Fire Emblem Fates: Gamer of Grima

By Mark The Gamer of Grima

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My name is Larry, at least, it was, until a little incident happened. You guys are confused, aren't you? Don't worry I shall explain.

I was on my way home from school after a long and hard day (don't take it that way, pervs), when I spotted someone I have seen a few times at said school.

Luke, I think his name was. If I remember correctly, Luke is quite the fan of Fire Emblem, so much so that he likes to think about him and Female Corrin being together (something that we share I might add), I heard that little tidbit from a rumor that had only just begun to start. I had always wanted to be friends with him, but since I was rather shy (more so than a normal shy person) I couldn't muster up any courage to approach him.

But I digress, at the time, I had noticed that he was heading towards a pretty bad part of town, so I did what most people wouldn't do: I followed him to see if I could help him.

When it had started to rain, he hid in a tunnel, where I then lost track of him for a bit. It took some time (tracking is definitely not my strong suit, and that's not even taking the rain into account), but when I finally managed to find him, he was suddenly stabbed in the chest by someone coated in ethereal flames, and almost see through like those soldiers of Valla from Fates!

In the next instant, before I could even give a proper reaction to what just happened, I suddenly found myself being stabbed through the heart as well by a new figure. This figure was silent as he stared into my eyes...why does he look so frighteningly familiar?! Eh? Something is...strange, I feel something, a bond maybe? A ton of bonds? That can't be right, I've never interacted with anyone aside from short words with Luke when he approached me (I did NOT faint from proximity), so how do I feel so many bonds?

After I fell to the ground with a hole in my chest, the one that stabbed me teleported in front of the first figure and started talking to him. The first figure said something, but I only managed to catch a small conversation before I lost my life. "You! What are you doing here ******?!" the first one said. "Finishing what you started, Enigma." the 2nd one said.

Unknown Location

Ngh, is this what it feels like to fall into the abyss? To die? No, not yet, I still have things I feel I need to do! Then, after I sensed a change in the environment, I opened my eyes to find myself standing in front of two powerful figures. One wore Vallite robes with blue hair and red eyes, and the other one wore what some people would call "revealing" clothing, along with having flowing green hair, pointed ears, and a serene smile that would make you feel like everything would be alright.

"Do you know who we are, boy?" The one in the Vallite garbs asked.

It took me a moment to respond, not because I couldn't remember them, but because I couldn't believe they were in front of me." Of course I do, you're the Silent- well, the "King" of a certain lost kingdom." I did NOT want to risk setting off the Curse of Valla here and disintegrate into nothingness. I'd hate to be an empty puppet of a mad dragon.

The hooded figure chuckled at my response. "Don't worry boy, the curse won't affect any of us here, but that was a nice save if it was able to."

"Ok then, you are the Silent Dragon: Anankos, and you are the Divine Dragon: Naga, correct?"

"That is correct, young one. You should know that we have come to transport you into a new life, like a certain someone else who we did the same for a while ago." Naga said with a smile.

"New life? Wait, someone else came through here? Was it...Luke?" I was really surprised; if Luke came through here, he might actually be alive again! Maybe the same would go for me?

"You are correct Larry, a boy named Luke did come through here, but he is no longer called that, and to answer your first question. It unfortunately was indeed my other half that sent that soldier, I certainly wasn't expecting two to show up though." Anankos said sadly, remorse in his eyes.

The way he said it, there was originally only supposed to be one of them? I was surprised when I heard this. Even more surprised when I heard that he doesn't go by Luke anymore, I could only wonder: why?

As if reading my very thoughts, Anankos spoke up. "If you're wondering why he cannot go by Luke anymore, it was in order to protect him in the long run. Do you remember Severa, Inigo, and Owain? Both his and your case are similar to their own, though they didn't die like you two did."

"It's unfortunate that my other half wanted you two dead." Anankos continued.

"But why would he even want both me and Luke dead? I don't remember doing anything that could bring his attention to me." I responded

Before Anankos could speak, Naga herself spoke up. "That's because you're not originally from Earth, but from Valla itself. In your original world, your parents sent you here through a portal when Anankos massacred everyone, however it seems that you still ended up dying either way."

Now THIS was a real shocker. I was originally from Valla and not Earth? My mind swirled with so many questions with little to no answers. After a while, I gave up and said, "So how are we gonna do this then?"

Anankos then said, "Well, since you were originally from our world, except another version of it, sending you back won't be a problem, but since my other self will probably recognize you easily, you will need a new name like the three I mentioned earlier." 'In reality, we are just giving you your original looks back, he did travel all throughout different kingdoms in different times protecting the Fire Emblem before Earth after all, even if he doesn't remember it.' Anankos thought to himself.

"Well, that's interesting, but it might be a little weird to get used to." I admitted, slightly nervous.

Naga then seemed to sense something occurring as she closed her eyes in concentration. "Hmm...yet another version of him has fallen. It seems that he has a knack for dying by his own power."

"I see," Anankos replied. "This could possibly work in our favor."

"Um? What are you talking about?" I was genuinely curious.

"Ah, well an idea just recently popped into our heads, that's all, it could make your new identity better. Tell me, have you heard of the Fell Dragon, Grima?"

"Wait, Grima? The Fell Dragon Grima that ruined the Future Past? The one created by that sorcerer guy Forneus?" What does Grima have to do with all of this?

Naga nodded in confirmation "Yes, and it seems that this one that just fell to his avatar actually has some regrets about his actions. Since he feels those, we think he possibly could deserve a second chance at life, not completely though."

"Eh? You wish to revive Grima?"

"Not completely, no. His so-called "regret" might in fact be a trick." Anankos spoke with a slight growl.

Before I could say anything else, Naga spoke up. "Since Dragon Veins are all over the place where you will be going, you will need an edge. This is why we will merge a fraction of Grima's very soul inside of you. It'll be like a test. Should he do everything right, he will have a chance at another life. Though still restricted in a way."

"And don't worry about him taking control of you, he won't be able to with him being just a mere fraction of himself. Plus, you DO want to feel similar to my child, yes? You and Cayden seem to share the same trait of having a crush on my daughter, am I correct?" Anankos said that last part with a supportive smile. Yet it also possessed a small bit of fatherly protection in it.

To my credit, I ONLY blushed a small amount. Plus, I could tell that he actually supported me and Cayden liking her. Albeit, with some reluctance.

"In any case, since you will receive Grima's soul inside of you, you will have the skills known as Shadow Gift, and Ignis, but Ignis won't be able to be used immediately, you will need to become much stronger." Naga said with a small, yet stern look.

"It will make you a Half-Manakete as well, so you will be able to transform if you have the right tools at your disposal," Anankos added "Are you ready?"

I had only one answer for this. "Yes, I'm ready. After all, if not me, then who will?"

As soon as I had said that, I was surrounded by light! It felt warm and soothing, yet powerful and slightly dark as well. Three guesses on whose part that was.

When the light finally vanished, I immediately noticed the difference in my appearance. I noticed that my hair was azure, like Azura's and Shigure's, and I also had pointed ears, my right eye was Crimson Red and the other Emerald Green. I was wearing Robin's Tactician Coat, complete with two tomes and an Iron Sword to complete the look. Finally, I saw the Mark of Grima on my right hand.

"How do you like the Tactician class?" Anankos asked me.

"I do find it well balanced, but why choose that for my class?" I responded, confused.

"You have a knack for strategy, and you have much to learn as well. Strategy can mean life or death in battle." Naga answered sagely.

"Ah, but we still need two more things." Anankos said suddenly.

"And what are those two things?" I asked.

"Well, your new name 'and your previous confidence', for one."After a moment of silence, Anankos then spoke up. "Your new name will be Mark, fitting for a Tactician, no? You'll be just like the Tactician that helped Lady Lyndis back then." 'not going to tell him that he actually was said tactician, he wouldn't even believe me anyway.' Anankos thought.

Naga then spoke up after Anankos was done. "The second gift is one I think you know quite well. Some call it the Gamer Ability. Make sure you use it well. This is also the only way you can speak with Grima as well.

As if I had done it my whole life, I swept down with my marked hand, and a screen popped up.

Class: «Tactician»

Unique skill: Gamer - Can see things in a game-like manner.

Current Skills: Shadowgift, Tactical Guide, Ignis {Currently Unavailable}

HP: 20

Strength: 5

Magic: 7

Skill: 5

Speed: 4

Luck: 2

Defence: 5

Resistance: 4

Asset: Magic

Flaw: Luck

Inventory: Thunder, Flux, Iron Sword, Vulnerary

«Chat w/ Grima»

«Help Section»

Seeing that most of my stats were good and nodding in understanding at my low Luck stat (since I was known for being an unlucky guy), I then saw the Chat w/ Grima option. Seeing no other option, I pushed on it.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" A powerful, booming voice shouted, nearly rupturing my eardrums. It sounded like Grima was yelling directly into my ear.

"Could you please calm down?" I asked.


"You're dead and stuck with me." I said bluntly and with a deadpan face.


Is that silence I hear? ...wait, that was a dumb thing to say.


Nevermind, though I would have liked it if the silence lasted a bit longer

Naga intervened thankfully before things could get worse. "Enough Grima! You must help Mark here for your crimes. We are willing to give you another chance at life if you make up for them, but do NOT cross us or else." Naga said at the end, looking like a big sister scolding a little brother.

"Why am I not surprised that you did something like this my dear sister Naga? Guess I don't have a choice in my condition, so I will accept for now. But I won't just give the boy my power, he must prove worthy of my power, am I clear… Mark?"

"Crystal, but one thing."

"And what's that, little Fleshling?"

"If I find myself in serious trouble, I get the right to use your power freely until the danger is gone and taken care of."

"Fine, but I also deem it when necessary to give it to you as well."

"Fair enough."

"Are you ready now Mark? And you Grima?" Anankos asked.

"With the end of Nohr and Hoshido coming, I feel like someone has to be ready for all of this crazy chaos." I say with a deadpan.

Naga nodded approvingly "Very well said, Fell Blood Prince. Good luck from both of us, now be reborn anew!"

I then shortly lost consciousness afterward.

No P.O.V



"Should we have told him about his twin sister?" Naga asked.

"Nah, he will figure that part out on his own." Anankos said with a mischievous smirk. 'Although I find it weird on how he ended up being a Half-Manakete and his sister isn't even one at all, Grima must have been a part of it at least, considering he has been with him since he was born' Anankos thought to himself

"If you're sure, on another note, I can't help but feel that something bad will happen to him soon, I may need to assist him in the future, however little it may be." Naga said in a worried tone

"Like you're not already helping Cayden, even if that's actually another version of you doing it." Anankos mumbles quietly enough that Naga can not hear him say it.

To Be Continued!

Heya guys! Mark The Gamer of Grima here. Apologies if I made you guys think there was a new chapter, but I've decided to remake the prologue, because why the shell not? After all, it didn't exactly look that good before, so why not make it better, with a few extras that I'm sure some of you noticed. In any case though, I hope you guys enjoyed the changes I made to this chapter, and I hope you follow me through to the end.