It was another peaceful day at Inuyasha and Kagome's house when Lincoln & his Pikachu had breakfast. "Pretty good, right Pikachu?" Lincoln asked. "Pikachu." Pikachu squeaked in agreement when Inuyasha & Kagome came into the dinning room. "Thanks for the food, Kagome. And for letting me spend the week here." Lincoln thanked. "You're welcome. Besides, today is the beginning of the first Royal Woods Pokémon Battle Tournament." Kagome reminded. "Yeah. Pikachu and I have been training for this." Lincoln said. "This is gonna be a competition with tough opponents. You sure you're up for it?" Inuyasha asked. "Don't worry. Pikachu, my other Pokémon have been training hard both before and after we defeated Drago." Lincoln answered. "You think Lincoln's even aware of the rules and the Rounds?" Shippo asked. "He's been aware of it for almost a month even after our vacation. He's now has new Pokémon and has been helping them and his first six practice before that time." Miroku answered. "Well, I think we should go and get him registered first. Wanna get the jump start on things." Sango suggested. "Thanks Sango. Come on, Pikachu. Let's get ready!" Lincoln said. "Pika! Pika!" Pikachu fist pumped as Inuyasha's group left the house.

A few moments later at the Royal Woods Stadium, Inuyasha's group arrived and went in. "Wow! Look at this place. It's packed." Kagome gasped seeing the main hall being filled with both participants & audience alike. "Guess the tournament was involved with the publicity." Shippo guessed while Lincoln got registered. "You know it makes me wonder. Who else is participating?" Sango asked when they saw the Rainbooms. "You're now looking at two of them." Rainbow Dash spoke pointed to herself & Sunset Shimmer. "Hey, Rainbooms!" Lincoln greeted hugging them. "Hey Lincoln. Are you ready for the tournament?" Sunset Shimmer asked. "Yep. My Pokémon and I have been training for almost a month. And now that I'm registered, we're ready." Lincoln nodded. "Don't count us out yet. Me and Sunset are gonna battle too." Rainbow Dash said. "The rest of us are gonna be here for support and cheer you guys on." Twilight Sparkle said. "And I just found a food & refreshments map! There's even some bake sales!" Pinkie Pie squealed in excitement. "Come down, Pinkie Pie. Save that for when the tournament actually starts." Miroku suggested calming her down. "Anyway, we're gonna watch Y'all do your best. I bet you'll be kickin' it out there." Applejack said. "I promised Nurse Joy that I'll be helping her with any participants' Pokémon in need, along with yours." Fluttershy mentioned. "Guess that's another reason you're here, Fluttershy. I bet you'll become a great faunist & naturalist, even with Pokémon." Miroku complimented. "Oh. I, um, thank you." Fluttershy thanked calmly. "And was hoping to get inspiration for my next wardrobe set. It's going to be stunning." Rarity planned. "Anyway, me & Sunset already registered too. So, watch out because I'm gonna get this in the bag!" Rainbow Dash begged. "Try to at least give Lincoln and the other competitors respect and some support, Rainbow Dash." Sunset Shimmer advised. "Don't worry. We and our Pokémon are gonna give it are all!" Rainbow Dash fist pumped. "We'll see you guys later at the stands." Applejack told as the Rainbooms left.

"Looks like Lincoln's got some competition." Shippo noticed. "It's okay. We'll just do our best and I'll be helping my Pokémon in every battle, win or lose." Lincoln said. "Now, that's good sportsmanship." Miroku said when Lincoln's gang of friends came. "Hey Lincoln." Zach spoke as they greeted Lincoln. "What's up, man? Are you ready to knock 'em dead?" Rusty asked. "Now hold up, Rusty. Stella & Girl Jordan were just registerin' for this here tournament. So, don't count them out yet." Liam told. "It's okay, Liam. Are you ready for this, Lincoln? This is gonna be a great competition." Stella asked. "And me and Stella have been training our Pokémon as much as you must have been." Girl Jordan added. "Yep. I'm guess you're ready too. Anyone else we know being in the tournament?" Lincoln asked back. "And why do I get the feeling Lincoln might know them like you do?" Inuyasha added. "Well, we noticed that Mollie & Chandler are entering too." Clyde mentioned. "Chandler and Mollie?" Lincoln asked. "Yeah. Chandler said he won't go easy on you just because you're now friends and he said hey." Stella explained. "And Mollie still itchin' to compete with you for another record. So, in case her team is strong, stay on your toes." Liam advised. "Got it. Thanks." Lincoln thanked. "Come on, we'll get you to the stadium before it starts." Girl Jordan volunteered helping Stella guide Lincoln to the stadium field. "See the rest of you guys when it starts. You, ready, Pikachu?" Lincoln asked. "Pika! Pika!" Pikachu nodded in confidence as they head to the stadium.

A few moments later, Inuyasha's group, most of the Rainbooms & most of Lincoln's gang were sitting down at the stands. "Welcome everyone to Royal Woods Stadium for the first official Pokémon Battle Tournament. Each competitor will be participating in each of the four rounds: single battles in Round 1, three-on-three in Round 2 & Rounds 3 & 4 will be full battles. The participate who successfully gets passed all these rounds, including the closing Round 4, will be awarded with the Royal Woods 1st place Pokémon Battle Tournament trophy. Now, best of luck to you and your Pokémon!" The announcer declared causing the audience to cheer. "Man, this is gonna be a lot of battles for Lincoln." Shippo noticed. "No, duh. Why else would it be a competition?" Pinkie Pie asked with handing bags of popcorn while eating cotton candy. "Try to save some candy for the rest of us, Pinkie. And try not to get a sugar rush." Applejack warned. "Looks like Lincoln's going to go against a girl named Margo Roberts." Fluttershy mentioned. "Hey, I remember her and Lynn being on the same team and classes at Royal Wood Middle School." Kagome remembered. "I've also met her before. If Margo is gonna be a great opponent in Round 1, Lincoln has to make a creative strategy." Miroku added. "I'm sure there is nothing to worry about darlings. Lincoln practiced very hard for this. Let's give him some support." Rarity said. "And the same for Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash when it's their turn. Speaking of Lincoln, it's his turn right now." Twilight Sparkle told when Lincoln and Margo both came to the battle field.

At the Battlefield

"To start off the first round of the tournament will be between Lincoln Loud and Margo Roberts. Both trainers will select one Pokémon each and only one side will advance to the next battle. Begin!" The announcer instructed. "What's up, Lincoln? I hope you're ready. I won't go easy on you 'cause you're Lynn's brother. Go Hitmontop!" Margo spoke releasing a Hitmontop from its Pokéball. "Hitmontop!" Hitmontop spoke ready to fight. "Didn't expect you to, Margo. Are you ready, Pikachu?" Lincoln asked. "Pikachu!" Pikachu agreed going into the battle. "We'll take first shot. Hitmontop, start with Rolling Kick!" Margo started off as Hitmontop began spinning towards Pikachu. "Pikachu, use Quick Attack!" Lincoln commanded with Pikachu using Quick Attack to dodge and strike. "Hitmontop, use Rapid Spin!" Margo called out with Hitmontop ramming Pikachu with Rapid Spin. "Hang in there, Pikachu. Use Thunderbolt!" Lincoln commanded. "Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted unleashing its Thunderbolt. "Dodge and use Triple Kick!" Margo shouted as Hitmontop dodged the Thunderbolt and hit Pikachu with Triple Kick. "Guess Margo helped her Hitmontop with soccer practicing. Don't give up, Pikachu! Just wait for my signal!" Lincoln told. "That won't help. Hitmontop, Rolling Kick!" Margo shouted as Hitmontop was about to hit Pikachu again while it got closer. "Now Pikachu! Iron Tail!" Lincoln signaled. "Chu! Pika!" Pikachu yelled hitting Hitmontop with Iron Tail which caused it to lose balance. "Hitmontop! Use Triple Kick!" Margo responded with Hitmontop about to use Triple Kick. "Now try an Electro Ball!" Lincoln continued with Pikachu sending an Electro Ball which hit Hitmontop and pushed it back. "Now use Thunderbolt!" Lincoln commanded. "Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted zapping Hitmontop with Thunderbolt and knocked it out. "Hitmontop, no!" Margo cried in worry. "Hitmontop is unable to battle. Pikachu wins. So the winner is Lincoln Loud!" The referee declared as the audience cheered. "Awesome job, Pikachu!" Lincoln responded hugging Pikachu. "An impressive start! Lincoln has triumphed over Margo and will be moving on to his next battle." The announcer said. "He did it! Lincoln won his first battle in Round 1!" Kagome spoke. "Heh. Told you he would. He trained for it." Inuyasha said. "Such a strategic thinking example. It would appear Lincoln just waited for the right moment to strike." Miroku explained. "So, he took advantage of Hitmontop's balance for its kicking attacks. Fascinating." Twilight Sparkle translated. "Woohoo!" Lincoln won!" Pinkie Pie cheered. "Easy Pinkie Pie. It's only the first battle of Round 1." Sango told. "I told her to calm down and not get a sugar rush." Applejack murmured. "Sweet! I can't believe Lincoln won the first match." Clyde said. "Oh my. I was a little worried for a second there." Fluttershy observed. "Well, since the darling won, let's move on to cheering for Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer." Rarity reminded.

"Hitmontop, return. You were awesome." Margo accepted happily while calling back Hitmontop and approached Lincoln. "You did great out there, Margo. You and you're Hitmontop's spinning and kicking." Lincoln complemented. "Thanks, Linc & congrats. You were amazing too." Margo accepted shaking Lincoln's hand. "Right. So, after Sunset Shimmer & Rainbow Dash finish their battles, we give it our all for any other match." Lincoln said. "Pikachu!" Pikachu squeaked as Round 1 and the tournament were just beginning.