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Chapter 15

Prompto stared at the passing countryside, covered in white snow. He didn't exactly have good memories of train rides in the snow, but he found it wasn't bothering him. No…he couldn't stop thinking of that kiss. It had just been because of a silly local tradition, it wasn't like Noct actually wanted to kiss him.

"Alright?" Harry murmured, touching his arm gently, and Prompto smiled at him.

"Fine," he assured him.

Harry smiled and surprised him by leaning against him, head against his shoulder, green eyes closing. He caught Ignis watching them with a soft smile, Hermione hiding behind a book beside him. He shook his head, it was just Harry wanting a pillow to nap on, nothing more.


Ignis couldn't help smiling as Harry dropped off to sleep, leaning against Prompto. They made an adorable sight and in his sleep Harry looked more like he had as Noctis than ever, bringing back memories of happy times, before the Fall of Insomnia. He'd been doing his research since that kiss, and such things were not frowned upon, at least within the Magical World, despite the emphasis on family, blood, and heirs. Should they chose that path together, there was nothing to stop them. After all they had been through, they deserved to be happy. He glanced at Hermione to find her smiling behind her book, also good to see since he did not want Harry pressured by his school friends either.

It was good to be returning to the school, Black's home had nowhere for them to truly train after all and he was worried how they would manage over the summer. Still, they had a whole term to work that out.


Harry jolted awake, breathing heavily, how had that gotten passed his shields? He closed his eyes, focusing on reinforcing them, blocking Voldemort out. He shuddered, he was happy…to happy. He had the sinking feeling retribution for the courtroom debacle had just been taken.


Neville paled as he read the headline, Voldemort had attacked Azkaban with everyone either released or killed. The Lestranges…he could feel the sympathetic looks being thrown his way already and stood, leaving the Great Hall, not ready to deal with it.


"He alright?" Gladio asked Hermione who frowned.

"His parents attackers were among the escapees," she answered tightly.

Gladio grimaced but began going over ways to increase their training.


Remus was pushing the class to their limits in preparation for their O.W.L.'s and to ensure they would have any kind of chance if they were attacked. Added to the training the group did after hours, they were exhausted. With Harry as target number one though, what choice did they have?


Draco read the message and fought to keep his face blank. Had his Father gone mad? He glanced at the Ravenclaw table where Potter was sitting with his friends. Still, he would have to try, there was no other choice, this was an order from the Dark Lord himself. Should he succeed he'd earn his family even more honour. If he failed though…

He shook those thoughts off and began to plan. How was he to get Potter alone?


Harry pinned Prompto to the wall, staring into wide blue eyes, and then he kissed him. He felt Prompto stiffen and was about to move away when hands settled on his hips, pulling him closer, Prompto returning the kiss. "Bout time," he grinned when they stopped, both panting.


"I've been dropping hints since before the mistletoe incident."

"Oh…" Prompto whispered, face red. "I…are you sure?"

"Positive," he grinned and kissed him again.


Luna giggled and Neville glanced at her and then where she was pointing, smiling as he realised Harry and Prompto were holding hands as they walked along the path to Hogsmeade. About time. Maybe they were moving fast, but the attraction between them had been obvious from the moment they met! Harry deserved all the happiness he could find and if that was Prompto then he'd deal with anyone who tried to say something himself!


Harry stood and kissed Prompto's cheek. "Back in a minute," he told the group, slipping away from their lively table and out the back to the loos. He was washing his hands when Malfoy entered and shot a spell at him. He dodged, thankful for all the training they'd been doing as he drew his own wand, barely keeping from summoning a blade and dealing with him permanently. The bathroom of the Three Broomsticks was not a good place for a fight, too cramped. He grimaced as a spell clipped his arm, sending his own back at Malfoy who dodged around the doorframe. The noise in the pub meant no one could hear the fight either.

Malfoy levelled his wand and sent out a wide area reductor, Harry throwing a shield up even as he dropped under it. He felt a flash of pain to the back of his head and then everything went dark.


Draco stood over the unconscious body, panting. Potter was good, if that bit of door debris hadn't hit him… He pulled out the velvet pouch and upended it on Potter's chest, the Portkey activating on contact and then he left before anyone saw him. It was done, he had succeeded.


Gladio stiffened as Neville ran from the guys bathroom, face pale.

"Harry's gone, bathrooms a mess," Neville said before anyone could ask.

He stood, Iggy following him, to see for themselves. It was obvious there'd been a fight and….he knelt, blood, only a few drops thankfully. "Call the Aurors."


It didn't take long for word to spread, Harry Potter had been kidnapped. It wasn't long after that, that Malfoy was discovered missing, all his belonging gone. Within hours it was all over the wireless and the Aurors dispatched to Malfoy Manor only to find the war wards up and impenetrable. Aide was sent for from overseas and Gringotts to bring them down, until they could, Harry was on his own.


Harry stared fearlessly into crimson eyes, compared to Ardyn, Riddle was nothing. He would not show any fear to the madman. Ardyn had reason for what he did, Tom hadn't. He was just a bully and coward. He was the King of Light, he would not cower. Though he did wish he had the Royal Arms or covenants, it'd make things a lot easier.

"No friends to help you now boy, scared?" Riddle asked.

"Of a second rate bully? Hardly," Harry answered, ignoring the reactions of the Death Eaters around them. "Poor Tom Riddle, the kids were mean to you, so now you kill the innocent. You're pathetic."

"Do not speak that name!"

"Why not? It's your name, not that silly made up title you use." Maybe taunting him was reckless, his wand had been taken, but Riddle made mistakes when angry, and he was a Lucis Caelum, he didn't need a wand. He just needed Riddle in the right spot and a warp strike would deal with him.

"You dare," Riddle hissed, moving opposite him, and Harry grinned, the Engine Blade coming to his call, before hurtling through the air, Harry warping after it.

Dead silence filled the room as he stood over Riddle's body, sword skewering him all the way through. The body dissolved into ash and blood even as a wraith rose from it and launched at Harry. It hit him and Harry screamed, collapsing, convulsing on the floor as the Death Eaters watched in fear.


Harry stood facing….Noctis? the other him smiled at him, glowing blue, everything glowing blue and he recognised it as the place where Ardyn had been beaten for good. The Beyond…did that mean he was dead, again? Then he saw Dad, Luna…the Potter's…Lily smiled and reached out to trace his cheek even as Regis clasped his shoulder and power flowed through him…protection.

He heard something howl in pain and denial and turned to see some kind of hideous wraith…Riddle. The him that was Noctis smirked and flung out his hand, the Ring of the Lucis glowing as the Royal Arms slammed into the Spirit, destroying it.

"Be happy son," Lily whispered, kissing his forehead over his scar.

"Walk tall, my son." Regis added, and then they were all gone.


Lucius stared at the still body on the floor, who would wake, their Lord or the boy? Surely a mere child could not defeat Lord Voldemort! If he did, they had more than enough here to take their revenge. The forces trying to gain entrance would take weeks if not months to do so. They could display the boys broken body, destroy their will to fight, and take the Ministry.

The body gasped, eyes snapping open to reveal one emerald and one dark blue. He stared right at Lucius for a moment before rolling to his feet.

"Kill him!" Lucius yelled, it was the last thing he did as a blade sank into him.

Harry stood before them, the Armiger spinning around him. They weren't the Royal Arms, but they didn't need to be.


Sirius glared at the sealed Gates before them, they had to find a way in! Even Dumbledore and the goblin curse breakers were having no luck! So the Gates suddenly opening had them all on alert….only for Harry to stagger through them, exhausted and blood covered. Sirius barely caught him as he collapsed, their forces moving into the grounds now that they could. Sirius didn't wait, portkeying away with his precious burden like he had at the Graveyard only last year.


Prompto sat by Harry's bedside, holding a limp hand in his. Harry had been back for a month and hadn't woken yet, he was terrified he never would. In Harry's other hand was the small carbuncle figurine, they all hoped he could help him. "Please wake up," he leant in and pressed his lips gently to unmoving ones…only to find they moved under his. He pulled back to find Harry's eyelids fluttering. "Harry?" he called.

Green eyes slowly opened and he starred in shock…only one eye was green…the other was a very familiar blue. What had happened? "Harry?" he whispered, as those eyes slowly focused on him.

Harry's lips moved, forming a soft smile. "Prom," he whispered.

Prompto grabbed the water glass and lifted his head so he could drink it. then he got on the bed and pulled Harry to his chest, feeling weak hands cling to him. "I…I thought I lost you again," he choked.

"Never," Harry promised sleepily.


As Harry took his first shaky steps, Ignis' heart soared. He would recover from whatever he had done to truly end Riddle. He had seen the pictures, he knew how the Death Eaters had died, he had seen those wounds too many times during their time on the road. None of them had returned to school, refusing to leave Harry and Sirius had agreed once Fudge had begun another smear campaign over the deaths of so many Purebloods. It appeared that it may be safer to move to America or elsewhere as Dumbledore was siding with him, taking away some of their support.



She looked up at Ignis' concerned voice, wiping her eyes. "I'm fine."

"No, you aren't." his hand moved to her shoulder and she turned, burying her faced in his shirt to cry. "What's happened?" he asked when the tears were spent.

"My…my parents," she managed to get out, and she felt his arms tighten around her.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," he whispered. They stayed like that for hours, until she was ready to face the others.


Harry stared at the paper, he'd half expected it really. He'd defeated Riddle and now it was his blood the Magical World wanted. The Black wards were stronger and nastier than even the Malfoy's, no one could breach them…and so their friends and family out there paid the price. He wanted to go home…to Eos. He'd take fighting the Empire and daemons over what was happening any day.

Neville and Luna were safe at least, his parents had vanished from St Mungo's though. Neville had moved them to Australia, even his Gran had seen the sense in it and Harry had encouraged them to go while they could. Hermione was with them, she and Ignis were growing ever closer, ever since her parents had died in a Dementor 'accident'. Lee and his folks were somewhere in Europe now, they'd been his guardians for too long not to be in danger.

Harry leant back as familiar arms wrapped around him, relishing the closeness with Prompto. They were only sixteen but they were officially betrothed, it hadn't taken much to get Sirius to agree to sign the papers. If anything happened to him, Prompto would inherit everything. He turned his head for a kiss.

"We'll be okay," Prompto promised.


The day Ignis turned seventeen, he and Hermione were married since she was technically older than him. Harry and Prompto followed once their birthdays had passed. They were traditional magical weddings, no officiant needed, just magic itself. None of them had left the Black home since Riddle's defeat after all. Hermione had been filled in on everything and she still stayed with Ignis, despite the fact he had lived till his thirties on another world. She didn't care, she found it fascinating.


"I've done it!" Hermione announced, dropping a stack of parchment in front of her husband and the others.

"Done what?" Harry asked in confusion.

"Found a way out," she grinned. "Or should I say, a way home?"

"What?" Gladio leant forward.

"A ritual to send us all off to Eos," her grin turned to a smirk as they all stared at her in awe.

It took until they were twenty, messages being sent securely across the world to quadruple check her research but finally, the five of them stood within the circle. Just the five of them because there was a limit to how many the ritual could transport. The others hoped with Harry gone and proof of that provided by the goblins, that the rest of them would be left alone.

Everything they could need was stashed in magical bags and the Armiger. They had no idea when or where they'd be appearing so they were armed and ready to fight if needed, or run for a Haven.


Sirius stared at his Godson, hating their society for making this necessary. He should have been able to finish his schooling, to have a bog wedding, and a wonderful life. He shouldn't have spent years locked away in the house and then have to leave for another world just to live. He would miss him…but there was no other way. He could not let the people harm him for doing the right thing.

He carefully pulled him into a hug. "I love you pup," he whispered.

"Love you too Padfoot," Harry hugged him back just as tightly, mismatched eyes brimming with tears.

Far too soon all the goodbyes had been said and they moved away so as not to interfere as the spells were cast and the circle activated. The magic built and built, driving them to their knees, and then blinding them. When Sirius' vision cleared….the kids were nowhere to be seen.


Cor frowned as he read the report, it was impossible. But it was the second report of such a sighting and so he got his gear and left the city behind. Five years after the boys had died and reconstruction was ongoing. He could have sent anyone else, but it felt like he needed to be the one to look into it. the descriptions were too old to be illegitimate children, and yet too young to be the ones he had known.

It was possible they were distant, unknown family….even another surviving MT in one case. But all together? He drove into Cape Caem and then rented a Chocobo to head inland, searching. It took him four days to come across an old house that was under repair…and to see a familiar form working away. It was impossible.


Gladio heard the call of a Chocobo and turned, swearing softly as he realised they had company. He whistled in warning to the others and straightened up as it approached. Damn it….what were they going to do? No way could they bluff Cor. They'd hoped to live their lives in peace, without anyone ever finding out. They'd been declared dead years ago after all, and were too old to pass as their own kids.


Harry saw the standoff and sighed before stepping forward. "Stand down Cor," he called. His Uncle, his Father's Marshal, spun to face him, frowning as he studied him. He knew he looked like a Lucis Caelum…but he did not look exactly as he had in his life on Eos. "It's us Uncle Cor…and it's a very long story. Want some tea? Ignis just put it on, it's the only thing to deal with Hermione's morning sickness."

He headed inside and grinned when soon after he heard Cor following him. It would be good to have contact with old friends, so long as they understood he was not their King. He was done with saving worlds and governments.


I always planned to send them back to Eos at the end. What would have been chapters has been reduced to one, but at least you get to see the ending. Sorry.