Domon and Sai Saici battle space pirate mobile suits with their gundams. Mulan, Mushu, Po, the Furious Five, Skunk, Rabbit, Fox, Shifu and Panda join in the battle too while protecting Melfina.

Girl Pirate: Lock all guns on Horus. Once Melfina is secured, fire at will.

Hilda: Leave anchors and accelerate slowly. We'll aid the gundams!

* It does so.*

Girl Pirate: Blast you Hilda, trying to get those gundam with you Seperate the Grappler ship. Take us to the gundams who are with Horus.

The grappler ship detaches from the rest of the ship and ready to fight the Shining Gundam and Dragon Gundam but suddenly but the grappler ship grabs on to Horus.

Hilda: Uh... blast it!

Girl Pirate: We have you now, Hilda.

Domon:Oh no you don't!*Punch the pirate ship.*

Hilda:Thanks I owe ya one.

Domon:No problem.

They saw The rest of the pirate ship is destroyed by the Dragon Gundam.

Sai Saici:How's that?

Hilda:Not bad kid.

Girl Pirate:All engines max!

Old Man: Very well, prepare for close quarters combat. We'll board them with our grappler arms!

Hilda: Prepare the lander for launch. I'm going over.

Domon:I don't think so, SHINING FINGER~!*Smashes through the pirate ship's grappler arm.*

Old Man: Aaaahhhh!*Killed in the explosion.*

Hilda then ram Horus into the pirate grappler ship.


Hilda:Listen I'm gonna take down that ship with a self detonation device. Sorry, but I have to leave you Horus.

Horus: I understand. Goodbye Hilda.

Hilda activate the the self detonate device and exit out of Horus.

Girl Pirate: Hilda!

Hilda shoots at her but she blocks it.

Girl Pirate: Pa gu a sun fa Pa gu a sun fa.

Hilda:*Sigh*The price of freedom is always steep.

Girl Pirate: I won't let your people survive. Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa.
Pa gu a sun fa. Pa gu a sun fa.*She was about to attack.*

Hilda grabs on to her.

Girl Pirate: What are you doing? Don't interfere!

Hilda: Still read me Domon? Just remember, both outlaws and Gundam Fighters never go down easy, no matter what happens to them.*She bit her tooth, causing herself to to explode along with the pirate girl as the ships blow up as well.*


Later at the sunset.

Shifu:Mister Domon Kasshu we deeply regret causing you so much trouble and the lost of your friend.

Panda:The bandits have been handed over to the local police but The Huns and Tai Lung have retreated for now.

Mulan:We shall keep a close eye on Sai Saici.

Tigress:We will continue training him diligently so that he'll be worthy of continuing the Shaolin tradition and so this kind of thing never happens again.

Shifu:Please accept our apologies for the trouble caused, farewell.

Sai Saici, Mulan, Mushu, Po, The Furious Five, Shifu, Skunk, Rabbit, Fox and Panda leaves.

Melfina:Well that's that, it appears this boy has nothing to do with him either.

Kid:Looks like it.

Domon:Yeah, all that's left is Neo France and Neo Russia but I'm gonna find him no matter what. No matter what...let's go guys.



As they leave and head to Neo France. Meanwhile in a hide out at the Chinese mountains Shan Yu and Tai Lung report about the incident that happen to Shen, Dragon and Kai.

Shen:So this young man from Neo Japan help Sai Saici get his Dragon Gundam back and he has a Gundam too?

Shan Yu:Affirmative.

Dragon:What's his name.

Tai Lung:It appeaser his name is Domon Kasshu.

Kai:The King of Hearts was here?

Tai Lung:Yes. looks like things are about to be very interesting.*Evil smirk*

To be continued