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It was almost lunchtime at Whitechapel High and Ethan had still yet to hear about Sarah's return. How he has yet to even of seen her in the hallway by now, is beyond a mystery. Then again, the school is pretty big, though. So, it wouldn't be all that hard to wind up missing somebody while on your way to class.

Regardless, Ethan was still in the dark about Sarah being at school, again. That is, until a certain goofy blonde headed vampire had come up to him and Benny in their final class before lunch.

"Hey, guys! How's it hangin'?!" greeted Rory cheerfully, as he always does, while he took a seat next to Ethan. Putting Ethan in the middle of the spellmaster and the vampire.

"Hey, Ror! Nothin' much. Just sitting here waiting for class to start, is all." replied Ethan back, friendly to him.

"Oh! Hey! Guess what?!" started Rory enthusiastically. "Guess who I just saw, that's back, again?!"

Ethan and Benny both gave each other puzzling looks, then. "Please, don't tell me it's Jesse, again." groaned Benny annoyedly.

"What?! No way, dude! Why would he back?" stated Rory in disgust, as he also wasn't a very big fan of Jesse's, either. Not since he found out what he did to Ethan and Sarah at the dance. The blonde then shook his head. "Anyway, it's not Jesse. It's somebody else!" he then continued eagerly. Rory gave the two a minute, but after still seeing the clueless expressions on their faces, he decided to finally blurt it out to them. "It's Sarah!" he exclaimed enthusiastically with a big smile.

Ethan and Benny's eyes both bulged out then in surprise. Though, probably Ethan's more than Benny's did.

"What?! You're telling me she's back?! At school?! Today?!" questioned Ethan incredulously and very eagerly to his vampire friend.

Rory nodded. "Yeah! Saw her earlier, talking to Erica this morning." he replied.

Ethan was at a lost for words, then. He was so happy to hear that Sarah had finally come back to town after the stunt Jesse had pulled at the dance last week. Sure, she might've not been gone for that long, but to Ethan, it felt like forever since he last saw her beautiful face or heard her enchanting voice, again. He was so worried about her after she had left, with every possible bad scenario running through his mind of what might've happened to her. Mainly, if she decided to get back together with Jesse and run away with him to live happily-ever-after as vampires. That one always sent chills down Ethan's spine, every time he thought about it. He knew that it was most likely to never happen because he knew how much Sarah hated Jesse after he had turned her into a fledgling. But still... The things we least expect to happen, usually do when we don't want them to.

Not even realizing that he was off in his own world, Ethan was quickly brought back by the sound of someone snapping their fingers in his face and calling his name.

"Hey, E? Ethan! Hellooo! Snap out of it, buddy!" came Benny's voice calling out to him, while waving his hand in front of Ethan's face first, before then snapping his fingers a couple of times in it.

Startled a little, Ethan blinked a few times with a lost and confused expression on his face then at his friend's attempt to get his attention. "Huh? Wha-?" was Ethan's lost and confused reply back to him. "Oh, sorry, B. I didn't hear you. What were you saying, again?" he then said a bit embarrassingly.

"Dude! I said, class is about to start now, E!" exclaimed Benny, apparently repeating himself for the second time.

As if on cue, the tardy bell rang right after he said that. Then the teacher walked in, to begin class.

Throughout the duration of class, Ethan's eyes were mostly glued to the clock up on the wall. Counting down each minute that passed, anxiously, while hardly even paying any attention to the teacher's lesson. He was pretty anxious and excited to see the girl of his dreams, again. He really missed her a lot.

Once class was over with and the dismissal bell rang, Ethan quickly stuffed his school stuff for that class, away in his bag and then bolted out of his seat and towards the door in a rush.

"Bye! See, ya at lunch guys!" he quickly said in a hurry, as he rushed out the door and was gone, just like that.

Both Rory and Benny were a bit mystified by Ethan's sudden and hasty departure, at first. But then a knowing/smug smirk spread across his face at the reason why Ethan left the way he did. While Rory was still a bit clueless, though.

"You do know where he's going in such a hurry, don't you?" asked Benny amusingly with that same smug smile on his face, as he stared at the door.

Rory scrunched up a brow and gave it some thought before the answer finally hit him. Then he too flashed a cocky/knowing like smile.

"Sarah!" they both said in unison, then.

"Jinx!" quickly called out Rory, after their earlier statement when they both said Sarah's name at the same time. Pointing at the brunette happily, now. "You owe me a soda, B!" he said enthusiastically with a big happy and cheesy grin on his face.

Benny's only reply to that, was a very unsatisfied groan, as he really didn't want to have to buy Rory a soda.

On his way to the lunchroom, Ethan had to make a pitstop first at his locker. Totally forgetting that he needed to drop off and pick up some his books at it, first.

Once that was done, he then made a bee-line right to the cafeteria.

The moment he reached the entrance to the cafeteria, Ethan's eyes began to scan the room in search of Sarah. Once he found her, his face lit up with joy at the sight of her. He then went further into the cafeteria to make his way over to her.

Sarah was busy chatting it up with Erica about some of the latest gossip that she's missed, while away since they didn't get a chance to finish earlier this morning before school started. Her back was turned while speaking to the blonde, not seeing a certain someone come up behind her.

But Erica did, though. Who smirked when she saw him.

This confused Sarah at first, until she heard a very familiar voice speak up behind her.

"Sarah? Is...is that you?" asked the shy and slightly nervous voice.

Sarah then turned around to see that it was Ethan, who had spoken. She smiled, happy to see him.

"Hey, Ethan!" she greeted politely back. "And yeah, it's me! I'm back!" she then said happily with a giggle.

Ethan stared at her in amazement at first before suddenly hugging her, which at first caught Sarah off guard but she soon melted into the hug as she enjoyed it.

"I was so worried about you when Benny and his grandma told me how you left town for a few days!" he said anxiously. He then released her from the hug to look at her with an eager look on his face. "Are you ok?! What happened?! You didn't run into Jesse, again, did you?!" asked Ethan rapidly in concern and worry.

Not sure how to react at first, Sarah looked back at Ethan with a surprised look. "Wow! Erica wasn't kidding about him being really worried about me and missing me a lot, huh?!" thought Sarah incredulously in awe, as she stared at the frantic boy. But then she smiled, thinking how really sweet it was of him to worry about her so much.

"I'm fine, Ethan! See! I'm back, all in one piece!" she joked reassuringly to the seer.

Ethan couldn't help the small blush that spread across his face then when he smiled bashfully at her. "Ok. But...are you sure you're ok, though?" he asked again concernedly, wanting to make sure she was absolutely ok, though.

"I am!" she answered confidently with a friendly smile.

Ethan was glad to hear that. "Why did you leave then?" he then asked her curiously.

Sarah's smile then fell to a frown, as she felt somewhat shameful and guilty for leaving. "Because...I needed some time alone to sort through some things. Mainly, about me now being a full-fledged vampire, now. I just needed some space to get use to the idea that this is my life now. Forever immortal and feasting on the blood of others to stay alive." she said glumly.

Now, Ethan was the one who felt bad. As he sorta felt guilty for the reason why Sarah became a full vampire, anyway.

"I'm sorry Sarah. You having to drink human blood is all my fault. If I hadn't gotten captured by Jesse then...it would've never of happened. You'd still be a fledgling and your chances of possibly being human again would've still been greater for you." apologized Ethan remorsefully out of guilt.

This surprised the girl, as she had no idea that he was even blaming himself over what happened at the dance, last week. "Ethan. I...I had no idea you even felt this way!" she said astonishingly. Then her gaze turned more softer and sympathetic. "It's not your fault, Ethan that I'm a full vampire, now. Jesse was the one who put both of us in that position. And you know what? I'm glad that I chose you over me." she said sincerely to him with a warm smile. "That's the difference between me and Jesse. I'm not selfish and only think of myself, like he does. I actually have a heart. Metaphorically." she continued honestly. "So, of course, I'd give up my only chance of someday becoming human again, if it means saving a friend. Any day!" she said proudly to him. "So, please don't beat yourself up about what happened at the dance that night, cause I'd gladly do it again. For you, Ethan." she said truthfully and wholeheartedly. A small blush then quickly spread across her cheeks at what she just said to Ethan at the end.

"Oh, no! I hope he didn't catch that little hint at the end!" thought Sarah bashfully, as she looked away with her slightly reddish cheeks. She didn't mean to give him that hint about her feelings towards him. It just sorta...slipped out on her, as she got lost in the moment.

Thankfully, he didn't catch it. Or so she thought, anyway.

Apparently, Ethan did catch what she said to him just now but chose to ignore it for now. He really didn't want to make an even more bigger fool of himself in front of her than he already has, like with that spontaneous hug he just gave her. So, instead, he just smiled and gave her a nod. To which Sarah simply smiled back at.

"And to answer your question about Jesse. No. I didn't run into him. Thank, god!" said Sarah sweetly at first, but then her tone took on more of a sarcastic/relieved on, instead. She had this annoyed expression on her face now, just at the thought of running into Jesse, again. "If I did, I'd probably stake him right where he stood." she said spitefully with a hint of sarcasm.

"That's good. I knew how persistent he was that night in trying to get you to be his girlfriend, again." said Ethan simply, out of relief. "You uh...really hate the guy, don't you?" he then asked a bit reluctantly out of curiosity.

"More than I ever have anybody on this planet." she stated bitterly. "I mean, he literally ruined my life!" she then exclaimed furiously. "If Jesse thinks I'll ever want to be his...forever girlfriend, then he's got another thing coming!"

After that little rant of hers, Sarah took a deep breath to calm herself, then. There was no need to get all worked up over someone as useless and self-absorbed like Jesse was.

Ethan just stood there awkwardly, not knowing what all to say about that. But he couldn't deny the small bit of satisfaction he felt on the inside to hear her say that about Jesse.

So, Ethan decided to change the subject.

"Hey! Now, that you're back and all! Think you'll be able to babysit this upcoming Friday, like you normally do? My parents keep asking me if I've heard anything about your return, yet, and were wondering if you'd make it back in time to babysit, then." asked Ethan.

"Yeah, sure! Of course, I can babysit this Friday!" chirped Sarah happily with a smile.

"Awesome! Then, I'll be sure to tell Mom when I get home after school, today!" beamed Ethan back enthusiastically with a smile, also.

Sarah giggled cutely at that. "Ok, then!"

"Well, uh...I guess, I better go, now. I've still yet to go grab my lunch and eat it, yet. Plus, I'm sure Benny and Rory are already waiting for me at our usual table." stated Ethan a bit shyly, now.

"Ok, Ethan. I, um...guess, I'll see you around then, huh?" replied Sarah back in the same way, as she bashfully tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Yeah. I guess, so." replied Ethan shyly with a blush. "And Sarah? It really is good to have you back, again." he said gratefully to her.

Sarah smiled fondly at that. "It feels really good to be back, too." she said sweetly and honestly back to him.

That brought a smile to the seer's face.

"Later!" called back Ethan then, as he left. Heading over towards the direction of the lunchline, now.

"Later!" called out Sarah in return, as she watched him go. There was this adoring look on her face, as she watched him leave.

Erica (having heard the entire conversation) walked up to Sarah with a smug and knowing like look on her face.

"See. I told ya, he was head-over-heels for you." teased Erica with a cocky smirk.

Sarah just shot her a look for her witty remark, then.

"Can we please not go over this, again?!" warned Sarah in annoyance at her bestie.

"Fine! Whatever you say." replied Erica mockingly, as she walked back over to their table and sat down with a smug smirk on her face.

"Ugh." groaned Sarah unpleasantly, as she rolled her eye and shook her head in annoyance while also going to sit down at the table, too.

About 10 minutes later, Ethan had finally gotten his tray and sat down at their usual table. Rory and Benny were already there with theirs, as he sat down across the table from them.

"So, dude! How'd it go with Sarah?" teased Benny playfully, as he said her name in a girly/swooning like tone. Then he and Rory both started cracking up laughing afterward.

Ethan just sat there glaring at them. "Ha. Ha. You guys." was all he said to his two wisecracking friends in an unamused manner. Clearly, he didn't find teasing him about his crush on Sarah very funny at all, like they did. Once they stopped laughing and teasing him, Ethan went on to tell them how his reunion with Sarah went. "It went pretty well... I think?" he said positively at first, before sounding more doubtful about it, then.

"What do you mean, 'you think'?" wondered Benny.

Ethan then let out a small sigh. "Well, it was going great until I screwed it up by getting all depressed and stuff about the reason why she's a full vampire, now. I told her how guilty I felt about it and how it's all my fault." explained Ethan a bit sullenly, again.

"Dude! I thought we already talked about this?! It wasn't your fault why she had to drink human blood!" exclaimed Benny expressively, as if it was obvious.

"I know. I know. And that's exactly what she said, too." replied Ethan a bit shamefully, while looking down a little from embarrassment.

"See! I told you, Sarah didn't blame you, E!" pointed out Benny in an 'I told you so' kinda tone, as he took a bite out of his cheeseburger.

"So, why did she leave in the first place for, anyway?" wondered Rory curiously. Then he gasped shockingly. "I hope it wasn't to find that creep Jesse, so she can hook back up with him, again! Was it?!" he stated incredulously in surprise and horror.

"Wha-?! No, Rory! That wasn't it!" replied Ethan irritably to the blonde's question. "She left because she needed some time to think and get use to the idea of being a bloodsucker for the rest of her immortal life, now." he then explained.

"Oh! I get it now, dude!" slowly nodded Rory in understanding, as he got her reasoning for wanting to leave, now. "She needed to take a break from it all, to get her head on straight, again! Totally, understandable!" he stated cheerfully, nodding afterward.

"Well, that's a relief, I'm sure." was Benny's reply on the topic. Also, glad that Sarah never wound up crossing paths with that evil bastard while on her little vacay from the real world. Just like the evil bastard wanted her to do. He was glad that Sarah didn't decide to take Jesse up on his offer to ditch town with him, to live a carefree life as vampires for all of eternity. In all honesty, Benny really liked Sarah. As a friend, of course! He would never make a move on the girl his best bro is majorly crushing on! That would be violating one of the rules of their sacred bro-code, after all! To never hit on or date the same girl that their bro is majorly crushing on! "Hopefully, that'll be the last we'll ever see of that jerkface for a while." quipped Benny sarcastically, but also really meaning it, in an off-handed manner.

"Yeah! As in, forever!" added Rory agreeingly, putting emphasis on 'forever'. He really didn't want to see Jesse's face again, either. That guy is nothing but bad news.

All three boys broke out into laughter at that, agreeing with each other. That they never want to see Jesse's evil smug face, ever again! And if they do, it'd be too soon!

"So, how does Sarah seem now? Now that she's back and has accepted her fate?" asked Benny curiously.

"Actually...she seems to be handling it quite well, I think." replied Ethan a bit hesitantly, as he gave it some thought. "She was talking to Erica when I saw her. As if nothing much has really changed. So, I think her time away from us must've really helped her." he went on to say, but more confident now and in a happier tone.

"So, does this mean you'll stop being a wuss now and will finally ask her out, then?!" asked Benny anxiously.

Ethan just stared back him with a dull expression on his face. "Benny. We've already gone over this, earlier. Remember?" he said dully in an amusing manner.

"Alright! Alright! I'll leave the subject alone!" replied Benny, while raising his hands up slightly in the air to show that he was backing off. "For now, that is." he then added slyly with a teasing smirk.

Ethan just simply rolled his eyes at that, but then had this thoughtful expression on his face as if thinking about something. "But...while trying to cheer me up and telling me how I shouldn't blame myself for what happened at the dance, she did say something that struck me as kinda...odd." pondered Ethan out loud to his face, while thinking about it.

"Really? Like what?" wondered Rory.

"She said...for me to, 'please not beat myself up over what happened at the dance that night' and that, 'she'd gladly do it again. For you, me.'" repeated Ethan thoughtfully, as he tried his best to remember what all Sarah had said to him, then. Granted, of course, he had changed a few words here and there, since he was the one saying, but it was still the concept of what she said, though.

"See, man! I told yah, Sarah liked you back!" exclaimed Benny obviously out of pride.

"What?!" exclaimed Ethan back incredulously.

"Yeah, man! Why else would she say, 'I'd gladly do it again. For you, Ethan.'" stated Benny in a girly mocking like tone when reciting what Sarah said to Ethan. "It means, she's so into you! Duh!" he then exclaimed boldly, as if it was obvious.

Rory nodded profusely, agreeing with the spellmaster's observation. "It's true, man! If she willing to do it all over again, specifically for you?! Then that means, she totally has a thing for you!" pointed out Rory.

Ethan blushed a bit, as he gave what they said some thought. But then quickly dismissed it as being true. "That's probably just something Sarah would say to anyone who would have been put in that sort of situation, just to make them feel better about themselves. I'm sure she didn't really mean it when she told me that. She was just being a good friend and trying to make me feel better about myself, was all. Nothing more." thought Ethan conclusively, as he played down the meaning behind Sarah's kind words. In his mind, he still couldn't fathom her ever wanting to be with someone like him. To Ethan, she only thinks of him as a friend and nothing more. So, why put much faith into something that might not be true? They were just a few friendly words to help boost his self-esteem a bit!... Right?

"I think you two are looking into it, too much. They were just a few friendly words to help me feel better, was all." dismissed Ethan offhandedly, as he took a bite of his food.

"Perhaps." shrugged Benny nonchalantly, before leaning over a little and grinning about something. "But...you'll never really know unless you actually tell the girl of your dreams exactly how you feel about her, E." insisted Benny smoothly, while on the verge of sound a bit pushy about it, too.

Ethan just sat there, narrowing his eyes threateningly at his best friend as a warning.

"Alright! Fine! I'm done! I'm done! Sheesh!" exclaimed Benny defensively, backing off.

Ethan was pleased about this, for now. But knowing Benny, it wasn't going to be the last time he'd bring it up, again. For now, though, he'll take the small the victory.

"Good." was all Ethan said.

And with that, he continued on with eating his food, while they moved on to another topic to discuss.

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