Hello, guys, this is officially first serious chapter of idea, which I wanted to post for a long time. Warning beforehand, this is one of such chapters, which contains events that WILL happen in future , but there is no fixated chronological order between them. Main purpose of these is to give you insight on my Protagonist's character and his mind. However, in future, I will post chapters with events starting from the very beginning of my MC's story. This chapter demonstrates how Protagonist treats our certain favorite pervert.

Of things to Come 1: The Devil takes his Due

Issei wasn't really sure how the hell this could've happened.

The day had started so well, almost like a dream. A really cute girl just walked up to him and asked if he could be her boyfriend for a day. How could he say no to that!? She was so beautiful, with her long dark hair and captivating eyes, her perfectly smooth and almost glossy skin.

Not to mention a DAMN fine body that her outfit did NOTHING to hide, her short height be damned!

And their date had gone so well. They went to the arcade, got some souvenirs, went out to eat for a little while, enjoyed a nice walk through the nicer parts of town. He may be a pervert, but he knew how to treat a girl right on a date… for justifiable rewards afterward, of course.

He was a pervert, not an idiot. A possible masochist, but again, not an idiot.

And then she asked him to die for her.

Then she just transformed into something that, in probably ANY other situation, would've been something out of one of his greatest wet dreams.

Too bad he couldn't enjoy the mental image as she pierced something through his heart right afterward.

She suggested that he blame God for it. Something about how God himself had given something that apparently made him worth killing over. She said it was a Sacred... a Sacred Gear? He had no idea what that even was. He was gonna die here for something he knew NOTHING about.

The lack of oxygen and blood going to his head may have been a factor as well in his confusion, but he blacked out at the moment.

He couldn't help the chuckle that bubbled up from his throat, though he could've done without the bubbling of blood that came up and leaked slightly from his mouth.

'I'm gonna die here,' he thought. 'I'm gonna die here. Die as a damn virgin.'

It was probably the stupidest thing a person could think in there last moments. Shouldn't the fact that they were dying at all be more important than the fact that they'd never gotten laid? Even he felt a little bitter that his last thoughts would be over something so pitiful.

Ignoring the pain, ignoring the warm, sickening, rustic smelling wetness on the soil under him, ignoring the increasing blackness of his vision, Issei turned up onto his back to look at the night sky one more time. To see the stars one more time.

"I'm sorry Mom… Dad..." The words came out less fully formed and more like a wet gurgle, the blood in his throat and mouth making them all but indecipherable.

He felt the cool night air upon his skin before the sensations started to fade. Felt his life leave him by the second as he lost sensation entirely.

But before it was over, he could've sworn he saw someone. Some dude in black jeans and a dark sleeveless hoodie, standing over him. He couldn't make out his face, but he thought the guy also had a... cane in his hand? What a weird accessory.

Then before he finally blacked out, before his eyes closed and his heart could stop, he could've sworn he saw the increasingly blurry figure kneel down to him and put a hand on his chest. Could've sworn he saw a glow and felt some warmth spreading throughout his chest.

He blacked out before he could think on it any deeper, thoughts lost in the void of deep unconsciousness.


"Well, I guess there are SOME things I can't change just be existing."

Seriously, the Butterfly Effect you always hear about can be really weird.

Some people think things change or happen differently just by you existing, others say you might not change anything at all without hard effort, and some people can't seem to make up their minds on it.

But that chaos for you – plays by its own rules, and doesn't give a fuck to anyone else.

Either way, THIS little incident seemed to be one that was set largely in stone. Too bad for Issei Hyoudo.

Truth be told, he never really liked the character of the guy. He was pretty much just a wish-fulfillment character, and his only real outstanding personality trait was that he happened to be a massively shameless pervert who was obsessed with huge breasts. And yet SOMEHOW girls ended up falling for him left and right and center. And he ended up having one of the most POWERFUL weapons in the franchise, the Boosted Gear. His whole character was just cliche's and power fantasy and poor writing.

Granted, an argument can be made that the attraction of the opposite sex to him could be traced back by a passive effect of his Sacred Gear. And yes, his perversion COULD be traced back to an early formative childhood interaction which was exaggerated due to the draconian 'animalistic instinct' influence of Ddraig. And yes, his pervertedness did overshadow his more admiral traits that made him such a trope Shounen character.

But still, wish fulfillment is wish fulfillment.

But that didn't mean he deserved to die like this, as much as his haters would probably say otherwise. Then again, Rein was willing to bet that none of his haters had been put into a situation where the person in question was REAL and DYING right in front of them.

I honestly considered letting it happen. Thought about letting Issei die just so I could take his body as research material, keep him on the very edge of death, and extract the Boosted Gear for myself. With some of the Servants on my side, it would have been a cakewalk.

But as tempting as it was, there still existed a part of me that just couldn't QUITE pass that line. I wasn't QUITE that cold and ruthless.

I am many things, flaws and all, but I am not that kind of person.

The jury was still out on whether or not that was really such a good thing.

And THAT was why I was currently kneeling down, a glowing hand over the wound and slowly knitting it back together.

Well, maybe not the ENTIRE reason. For all that hate against the CHARACTER of Issei Hyoudo, there was no denying that he was still useful to keep on the board. The Boosted Gear made him very powerful in time, and if I - Reinherz - could find a way to direct him? Well, then he just found himself a damn useful proxy that could help with his objectives without drawing more attention to Rein himself.

And I do SO love the benefits of anonymity.

Plus it would be kind of interesting seeing Rias adapting without Issei bailing her out. Maybe she'll still recruit him later, maybe she'd need to work on her own. Hell, maybe I would have an opportunity to approach her and broker a deal of his own. Though I have to admit that the thought of drafting such a deal with a rather attractive young woman like Rias Gremory certainly had more appeal.

Good thing I had Medea find a way to block out the magic of the summoning pamphlets just for this occasion. I should really find a way to thank her for it. Maybe a day off or two, if I could get her to drop the workaholic thing for a while.

No small feat, mind you. Perhaps a spa day with the others?

It wasn't long before Issei's wounds were healed. I might not be an expert on healing, but I was good enough for things like this.

The job done, I rose back up from his kneeling position and walked off into the night.

"So much to do, so much to plan for."

In snap of my fingers, Issei's form was engulfed in light of magic circle and disappeared without trace, taking him to his room.

And as I walked away, I planned. Planned for the present, the future, and how to fit it all together. I'd gotten pretty good at it, but it's really no surprise when your life depends so heavily on it.

I couldn't help but chuckle a little. Things were gonna get CRAZY! And it all started here.

After all, this wasn't the story of Issei Hyoudo anymore. It was the story of Reinherz Schweinorg Lucifer. The man who would be the coming of the second Morning Star.

"I'm coming for you grampa," I muttered, hand clenching my cane styled Mystic Code. "I'm coming for you. And you're NOT gonna like what happens next."