The Sidekick

"You can't lose me, Egghead!" I shouted after my enemy, as I chased him down a canyon.

"Eggman! You know my name is Doctor Eggman!" He shouted back at me from his hovering Eggmobile, "You do that on purpose!"

"Do what, Egghead?" I asked as a tease.

Hey there, fellow viewers and friends, I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog. I hold the reputation of being the Fastest Thing Alive, or the nickname Blue Streak.

Dr. Eggman has been my enemy since I moved to Bygone Island. The citizens needed a hero, I decided to step in and save the day. Eggman named me his nemesis ever since.

I continued the chase the evil genius, until reached a spiraling chasm, that dropped into a lava pit. I was forced to brake for a stop, but I stopped at the edge and was about to lose my balance and fall, "Who-o-oa!"

I felt something grab my hand and pulled me back from the edge. I regained my balance and turned to whatever pulled me away from the chasm.

I turned out to be one of my enemies-turned-friend; Eleanor the Hedgehog. She's sort of Eggman's daughter, but they're not biologically related, as much as I can tell.

Like me, Eleanor is a Hedgehog, but female and green instead of blue. She's the same height as me with an athletic build. Her fur is a shamrock green. Her eyes are hazel. Her quills are like mine, including back-quills, but she has bangs.

She wears a black, sleeveless wetsuit with leggings that reach above the knees, dark purple folded skirt with a black belt and is barefoot. She wears sports tape around her hands and feet. Along with a pair of black-framed glasses over her eyes.

I gave Eleanor a thankful smile. She smiled back with a blush.

The Eggman spoke up, from hovering above us, "It all ends here, old friend." Then introduced, "Prepare to be destroyed by Burnbot!"

A large robot with claws appeared from the other side of the canyon.

"So what, he's gonna burn me with flamethrowers or something?" I asked.

Confused, Eggman scratched his head, "Flamethrower? Well... No..."

"Oh, uh, acid? Incendiary grenades!" Eleanor guessed.

Eggman shook his head, "No, no, no." Muttered to himself for a second, "The li-" Then he answered, "Claws! He has claws! Very painful claws!"

Burnbot showed the power of his claws. I wasn't impressed.

I shook his head, "Then you should have called him 'Clawbot' or 'The Lacerator' or 'Pinch-a-tron 9000'."

Eleanor nodded in agreement, "But 'Burnbot'? That's just false advertising!"

Dr. Eggman growled in annoyance and shouted, "I name the robots, Sonic!" Then he ordered, "Burnbot, attack!"

Burnbot jumped into the canyon and started speeding toward me on its wheels. I looked at the green Hedgehog next to me.

Eleanor took two steps back and bowed, "All yours."

I smiled and ran the direction. Burnbot and I circled each other, making our way down to the lava pit.

I heard Tails' voice from my communicator, "Blue Leader, this is Yellow Sky. I have eyes on Burnbot. He's on the move, over!"

Tails is my best friend. We moved to Bygone Island together. A twin-tailed fox with incredible mechanical genius. I found him a long time ago, when he was only a kit. We've been together ever since.

"Thanks, Tails. Initiate 'Speeding Swing Surprise'." I answered through by communicator, then called Eleanor, "Green Leaf, we're gonna need ramps."

"You got it, Sonic." She answered.

~Eleanor the Hedgehog's POV~

As instructed, I stomped my left foot into the ground and clapped my hands together. As by command, two rocky ramps appeared in the center of the canyon.

Tails dived his plane into the canyon, sending Eggman into a spin, and activated his Enerbeam.

Sonic and Burnbot leaped at each other, using the ramps I created. Tails flew by, throwing the beam to Sonic. Sonic grabbed the beam, swung around Burnbot, and delivered a flying kick, launching Burnbot into the canyon wall. Sonic let go of the beam and landed next me, across from Burnbot.

Dr. Eggman flew toward Burnbot and shouted, "Get up, get up, get up!"

Burnbot got back to its wheels and stared at me and Sonic. Then it noticed Tails flying overhead. Burnbot fired one of its claws and attacked Tails' plane, damaging the wing. The plane flew in a spin.

Sonic activated his communicator and called, "Bail, Tails! Bail!"

However there was no response. Tails was going down!

Sonic and I prepared to rush in and help, but we were cut off by Burnbot. Sonic and I dodged one of Burnbot's claws. Then Sonic nudged me. I looked at him and he pointed above Burnbot.

I followed and saw a large rock poised over it. I nodded in understanding. Sonic jumped over another of Burnbot's attacks, as I lightly scuffed her right foot back.

The small rock, under the large rock, responded by rolling to the ground, dropping the large rock on Burnbot.

Sonic leaped up to the top of the canyon, while I appeared beside him, via teleportation.

"Tails, no!" Sonic cried, as Tail's plane fell from the sky.


Tails' plane crashed into a nearby canyon. Sonic stood there, staring in shock and disbelief. I covered my mouth in shock and disbelief, "Tails!"

Sonic regained himself and raced toward the crash. I followed after him.

I arrived just as Sonic pulled Tails out of the wrecked plane and gently placed on the ground. I knelled over and listened for anything that give us hope.

A steady heartbeat confirmed that Tails was still alive.

I sighed in relief and gently smiled at the sleeping fox, "Keep resting, bud. We'll get you home."

Sonic picked Tails up with a determined look, "I promise I'll never let anything like this happen to you again."

With that, Sonic walked out of the canyon, and towards Tail's house with no more words. I followed behind him with a concerned look.

*Later, In Tail's House...*

~Miles 'Tails' Prower's POV~

I woke up to find myself back in my house. What happened? Last thing I remember was helping Ellie and Sonic fight against Dr. Eggman and his Burnbot and Burnbot attacked my plane. Was it just a dream?

I sat up and felt my head throb for a second. I felt my head, to find it was bandaged up. So it wasn't a dream.

"Sonic? Ellie?" I called looking around.

I found Ellie sitting on my bed. She turned to me and gently smile, "Morning, sleepy-head."

Then Sonic showed up, "Hey, buddy! How ya feelin'?"

I nodded with a smile, "I'm great!" Then stood up from my coach, "Ready to get back in action."

Sonic scratched the his quills, "Yeah, uh... About that, um..." Then he announced, "I've got some great news! You, my friend, are taking early retirement!"

"Early retirement?" I repeated in confusion.

Sonic nodded and put his arm over my shoulders, "Yeah, you're gonna be able to play lots of golf and spend time with the grand-kids!"

"I don't have grand-kids!" I pointed out, shaking my head.

"Well, now's your chance to get some!" Sonic assured me, "Trust me, it's for the best." Then he hugged me, "I'll see ya around, pal."

And just like that, he left my house. Ellie followed behind him.

I scratched my head for a second. That was fast. Too fast for me to comprehend.

"Wait, what just happened?" I asked.

Sonic returned and answered, "I fired you." Then left again.

I nodded, "Okay, just checking."

Wait, what?! Fired me?!

*Meanwhile, on The Beach...*

~Eleanor the Hedgehog's POV~

"You sure you're making the right choice, Sonic?" I asked Sonic, as we walked around the Beach, hanging up flyers for sidekick tryouts.

Sonic nodded his head, "I know it's not right, but I did what I had to do." He hung a flyer on a palm tree, "And now we're going to make sure Tails stays retired."

I nodded in understanding and shrugged my shoulders, as I hung another flyer on a nearby post, "I guess..."

*The Next Day, in Sonic's Shack...*

Sonic and I started the sidekick tryouts first thing in the morning. We had quite a line of candidates for the job. Even Amy and Knuckles joined. Some even from the nearby village; Hedgehog Village.

Our first candidate was Amy, "I'm Amy Rose, and I'll be auditioning for the job of sidekick."

Amy was a pink Hedgehog, like me and Sonic, but unlike me and the Blue Streak, Amy lacks back-quills, has her quills combed down and lacks our speed abilities.

What she lacks in speed, Amy makes up with strength, stamina and a sense of understanding with psychology.

"Amy, I know who you are." Sonic answered.

Amy nodded in understanding, "Great, because I am fine with nepotism." Then she grabbed three small balls, "Oh, and under special skills, you can add juggling and singing."

She started juggling the balls and singing 'When the Saints Come Marching In'.

Having enough, Sonic called, "Next!"

"My greatest weakness? Actually, it is my incredible cowardice." Fastidious Beaver answered.

"Thanks. We'll keep you posted." I assured, then called, "Next, please."

"Oh, improv? I love improv!" Amy smiled. Who invited her again?

She mocked an Italian accent, "I'm a crazy pizza man! Who juggles and sings!"

Then she started juggling and singing 'When the Saints Come Marching In' again.

Sonic sighed in annoyance, as I pushed Amy out of the shack. No mean no, Amy. Take a hint!

"I think you'd be a great sidekick for me." Knuckles told Sonic, as he was holding the clipboard and was looking over his own resume.

Knuckles is a large, red Echidna. Tremendous strength and durability when it comes to fighting. However, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. When someone says something smart or speaks too fast, he either takes it literally or repeats it in a simpler term, similar to Cubot.

Sonic shook his head, "No, Knuckles, I'm looking for someone to be my sidekick."

"We'd have to change your names, though." Knuckles pointed out, as if he didn't hear what Sonic just said, "I'm thinking... 'Knuckles Junior' and 'Knucklette'."

Sonic snatched the clipboard and drew a large cross over Knuckles' resume.

"Another time, Knuckles." I told him, then called, "Next!"

"Okay, last question. What would you do in a no-win situation?" Sonic asked the last candidate, who was a small, hooded figure.

"If I'm with you, there's no such thing as a 'no-win situation'." The candidate answered in a deep, but familiar voice.

Sonic smiled at him, "Huh. You really get it, new guy."

The candidate nodded, "I do get it." But shook his head, "But I'm not a new guy." Then he reached for his hood, "In reality, I am none other than..."

The candidate tried to remove his hood, but was having trouble, due to it being stuck on his ears. He fell to the ground and the cloak fell off. Sonic and I looked over the table and saw the candidate was...

"Tails?!" Sonic exclaimed, then shook his head, "You cannot be my sidekick!"

Tails showed him the flyer, "'All qualified candidates welcome. Best candidate gets the job'." He smiled and jabbed a thumb to his chest, "I'm a lock!" Then frowned, "Unless there's something you're not telling me..."

Tails looked at me. I looked at the window and kept quiet. Sonic made me promise not to tell Tails why he was fired in the first place. But I want to tell him, so he could understand. Tails has a good head on his shoulders.

Sonic folded his arms and sighed, "Fine! But get ready for the tryout of your life!"

I felt a familiar aura enter the room. I turned and took a stance, "You can't be serious."

"Hello." The owner of the aura greeted.

Sonic and Tails turned and took a fighting stance.

"Eggman!" Tails alerted.

"What are you doing here?!" Sonic asked.

"My name is Doctor Eggman, and I'm here about the sidekick position." Eggman introduced himself, as he handed his resume.

"Wh- But you're my arch-nemesis!" Sonic pointed out, trying to clear his confusion and frustration.

Dr. Eggman nodded, "That's true. But I could be a valuable asset to your organization." He pointed out, "For example, I'm a doctor. Not a real doctor, a PhD, but still!"

I folded my arms with a glare, "The doctor position has already been filled, Eggman."

Sonic shook his head, "You can't be my sidekick."

Eggman showed Sonic the flyer, "'All qualified candidates welcome'?"

Sonic sighed and gave up, "Okay, fine. You both can move on to Round Two. But neither one of you is going to be my sidekick."

"Who else is there?" Tails asked.

Sonic turned to me with a small smile.

Understanding what he was getting at, I quickly waved my hands and shook my head, "No way! Nuh-uh! I'm not sidekick material. Choose someone else, Sonic."

"Come on, Ellie. Please? I can't trust anyone else." He insisted.

"Who said you can trust me?" I asked. But Sonic looked at me with a cute look. I sighed and nodded my head, "Alright." Then smiled sweetly at Sonic, "But just because you said 'please'."

Sonic smiled at me, "Thanks, Ellie. I owe you."

*Later... In the Jungle...*

Sonic and I met up with the candidates at the cliff just by the jungle. Eggman, Tails and I had our own hoverboards.

"All right. Being my sidekick is no easy task. This competition will test your strength, stamina, and endurance." Sonic announced as Tails, Dr. Eggman and I prepared ourselves, "The winner will be whoever makes it through all the unimaginable hardships and brings me the red flag I planted atop the incredibly dangerous, but inaccurately named, Mount Safety."

I put my goggles over my eyes and readied myself.

Being sneaky, as usual, Eggman pushed me down the cliff. Tails and Dr. Eggman followed close behind him. I steadied myself and followed Tails and Eggman, as they took their own paths through the jungle. Eggman summoned two seekers from his hoverboard and attacked Tails with them.

Tails dodged the seekers and changed path. I slowed myself down and calmly avoided any conflict within the other two candidates. I was able to catch Tails tap on the brakes and destroy the seekers via them flying into each other.

Tails made it to the second part of the race, and hopped off his hoverboard.

"What's going on here?" Sonic asked.

"Nothing I can't handle!" Tails answered.

He hopped into his plane and took off over the trees. Eggman followed after him in his Eggmobile. I landed in the clearing to catch my breath.

"What's happening, Elle?" Sonic asked me, folding his arms in curiosity.

"Something bad." I answered, then took off into the air once again.

Once in the air, Tails and Eggman were neck-in-neck.

"Give up, Eggman!" Tails told Eggman, "This job is rightfully mine!"

"I'm not here to be Sonic's sidekick, you nincompoop!" Eggman replied, "I'm here to get rid of you both and Eleanor once and for all!"

With that, Eggman launched his magnet and dropped it in the woods. He reeled it up and it revealed the creature to be... Burnbot?!

Burnbot used his claws to attack Tails. Tails was able to dodge the attacks, but Burnbot was getting quicker and sharper with its strikes.

Eventually, Burnbot attacked and knocked one of the wings of Tails' plane. Tails lost control and crashed into a nearby frozen lake.

Sonic arrived and ended up sliding across the lake. He regained his balance and shouted in worry, "Tails!"

"Sonic! Ellie! I'm stuck!" Tails cried.

Sonic and I tried get close to Tails, but the plane was getting heavier and the ice threatened to crack. Burnbot attacked with saws, but Sonic dodged. Tails was still stuck in his plane. The plane continued to sink.

Sonic and I looked at each other. I leaped toward the twin-tailed fox and was able to get him out of the plane, before it complete sank into the bottom of the lake.

"Tails... I didn't really wanna fire you." Sonic explained, "I was just trying to protect you."

"How? By putting me in more danger?" Tails asked bitterly.

"The plan had holes!" Sonic exclaimed.

Tails regained his smile and we helped him to his feet. Then Eggman spoke up, "Oh, Sonic! I have one last surprise for you." Sonic, Tails and I turned to Eggman, "I took your advice! Burnbot can burn things!"

Burnbot shot two fireballs at us. I tried to redirect the fire and turned them toward the sky. However, the fireballs melted the ice. The ice cracked under our feet.

Tails and I was able to fly into the air, but Sonic lost his balance and fell into the lake.

He raised out of the water and started trashing his arms into the water, "I can't swim!"

Tails and I grabbed Sonic's arms and tried and lift him out of the lake. But he wouldn't budge out of the water.

"You're waterlogged!" Tails alarmed, "Ellie and I can't lift you!"

Sonic shook his head, "Don't worry about me!" Then he let go of us, "Get out of here!"

Tails and I tightened our grips around our friend's wrists, "That's not how sidekicks do!"

However the water-logging got worse and dragged all of us into the water. Sonic struggled to swim. Tails used his tails to propel himself and Sonic out of the water.

I swam underneath Burnbot and Eggman. I placed my hands on the layer of ice. Sonic spin-dashed Burnbot, causing it to fall on to the ice.

A warm orange glow appeared in my hands and melted the ice. Burnbot fell into the lake and sank to the bottom. And I flew out of the lake, to joined Sonic and Tails flew to the horizon.

*Later... During the Sunset...*

"About this job..." Tails asked, "What're the hours like?"

"Well, it's seven days a week." Sonic answered, "But you get your own plane."

Tails smiled and returned to watch the sunset. I'm glad that everything has returned to normal.

"But, here's a question." The boys looked at me, "How are we gonna inform Amy and Knuckles?"

Sonic shrugged his shoulders and rested his head in his hands.