"Clockwork," the young man nodded regally towards the ghost upon entrance. "Why have you summoned me?"

Clockwork, also known as the Master of Time, looked upon his apprentice of many years. Danny Phantom has grown since he first became a ghost-hybrid, and in time, full ghost. The man, though he still looked like a young boy, had flaming white hair that tinged slightly blue. His skin still was as pale as ever. A jumpsuit comprised his outfit no longer. The moment that he was told of his coronation ceremony to become King of the Dead, Princess Dora and Ember gave him a makeover. Phantom now wore skin-tight, black leather pants, paired with both an emerald green silk shirt, and a black leather duster jacket. His logo shone brightly, created from an illustrious piece platinum. The pendant then hung from a long, thin chain of the same material. Finally, the crown of fire and ring of rage completed the look.

"Daniel, I have requested your presence, as it seems one of your equals has now come into power. He needs to learn of his duties and responsibilities, and what better way than have you teach him?"

Phantom raised his eyebrow in confusion, "Who?"

The Master of Time gave a knowing smirk. "The Master of Death, of course. Who better to teach him than the King of the Dead? That, and you will need to have a working relationship with him anyway. It'll just be easier for you to teach him now than to be upset with the amount of paperwork and backlog he would create while he still tries to figure everything out."

"… Fine."

I wonder if Death's Master even knows he is yet. Clockwork didn't specify how much I would need to teach him. However, as I have yet to hear of his existence, I'm guessing he is still attempting to work out how his new powers work…


Daniel Phantom, known to many as just "Danny," had to duck the moment he stepped out of the portal. Just my luck I appeared in the middle of a battlefield! Now. Where is he? He scanned the ruins around him, following the slight trail of power radiating from the new Master. Danny spotted the boy the moment he just finished offing someone. Considering that 'someone' looks like he tempted fate a few too many times, I'm alright with that.

As whispered started turning into shouts of joy for the winning side, Danny looked at his new charge, took him by the collar of his robe, and started dragging him off, saying "You're coming with me."