His Butler, Strongest

Eleanor's POV.

It's been a few days since the incident with Damiano. Ciel and his guests were discussing a few matters, over a game of pool. It also appears that the city of London has been having a rat problem. And the problem reached our manor.

It was quiet, until we heard Finny shout, "Now, I've got you, rat!" Then, there was a large crash. "Looks like it got away. Ha ha." Finny spoke with a smile on his face.

"What are you laughing for? Are you trying to kill us too, you idiot?" Bardroy shouted in frustration.

"Look! There's another one!" Finny called.

"Catch it!" Bardroy shouted. After that, it was a tiny bit quiet.

"Quite a commotion going on out there. Seems you're experiencing a rat problem as well." One of our clients, Randall, said to us, as his turn was over and it was Azzurro's, a head of the Italian Drug Mafia, turn to play.

One of our other clients, which I can't remember the name of, looked at us while eating one of our complimentary sandwiches, "Speaking of which, how long will you let the vermin run wild? Filthy monsters. Someone really ought to take care of them, don't you think?"

"And someone will." One of our company friends, Lau, said with his usual grin.

His sister, and butler, Ran-Mao, looked at us, as Lau continued, "He's just waiting for the opportune moment."

"Indeed." Ciel's aunt from his mother side, Angelina Durless, or well known as Madam Red, answered with a small smile.

"He prefers to settle things with one blow." Then she asked Ciel, "Will you pass on this turn too, Lord Phantomhive?"

"I'll pass. It's my policy not to shoot, if I know that I'll miss." Ciel nodded.

"That's all very well. But, when will you handle the problem?" Randall asked, getting a little impatient.

"Anytime you like. The rats will soon come looking for their forbidden cheese. And I hold the key to the storehouse." Ciel answered.

I sensed Azzurro glare at us as he hit the cue ball.

He was able to hit one ball, but the cue ball rolled into the hole, next to the ball it hit. I got up and picked up the cue ball.

"Even so, locating the nest and eliminating the vermin promises to be a tedious task. You should concentrate on preparing us a suitable reward." Ciel finished, teasing on the last part.

"What a vulture." I heard Randall mutter.

"Sir Randall, I'd be careful how you smear our family's name." I warned, finally speaking into the conversation.

Randall looked at me, "You're not even a true Phantomhive, Little Miss. You're no more than a Street Rat they found."

"Eleanor is as much as a Phantomhive as I am." Ciel defended me with a glare.

"Ha! You're in trouble now, Randall." Azzurro joked, then asked Ciel, "What next, Lord Phantomhive?"

"It's time to put an end to this worthless game, don't you think?" Ciel suggested. He leaned over to me and whispered something in my ear. I nodded in agreement.

Ciel stood up from his chair and walked toward the pool table. He stopped next to Randall, "How soon can you secure the payment?"

"Tonight. I'll have it by then." Randall answered in a whisper.

Ciel walked to the pool table and sat on the edge, "Then I'll send a carriage for you later." Ciel prepared his aim and smiled, "We can even prepare some light entertainment for you. Does that sound good?"

"You passed your turn twice, and now, you're after them all in one go?" Our client asked, shocked of my younger brother's actions.

"Naturally." Ciel answered.

"Careful. Or you greed will undo you." Randall warned.

Ciel hit the cue ball. It hit the last two balls and both entered the corner holes, "Am I undone?" Ciel asked.

Then he looked at me with a look in his eye. A look I knew well. I followed Ciel into the hallway, where we were alone...

*Later that day...*

Ciel Phantomhive's POV.

With the meeting adjured and after that was said, the game was finished and everyone, except Lau and Madam Red left the manor. We sat down in the Drawing Room. Sebastian came in with a tea set, and began pouring the tea.

"Your tea. We have a special Darjeeling blend, to offer from Fortnum and Mason today." Sebastian informed. We sniffed the aroma.

"Smells lovely. Tea can be excellent when made well." Lau commented, as Sebastian poured a cup for Madam Red.

Grell, Madam Red's shy, clumsy butler, watched Sebastian, from the door, in admiration. I couldn't help but sense something off about him. His aura was as clear as day, and he let off a smell of death and decay.

"Grell." Madam Red called Grell, catching his attention.

Grell stood straight, "Yes, My Lady?"

"Learn something from Sebastian." Madam Red ordered.

Grell sulked a little, "Uh... Yes."

"Just look at him." Madam Red started. She began rubbing her hand against Sebastian's... *ahem*... Lower back, making him shudder, "I mean, his physique. You should quit this country job, and work for me in the city." Madam Red offered.

I cleared my throat, "Madam Red."

"Oh. Sorry. I couldn't help it. He looked like he needed a physical. Just a doctor's habit." Madam Red apologized, and joked.

I kept my composure, but that wasn't funny.

Lau placed his tea on the table, "So, do you believe the drug trafficker you're after was one of your guests today?" Lau asked, getting up from his seat.

"Perhaps." I answered, as I leaned back on my chair, deep in thought. That glare that Azzurro gave me and Eleanor has put me on edge.

Madam Red sighed, "Why not leave the exterminating to Lau? A rat knows best where the rats' nest is, doesn't he?"

Lau walked over to the back of my seat, "I am but a tamed guinea pig, dedicated to my lord." Lau told Madam Red, placing his hand on my head. "If the Earl instructs me not to act, I'm bound to do nothing." Lau explained.

Quickly, Madam Red grabbed me in her arms and dragged me away from Lau, "Watch it! You'd best to keep your filthy paws away from my darling nephew!"

"You wound me. I would never paw at him in his own home, dear madam." Lau told Madam Red, trying, but failing to sound innocent.

Madam Red let go of me, turning her full attention to Lau, dropping me to the ground... Ow..., "Are you saying you would, if you were elsewhere? Careful! You're on thin ice now, sir!" Madam Red shouted at Lau.

I picked myself up and walked out of the Drawing Room, as Madam Red and Lau kept arguing.

Sebastian noticed this action, "Master?"

"The rats are here." I sighed, placing my free hand on my forehead, as I felt a headache coming.

Bardroy, Finny and Mey-Rin were running around the corridor, trying to chase and catch the rats. But, they were failing badly.

"And here too..." I sighed as the commotion kept on.

"Master. Today's dessert is a deep-dish pie prepared with fresh apples and raisins. It will be ready soon." Sebastian informed me, then requested, "Would you like to eat with your guests?"

"Bring it to my study. I'm done here." I told him, as I walked towards the Study Room.

Sebastian bowed, "Certainly, My Lord."

I opened the door to the Study, entered the room, and closed the door behind me with a relieved sigh, "Finally. Some peace and quiet."

Suddenly, before I could react or move, I got gagged by someone behind us, the rag that gagged us had a strong smell of chlorophyll and alcohol. The smell was so strong, for my nose, it caused me to black out.

Sebastian's POV.

As the dessert was ready and prepared, I prepared a tea set for my young master and mistress. I pushed the cart to the Study and noticed the door was closed.

I knocked on the door, "Young Master. I've brought your pie and afternoon tea." No response. I was starting to get worried. I opened the door, "Master?"

I looked in the room and gasped. The room was in a terrible mess, and Master Ciel was nowhere to be seen.

"This is terrible. The refreshments will all be wasted now..." I said to myself, as I closed the door and began looking around the manor, for my master.

Come to think of it, ever since earlier today, Eleanor has been nowhere to be seen. She must be running some errands for Master Ciel.

Ciel Phantomhive's POV.

"The policeman of England's underworld, one of the nobles who have done the loyal family's dirty works for generations. The Queen's Guard Dog, tasked with disposing of anyone who disagrees with her. Just how many nicknames do you two have, and how many families have you crashed, Ciel Phantomhive?" I heard Azzurro's voice speak, as I woke up from being gagged.

I looked up and saw him, standing in front of me. I couldn't move, because Azzurro's goons bound me with leather belts and shackled my legs and hands.

"I thought it would be you. You shame your family, Azzurro Vanel." I said, as Azzurro lit a cigar and smiled at me.

"Come now, my lord Phantomhive. Do you know how hard it is for the Italian Mafia here? You Englishmen have nothing, but tea on the brain." He told me, as walked toward me and lowered himself to my level, "It's difficult to penetrate those small minds of yours, so we have to look outside the box to make money. So, we found the drug trade."

"The Pharmacy Act of 1868 listed opium as a restricted substance. It is the Queen's decree. And I will eliminate those drugs and the vermin who sell them." I told Azzurro calmly.

Azzurro sighed in annoyance, "You know, this is why I hate all you Englishmen. The Queen this, the Queen that! You act like this woman is your own mother!" Azzurro held my head up, so I could look at him, as he continued, "You line your pockets, while pretending the whole time you're better than the rest of us. But in the end, we're no different from each other. Why can't we get along?"

"I've left orders about your key. If I don't come back, my servants will make sure the authorities get it." I told him, as I teased with a smirk, "I'm sorry, I have no interest in getting along with someone like you."

Azzurro stood up with anger and annoyance clear on his face, as he aimed a gun to my head. "You brat! Don't underestimate me! My men are already waiting at your estate. Where's the key? Spit it out soon, or your servants will start dying one-by one." Azzurro threatened me.

I just tilted my head and teased with a grin, "Oh, I think they'll be alright. But, you had better hope your lap-dogs know how to fetch."

I could tell Azzurro had enough. I closed my eye, and took a punch across the face.

Azzurro dropped his cigar, stomped it out, and grabbed his telephone, "Did you hear that! The time for talk is over." He hung up the phone.

Sebastian's POV.

I searched the entire manor, but no luck in finding Master Ciel, or Mistress Eleanor. This was really starting to worry me.

"Oh dear. This is most troubling. Where could the Master been taken?" I asked myself.

I thought for a second, until I heard Mey-Rin call, "Sebastian!" I looked up and saw her running towards me with a piece of paper, "I just found a letter, yes I did!"

"Adressed to whom?" I asked, as she ran.

"To the servant... of the Earl of Phantomhive!" Mey-Rin answered.

I looked at the window for a second, knowing something was going to happen. Mey-Rin tripped on her loose shoelace and came flying towards me. I lifted the pie high in the air. Mey-Rin flew into me, causing to fall back on to the floor, as a bullet, aiming for my head, missed and hit the vase beside me. The pie floated down, as I caught it with ease.

"Mey-Rin, the letter please." I asked Mey-Rin.

As she got up, face as red as a cherry, "Letter? Oh, yes sir." Mey-Rin got off me and gave me the letter.

I got back up on my feet, opened the letter and began reading, "'If you want to return your master and mistress safely, come to Nova Garden Bethnal Green as soon as possible'. Goodness, what a dreadfully written letter." I put the letter in the pocket of my tailcoat.

"Sebastian!" I heard Finny call, as he, Bardroy, Madam Red and Lau arrived to see what happened.

"What is going on here?" Madam Red asked.

"Sorry for the noise, my lady. I assure you, nothing's wrong. Please don't concern yourself." I answered. Grell and Ran-Mao just showed up.

Madam Red turned her head to look at Grell in disappointment, "Nothing, are you sure?"

I turned to look at Finny and Bardroy, "Everyone, I have business to attend to. Would you mind cleaning this up?" I gave the pie to Bardroy and walked past them. I chased the car, that was just outside the manor.

Ciel Phantomhive's POV.

"What do you mean you missed?!" Azzurro shouted on the phone, "You are complete idiots! Never should have hired scum like you. Just get back here!" He ordered as the room grew silent for a second, "Aw, what's wrong? You little girls see a bear in the woods?" Azzurro asked, one of his goons chuckled at his joke.

Suddenly, his aura turned serious, "What is it? Did someone find you? Talk to me."

It went quiet, all I could hear from the phone was horrified screams, and voices full of fear. Azzurro was losing his patience.

"That's it! I've had enough of your games already!" Azzurro shouted.

There was one more scream, then a loud crash. It grew quiet again. Azzurro's aura turned from angry to fear in a split of a second.

"Hello? What happened?" Azzurro asked with fear in his tone.

I smirked and chuckled, "That's too bad. Sounds like your little game of fetch is over."

Anger got the best of Azzurro, as he kicked me in the stomach, punched me across the face and continued kicking me in the stomach again, "Just shut your mouth, you damn brat!"

After a few kicks, Azzurro stomped over to the phone and picked it up, "You listen to me! If one of you don't answer right now, I swear I'll kill you!" Azzurro threatened.

"Hello." I heard a voice from the phone. It was Sebastian's voice.

"Who's this?" Azzurro asked.

"Pardon me, but I represent the Phantomhive estate. I was wondering if my master might be available." I heard Sebastian ask. Azzurro's aura turned icy with fear. I grinned.

"Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?" Sebastian asked. Azzurro stuttered, lost for words.

"Woof." I answered loud enough for Sebastian to hear. Azzurro froze.

"Very good, young master. I will come to get you momentarily." Sebastian told us, before disconnecting the phone.

Azzurro got angry, "Listen up! The Phantomhive kid have help on the way! Move it! Tighten the security at the gate! Not much as a single rat get through!"

Every one of Azzurro's goons went into action. After a few minutes of heard shouts, gunshots and objects being thrown, it suddenly went quiet. Azzurro readied his gun at the door. The door opened to reveal Sebastian.

Sebastian bowed, "I have come to retrieve my master."

"Is this a joke? I was expecting a giant, and instead I got some scrawny dandy in a tailcoat." Azzurro said, calming down. "Who are you, anyway? There's no way you're just a butler." he asked.

"No sir. You see, I am simply one hell of a butler. I promise." Sebastian answered. I smiled at his answer.

"Yeah, sure. It does not matter anyway. I have no intention of fighting. Not yet." Azzurro smirked. He picked me up from my hair, making me rest in his arm, and aimed his gun to my head. "But, you better have what I asked for." He threatened.

"Yes, I do." Sebastian answered, getting a key from his coat, "It's right here."

Suddenly, Sebastian was shot in the head. I stared in shock as Sebastian fell back as other shots hit him in the torso. Sebastian fell to the ground. My blood ran cold, but I calmed down a little bit.

Azzurro laughed, "Oh, sorry, Dandy. I really am. But, this round is mine. There was no way I was going up against a Phantomhive, lord of games, with a trump card hidden."

Azzurro lifted my head, so I could look at him, "I damaged the goods a little bit, but that's alright. I'm sure you'll fetch a pretty price, even in this condition." Azzurro used his gun to remove my eye patch, but I kept my eye closed.

"Don't worry. You two have so many ends. I doubt one of you will be alive for that much longer." Azzurro chuckled.

"Alright. I'm tired of messing around." I finally spoke up, catching Azzurro's full attention, "How much longer are you planning to play dead?" I asked Sebastian.

Sebastian's hand twitched, "Not long."

"But how? How are you-? You just-" Azzurro stuttered, lost for words, but Sebastian started to stand up. Azzurro's goons backed off a little.

"Guns, today, are so much more efficient then they used to be." Sebastian stated, as he stood up. "They can shoot so many more bullets now." Sebastian coughed up the bullets that were shot in his chest, and smiled, "Perhaps you'd like these back."

Azzurro gasped in shock, "What are you doing? Kill him!" The goons readied their guns, but Sebastian was quicker and returned the bullets to them, killing them. Azzurro let go of my hair, as he gasped.

Sebastian looked the tail of his coat, "Oh dear. What an awful thing to do to a perfectly good tailcoat."

"You could've avoided that, idiot." I stated.

Sebastian looked at me, "Master. How unfortunate. They don't seem to have taken very good care of you." Sebastian walked closer to Azzurro. Azzurro panicked and aimed the gun to my head again.

"No! Stay back!" Azzurro shouted.

"You look like a helpless child, all bound up like that. But, then I guess that's appropriate." Sebastian stated at Ciel and my present condition.

"If you come any closer, I'll shoot him!" Azzurro threatened. Sebastian stopped.

"Can we move this along? His breath smells awful." I said, getting a glare from Azzurro.

"But, if I come any closer, he might kill you." Sebastian told me.

"Well then? Are you saying that you want to break the contract?" I asked.

"No. Of course not. Nothing has changed. I am your loyal servant, my lord." Sebastian answered with a bow.

"What the hell kind of nonsense are you two talking about?" Azzurro asked, not understanding of what's going on.

"M'Lady. You know what you have to do. Now just say the words." Sebastian assured me.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, yes both of them, "This is an order. Save me now!" I ordered, my birthmark glowed.

"No! It's over!" Azzurro shouted, firing his gun at me. I turned my head to look at him. He gasped in shock and fear, seeing that I'm still alive, "What the-? But, that's impossible."

"Are you looking for this?" Sebastian asked, holding a bullet over Azzurro's coat pocket. Azzurro looked and noticed. "Here then. Let me give it back to you."

Sebastian dropped the bullet into Azzurro's coat pocket. The moment the bullet fell in, Azzurro's arm twisted back, letting me go. Azzurro dropped his gun, grabbing his arm in pain. Sebastian picked me up and carried me away from Azzurro.

"I must say. The game wasn't as much fun, this time. Sebastian." I stated, as Sebastian carried me to a chair.

"No wait. Come back. Work for me. Be my bodyguard, and I'll pay you 10 times what they do. Alright then. 20 times. You can have all the liquor and women you want too." Azzurro offered Sebastian.

Sebastian set me on the chair, and was able to un-bind me, "I'm sorry, Mr. Vanel. It's an attractive offer, but I have no interest in such materialistic things." Sebastian told Azzurro, as he finished un-binding me.

He stood up and turned to face Azzurro, "You see, I am simply..." Sebastian's eyes glowed in red with slit pupils once again, "One hell of a butler."

I removed my contact lens over my right eye, as my eyes glowed violet-purple.

Gotcha. It's me, Ellie.

I took Ciel's place when he and I were talking in the hallway. Told you I was one hell of an actor.

"Right. Okay." Azzurro stuttered.

Feathers began to float in the room and surround the room in shadow. "As long as my masters hold the contract, I am their loyal servant." Sebastian started, as he removed his left glove with his teeth.

"A wish, a sacrifice, and this..." Sebastian showed his contract mark, on the back of his hand, "All of these things keep me bound to Lord and Lady Phantomhive. Until the day I swallow Lord Phantomhive's soul."

"Unfortunately for you..." I began, "This game is over." I finished.

After dealing the punishment, I felt very dizzy and let the darkness take over.

*Later, in the evening...*

I slowly opened my eye, waking up from what we did with Azzurro. I looked ahead and saw the estate in flames. My eye widen in shock, as I gasped.

"You're awake, M'Lady?" I heard Sebastian's voice ask.

I looked and saw him carrying me, bridal style. I felt my eye and noticed I was wearing Ciel's eyepatch over my right eye again. I looked at the estate again, and it looked normal. Could that have been a vision? Or just another memory?

"Master! Welcome home!" Finny and Mey-Rin greeted us. They noticed it was me, "Oh dear." "Master, you're injured."

"I just tripped and fell. It's nothing to worry about." I told them, getting back into character. I think they stared at me in awe, "What? You don't believe what your master tells you?" I asked.

"Oh no. We do." Mey-Rin answered with a smile.

"It's just you looks so cute. Held like a baby, my lord." Finny explained.

I felt my face heat up, as I looked at Sebastian, "Put. Me. Down."

Sebastian put me down. My face still hot, I stared at Mey-Rin and Finny, "Stop looking at me like that! Honestly..."

"Master." Sebastian caught my attention. The heat in my face cooled a little. Sebastian was bowing on one knee, "I'm so terribly sorry. I've committed a blunder unacceptable for a Phantomhive butler. Could I ever atone? I hang my head in shame. Dinner is not ready."

*A Little Later, in Eleanor's Room...*

I opened the door to my room and entered, quietly closing the door behind me. Inside was Ciel, wearing my attire and had his bangs hanging over his right eye.

Ciel turned to see me and walked up to me, "Eleanor! You're alive."

I lightly smiled, "Of course, I'm alive." I winced, as my ribs throbbed in pain, "I just got into a little trouble."

"Was I right about Azzurro Vanel? Was he in charge of the drug trade?" He asked me.

I nodded, "Yes. He was in charge of the trade. Sebastian and I took care of him."

Ciel lifted his head, "Sebastian got involved?"

I smiled with a small chuckle, "I told you I am one hell of an actor."

Ciel sighed and rub his temple, "Don't ever say that again. Sebastian is enough."

I nodded, "Fair enough."

Ciel looked at me and smiled, "Well done, Eleanor. You deserved a day off to recover."

We switched clothes and Ciel made his way to the door. Before he opened the door, he turned to me, "And Eleanor?"

I turned to him, "Yes, Master?"

"Don't try and get yourself hurt like that again." He told me, then exit the room.

I stood there in shock, but a warm smile grew on my face. He may not act like it, but I knew he really cares about me, and he was saying 'thank you'.

"You're welcome, little brother."