Chocolate Chip Memories

By AquaMoon

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon or any of the sort. That job goes to the incredible Naoko Takeuchi.

It was a long boring day. Seiya had the whole Kinmokusei castle to himself. Kakyuu, Yaten, and Taiki were running errands. Seiya was so bored he did something that no one would expect him to do… no, not take over the universe, bake chocolate chip cookies! Seiya got the ingredients and while mixing he recalled many painful and sweet memories…

He was walking off an airplane to go to Japan. All of the sudden he walked past her. A friendly-looking girl with blonde hair tied in "dumplings." Usagi.A tear evacuated from Seiya's eye. He put the unbaked cookies into the oven and recalled another memory…

The sky was gray and it was raining, as if the weather reflected Seiya and Usagi's mood. "I miss Mamo-chan!" yelled Usagi. "Odango" whispered Seiya. "Am I not good enough?"…"Am I not good enough?"

Another tear dripped from Seiya's face. He tasted a cookie only to find it wasn't near as sweet as the love he had for Usagi Tsukino. A third tear fell… from his face.