Fire Emblem Fates: Gamer of Grima

Chapter 3

Truths Revealed/King of Nohr

After I was made into Kamui's retainer, we talked for a bit, then we both suddenly felt tired and decided to head to bed, with Kamui going back to her room, and myself staying in my room. I was out like a light as soon as I hit the bed, proving just how tired I really was.

After falling asleep, I found myself drawn into the back of my mind yet again. While this is currently only the second time I've been here, the feeling of being weightless and nothing around in sight is quite the sight, ironically.

That's when I noticed that there was some rather heavy breathing going on behind me. I knew it was Grima trying to scare me again, but I was prepared this time. I sighed and said, "Alright Grima, enough with the theatrics. Why exactly did you call me here?"

"Hmph, not bad Fleshling. You actually managed to hold in your fear this time." Grima said. 'Though I must admit I rather liked and preferred your last reaction.' Was what Grima thought."Still though, I'm not as impressed of you as of yet." He stated.

I was curious to say the least. "Why would you want to be impressed of me?" I asked.

"It's pretty simple Fleshling. If you are to prove to be worthy of my power, you need to become a worthy Avatar of my power first and foremost. Just like that foolish family-girl Robin." The venom in his voice was so strong that I swear I could almost taste it.

It makes sense though, Grima was never really known for liking any form of weakness as far as I could recall; I didn't want to leave without a counter though. "Am I correct in assuming that you won't be able to control me if I do end up becoming a worthy Avatar?"

"Foolish boy!" Grima yelled "Did you already forget what Naga said? Even if I really wanted to take your body and mind over, I cannot because I am only a mere fragment of my full self at the moment."

"Then could you please get to the point already!?" Patience was definitely not my strong suit. "Why did you even call me here to begin with? In case you didn't notice already, the plot of Fates is beginning. I need to become stronger so I can protect those that I hold dear to my heart!"

For a moment, there was only silence, then Grima began to laugh. "Haha! Excellent. That's exactly what I wanted to hear." He then turned serious. "If you wish to become strong enough to handle what's ahead, you'll need to access my power as if it were second-nature. And in order to do that, you must become strong. THAT is exactly why I brought you here."

I thought about it for a moment. "What's the catch?"

Grima chuckled "Good, you're learning. What I want in return is to, at the very least, have access to some of your senses. I can't exactly do any of that without you willingly allowing me to at least share your senses. To "sweeten the deal" as a certain sugar loving thief would put it. Perhaps in future battles, I may even be willing to help you more often."

After thinking about it, I decided that there wasn't really any harm in doing that for the time being. "Fine, but if you fall out of line, I WILL revoke that privilege, are we clear?"

Grima did what seems like a smirk "Crystal clear."

When I did give Grima permission to use some of my senses, he then took a form that mirrored my own, to make things a little easier, then I was reminded of something Grima said last time. "By the way Grima, what did you mean when you had said that I reminded you of "him"?"

Grima frowned. "So you heard that? I do not wish to talk about that yet, Fleshling, not until you have earned a bit more of my trust."

I sighed. "Fair enough. Alright, I'll drop it for now. It seems like I'm about to wake up anyway."

After that, my mindscape faded, causing me to wake up.

After waking up, I looked at the corner of my vision to see a small clock at the corner of my vision saying that it was currently 5:00 AM. Seems like a unique ability that comes with being The Gamer. But I digress, I should probably get up now.

However, fate wasn't on my side, as I just realized that I really needed a bath, based on how badly I long was it since I last had a bath anyway? I decided to get someone's attention by knocking on the wall.

After a few minutes, I heard a knock on the door, so I went over and opened it, and was surprised to see that it was Gunter, not that I really showed it. Gunter is an old man who is also Kamui's retainer, teacher, and future, yet temporary, villain in the Revelations route; no part in thanks to Anankos' mostly evil self. His form of possession is reallycreepy now that I think about it. Then again, Grima can sorta do the same thing, but not anymore, as he is just a mere fragment of his former self.

After realizing that I was impolitely staring, I finally spoke up. "Er, I'm sorry about that sir, anyway, do you happen to know where the bathing area is? I'm kind of smelly, and would rather not be in front of the king smelling like this."

"Ah yes." Gunter said. "You must be Kamui's latest retainer, Mark." After saying that, he turned around and said, "Please follow me, and I shall show you where you may get yourself properly prepared."

"Thank you sir." I respond gracefully.

"It's actually Gunter, not 'sir' young man. Calling me as such makes me feel even older than I already am." He said with a small smile, some mild amusement on his face.

"Right, I'll keep that in mind. It's a pleasure to officially meet you Gunter." I then shook one of his hands.

After a while, we then arrived at an area that looked like the bathing area.

"Here we are Mark. The fortress' Bathing Room." Gunter said. "Once you're done, I'll have Felicia come over and guide you to the dining hall where breakfast is currently being made. We will then make our way to Castle Krakenburg."

I nodded in affirmation. "Thank you very much Gunter."

Gunter then smiled again and said, "The door located on the right is the male's section of the baths, and located on the left is for the opposite gender. I highly advise that you don't get mixed up between the two for your own sake." He joked with a hearty laugh.

Slightly blushing on the inside, I smirked. "Don't tempt me." I joked back. We both shared another quick laugh before Gunter left.

After washing myself, I was just beginning to get my clothes on when I heard a knock. "One moment! I'm just about done." I then put on the finishing touch, my cloak, it's strange though, I kinda find myself oddly attached to this thing for some weird reason. Almost as if I have had this thing for my entire life, but that couldn't be it. Could it?

I then walked out to find a scarlet blushing Felicia, who noticed me...why was she blushing anyway? "He-hey there Mark." She stuttered while maintaining the blush. "Ummm… breakfast is now ready. Would you like me to bring you over there?" She said while looking like she has regained some more confidence.

I nodded and said, "That would be very helpful, thank you Felicia." I smiled, not noticing that it made her face even redder, she quickly turned around, attempting to hide her blushing expression...and it thankfully worked in her favor.

"Y-you're most welcome!" She almost shouted, and started to lead me into the dining hall.

In the dining room...

When we arrived at the dining room, the only person in the room was Kamui. "Huh. Strange, where is everyone?" I didn't realize what I had said until Kamui answered me.

"Oh, good morning Mark! Everyone has already finished eating and have decided to meet us back at the stalls with Lilith and Gunter. So we'd better not keep them waiting. Your food is right here, right beside my own." She said with a small blush that went unnoticed by me.

I nodded, went to sit next to her, and started to eat. I then decided that some small talk was necessary. "So Kamui, are you excited for today?" I asked with a smirk.

She smiled that pretty smile of hers and replied, "Of course I am, I can finally leave this fortress and explore the outside world with my beloved siblings."

I nodded. "Just remember Kamui, during my travels, not everything is what things make it out to be. Nothing is ever just black and white."

"Hey Mark, what was your home like before you came here to Nohr?" She asked with a tilted head.

After cleaning my face off from eating my food, I answered her. "Well, when I woke up in that field next to that woman named Robin, whom I think of like a big sister, mind you, I saw a lone man and his sister. I later learned that they were both Prince Chrom and Princess Lissa of the Halidom of Ylisse, which is why I had mentioned that I again woke up to royalty. At some point in time, we ended up going through a total of three wars, one involving Plegia, another involving a country called Valm, and one involving the aftermorementioned dragon."

However, Kamui got curious. "What was this dragon's name? If they're dead, then it should be okay to say its name right?"

I was caught off guard for a moment, and it seemed Grima was as well. 'What should we do Grima?'

"I guess it's fine to tell her my name, there's really no harm in it I suppose." Grima said, actually surprising me.

"A-alright then." I said, visibly startled. "T-the dragon was known as "The Fell Dragon Grima." And Robin had something that, at the time, neither of us ever knew about until later on. It turned out to be a brand known as the 'Fell Brand of Grima.'"

"Is that the same thing that is right there on your right hand? I saw it when I first saw you as well, but I didn't wish to pry." She said, surprising me, as I did not realize that she had seen it.

"Uhh… W-what? I-I've honestly no idea what you're talking about!" I laughed nervously while sweating internally.

Her expression hardens. "You're hiding something from me, aren't you?"

I actually flinched from her expression, and from the loud bang I heard in the back of my mind, it seemed that even Grima got affected by it; enough to summon a wall and bang his head on said wall in annoyance.

"Grr, she's a lot sharper than I originally gave her credit for." Grima felt like cursing out Naga at that particular moment.

"Please tell me, I feel like I can help you if you tell me what's wrong." Her expression softens slightly after saying such.

"T-tell you what? I-I have nothing I need help with!" I panicked, which was a wrong move on my part.

"Please, if you can't do it because you're scared, then at least do it for me? Otherwise, I might have to refrain from talking to you for a long while." She said with a somewhat scary smile. For a moment, it was almost like my world shattered, I think I even heard glass breaking somewhere, kinda like what happened to a certain silver-eyed huntress. I also had the feeling I saw a similar smile once in a certain anime.

"A-alright then, I'll tell you the REAL truth on who I really am, just please understand that some things like my old name, I will need to refrain from saying, for fear of my own life."

Grima scoffed, 'Figures he would talk with a measly threat like that.'

"Eh?" That caught her off guard, "Why would you refuse to share your true name, just because you fear for your life?"

"I will definitely get to that later, but for now, have you ever heard of something called "reincarnation" or at least, being transported from one world to a different world?"

"Well, there IS something called the Dragon's Gate. Is what happened to you kind of similar to that?" she asked in curiosity.

"Kind of. You see, I actually died before coming here," I said with a solemn expression.

Her expression turned into one of shock. "What?! How? If you did die, then how are you here right now?!"

"It is thanks to a Divine Dragon that I know extremely well." I had purposely left out that there was a certain second dragon. She should NOT know about Anankos just yet.

"Wait, I just realized! The way you talk sometimes sounds a bit weird, is it because you were transported from the other world after you died?" She asked, getting over being shocked.

"Yes. You see, I come from a world that uses machinery unlike anything you have ever seen before. And that's saying something, considering all of the swords and magic I see used here in this world. We didn't even have magic back in that world at all."

Confusion settled in on her face. "Eh? Machinery? Zero magic? What's next? Did you guys somehow manage to leave your planet?!" Silence (along with a dry expression) was my response. "Wait, that ACTUALLY did happen?!" I nodded. "How can you even use magic anyway, if you come from a world without it?"

I shrugged. "It's probably because I was originally born in this world. That surprised me as well, but anything is possible I guess, right?"

"But back to the main topic. Due to there being a variety of machinery being made, eventually someone made a machine mainly for the usage of entertainment, something people in the world I lived in call "Video Games", and those who play a lot of Video Games, tend to call themselves "Gamers".

"What's a 'Video Game?'" she asked with a look of curiosity while leaning forward, causing me to blush at her close proximity.

"T-think of it as a way we can peer into other worlds, except that we can control what is essentially the Main Character."

She got curious, "Control in what way?"

My response was, "We could basically control almost every action that they took, but for games that require strategy, sometimes you were limited to only move everyone that was on your side of battle. However, I have a more...unique ability that not a lot of people from the world I lived in get the honor of getting. It's called, "The Gamer". It essentially makes you live out your life as if it were an actual video game, which is the reason why my wounds healed so quickly after my first battle. Also, the very first Gamer was someone named Han Jee-Han.

"Wait, are you saying you can see things that normal people can't see?" she said.

"Yes, I can see someone's "Level", or how strong they are currently, along with their "Stats" which is what determines certain things. But I wont get into that right now, we should probably just skip ahead to how I died, right?"

She nodded, although rather reluctantly. "Um...okay. H-how did you die anyway?"

"I was just walking home when I saw someone who I had always wanted to be friends with. Who's name I will ALSO be sure to not mention right now. Unfortunately, he was going to a really bad part of town due to the rain, so I followed him to see if I could help. I lost him though when he went to duck under a bridge from the downpour of rain. When I had finally found him again, I had arrived only in time to see him get stabbed in the chest, and before I could even react, the one that stabbed him had done the same to me."

Grima then interjected before I could continue. "I don't recommend telling her the creature's name Fleshling, who knows what exactly will happen if you do."

After a small pause, I then finished. "When I came back to consciousness, I was in some sort of black void. In it, was a stunningly beautiful woman who introduced herself as the Divine Dragon: Naga." Kamui didn't seem to like my description of Naga, but I didn't really notice. "She had told me something rather shocking. Even though I have lived there for most of my life, it seems I was originally born in this world before. And since it wasn't my fate to die there, I was given this second chance, this ability, and sent back to this world. That's when I had woken up to an oddly familiar scene. That thus ends my true story."

"That's...quite a lot to take in. Although I was a little surprised that you were born in this world as well. I'm assuming that you don't even know how you got there to begin with?" A shake of my head was my only response. "I figured as much. You could've been really young back then."

"Hey Kamui, could you promise me something?" I asked hesitantly.

"Uh, sure?" she answered, unsure.

"Can you please promise not to tell anyone else about this? If anyone else were to find out about this, I really fear what may happen to me, and possibly, you."

She blushed at that. "I-is it really that serious?" She asked.

"VERY much so." I answered, my head lowered, and a shadow over my eyes.

Her gaze softened, and she replied, "I promise not to tell anyone about this, not even if something happens to you. The fact that you even told me any of this at all actually means a lot to me." 'Even though I had to threaten it out of you' She thought with a sweatdrop. "Seeing as we have both finished eating, shall we head outside to the stables?"

"Sure, I don't think we should keep them waiting any longer." I said, smiling back.

She then grabbed my hand and started to drag me out of the room towards the stables. 'I have a big feeling that this will become a private joke between the two of us.' I thought with a deadpan mental expression.

'Well, I for one would love to continue seeing this.'Grima thought, silently chuckling in dark amusement. Who could blame the dragon? He hasn't had enough entertainment as repeatedly annihilating humanity can get boring after a while, apparently.

Northern Fortress Stables

When Kamui finally let me back on my own two feet, we were already at the stables, I could already feel another overprotective glare coming from Camilla. Why me…? And why does this seem familiar? I'm seriously getting a serious case of Deja Vu.

Lillith then approached us both. "I am so happy for you Lady Kamui!" She said with a small smile. "I heard that you can finally leave the fortress. You must be really happy huh?."

Kamui nodded and said, "I know. But what are you doing here Lilith?"

Lilith giggled and replied, "Gunter asked me to come along with you to the capital so I can look after your horses and make sure they're taken care of."

Kamui gave a grateful smile and patted Lilith on the shoulder. "That's good to hear Lilith! I'd really miss you if you weren't coming along as well. You've been like a little sister to me." At the end of Kamui's sentence, Lilith could only give a grateful smile at her liege's kind words along with a slight blush. Oh... if only you truly knew Kamui.

Xander then interrupted their small talk and authoritatively asked, "Lilith, are the horses now ready? Father will not want us to waste too much time. He doesn't like to be kept waiting for long."

After quickly composing herself, Lilith spoke, "Yes Milord. Everything is ready, and even the horses seem excited for the upcoming trip!" She then turned to Kamui and said, "All of them are truly very fond of you Milady. Most likely from all of your time bonding with them at the stables."

Kamui could only smile while Camilla chuckled in agreement. "That is very true!" She said, "Dear Kamui does indeed love animals. She can be so kind hearted to them. Why, I even remember that she even nursed a beautiful injured bird back to health that one time!"

At Lilith's slight blush, I could tell that she was thinking back on the day she first met Kamui.

'What was she even doing there that day anyway? And how did they mistake her for a bird?!' I thought to myself, the game never really explained that part. Bad game mechanics I guess.

Kamui, proving that she can be sharp occasionally like earlier, almost immediately noticed Lilith's nervous expression and said, "Are you alright Lilith? Is something wrong?"

Lilith merely sighed and shook her head in response, her blush fading from her face. "No. I'm fine. Thank you for worrying about me though Milady." She then faked a smile to ease Kamui's concern, and thanks to her, and I guess mine as well, liege's naivety, she bought it.

"Hee hee! You've always been very fond of Kamui, haven't you Lilith?" Elise said with a cheerful smile and with a teasing tone. I decided to intervene on Lilith's behalf.

"Um...Lady Elise? While I'm sureit's fun to tease Lilith, could you try not to? She's getting a bit embarrassed. We should also head out soon.¨ I said a bit dryly, causing Lilith to nod and gratefully make a small thank you gesture at me before fading back to normal.

Elise pouted at me. Unfortunately for her though, her puppy dog eye trick won't work on me. It will only work on me if it came from either Kamui, or a certain silver-eyed scythe-wielding Huntress.

"Aw c'mon! I was just having a little fun…" Elise thankfully relented though.

I then flashed Lilith a quick smile, but something curious happened, she began to pale. It was almost as if she saw a ghost, I could even see tears in her eyes as she looked away...I might need to confront her about that after we begin our journey.

Xander then interrupted with a cough. "As gripping as this all is, we should be on our way. We mustn't keep Father waiting."

Everyone else quickly agreed and while we all got our things packed, which wasn't much in my case. Considering all I had were the clothes on my back along with a sword and two tomes. Gunter then turned to Felicia and Flora. "Flora and Felicia, you two shall remain here and watch over the fortress. Jakob and I will accompany Lady Kamui."

Jakob quickly walked over to Gunter's side and said, "Be sure to take care of everything! I want everything spotless if Kamui plans to come back in the future." He then turned to Felicia. "Especially you, Felicia, no tripping now."

Felicia immediately had a cloud of depression over her head, while Flora gave a harsh glare at Jakob.

"Jakob!" She tried to berate him, but he was already walking away.

Flora quickly cheered Felicia up and started to wave at us. "Safe journey Lady Kamui!" They said in unison.

Felicia then turned to me and said, "Oh! And um… the same to you as well Mark!"

I gave her a thumbs up, and also gave Flora a smile that said to make sure Felicia keeps up her work using positive reinforcement, to which Flora nodded in agreement. She then gained a small blush alongside her sister, but I didn't notice, due to me facing away from them.

Kamui then walked up to them and gave them a hug. "Thank you. I hope to see you both again soon, hopefully not here though in the future!" The three good friends then laughed.

After just a bit more chatting, we all departed on our horses, Kamui and I were in the carriage (which had Lilith at the front with the horses' reins), along with Xander, Leo and Elise on their own horses, though Elise's was more of a pony. To complete the group, Camilla was riding on her "darling" wyvern Marziah. Her words. Not mine.

You know...I can't help but have a bad feeling about this…

After an hour passed.

After a little while, Kamui started fidgeting, so I talked to her, "Nervous much?"

"Oh! U-um, yes!" She responded hastily. "Is that a bad thing Mark?"

I shook my head and said, "Fear only proves that you're human, it's a natural thing, anyone who says otherwise is a fool." I sagely advised.

"Thanks Mark!" She smiled at me.

"Hmm…" I adopted a thinking pose, remembering something.

"Eh? Is something wrong Mark?" Kamui said, a little worried.

"No, nothing is, I'm just going to talk to Lilith about something real quick, ok?" I said.

"Oh, that's fine, I think I'm going to take a small nap real quick, that way I am refreshed when we get there. That talk we had earlier took a lot out of me after all." She responded with a yawn.

"Alright Kamui, I'll see you in a bit." I say as I get up and head to the front of the Carriage.

After stealthily making my way to the front, I say this, "Is this seat taken?"

Lilith jumped, with a small gasp, and said, "M-Mark? N-no! Of Course not! Go ahead and sit here!" She said nervously.

I sit next to her, and ask my question. "So, is there any reason why you paled when I gave you that smile earlier?"

She gasped again. "Y-you caught that?"

"Well, I wouldn't be a good tactician if I wasn't observant of my surroundings, that includes reading people's faces." Was my response. Elsewhere, certain girls sneezed all of a sudden, Lilith included, but it was quiet enough that I didn't notice it.

"I-I see, well, I guess I can't hide this now that you have seen that. You see, I have seen you when you were younger, but I thought you had died." 'Why did I sneeze, was it what Mark just said?' Was what Lilith thought.

"What do you mean?" I asked, tilting my head.

"Well…when we were younger, I may have been forced to try to kill your family…" She says quietly.

My eyes are covered in shadows as I say, "Does it have anything to do with a "Lost Kingdom" and "You-Know-Who"?"

That caught her by surprise. "Wha-? H-how do you know about that? I didn't think anyone else even knew about it until now!" She shouted in a way that no one else heard.

"That's not important, what's important is that I won't hold what you did against you, after all, you most likely had almost no control over your body, right?"

She nods. "Right, it was a few years later when I finally became free."

"Then you really have nothing to worry about!" I say with a smile. Which causes her to blush, but went unnoticed by me.

"Oh! And one more thing, Lilith?" I prepare to ask something I had on my mind for a while

"What do you need Milord?" She answers back, blush deepening, but I still didn't notice

"Milord? Whatever, I can worry about that later, I was wondering that since you have seen me in the past, do I happen to look any different aside from my age? Like, at all?" I ask seriously.

"Hmm, no, I see no differences, the eyes, the ears, and even that strange mark on your hand was all there when I first saw you." She replied in a recalling manner.

I was shocked, and if that sudden bang was to mean anything, then so was Grima, enough that he fell on his face anime style.

"I-I see… I'm gonna think about this for a while, see you later Lilith." I say in a rushing manner.

"Uhh, sure?" She says, confused.

'No way! If I look exactly the same as I did back then, then that means I was always a Half-Manakeke!' I think really fast.

"And not only that Fleshling, It seems that I was with you the entire time as well! How that came to be, I have no idea." Grima said.'Since no doubt my future self back then SHOULD have sensed the fragment of our soul in you.' Grima thought to himself.

'The changing of my appearance originally must have been because of the world I was in before, there wasn't anything like dragons that actually existed after all.' I think, calming down a little.

"I think that's the best we can get right now Fleshling. Any more thinking, and who knows what will happen!" Grima says, trying to change the subject.

'Your right, whew, is it just me, or am I feeling light headed? I think I should ask Xander if we can take a quick break' I say, after which, I suddenly start panting, and start to make my way to Xander on foot.

Once I reach him, I ask, "Excuse me, Prince Xander? Do you think it would be alright if we took a break right now?" I ask, slightly panting

"Hmm? Why do you want a break? Ahh, I see, you look rather pale, and if the panting is anything to go by, you might have gotten sick somehow. Very well, we shall take a short break so that we can try to help you."

"T-thank you, Prince Xander." I say gratefully.

"You can just call me Xander when there are no Guards around, the same goes with the rest of my siblings." He points out.

We then stopped for a little break, and everyone came to me to find out what's wrong, and why I suddenly don't feel good.

"Are you ok, dear Mark? You don't look so good!" Camilla says, with a surprising amount of worry for me.

"I… have no… idea, what I… do kn-GAH!" I felt a sharp pain in my head, and then there was darkness.

Unknown P.O.V

Off in the distance, Five figures watch carefully as Mark falls unconscious. All of them have a worried expression on their faces, but otherwise don't move to help.

"Shouldn't we try to help him? It's pretty obvious that something like this wasn't supposed to happen." The one wearing mostly white asks. Most of her hair is snow white. She is wearing white dress, sorry, combat skirt, white shirt, white stockings, and white boots. The only piece of clothing on her that isn't white is her scarf, which is black, and has the symbol of a snowflake, and a strange symbol with six eyes.

"As much as I agree with you Snow, we can't intervene just yet, they will get suspicious if some strangers just come up to them, saying that they are there to help directly after the incident occurs." The one wearing a red cape answers the now named Snow. Most of her hair is black with rid tips. Most of her clothing is a mix of red and black, the only thing that isn't red or black is her shoes, which are blue and white respectively, one of them has a red rose symbol on it, and the other has that same six eyed symbol.

"Sapphire is right, Snow, plus, we can't risk changing anything just yet, even if he is important to us." the one wearing black and white said. Most of her hair is black. She has Feline ears and a tail. The thing that stands out on her outfit is the bow she wears on her head to hide her ears when necessary, it has a emblem of a black flower, and the same six eyed emblem as well.

"Even I know that, and I'm probably the most impatient person here." 'And that's saying something, all of us here are impatient.' "After all, I just go charging right into the enemy lines, especially when someone touches my hair. But I digress, Cherry seems to agree as well." Said the girl who seems to like the color yellow. Her "Precious" hair is mostly blond. Most of her clothes, while they are brown, match up with her hair color. the only thing that doesn't match is her gloves, which are purple, one has the emblem of a fiery heart, the other has the six-eyed symbol.

The girl that was called out, Cherry, just pulled out a sign that said, "I Agree alright Diamond, doesn't mean I have to like it." Cherry's outfit seems to make her look a bit like a certain type of ice cream. She is mute, and also has mostly brown and pink hair. What's unique about her is her white coat, which is too big for her, as if someone had given her their coat as a gift, or memento. Sewn into the back of the coat is a symbol that has 4 different colors, white, brown, pink, and black, and just below it is, again, the six-eyed symbol.

For a moment, all of them just stood there, it's almost as if something is talking to them, then, Sapphire says, "They're right, even if we did help, the moment we get close, HE could sense that somethings up, so right now, we should stay away and watch from a distance, at least until he goes through the dragon's gate to go and find THEM."

At the mention of THEM, their eyes went downcast for a moment. Sapphire then perked up and said, "Well, we probably shouldn't keep Ebon and Jade waiting, who knows what happens when our sisters are left alone for too long."

They all chuckled, some crazy stuff had happened the last time they left them alone for an hour, a food fight had somehow broken out, leaving food all over the place.

As they were leaving, some things that were not noticed before were now completely visible. All of them shared these five things. They all appeared to be shimmering, as if something shiny was on them. They all had a streak of azure somewhere on their hair. They all have pointed ears, almost as if they were not completely human. All of them had at least one crimson eye, one had a blue eye to go with it, another had an amber eye, the next one had an Lilac eye, one could change the eye colors whenever, but prefers to keep at least one of them crimson, and the last one had one silver eye.

As for the final thing they all have in common? They all have a very familiar Mark on their right hand.

Marks Mindscape


That's all I could feel when I woke up here. My mind is a little fuzzy as well, just what happened to me anyway?

"What happened to you Fleshling, was that someone somehow managed to destroy most of your memories with what is most likely a forbidden spell! You're lucky I managed to save a few of them, or you would be completely Amnesiac!" Grima said with a snort, practically asking for worship.

"Huh? I was hit by a forbidden spell? Sorry, I'm still a little fuzzy here, so what memories did you manage to save?" I asked, surprising myself about how calm I am about this.

Grima, not fazed by how calm I am, continues, "I managed to save the entire "storyline" of this place, a few vague memories about some people fighting weird black and boney creatures, said creatures would probably be trounced by my risen. The memories of those people and those strange creatures will probably be fully restored, given enough time. I also found a memory about someone named "Cayden"."

That name definitely sounded familiar, "Cay...den?"

"Yes, I don't know who he is, but the memory of him was one of the ones that managed to last long enough for me to keep safe." Grima said, thinking

"Ahh yes, I also found something else of interest, I managed to find a Bond that nobody can remove no matter how hard they try, and for some reason, I'm getting the feeling that we REALLY need to go to Hoshido as fast as possible because of this Bond, but we need to stick with that princess for the time being."

"A...Bond?" I reach out to touch it, and a warm light envelops me, waking me up.

A few minutes away from Castle Krakenburg

When I woke up, I immediately was surrounded by hugs, it seems that we had moved just a bit farther while I was out, and when they noticed me about to wake up, they crowded around me, only to hug me when I did wake up.

"C-cant breath!" I squirm, trying to break free from all of the girls hugging me.

"A-are you alright Mark? You had us all worried!" Kamui asks, her worried expression turning into one of relief.

"I'm fine for the most part, it's what's inside that hurts, I think that might have been a spell that knocked me out." I say with gritted teeth.

"What makes you say that Milord?" Lilith asks with a slight blush.

"Because whatever hit me destroyed most of my memories! I can't remember anything before I was woken up for the first time by Kamui and Xander!" I just barely managed to contain a shout.

Everyone was understandably shocked, a memory wiping spell is one of the forbidden types of spells that must NEVER be used, to have one used on a friend would be bad, even more so if you experience it yourself.

"A-a memory wiping spell?! Those things haven't been seen in centuries! And even then, they are completely forbidden! Only someone truly evil can even THINK to ignore that rule. I need to study this as soon as possible." Leo muttered at the end.

I sighed. "In anycase, as much as I don't like the fact that most of my memories have been destroyed, we REALLY need to get going, I'm pretty sure we've kept King Garon waiting long enough. And let's try to keep the usage of a forbidden spell under wraps for the time being, for one, we don't even know who used it, and it would cause unnecessary panic all around." I say, we really need to move along.

"I don't like the situation at all either Mark, but I agree with you completely on both points, come on everyone! We are almost at the castle!" Xander says in a commanding tone.

'Grima is right, I REALLY need to head to Hoshido as fast as possible!'

Inside the castle throne room

Here we are, we are all kneeling before King Garon, he has as much of a terrifying presence in person as I expected.

King Garon grunted, and we all stood up. He then looked towards Kamui and said, "I see you've made it here safely have come a long way."

In response, Kamui nodded dumbly, "Yes Father. It has been a long time since I've wished to see you and visit Castle Krakenburg again." She then looked towards the ceiling, Lost in thoughts. "I feel like I'm dreaming…"

I unfortunately had zoned out for most of the conversation after that. Seems like I'm still feeling some of the spells effects. I was snapped out of it when Garon summoned the sword that kills Mikoto later. I have no idea why, but I feel attracted to this sword. I managed to resist moving forward, but why was I attracted to it?

Garon got our attention and said, "This blade is known as Ganglari, a sword infused with powerful magic from another world. With this sword at your side, you will crush the Hoshiden army with ease." He proclaimed.

"Thank you for the generous gift Father." Kamui said with a bow.

I managed to hear Xander mutter, "Hmm, generous indeed."

"Now," Garon began, "Let us see you put that sword to its proper use." He then turns to a guard and says, "Bring out the prisoners!"

The guard that Garon called out looked like a Nohrian lancer, he said, "Yes sire!" And walked in the direction where I assume Rinkah and Kaze are being held, I make sure not to show any emotion on my face.

Kamui looked confused, "Prisoners?" she asked, before we heard voices down the hall.

"Lemme go you Nohrian scum!" A woman with dark skin and an oni mask said. She wears what looks like an outfit from a flame tribe. The other prisoner looked like a ninja, and had a calm expression. They also seemed to have a few Hosiden samurai as well.

"Rinkah…just stop. It's not like they are going to let you go with you constantly kicking and screaming. We need to be patient for now." he calmly advised.

Rinkah growled a bit, but nodded in acceptance. Though she did give us a dark glare when she saw us.

They were then led to an arena, uncuffed, and left to watch as a barrier came up, someone tossed their weapons to them as well.

Garon said, "These are prisoners from our most recent skirmish with Hoshido. I want to see your power with my own eyes. Use the sword I gave you to strike them down." he said, an evil grin forming.

Jacob and Gunter went to join Kamui, but Garon stopped Gunter. "Hold Gunter." He said, with eyes that was just saying he had an idea. "I already know your strengths as does Kamui. However, I've yet to see this boy's own." He turned to me, and I was trying my hardest not to show fear. "Mark, was it?"

"Yes my king?" I just barely managed to avoid stuttering.

"As one of Kamui's retainers, you are to join her and Jacob in this fight. Show me your strength and prove your loyalty as a retainer to my...daughter." he said, while stopping slightly at the end, it's almost like he spat out the word "daughter", I wonder…

I then bowed and said, "As you say, my king." I walked to Kamui's left, Jacob was on her right.

I then jokingly bowed to Kamui to ease the tension a little bit. "Milady? Shall we start so we can please your Father with this fight?" She gave me a thankful smile and nodded.

"Yes." she said. "Are you two ready?" She asked Jacob and I, we both nodded. "Then let's begin!"

Our two main opponents glanced/glared at us, and Rinkah spoke first. "I am Rinkah, Daughter of the Flame Tribes honorable chieftain! What is your name, Nohrian Princess?"

Kamui was taken aback slightly, but replied with, "I am Kamui."

Kaze then gave a small gasp in surprise and slight hope. "Kamui...can it be?" He looked closer to confirm his suspicions.

"Huh?" Kamui was confused as to why Kaze was stareing to intently at her. "Have you heard of me?"

Kaze seemed to have found what he was looking for, as he closed his eyes with a calm and neutral expression. "...I am Kaze, a ninja of Hoshido. Show me what you can do." He then gave a hardened look, suppressing all emotions.

Then Rinkah surprised me by addressing me as well. "And what about you, mister cloak? You dont look like you're from around here." She said.

I might have slightly flinched when she said that, but then I responded with, "I am a wandering Tactician, you may call me Mark."

What surprised me even more, is that Kaze reacted to my name as well, raising an eyebrow. "Mark? Hmm, from what I've heard about you from her, you are definitely him. But according to her,, that's not important right now."

"Eh?" I couldn't hide my confusion.

Garon then gave the command, "Kill them all!" And then the battle started. I sighed and thought ' goes nothing!'

...Although, for some reason, I feel three gazes focused on me, coming from the stands, but it's probably it?



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