Fire Emblem Fates: Gamer of Grima

By, MasterofFates132

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Chapter 1

First Meetings

As soon as I regained consciousness, I heard voices.

"-der. We have to do something!" A feminine voice said.

"Well, what do you propose we do?" A guy's voice said.

"Oh GREAT! Are they seriously saying the same things that the Prince and Princess did to my original avatar when he first woke up?" Grima muttered rhetorically.

'Shut up Grima, I'm trying to focus on waking up completely.' I mentally groaned out; I had a massive headache from Grima's complaining.

"I-I don't know!" As soon as the girl said that, she gasped, seemingly like she noticed me waking up.

"Hey there!" She said with slight excitement and mostly relief.

"There are better places to take a nap then on the ground you know. Here, give me your hand." The man said. I complied immediately, then I was rather quickly put up on my feet. The Mark of Grima on my right hand slightly glowing, but they don't seem to notice it. From the looks of the two I am seeing, they are Xander and Corrin/Kaumi! But what are they doing outside of the Northern Fortress?

"Are you alright?" Corrin/Kamui asked. In order to not be suspicious for knowing Princess Corrin/Kamui, I decided to play dumb.

"Y-yes thank you, but who are you two?" I asked in a rather (convincing) confused tone.

"At least you're not playing the amnesiac card, wait, your going to have to a little bit, aren't you Fleshling?"

'Probably Grima, probably. If I have to explain myself, I'll just say that I have no idea how I got there.' I responded back mentally.

"Ah, yes! My name is Kamui, a Princess of Nohr." Kamui said in a rather cheerful tone for some reason.

"Kamui, you weren't supposed to say that." Xander said with a sigh. "Oh well, no harm in it, I suppose. My name is Xander, Crown Prince of Nohr." Xander said in a firm and strong voice.

"My name is Mark, I am a traveler and tactician-in-training." I said my slightly true backstory

"You do realize that that's EXACTLY what my Avatar said to that stupid prince Chrom, right Fleshling?" Grima growled.

'Oh shut up Grima, your not exactly helping right now.' I mentally shot back.

"Perhaps we could speak more about each other at the Northern Fortress? We can't exactly stay here right now, you never know if bandits will suddenly attack."

"I fully agree with you Prince Xander." I said with a concerned yet serious expression

On the way to the Northern Fortress, something popped into my head. "So, what brings the Prince and Princess of Nohr out here anyway?"

"Well, I was visiting the fortress when I heard that Kamui had once again snuck out, so I went out to find her, and when I did, she was hovering over you. Why she was doing so, I do not know." Xander said with a slight scowl, while Kamui looked sheepish at this fact.

I then spotted bandits up ahead. "Oh great, bandits, just what we needed." I said with a deadpan expression.

"Hmm, but still rather convenient. Mark, was it? I would like to see how you fare in battle, I will help out when necessary." Leaving a group of bandits up to me? Either he believes in me too much, or he doesn't think I will make it.

"You don't have anything to worry about Fleshling, if you can't even do this, then you're too weak to even be considered my Avatar."

'Wow...way to put pressure on me Grima!' I shouted in my mind.

"You're welcome." Grima said with what I presumed was a fanged smile.

"Oi, lookee here lads, looks like we got some royals here to have fun with, hows about we take everything they got?!" The bandit leader spotted us, and falsely identified us as easy targets.

I stepped forward, causing the bandits to freeze before their laughter fills the air.

"Ha! This brat actually thinks he can take us on? Well then, guess we'll kill him first then take everything he owns!"

I'll admit, I was a little nervous. After all, this would be my first real battle, and all of the times I played sword fighting games won't exactly help me here.

When the first bandit approached me, I was able to see his stats.

{Johnson/Fighter Lvl 1}

[HP: 18, STR: 6, DEF: 3]

[Weapon: Bronze Axe- MT 6]

Well, this might actually be a little harder than I thought. But, I believe I can handle it...

The Fighter then lunged at me, causing me to dodge out of the way, the strange part was that I wasn't thinking about dodging at that time...

"Grr, slippery little bugger, ain't ya? No matter, your still going to die!" The Fighter yells out like its actually a fact.

"Do you really think it will be THAT easy? Think again!" I yelled while drawing my Iron Sword.

I swung and hit him right in the arm, dealing about 10 points of damage.

"Gah! Oi! Quit skimping around and just let me hit you!" He yells enraged, and charges at me.

He manages to get a hit on my leg, dealing 7 damage to me. By Naga! That hurts!

[Mark Lvl 1]

[HP: 20, STR: 5, DEF: 5]

[Weapon: Iron Sword- MT 6]

[-7 HP] [13 HP left]

"So you got a hit on me, huh? Well, don't think that this is over yet!" I shouted. I then swung again and managed to slice off his head, finishing him off.

+30 EXP gained, said a pop-up screen that appeared when I killed him...I seem to be taking the fact that I killed someone rather well, which kinda worries me; I'll have to ask Grima about that part later

"Huh, looks like the lad here is tougher than we thought. Oi! You two, stay out of this fight! I wanna fight 'em alone." The Mercenary commanded with a confident yet arrogant tone.

This surprised me, and evidently, the other fighters as well. I decided to look at his stats, just to be safe.

[Varrick] [Mercenary]

[HP: 15, STR: 3, DEF: 3]

[Weapon: Iron Sword- MT 6]

As soon as I finished looking at his stats, he then lunged at me. I was barely able to avoid his attack.

I decided it would be a good idea to switch to my thunder tome, while it was low on might, it could still pack quite a punch.

As soon as I was done switching, however, I noticed that he was trying to attack Kamui, but I got in the way of the attack. He thus managed to hit me in the chest, causing a chunk of 12 Damage.

Urg, I only have 1 HP remaining, I have to make this count! I then spun around and saw a flash at my arm, signifying a critical strike…

"Time to tip the scales!" I shouted a line I wasn't expecting, nor was even trying to say. The attack dealt a total of 30 damage, burning him into a crisp immediately.

[Boss Enemy Defeated!] +100 EXP

Level up!

HP: +1

STR: +1

MAG: +1

SKL: +1

SPD: +1

LCK: +0

DEF: +0

RES: +0

Wow...for my first level up, I actually got a pretty good one.

" *coughs blood* this brat?" The Mercenary gasped out, which was surprising considering the state he was in; he soon died. I then noticed that Xander had taken out the other bandits while we were fighting, whilst Kamui looked shocked that I had managed to take him out alone, with one hit as well.

She quickly noticed that I was heavily injured. "Oh no! Are you okay Mark!?" I heard her say, but I was quickly losing consciousness, so I wasn't able to really answer her.

Mindscape of Mark

Hmm? Where am I now? I was certain I was near Xander and Kam- oh, I see, I must have fallen unconscious as soon as I killed the bandit leader.

Looking around, I realized that this place looked a lot like the place where I met Anankos and Naga. It also reminded me of a certain ninja that had a demon beast inside of him and could often talk to said demon inside of his mind.

"How long will it take you to figure it out Fleshling?" Grima said out of nowhere.

I didn't scream, but I did jump up almost as high as a cat would. "Really Grima? What was that for!?"

"Hmph!" Grima snorted like it was no big deal to him, but I could see that he enjoyed my reaction. "Never mind that Fleshling, I brought you here for a reason."

"And what would that 'reason' be?" I asked, I was getting a little impatient.

"Geez, no need to rush." Grima grumbled, then continued. "You have met the Prince and Princess of Nohr, but what will happen when Kamui's siblings question you? What will you do if she makes the wrong choices? The future is not set in stone in this world Fleshling. You have another thing coming if you expect things will go your way. So I ask this of you, what will you do exactly?"

As much as I hated to admit it, he was right, I hadn't thought about any of that yet, but I must not doubt myself. Whenever I start on a new path, there's no turning back for me. I have always been like that.

After finishing this thought, I said what was on my mind to Grima. "Look, we may be new to a place like this, but we must remember that I was apparently born in the "Lost Kingdom", and I have my plans as well, the only thing I ask for right now, is your trust."

After a moment of silence, Grima snorted. "Hmph, you have guts Fleshling, I'll give you that. Just remember what I have told you. We are pretty much stuck with one another, and I by no means want to die due to a simple mistake. Now wake up Fleshling, your...crush, is worried.

Before I could do anything, I felt myself waking up and was being surrounded by a white light. Grima then said one last thing that caught my attention.

"Hmm, you really remind me of...him…" Grima mumbled.


Northern Fortress

When I finally came to, I noticed that Kamui was sleeping on a chair. Huh, that's strange, why is she doing that? Then I recalled what happened earlier, maybe she wanted to thank me for saving her from being attacked?

That was when the door suddenly opened, revealing a pink haired maid carrying a tray who looked like she needed a confidence boost. As soon as she closed the door, she tripped (on nothing?) and fell. I luckily managed to catch her in time, along with the tray in my other hand. I then let go of her once she got back on her feet.

"Are you alright?" I asked, concerned.

"Y-yes, thank you, I always seem to trip at the worst moments." Felicia said in a rather saddened and shameful tone.

"Oh, don't think like that, what you should do is think like you can do it, if you do that, you'll find yourself being a lot less clumsy, I swear." I said with confidence and a smile.

"Do you speak from experience, Fleshling?" Grima asked me.

'Huh? No, I don't Grima. I just remembered a few people that have had something similar to this happen before.' I mentally said back to him truthfully.

"Hmm, I think I might try that. Uh, thank you, err, what's your name?" Felicia asked, confused.

"Hmm? They didn't tell you? Oh well, my name is Mark, I am a traveling Tactician, and I also just saved Princess Kamui over there.

"OH! Now I remember!" she shouted as I gave her the tray back.

Reacting to the noise, Kamui woke up, rubbing her eyes. Although, I could see a glint of gratefulness in her eyes at the fact that she wasn't woken up with cold hands from two certain sisters.

As soon as Kamui woke up, Felica sped to her side, and surprisingly, didn't trip. "Lady Kamui, I brought some biscuits and tea as it was Jacob's recommendation, he figured you would be hungry after spending the night here." She said with a happy smile.

"Huh?" she asked oh-so-intelligently. "Oh, thank you Felicia, I'm surprised. You actually came in here silently this time! Ha ha!" Kamui said rather enthusiastically, not knowing she was slightly bringing Felicia down.

I then stepped in before Kamui could do any true damage to Felicia's current confidence.

"Anyway, are you alright, Kamui?" I asked, stepping in.

As soon as she heard my voice, she suddenly jumped up in slight surprise and ran towards me. "I should be asking you that! Are YOU okay? As soon as I saw you take that hit for me, I was worried. What surprised me is that your wounds were completely healed right after the battle ended, not even Elise can heal anyone that quickly!" She exclaimed in amazement.

I chuckled a little after nodding my head. "Yea, I'm okay. And as for my little healing ability, I guess I'm just a special case." I would have to ask Grima about that "healing" ability later.

"Really? I'm glad your okay." Kamui said with a sigh of relief. "Anyway, you were out the whole night, it's already morning." She explained.

"I see." Already knowing where I am, I decided to make a "guess". "I presume that this place is what Prince Xander called, The Northern Fortress?"

"Yup, this is where I live, learn, and train." She said while blushing slightly. I could only wonder why?

"Train? Why train here when there are other places perfect for training?" I asked, pretending to be clueless.

"I don't know how to answer that to be honest. I have lived here my whole life, so I don't know anything about the outside world." she said rather sadly. "But I train so I can become a future Soldier of Nohr alongside my siblings. I've always wanted to see the outside world, and I dearly love my siblings as well. I strive to become strong enough that I don't become a burden, and I also want to impress my Father as well." she said in a rather happy tone for some strange reason.

Oh right, her "Father"... She must mean King Garon. No matter how you look at him, he is completely irredeemable after Anankos took over his mind and made him into a living (yet dead/undead) puppet. Still, I digress. "I doubt you're a burden to your siblings Kamui, they are your siblings, and siblings should always stick together." I said 'even though they are more actually your adopted siblings' I thought the last part in my head.

"Thanks Mark." she smiled sweetly; it looked cute. She then realized something. "Oh! I just remembered, breakfast should be ready soon. My siblings said that they wanted to meet you when you woke up! C'mon!" Kamui began to drag me by my coat.

Well, this is definitely going to be interesting.

To Be Continued!

How do you like Chapter 1? As a note, my chapters will be somewhat similar to "Fire Emblem: Bloodlines" until chapter 21. And I have gotten permission from Antex-The Legendary Zoroark to do so. Hope you liked this chapter, and that you keep reading a new chapter whenever I post them!