Spells and LoudsChapter 1: The Sunsets over Energon

Royal Woods is under siege! Energy blasts, missiles and bullet rounds are coming from the attacking direction, while on the defending side Neil is firing energy rounds with a blaster, Luna Frost is creating ice barriers, hurling icicle shots and freezing the ground below their giant opponents, an angelic figure sends out coils of red energy destroying their enemies and Lincoln is taking cover behind a fallen car, while his mech is attacking on its own firing missiles and bullets, Lincoln sets his blaster to fire, he point up and launches a flame ball that explodes destroying ten of the opposing side, Lincoln looks to the screen, and freeze frame "You're probably wondering, what the heck is going on here? Who's attacking royal woods? Why is your mech attacking on its own? And who's the mysterious angelic figure? Well to answer your questions I'm gonna have to take you back three days ago"

(Rewind to three days ago)

Lincoln is putting his school things in his locker "Hey Lincoln" Lincoln turns around to see Lucy walk by him with the younger louds following "Hey Lucy" Lincoln replies, the other's don't reply because they still believe Lincoln hates them, Lincoln sighs 'they still think I hate them, well maybe a little' Lincoln looks to see Lana looking down and sad, Lincoln didn't like seeing his favorite grease monkey looking down "You thinking about Lana again?" Lincoln turns to see Jordan, Clyde, Stella, Zach, Liam, Rusty, Mollie and Joy, Lincoln closes his locker "Yeah, still am" Jordan hugs him "You should talk to her, maybe it will help" Lincoln returns her hug "If you think it will help, okay" they break the hug and Jordan kisses his cheek, they hear the school bell ring and head off to class

Later after school Lincoln is already outside headed for his Vulture, then he spots Lana is the sandbox looking down, he remembers what Jordan said to him, Lincoln sighs and walks towards the sand box, Lana is sitting on the sand fiddling with a stick, then a figure sits next to her, she turns to see "Lincoln" Lincoln smiles at her "Hey Lana" Lana gets nervous and just looks down feeling a little sad, they both stay silent, then Lincoln has an idea "You wanna go check out my bike?" Lana looks to him, she was fascinated by it, she's never seen anything like it, her mechanic instincts were kicking in and she looks to her ex-brother, smiles and nods

Lincoln gets up and walks with Lana to his bike, Lana sees his free hand and just holds it, Lincoln notices this and smiles, they arrive in front of the vehicle Lana looks at it nervously "Lana this is the Vulture" Lincoln says to her, Lana just looks at it "Go ahead touch it, she won't bite" Lincoln says with a smile, Lana slowly walks towards it and gets to see it up close, the long hood, the exhausts at the back, the large engine turbines and the comfy leather seating, she even sees the meter gages "This is so cool" Lana says, Lincoln just smiles, then he opens the hood, Lana sees what he's doing and looks inside the hood, she sees the large engine, with some parts that she's never seen before, though the cold fusion rods look like something Lisa had a long time ago (what Lisa had we're uranium rods)

Lucy, Lisa and Lola leave the school "Where is Lana?" "I swear if she's in the dumpster again!" "This is ridiculous, her uncanny nature to just run off is something I would not have predicted" then Lucy stops in place causing Lola and Lisa to bump into her "Lucy!" "Why are you no longer in motion?" the other two look at what she's looking at "Lana?" "Is that Lincoln?" Lucy just smiles, they all see Lincoln talking to Lana about his ride (but not the secret hero stuff) and seeing them laugh 'That's another forgiven' Lucy thinks to herself "Come on girls let's go home" Lisa and Lola look at Lucy confused and follow her "But what about Lana" Lola asks "She'll catch up

"The steel cage of the hood was actually built at FutureTech, it only took me 6 hours to weld the rest of the missing parts" Lincoln mentions to Lana "That's so cool Lincoln" then Lincoln has an idea, he pushes one of the buttons on the handle, on the right side of the bike a side car transforms outward it is also hovering, Lana is shocked by this "You wanna go for a ride?" Lincoln asks her, Lana looks to Lincoln and smiles "Yeah!" Lincoln picks up Lana and puts her into the side car "I can go in myself you know" Lana says "I know" Lincoln says teasingly as he activates his helmet "Awesome" Lana says, Lincoln starts the engine making Lana excited, then Lincoln puts a white helmet on her head the straps automatically strap themselves "Sweet" "You ready little lady?" Lincoln asks "Let's do this" then they drive off with Lana cheering all the way, at the same time Jordan watches this and smiles as well as Leni and Luna in the car "Aww! That's so sweet" Leni says "Guess that's another one forgiven" Luna smiles

Lincoln and Lana drive right by Lucy, Lola and Lisa who watch as Lana enjoys herself "Lucky" Lola and Lisa complain "Oh hush up" Lucy says and they continue walking, they finally arrive at the loud house "That was awesome Lincoln" Lana says as she gets off the side car "Glad you liked it Lana" Lincoln also gets off, then Lana hugs Lincoln "Thanks Lincoln" Lincoln returns the hug "No problem Lana", then Lincoln could feel Lana shaking, it could only mean that she's crying "I'm so sorry Lincoln! I didn't mean to drive you away!" Lincoln smiles and pets her back "Don't cry Lana, I'm not mad at you" Lana just smiles

Soon they break the hug "You should head on inside now kid" Lincoln says ruffling her hat making her laugh "Here this is yours" Lana hands him back the helmet, but Lincoln gives it back to her "Keep it" Lana smiles and hugs him again, Lucy, Lola and Lisa arrive and see the two hugging, Lisa slowly approaches the vulture, even though Lincoln is facing away from the bike "Lisa you touch that bike I will have FutureTech down here to convict you of grand theft" Lincoln says still smiling and hugging Lana, Lisa backs away and is being pulled by Lucy, Lincoln gets back on his bike and starts the engine, he looks back to the Lucy and Lana and waves at them, they kindly wave back and he takes off back to Spellman estate

At the Spellman estate Neil is building a bird house, then Lincoln arrives "Dad what are you doing?" "Building a bird house, I thought it would be nice to have some wild life around here and it's gonna be migration season too, so who knows what ends up in here" Lincoln just chuckles a bit and parks his ride until "Sir Martin McKenzie wishes your presence at FutureTech immediately" Neil looks at the house even Lincoln "What! Why?" they both ask "He didn't say but he said to bring Luna and Gwen as well" Harv adds, Neil and Lincoln look at each other "Let's go!"

Soon Neil, Lincoln, Gwen and Luna arrive at FutureTech (Leni stayed behind to watch over Lily), they enter the building and see Victor "Follow me" they follow Victor to the warehouse room where there was no one else there but martin "Hey McKenzie! Whats happening?" Neil asks as they approach him, martin turns to see them "Good you're here catch" martin throws a folder to Neil who catches it, Neil looks at the folder "project Dimensional? This is about the chronosphere thing right?" "Yes it is, and then there these" martin shows them the basket filled with other folders, the Spellman's look at each one "What are these?" Luna asks, martin sighs "After you and Lincoln restored the Vulture bike, we've been mass producing them and they are turning out great for military purposes, high speed patrols and recon tactics, so I was thinking, what if we went back to other projects that we abandoned" they look at him with confusion

So these are ditched projects" Neil asks "Pretty much" Victor says "Project Aqua Ice?" Luna looks in confusion "We're trying to create a special kind of ice that can regenerate, which could be perfect if we apply it to the melting polar caps" martin explains "Project Emerald Flame?" Gwen picks up the folder "To make a special green fire that would act for both combat tactics and healing factors and can be controlled" "Project Black Volcano" Neil holding a folder "We're trying to figure out how to neutralize Volcanic eruptions, which could help save thousands of lives" and finally Lincoln "Project Ivy!" Martin walks towards him "Imagine Wheat, Corn, Vegetables strong against parasitic attacks, can survive harsh climate situations, can regenerate after being harvested, could feed the world" they all look at him "This sounds kinda cool and all, but it also sounds like playing god" Neil says "We're not playing god, we're just trying to help humanity, save it" Martin explains, they all look at each other "I guess this could all work, but you gotta be careful when doing this" Lincoln says to martin "Come on Lincoln, when has there ever been anything wrong going on in here" They look at him with stern looks, Luna folds her arms "Oh! Right! Well nothing bad is happening now!" "BOOM!" they all feel the ground shaking "I take back what I said"

They all rush towards the Chronosphere room and see the machine activating on its own "What the hell!" Victor says, Martin heads for the control panel and is shocked "McKenzie! What's happening?!" Neil yells, martin remains silent "Martin?" Luna yells at him, martin turns around and they see his shocked look "A portals opening" they all remain silent "What?!" then they see rainbow energy manifest around the machine and it starts to hum louder "Hit the Deck!" Luna and Lincoln (with his blaster) create an Ice dome around everyone, then a bright light emits from the room then implodes back into the chronosphere, then becomes an energy shockwave, it doesn't affect anything and no one even notices it as it goes around the planet, soon the dust clears the ice dome breaks "Is everyone alright?" Neil asks as they all just look around, the room was covered in multi-colored scorch marks, then they hear something "It sounds like crying" Gwen says, they ready their weapons and see a figure through the smoke slouching on the ground crying, they see a teenage girl, her skin was orange, she's wearing a black long sleeved jacket, a pink top with a strange sun logo on it, an orange skirt with a yellow and pink line going diagonal and black boots with pink decals, but what caught their attention was her hair! It was red with a few yellow streaks, Gwen approaches her "Are you okay?"

At the FutureTech Med bay Victor checks the girls vision "She seems fine, no injuries at all" the girl just sits on the bed holding her arms and still looking sad, Neil looks to martin "Where did she come from?" Martin then realizes "She's not from this world!" they look at him in shock, then back to the girl, Gwen walks towards her and sits down next to her, she places her hand on her shoulder "You okay kid?" the girl sighs "No" they heard her speak, Neil approaches her "who are you child?" the girl looks to Neil then back down and wipes a few tears "Sunset ….. Sunset Shimmer" they all look at her with concern, Gwen smiles "That's a lovely name" then Sunset goes back to crying, soon Neil with Martin and Victor are talking outside, while Lincoln, Luna and Gwen are still in the room trying to comfort Sunset "It's okay brah, you're safe now" Luna says reassuringly "Nothing bad is gonna happen to you" Lincoln adds, Sunset then calms down and looks at them "Lincoln" "Luna" "Gwen" "Spellman" they say "It's nice to meet you all" she says finally calming down

Then Neil, Martin and Victor enter the room "Alright, Ms. Shimmer, we need to know-""Where I came from? I can answer that" the three male adults look in disbelief "Okay then" they grab some chairs and sit "I don't really know if you'll all believe me though" Sunset says, then Luna shows her hand creating an ice snowflake hovering, Lincoln brings out his blaster "Try us" they all say, Sunset Shimmer tells them who she is and that she's from another earth, but in truth she's actually a unicorn from a magical dimension called Equestria, she even tells them of the things she's done, abandoning her studies, being evil, trying to redeem herself and saving everyone from the dazzle's, they just look at her with utter disbelief "Well that was intriguing" Victor says "Now I'm a believer" martin adds , then Lincoln asks "Why were you crying?" Sunset then gets hit by a stampede of memories and starts to tear up, Lincoln realizes she was going through something painful "Sorry, I shouldn't have asked" Lincoln apologizes "If it's too personal we won't push you" Luna says, then Sunset stops crying "No, it's okay, you all need to know" Sunset tells them the story of the Anonymous incident, they look at her with shock "you poor thing" "Oh my gosh brah" "That is so not cool" "What would your friend …. Uh …. Twilight say?!" Neil just looks out the window sternly while Lincoln looks at sunset with pity

Lincoln approaches Sunset and hugs her, she gets confused by his gesture "I know what it's like to be left behind, abandoned, unloved" Lincoln says shedding a small tear, Luna looks down, Gwen wipes a few tears, Sunset then hugs him and cries, later "Well since you're here now, do you wanna go back? To Canterlot high?" Martin asks, but sunset looks down "I don't know if I should" then Neil has an idea "How about you stay with us, for a while, until you make your decision" Sunset looks to him "really? Are you sure? I don't wanna be a burden" Lincoln shakes his head "No child, you won't be, let us help you" Gwen, Luna and Lincoln agree, so Sunset accepts it, as they head for Neil's car "Martin!" martin walks towards Neil "Run a diagnostic on the Chronosphere, we don't know what else might have gone through" Martin nods "Exactly what I was thinking" then they take off back to Spellman estate

Soon they arrive at the house, Sunset is surprised where they live, she's introduced to Harv, Leni and Lily and they explain to them where Sunset came from, Leni accepts her instantly and loves her outfit, Lily just giggles as Sunset was given permission to hold her, they decide to tell Sunset why they were adopted, Sunset is shocked at what Lincoln's been through but she was glad he found a new family, they show her that she will be staying at the guest room, Sunset has never felt loved like this before, the following day, as the Spellman kid's head to school and Neil goes to FutureTech, Gwen tutors Sunset at home (she's technically a teenager so she still needs her education) when the family returns home, Sunset spends time with each of them helping Leni with some new clothes (she doesn't know that the clothes are for her), Jamming out with Luna, and Luna's surprised at how good she is with an electric guitar, reading comics with Lincoln and she shows him her drawing skills, she even goes to the work out area in the basement with Neil and babysitting Lily

On the third day Sunset is helping Neil make dinner, once dinner finishes they bring the food to the living room to watch a movie "Alright lets watch everyone" Neil says, Luna nods and turns on the TV that shows Alice in Wonderland (not the cartoon one), while their watching the movie Sunset looks at each of them 'Neil is a strong, devoted man to his family and any child in danger, Gwen is pretty smart and caring, Leni is fun, kind and in a way honest (when it matters), Luna is pretty laid back, Loyal and awesome and she's a pretty cool hero (oops I just made a pun), Lincoln's selfless, thick skinned and forgiving then theirs Lily whose just a baby' Sunset just couldn't help but be happy with the people around her 'Wish twilight was here to meet them' Sunset then goes back to watching the TV not too far outside of the town a portal opens and multiple vehicles come out consisting of multiple Honda's, Toyota's, three black Chevy Suburban's and they're being led by a police car

The next day everything goes on as it is but somewhere outside Royal Woods a portal opens and multiple vehicles come out consisting of multiple Honda's, Toyota's, three black Chevy Suburban's and they're being led by a police car and they head to town, School has just finished, Lincoln boards his Vulture after talking to his girlfriend, Luna and Leni head to the car and they all head back home, but on their way they get a call from Martin even Neil whose at home "Hey Martin What's up" they all say "Portal just opened! Multiple targets inbound to royal woods! Energy signatures like nothing we've ever seen!" they all remain silent, Lincoln turns his bike around and it transforms into the Arct Cycle, Leni tops the car and Luna gets off and transforms, Leni drives back home passing by Neil's car who is headed to town, Neil calls authorities to evacuate a specific location in town "Something's about to hit and it is not a friendly!" Neil then hits the gas

Leni arrives at home, Gwen switches the TV to UAV mode where they watch whatever the drone sees (the drone was launched by FutureTech), Leni with Lily and Sunset join her , they spot multiple vehicles passing by the royal woods sign "Martin are you seeing this?" Gwen asks through communication link "Fifteen Honda's, Ten Toyota's and Three Chevy Black Suburban's and a … Police Car?" martin says "zoom in on the squad car" Gwen says and they spot the words on the side of the car says "To Punish and Enslave" Gwen and Martin's eyes go wide "Oh no!" Neil catches up to freezer burn, while Luna Frost is flying above them "Neil! Guys!" Gwen calls them "What's wrong Mom/Hon!" they ask "What your facing are…. Are….. "Neil then gets concerned "are what?" "Decepticons!" martin yells, Neil's car and Freezer burns bike stops and Luna frost lands "What?" "Seriously!" "Are you sure?" they ask "A police car with the words to punish and enslave leading a large group of vehicles as well as three Chevy black suburban's, how's that for belief!" martin says, they then get back on the road and drive to the location

Near Ketchum park police are evacuating everyone until a black Chevy Suburban transforms into Crowbar he hits the fence turning it into a ramp, allowing the other two to transform into Crankcase and Hatchet, people start running and screaming, then multiple other cars transform into Vehicon soldiers, then the Police car arrives and transforms into a large robot with brass knuckles that say Punish on the right, Enslave on the left, Barricade! "Secure the perimeter! Find that energy source! This world will belong to Lord Megatron!" "I beg to differ" Neil arrives and blasts them with a prototype energy weapon knocking barricade into a tree, Barricade gets back up "Get those fools!" the troops start shooting, Neil takes cover behind his car (its blast proof), as Hatchet lunges towards Neil, he is frozen in midflight and then shattered by Luna Frost "What's wrong? Cold feet?!" they start blasting her and she dodges their attacks and launching icicle shots, Crankcase and Crowbar throw their spear grenades but are caught by a mech, Freezer burn who throws them towards other two decepticons making them explode

AS the battle rages on Luna notices Luan, Lori, Lucy, Lana and Lola hiding behind the restrooms, she immediately rushes towards them "Luna Frost?" they gasp "I'm getting you all out of here now! Come on!" they follow her, then a decepticon notices and blasts them, Luna Frost stops and makes an ice barriers, Lincoln then ejects from the Arct mech "Arct, take them out!" the mech activates AI mode and fires missiles and bullet rounds, Luna is trying to hold the ice barrier, Lincoln is behind Arct blasting Ice and fire shots, Neil's car is flipped over by barricade "oh shit!" he scrambles for cover and blasts the decepticon, as barricade tries to shoot him, at the Spellman Estate they watch as all three of them are trying to hold the line, Sunset sees the disaster Luna's Ice barrier keeps breaking from the focused fire, she struggle to make new ones, Lincoln and Arct back up while shooting and Neil is running and shooting away from the decepticon "Dang it! Dang it! Dang it!" Sunset saw how in trouble they were, she didn't want this to happen to them, to the people who helped her, the people who cared for her, the people she could call family!

At FutureTech "Air force is inbound to the location!" Victor says "There's still civilians down there! And Neil, Luna Frost and Freezer Burn!" Martin retaliates, then they hear a humming sound, they head to the chronosphere room, the machine starts humming again but not shaking violently "What the?!" "Here we go again!" a red energy shoots out of the building avoiding walls and people, it then shoots into the sky, then the machine shuts down "That was new" was all martin could say, Sunset then looks towards the door and walks to it leaving the house, Leni notices this "Sunset? Where are you going?" Gwen also turns, they follow outside to see Sunset just standing there "Sunset?" Gwen asks then clouds start to gather with red lightning, Gwen and Leni look at the sky and then back to sunset who closes her eyes, Gwen realizes what was gonna happen and runs towards her "Sunset!" but it was too late a massive red beam hits the teenage girl

The battle at the park becomes too much "We need Reinforcements!" Neil says hiding behind a dumpster, blasting at barricade "Could use some help here!" Luna says creating another ice barrier "Arct we gotta get to her!" Lincoln yells as Arct slowly walks towards Luna Frost while shielding Freezer Burn! "Keep firing! Finnish them!" Barricade calls out, Neil fires several rounds hitting two Vehicons, he gets back to cover and reloads "Neil" he hears Gwen from his radio "A little busy here hon!" he fires more rounds then gets back down "Reinforcement inbound" Neil stays silent "What?", the decepticons stop shooting and look up "What are you fools doing!" then barricade looks up, Lincoln, Arct, Neil and Luna look up towards the sun to see an angelic like figure, they all remain silent "Does this mean we're dead?" Barricade punches his soldier

Then Red energy coils wrap around eight decepticons and break them, Barricade just watches in shock "Shoot that thing!" they focus their fire only to be sent back by a red barrier around the angel, the figure lands back down and uses red energy coils to carry the loud civilians out of the fight, Luna, Neil and Lincoln just watch and recognize her "Sunset?" Luna asks, the figure is sunset, she's wearing a white strapless dress with the back part extending behind her, she's wearing white fingerless gloves, gold boots with wing patterns, red sun shape bracelets on her upper arms, glowing yellow wings, her hair is floating upwards, a glowing horn is on her forehead and she's wearing a red mask, She looks to Luna Frost "I am Daydream shimmer" she says shocking Neil, Lincoln and Luna, then Daydream shoots a red energy coil that rips through multiple decepticons "Let's get this battle started shall we?" they all nod and join in the fight

Energy blasts, missiles and bullet rounds are coming from the decepticons, Neil is firing energy rounds with a blaster, Luna Frost is creating ice barriers, hurling icicle shots and freezing the ground below Decepticon soldiers, Daydream Shimmer sends out coils of red energy destroying their enemies and Lincoln is taking cover behind a fallen car, while the Arct mech is firing missiles and bullets, Freezer Burn sets his blaster to fire, he point up and launches a flame ball that explodes destroying ten Vehicons, Lincoln looks to the screen, and freeze frame "Now you're caught up!" and back to the fight, the heroes destroy each decepticon, Luna and Lincoln also do their finishing moves on Crankcase and Crowbar, barricade sees that there's no way they can win and retreats out of there a portal opens up and barricade drives through, Neil hears jets coming "Incoming airstrike!" they turn around to see the jets, Daydream, Luna Frost and Freezer Burn create a glowing red ice dome as the jets destroy the decepticons, the smoke clears and the dome dissipates, they all look at each other and group hug, while everyone cheers

Later they return home, Martin and Victor there and they scan sunset but she tells them what's happening to her, she tells them that it was a form of magic that manifested from her emotions for the safety of the people she can call family, the Spellman's look at her with smiles "That explains the red energy beam that came out of the chronosphere" martin says "It must've come from Equestria or something and responded to you" Victor adds, then Neil approaches her "Sunset, me and Gwen were thinking, how would you like to call us family for reals" Sunset, Lincoln, Luna and Leni holding Lily realize what he meant, Sunset starts to shed some tears "Mom? Dad?" she then hugs both of them, then the other kids join in on the group hug "Welcome to the family!" what they don't notice is the strange necklace that appears around sunset's neck

Martin and Victor watch the family hug it out "Today was unexpected" victor says "Indeed" martin says "so what happens now?" victor asks, martin looks to the sky "We wait" from a distance above a tree in the forest a cloaked figure holding a staff with a raven on it watches them "This is just the start for all of you" the figure speaks in a Scottish accent "Be prepared for battles to come, for the fate of the realms is at stake!" the figure morphs into a raven and flies off

To be continued….

And there's chapter one folks, another loud forgiven, a new family member, a new hero and new enemies! Will they return? What else will they be facing? Who was that mysterious raven shifting person? Find out next time on the next chapter! Leave a review and tell me what you think!