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But before Jesse could begin with that part of the story, he was then interrupted by Sarah with a question that had suddenly occurred to her.

"Wait a minute. If the thought of you almost drinking Ethan's blood back then was such a horrid thing for you to do, then... Why did you do it just last week at the dance then, huh?! If it was such a big taboo thing for you to do, then why choose him just to get to me?! You could've just as easily picked Benny to be the one to use against me and to put me in that situation!" interrogated Sarah heatedly to her ex. Doubting that he really does care about Ethan, the way he says he does.

"Hey!" exclaimed Benny offensively to Sarah's comment. Well, the last part of it, anyway. Not that he thought it was better for Ethan to be the one to wind up being bitten and almost turned into a vampire, rather than himself! Because he didn't! He just wished that nobody would have wound up in that position, to begin with, was all. He hated seeing his best friend being put in that horrible position. He was just glad, though, that everything wound up turning out for the best in the end, thanks to Sarah.

Jesse sighed tiredly, as once again he had to defend his more recent past actions to them. "As I said many times before. I did what I did before I had ever realized that Ethan was my little brother, who I had accidentally forgotten about over the years. Until now, that is." he said in slight annoyance at having to repeat himself about that little detail all the time, it seems. "Besides, I only picked Ethan to use against you at the dance because I knew you cared more about him than you did the magic dork, over there." he said smugly with a smirk, as he pointed over in Benny's direction.

"Hey!" exclaimed Benny once again, but this time it was at Jesse's sly remark towards him. Normally, he didn't mind it wind others called him a dork or any other related term to the word, (mainly his friends) but coming from the vampire who's always up to something evil was a different thing entirely.

Jesse secretly found satisfaction at Benny's offensive reaction to his remark, but said nothing of it. Instead, he said something else to say on the matter about what happened at the dance that needed clarifying, as well. "By the way, I didn't drink any of Ethan's blood that night. I only bit him with the intent to inject my venom into his bloodstream and that's all, Sarah. So, get your facts straight next time, sweetheart." corrected Jesse a bit rudely to her. He then flashed her a cocky smirk along with a flirty wink, which just made Sarah cringe in disgust at the flirtatious action.

"But I was able to get a taste of his blood from the small lingering amount that was left in my mouth after the bite had occurred, however. Along with a good whiff of it, as well. Which led me to recall all those forgotten memories of the past. Including, my promise to Ethan. Although, not right away, that is. Smelling his blood again had sparked something familiar within me that night. So, after my hasty exit from the school, I took some time to reflect on this strange familiar feeling of mine for a while. Until I was finally able to remember where exactly I had smelled his blood's scent at, before. Which was the night that I had lost it and killed Bill which lead to me parting ways from my little brother. That's when it all came back to me, but before I could be certain that he was indeed the same Ethan as my little brother, I had to look into it further to be sure. So, I did. It took some time but before long I was able to piece it all together to learn that he indeed was the same Ethan. The little brother I had to temporarily part ways with, all those years ago." elaborated Jesse then, as he explained what it was that had sparked his memory about Ethan and the promise of return he had made to him, as well.

"I won't lie, but before those memories came flooding back to me. I...reveled in the wondrous taste of Ethan's blood for a bit, after I had left you all at the school. It was the best thing ever until I learned who Ethan really was. Then I felt disgusted with myself and shameful for taking joy in the small taste I got of his heavenly blood." confessed Jesse regrettably, as he looked sullenly. He then looked back up but at Ethan this time with an apologetic look on his face. "Honestly, if I had known who you were much sooner than that, then...I would never of bit you then and took so much joy in it afterward, either, little brother." he said to Ethan.

Ethan smiled back at him forgivingly. "I know, big brother." he said to Jesse earnestly.

This made Jesse thankful to have such a forgiving and loving little brother, like Ethan. After that, Jesse went back to telling them what all had happened next after savagely defending his little brother from their abusive foster father, Bill.

Once Rebecca had finally arrived, I had begun to feel somewhat more better about the situation I was in.

Jesse rolled his eyes at her comment, but he did feel slightly better, though, since she was here to help.

"So, what exactly all happened here, anyway?" wondered Rebecca curiously, as she looked down at the dead body on the floor, again.

Jesse then went into the details about what all had happened earlier that had led up to there being a glamoured child and a dead body on the floor.

After explaining everything to her about what all had happened, she was surprisingly pretty understanding about it all. She didn't judge me or scold me for what I had done. Instead, she felt sorry for me and hugged me. Telling me that it wasn't my fault and that I was just trying to protect my little brother from an abusive situation. And that I shouldn't feel guilty about wanting to protect my brother from the abusive monster we live with, either.

Hearing her kind words to me had brought comfort to me and I didn't feel as guilty about what I had done as much, either.

Jesse looked at her and smiled in gratitude at what she had said to him. Feeling ten times better about accidentally taking someone's life. Although, he still did feel guilty about what he almost did to his little brother, though, after taking Bill's life. That part he would never forgive himself for.

Rebecca returned the smile. "Now, how can I help?" she asked the young vampire sweetly.

I then proceeded to tell her what my plan was, which was to make everyone who knew me, forget. As well, as getting rid of evidence that I lived there.

At first, Rebecca thought it was a crazy idea in trying to pull off, but she was still willing to help. So, we then quickly started to remove every belonging I own in the house, out. It didn't take long to do thanks to our vampire speed. Also, since Bill was a stingy and greedy man, I hardly even own anything, to begin with. Except for some clothes, hygiene products, a few other little items. Other than that, I really didn't have much to my name while living there. And any money I did happen to earn, I mostly spent it on Ethan because I'd much rather spoil him than myself with gifts.

Anyway, once everything was packed up we moved it out and to Rebecca's mansion. Again. Thanks to our vampire speed and super strength, it didn't take long for us to complete the task. In fact, it only probably took us like...10 minutes to do, tops.

Jesse and Rebecca speeding around the house with their vampire speed, gathering up everything that belonged to Jesse.


Them making trips back and forth between Bill's house and Rebecca's mansion, carrying bags and suitcases. Using their vampire speed to speed there and back in a hurry without hardly being seen, while going in and out Bill's backdoor.

After everything of mine was moved out, we proceeded to the next part of the plan. To rid the house of any fingerprints and DNA that could be traced back to me.

"Ok, Jesse. Now, that we've removed everything that belongs to you in this house. What's next?" asked Rebecca patiently.

"Next, we need to get rid of my fingerprints and DNA that's left in the house." answered Jesse.

Rebecca's eyes went wide in disbelief. "And how do you suppose we do that?! I mean...your prints and DNA are probably all over this house!" exclaimed/wondered Rebecca incredulously while gesturing around the room at nothing in particular, as if to emphasize her point. "We can't just clean an entire house of fingerprints and DNA from top to bottom, Jesse! That's insane! Even with our vampire speed, we're bound to miss something that the police might be able to find later on!" she stated drastically.

"I know that, Rebecca!" snapped Jesse heatedly, before his expression then softened a little. "Which why I think burning the house down is our only option here to remove my prints and DNA from the house. If can't clean the house to rid them completely then we'll burn them away in one fell swoop!" he then explained to her.

Rebecca's eyes went wide at first, but a dastardly looking smirk then spread across her face at Jesse's plan to remove any hidden traces of his DNA and fingerprints. But then something occurred to her, right after a certain exquisite aroma had hit her nose. She turned her in the direction that the smell had came from to see that it was coming from the little boy just standing there like a statue in the room. Jesse's little brother, Ethan. She noticed the small drying trickle of blood on his forehead. The smell of his blood was alluring to her, but thanks to her many years of being a vampire it didn't bother all that much and she was able to easily resist the temptation of it, too. But as for her pupil, Jesse...

"It must be taking every last bit of willpower he has left in him to avoid going after his little brother's blood, right now. Staying busy in trying to cover everything up must be helping him, too. By acting as a distraction to keep his mind off how delicious and intoxicating the young boy's blood smell to him and how he just wants to consume every last drop of it, too." thought Rebecca conclusively, as she stood there looking at the small child in the room with a frown. "Poor Jesse. This whole thing must be killing him inside." she then thought to herself sympathetically, as she remembered what all Jesse had told her after her arrival. Which was how he almost fed off his little brother because he had gotten so caught up in his need for blood that he lost control of himself momentarily. And the part of his plan where he had to glamour him into forgetting all him because he knew how hard it would be on Ethan to leave his big brother's side.

Rebecca understands Jesse's reason for doing it and to be honest...she didn't blame him. In fact, she thought he had made the right decision in parting ways with his little brother for now. She agreed that having Ethan around while Jesse was still trying to conjure his bloodlust issues wasn't a very good idea, as the alluring scent of Ethan's blood type would only hinder Jesse's progress. Rebecca felt bad for the siblings, knowing everything they been through in life. But sometimes that just how it is...life isn't always fair. More so with some people than others. And unfortunately for these two, they were among the others where life was rarely ever fair to them for long. It broke her heart just thinking about it.

"What about your little brother? We can't just leave him here, inside the house while it's burning." pointed out Rebecca curiously.

"I know that." replied Jesse. "We're first going to make sure that he's a safe distance away from the house before we set fire to it. I'm thinking the sidewalk out front should be a safe enough distance from the heat and flames once the house is engulfed. Until the emergency vehicles finally arrive, at least." he then explained/suggested to her.

Rebecca gave this some thought before agreeing with him. "Hmm...your right. Bill's house does have a somewhat big front yard, which means it sits a good distance away from the street, too. So, the flames and heat probably won't be as bad if he's near the street." pondered Rebecca thoughtfully, as she thought it over. "Alright, sounds good to me! Let's do it!" she agreed then, a bit eagerly with a supportive and cheery smile on her face.

We immediately got to work on setting the house on fire by grabbing the gasoline can out of the garage and dousing the place all over with gas. Before lighting it on fire, I used my vampire speed to quickly take Ethan outside to someplace safe in the yard for now. I had still needed to activate the orders I had placed upon his mind with a snap of my fingers, but I thought would be best to wait in triggering them into taking effect until the last minute. Once I hear the emergency vehicles approaching, that is. I didn't want to activate it too soon and risk him seeing the house on fire and trying to run back inside for whatever reason. So, for now, he was better off remaining in his trance-like state of mind.

I had also grabbed his favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Stuffles, before speeding him off outside at a safe distance away from the house in the shadows, somewhere. Because I knew that out of all his toys that he would more upset about losing Mr. Stuffles than the rest of his toys.

Once Ethan was a safe distance away, we then set fire to the poured out gasoline inside the house. It didn't take long for the place to go up in flames, but thankfully Rebecca and I were able to get out of there in time due to our speed as vampires. We quickly raced to where I had hidden Ethan at, outside and waited for the firetrucks and other emergency vehicles to arrive. We didn't call them, though. Instead, Rebecca thought it would be best to let one of the neighbors or some bystander passing by to notice the fire and then call 911. That way the house would have plenty of time to be engulfed by the flames before the firefighters arrived to put it out. Thus, destroying every last fingerprint and DNA sample of my mine left behind in the house.

Rebecca and Jesse stood at a safe distance away from the house (along with a glamoured Ethan by their side, as well, holding his favorite stuffed animal), as they watched it burned to the ground.


Not long after, they heard the sound of sirens coming, off in the distance somewhere, as they grew ever more louder as they neared. Meaning, that the firefighters were almost there.

Once we heard the sirens of the fire trucks off in the distance, we knew that they were almost here. So, I quickly took Ethan and swiftly rushed him over to the sidewalk and left him there. No one saw me because I had used my vampire speed to do it. So, all they would've probably seen was just a blur, and then Ethan suddenly standing there alone. But I highly doubt anyone even saw that, since it was dark out.

Jesse then picked up his little brother gently and raced him over to the sidewalk at blinding speed. Then he put Ethan down and ran back to where his and Rebecca's hiding spot was in the shadows. Of course, the entire time he did this, Ethan never flinched or reacted. He just remained emotionless and unresponsive while still in his trance-like state. Unless he was otherwise ordered to do something by the one who had placed him in the trance, to begin with.

After dropping Ethan off on the sidewalk, the two vampires didn't feel comfortable just leaving him there. So, they stayed and watched until the fire trucks pulled up and someone had approached him. That's when Jesse gave the signal to release Ethan's mind from the trance-like state he was in and for his previous orders to take effect immediately, by snapping his fingers.

Even though nobody else heard the sound of fingers snapping, Ethan's little ears sure did. As if his tranced mind knew that the subtle sound that no else seemed to of heard, had come from his master's fingertips. Ethan's zoned out expression then instantly became one of confusion as he snapped out of his trance finally. He blinked a couple of times while looking around slightly feeling a bit disoriented about everything. The little boy didn't understand what was going on around him, as the firefighter who had approached him kept asking him questions to see if he was alright or needed any medical attention. A few minutes later, that's when he noticed the burning house that he recognized as his home. Little Ethan's eyes grew wide in shock at what he saw, but then he looked down as he realized that he was holding something in his hand. It was his favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Stuffles.

Ethan might not understand why his foster home was on fire or how he even got outside on the sidewalk, to begin with, but what he did know was that he was glad to have Mr. Stuffles with him, though. Although, he might be very confused at the moment, having Mr. Stuffles with him brought him comfort as he hugged the stuffed animal close to him. For some strange reason, though, Ethan couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. Something...that was really important and that had meant a lot to him, but he just couldn't quite figure what, though.

Not long after, more emergency vehicles showed up as the firefighter tried their best to put out the flames. A police officer then took over caring for Ethan, so that the firefighter who was tending to him and keeping an eye on him could go join the rest of his crew in containing the blaze that was once Bill Marlow's home. The kind police officer then escorted Ethan over to an ambulance to get checked out real quick for any injuries. While Ethan was getting checked out by the paramedics he continued to hold his stuffed animal close to him for comfort and security.

After activating the glamour, we stayed behind for a bit longer. I wanted to make sure that Ethan was going to be alright even after all the emergency vehicles had arrived. It pained me just to leave him like that, but I had to. We also waited because I knew that the police would eventually get in contact with our CAS worker, Nancy Wickers, once they learn that Ethan's a foster child of the person who lived there. She was one of the people who we needed to forget about knowing who I am. She was also the only way for my case file in the foster system to be deleted and for Ethan's to be altered, as well. So, that it would appear that Ethan was an only child.

Hidden in the shadows, Jesse and Rebecca watched as the paramedics tended to Ethan while under the watchful eye of one of the police officers.

After Ethan was checked out, the police officer questioned him to see if the young child could give him any answers as to how he wound up standing outside alone and why the house was on fire. But of course, all little Ethan could say was that he doesn't know. After not getting any answers from the 3-year-old, the police officer took Ethan to his car until they could figure out what to do with him. While sitting in the officer's car, Ethan hugged his teddy close to him as he watched the firefighters battle the fire.

When the officer returned a short while later to see if he had remembered anything, Ethan told the officer that he lived there with his foster dad. When asked where his foster dad was, Ethan just simply shrugged and shook his head.

Eventually, the fire was almost put out as another car then pulled up the scene. Exiting the car was Mrs. Wickers, who had been called in by one of the police officers on the scene after learning that Ethan was a foster child. But because of all the emergency vehicles lining up and down the street, Mrs. Wickers had to park a little ways down from Bill's house.

Jesse heard her, though, when she had pulled up and gave Rebecca a light nudge in her side while gesturing over in the CAS worker's direction as she got out of the car, to indicate that was her. The CAS worker that he told her about who's in charge of his and Ethan's case.

Since she had parked a little down away from all the excitement, there weren't a lot of people standing around her or even looking in her direction, as all eyes were on the house fire. That's when Rebecca made her move and quickly zipped on over to the CAS worker.

I had Rebecca do the glamouring on our CAS worker since Mrs. Wickers was a full-grown adult. I knew that if I tried to do it that it wouldn't hold up or just not work due to me still being a novice in the glamouring department. Which was one of the main reasons why I had called her for help, to begin with. She was the only vampire I knew that could properly glamour someone. Heck! I think she had even mastered it by then because I remember one time her telling me that vampires who've managed to master glamouring are capable of even glamouring their own kind, as well. When I had asked her if she could, she simply smirked at me and replied, "What do you think?". That's when I figured she most likely could, then. Especially, after I saw the mischievous twinkle in her eyes when she said it. No doubt in my mind that Rebecca Vaile could glamour other vampires with ease if she wanted to. I mean...she was ancient and all.

Rebecca zoomed right on up behind the unsuspecting CAS worker and tapped her on the shoulder. The moment that Mrs. Wickers turned around to face her, Rebecca instantly glamoured her. Placing the lady under her control, now.

"You will forget all about there being another child living at Bill Marlow's address. In fact, there is only one boy who was under Bill's care and his name is Ethan Black. The little boy who the police called you about. And as far as you and your office's files know, Ethan is an only child. Understand?" commanded Rebecca calmly to the glamoured CAS worker.

Mrs. Wickers simply nodded a 'yes' while staring mesmerizingly into the vampire's enticing glowing blue eyes.

"Good. Now, after your work here is done for the night and you figure out what to do with the boy, you'll return to the office in the morning, as you always do. Then I want you to log in to the CAS's computer system and change Ethan's file to show that he has no siblings that you know of and then print off a copy of it to replace with the one you keep on paper file. But be sure to destroy the old one after the swap is made, as well. I also want you to delete all files that you have on a 17-year-old teenager named Jesse Black, along with destroying any paper files you may have on him, as well. Got it?" ordered Rebecca calmly to Mrs. Wickers.

"Yes." was Mrs. Wickers monotone reply, as she nodded along with her answer with a blank facial expression.

"And be discrete about it, too. I don't want you getting caught in the process and ruining everything, either. You got that?" added Rebecca a bit sternly, too. She gave the CAS employee a warning glare to show that she means business.

Mrs. Wickers only nodded.

"Good." replied Rebecca satisfyingly with a sinisterly pleased smile on her face. "Now, you know what to do! So, get to it!" she ordered demandingly, before ending the trance and speeding off back to the shadows where Jesse awaited her.

Now, free from the trance she was under. Mrs. Wickers shook her head a little and blinked a few times. Not sure what just happened to her, but she then quickly blew it off and set to work.

"Do you think it worked?" asked Jesse to his mentor.

Rebecca simply smiled wickedly with pride. "Oh, I know it did. My glamours never fail to work." she stated cockily, as they watched the CAS worker continue her walk down the street towards where all the emergency vehicles were at.

And she was right, too. As I'm sure Ethan already knows since he's recently seen his adoption papers.

After that, we stuck around. Listening and watching closely as to what will happen with Ethan for the night. Since it was a bit late out and the CAS building was closed for the night, meaning Mrs. Wickers wasn't able to get to her office to use her computer to look up any other suitable foster homes for him. She made a quick call to the local orphanage to see if they had any more room to take another child in. Which they did. So, that's where she took him for the night.

Rebecca and Jesse carefully watched as Mrs. Wickers did her job. First, Mrs. Wickers talked with the officer in charge of the scene. Then she walked back to her car to retrieve her cell phone to make a quick phone call. After that, the CAS worker then walked back over to the scene and spoke with the same officer as before.

The vampires hiding safely in the shadows and out of sight, watched as she escorted little Ethan from the police car he was in, to her car. Probably, telling the young child the plan and where he was going to for the night as best as she could without upsetting the child, as they walked back to her car. Although, Ethan never really said a thing back to her, as all he did was just hold Mr. Stuffles close to him in silence. Only nodding or shaking his head when asked a question.

There was a pang of guilt and regret in Jesse's chest as he watched his little brother enter the car. He hated having to do this to him, but he had no other choice. It took everything in the young vampire not to just go after them and undo the glamour he placed on Ethan's mind. But he didn't because he knew it was for the best, for the time being. And that he was doing the right thing by letting him go, for now. Their separation was only temporary, after all. So, this wasn't goodbye forever. Only...goodbye for now because he'll see him again in a year or two (he hoped), once he's mastered his impulsive vampire instincts. Mainly...his bloodlust. Then they can reunite together, again, and be the brothers that they've always been.

"This isn't goodbye forever, little brother. I promise...I will return for you. No matter what because we're brothers and nothing will ever break that special bond we share as brothers, too. I swear it, baby brother." stated/promised Jesse determinedly and devotedly to Ethan, as he longingly watched the car drive off into the distance. Even though Ethan couldn't really hear him and it was more like a promise to himself, though. But Jesse meant every word of it, though. He would come back for him someday because even distance couldn't take away the fact that they will always be brothers. Regardless, of where they're at in the world or even if one of them doesn't remember because there's just no way to change that fact in life. No matter what you say because they still share the same related DNA.

Rebecca then placed a comforting hand on Jesse's shoulder. "Come on. We're still not finished yet, for the night. There's still work to be done." she said gently to him with a hint of support behind her tone, also. Knowing that her student would pick up on it. Which Jesse did, as he smiled softly back at her.

Jesse knew she was right. There was still one more thing to be done before this was over with. Which was wiping everyone else's mind in town who happens to know him. It hurt to be temporarily giving up his little brother like this, but somehow he knew that...he'd be just fine without him, for now. And that aching hole he feels in his heart will soon subside, as time goes on. Ever inching closer to the day of when they can finally be together, again.

With that, the two vampires silently took off into the night to start the final phase of their plan.

I honestly hated having to leave him. Hell! It took everything in me just not to go and snatch him, and remove the glamour I placed over his memories! But I knew that I couldn't do that and that I had to accept it, for now. The only that brought me the slightest bit of comfort about it all was knowing that it was only temporary. So, I persevered through the big empty space in my heart of not being able to have my little brother around anymore for a long time.

After that, Rebecca and I went back to her place for the final step in the plan, so that I may get away with murder, scot-free. Which was to cast a spell that would cause anyone who knew me to forget that they did. And if you're wondering how that's possible for two vampires to cast a spell without being spellcasters, then it's simple. As the magic dork there probably already knows, not all spells need magic to be used. Some can be cast without the aid of needing magic for them to work and the spell we were about to do was one of them. All you simply have to do is create a potion with the right ingredients and then say a few "magic" words over it, is all. Although, there's not really any magic going into it. The words are more of an...activation kind of thing if anything.

These magicless spells are like a way for beginner magic users to start out with since they don't necessarily require the caster to use any magical energy. Perfect for those who are just starting out with their magic ability, but have yet built up enough magical energy in their bodies to move on to the next level of spell casting. A spellcaster's amount of magic already in them can grow over time as they age. But from birth, there can be some who are already born with a higher concentration of magic in them, making them a born prodigy, in other words, to where they hardly need to put as much effort into learning and perfecting spell casting all that much. While in others who are born with magic in their blood, are born at a more lower level and must put in a bit more hard work and effort into their skills to become an all-powerful magic-user.

I mean...not everyone is as lucky as dear Benny-boy here, to be born with quite a bit of magical energy already in their body. Although...to be fair, you didn't start learning magic until you were a teenager. So, naturally, by then your magic has had plenty enough time to build up over the years until now. Also, it doesn't help that you tend to get in your own way of becoming a...more decent (maybe even powerful) spellcaster than you already are, someday. BUT the potential is there...I suppose.

Anyway, as we were preparing to gather the necessary ingredients, I couldn't shake this one nagging question that kept plaguing my mind since the incident at Bill's.

Rebecca and Jesse were back at the mansion, as they prepared a potion-like spell that would wipe everyone in town who knew Jesse. But as they were doing this, Jesse couldn't stop thinking about what he had almost done to his little brother Ethan after catching the scent of his blood. It all was so...confusing to the young vampire on why on earth he would ever do such a thing. He thought he had a better grip on his bloodlust control. Didn't he? But he's never smelled anything quite like Ethan's blood before, though. Something about it was special that made vampires crave it even more than normal blood would. At least, for the more younger and inexperienced vampires, such as himself, that is. Maybe he didn't have as good of control over his bloodlust impulse, as he thought he did? Whatever the case was, it still bothered Jesse to no end at what might've happened if he hadn't stopped himself in time. No way was he about to let it ever happen again!

Rebecca noticed just how deep in thought Jesse was. So, she took a break from going over the spellbook that she was reading that contained the spell that they needed in it. They hadn't started the potion just yet, as she wanted to be sure first that they had everything that they needed and that the spell was the correct one. It had been a while since she last used it, anyway. So, of course, she needs time to prepare before getting right to it. She was a somewhat cautious person, after all.

"Jesse, is something the matter? You seem...distracted." asked Rebecca concernedly.

"Wha-! Uh...no, I-I'm fine. It's nothing really." replied Jesse assuredly, snapping out of it and waving the whole thing off.

But his mentor wasn't buying it, as she gave him this stern but slightly soft understanding look. "Jesse...I'm your mentor. You can tell me anything, you know? And right now, it's clear to me that there's something on your mind that's been bothering this entire time. So, what is it?" she said to him firmly but supportively, as she placed a hand on his shoulder.

Jesse looked up at her and then sighed. Deciding that he might as well tell her. Besides, maybe she could shed some light on just why it is Ethan's blood made him react the way he did just a few hours ago. So, he told her.

I figured that maybe she would have the answer to my question since she's been around a lot longer than I have. Turns out, I was right. She did know why I had wound up losing control over myself back at Bill's place once I got a whiff of Ethan's blood.

"I see..." pondered Rebecca curiously, as she already had some idea as to why Jesse had reacted the way he did after smelling Ethan's blood. "Tell me. You wouldn't happen to know Ethan's blood type by chance, would you?" she then asked her pupil.

Jesse nodded. "It's H-deficient. The only reason why I remember it is because our mom had told me that and that it was one of the more rare blood types, too." he answered.

"I knew it!" replied Rebecca, after hearing his answer to her. This made Jesse look at her in confusion then. Rebecca simply giggled amusingly at his reaction to her. "H-deficient blood is indeed a rare blood type. In fact, it's probably the rarest blood types of them all! And it also happens to be the most coveted and well sought after blood type amongst us vampires, as well." she explained.

Jesse looked at her in shock. "It is?" he said mystifyingly to her in awe.

Rebecca nodded. "Yes! You see, my young vampire. H-deficient blood has no impurities in it like other blood types do. In fact, many consider it the perfect blood because of that little fact alone. But it's also extremely rare to have, as well. Not very many people in the world are born with it. And because of it's perfection, the smell and taste of it to us vampires is like...ambrosia to us. Much how like honey is to a bear or nectar to a bee. It's irresistible and you can't help BUT to want it. And because of it's rarity and allure, H-deficient blood can be sold at a mighty high price, too. If one was to ever happen to get their hands on some, that is. I believe...it can be sold for...about a million dollars, if not more on the market, that is. It can take a lot of will power for a newb, such as yourself, to be able to stay in control of one's self properly when around it. I'm actually pretty impressed that you were able to snap out of it in time and come back to your senses like you did. You got lucky." explained Rebecca.

Jesse was shocked, to say the least, at just how much H-deficient blood sells for on the vampire market. But even so, he would never consider profiting off his little brother's blood, like that. Even if they were broke and living on the streets. He would never use his darling baby brother as some...cash cow, like their foster father, did!

"How come it didn't bother you? I know you must've smelt it once you entered the house." wondered Jesse curiously.

"Simple. Age. I'm a much older vampire than you are. So, I've had a lot of time to deal with the effects of bloodlust than you have, my dear boy. Even if I happen to be around H-deficient blood. I've already mastered my bloodlust control, whereas you...you still have a ways to go before you finally do, I'm afraid. But I suppose now, after what you just told me about your brother's blood type, I'm going to have to train you on how to resist the alluring scent of H-deficient blood much better than you already can now. Especially, if you hope to ever see Ethan again and to be around him without losing control, come the next time he should wind up bleeding while in your presence." replied Rebecca with honesty and sincerity in her voice.

Jesse looked down with a bit of disappointment on his face, knowing how weak he is as a vampire and just how much work he has ahead of him before being able to ever face Ethan again with his rare and tempting blood type. "I know." sighed Jesse sadly. "But how did you know what Ethan's blood type was, though? I never told you that before now." he then asked her, now that he thought about it.

Rebecca simply tapped her nose lightly a couple of times with a smile. "I smelt it the moment I walked into the house along with Bill's blood, too. But both scents were mixing together on me from that distance. I really couldn't tell who's blood scent was who's until I entered the living room where the two mingling scents were coming from. Once I did, I could instantly tell who's blood scent belonged to who, then. When I had followed the direction that the more appealing scent was coming from, I saw your little brother standing there with a small bit of blood leaking out from the small cut on his forehead. That's when I realized that his blood must've been the H-deficient blood type." she then elaborated a bit cockily with a smug smile.

"Now, then! Enough with the chatter! We need to get this brew done before we cast the spell!" demanded Rebecca firmly in a serious and focused manner. Ready to get back to work with what they were doing. After all, there was no time to waste here. They have to get this finished now before anyone happened to come forward claiming that another child was living in the home along with Ethan and would identify the other child as being Jesse Black (aka, Ethan's older brother) to the police, too!

"Alright! Alright! I'm getting back to work now! Sheesh! Don't get your fangs in a twist." replied Jesse lazily and halfheartedly, as he waved her off casually in slight annoyance.

Rebecca just rolled her eyes at her teenage pupil's attitude before looking back over everything that they have managed to gather for the spell. "Alright, I believe we have everything here that we need. So, let's begin!" she then said afterward, eager to get started.

So, we did. Of course, like you, I was curious as to how this would work since neither one of us possessed any magic abilities of our own. And naturally, like the good mentor she was, she explained it to me while we made the potion part of the spell.

Eventually, it was time for the final steps of the spell. Which was to first, add in some of my blood. That way, the spell would know who is suppose to be forgotten.

Jesse held a hand over the bubbling pot that contained the potion. He then took a large knife with his other hand and sliced into the palm of his hand that was over the pot. He squeezed the bleeding hand into a fist to get the blood to come out better, as he allowed the crimson liquid to run down his hand and drip into the pot a few times. Once he thought there was enough of it in the potion, Jesse removed his hand from over the pot and wiped it clean with a rag. Once the wound was wiped clean, there was no visible evidence of there ever being a deep cut there, as he had healed the wound already with his quick vampire healing ability.

Next, I had to write a list of names of all the people who knew me, that I wanted to forget. So, that way the spell would know whose memories to erase me from.

Jesse carefully wrote out all the names of people that he knew and who knew him, as well, on a piece of paper. Although, he left off two names on that list, which was his little brother's and Mrs. Wickers'. Mainly, because their memory wipe of him has already been taken care of. He knew that Mrs. Wickers's memory wipe would stick for however long they wanted it to since Rebecca was the one who glamoured her into forgetting. Which was fine with him. But as for his little brother, he didn't want the spell to affect him because whoever the spell effects will lose their memory of him permanently. And Jesse didn't want Ethan to forget all about him permanently! Only just temporarily, until he's able to reunite with Ethan once again! So, that name was most DEFINITELY not going on the list of people who he needed to forget that he ever existed.

Once was I done with that, I had to drop it in the potion. And then finally, was the words to activate the spell and set it all in motion.

Jesse then dropped the list of names into the hot bubbling substance, which caused the paper it was written on to dissolve into the mixture as it sunk further into it.

That's when Rebecca recited the spell for him since Jesse was still learning Latin. It didn't matter who said the words to cast the spell, as long as it had the proper ingredients to be able to single out not only the certain memory of the person that was to be forgotten but also the individuals whose memories it was to be erased from.

After the elder vampire had finished saying the words that needed to be chanted in order to cast the spell, a puff of blue smoke then rose into the air. The smoke just hovered over the pot for a few seconds before taking off and out an opened window in the room that they were in.

Curious, Jesse quickly rushed over to the window that the blue smoke exited out of and saw that the smoke had then split itself into multiple smaller parts of itself before then taking off in different directions. The young vampire was confused as to where they were going, so his mentor explained it to him.

"Each piece of the smoke is seeking out one of the names on the list of people you wrote down that you wanted to be memory wiped from. And once it finds them and they breathe the spell in, then their memory of you will be completely erased from their mind. It'll be as if they never met you." explained Rebecca to her curious student looking out the window.

Jesse then turned his head to look at her. "But it's kinda late out now. What if they've gone to bed? How will the smoke be able to enter their home to get to them, if their house is all closed up for the night?" he asked in confusion.

"Not worry, my dear boy. It's smoke! It can slip through any crack or crevice there is to get to it's intended target!" replied Rebecca nonchalantly with a smile. "No house is entirely impenetrable at night! I mean, think about it. If it was, then how are spiders and other household insects able to sneak into people's houses so easily then, hm?" she asked rhetorically, waiting for Jesse to answer. But he didn't because he didn't have an answer to give. This made her smiled smugly at the young vampire then. "Exactly!" she said to him. "If there's a way inside then that spell will find it. And if it can't currently get to them then it'll just wait around for as long as it needs to until it can." she then explained.

Not knowing what else to say, Jesse simply shrugged. "Cool." he said and turned around to fully face her. "So, now what? Do we...just wait, then?" he asked her curiously.

"Yup!" replied Rebecca. "Come tomorrow morning, everyone who once knew you will no longer have any recollection of you are, anymore. And then you should be scot-free from being arrested on murder charges for killing your foster father. So, good job on being able to get away with murder, my dear Jesse." she stated a bit boastfully with pride, as he smirked satisfyingly at her pupil.

Jesse smirked dastardly along with her. "I guess it does pay to be a vampire, huh? It makes it easy to cover up one's crimes thanks to our super-speed and glamouring abilities." he stated back sarcastically with cockiness laced in his voice.

Rebecca laughed at his statement, knowing that it was true. Being a vampire does have it's perks and advantages in the human world. "Since you now don't have any place to go, you can live here from now on. Rent-free, of course. I'll go and prepare a room for you, in the meantime take it easy. It's been a long night for you, I'm sure. And you're probably exhausted after the events that took place this evening, too." she then said to Jesse, as he made her way towards the door that leads out of the kitchen. "Oh! And don't worry about your little cash reward that I was giving you to fool Bill into thinking that you were helping some sweet old lady with house chores for some extra cash. I'll still be giving it to you. I figure a teenager like you could still use a bit of money every once in a while. You know...as an allowance of sorts." she then said to him, after stopping in the doorway and looking over her shoulder to speak. A kind and endearing smile then spread itself across her face as she looked at him, before then finally leaving the kitchen.

So, that's how I wound up living here after the whole "Bill incident" thing happened. Also, it turned out that she was right. The spell did appear to work on all the people who I wanted to forget about ever knowing me. Because that following morning, Rebecca and I went around and checked to see if anyone knew I was. And they didn't. They had all forgotten who I was.

After that, I was a bit worried about Ethan. I couldn't stop thinking if he was alright or not after what happened the previous night. So, we checked up on that, too. Rebecca had glamoured the receptionist to look into it for us on her computer. Sure enough, my name was nowhere in the system. Along with it showing up anywhere on Ethan's documents, either, as being his brother. Everything had worked out according to plan. But I still wanted to know if my little brother was alright, so we got the receptionist lady to tell us where Ethan was currently at. Turns out, that since there weren't any current available foster homes yet, the orphanage agreed to let him stay there until he was adopted out.

So, my mentor and I then left to visit Ethan at the orphanage to see how he was getting along. Once we got there, I immediately spotted Ethan from a safe distance in a tree near the playground. I could tell that he looked happy and unaffected by what had transpired the night before. Which brought me great comfort to see that he was alright. Not to mention, that it appeared that my glamour was still holding up, as well.

Jesse sat high up in the tree that he and Rebecca were perched in, which overlooked the orphanage's playground. There, from the shadows, he spotted Ethan running around with the other children on the playground, playing together happily. Seeing his little brother so happy and full of energy and life brought a joyous smile to his face. Even though, it did hurt a little knowing that Ethan no longer knew who he was and that as a result, he didn't miss him at all, either. But Jesse knew that that was only going to be temporary, though. He knew that once he removed the glamour on Ethan's mind that he'd very much happy to see him again, then. Until then, Jesse was just glad to know that his little brother was going to be ok without him there, for now.

After seeing how well Ethan had adjusted to his new living arrangement, the two vampires left. Causing the tree that they were hiding in, branches to move slightly.


On the playground, Ethan briefly stopped running while playing tag with another kid around his age. He looked back behind him, up at some nearby trees that surrounded the playground. He wasn't sure but he got the feeling that someone was maybe watching him. Or had been watching him, it seemed. He didn't see anything out of place beside the trees gently rustling in the breeze that blew by. He wasn't crept out at all by the strange sudden feeling he just got, though. In fact...the feeling felt...familiar and comforting, somehow? But he just couldn't place his little finger on why, though.

"Hey! Come on, Ethan! You're still it! Try and catch me!" called out one of the other kids that he was playing tag with. Snapping out of it, Ethan then turned back to the kid who had just called out to him and smiled cheerfully.

"Ok, Evan! Here I come! I'm gonna get you this time!" hollered back Ethan cheerfully and enthusiastically to the other kid, as he ran off after him laughing and giggling like happy children do when playing. Forgetting all about the strange and familiar feeling that he had just moments ago.

After that, I continued to live with Rebecca here at the mansion for the next 8 years. She taught me everything that I ever needed to know. Including, all the stuff you learn in public school, too. I didn't bother going back to school after coming to live with her. In fact, everyone who went to Whitechapel High that year was some of the names on that list I made that the spell had affected. And to ensure that my existence was completely erased from that school, Rebecca even glamoured the school's secretary into deleting my school record from their system. That was actually our first stop when we went out to check and see if the spell had worked. We waited outside of the school early that morning, where I knew the faculty enters through. I then pointed out to Rebecca who the school secretary was after she had arrived in the near-empty parking lot. Since it was still early enough before school would begin, there wasn't anybody around to witness my mentor doing her thing to the lady. In other words, glamouring her.

Rebecca outside of the school in the school's parking lot, glamouring the school's secretary to delete and destroy any school records they have on a student named Jesse Black.


Rebecca homeschooling Jesse along with working with him on improving his vampire abilities.

Anyway, back to what I was saying.

Over those 8 years, that I've spent living with my mentor, she had taught me a lot. Even how to better improve upon my glamouring technique. Over time, I was able to get much better at glamouring. Although, I was still nowhere near her level of expertise, though. I was also able to work on controlling my bloodlust impulses to the point where no blood type would make me lose control of myself, anymore. Including, H-deficient blood. All thanks to Rebecca's rigorous training in that department of my lessons. She knew how much I wanted to get back to my little brother, so she made me work extra hard in finally mastering my bloodlust control. Too bad, THAT part of my training only took me 3 years to master, though.

Jesse working very hard on his bloodlust control under the watchful of his mentor, Rebecca.


Rebecca testing Jesse's resolve in resisting the urge to go after someone with H-deficient blood, but holding an open vile of it in her hand up.

Jesse's eyes turned yellow at the smell of it, but he held strong in wanting to give in to his vampire instincts to devour the blood that was making the tempting smell. But you could still tell that he was visibly struggling in trying to resist, though.


Rebecca tests him again and this time he passes, as he doesn't even bat an eye at the alluring scent anymore. It took him 3 years, but finally, Jesse was able to master his bloodlust control. Even over H-deficient blood.

Rebecca was proud of him for finally mastering it. She could tell that he has a lot of potential as a vampire. But her job teaching him wasn't over yet, as Jesse still needed to improve more on his glamouring technique. He could glamour for longer periods of time on humans, but he still hadn't learned how to glamour other vampires or supernatural beings just yet, though.

But sadly...during those 3 years it took me to finally master it...was also when I had begun to change. I started to become more darker. More greedier and ambitious. More...evil, I guess you could say. Each day that went by I had slowly started to lose who I was as a human being and had instead started to embrace being a vampire even more. Embracing the darkness within me that came with being one and I loved it, too. Along with my personality change, I also began to forget all about my past as a human. Well...not all of it, though. I was still aware of how old I was as a vampire in the vampire community and that compared to most, I was still considered young for my age to the more elder vampires who were twice my age or older. But when it came to remembering that I still had one family member left in this world and the promise I made to them...I had wound up subconsciously burying those memories as my main focus was towards power and not reuniting with them. I didn't mean to forget. It just sorta...happened, as time went by and I embraced being a creature of the night even more.

Even my mentor noticed the change.

While out feeding one time, Rebecca noticed how much Jesse's personality has changed over the 3 years he came to live with her. Like how he was now less remorseful when it came to feeding on humans. She watched as Jesse completely drained his victim of their blood until they were dead and not even care afterward. Instead, he looked at the poor dead person as if they were beneath him and were nothing more than weak useless sacks of meat. This sudden change in her pupil's behavior worried her a bit, but she decided to ignore it for now. Hoping that maybe he'll realize the change himself and will stop once he decides to reunite with his little brother.


Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. As more time went by, Rebecca knew that wasn't the case and that he wasn't about to go back to his old self, again. She could tell he had forgotten about his promise to his little brother. Seeing Jesse the way he is now, Rebecca figured that it was probably for the best that she didn't remind him of the promise he made a few years back. Thinking that it would be best for the young child to remain wherever he was currently at for the time being. She thought it wouldn't be good for Ethan to be around his big brother, who has clearly lost his way and has fallen further into the darkness that comes with being a vampire. In her right mind, she couldn't expose Ethan to all that. Especially, since she knows how close they were and how the poor child probably looked up to him, too. Seeing his big brother acting evil and doing bad things would most likely change the way he saw him, then. And would probably put a strain on their tight-knit relationship as brothers, as well. She just hoped that maybe...someday Jesse would come to realize how much he's changed (and not in a good way, either) and would stop being the ruthless and coldhearted person that is, for his little brother's sake.

I knew that she must've remembered how much it did mean to me to be able to be with my darling little brother again. Which is why she probably didn't bother to remind me of my promise to him after I did finally master my bloodlust control. Knowing Rebecca, she probably thought it would be best not to expose Ethan to such darkness and violence at such a young age. And now that I do remember all about it, I have to say...I agree with her. A 7-year-old boy shouldn't be around someone who he looks up to as a role model that does terrible things to innocent people, as I did.

Thinking back on it now, I'm grateful for her decision in not reminding me, back then. Tch! Rebecca was always a bit of a softy when it came to matters of the heart.

Anyway, 4 years after mastering my bloodlust control, Rebecca had told me even more about her past with my many great grandfather. She even showed me a special book that held a very important riddle in it about that time when the townsfolk had trapped and burned her entire flock alive. She told me that the riddle was a hidden message from an old friend of hers during that time. A...prophecy, if you will. On how to get her family back.

Rebecca reminiscing about her time spent with Horace Black to Jesse in her private library, during one of Jesse's research/study sessions on other supernatural creatures. After talking for a bit, she then gets up and retrieves an old looking book from one of the shelves. Coming back to where Jesse sat, she opened the book up to a certain page that was bookmarked.

Jesse took a look at the marked page and read the strange poem that was written on the page. "An angel's nest shall seed the Earth. Soul for soul, the Black's army rebirth. Neath the swallowed moon, the dead take root. The barren orchard bares the Devil's fruit." read Jesse out loud before then looking back at his mentor in confusion. "What does this even mean, anyway?" he then asked her.

Rebecca smiled at him then. "It's a riddle. Or rather...a prophecy to be more precise." she answered. "It was written by a friend of mine who lived during the era when I...lost my beloved Horace and family." she said to him, with her tone and voice becoming a bit sadder as she spoke. Remembering that awful moment in her life when she lost everything she ever cared about, back then. But she quickly shook the depressing feeling away and smiled sweetly at her vampire companion, once again. "Anyway, my friend loved riddles. So, he left the Cubile Animus's location in the form of a riddle, along with what to do afterward once it was found." she furthered explained some more.

"A prophecy for what?" Jesse asked her.

"On how to bring back my flock." she simply said to him with a warm smile.

"Really?! But...how?!" questioned Jesse in shock.

"My friend back then was a wizard. He knew how much my family meant to me. So, he...must've came up with a way, somehow, on how to bring them all back. By creating this magical little box he called the Cubile Animus, after my forced departure from the town, back then. Sadly...I wouldn't find it until centuries later when it was safe for my return. He had stashed it in the town's library by spelling it to look just like the other copies of the book about the town's history during that time period to anyone who wasn't me. What better way to hide something than in plain sight, am I right?" explained Rebecca with a hint of playfulness in her tone in that last sentence of hers.

"Anyway, my friend's book didn't only look like the other history books, but it also read like it, too. Until it finally reached my hands, that is. Once I found it and picked it up, the disguising spell was immediately broken then, the moment I opened it up. Revealing parts of that time about the fire that weren't mentioned in the original history book. Meaning, the original was a doctored version of the town's actual history of that time. As for the reason for the more...dimmed down version of what took place during that time? Is beyond me. More than likely, they did it to protect the town from scrutiny from other towns for allowing itself to be overrun with 'demons' and whatnot. I don't know. Who knows what those bastards in charge back then, were thinking?" she explained some more.

"But how were you able to find the book that he had left for you, anyway?" asked Jesse.

Rebecca gave a carefree little shrug before answering. "My guess, is that he must've also spelled it to draw me towards it whenever I was close enough to it. I remember getting this...sudden urge or pull towards it when I was in that part of the library. As if...it was calling to me or something. Once I grabbed the book and saw the title, at first I was really confused as to why I would be drawn to a book about Whitechapel's 1800's history. Especially, when that time period was so painful for me to remember, too." she recalled thoughtfully. "But then I opened it up and notice a strange flash wash over the book. That's when I knew it must've been spelled or something. So, I quickly flipped through it and that's when I saw the page with the prophecy on it. I instantly knew that the book must've been meant for me, then. There was more there to read obviously, but I thought it would be best to read it in private, though. So, I snuck the book out of the library and took it home with me. Where I kept it." explained Rebecca.

"Were you ever able to figure out what the prophecy meant, anyway?" asked Jesse curiously.

Rebecca nodded. "I have."

My mentor then went on to decipher it for me and how the box even works, too. But there was one minor flaw with the box that her friend wasn't able to get around, though. Which was that it could only resurrect others of supernatural origin who had died, like vampires. Meaning she could bring back her flock, but not the love of her life, though. Since he had died as a human.

Of course, she was a little heartbroken to hear that she wouldn't be able to bring Horace back along with the rest of her flock. To her, it would've been ideal if she could bring back all 220 members of her flock, but at last...it just wasn't possible. Since the one member she cared about most had died a human and not a vampire, like the rest of her flock, did.

But strangely enough, she was alright with that. In fact...after having to spend so many years without them among the humans on her own, she began to grow soft on humanity. No longer having the strong desire anymore for revenge on the town for what they did to her and her family, as she once did. By the time she had discovered the book's existence, Rebecca had already forgiven the townspeople of Whitechapel for what they did. At least...their descendants, that is. Since it had been centuries ago when the church fire had happened. It was like...all that hatred and malice she held for them then had just...faded away slowly, over time. Making her more...sympathetic and kindhearted towards man-kind, instead.

Although, her need for revenge on this might've faded away with time, I however still saw potential in using the Cubile Animus to resurrect her old flock. Perhaps not for revenge purposes, but rather...for gain purposes. A way to gain even MORE power by using her old flock to take over the town. Allowing vampires to be in charge and no longer having to live a life of secrecy, either.

A devilish smirk then appeared on Jesse's face, as he realized that they could still bring back her family and use them to take over the town, instead. She didn't have to still want revenge on the town for what they did all those many years ago if she didn't want it. But they could still ravage the town, though, and make the humans bow down to them as the superior species. If they took over the town then vampires would no longer have to live in the shadows. For they would rule as supreme here, as the dominant species! And Rebecca and her family would finally have a place they could call home without having to hide what they are, anymore!

To Jesse, this was the most perfect plan he's ever come up with! Only...there was one problem, though.

When he explained his idea to his mentor, she immediately shot it down.

Unfortunately, Rebecca didn't agree with my idea to bring back her flock and use them to take control of this little worthless town, though. All because of the sentimentality that she had developed over the years for the humans. Ugh!

"But why not, Rebecca?! You'd become a queen if you did! Ruling over all of Whitechapel! With me standing there by your side, as your right-hand man! We'd be unstoppable!" pleaded Jesse desperately to her with such certainty in his voice and body language.

"I said no, Jesse!" replied Rebecca stubbornly to him in a stern tone, as she glared seriously at him. She then closed the book and picked it up from the table, afterward. Making her way back to the bookshelf where she got the book from, to begin with. Placing it back in it's rightful place on the shelf.

But Jesse refused to drop the subject. "But how come?!" he asked her demandingly, wanting a reason as to why she's so against the idea in the first place.

Rebecca growled a little from the frustration that was building up inside her now from her pupil's stubborn persistence in needing a reason why she refuses to go along with his silly little plan for power. Power and control just wasn't her thing. Not anymore, at least. But instead of just lashing out at the young vampire from frustration, Rebecca just simply sighed calmly. Releasing the pent up frustration to calm herself and to keep from losing her cool with him.

"Because...I'm not that person anymore. There's more to life than just power or revenge, Jesse. I learned that after my many years of living on this Earth and maybe...someday you'll see that, too, eventually. I hope." she explained sincerely to him, although there was a bit of guilt and remorse in her voice, as well.

"But I thought you wanted revenge on them for what they did to you and Horace?" questioned Jesse curiously in confusion.

"I did...At one point, though. I was so...filled with so much rage and anger for what they did to my family and to Horace, at first. But...as the years went by, all that anger had just...began to fade away from me, as I spent my time lying low away from Whitechapel. As I watched the humans in the other places I had lived at before finally returning here again, I began to see the good in humanity. Watching families raise their little ones with such care and love. People helping those in need. Everyone being so polite and courteous to one another. I saw how attentive and caring humans can be towards each other at times and it...made me realize that...maybe they aren't all that bad or worthless, after all. Sure some humans in the world aren't all that good-hearted or they like to do bad things to others and are more selfish than selfless. And...it might seem like there are more bad people out there in the world than good, but...I had come to realize that perhaps...maybe humans and supernaturals aren't all that different than I thought. I began to see the world through their eyes for the first time, since the destruction of my family here in Whitechapel. Learning that...in both worlds, some enjoy being bad and then there are those who enjoy (or at least try to, in our world) being good. That's when I realized that the citizens of Whitechapel back then, had their reasons for doing what they did. It was because they were scared of us and for good reason, too. We gave them something to be scared of due to our actions of killing innocent people every time we fed off them. Perhaps...if we had done things differently back then, then maybe...they would have never felt like retaliating back the way they did. And maybe then my family and Horace would all still be alive to this very day." explained Rebecca wholeheartedly with guilt in her voice.

"So, in other words. You've grown soft over the years and wound up developing a conscience for the pathetic humans then. Am I right?" scoffed Jesse distastefully about his mentor's bleeding heart for those who took everything from her. To him, it was unfathomable! Forgiving the ones who hurt her the most and basically ruined her happy life! He would never forgive someone who's done something like that to him, so easily! Especially, to a bunch of worthless humans, who are an inferior species compared to vampires.

Rebecca just gave him this look that said, 'watch it mister' before then sighing. "Yes, I suppose I have. But this a good thing, Jesse. All I ever wanted in life is for humans and vampires to live peacefully with one another, side-by-side. And if that means, we the vampires must remain hidden in the shadows, keeping our true identity a secret from the humans for the better of both species. Then...so be it." she said with conviction in her tone.

I tried to convince her of my idea by telling her about all the power we'd have in this town if we did do it. How we'd never have to hide our true selves from the world ever again. And yet...she still refused to do it.

"I already told you, Jesse! I don't care about all that! So, just leave it alone!" snapped Rebecca strongly. Now she had lost her cool over the matter. She tried to be patient with the young vampire, but now it was really getting on her nerves at how persistent he's being about wanting to take over the town. "I'm not interested in starting a war with the humans, Jesse. Because if we did this then that's exactly what's gonna happen! And even if practically all of the humans in this town did just bow down to us so easily without a fight, there will still be those few who would be willing to stand up against us and fight to win back the town, anyway! Just like what happened to me and my flock all those years ago! So, it's pointless, don't you see?! I don't want any part of this! I'm not looking to repeat history here, Jesse!" she stated passionately in a serious manner. "Now, drop it! Ok?!" demanded Rebecca fumingly, before marching off out of the room.

But I didn't drop it.

All I cared about was the power and control we would have if we did do it. But it was also clear to me, just how weak my mentor has become over the years. She had allowed the humans to worm their way into her heart causing her to become and sympathetic to them. Sure, there would've been humans who would fight back against us, but in my mind we were vampires. We could do things that no human could and with those abilities we could easily put the disobedient ones back in their place again, should they dare to defy us.

I didn't share the same sympathy for the humans as she did and I could see that there was no changing her mind in the matter, either. I was of course, furious with her for not seeing the big picture here. Or rather, the same picture as me, that is. So, I went behind her back and started to formulate a plan all on my own.

Jesse stood there with his fist clenched tightly, angry at his mentor for turning down his suggestion so quickly all because of the humans. Hearing the reasons why she didn't want to go through with the idea caused Jesse to change the way he now saw her. At first, he thought she was wickedly cool and awesome. He pretty much idolized her, to be honest! Because she was not only a vampire who's been around for ages but also because of all the power and strength she possesses, too, that came with those years of being one. He actually wanted to be just like her.

But now...now he regrets ever hold her in such high regards. Especially, since he now knows just how soft-hearted she is for those worthless and weak creatures. Jesse didn't care at all about the humans and what this could mean for the future (as in a war breaking out between the two species). All Jesse cared about was power and being on top. He was tired of having to live a life in the shadows and having to be careful when using his vampire powers out in public. Vampires shouldn't have to live a life of secrecy in this world, anymore! They deserve a place where they can be free to be themselves without the worry of being discovered by some weak humans. Humans were the prey here! Not vampires! And in Jesse's mind, the predator shouldn't be afraid of it's prey!

Jesse hated how his mentor has grown so soft and sympathetic towards the mortals. It made him sick to think that an all-powerful vampire such as herself is perfectly ok with letting such a weak species walk all over her. Now, that he knows just how compassionate she is towards them, Jesse no longer saw her as a strong role-model, but rather...he now saw her as nothing but weak and pathetic, now. Just like humans are. He pitied her, really.

"Ugh! I swear that woman is senile, now!" exclaimed Jesse aggravatingly to himself, as he threw his hands up in the air frustratingly. "How can she not see that the humans don't deserve any sympathy or compassion?! They're nothing but a bunch of weak and pathetic creatures, who were put on this Earth to serve us and to act as our food source!" fumed Jesse angrily, as he paced around the room. "She's gone soft on me. No, that's not it. She's always been like this, hasn't she? Ugh! I'm such an idiot for not seeing it earlier and for idolizing her as some great and all-powerful immortal being. When really all she is, is a weak soft-hearted fool with a bleeding heart for the mortals. Disgusting!" he complained loathingly.

He wasn't about to spend centuries of letting such a weak race walk all over him, though! So, after a bit of thinking, Jesse decided to go behind Rebecca's back.

"Fine! If she's too weak to go through with it then I'll just do it myself, then." decided Jesse sinisterly with an evil satisfied grin on his face. "But how, though?" he then realized perplexingly, as he started to think about how exactly he'll be able to achieve such a goal. He started to pace around the room once again but this time in deep thought.

I knew that if I wanted to pull this off that I wouldn't be able to do it alone and that it would take someone powerful enough to help him out, too. Like, Rebecca. But I already knew how she felt about the whole thing. So, that's when I came up with an alternative to that solution. Why rely on someone else's power when I can just rely on my own? I mean, I was the one who would be calling all the shots, after all. So, it only made sense that the leader should be the most powerful one out of the group. That way, none of the subordinates would ever dare go against him to seize the position of leadership for themselves. Plus, if I was to convince others to willingly join me in my evil scheme then I would need to show them just how strong and powerful I am to gain their respect and loyalty to me.

The only thing was, I wasn't nearly as old as she was, yet. I was still pretty much just a weakling vampire compared to her level of power. I didn't want to wait around for AGES for me to ever get that strong in my abilities, either, before I can finally put my plan into action. No. I wanted to do it right away rather than decades or centuries from now. So, I figured out a way on how to get as powerful as she was in a lot shorter time frame. You heard of "get rich quick" schemes, right? Well, this was a "become more powerful quick" scheme, instead.

Jesse walked over to where Rebecca had placed the book back on the bookshelf from which he had retrieved it from. He then removed the book and opened it back up to the page that held the prophecy on it. He was grateful that she was stupid enough to have told him what the prophecy had meant, anyway. Saved him the headache of having to try and figure that part out on his own. Although, he still had work to do. Like figuring out when the next lunar eclipse was and where this mentioned orchard was located at, as well. Not to mention, he also had to figure out how he was going to collect enough souls to bring back each member of Rebecca's flock. It would take forever for him to just gather them one at a time. Plus, he really didn't feel like collecting one soul at a time, too.

That's when Jesse realized that he was going to need a lot of help to get this done. A lot of...vampire help, that is. "Perhaps, I should start a flock of my own to help me out with all of this?" thought Jesse to himself out loud, as he pondered on what to do. "Of course, they won't be nearly as powerful as Rebecca's old flock is, but that's fine with me. Once her old flock is resurrected, their power should be more than enough to make up for the lack of power in mine, then. I only need mine to help me search for the Cubile Animus and to collect the 219 souls needed to bring back Rebecca's flock."

"But...no one is going to want to follow a vampire who's at the same level of power as they are, though. Such as myself. No. They would only be willing to follow someone with power and who is much stronger than them, as well. Only then would they pledge their loyalty to me and do what I say without question because everyone respects power and will do whatever the more powerful one tells them to do. But as it is now, no one would follow me at my current level of power and it would take years before I'll ever reach the level of power that Rebecca and her flock have achieved. And I don't plan on waiting that long to put my plan into action, either. Hmm... So, how can I become more powerful in a short amount of time, though? Hmm... There must be away! Think, Jesse! Think!" pondered Jesse to himself out loud again, as he began to pace around the room in deep thought. He had both his hands behind his back as he paced restlessly in thought with the now-closed book being held in one of them.

After a good 5 minutes of pacing, Jesse was suddenly struck with an idea on how to quickly gain the necessary power that he needed. "Ah-ha! I've got it!" exclaimed Jesse brilliantly, as his face lit up with excitement. "Perhaps there is a way to transfer power from one person to another using magic?! Yes! That's it exactly!" he stated enthusiastically to himself before then grinning sinisterly at whose power he plans on stealing if such a thing can happen. He knew magic could do practically do anything and there was almost always a spell for everything in this world. From the small and pointless things in life to the more grand and unimaginable things. But first, he would have to find a magic-user to see if it was even possible to perform such a spell, to begin with. Not only that but one who could even do the spell, as well.

It took me a few days before I was finally able to find someone capable of pulling it off. A...mercenary witch, if you will. Who'll do anything at the price, of course. I believe her name was...Willow Hexington. I think? Anyway, with enough money that I had saved up, plus the large amount I had swiped from Rebecca's bank account after I had paid a little-visited to the bank and had them change the name on her account to mine, instead. And since I was already there, I also had them transfer the mansion's deed into my name, as well. All without her knowledge of it being done. Besides, she wasn't going to be needing it much longer, anyway.

After successfully glamouring the bank clerk into having Rebecca's bank account and property deed into his name. Jesse then met up with the mercenary witch to arrange a payment plan and to discuss details about what he wanted her to do and when to do it, also.

After agreeing on a suitable amount, the witch agreed to do the spell for him. Satisfied, Jesse smiled evilly to himself as everything was coming together and soon he'd have the same amount of power that an elder vampire would have.


The next day, Rebecca came angrily marching on into the room that Jesse was in. "Jesse!" she shouted angrily, calling his name to get his attention. Jesse smirked smugly at himself, knowing exactly what she was so mad about. He then turned around to face her.

"Yes, Rebecca?" he replied coolly to her.

"You mind telling me why I can't access my bank account, any longer?!" demanded Rebecca angrily to her pupil.

Jesse just sat there with this smug look on his face, as he pretended to be innocent and act like he had no idea what she was even talking about. "Why, my dear mentor, whatever could you mean?" he said innocently to her.

The elder vampire was not enjoying the little act of innocence he was currently giving her, at the moment. She knew that he knew what she was talking about and it infuriated her even more that he's toying with her on the matter. "Don't play dumb with me, boy! You know exactly what I'm talking about! My name's been removed from the bank account somehow and replaced with yours, instead! So, cut it with the games, Jesse! And just tell me what you did and why, already?!" shouted Rebecca furiously in a harsh and demanding tone.

Jesse chuckled amusingly at his mentor's rage at him. "Ok! You got me! I did it!" he confessed smugly, grinning at her.

Rebecca glared at him. "Why?!" she asked harshly.

Jesse simply shrugged. "Because you won't be needing it, anymore." he said nonchalantly.

Rebecca was taken back by his answer and the way he said it. As if it was no big deal. "And what do you mean by that, huh?" she asked him curiously with a raised brow.

Jesse simply grinned evilly before answering. "Oh, Willow!" he then called out teasingly in a sing-song like tone as he summoned them. Just then a woman suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the corner of the room. It was the mercenary witch that he had hired the day before. She was using a cloaking spell to hide her presence in the room, as they both waited for Rebecca's return from the mall. Jesse knew that she had planned to go shopping at the mall for a new outfit or two. He knew that would've been when she would find out about the bank account while at the counter to pay for everything. The moment she tried to use her bank card to access her money to pay for everything, it would immediately be denied. And after a few tries before giving up, he knew that she would then called up the bank to find out why and BOOM, that's when she'll learn about the name change on the account. "Would you please be so kind as to...show my dear mentor a bit of what I had meant, will you?" he asked the witch politely, as she made her presence known. Sharing a sinister smile between each other.

Rebecca was then confused and a bit worried about what was going on here between the two of them. She's never seen this woman before and whatever it is her student is up to now, that it must not be very good, either. Judging by the suspicious and ominous look those two were giving each other. Rebecca took a few cautious steps back away from the woman, as she drew closer to her. "Jesse, what's the meaning of this?! What's going on here?!" exclaimed Rebecca demandingly in a panicked tone. She kept backing up away from the witch until she couldn't anymore. Her back was up against a bookshelf now, making her trapped as she uneasily watched the woman come closer to her.

Jesse simply smirked at her as he remained seated in his chair. "You see, my dear mentor. Willow here is what you call a...mercenary witch. I hired her using your money for one purpose and one purpose only." replied Jesse smugly from amusement at knowing what was about to happen.

"And what was that?" asked Rebecca out of curiosity with a look of unease and fear on her face, as she looked at him with her back against the shelf.

The witch had stopped only a few feet away from Rebecca while staring her down with this sinister smile on her face. The witch then looked over at Jesse as if looking for confirmation to do what she was paid to do from him.

Jesse's eyes glanced over at the witch. Then he gave her a slight nod as if telling her to do it. Then he turned his attention back to his mentor and grinned a large knowing smile at her, that showed off his perfect white teeth. "To steal your power and give it to me, of course." he answered her devilishly in a smooth and nonchalant kind of manner.

Rebecca's eyes grew wide at that, but before she could say anything back to him she suddenly was hit with an excruciating pain spreading throughout her body after hearing the witch quickly spew out a few words in Latin. "AAAAAAAHHHHH!" she screamed out agonizingly, as tears fell from her eyes from how painful it felt having her power ripped from her body like that. Her arms were held out to her sides while her head was tilted upwards, as she screamed bloody murder from the pain she was in. It was like her entire body was paralyzed in nothing but pain, as she felt herself unable to move or do anything to make the pain stop. She was helpless as she felt her power being drained from her body.

Meanwhile, Jesse just sat there smiling evilly with this look of satisfaction on his face as he watched the witch work her magic. Literally. He even let out a small and low amusing chuckle, as well. As he watched the witch standing there with her hand raised towards his mentor as a weird purplish-white glow surrounded the elder vampire's body. On the inside, he did feel sorta bad for her, though, but he knew all that ancient vampire power was being wasted on her and her foolish morals when it comes to humans. It would be in much better hands with him than it would her. Plus, taking his mentor's power for himself was a necessary step in his plan of taking over this town and letting vampires be the dominant species for a change. It was all going according to plan. Besides, the witch did tell him that having one's power being removed from their body can be a very painful process to endure, anyway. He's just glad that he's not the one who's having it done to him! Better her than him, in his opinion.

After a while, a purplish-white orb of light emerged from Rebecca's chest and the glow that once surrounded her ended, causing her to suddenly drop to the floor feeling exhausted and weak, as she tried to recover from the intense pain she had just been in moments ago. The witch smiled satisfyingly, happy that the spell had worked. Then she turned her still outstretched hand upward so that the palm was facing up. Suddenly, the orb of light that was just floating there, floated on over to her and stopped once it was hovering over her turned up hand. The witch then turned around to face her employer, as the glowing orb continued to hover over her hand.

That was Jesse's cue to then stand up and approach the witch confidently, ready to accept his prize from her. Once he reached her, both looked stared at each other with wicked smiles on their faces before the witch finally gave him what he wanted. The purplish-white orb then floated a bit higher up from her hand before then floating on over towards Jesse, effortlessly. The orb then went inside him once it made contact with his chest, causing a purplish-white glow to surround him briefly as he closed his eyes and held his arms out slightly. Relishing in the amazing feeling it gave him the moment it entered his body and became part of him. A huge toothy smile then spread itself across his face at all that power now inside of him. The transfer of his mentor's power was a success!

Jesse opened his eyes then as he lowered his arms back down to his sides. His eyes were glowing but not the usual vampiric yellow that they were supposed to be. Instead, they were glowing the same color as Rebecca's used to be, which was a bright electric blue color. He looked down at his hands not really seeing a change or anything, but he could feel how much more powerful he now was compared to just a second ago. Centuries of ancient vampire power now flowed through his very being and he loved it, too. Who knew that having so much power can make you feel so...exhilarating?! Jesse was thrilled that the spell had worked, which meant he was now powerful enough to pull off his very ambitious plan to take over the town using Rebecca's old flock.

Rebecca panted from exhaustion, as the spell took a lot out of her but she still had enough strength left in her to slowly get up, though. With a hand on the bookshelf, she was able to slowly hoist herself up to a standing positioning, using the shelf as a brace to steady herself. Once she was up she shot a spiteful glare at her so-called pupil, feeling hurt and betrayed by him for he's done, so far. She couldn't believe Jesse would do this to her! Not after everything she's done for him! She treated that little power-hungry weasel like a son! Sparing his life that day in the park, turning him into a vampire upon his request, helping him get away with murder, teaching him how to control and master his vampire abilities, and taking him in when he had no place else to go, as well! It was clear to her now, that vampirism has corrupted him into someone who is power-hungry and selfish. Without a care in the world who he hurts along the way as long as he achieves what he's after. Rebecca was starting to regret ever turning him into a vampire. She had created a monster who only cares about being on top.

The elder vampire continued to pant while out of breath still, as she faced the one who she thought of as a son and had taken under her wing when he had no one else to turn to. "H-how...could you? After...everything...I've done for you? How could you...betray me, like this?" she asked/panted tiredly while glaring at him.

Jesse looked at her, his glowing blue eyes now back to normal, again. "Because I can and I'm a vampire, like you." smiled Jesse mockingly, as he gave a little shrug at the end. Then his smile went flat in an instant as he scowled her with this serious expression on his face before speaking again. "But unlike you, I'm not a softhearted and weak vampire who cares about humans. I'm a real vampire. One who embraces the darkness within and doesn't take sympathy on lowly and weak creatures who are meant to be our food." he stated condescendingly in a firm tone with slight disgust evident in his voice, as well.

"Don't do this, Jesse! You're going down a dangerous path here! Can you see that?! It's ok to embrace the darkness from within that being a vampire gives you just a little bit, but don't let it consume you, Jesse! I'm telling you, nothing good will ever come from it because, in the end, the only one who'll be hurt is you, Jesse. Don't let it cloud your judgment!" pleaded Rebecca desperately to him, as she tried to appeal to the good in him before it was too late. She then started panting again, feeling the exhaustion hit her once again from overexerting herself after her pleading outburst to the young vampire.

Jesse ignored her pathetic plea in trying to convince him to give up his ambitious plan. Instead, he smirked at her. He could plainly see the amount of fatigue she was in and just how weak the spell left her after having her power taken from her. Something the witch also told him about, too. He knew that Rebecca was in no condition to try and stop him from achieving his goal, now. But Jesse also knew that when she would recover that she would more than likely try and stop him, then. Which was something Jesse couldn't risk. She might be weak now, but she did have some powerful friends who could probably help her should she ask them to. And he wasn't about to let her interfere with his plans, regardless of how weak of a vampire she might be now compared to him.

He walked over to a wooden chair in the room and then smashed it on the floor. He reached down and grabbed one of the many broken pieces before then walking back over towards his mentor. Rebecca saw the piece the wood in his hand and knew exactly what his intent with it was for. In her mind, she vaguely wondered if perhaps this was how Horace would've been if she had managed to turn him, back then?

Once he reached her, he lifted her drooping head up by the chin with his other hand so that she may look him in the eyes. "I truly am sorry that it must come to this, my mentor. But you leave me no choice, as I know that you would do everything in your power to stop me from achieving the greatness that we vampires deserve. That I deserve." he said to her in an apologetic and sincere manner. "And I can't have you getting in my way all because of some misguided feelings and morals about human lives and all that crap." he stated but in a more despising sort of tone this time, as he removed his hand from her chin.

Rebecca still held her gaze, though, as she stared the vampire down with honor and resolve, feeling a bit guilty on the inside knowing that she was the one who did this to him in the first place. Thinking that if maybe she had never turned him into a vampire then...perhaps his path in life would've been much different than it is now.

Jesse then smiled wickedly at her, as a dark and sinister gleam shone across his eyes. "Trust me when I say this, my dear sweet Rebecca. This is gonna hurt you more than it will me." he said to her in mock remorse with a hint of evil intent mixed in. "But I can't have any loose ends. And you, my dear? Are a loose end that needs tying up, I'm afraid. I hope you'll understand?" spoke Jesse in the same tone and manner right before he drove the sharp end of the broken piece of wood in his hand into her heart.

"AAAAHHHH!" screamed out Rebecca, as she then turned to ash.

Jesse stared down at the pile of ashes on the floor that once used to be his dear mentor with an expressionless look on his face. He felt nothing but pity and remorse for her and had wished that it didn't have to be this way, but it did. And there wasn't anything he could do but to put the poor weak vampire down and out of her misery.

"Now...about the other half of my payment?" inquired Willow a bit impatiently and with a bit of sass added in, too, as she stood there with her hands on her hips and this cocky expression on her face.

Jesse rolled his eyes in annoyance first before turning around to face the witch. "Don't worry, you'll get your money." sassed back Jesse in annoyance with a dismissive wave of his hand. Finding the witch rather annoying and uptight. He wasn't about to flake on his part of the deal, which was to pay her half of the agreed-upon amount up front now and then the rest once the spell was done. Jesse then pulled out his phone and electronically transferred the rest of Willow's money to her account.

Minutes later, Willow's phone then went off with a notification notifying her that the transaction was complete and that she had received a large sum of money deposited into her bank account. Willow smiled with satisfaction and then put her phone away. "Nice doing business with ya." she said smugly with a smile.

Before she could walk out of the room, Jesse stopped her. "And you silence in all this?" he asked a bit pointedly, as he looked at with a serious and expectant look on her face.

Willow smiled back at him. "It comes with the service. As long I'm fully paid, that is. Which in this case, I am. So, no worries here. Your evil little secret of betrayal is safe with me. Witch and client confidentiality, remember?" she answered cockily.

Jesse glared at her for a moment. "It better, because if I find out that you did blab to anyone about this then I swear I'll hunt you down and make sure that your witchcraft days are over with." warned Jesse in a deadly serious tone, as he narrowed his eyes at her while glaring daggers. "By draining every last ounce of magical blood in your body." he then said threateningly to her in a dark and malevolent tone while flashing a smug fangy smile at the end for effect.

A quick flash of fear appeared on the witch's face briefly just then at Jesse's warning to her. She took Jesse's words of caution to her very seriously, as she didn't want to wind up dead for treachery if she ever dared thought about double-crossing him in the future. So, of course, she was going to keep her trap shut! Especially, against a vampire that now possesses the same amount of power that an elder vampire would have!

She then tried to quickly play it off as if she wasn't scared by shooting him a snooty look at him as if she was offended or something, before then walking away and out the room rather quickly. But Jesse could tell she was scared, though. He could smell it. And that brought a smile to his face, knowing that his threatening little message worked and that she now feared him and having to face his wrath should she try anything funny.

"Now, that that's all done with," he stated complacently with a smile on his face as he looked down at Rebecca's remains once again. "there's still some things I have left to figure out, still. But uh...thanks for the power boost, though. It's been real swell knowing you while it lasted, my dear mentor" he said arrogantly at the ashes before walking off and leaving them there.

"After that, I realized that maybe it would be a good idea to get used to my newfound power first before moving on with my plan to takeover Whitechapel. So, I spent the next few months getting a handle on all that power." explained Jesse, as he gave them the events of what happened after he stole his mentor's power and then killed her to keep her out of the way.

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