Whaddup I'm Ryan, I'm 17, and I never fucking learned how to complete a WIP without making more stories. All jokes and memes aside, welcome to my rewrite of Scooby Doo: Frankencreepy! I personally didn't like a lot of things in the movie, including poor characterization in favor of "comedy," fatphobia, the awful "sexy" getup they forced Velma into (as well as how she behaved), and that whole government agent bit. It made no sense. Therefore, I am making a rewrite where I try to fix these things and make the story GOOD. Probably about as dark as Zombie Island (I'm gonna try my darndest but it may be darker in some aspects). Rated T for swearing (mostly in the author's notes) and blatant threats of death coming from Velma. Enjoy!


"So, how are they? How are you?"

"The doc said I got off lucky. I had some bruises and burns on my back, but that was the worst of it. Daphne was the same way, though a bit more severe because of heated metal. What'd they say about you?"

"Concussion. My head's still killing me, that's why they gave me the mask. I'm not doing light so well. I also got a few burns, nothing that needed grafting. From what I heard, though, I got some nasty blistering."

Velma paused.

"Shaggy and Scooby..?"

"Both of them are fine. Scooby was far away enough to tuck tail and run back inside, but Shaggy got hit. Burned and fractured his clavicle, aside from what seems to be the norm for all of us."

Velma sighed in relief.

"So, what do we know?"

"I know that you're not going anywhere without some rest, Sparky."

Fred turned to see a doctor walking in with a sad smile on his face. He crossed to the other side of her bed and tapped on her shoulder to let her know where he was.

"Is everything alright, Doc?"

"Hopefully, but we need to do one little follow up. She's got some bruising on her back we're a bit nervous about. If she fractured or even broke a rib, she'll be out of commission even longer. We're gonna have to get her to the X-Ray ward, if you don't mind."

"Not at all."

Two nurses gently and slowly guided Velma out of bed, even with the eye mask on, and out of the room.

Fred and the doctor lingered behind just a little bit longer.

"You say your van exploded?"

"Yes, sir."

"Well, it matches with our info. All of you have burns, obviously, a few breaks, bruises, and the likes, but you got off lucky. All of you did. Concerning who got the brunt of it, it has to be either her or Shaggy.

"As for who will be unable to do what they do for longer, it all depends. We're depending on Shaggy's clavicle healing nicely, so long as it isn't moved, but we can't guarantee when Velma's concussion will be better. It could take from a few weeks to... Well, years."


"Yes, unfortunately. You need to keep an eye on her. Don't let her drive. Make sure she gets plenty of rest and liquids. She can be confused a lot, and can be prone to long headaches, or even migraines. I can prescribe her medication, but I need you to make sure that she isn't at risk of making it worse, for at least the first few weeks."

"I understand. If I'm being honest, Doc, I can't see her being confused."

"When she woke up earlier, she didn't believe she was at the hospital. She thought she was being held captive. We had to take off the blindfold and then she believed us, but she's still incredibly sensitive to light and hurt herself. Listen, Fred, I know you love your mystery solving, but it sounds like so much for young people like you to go through."

"This attack wasn't even provoked! We got told about a curse from some castle she inherited, and we weren't doing anything when the van blew up!"

"That sounds insane, if I'm being honest, but I've heard much crazier from you. I mean it, however. For the next few weeks, take it easy. Don't travel; you'll find trouble. Stay at home, relax, and then, since I know you're going after whatever blew up your van, be careful on your next mystery. Be kind to your bodies."

"Will do, Doc, thanks!"

"And one more thing: let Velma stay asleep when she is asleep. Her sleeping patterns could be sporadic, but she does need the rest. It's critical to her recovery."

"Don't worry, I will."

The doctor nodded and left, followed by Fred. He was met by Daphne, who had changed out of her hospital gown and back into her normal clothes. She had a bit of bandage visible on her neck and hand.

"I saw some nurses taking her somewhere, is she okay?"

"Just checking out her ribcage."


Daphne sighed.

"So, what are we going to do?"

"I don't know, Daph. I don't know." Fred turned away, lost in thought.

"I know that look, Freddy. You're more upset than you're letting on."

Fred sighed. "Someone could have gotten hurt even worse than they already did. Velma could have this concussion for years! It could jeopardize everything we do, but it's only going to get worse, whether we leave it be or solve this mystery. I just know it."

"Then, do you have a plan?"

"Not yet." Fred's gaze hardened. "But I do know one thing for certain."

The certainty and harshness in Fred's tone of voice sent a shiver down Daphne's spine.

"This time, it's personal."


AAAAND we now have decent characterization for Fred! He's gonna be sad about the Mystery Machine, of course, but his main priority is now the well-being of his friends. You know, like a well-rounded group leader.Chapter2 will be out at... some point. I'm a procrastinator by nature, but I DO have this story planned out.