This story is a bit of a spinoff to my other story, Origins of E.V.I.L., the next few chapters of this story will show how Cree Lincoln, member of the Teen Ninjas and high ranking member of E.V.I.L., met a girl who was very skilled and had similar skin color to Cree, her name was Enid. It will also show how and why Enid gives in to the dark side, joins E.V.I.L., but most importantly, how she and Cree fall in love and become a powerful duo of gassy villainesses. Finally some chapters will show some of the heists, schemes, and even dates that they go on.

WARNING: A bit of a warning is on order, this story also contains fetish material. If you don't like these kinds of stories and/or are grossed out by it, do not read this at all for your own safety. If you ARE interested in these kinds of stories then feel free to read.

Anyways, stay tuned for the next chapters of "The Bootyful Assassins"