In which Pit and Pittoo hang out with two animals.

-its like ripping off a band-aid-

It was another normal night for the residents of the giant floating temple in the skies. Palutena, the goddess of light rested in her private quarters. Pit, her loyal captain of the guard slept in his unusually large room, and the centurion army who were supposed to be taking shifts guarding the temple all slept peacefully in their barracks.

This was the land known as, Skyworld.

Sometimes called Angel Land but that doesn't matter right now.

What does matter is that it had been a long seven years since a large catastrophic event had shaken it to its very core. Leaving it a shadow of its heavenly former self. It had taken the Goddess Palutena, her captain; Pit, and hundreds of Centurions quite a while to fix it up. It finally seemed to be back to its old state. Sure, there were lazily put up columns by Palutena herself that fell once in a while, but what mattered is that it looked good.

Or at least good enough to pretend nothing of note had happened.

While there were some areas of Skyworld that would never truly recover, Palutena held firm that given enough time and carefulness as to not break anything else. Skyworld would be back to 100% in no tim-


...oh dear.

-Pittoo crashes the party-

A large crash sounded deep within Palutena's temple, the source coming from within Pit's private quarters. There amidst shards of broken glass and hidden by the darkness of the room was the culprit himself, Dark Pit.

Thankfully for him he seemed to be relatively unharmed. Unlike the window he had just crashed through.

"Hey Pittoo!" Viridi yelled at the unmoving body of Dark Pit. "Hey! Dark! Pit! I'm not paying you to nap on the ground! You've got a job to do! So get up and get going!"

Dark pit, of course was fine.

It was just fun for him to push Viridi's buttons like that. However, once Viridis voice raised above two octaves of her normal voice he knew it was time to get up.

"I think now is an appropriate time to remind you that I don't work for you." Dark Pit, newest member of the Forces of Nature said lifting himself up from lying on Pit's rainbow rug.

Viridi scoffed, "Oh? Well then I must have missed the memo where; living in my domain, eating my food, and having me grant you the power of flight DOESNT COUNT AS WORKING FOR ME!" Dark Pit could practically hear her stomping her foot in anger. He must have really upset her now.

"Okay." Viridi sighed, "We can sort this out later. Right now we need to focus on the mission. I know I briefed you on it before you left, but I KNOW you weren't listening so listen up!" Dark Pit rolled his eyes and in fact did not listen up. Instead he looked over to one of the walls in Pit's room in a vain attempt to tune Viridi out. It didn't do much to lift his mood since the wall was decorated in childish drawings of the Goddess of Light herself. Most likely drawn by Pit.

No, most definitely drawn by Pit.

He visibly grimaced. Unknowingly letting Viridi know that he wasn't listening at all. "H-Hey?! Have you been listening to anything I've said?!" She said slamming her staff down. Dark Pit could swear he could have heard it even without the telepathy.

"Nope." Sometimes it was the simplest answer that set her off. "Why? Did you say something important?"

"YOU LITTLE-" Viridi let out a loud groan, it might have well been a signature of hers by now. "OKAY. Let's try this, AGAIN." Dark Pit made sure to listen to at least half of the instructions this time. The less time he had to spend here the better after all.

Especially now that he noticed the collection of hand sown Palutena dolls eyeing him from the corner of the room.


-tactical Pittoo espionage-

"Get in. Take back Phos, Lux and the Lightning Chariot without letting Palutena, Pit, or the Centurions find out. Get out. Simple as that!"

Disregarding the fact that NONE of that sounded simple, Dark Pit absolutely hated taking orders from anyone. And taking orders from a God was absolutely infuriating. If it weren't for the fact that Viridi and him had a similar goal in mind he would rather been dead then be where he was right now.

"Simple as that~" he repeated condescendingly to no one but himself. At least Viridi trusted him enough to let him do the job without her help. Or maybe she was just tired? It was 5 in the morning after all.

Stepping outside of the main temple Pittoo couldn't help thinking if she was just tired of dealing with him. Ideally that would have been the best scenario for him. Have a Goddess that gave him the Power of Flight whenever he wanted, and she would leave him alone and let him do whatever he wanted. It kinda stung though, being ignored. Even if he knew it didn't make any sense for him to feel that way.

Wait. No. No it didn't. Nuh-uh!

Shaking his head, Dark Pit wandered into what seemed to be a courtyard. Still thinking to himself, he knew he shouldn't have taken this mission from Viridi so easily.

All it had taken was for Viridi to approach him during dinner and hold his dessert hostage until he agreed to go. Though really, what did he expect from a Goddess, for them to play fair? He knew he had to be smarter than them, he couldn't risk turning into a puppet like Pit was. Always ready to serve his goddess at the drop of her stupid silly tacky crown...thing?

Approaching what seemed to be a stable, he decided that once he got back to Viridi's domain he would totally just refuse to talk with her. That'll show her.

He didn't get a chance to think of what exactly it would show her because as soon as he opened the stable doors there as planned was both Phos and Lux.

What he didn't expect to see was his twin, Pit with a basket full of sandwiches.

-are phos and lux horses or unicorns? easy answer; both-

"Hey Pittoo!" Pit said waving and dropping his basket of meticulously made little sandwiches. "Opps."

"Puppit." Dark Pit said crossing his arms. The mission had just become a bust, but he couldn't let Pit know that. Pit pouted, picking up the sandwiches he'd so carelessly dropped, "Could you quit calling me that? It's getting really annoying."

"Only if you stop calling me Pittoo."

"But that's your nickname!" Pit answered back with a smile on his face.

"Then there's your answer." Dark Pit eyed the basket where Pit was tossing the now completely ruined sandwiches.

Any reasonable person would have asked the other reasonable person why there were out in a stable at five in the morning with a basket of sandwiches, and why they had decided the best thing to do when dropping said sandwiches was to pick them back up.

But we're talking about Pit and Dark Pit here let's be reasonable.

"So? Any reason why you're not just eating those sandwiches off the ground?" he kicked a sandwich that had landed near his feet over to Pit, along with some dirt. "Viridi told me you're some sort of floor food eating vulture, right?".

It was true that he didn't often listen to her but when it came to info about his twin, he was all ears.

Pit angrily snatched it away and whispered under his breath "I don't eat food off the floor that often..." He picked up the last dirt sandwich and turned to Phos and Lux who Dark Pit had all but forgotten about, ironically.

"And for your information, these aren't all for me!"

-even spiker hair if you can believe it-

Dark Pit witnessed Pit light up as he led Phos and Lux outside. Overcome with excitement he hugged Phos' neck and nuzzled it. Pit's hair immediately spiked up from the electricity coursing through his body as both Phos' and Lux nuzzled him back.

He also dropped his basket of sandwiches.


-based on something I /don't /do with my dog-

Pit placed the basket filled with what now resembled a tossed salad with bread and turkey ham thrown in on a picnic table. "Here Pittoo, you can sit next to me!" he yelled.

Dark Pit looked over from his brooding position beneath a tree to see his twin calling him over to sit from a picnic area that he deduced was put up only recently given what happened to Skyworld just a few years ago.

Deciding that the mission was a bust and that Viridi wasn't going to answer his calls anytime soon, he thought about the pros and cons of accepting an invitation from Pit to sit next to him.

Though, that was before he saw Pit take a chunk of the sandwich salad hand it over to both Phos and Lux who bit into it then take a bite out of it himself.

Over and over. Pit couldn't for the life of him figure out why Pittoo suddenly looked so excited to sit down next to him.

Or why he was laughing so hard.

-taboo "fo...two of a kind"-

Pit took a bite of the last piece of bread he had just handed over to Lux and sighed, "You know Pittoo, I wish I could spend more time relaxing here." Dark Pit paused a chuckle to answer him, "Then just do that."

Pit gulped, " I-I would...but I have to report to Lady Palutena in an hour. Then I have to help with breakfast. Then I have to clean around the temple. Then-" Dark Pit had heard enough and interrupted him, "Okay! I got it! Geez Puppit."

He had it worse than Pittoo thought.

"It's not like I mind doing all that for Lady Palutena! Serving her gives my life purpose!"

"Sounds like something a mindless puppet would say"

Pit shot a glare at Dark Pit. He knew deep down that Pittoo didn't mean those things, he was just saying that to mess with him. And it worked. Every time.

He conceded, placing the nearly empty basket on the grass. Pit stood up and leaned on Lux, his hair spiking up again but not nearly as bad as before. "You know what would make things so much easier? If there were two of me." he said answering his own ironic question.

What followed was a minute of silence, save for the munching of the leftover lettuce being eaten by Phos and Lux.

"...Oh! Wait a min-!"

"Not on our lives."

-up in the air without a saddle-

Pit and Dark Pit watched from the bench as Phos and Lux flew by for what must have been the 10th time.

"So, they can just do that?" Dark Pit said pointing as Lux tapped the air where he was floating, a habit carried over from being on the ground most likely. Pit swayed back and forth for no clear reason Dark Pit could come up with "I guess? The first time I let them out without the Lightning Chariot they took off the first chance they got."

He turned to Dark Pit laughing "At first I got really scared they had run away I asked Lady Palutena to grant me the Power of Flight so I could chase after them!" He blushed, "But turns out they just really like to run around! So I made her worried for nothing! Ha ha..."

Dark Pit thought to himself, had they gotten to fly around back in Viridi's place? He honestly couldn't remember.

He'd hate to be forcibly grounded. You know if he could fly.

Suddenly he had an idea. "Psst. Hey Pit." he said elbowing him. Pit turned to him " Wha-?"

"Have you ever tried riding one of them? You know like humans do?" Pittoo said, getting straight to the point. Pit eyes lit up and he yelled for Phos asking very nicely for him to come down. Phos landed as instructed with Lux curiously following behind them.

"Thanks you guys! So, me and Pittoo-"

"Dark. Pit."

Pit blissfully continued, "-were wondering if we could ride on you! You know like on your back?" Phos and Lux faced each other, as if to ask themselves whether they could or not.

It's not like they knew what Pit and Pittoo were talking about either, all they were use to was pulling chariots. Or at least that's all they could remember doing. Eventually Phos and Lux both turned to face the angels and Pit and Pittoo took that as a sign they could go ahead and hop on.

"Alright!" the clueless angels said in unison, both jumping onto their respective unicorns. And with no knowledge on how to ride a horse they both literally jumped on. Feet landing and everything.

Unfortunately for them, there was a reason that neither Phos or Lux were used to having any being ride on their backs.

Because no one was stupid enough to surprise unicorns that both generated a great unknown amount of electricity.

As soon as Pit and Pittoo made contact with Phos and Lux both unicorns became startled at the sudden action and activated their defense mechanisms. Which was about 60 or so volts of electricity. As a result, both Pit and Pittoo were shocked and propelled away.

Pittoo landing on the table and Pit hitting a large tree.

Both paralyzed and one bitterly disappointed that the plan had failed, another sad that he still hadn't invested in rubber sandals. Phos and Lux walked over to where the angels had landed and checked as well as two unicorns could that they were both still alive.

Pittoo could even swear that they both looked a little guilty over this whole mess.

"Ow." Was all Pittoo could muster saying.

Pit had blacked out shortly after.

- (pit voice) neigh-

Pit had woken up after about seven minutes of Dark Pit yelling at him that he couldn't die because it would be incredibly embarrassing if they both died like this. But now he was longing for the peace and quiet of seven minutes ago becau-

"Neeeiigh~ I'm sorry Pit and Pittoo we didn't mean to shock you and throw you into a bench and treeeeee! "

...Because now this was happening.

Pit ran over to where Pittoo was sitting " It's okay Phos and Lux! We're sorry for trying to use you two to fly!"

"I'm not."

Pit ignored him and continued. "Can you ever forgive us?!" He moved over to where Lux was and gently grasped his mouth, "OooooOOoof course Pit and PittoooOOo! Let's just be friends agaaaAAAaaaain!"

"I cannot believe you're doing this."

He could have sworn Phos and Lux stared at him as if they were asking him why Pit was doing this, not like Dark Pit could answer that. Or help them.

-it's like duck hunt...but with unicorns-

While Pittoo couldn't fly on Phos and Lux he could do the next best thing, target practice!

"HE WHAT?!" Pit yelled springing up from sitting on the grass to where Pittoo stood with his Dark Pit Staff at the ready. "Pittoo you can't shoot at Phos and Lux! That's mean even for you!"

Dark Pit found himself being grabbed by the arm by Pit who was desperately trying to get him to put his Staff down. "I-I'm not gonna shoot the unicorns you dolt! I gave them things to throw in the air!"

Pit squeaked in surprise, as he tended to do.,"O-Oh! Yeah...Yeah! I knew that! Obviously!" he said trying his best to lie. "Sure you did." Pittoo huffed in annoyance.

Pit happily let go of Dark Pit's arm and hopped onto the picnic table, "Glad you agree!"

He was insufferable sometimes.

-hide n seek goes as well as lux hiding behind a tree and pittoo hiding behind lux-

It wasn't often that Dark Pit wished for the help of anyone, let alone a goddess. But when Pit had suggested that all four of them play some sort of game Dark Pit really wished Viridi would wonder why he was taking so long on this simple mission and finally check up on him.

Wow, he thought, she really didn't care about him.

Meanwhile Pit had brainstormed, as hard as he storm up in there, several game ideas that he thought that Pittoo would enjoy.


"Pretty sure Phos and Lux would run us over and kill us both. Oh, also they can fly."

"Jump Rope?"

"I'm pretty sure unicorns don't jump"

"Hide and Seek?!"

"You're my 'mirror' twin remember? We'd both know where the other would hide!"

Ignoring Dark Pit's last remark Pit had declared that the game they would play would be Hide and Seek. He had declared it with so much confidence it almost seemed like he had something to prove.

He also decided that Pittoo and Lux now had the monumental task of finding both Phos and himself. A task that would begin shortly after Dark Pit convinced Pit that Lux in fact did not have to count to ten along with Dark Pit. Closing their eyes would be enough.

"8...9...10! Doesn't matter if you're ready or not cause here I come!"

Much to Pittoo's unsurprise there was Phos hiding as well as they could behind the large tree that had knocked Pit out just a few moments ago, just a few feet away from them. Dark Pit sighed, he forgot to consider the fact that neither Phos or Lux probably knew how Hide and Seek worked let alone what it was.

Though he could have sworn Lux also had a look of disappointment on his face.

That wasn't the end of it, because from behind of Phos there came the soft sound of someone trying their hardest not to giggle. Dark Pit bent down to get a closer look, from what he could tell Pit had had the bright idea of hiding behind Phos who was hiding behind a tree.

The worst part was that Dark Pit felt he would have probably don't the same thing. Only much smarter.


-weight of the world-

Pittoo looked over at Pit who was busy brushing Phos and Lux's mane as best he could. Every once in a while he kept exclaiming a small "Ow!". He was probably brushing too hard and making them mad, Pit probably wasn't that used to taking care of two magical electric unicorns after all.

Which brought him to...

He leaned down on the picnic table. "So? Viridi told me you got these guys from some guy called The Chariot Master? What was he like? Was he like, evil?" Dark Pit noticed that Pit had stopped brushing for a second, like he was actually thinking about something.

It didn't take long though for Pit to continue brushing not missing a beat. Not even turning to face Dark Pit he answered, "Sorry. Never heard of him."

-blue streaks speed by-

Despite being flying unicorns Phos and Lux seemed to enjoy running on dry land as much as they did streaking across the sky.

The pair were both restless after being forced to stand in place for Pit's brushing, which they appreciated but he definitely needed more practice. Unfortunately for everyone involved Phos and Lux were just as fast on the ground as they were in the sky when they tried. The angels found this out the hard way, when in the middle of a conversation about the tastiest frosting a sudden gust of blue wind swept them off their feet and several feet into the air.

"What was that?!" Pittoo screamed spreading his wings in an attempt to slow his rapid descent. His twin, too busy screaming his lungs out had no response for him.

Well he did have a response it's just that the answer "AHHHHH!" wasn't exactly the answer Pittoo wanted.

Dark Pit groaned for what might have been the sixth time that morning. "Just spread your wings your dipstick!" Pit didn't waste a second and listened to Dark Pit's suggestion just in time to spare himself from another painful hit to the noggin.

Pit had hit the ground much sooner than Dark Pit due to free falling longer and once Pittoo hit the ground he repeated his earlier pressing question.

"What was that?!"

This time the answer though came in the shape of both Phos and Lux coming to a sudden stop in front of the brothers. A sudden stop that covered both Pits in mud and whatever else the unicorns had galloped over.

"Oh. Ha. Ha."

It didn't take long for the pair to notice that Phos and Lux were also filthy, but unlike them the dirt was pretty much only located near their legs.

"Lucky jerks." Pittoo muttered under his breath

Pit, ever the problem solver exclaimed, "Don't worry you guys! All we have to do is go to Skyworld's biggest Hot Springs and clean up! It'll be fun!" He ran off urging Phos and Lux to follow him. Pittoo sighed and followed, its not like he had much of a say in this.

And it killed him knowing that.

-horrifying revelations-

Dark Pit stared ahead in horror and anger.

Pit stared at the ground in shock and bashfulness.

They had fallen behind of Phos and Lux and were worried they would get lost trying to find their way to the Hot Springs by themselves. But they had gone the right way. All thanks to handy directional signs that Palutena had put up for her Centurions.

Signs that were written in the Skyworld language.

The horrifying truth Pit and Pittoo had to accept was that both Phos and Lux could read.

-taking a light dip-

A genuine moment of peace and quiet was rare for the Goddess of Light. Most of her day was spent ordering the centurions around, doing her duty of watching over humans, and taking care of Pit. As much as she loved all three of those, she always made sure to make some time for herself.

And if it took getting up at six in the morning to get into a mostly empty hot spring, then she was willing to make that sacrifice. She set her towel down and untied her hair. Then, Palutena still in her pajamas (please remember this crucial fact) got ready to finally take a dip in Skyworld's famous Hot Springs.

Then the doors to the Hot Springs slammed open and two electrical horses with two mud covered angels ran in.

Thankfully for her none of them had made it anywhere near the water before she was able to stop them in their tracks.

By screaming at the top of her lungs.

-you can lead a horse to a hot spring but...-

After they had all calmed down Pit tried to explain the situation but became too busy in apologizing to Palutena that he couldn't finish, and Dark Pit had to take over.

"-So then Pitstain here thought it was a good idea to clean up in the hot springs." he explained. "And you agreed with him?" Palutena said eyeing Dark Pit with a grin. "Of course not! I just thought it'd be funny." Pittoo said pouting.

Before she even got to ask how he knew that she was in here Pit chimed in again, standing in between her and Dark Pit. "I'm so so sorry Lady Palutena! I'll accept any punishment you give me! I-I'll even clean the kitchen!"

Palutena couldn't help but chuckle, "Pit! Don't get so worked up about it! I'm not going to make you clean the kitchen!" He looked up, eyes filled with newly found hope, "Re-Really...?"

She clapped her hands together, "You can clean the Hot Springs as punishment!"

Pit stood up and nodded sadly. "Of course Lady Palutena." She eyed the tracks of mud Phos and Lux had tracked inside and made a mental note to have Pit clean those as well. But first...

"You should find some other way to get cleaned up you two! One that doesn't involve filling the Hot Spring with mud." Pit nodded, silently agreeing with her. Dark Pit scoffed, and Phos and Lux were unicorns.

She waved her hand and materialized her staff. "Try the little fountains of water outside! Pit loved bathing in those when he was small!" Before Pit could even be embarrassed about what Palutena had just said all four found themselves engulfed in light and standing right outside the entrance to the Hot Springs.

"Well that sure happened." Pit said already doing his best to forget the last 5 minutes. "Let's...Let's just find some other place to clean up guys." he ran off without another word, both Phos and Lux slowly following him. All the while Dark Pit wanted nothing more than go back inside to tell Palutena off and to yell at Pit for accepting his punishment so easily, but he was just so tired he didn't think it was worth it.

-and now, an excerpt from the perspective of Phos and Lux.-

neigh neigh neigh neigh. neighneighneighneighneighneighneighneigh? neighneighneighneighneigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh

neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh! splash

neighneighneighneighneighneighneighneighneighneighneigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh

neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh! neight neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neighneigh neigh

neigh neigh neigh.

hoof noises

another neigh. splash


sad neigh.

- the last excerpt but translated...? -

Phos gently splashed his hooves on the rather large puddle that Pittoo had made for them. Pit had tried to make them both a perfectly shaped puddle of water for each of them before Pittoo intervened with a, "You call that a puddle?! They'll never get clean with your help, move over!".

Then proceeded to dig and throw dirt and grass everywhere in the general vicinity in an effort to show Pit up.

To his credit he did do just that.

Over to the right of them, Phos looked over at Lux who held their head down in shame. It had been Lux's idea to run on the ground which lead to them all getting dirty. Which then lead to the Hot Spring incident.

Which now landed them here.

To be fair to Lux they wouldn't had done this where they lived before, at least that's what Phos told Lux to make them feel better.

Maybe their new Master was starting to rub off on them.

It was still strange to both just how different their lives had become in an instant. From charioting their master across the skies and serving him for who knows how long. Unicorns can't count after all.

To being whisked away to partake in a foreign war against a Goddess. Back then they were unsure of their old master's decision to give them away to some baby that got lucky and beat him at a race. Both were even a little mad at the victor who had basically killed him, even if he did give him his blessing they couldn't help but feel a little skeptical.

But the night before their first mission together Pit had snuck into their new makeshift stable and talked to them.

"I'm really sorry about the Chariot Master. I didn't...I shouldn't have...I-"

He seemed to be purposely hiding himself in the dark in an attempt to hide his facial expressions. But even from there they could tell he was holding back his emotions.

"I'm doing this to save Lady Palutena but I didn't want anyone else to get hurt! I swear! I'm just really sorry..."

He ended up repeating the same sentence about being sorry for almost half an hour.

That settled it then. They decided to give it their all. For this young warrior who was willing to put everything on the line to save the person he served. A young warrior who was currently being forcibly pushed onto a fountain by his brother.

Dark Pit, who was also willing to risk his life to save someone he cared for. An admirable trait he shared with his brother. Dark Pit would also pet them, and he gave them snacks late at night. So they decided he was nice.

Not that Dark Pit would admit it.

They liked both angels very very much. This was a sentiment they both shared. And with hooves deep in mud water not really cleaning them up at all, watching two angels try to balance on fountains. They hoped the two angels wouldn't meet the same fate as their former master.

-meanwhile, back at the farm-

Meanwhile, back at the stable, Pit had run back in to answer a question for himself. What was all the grassy stuff that was around the stable for? Did Phos and Lux eat it? He'd never even seen them take a bite out of it. Then again, he only ever saw them in the mornings and late at night.

Did it even taste good? They seemed to like the snacks he gave them a lot maybe they tasted a lot like the grass stuff does!

He took a big bite and immediately had his answer.

Phos and Lux just had terrible taste.

-pwos and wux (heart emoji)-

Dark Pit thought Pit making Phos and Lux talk was the worst it could get. But he was wrong. He was so wrong.

"Who's a gwood hworse! It's you! It's you! Isn't that wight Pwos?" Pit hugged Phos as hard as he could, which surprisingly wasn't very hard.

Laying on the grass and resting his eyes Dark Pit tried his best to ignore him, but it wasn't working.

Pit turned to Lux giving him the same affection he had given Phos but found himself feeling a lot more tired all of a sudden. "'re cwool too..." Maybe lying down would make him feel better. Though his thoughts and actions weren't in synch. Pit could feel his eyelids growing heavy. "You guys...weally are the...", he laid down on the soft grass and grew silent.

To Dark Pit's surprise Pit seemed to suddenly stop talking. He hoped deep down that Pit hadn't suddenly dropped dead.

Before it all went dark.


It's common knowledge that every good angel needs their rest, and both Pit and Pittoo had been awake for quite a while. It's only natural for them to feel tired, especially with everything they had done in the last hour.

Without thinking they had both laid down in the grass and slowly had fallen asleep.

-if you even look at these angels I'll stomp you to death with my hooves-

Phos and Lux stood next to the sleeping angels. They had gotten used to Pit falling asleep on them when he visited. Thanks to this they had learned that he had a habit of rolling often in his sleep after an incident where he almost rolled off Skyworld during one of his naps.

Now they stood close by whenever he fell asleep on them and took it upon themselves to nudge him back to his regular position whenever he attempted to roll away.

They briefly wondered if Dark Pit had the same habit.

It didn't take long to find out he did. Just in the opposite direction.

-is that a promise? -

Dark Pit's eyes slowly fluttered open.

He sat up in a daze and had the sun hit him straight in the face. Indicating that a large amount of time had passed from now and the moment he decided to take a nap in the grass.

Groaning he finally stood up and looked down to his twin that laid beside him, still sound asleep. In front of him were Phos and Lux, keenly eyeing him. That's when Pittoo remembered. "Oh yeah. The mission."

Even if had been seen by both Pit and Palutena at this point. If he rode off on the Lightning Chariot he doubted that Pit or Palutena could catch him. Viridi could even heighten up security so Phos and Lux couldn't escape so easily this time.

He decided to go for it.

At that very moment a groggy voice spoke up from below, "Pittoo...?"

Pittoo internally and externally sighed, the new plan had ended before he had even taken a step. He looked down and to his relief Pit seemed to be in a state between sleeping and waking. So, he probably wouldn't even remember this conversation.

At least that's what Pittoo hoped.

Pit yawned. "Are you leaving so soooon...?"

"Uh. Yeah?" Pittoo unintentionally answered. Darn it. "That's okaaaayy. You can come visit tomorrow...promiseee?" Pit returned to his deep sleep and rolled to the right.

Lux gently nudged him back.

Pittoo stared at the two unicorns and sighed. The right thing to do was obvious. But it's not like he wanted to do it.

Suddenly behind him came the sound of a gentle, "Ahem."

Jumping a few inches in the air Pittoo grabbed his staff and pointed it in the general direction of the sound. There in his cross-hairs was the Goddess of Light herself.

"There's no need to point that thing all willy nilly Pittoo!" Palutena laughed. Pittoo did not lower his Staff.

She leaned over to look behind Pittoo to see a sleeping Pit "Aha! That's where he is! I was wondering why he wasn't at breakfast." Palutena walked past Pittoo completely disregarding his Staff, which greatly annoyed him "I was starting to worry Pit had died!"

He had never wished more for Viridi to teleport him away than now.

"You know Pittoo-" He tried to tune her out. "It looks like you all had a lot of fun today!" Pittoo put his staff away and tried his best to look like he was ignoring her, which he was. Palutena saw right through him and smiled. "And when I saw all. I do mean all." From behind Pittoo, Phos and Lux made themselves known in what Pittoo could only describe as; "happy unicorn noises"

They did both seem to be a lot happier here. Pit seemed to be happy with them too and he'd be lying to himself if he didn't admit that he didn't have at least a little bit of fun.

But just a little though.

"You don't have to say anything Pittoo. I can read what's in your heart, and I know you'll keep your promise to Pit." Palutena said smiling.

Pittoo, seconds before making a clever rebuttal about how Palutena was obviously lying, was suddenly was enveloped in a bright light and whisked away from Palutena's temple.

Ending his mission.

-how to break a promise-


Viridi's screams echoed throughout her temple, alerting everyone to stay far away from her today.

Pittoo shrugged. "You heard me didn't you? I got spotted and kicked out.". Viridi pulled at her hair and shouted, "You promised you wouldn't get caught! I told you a thousand times-DONT GET SPOTTED WEREN'T YOU LISTENING?!"

"Not really."

Viridi huffed around the room in a rage.

One thing.

She had assigned him to do one thing and he blew it! What was she going to do with all the excess unicorn food now?!

Pittoo raised his voice, "Besides! it's not like you did anything to help! Was leaving me alone for the entire mission part of your stupid plan?!" He brought up a good point. Viridi at mission control had gone silent at what might had been the most crucial point of the mission.

Viridi froze mid stomp. "Ah...well that's-" Viridi stammered, Pittoo seeing an opportunity decided to dig at her further.

"I tried to talk to you like ten times! You didn't answer once!". He didn't mind being abandoned, but he did mind being lied to. At least that's what he told himself.

After what seemed to be well over five minutes of silence, "Well...I may have fallen asleep." Viridi finally laughed out.

"You what."

"Give me a break! It was 5 in the morning! I was tired! You said you had it handled! I was really tired!".

Pittoo couldn't help but sigh in relief. Of course if you'd asked him he'd say that it wasn't of relief, but instead annoyance. "So you got to take a nap while I was doing the real work is that it?" Pittoo turned to walk out of Viridi's control room in a huff, "Of course. What did I expect?! All you gods care about is yourselves anyway!"

"Hey! I got you out of there because I saw you were in trouble you little jerk! And this is how you thank me?!" Viridi yelled at Pittoo who had just about exited the room completely.

But only just about.

Pittoo peeked his head back into the room. "What was that?"

Viridi, who had just realized the implications of what she had said, yelled. "N-Nothing! I didn't say anything! Now get out! Get out of here!"

The door to the control room slammed shut in Pittoo's face. But he didn't mind, the potential blackmail of Viridi caring about him was consolation enough. The reminder that Phos and Lux were happy back in Skyworld was a nice bonus too.

He didn't mind breaking his promise to Viridi at all, she was a Goddess. She'd get over it in a few hundred years anyway.