His Butler, Capricious

Eleanor's POV.

It was busy in the city of London. Ciel, Sebastian and I were in carriage, on our way to a meeting with Lau and Madame Red. Sebastian was driving the carriage, while Ciel and I were inside. Ciel has kept his eyes on a letter with the royal wax seal since he received the letter.

A letter from Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, herself.

Ciel insisted I'd come along. This was a serious case that needed solving before anyone else gets hurt. Also... The Queen's Guard Dog isn't without The Tea Girl, or London's Raven.

You heard right, before I became a member of the Phantomhive Family, I spent years performing on the streets of London, as a tea seller, fortune-teller, and an assassin.

I was 10 when Father and Mother found me.

Anywho, we arrived at the house of the meeting and Ciel and I exit the carriage.

"I hate this. There are too many people in London." Ciel sighed, as we walked up the steps to the door.

Sebastian opened the door with a smile, as we walked into the house, "There is no helping it, My Lord. It's tradition for the nobility to migrate en masse to town from the country every Season."

"The Season, eh?" Ciel repeated, as we walked up the stairs, "A waste of time, if you ask me."

"Getting away from the manor could prove a nice change of pace." Sebastian suggested, "It's a break from those four, at least... We can enjoy a little peace and quiet for a time."

Ciel nodded, "Some peace and quiet does sound nice."

Sebastian opened to first door to our right. Inside was Madame Red and Lau searching the room.

"Goodness's sake! Where do they keep the tea in this house?" Madame Red wondered, as she search through a cabinet.

Lau was looking through a vase, "I can't find it either..."

Madame turned to Lau, as she rested some books on the desk at the back, "Don't be silly! Of course it's not in there. Oh!"

So much for some peace and quiet...

"Madam Red?! Lau?! What are you here?!" Ciel exclaimed.

Madame Red turned to see us, "Ciel, Eleanor, you're both early, dears."

Lau looked at us and smiled, "Your sudden appearances here in town must mean..."

"The Queen's Guard Dog has a new scent to follow. And London's Raven has a new kill." Madame Red finished.

*A Little Later, with the Study cleaned up...*

"He struck again, another prostitute was found gruesomely murdered in Whitechapel." Ciel informed, as he took a sip of his tea, "These killings are far from normal. The level of violence we're seeing is unprecedented."

"The most recent victim was a woman named Mary Ann Nichols." Sebastian added, as I served today's snack of pear and blackberry cornmeal cake, "It appears a special type of blade was used on her. She was torn up beyond recognition."

Ciel took a bite of the cake before continuing, "The murderer's distinctive style of killing has earned him a unique nickname from the press: 'Jack the Ripper'."

I shuddered at the mention of the name, almost dropping the plate in my hand. That name is even widely revered in my time, the Modern Era. Known for his murders and mostly kills around Whitechapel and the closed streets of London, during the night. No one know who or what this murderer is.

"A frightening name, eh?" Lau spoke up.

"That's why Eleanor and I are here earlier than expected." Ciel explained, "We hurried into town to look into the situation for ourselves."

Madame Red and Lau looked at me. I calmed myself down and nodded in agreement.

Lau placed his cup on the table and turned to Ciel, "But are you sure you'll be brave enough to stomach the crime scene?"

Ciel narrowed his eyes at the Chinese nobleman, "What do you mean by that?"

Lau stood up, "The sight of the dismembered body will certainly be horrific." He walked over to Ciel's left side, "And one can only imagine the stench. Blood and gore everywhere. Surely it would more than enough to drive some men mad." He placed his hand over Ciel's ear, "Are you prepared to see such a thing? You're just a young boy after all."

I grabbed Lau's wrist away from my little brother's face and gave him a deadly glare.

"I am the head of the Phantomhives in service to my Queen." Ciel told him, "Don't ask foolish questions."

Lau looked at me, then at Ciel with a smiled, "You're right. So sorry."

*Later, at the Scene of the Crime...*

Lau, Madame Red, Grell, Sebastian, Ciel and I arrived to the scene of the crime, in Whitechapel. Sebastian, Ciel and I walked up to the police officer with the files. Madame Red, Lau and Grell stayed with the crowd of people cluttering around the scene.

"Sorry, my boy. I'm afraid a crime scene like this is no place for a child." The officer smiled gently to Ciel, "Now why don't you just run along home?"

"I'm here to see the victim's body." Ciel told him.

The officer took a step back in shock, "The body?! Surely you're kidding me!"

"Abberline!" A familiar voice shouted. Approaching us from the other side was Sir Arthur Randall, "Well, if it isn't Lord Phantomhive and the Street Rat? What are you doing here?"

The officer, Abberline, raised a brow, "You know this kid, sir?"

"My sister and I are here to help, Sir Arthur." Ciel answered, "Seems your investigation is dragging a bit." He showed the sealed letter, "You know who sent me, of course." Ciel took the files from Abberline and looked them over, "It seems you haven't found any major clues yet."

Sir Randall took the files back, "We at Scotland Yard are more than capable of handling this case, I assure you. There's no need for you interfere."

Ciel nodded with a smile, "Splendid." Then started walking away from the scene, "Shall we go, Sebastian? Eleanor?"

I bowed and followed Ciel, while Sebastian just followed, "Yes, sir."

Ciel, Sebastian and I returned to the others and left Whitechapel.

"Now what, dear?" Madame Red asked with a shrug.

"Now we go see someone who may prove useful." Ciel answered simply.

Lau gasped, "My Lord! You mean..."

Ciel nodded, "Yes, indeed."

We arrived at a run-down funeral parlor with a Gothic sign on top that labeled, 'Undertaker'.

Lau looked at us and shrugged, "So... Where are we?"

"You don't know?!" Madame Red shouted, "Then what was all that about?!"

"It's a funeral parlor run by an acquaintance of my lord's." Sebastian explained.

"The Undertaker?" Madame Red raised a brow, as Sebastian opened the door.

"If we're looking for answers, this is the place." I spoke up, as we entered the parlor.

The funeral parlor was dark and dusty. Full of coffins and all sorts of nooks and crannies, but it looked rather homey, though.

As Sebastian closed the door, a raspy voice chuckled and spoke around us, "Welcome. I thought I'd be seeing you before long." Leaning against the wall, a coffin opened to reveal a man inside, "My Lord, it's so lovely to see you. Do I finally have the pleasure of fitting you for one of me coffins today?"

It was Undertaker. A friend of the Phantomhive Family. He was a eccentric man with long white hair with long bangs that cover it eyes. Scars from his neck and his face. And he wears a black robe and hat with a grey sash. Sort of like a crazy suicide victim.

"No, that isn't I am here..." Ciel answered calmly, "I wanted to-"

Undertaker cut him off, "No need to say, I'm already aware. Very well aware." He smiled, "One of my recent customers was a bit unusual, shall we say. I helped though, I made her look beautiful again."

"We would like the details, please." I requested on Ciel's behalf.

Clarity seemed to have come to Lau, "I see now, so the funeral parlor is only your cover business." Then he asked Undertaker, "How much is it for information?"

Undertaker frowned, then grinned at Lau, "I have no need for the Queen's coins, there's only one thing I want from you!" He turned to Ciel, "Please, My Lord, give it to me and I'll tell you anything! Give me the extraordinary gift of true laughter! Just one joke and all the information is yours!"

"Lunatic..." Ciel muttered under his breath.

"It is a fair price..." I pointed out, "For a man like this one..."

"Leave it to me, My Lord." Lau spoke up, "Here is my joke. It's a classic. On which side does a tiger have the most stripes? On the outside!" He smiled, "Get it? Ha-ha?" But no one was laughing... Not even Undertaker, "Haha..."

Madame Red stepped forward, "My turn. I live for gossip, so this story will make you laugh so hard you'll simply curl up and die." I quickly covered Ciel's ears, as she told her story, "So Alice's beau gave her the most extraordinary *Nope* for her birthday. It was *Ahem* wide and *Nuh-uh* so *No way!* with thick veins running down the sh*Not* *In* *Your* *Life!*-"

Undertaker had enough and put surgical masks, with red Xs, over Lau's and Madame Red's mouths. Then he turned to Ciel, Sebastian and myself, "Now, my lord, it looks like you're the only one left. I gave you a special discount last time, but I'm not gonna do it again."

Ciel growled in annoyance. I growled myself and narrowed my eyes at the madman, "I don't do funny..."

Then Sebastian stepped forward, "It can't be helped."

Ciel and I looked at the skillful butler, "Sebastian?"

Undertaker tilted his head, "Hmph!"

Sebastian straightened his gloves, "Everyone please wait outside." Then he turned to us, "No matter what happens, do not attempt to listen to this."

Madame Red, Lau, Grell, Ciel and I exit the parlor and waited. The air was nothing but silence, until Undertaker roared in laughter, that his sign fell. Once everything calmed down, Sebastian opened the door with a smile.

"Please do come back in now." He invited, "I believe he will tell us everything we want to know."

The others and I entered the parlor, to find Undertaker slouched over a coffin, still giggling, "Oh my... I've now seen the face of ultimate bliss..."

Once Undertaker calmed, he made some tea from some clean beakers and explained his information, "An interesting pattern I'm seeing these days. I often get customers who are incomplete."

"Incomplete?" Sebastian repeated, as I was staring at my tea.

Undertaking nodded, "Yes... The uterus is missing, which is quite odd." Madame Red gasped, as Undertaker continued, "The killer makes a big mess of the body, but that particular part is always precisely excised."

"He did it on a road that was public, though not high traffic." Sebastian noticed, then asked, "Wouldn't an amateur have a difficult time carrying out such a complicated procedure quickly enough?"

Undertaker noticed and glanced at Sebastian, "You're a clever one, butler. That is exactly what I was thinking." Then he walked over to me and placed his hand over my throat, "You see, first he slits her throat with a sharp weapon, then he rips into it right here..." Then he waved his hand over my lower torso, "And takes that precious womanly part."

Then Undertaker stood up, "There will be more slain, I'm certain. Sadistic killers like this one don't stop until someone makes them." Then he turned to Ciel, "Will you stop him? Can you sniff him out, like a good little Guard Dog?"

"I'm bound by the honor of my family." Ciel answered, "I will eliminate any threat the Queen asks me to... By any means I find necessary."

*Later, on the Carriage through London...*

"His information narrows down our suspects." Ciel spoke up.

"First of all, we look at those with the necessary skill set." Sebastian suggested, "Crossing out anyone with an alibi for the nights on which the murders occurred. Removal of the organs would suggest some kind of gruesome ritual. We should concentrate our investigation on people involved with secret societies."

"As if that narrow the field! Why, even I would have the medical skills necessary for this!" Madame Red pointed out, causing me to glance at her, "Besides which, the Season is ending soon. Any doctors who followed the nobles to the city will be returning to the country, and then what-"

"Then we'll have to conclude the investigation quickly." Sebastian cut her off.

"Impossible." Lau gasped.

"I should be able to do this much at least. Otherwise, what kind of butler would I be?" Sebastian smiled proudly.

Ciel and I smiled at the butler, while Lau and Madame Red stared at him in dumbfound.

Sebastian turned to Ciel, "I'll make up a list of viable suspects and begin questioning them for you immediately, My Lord." He opened the door, "Now, if you'll excuse me..."

Sebastian jumped out of the carriage, while Ciel waved him off.

Madame Red and Lau quickly looked out the window, "He knows that we're moving, right?!" But Sebastian was already gone.

"Sebastian will take care of it for now." Ciel assured, "We can head home and have a cup of tea while we wait."

Lau and Madame Red looked uncertain. I looked out the window, trying to piece together Undertaker's information, "A cup of tea does sound pretty good right about now." Something was amiss...

After a while of travelling across London, we finally arrived back to the house from this morning. Lau opened the door, and we found Sebastian already inside and waiting for us.

He bowed in greeting, "Welcome back, everyone. I have awaited your return." Ciel took off his hat and handed it to Sebastian, "Your afternoon tea is ready for you in the Drawing Room."

"Hold on!" Madame Red exclaimed, "How are you here?!"

Sebastian turned to her, "I finished up that little errand, so I made my way home to edify you."

"You made the suspect list already?" Madame Red gasped, while a smile grew on my face.

Sebastian nodded, "Well... Yes..." He revealed three rolled up scrolls, "I made a list of names based on what we had discussed, and then I contacted them all then I asked them the relevant questions."

Madame Red regained her composure and smiled, "Come now, Sebastian, that's impossible even for you."

Sebastian opened one of the scrolls and read, "Richard Oswald, doctor of the Duke of Bailey was at the White Horse pub with his friends. He has no connection to secret societies."

Ciel smiled and Lau nodded as Sebastian continued, "Madam Heavitt, surgeon at the Royal London Central Hospital was at the Stipple Inn. She has no connection to secret societies."

Grell looked love-struck and Madame Red was dumbfounded, "William Somerset, doctor to the Earl Chambers was at a party hosted by the Viscount Harwood..."

Sebastian read all the scrolls and concluded, "From this information, I have narrowed down our list to one possible suspect."

"Are you certain you're just a butler?" Madame Red asked, "Not a secret military intelligence officer?"

Sebastian just smiled, "See, my lady, I am simply one hell of a butler."

*Later that Night, at another Noble House...*

"The Viscount Druitt, also known as Aleistor Chambers..." Sebastian explained, as he, Madame Red, Grell, Lau and I arrived to the Viscount's home, "He graduated from medical school, but has never gone into practice. Lately he's thrown several parties at his home. But behind the scenes at these same soirees are secret gatherings that only his intimates may attend."

"I've heard that he's into black magic and those occult sorts of things." Madame Red added.

"So your suspicion is that he's holding these parties to perform ritualistic sacrifices of local prostitutes?" Lau asked.

I nodded, "Tonight is the last party of the Season." The carriage came to a stop and a carriage-man opened the door. I took his hand and exit the carriage, "Which means this is our last chance."

Instead of wearing my usual formal attire, Ciel and Madame Red agreed that it would be better if I volunteered as the bait. Being a girl, and this was a chance for Madame Red to get me to dress up for the part. Much to my displeasure...

I was dressed in a pink and white dress with black ribbons. A matching hat with flowers under the trimming. Black gloves and shoes, and a black wig with long pigtails and long bangs that cover my right eye.

"Eleanor will be my daughter visiting from the country, and Sebastian will be Eleanor's tutor."

Sebastian's disguise was more subtle than mine. He wore a different formal attire, his hairstyle similar and he wore glasses.

"Wait. Why do I have to act like your daughter?!" I asked with a blush of embarrassment.

"Because, dear, I've always wanted a girl." Madame Red smiled casually.

"You've got to be kidding me!" I shouted.

"You don't want them to know you're a street rat now, do you?" Madame Red whispered to me.

I glanced at her, "I'm as much as a Phantomhive as my little brother. Nothing else will say otherwise."

"Besides, I've heard that Lord Druitt has an eye for any pretty little thing in a skirt, and we do want to catch his eye, right?" Madame Red pointed out.

Embarrassment grew to dread. Ugh, now I don't feel very good.

"'By any means necessary'." Sebastian repeated, "You do remember the Young Master saying that, do you not, My Lady?"

I regained myself and glared at the demon butler. Yes, I remember. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do something so degrading...

"First thing's first, we need to locate this murderous viscount." Sebastian spoke up, as we walked into the crowd of noblemen.

"At least Lady Elizabeth isn't here." I replied, "She'd never live it down, if she saw me like this..."

"Oh, that dress is so adorable!" A familiar voice gasped from behind us, freezing us on the spot, "I adore all the dresses here! They're lovely!"

"Se-S-S-S-S..." I stuttered, as I shuddered in dread and my blood run ice cold. I couldn't move. Speak of the bloody devil!

"Mistress, please calm down." Sebastian tried to calm me, "Let's move quickly..."

"Oh! You in the pink, your dress is just beautiful!" Lizzie spoke up from behind me, followed be footsteps. Oh, no! She's coming this way!

Sebastian moved me deeper into the crowd, "Moving this way now."

We walked deeper into the crowd and hid behind a table with a cake.

Lizzie looked around the area, "Where is she?" Then she walked off.

"This isn't good." Sebastian whispered, "I didn't expect her here..."

"If someone was to see someone of my family dressed this way..." I started as the thought occurred to me.

"The Phantomhive name would be ruined for generations." Sebastian finished.

I froze for a second. He had to say it! I took a breath and turned to the Phantomhive butler, "Let's go join Madam Red."

Sebastian nodded and we stood up. We saw Madame Red with a group of noblemen, laughing and enjoying herself, "You are such a dear."

"Looks like she's having a grand old time..." I grimaced.

Suddenly, I sensed an aura and froze on the spot again. "There!" Lizzie's voice spoke from behind me.


I felt Sebastian grab my arm, "Come this way, My Young Mistress."

Then he dragged me across the ballroom, away from Lizzie. He turned to one of the caterers, "You there. That young lady over there requires lemonade."

"Yes, certainly, Sir." The caterer nodded, then turned to Lizzie, "Lemonade, my lady?"

Sebastian dragged me out of the ballroom and into the balcony. Once we were out of sight, he let go on my arm and I caught my breath to try and calm down.

"Why did I agree to volunteer for things like this?" I wondered with a sulk.

Then we heard a woman gasp, "Lord Druitt looks as gorgeous as ever tonight." Sebastian and I looked into the ballroom, "His hair shines like the sun!"

I narrowed my eyes and saw a tall man in a white formal attire with light blonde hair. He turned and his eyes showed to be a light violet color. I remembered his description.

"That's the Viscount Druitt." I told Sebastian, "Let's go."

Sebastian nodded, "Yes."

As soon as we stepped into the ballroom, like bad luck was on our doorstep, ballroom music started playing and the party guests started dancing around the ballroom.

"Damn..." I growled under my breath. If this keeps up, we'll never solve this crime.

"We have no choice." Sebastian spoke up, "We'll have to dance our way over to the viscount."

He took hold of my hand and dragged me into the ballroom.

"Hold on a moment! You really expect me to dance in public?!" I asked him, "And with you?!"

"You already know, M'Lady, that I'm one hell of a dancer." Sebastian reminded me, "Besides, as your tutor, propriety allows me to dance with you at a public function such as this one."

My blood ran cold again, "Do... Do I have to...?"

Sebastian took hold of my hand, "Shall we dance now, Young Mistress?"

With that, we started dancing the waltz across the ballroom. Sebastian seemed to have glanced away for a second, then changed direction of the spin, "We cut across like so..."

I followed his lead and continued to dance. After a while, about quarter into the dance, I was out of breath. My asthma was starting to play up, as I struggled to catch my breath from the dancing.

"How could you become exhausted so easily, My Lady?" Sebastian asked me, as he helped me to my feet.

"I... Guess that... Ciel and I... Share more in common... Than we thought..." I whispered between breaths.

Suddenly, we heard clapping coming from across from us. It was the Viscount, "Your dancing is exquisite like a lovely little robin, my sweet lady."

Sebastian bowed, "Young Mistress, allow me to fetch you something to drink."

With that, he was gone, leaving me alone with the Viscount.

I took a breath, faked a smile and curtsy to the blonde before me, "Good evening, my Lord Druitt."

The Viscount took my hand and kissed it gently, "I do hope you're enjoying the party... Dear Robin."

I sweetly nodded, "Oh, yes, certainly. It's a wonderful party, but... My lord, I've been waiting to speak with you all evening."

He tilted his head, "Oh?"

I nodded, "I'm bored to death of dancing and eating."

He put his hand over my waist, "What a spoiled princess you are, Little Robin." Then he moved his hand lower, "Looking for something more entertaining?"

I blood boiled. I wanted to slap his hand away and call him the worst insult in my vocabulary, but I couldn't. Not after getting so far... Endure it, Ellie... You can do this... Ciel is counting on you. You can handle it!

I smiled sweetly at Viscount Druitt, "You know of other amusements? I'd be most interested."

He put his hand under my chin, "Of course. I'd be happy to show them to you, Robin, my sweet little thing."

My blood boiled again! Aaaggghhh! When this is all over, I swear I'm going to kill this creep! No, no. You can't lose your cool now, Ellie.

"Oh really, like what?" I asked.

I have to find out his secret before this dance is over. Then I glanced over across the ballroom. Oh, no. Lady Elizabeth! She sees me!

"You want to know?" Viscount asked me.

I nodded, "Yes, I'm simply dying to, My Lord."

Better now than never, you teasing jerk! If Lady Elizabeth comes this way, I'm doomed!

"You might be a bit young yet." Viscount Druitt noticed.

I shook my head, "Now don't tease me, my lord, I'm a lady, not a little girl."

I'm serious! Stop teasing me and get me out of here, you idiot! Suddenly, the music stopped and there was clapping. The dance is over! I looked over and saw Lady Elizabeth running towards me and the Viscount.

The Viscount turned my attention to him, "What has you so distracted, My Delightful Butterfly?"

"Uh... It's nothing, My Lord..." I tried to assure.

This is it! Dread started to run solid in my veins. It's been nice knowing everyone. Streets of London, I'm coming home!

Suddenly, just as Lizzie was a few feet away from me and the Viscount, Sebastian arrived with a wardrobe and wearing a mask.

He stood up and spoke in a loud and clear voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, if everyone would all please gather round, this evening's magic show will now begin." He turned to Lau, "Pardon me, sir, would you kindly assist me?"

Lau smiled, "Assist you? Certainly."

Viscount scratched his head, "I don't recall ordering any parlor tricks this evening..."

Saved by the demon butler. Thank you, Sebastian, I owe one.

I looked at Viscount Druitt, "My Lord, I've seen more than enough parlor tricks. Can we go, please?"

Ugh, this is awful!

Viscount smiled at me, "Yes, anything for you, my sweet." He took my hand and lead to a stairway at the back of the ballroom. He opened the door and bowed, "Right this way, dear."

I took a breath and entered the door. The Viscount and I entered another room. It was dark, but there was a certain smell in the room.

"We're going to somewhere I'm sure you'll find very amusing." The Viscount invited me inside, "I know I do. Please."

I put my hand close to my face, as I smelled the odor. What is that smell? It's suffocating. I tried to move, but I suddenly felt dizzy and lightheaded. Viscount turned to me with a devilish smile on his face. Damn him... What a jerk...

The last I heard was Viscount asking me, "See, aren't you enjoying yourself... Little Robin?"


"And here we have portraits of one of the most iconic noblemen of the Victorian era." The teacher announced, as I looked around the museum of Victorian noblemen.

I looked at the portrait. It was a row of portraits of Ciel, in his personal best, through the ages. You can tell it was Ciel, as he still wore his signature eyepatch.

"Ellie. Come look at this one." My younger sister, Sam, called me, pointing at another portrait. It was of Ciel and his family, including Sebastian the family dog. Ciel wasn't sitting alone. He was playing and smiling with another child that looked just like him.

I walked over and looked at it.

"You two have good eyes." The teacher smiled, "That is the oldest portrait of the Phantomhive Family ever salvaged from the wreckage of the Phantomhive Manor. Over 100 years old." He pointed to Ciel, "That is Ciel Phantomhive. Used to known as the Earl of Phantomhive Manor and the Head of the Phantomhive Family when he was only 14. Queen Victoria's most loyal nobleman."

He was 10 when he was adopted those titles!

"It's odd, Ellie." Sam spoke up, looking at me and the painting, "Ciel looks just like you."

I looked at the portraits of Ciel and narrowed my eyes...

"Ciel Phantomhive."

*End Dream*

"And now, what you've all been waiting for: tonight's crown jewel." I heard Viscount's voice, as I woke up from whatever knocked me out, "I'm sure she'd make a lovely decoration, or sweet little pet. You can keep her whole and healthy. Or sell her for parts, if you'd like to. Her eyes are as blue as lapis lazulis, but for the discerning collector, that will add to her a unique attraction."

I tried to move, but found my hands bound close to my chest and I found that I was blindfolded. All I could see was black... Black... A black market auction?

"The bidding shall begin momentarily." Viscount Druitt continued, as I stayed quiet and still as a statue.

So that's what he was doing. He removes the prostitutes' organs and sells them at his parties? I felt someone behind me remove the blindfold. I kept my eyes closed.

"We'll start at a thousand guineas." Viscount Druitt announced.

Then other voices started bidding, "2000!" "3000!" "3500!" "5000!"

I opened my violet-purple eyes and called out loud, "Sebastian, I'm here."

A gust of wind blew the candles. I released my astral form and cloaked the room until it was completely dark. Everyone looked around in a panic.

"What's this?!" Viscount Druitt asked.

There sounds of fighting and gasping, until finally the candles relight and Sebastian came walking into the room. My astral form returned to my body and everything was back to normal.

"Really, m'lady..." Sebastian sighed, as he adjusted his gloves, "Using your powers on the weak-minded mortals?" He walked toward me, "How sad."

"It doesn't matter." I answered, "What surprises me is that whether it's Ciel or myself, you'll follow us everywhere, whether Ciel or I ask you to or not, won't you? I'm not even your master."

"That birthmark on the back of your neck is no ordinary birthmark. It is a contract mark for a demon." Sebastian told me, "The more noticeably placed the mark is, the tighter the demon and prey are bound to one another. The demon serves..."

"...And in exchange, the prey can never escape." I finished.

Sebastian easily pried open the bars of the cage and bowed with a smile, "Yes, I will be with you and the Young Master anywhere, until the end." He helped me out of the cage and onto my feet, "I shall be at both of your sides, no matter what. Even should I perish in this world, I'll still be there - in the very depths of Hell, m'lady. This is how I differ from humans; I do not lie."

He flicked his finger and I was free from the bounds.

I nodded to the demon butler, "Good. You will never lie to me, or my little brother, no matter what. Is that understood?"

Sebastian nodded and bowed, "Yes, My Young Lady."

I turned to the unconscious Viscount, "I suppose this solves the Jack the Ripper case. Well that was easier than I had expected."

Sebastian smiled then spoke up, "I imagine Scotland Yard will be here before much longer. We should take our leave." He picked me up Bridal Style and removed his glasses, "Well, miss, are you ready?"

With that, he leaped out the window and we traveled across the roofs, back home.

*Later, the Next Morning...*

"'Jack the Ripper Strikes Again'?" Lau read the morning news paper with a gasp.

"So the Viscount wasn't our man after all." Madame Red concluded.

Shock, dumbfound, dread and embarrassment made my blood freeze, as I clutched my head in dread. I can't believe I embarrassed myself wearing a dress and acted like a 'Sweet Little Robin' for nothing!

Please, God, just kill me now!