In which Dark Pit, Phosphora, and Pit II go on a mission

-everything goes according to plan-

Today was the day.

The day when Dark Pit would get his answers.

Well. I mean, probably not all of them. Just. Some of them.

...Okay, just one of them. One answer

That is, if Dark Pit decided to go forward with his 'less than thought' out plan of having Pit hold the Dark Pit Staff. Something he knew Pit actively tried to avoid doing in case he would upset Dark Pit, which meant the first and only step of the plan wasn't going to be easy. Not at all.

"Ugh! Get it together! Its not going to be that hard!" Dark Pit took a quick look back at the Dark Pit staff that lay on top of his bed, "Its just gonna be a little tricky. But you can handle that! Your whole life has been tricky! And now here you are-! Alive and...about to..." he looked away from the Staff and began to pace around his room like he'd been doing earlier, mindlessly kicking around his mess of toys and food wrappers he never bothered throwing away.

"Who let it be so messy in here? AUGH! Focus!"

The most worrying of Dark Pit's concerns was that there was no way of knowing how bad the effects of 'Hearing the lingering echoes of his warped twins personality' would have on Pit.

Whatever that meant!

Whatever the idol did mean, Dark Pit did know he wouldn't want any echoes of Pit's personality in his head. Not to mention the idol was calling him a warped twin. What did that mean? Was there anything that it did mean or was this just another case of somebody else misunderstanding him.


Dark Pit sighed, sitting down on the edge of his bed. "If anything goes wrong, I'll be there to save him. I know I will." there was no way he was going to just hand Pit the Dark Pit Staff and run away. He could never bring himself to do that. That would be dangerous for both Pit and his prized valued 387 Staff.

With his worries pushed to the side for now, Dark Pit straightened up and clenched his fists, "If this is the only way I'll know then I have to-! Pit will understand!"

He paused, his back slouching back down a bit. "At least I hope he will."

Before Dark Pit could reconsider any more than he already was, there was three loud knocks at his door. "Yoo-hoo~! Pittoo? You ready to go yet? It's rude to keep someone waiting this long and you've already kept me waiting for way longer than that!" Phosphora's voice rang out from behind the door to his room along with a couple more of her impatient knocks. "Palutena and Pit will be here any second and you don't want to keep them waiting too, do you?"

No, he didn't.

"I told you to give me a minute, didn't I?!" Dark Pit yelled back, pushing himself off his bed. "You didn't even give half a minute before you started complaining!"

"Pretty sure I gave you at least three. Maybe you just don't know how to tell time? It wouldn't surprise me."

"No, you didn't! I think you're the one who can't tell time!"

"Oof. You got me right where it hurts. My time management skills." Dark Pit couldn't see it, but at that moment Phosphora dramatically floated just above the floor. She considered lying on the ground until Dark Pit decided to come out of his room but the chances of him kicking her while she was down were dangerously high.

And after hearing rumors of his vicious kick Phosphora decided she didn't want to take the chance of being on the receiving end of one.

"Okay, but for real. Hurry it up will you? We can't put the mission off because you couldn't find your lucky scarf, or whatever." Phosphora zipped up from near the ground and knocked on the door a couple of more times for good measure.

"For your information-! I'm already wearing my lucky scarf!" Dark Pit tugged on his scarf and pouted. What scarf could be luckier than the one he was 'born' in?

He took a step forward but stopped and looked back at the Staff on his bed. "...Better leave it here. I''ll come back for it later." there would be a better chance to ask Pit to hold onto the Dark Pit Staff after the mission briefing.

Another five knocks in a row brought Dark Pit back to the more annoying problem at hand.

"Hold your horses! I'm coming!"

Without giving Phosphora any warning, Dark Pit swung the door open. "Whoa! You know if I weren't so fast you coulda' almost hit me. A for effort though." Dark Pit grumbled and slammed the door behind him, "Who ever heard of doors that open outward anyway?"

"Ask Viridi, not me. I only sleep here."

-meanwhile, a few hours before the last subchapter—

In truth, Phosphora was not just egging Dark Pit to hurry because she was getting inpatient. As luck would have it, Palutena and her young pupil decided to arrive fashionably early to Viridi's temple.

"A Goddess is always on time! And an Angel is no different!" Palutena said, lecturing Pit on yet another lesson about punctuality. Pit did not say anything back because he'd been asleep at the back of Palutena's personal chariot at the time.

The pair arrived around six hours too early, to Viridi's surprise.

"I have half a mind to kick you out and send you back home!" but of course she didn't. Instead Viridi kindly let them wait in the oh-so-illustrious guest room while she sorted out everything for the mission ahead of Pit and his friends.

"Thank you Viridi, I appreciate the hospitality."


"If you need us you know where we'll be!" With a small smile, Palutena, while carrying a still very sleepy Pit on her back, exited Viridi's throne room and followed the Nutski that would escort them to the guest room.

"Lady Palutena...I still...wanna sleep..." Pit muttered into her hair. Palutena let out a small laugh. While Pit had always been a light sleeper he still enjoyed every single second of sleep he could manage to get before being awoken by the smallest noise imaginable. "Don't worry Pit, once we get to the guest room I'll let you sleep for as long as you want." it was important for an growing Angel to get their ten hours of sleep after all.

"Yay..." Pit cheered, raising a weak fist into the air.

-turned on happy home designer just for this-

The guest room that Viridi, out of the kindness of her heart, sent Palutena and Pit to was probably the oddest guest room that Palutena could remember staying at in her nearly a millennium of existing.

Or at least odd by Palutena's standard.

To its credit, the room had all the necessities a bedroom should have. A warm bed, a couch, two coffee tables in the corner of the room, an all-natural magical glowy lamp in the middle of the room, and plenty of plants growing from the walls and floor.

There were so many plants in the room it was impossible to walk without stepping on one of them.

Luckily for the plants and Palutena, the poorly decorated room also had the benefit of having the bed placed right in front of the door. So, there was no need to walk any more than she already did to place Pit somewhere where he could sleep comfortably.

"I guess the Goddess of Nature has never heard of interior design" as gently as she could Palutena sat down on the bed next to Pit, "Hmm, maybe we came here too early? What do you think Pit?"

"Close...sun..." he muttered back.

Palutena sighed, "Still deep in dream land, aren't you?" with a wave of her staff a Nintendo 3DS Family Entertainment System materialized in her hands. "Sleep all you want Pit. I get the feeling we'll be here a while." she said, making sure to turn the volume all the way down before resuming her save file of 'Samus Returns.'

-right there! right on!-

A few hours passed with no word from Viridi. Fortunately (or unfortunately) by now Pit, was wide awake. Impatient to get going, Pit asked over and over and over again if they could go yet. To which Palutena answered, every time, with "No. Not yet."

Unable to contain his excitement of getting to go on a mission with Pittoo, Pit decided to let it out by jumping on the bed (since there was nowhere to walk) and talking with Lady Palutena about how excited he was.

"Its been for-EVER since we worked together! We're a really good team, you know-when we get to work together...Oh-! What weapon do you think he's bringing? I bet he's gonna take the Ogre Club! That one really hurt to get hit by! You know, back when we first met! That was really smart of him to hide underground like that! Wish I thought of it..."

Palutena laughed, she couldn't help but smile seeing just how excited Pit was to visit his twin. Even with how often Pittoo visited, Pit looked forward to every single one of them and she was sure Pittoo felt the same way.

"Are you excited to see him too, Lady Palutena?"

"Of course I am, Pit." she couldn't lie, it would be more than nice to see how he was doing. He lived so far away she worried about him sometimes.

All the time actually.

-we're back to the regular timeline of events now. so sorry about that-

Phosphora and Dark Pit were slowly, but surely, making their way through the mazes of tunnels of Viridi's fortress.

By now, Dark Pit had already memorized a good part of the tunnels. After getting lost once or twice on his own he decided he was done with getting lost and needing help. Despite that, Phosphora and the others still kept a close eye on him whenever they could.

Even when Viridi didn't order it.

"Soooo?" Dark Pit winced hearing Phosphora's voice. He'd honestly forgotten she was flying just a little bit behind of him. For some reason.

"You excited to see Pit again?"

"Why would I be? We talk like every day through telepathy"

"I bet he'll be happy to see you. He seems like that kind of guy."


Phosphora gasped and quickly flew in front of Dark Pit, "I meant nice! Geez Pittoo, that's pretty mean to talk about your only brother like that." Dark Pit tried his best to push Phosphora out of his way, but since Dark Pit really enjoyed not being electrocuted, the best he could do was push the air around her. Phosphora rolled her eyes and slowly floated out of his way. "Happy?"

"I'm delighted. Now come on! You're slowing us down!"

While Dark Pit walked ahead of her, Phosphora sighed and slowly shook her head. It seemed like the Forces of Nature were really going to have their hands full with a bratty teenager for the next few centuries. "...You're the one that stopped walking."

Then again, who was she to call him a brat?

-anyone else out there who hates getting suddenly hugged make some noiiiise-

As soon as Dark Pit and Phosphora stepped foot (and also floated) into Viridi's throne room, they were greeted by an all-too familiar and overly peppy voice.

"Pittooo! And Phosphora toooo!"

Standing in the throne room was Pit. Right next to him was Palutena who, thanks to Pit, noticed Dark Pit and Phosphora come in. "Pittoo! Its so good to see you! And its a pleasure to see you too Phosphora!"

Palutena walked over to Dark Pit, an excitedly bouncing Pit right behind her. She did a good job of hiding her joy at seeing Dark Pit not back away from her once she got close.

"Hey..." Dark Pit lazily waved back, looking away from the Goddess and the still bouncing Angel.

Palutena smiled and adjusted Pittoo's crooked laurel crown. "I'm happy to see you're doing well! I hope you can visit us back in Skyworld soon. Pit and I always love having you around!" things were certainly more exciting whenever Pittoo came to visit. The mysterious energy that occurred whenever Pit and Pittoo decided to play together did cause more than its share of trouble, but the Angels enjoyed themselves nonetheless!

Pittoo blushed a light red and instinctively shielded himself using his wings.

This didn't go unnoticed, especially by Phosphora. "Awww! You guys really do embarrass easily! How cute!" Phosphora always assumed that Dark Pit and Pit were more alike than they let on but the more she hung out with them, the more she actually saw their similarities.

"Shut up..." Dark Pit whispered, too quiet for anyone to hear.

A light tug on Palutena's dress reminded her that there was still a certain someone who was still not-so-patiently been waiting for his turn to say hello to his favorite twin, "Whoops! I guess I've kept him waiting long enough!"

Dark Pit was temporarily snapped out of his attempted cold shoulder, "Wait, kept who-?"

"Pittoo!" Palutena stepped back and allowed Pit run towards his twin. Pittoo tensed up and braced for impact, only to see Pit stopping just a few feet in front of him. "I'm so happy to see you!" Pit stretched out his arms in front of him. Pit, now well aware of his twin's aversion to sudden and surprise contact, came up a super easy solution for the both of them.

If Pit held out his arms for a hug then Pittoo would know Pit wanted to hug him, and Pit wouldn't even feel bad if he said he didn't want one!

...or at least not for that long anyway.

Dark Pit sighed and held out his arms in a similar fashion to his twin, signaling that, yes, a hug from him was fine.

That was the cue for Pit to let loose and hug Pittoo as much as he could.

And that meant a hug big enough to pick him off the ground and squeeze him tight. Before Dark Pit could do anything but look confused, Pit circled around his twin and hugged him from the back. "H-Hey! Let me go Pitstain!" From where he was now, the only thing Dark Pit could do was kick his legs in defiance. Pit giggled, "Okay Pittoo!" and then Pit didn't.

Palutena smiled brightly and laughed along with Pit, happy to see both twins getting along.

"Gee Pittoo, I didn't think you were that light." Phosphora's voice trailed off as she thought of something, "...Or is Pit that strong?" recalling the large Club that Pit used as a weapon back when they first meet. Phosphora suddenly began strongly considering the amount of teasing she put both Angels through. Not enough to think about stopping anytime soon of course.

Viridi, meanwhile, rolled her eyes.

-hug another day-

After minutes upon minutes of back and forth arguing, Viridi finally had enough.

It wasn't so much that she was tired of seeing Pittoo try to kick and uselessly kick his way out of Pit's grasp. No, that part was hilarious and strangely heartwarming. Her frustration came from the fact that she'd been planning this mission all month and now they were all horribly behind schedule.

"I know you're all having a moment. Or whatever. But how about we deal with the reason you're all here in the first place!" Viridi slammed down her staff, demanding the attention of everyone in the room.

Only Palutena seemed to notice Viridi's impatience. Not even Phosphora paid her boss any mind, too busy teasing Pittoo on how easily huggable he apparently was. Palutena did her best to suppress a giggle.

Viridi noticed that no one was really paying attention to her and proceeded to slam her staff into the ground repeatedly, but no matter how much noise she made no one seemed to bat an eye. Palutena sighed and silently agreed with Viridi that it would be best if they got started already.

Palutena softly tapped Pit on the shoulder. He turned around to face her almost immediately, his arms still wrapped around his twin. "What's up Lady Palutena.?" Pit asked. At the same time, Dark Pit let out a loud grumble and stared Palutena down with his nastiest glare yet. "I think-" Palutena gestured behind her to Viridi, who noticed Palutena's intentions by now and expertly switched from slamming her staff onto the ground to cooly tapping her foot on the ground. "I think maybe Viridi wants us to get started on the mission briefing."

"Okay Lady Palutena!"

Both the Angel and the Goddess stared at each other. Phosphora covered up a laugh using her scarf.



A pause.

"Don't you think Pittoo might pay better attention to the plan if he were on the ground?"

"...OH!" Pit exclaimed, quickly bringing his arms to his side and steeping back. Finally free from Pit's tight hug, Dark Pit dropped right onto the ground.


"Aw, Sorry Pittoo...It just feels like I haven't seen you in at least two months!" Pit tried his best to laugh off his little mistake. He held out his hand to help his brother up from the ground, and to his surprise (and Dark Pit's) he ALMOST took it. Neither twin said anything, but Pit's bright smile and Dark Pit's wide eyes were worth an entire paragraphs worth of words.

Hoping to save himself some extra embarrassment, because Dark Pit could have sworn he heard a small 'Aww...' coming from Palutena, he decided to correct Pit on another one of his mistakes "W-We talk all the time through telepathy! What are you talking about?!"

"This is different!"

"No it is not!"

In the midst of their small argument, Phosphora gently floated right above them, causing their hair to stand up on end. It was something she was well aware annoyed both Angels. "Aww you two are just ADO-RA-BLE!" then as if being called adorable wasn't enough Phosphora landed the finishing blow when, using both of her hands, she ruffled both twins' heads until their carefully combed hairstyles were unrecognizable. "I think its sweet how you two get along. I could eat an entire cake and it wouldn't be as sweet. Pffft..."

Both Pit and Dark Pit couldn't get away from Phosphora fast enough. "No we are not!" they both agreed. They were both the farthest thing from adorable. They were cool and tough Angels!

All while this was happening Palutena was using her power of filming on her brand-new divine phone. And poor Viridi was still trying desperately to start up her presentation. She hoped that everyone would get bored of teasing both Pits.


-arlon helped viridi finish this powerpoint at 1am in the morning-

After everyone and everything calmed down Viridi directed her audience of three, plus Palutena, to the center of her throne room. Three plain green chairs were placed in front of where Viridi was standing along with a strange pile of rocks.

Pit and Dark Pit took their respective seats, but not before arguing for a minute or two because both of them wanted the same chair. Thankfully Palutena quickly ended their little squabble by leading Pit to an adjacent chair and standing closer to him. All while that was happening, Phosphora decided to float just above her given chair. Sure, she earned a single glare from Dark Pit, but Phosphora did nothing more than stick out her tongue at him in response.

Once the audience was all seated and ready to listen Viridi directed their attention to...Herself.

"I'm sure you're wondering why I've gathered you all here today."

"Not really." answered Dark Pit, slouching down onto his chair, "You've been talking about this mission for the past month! I swear I've had dreams of you talking about it."

"You have dreams like that too?!" though Pit's dreams were usually more Palutena focused and he never minded them, much unlike how Dark Pit felt. Before Dark Pit could dismiss Pit's question, Viridi started up her speech again.

"Everyone please hold your stupid questions until the end of the presentation!"

Dark Pit whispered a tiny, "Pffft." and decided to continue to tune out Viridi. Or at least some of Viridi. Phosphora sighed, knowing that she would probably have to explain a very specific part of the mission to Pittoo because he decided it would be in his best interest to not listen. "What a pest..."

Pit glanced over at Palutena for assurance. She gave him a small thumbs up and a smile, then Pit straightened up in his chair, ready to listen.

"...Alright then." Viridi waved her staff, then a waterfall starting from the ceiling fell into the center of the room. The water stopped just short of hitting the pile of rocks on the floor. This happened magically of course, because I don't know enough about the schematics of how waterfalls transfer water to explain the whole thing.

On the waterfall an image of familiar forest was projected onto it. The forest being the same forest all of them were currently floating above.

The forest was almost completely covered in a strange fog, masking the sight of Viridi's temple from anyone staring in from the outside. The trees of the forest were a dark purple, adding to the mystique of the magical properties that were supposed to reside inside. The forest was also said to be cursed, a false rumor initially spread around by Viridi herself.

Unfortunately, the actual cursed beings that resided in and around the not-cursed forest did not get the memo that it was all a lie and decided to actually make the innocent forest their home. Which really did turn it into a cursed forest in the end. Viridi would have found it annoying it if wasn't so good at keeping humans away.

"So lately more and more humans have been wandering into my cursed forest-"

Pit leaped out of his chair in worry, "Oh no! Are they okay?!"

Viridi sighed and locked eyes with Pit, staring him down. "Hmm, well, what do you think Pit? Do you think a human would survive walking into a cursed forest potentially filled with monsters?!"

Pit silently slumped back down into his chair.

"Now where was i..."

Using her staff Viridi pointed at the projection on the waterfall. "Your mission today will take you here! To the forest right under our feet." With a wave of her hand she directed Arlon, who has been at the back of the room this entire time catching up on his favorite novel, to click on the next slide.

He did just that and projection of the inside the forest was on the screen. Or at least it should have been.

The screen projected onto the screen was nothing but static. "I know you all have a lot of questions but listen up! Here's your answer for why I'm sending all three of you on this mission." Viridi began explaining.

Dark Pit thought about the repercussions of bringing up that originally Viridi was only going to send him and Phosphora, but before he could say anything about it Viridi already moved on to her next topic.

"Because of all the unwanted activity, there seems to be some sort of barrier around the forest."

"What does that mean?" Pit asked. This earned him a glare from Viridi who was mere seconds away from yelling at him to shut up. Thankfully Palutena stepped in and answered for her, "It means that our telepathic signal can't reach you when you're in the forest."

"Ah! Thanks Lady Palutena! So what does that mean?"

"It means they can't talk to us or give us the Power of Flight." Dark Pit looked over to Viridi, "Am I right?"

Viridi sighed and gripped her staff, her one simple rule of asking questions at the end was ignored by practically everyone in the room but her. And Arlon. But he was keeping to himself, so he hardly counted. "Unfortunately, yes. No talking to you. No giving you orders-"

"Fine by me!" Dark Pit boasted, if it meant he wasn't going to be pestered by two Goddesses speaking directly into his head every second then maybe being stuck in a cursed forest filled with things trying to kill him wouldn't be so bad after all

Ignoring Dark Pit's sass, something she was getting really good at, Viridi continued. "-And no Power of Flight. That's why I'm having Phosphora come along. She can fly you out in case there's trouble."

"Hold on." Phosphora raised her hand, "I'm all for following orders or whatever, but why am I suddenly some sort of taxi service? Do I have a say in this?" Viridi intended to answer Phosphora's question with a straightforward, 'No.' However, someone else decided to beat her to the punch.

"Probably not." Dark Pit answered. Phosphora shot him a sour look. Dark Pit flapped his wings and looked away, "Hey its not like I'm happy about being carried around by you either! So don't act like you're the only one mad about this!"

"Hold on." Palutena stepped up besides Viridi, carefully avoiding the waterfall as to not step in front of the projection. "Before we get upset, why don't we let Viridi finish her presentation she worked so hard on."

There was no response from the esteemed audience. Save for a few impatient foot taps from Dark Pit.

"Great! Now that that's settled..." Palutena looked down at Viridi and smiled. Viridi didn't dare look the Goddess of Light in the eyes. "...Why don't you finish your presentation I woke up at three in the morning to make it to. I'm looking forward to it!" still smiling Palutena made her way back to Pit's side, he smiled wide once she made it back.

"Hhmph. That was your decision to wake up so early, grandma." Viridi grumbled to herself.

"Mistress Viridi! Language!" Arlon yelled across the room.

-the root of the problem-

After more than a couple boring slides Arlon insisted on adding about how Phosphora and the Angels would begin their mission, it was finally time to address what kind of threat they would be facing in the forest below.

"Ugh, finally. I thought those safety slides would never end." as much as Viridi appreciated Arlon's help in making her last-minute presentation, she mostly agreed with the now-napping audience members that they were a bit boring. The mission wasn't ever going to start at this rate, even if Viridi was kind of impressed Palutena managed to nap while standing up. " I don't think the demonstration on the buddy system was necessary Arlon. There's three of them."

"On the contrary, Mistress Viridi. The '3-way buddy system' is rare but is crucially important in a situation such as this."

"Ain't gonna help much if they're asleep for most of the explanation though."

"Hmm...I may have harped a tad too much on the safety precautions in case of poison ivy."

"You think? Oh well, let's finish this up." Viridi smacked the end of her staff on a large bell she bought for the very purpose of waking up her Forces of Nature during long, but necessary, briefings. Cragalanche was a frequent offender and the entire reason she invested in it.

"Wake up you lazy bums!" Viridi yelled while ringing the large bell. The sound loudly rang through the room, Pit woke up first with a scream so loud it threatened to overtake the bell's ringing in volume. The rest woke up in right after this, Phosphora's head whipped around from side to side, her eyes finally landing on the accursed bell that already had woken her up so many times before this.

Meanwhile, Palutena awoke with a simple yawn and Dark Pit jumped up so high he almost hit the roof.

"Alright! Welcome back everyone! I hope you enjoyed your little break because I'm still not done yet!" Viridi smugly smiled. "I didn't." Dark Pit said, adjusting his laurel crown that fell off when he leaped up in half awakened surprise.

"Great! Cause there's only one more thing left so listen up to this one! Its very important! Maybe even life or death important."

Arlon continued the slideshow and then, projected on the waterfall was a very familiar drawing to the denizens of Skyworld. And Dark Pit. The professional painting showed two blue and purple solid figures with big smiles drawn on them, surrounding them was a dark blue sky. In the corner of the drawing was the artists' signature, a crude drawing of their face with a mat of brown hair.

"Hey!" Pit jumped out of his chair and pointed at the drawing, "Tha-That's my drawing! How did you get that!? Lady Palutena-"

"Pit, calm down." Palutena softly put a hand on his shoulder to quiet him down, "Its alright, I let Viridi borrow the drawing for this. I hope that's okay?"

"Its...fine. I guess. If you were the one that gave it to her..." Pit relaxed in his seat again, but it didn't take long for him to tense up again. "Wait! What does Viridi need my drawing for?"

"Yeah, why does she? Its not even that good." Dark Pit agreed, ignoring the harsh glare Pit was giving him. "You guys are Goddesses and the best you could do was Pit's dumb made up drawing. Don't you guys have enough money to buy pictures?"

"Ooh! So its Pit's drawing! Interesting!" Phosphora looked at it closely, trying to decipher what it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, Phosphora's weekly online art classes weren't as useful as she boasted they were, so she was having a lot of trouble trying to tell what Pit's kindergarten scribbles were. "What was your inspiration Pit?"

"Its none of your business!"

His twin had other ideas. "I can tell you."

"Don't." Pit pleaded.

"Oooh! I'm all ears!" Phosphora cried in excitement, ignoring the disappointed sighs of her boss who was nearing her wits end after so many distractions. Viridi figured if there was any time to have this discussion it would be now, so she let it happen without any trouble.


Dark Pit began telling a story from around a few years ago. When during one of their rare run-ins, Pit pulled Dark Pit aside to show him a drawing he'd hastily stuffed behind his belt.

Pit then began to regail Dark Pit in a fantastical story on how that morning, while Pit was taking a morning walk, he spotted fairies, REAL FAIRIES flying around Skyworld. They flew around in a small circle and Pit just knew that they were watching him, or maybe even calling to him. Pit only managed to get a few steps towards them before something scared them into flying back down.

"I swear they were there Pittoo! Maybe they were judging me whether they could grant me a wish or not!"

"I don't think fairies do that."

"I think I'm pure hearted enough to get a wish granted from them! Ah! I think I would wish to be able to fly by myself! Or-Or maybe I should wish for a BILLION wishes! That's more than a million you know!"

Even throughout all of Pit's babble about wishes and being good enough to receive one, Dark Pit hadn't believed Pit's story, not even for a second.


Back in the present, Pit jumped in his seat and drooped his wings sadly "Pittoo..."


"You said you would keep that a secret!"

"Wha-?! How can I keep it a secret now that its up there!" Dark Pit crossed his arms and defiantly flapped his wings, "Besides everyone knows fairies aren't real. Pitstain was probably sleep walking or something."

"They are real! I saw them!"

Dark Pit sighed and shook his head, clearly unconvinced.

But, his brother wasn't going to give up that easily. "Oh yeah? Then why are there Fairy Orbitars?!"

"Just because there's weapons about them doesn't mean they're real! Are you gonna tell me bears are real too?"

Viridi decided that enough was finally enough. It was time to get on track, and she knew exactly what to say to shut everyone up.

"Fairies are real."

Pit and Dark Pit stopped arguing and turned to look at her, their eyes were wide, their mouths slowly closed as they began to slowly process the bomb of truth that was just dropped on them.

In the midst of this, Pit decided to turn and look at Palutena, as if to ask his Goddess if he heard Viridi right. Palutena gave him a nod and a small smile. She knew all along that Pit's fairy tale was true, but as to not put him any danger she kept her mouth shut.

"You don't know how good it feels to be able to tell you! I'm horrible at keeping secrets you know."

"Oh. We know." Viridi said, a dry tone in her voice.


It only took a few more seconds for the new information to finally process through the heads of the uninformed.

"Fairies are real?!" all three members of the audience exclaimed in surprise. Both Angels paused their own surprise to look up at Phosphora, who's face was just as shocked as theirs had been just a few seconds ago.


"Not usually!"

-why wont fairies return my calls-

With the huge earth shattering fact that fairies were in fact a real thing in this world filled with Gods and magic out of the way, Viridi was confident that the rest of her presentation would be smooth sailing from there on out.

Unfortunately, she never accounted for Pit.

With him the questions never seemed to end. Pit raised his hand over and over to ask whatever question popped into his head and because Palutena was there its not like Viridi could say no. Not with the deathly glare she got from the Goddess of Light whenever Viridi was tempted to shut him up.


"Is it true that fairies only appear for pure hearted people!"



"Why do they glow anyway?"

"They're magic."


"Ooh! Do you think they can use their magic to help me fly?!"

"Probably not."


"Can...Can fairies actually grant wishes?"


That last question was Dark Pit's, but Viridi still answered it. She could tell he was just as curious about fairies as his brother was, but to save face he was letting Pit ask all the questions for him. She had to hand it to him, that was a pretty impressive strategy.

Phosphora, on the other hand, just wanted to know how the existence of fairies flew over her head the entire time she worked for The Forces of Nature.

So, while Pit and Pittoo were busy asking their questions she turned back to look at Arlon. "Pfft, hey Arlon can you believe what Viridi was hiding from us? This whole time? I mean I've worked myself to the bone for this place for years and like, you have too! Its wild that Viridi would hide this from us! Don't you think?"

"I have known the entire time, Miss Phosphora."

"Yeah. Of course you did."

-lets have some fun and work together!-

It turned out, that the slide with Pit's drawing was actually the last slide in the slideshow. "The reason I asked Palutena for Pit's dumb drawing was because, unfortunately that's the best visual representation we got of em'." Viridi shook her head, "The little pests have been avoiding us for years and cause of that no ones ever gotten a good look at one."

Pit sat up a little straighter, clearly proud that he was one of the chosen few that got to see a rare fairy. Dark pit scoffed at him and raised his hand to ask an obvious question.

"Yeah Pittoo?"

"Hey, so yeah, if no ones ever seen a fairy then explain the Fairy Orbitars."

Pit slouched back into his seat. His dreams crushed.

This time Palutena stepped up to answer Dark Pit's question, casually waving off his concern. "Oh that! Well, Dyntos is all knowing so of course he knows what fairies look like" she sneered, "Even if we asked what they looked like he would just laugh us off and tell us to find out ourselves."

"It sounds like you didn't bother to ask."

"We wouldn't have gotten an answer, Pittoo."

"How do you know that!?"


Dark Pit rolled his eyes, figures that neither Viridi or Palutena bothered to do the simplest of things and just ask what fairies looked like. How hard was it to ask another God anyway? Sure, they started wars and stupid conflicts all the time but its not like a simple question would cause a God to start a war against Skyworld.

Honestly, Gods were just insufferable sometimes.

"Right. While Palutena thinks about that, let the better Goddess explain the dangers here!" Viridi ignored Pit's small 'Hey!' and continued. "Like I said, you three are going down to the forest floor to investigate. What exactly you're investigating is also as I've said, recent human activity in the forest."

Viridi looked to her audience to make sure they were all still on board. Luckily for her every question that could be asked had been asked and aside from Dark Pit's bored look, it was all going good. For now.

"Phew...Okay, this'll be a lot of information so pay attention. Pit."


"I've had my eye on this stinkin' forest for a while now and I'm pretty sure its some fairy's tricks that are luring humans into the forest. Not only that, I know that its the fairies who are responsible for this weird barrier too. So, after tons of deliberation I've decided that the only way to really find out what's going on is to send you three!" Viridi stopped herself to look at Pit, "Well, originally it was 'you two' but things change I suppose!"

Pit laughed nervously and looked down at the ground, embarrassed. The entire plan having to be changed because he pushed himself into it was kindaaaaa...Embarrassing. But all he wanted to do was make sure Pittoo didn't feel lonely or bad about going! Pittoo even agreed to it!

"Hey Pit! I didn't say anything about you so stop looking like I'm about to clip your wings off! Geez." there was no time to be subtle about this. Viridi would deal with Palutena's death glare later.

"Oh! Uh-sorry..."

"As I was saying. You three are gonna be dealing with fairies down there. Something that no one has ever seen before, so you guys might not even see anything the entire time you're down there. Just in case you do though, I've gathered some legends humans have told about them to give you an advantage over them."

An entire afternoon of reading children's fairy tales would hopefully not be in vain.

Viridi snapped her fingers and suddenly a large book appeared in her hands. "Okay. It says here that fairies aren't very good fighters, so you got that going for you. On the other hand they're very good tricksters, both visually and"

"What does that mean?" Phosphora asked. If she was going to be down there by herself watching over two Angels, she wanted to know everything she could about her enemies.

"That means that the fairies are going to try and trick you. With illusions, lies, maybe even both. They don't have anything else going for them so they're going to try and defeat you in the worst ways possible, having you defeat yourself. Or at least that's what the book says."

Both Angels nervously glanced at one another. They'd both experienced more illusions than they ever cared to see back in the Vortex of Chaos and neither of them were huge fans of being messed with like that. Pit tried to push the memory of being starred at by dozens of disembodied eyes out of his mind. It wasn't like fairies were as powerful as the Chaos Kin right? That wouldn't make much sense...

"-buuut if you ask me, you three have nothing to worry about! Its not like they can trick three people at once, right? What's a fairy going to do to you? Make Pit hallucinate that a rock is a burger so he tries to eat it?"


Palutena cleared her throat, "Either way I think its important to be careful. We don't know what's down there, so you three need to be on your guard. We all want you to come back safe and sound okay?" Palutena's assurance did little to calm Phosphora and Dark Pit, but it meant the world to Pit. As soon as Viridi saw the sparkles of hope in Pit's eyes she knew she had to act fast to not lose to her.

Viridi pointed at her members of the Forces of Nature, and Dark Pit. "I-I agree! Its important that you stick together! Got it!" from the back of the room Arlon gave her a thumbs up for her good recovery.

"Got it?" Dark Pit said confused about how he was supposed to answer.

Phosphora closed her eyes and smiled. "You got it Mistress Viridi." The mission sounded dangerous but hopefully is it really wouldn't be any different than a regular scouting mission.

"Don't worry Lady Palutena and Viridi!" Pit sprang up from his chair and proudly stood on top of it, spreading his wings out. "Team Electric Angels! And Phosphora! Is on the case!" Pit even made sure to strike a cool pose while saying it. A pose worthy of a cool team like them!

Phosphora was taken by surprise at first, but quickly laughed it off. She flew just behind of Pit and struck a similar pose. "You know, that's a pretty good team name! Color me surprised." their eyes fell on Dark Pit, waiting for him to join in on the fun. He groaned and decided to give in. If he didn't, Pit would decide to be peppy enough for the both of them. And gods knows Dark Pit couldn't put with that. And neither would Phosphora. She could thank him later.

"Go team." Dark Pit said while putting up a weak peace sign. Pit and Phosphora let out a cheer. Pit nearly fell off the chair while cheering, thankfully he was caught by a quick acting Palutena.

"We don't really need a team name." Dark Pit said, sighing loudly.

-team electric angels (remix feat. the REDACTED twins)-

While Palutena and Viridi discussed their plan on how 'Team Electric Angels. And Phosphora' was going to explore the forest, the members of said team were told to wait around until they were given the order to gather at Viridi's throne room.

The three of them decided to 'wait around' on a nearby balcony.

It was Phosphora's idea to wait somewhere close to the throne room. Just in case the Goddesses made up their minds faster than they thought they would. After that, Dark Pit decided he wanted to wait somewhere outside in the fresh air. The solution, that Pit ingeniously came up, was that they could all wait somewhere close that was outside!

"So is there somewhere outside that's also close by?" The layout of Viridi's temple fortress thing was still a big mystery to Pit and he was still very reliant on others to get around.

Phosphora and Dark Pit looked at each other and sighed. "Don't act like a know it all if you don't even know which way you're going!" something at the back of Dark Pit's head humored the idea that Pit secretly wanted to act like Palutena. A big show-offy know it all. The difference being that Palutena actually did know a lot. While Pit, did not.

Pit laughed nervously and his eyes darted to the floor. "I guess you're right..."

After a many turns and twists (about three of them) that Pit could not remember the order of even if he tried, the group reached a balcony that overlooked the entrance of the forest. From there they could see the nearby human village. "Are the humans that are coming into the forest from over there?" Pit pointed to the village, leaning over the balcony but not too much that he risked falling off.

Phosphora nodded, confirming Pit's theory. "That's them alright. You would think that the grandmas and grandpas over there would warn people about this place but go figure." it wasn't like the forest being cursed was a new thing. The humans really should know better by now.

While Phosphora and Pit enjoyed the view from above, Dark Pit hung out by the entrance of the balcony. He hadn't been lying when he said he wanted some fresh air, but he mostly wanted it to clear his head of any doubts that were clouding his mind.

The plan so far was going perfectly. The Dark Pit staff was in his room, Pit arrived ready to participate in the mission, and by some form of divine blessing Pit seemed to have forgotten to bring a weapon with him before he left. The stars were all aligned in Dark Pit's favor for once But, then why...

Why did it feel like something was going to turn out wrong?

"Hey Pittoo? Are you okay? You look sick."

Dark pit looked up from staring at the floor and meet the concerned looks of Pit and Phosphora. "Yeah. I'm fine" he lied.

Phosphora groaned, "Don't bother with him he's been like this ALL week!" since the start of the week Phosphora could remember seeing Pittoo wear a grumpy look on his face, and when Arlon tried to ask him if he was alright during breakfast he got a honey bun to the face. "He's been so aggro Viridi actually sent him to his room to cool off! As you can see-" Phosphora gestured towards the angry Angel in question as his glare on her only intensified, "-it didn't work"

"Pittoo? Is there something wrong? You can tell me! A-And if its a secret I promise not to tell Lady Palutena!" Pit stepped reached out his hand and stepped closer to his brother. Almost on instinct Dark Pit stepped back. As a response Pit gasped and stepped back too, bringing his arms close to himself, almost as if he hadn't tried to reach out at all.

Phosphora's gaze shifted from one Angel to the other. There was something happening here, and it was clear that she didn't have a part to play in it. At least not yet. "Okay. This looks like some sort of weird Angel twin thing you need to resolve on your own, so if you kiddos need me I'll be-uh back there." she pointed to the hallway they just came from before slowly sliding out and making a graceful exit.

Truthfully she wouldn't be flying very far, just far enough to where the Angels couldn't see her but close enough that she could still hear them. Just in case she needed to step in. 'If I knew being friends with these two would be this much work, I would have tried harder to kill Pit when I had the chance.' she joked with herself.

Back on the balcony a heavy silence hung over the twins.

Dark pit knew he wouldn't be the first to talk. It was predictable that Pit would be the first to speak up and break the silence. "If there's something bothering you, you can tell me you know that. Just like last time!"

The "last time" Pit was referring to was during his first 'official' visit to the Fortress of Nature. And that chapter is a very long chapter so let us let Pit sum it up here in thirty words or less. "Remember? When I helped you make friends with everyone! Then I helped everyone make friends with you! Now you're not lonely!"

"Making a lot of assumptions there, Pitstain."

"Like what?" Pit really hoped that Pittoo wouldn't be able to tell he didn't know what the word 'assumptions' was.

"Like it all being you! I was there too you know! Or does it make you feel better about yourself if you take all the credit?"

"That's not what I-!" Pit gasped and stepped back, he held his arms close to his chest, "I...I'm sorry Pittoo. I shouldn't have said it like that. You're the one who talked with everyone about it. I was just there by chance, wasnt I?"

"Just like today."


Pit asked his brother to explain what he said, but Dark Pit's mind was focused on something else.

Chances like today were a one in a million chance. Who knows when the next time he would have an opportunity like this? If he didn't act now, today, he would probably never have another chance to find out what that stupid idol was talking about.

"I gotta go."

"Huh?! Pittoo!" before Pit could say anything or think about any way to stop his twin from running, Pittoo was already long gone. Already disappearing down one of the many twisted hallways of Viridi's fortress.

-a light detour-

"Hey! What the heck?!"


From behind the entrance of the hallway Phosphora slid back into relevancy, "What's the deal with him running off like that mid-conversation?!" Phosphora turned back to face the left behind twin, her face was twisted into an angry pout. "How could you just let him ditch us like that?!"


"Ugh...And here I thought you guys were making some great progress. But what should I have expected from and and doom and Young master naive and oblivious! Together you two are a recipe for disaster!"


"I know they say siblings are supposed to fight but you two really need to find a better time because doing it just before a mission where we're supposed to work together really isn't good timing!"



Pit let out a heavy sigh mixed with a groan. Today was supposed to be an amazing day, he'd even drawn out exactly how it would go in his journal the day before he left. All three of them were going to work together on a mission, have fun, make some references here and there and then come back and eat the most delicious dinner ever. Pit never planned on making a mistake and getting his brother mad at him. He would never plan that on purpose, but now he was thinking he should have. "I'm really dumb, aren't I?"

Phosphora never wanted to be somewhere else more than right now.

"I mean...You're not really dumb dumb. More like inexperienced!"

"In what?"

"Talking to people! I mean before you meet us who did you usually talk to?"

"Hey! I talked to a lot of people!" Pit crossed his arms and pouted, "Like Lady Palutena! And when she was busy I talked with the Centurions! There are a lot of Centurions in Skyworld you know!" Pit said with a smile on his face.

...Then again. Pit's smile wavered, before the War on Medusa 2: now with more war, he usually spent a lot of time talking to himself and only himself. B-But that was only because Lady Palutena was so busy helping the Centurions rebuild Skyworld! But there was no reason to tell Phosphora that.

"You were almost as lonely as him."

"What was that?"

"Oh! Nothing~!" Pit wanting for Pittoo to make friends with the people who lived with him made a lot more sense now, "You just helped me figure something out. So why don't I go get Pittoo so you can get in some more practice? Kay'?" Pit instantly perked up. This was his chance to talk with Pittoo again! This time he was going to make sure to not mess up! "W-Wait! Let me go with you! I can-Woah!" Phosphora easily picked up Pit with both her hands and held him up in the air.

"Wow! I was right! You guys are light!"

"Phoooosphora put me down!" Pit whined, besides being horribly embarrassed, Phosphora's electricity was spreading all over his body causing an annoying tingling sensation.

Instead of putting him down Phosphora laughed and carried him back into the hallway, stopping short of a set of three tunnels. "Well, since you asked so nicely." she set him down on a large rock that decorated the empty hallway.

Pit's hair was still standing up on its ends and his feathers were ruffled, but he was glad to be on solid ground. For once. "What was that for?!" Pit said while trying to straighten out his hair. Lady Palutena worked so hard to brush it last night and here Phosphora was ruining all of her hard work!

"I'm just leaving you somewhere I can find you when I get back! Your orders for today are-To keep your butt planted right there!" there was no doubt in Phosphora's mind that Pit would somehow find a way to get himself into trouble, but hopefully a strict order would enough to keep him in one place.

Pit shot Phosphora a skeptical look while he straightened a few bent feathers on his wing, "Why not just leave me on the balcony?"

"B-Because then, uh-Because this is closer to where I'm going!"

"Mmhmm." Pit wasn't convinced.

Pit's skepticism on Phosphora's plan aside, he decided that it would be better and less painful to listen to her and stay put. No matter how much he didn't want to. "Fine." Pit swung on leg over the other and made himself comfortable on the rock he knew he would be sitting on for a while.

"I knew you'd come around. Now just stay put and I'll have Pittoo back here before you know it. Then I bet you guys'll be cracking jokes just like old times!" Phosphora shot a finger gun to the bewildered angel, a few sparks dropping from her finger.

A few seconds later Phosphora was flying down the hallway Pittoo ran into just a few minutes ago.

Pit instantly forgot which way she went after she was out of sight.

-second thought-

Dark Pit was back in the same position, and the same room, he found himself in earlier that day. He was still stuck wondering whether it was safe or not to find out exactly what strange powers his signature Staff might hold.

This particular train of thought was really starting to get old by now

"I'm sick of thinking of this!" Dark Pit yelled out loud to no one in particular. It was just himself and the various weapons that hung on his walls. Along with the friendly growth chart in the shape of a giraffe that Viridi tacked by his door.

Dark Pit sighed, sitting down on his bed besides his Staff. Not only did he feel terrible about potentially hurting Pit, he also felt terrible for storming off without explaining himself. Don't get him wrong, he was a more than a little upset at Pit deciding that he alone was responsible for getting Dark Pit to socialize with the rest of the Forces of Nature but at the same time...

He was sorta right. In a way. A little.

If someone, that someone being Pit, hadn't decided to drag Dark Pit outside that day to talk to other people Dark Pit doubted that he would have decided to do it on his own. Not at the rate he was going. However, he was never going actually ADMIT that Pit helped him, he would sooner die than do that.

Even then, Pit was only responsible for pushing him outside. It was Dark Pit that did all the hard work and talked to people! And...And he didn't need any help for it! He could handle it on his own!

With more newfound determination, Dark Pit decided to set out and prove that he could handle things on his own! Sure, he might not have been the person who started the mission today but he was going to end it! Which was not at all what he started the day thinking of doing but that's just how the day decided to roll, for the sake of plot progression. And because he was an unfocused thirteen-year-old Angel.

Dark Pit stood up from his bed, but before he took a single step, he looked back at the Dark Pit staff. Wondering for just one more second whether to hand it over to Pit or not.

'...Am I going to hurt Pit more...?'

It didn't take long for him to make up his mind this time.


Dark Pit grabbed his trusty Electroshock Arm from the wall and took off running back to the balcony where he ditched his brother and Phosphora. There was only one thought running through his head.

'I don't need his help or hers!'

He would show them. Whatever it took, even if he needed to sneak out.

-pit wanders off-

"I hope Phosphora didn't ditch me..."

Pit swung his legs back and forth, still sitting on the same rock that Phosphora left him waiting on. He didn't want to risk the chance of getting lost in Viridi's fortress and then having to delay the mission in favor of finding him.

So, even though he was bored out of his mind the smart thing to do was to wait.

"But I'm soooo bored!"

Surely wandering close to where he was told to wait wouldn't hurt, right?

Pit looked to the left and right of the hallway he was sitting in. There wasn't a lot in the hallway that stood out to him as familiar. It looked like pretty much every hallway he'd seen in while walking around Viridi's fortress. "I wish Pittoo was here. He'd know somewhere cool to go." Pit was sure Pittoo knew his way around by now, with how much time he'd spent here. But Pit? No way.

Sure, Pit spent almost a whole month in Viridi's fortress during the Chaos Kin incident. But those weeks were all a blur of watery eyes, absolute rage, and growing anxiety over the future.

Viridi's fortress was so foreign to Pit that the last time he'd been here during Centurion training day might as well have been his first time here.

Pit anxiously flapped his wings. He wanted to move. He couldn't stand sitting around any longer.

"I'm sure they won't mind if I explore just a little bit." he pushed himself off the rock and onto his feet, "Besides I've got my laurel crown on! If they need to find me they can just use that!"

With all his worries taken care of, Pit happily skipped down the hallway to find the nearest interesting thing to look at.

-you got what you wanted, but you lost what you had-

After the fourth weirdly shaped rock Pit stopped to look at, he was wondering if maybe his first suspicion was the right one. Maybe Pittoo and Phosphora did decide to ditch him back there. "They would never!" Pit argued with himself, "I would know if they did!" There was really no real way for Pit to be sure that he hadn't been left behind, but his gut was telling him he was right and that was all he needed. Besides, Viridi promised he could go and she would never waste an opportunity to order him around.

"Any minute now they'll start yelling at me for moving from my spot." Pit wasn't looking forward to a scolding from either Pittoo or Phosphora, but that was a sign that he'd have something exciting to do. Staring at rocks and dirt while imagining shapes in them could only keep him entertained for so many minutes.

"Ha ha, she'll probably say something like-Pit where did you go?! We told you to wait right there!" Pit yelled at himself, his arms were placed behind his head, trying to look as cool and carefree as possible.

"-And then Pittoo will say..." Pit ran to the left and made his voice go the deepest he could. Which made for a very good imitation of his twin. So good, that anyone walking by might have thought it to be Dark Pit himself. "-I told you we shouldn't have left him by himself, but did you listen to me?"

Then Pit ran back to his right. "AND THEN-! Viridi will say-huh?" before Pit could show off his masterful and scarily accurate after years of practice impression of Viridi, something caught his attention.

In front of him was a slightly opened door. It looked vaguely familiar.

Pit looked around for any hints to tell him where he was and why he felt like he'd been here before, but there was nothing. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to go in." Pit easily convinced himself to take a quick peek, especially since it didn't look like the mission would be starting anytime soon. He was happy to kill time anyway he could.

Pit lightly touched the ajar door expecting to be caught by any of Viridi's troops any second. To his surprise, no one came. Instead the door opened revealing an all too familiar room inside.

"Pittoo's room!" That's why this hallway looked familiar!

It was the very same hallway he was kicked into after accidentally kicking one of Pittoo's weapons off the walls while he slept.

"After I said I was sorry and everything."

There was no hesitation on Pit's decision to enter his twin's room. He figured that if no one could find him, not even with Viridi's or Lady Palutena's help, Pittoo's room would be the second place everyone would look. It also helped that Pittoo's room was full of plenty of things to keep Pit entertained for the next hour or so.

The first thing Pit did upon entering said room was take a seat on his twin's 'Has no right as being comfy as it is!' bed. "Man, whoever Pittoo took these blankets from has good taste!" he took the dark blanket and threw it over himself. There was no real reason he needed to do that, its not like it was cold or anything. Pit just wanted to do it and he did it. Did he want to see how comfy being in the blanket was? Maybe?

Pit's happiness of being covered in a comfy blanket was suddenly cut short by a loud THUMP right behind him.

Pit immediately wrapped himself up in Pittoo's blanket, in a sad attempt to hide himself from whoever caught him sneaking into his twin's room red-handed. "Ahh! I didn't mean to sneak in! I mean-I don't know where I am! Who's Pit?!" his lame excuses aside, Pit noticed a distinct lack of yelling at him so it was safe to say that he hadn't been caught. Yet.

So then, what was that strange sound?

With his hands still gripping onto the blanket he turned around to something far worse than being caught by Pittoo.

It was Dark Pit's Dark Pit Staff. Lying on the ground. And Pit knew that he was the only reason it was on the floor.

"Oh no! Nonono!" in a panic, Pit threw the blanket off himself and knelt down to get a closer look at Pittoo's treasured weapon. He prayed to anyone that would listen that the Staff didn't break in the fall. It was hard to check without touching it, but Pit made a promise to never touch Pittoo's things and he swore to himself he would keep that promise until the day he died.

For obvious reasons.

After looking over the Staff during the longest seconds of Pit's life, he exhaled a sigh of relief. It looked like the Staff was perfectly fine. At least, it looked fine to him. Pit knew Pittoo cared about the quality of his weapons than he did, so Pit hoped that his brother wouldn't find something that he missed.

Now all he had to do was figure out a good enough lie to explain why the Staff was on the floor instead of wherever Pittoo left it. "Maybe I can say there was an earthquake...?" before Pit could figure out how he was going to explain how an earthquake could happen without anyone else noticing, a familiar voice spoke right into his head.

"HEY! Me and Palutena got everything set up, so you know what that means!"

"That the mission is called off and we can go nap?" Pit heard Phosphora say. He could practically see her leaning back and relaxing, both of her arms behind her head.

"Ahaha...NO!" Pit instinctively covered his ears. Not that it helped. "Now all three of you report back here! You don't want to keep us waiting, do you?" and with that last order the telepathic connection was cut, leaving Pit all alone again.

All alone and all a-lost again.

Pit nervously walked out of the room and back to the hallway, looking for any signs of Pittoo or Phosphora or anybody to help him get back to Viridi's throne room. "I'm...I'm sure I can find my way back. How hard could it be?"

The endless tunnels of Viridi's fortress were looking a lot more daunting all of a sudden. He sighed, if only Lady Palutena were here, she would know what to do.

A candle went off in Pit's head. "Lady Palutena!"

Then like clockwork, Palutena answered Pit's plea. "Yes Pit? Is there something wrong?"

Pit held his hands together in relief, he wanted to thank Lady Palutena over and over for answering but that would probably have to wait for after the mission. "Lady Palutena I'm uh-kinda lost. Can you help me back to where you guys are?" Pit's nervously scratched the back of his head. After years of working with her he knew Lady Palutena could see him no matter where he was, so hopefully she knew where in the fortress Pit was.

Pit heard Palutena giggle and his face grew even redder than it already was. "Lady Palutenaaaaa! Viridi's place is really big! I didn't mean to-"

"I'm sorry! It's only a little funny I promise" she reassured him. Though given the fact she was still giggling, albeit a lot quieter now, it was more than a little funny.

Pit pouted and looked away from no one in particular.

"Now, now. Don't be like that. Here-" Palutena, very secretly, waved her staff and summoned a couple of familiar green arrows for Pit to use to find his way back to her. "-these should help! Just follow them and you'll be back here in no time."

Pit stared in awe as the green arrows materialized right in front of him. Pointing the exact opposite way where he thought about heading just before calling out to Lady Palutena. He was so glad she always had his back, and he would always have hers! And he would also always have Pittoo's and Viridi's a-and Phosphora's and-

"Pit." Palutena could sense Pit's jumble of thoughts and decided to interrupt before he forgot all about the mission entirely.

"Huh...? Oh, right! I'll be right there!" he bowed, knowing that she could still see him, "Thank you Lady Palutena! You're the best!"

"I try. I'll see you here, okay?"

Oddly, Pit sensed Palutena cutting their connection. "She's probably talking to Viridi or something" Pit made another mental note to thank Lady Palutena for not telling Viridi he was lost. If Palutena did, Viridi would be laughing at him from now until the end of the day.

"Well, I better not keep the others waiting!"

Pit took a single step towards the green arrowed lit tunnel, before he stopped.

He looked behind him at the opened door to Pittoo's room. The evidence that he'd been in there and knocked Pittoo's Dark Pit Staff to the ground was still in there and if he wasn't there to defend himself Pittoo would assume the worst once he came to pick up his weapon.


"Unless! I take it to him!" Pit ran back into his twin's room with a brand new plan in mind.

He would take Pittoo's most prized weapon, hide it behind his back and just when his brother would ask for a few extra minutes to grab his weapon, which would no doubt earn him an earful from Viridi-WHAM Pit would present him with the Dark Pit Staff he generously brought back with him.

Then Pittoo would thank him and hug him and also say that he was the best brother ever! Then they would both get another video game to star in. It was the perfect plan.

"I'm sure Pittoo won't mind!" Pit lied to himself. He knew not-so-deep down that Pittoo would mind. He would mind a great deal. "Buuuut Pittoo will probably mind not having his weapon even more!" it was his favorite after all, a fact that I'm sure that everyone and everything knows by now. At least I hope they do

With no hesitation left in him, Pit grabbed the Dark Pit Staff by the handle.

As soon as he did, a Pit felt a strange haze wash over him, "Auuh...?" On instinct he cried out to Lady Palutena for help. Something else in his head yelled at him for doing that. Still holding on to the Staff, Pit stumbled and violently gripped his head with his free hand. "Wha-what?"

Why did it feel like there was someone else talking besides him?

Pit's first thought was that Pittoo had someone set a trap on his staff to confuse anyone who held it besides him. Of course, he would do something that smart!

Pit's next thought wasn't his own.

'I don't need his help or her's!'

Pit stared blankly ahead, intently listening to the strange echo in his head. "I...don't need his help or her's." he repeated, almost robotically.

His hand tightened around the handle of the Dark Pit Staff. Pit blinked rapidly, almost as if he were getting used to the lighting in the room. "I don't need his help or her's!" he said smiling, he never felt so sure about anything than he did right now! Pit had to do this, he was going to show them all!

Without any hesitation, Pit turned on his heels and took off running out of his room.

Pit ran off to the nearest exit of the Fortress of Nature. He ignored the flashing green arrows because this time, he knew exactly where to go. He wasn't even sure what they were doing there in the first place.

Pit turned the right direction at every turn until he reached an open balcony.

The wind was blowing right at him and he impulsively spread his wings. It was a futile effort, he knew he wasn't capable of going anywhere by himself. At least not yet. Pit walked over to the new railings Viridi placed on the balconies. Leaning on the railing, Pit looked down to see the same familiar forest he saw every morning.

'I wish Viridi would at least add a little more variety-'

"-staring at a bunch of trees is so boring!"

Though looking at the forest was boring enough to make him go back to sleep Pit scanned the forest as far as he could.

He knew the mission for today was to take care of a bunch of a troublemakers in the forest, but for some reason Viridi thought he needed help to handle a couple of fairies. If they were anything like the Fairy Orbitars taking care of them would be as easy as fighting a simple Mik.

'I can handle it-'

Pit held onto the Dark Pit staff even as he climbed over the balcony's railing.

"-all by myself!

Then Pit jumped.

-pittoo wanders in-

As Phosphora turned the last corner on her way to Dark Pit's room, she could have sworn she heard someone's voice down one of the connecting hallways. 'Don't tell me I took the long way...' Phosphora always made sure to spend as little time she could in one place. It just wasn't her style. As a result, her knowledge on the layout of Viridi's fortress was a little more muddy than the usual member of the Forces of Nature, Pittoo aside.

"Outta the way!" there was the familiar voice again, and before Phosphora could even think about who's voice it could be she found herself knocked down to the ground.

"Watch where you're going..." Phosphora got herself off the ground and was back into the air in just seconds. She was more than ready to give whoever bumped into her the biggest shock of their life.

"I told you to get out of the way..."

Phosphora looked down to see exactly who bumped into her, "Pittoo." Of course, who else could it have been?

The Angel was sitting on the ground, rubbing his head with his free hand, an Electroshock Arm on the other. Phosphora figured that bumping into her also caused him to fall backwards too. If that was the case, she hoped that maybe it would teach him a lesson about running down the halls.

"You need any help?" Phosphora held out a hand to help him up, "Don't worry, I won't shock you or anything."

Dark Pit stared at her hand, then back up at her with a snarl, "I don't need any of your help." He began the arduous task of pushing himself up, using his Electroshock Arm as support. "I can handle myself."

"Clearly." Phosphora pulled her hand back and watched as Dark Pit firmly held his ground.

After lightly dusting himself off, as best he could with his one free arm, Dark Pit turned back to Phosphora. "What are you doing here anyway? Did Viridi come order you to get me?" his tone of voice was mocking, as if he'd forgotten he was under Viridi's orders as well.

"No, not yet." Phosphora didn't think it would be worth it to get riled up from Dark Pit's childish teasing,"I only came after you to see if you were okay."

"...Why would you do that?"

"B-Because I was worried?"

"Why would you do that?! Like I said, I can take care of myself!"

Phosphora paused to think. "Is this...Is this like a new phase or something? Because if that's the case I'm gonna go ahead and tell Viridi I'm taking one of my vacation days today." the last thing Phosphora wanted to ever deal with was an egotistical teenager that bit off more than they could chew. She already had more than her share of dealing with one.

Dark Pit huffed and stomped past her. Literally stomped. The more noise he made the better. For added affect he also slammed the Electroshock Arm against the wall. That would show her.

She sighed, "Are you really taking that weapon with you of all things? You're just going to be a walking lightning rod" Though Phosphora could easily direct her lightning away from him, it would be a major hassle. It was just another little thing to annoy her and Pittoo more than likely knew it. "Here I actually thought you were at least a little smarter than Pit."

Dark Pit was halfway through his fourth stomp when he stopped, right after hearing Phosphora.

"You run out of steam there?"

"Where's Pit?"

"Pit? I left him waiting on a rock. We can go back and meet him there if you want."

Dark Pit swore he felt his heart stop. "You left him himself?!" the Electroshock Arm crackled with electricity. Phosphora didn't feel threatened in the slightest.

"Uh, yeah? Its easier to find him if he's in one place, right?"

"And you expect him to actually stay there?!"


Before Phosphora could ask Dark Pit to elaborate on what he just said, Palutena's panicked filled voice suddenly rang into their heads. "Pittoo! Phosphora! Please come back to the throne room! Its an emergency! You have to hurry! There's no time please hurry!"

Despite Palutena's repeated insistence that they hurry both Dark Pit and Phosphora stood still and confused. They looked at one another, hoping that the other would have the answer to why Palutena suddenly sounded like this mission was now a matter of life and death. Especially with her still telepathically screaming at them to hurry to the throne room, her words were starting to become just a string of 'Please hurry! Please hurry!' Whatever could have happened in the past hour to change the stakes of the mission must have been big.

Dark Pit's stomach sank, 'There's only one person here that could make Palutena freak out so badly.' A quiet voice in the back of his mind added that there were actually two people here that would have that effect on Palutena, but by all accounts, he was fine.

"Oh-kay you've talked long enough!" Viridi cut in and finally put an end to Palutena's panicked rant. Yet despite that, both Phosphora and Dark Pit could still hear Palutena talking, just at a softer volume. Almost like she was muttering to herself"

"Even though Palutena is losing it, she's right. You two need to get back here and quick." Viridi continued, "We got a problem and its a doozy."

"Uh, how big of a 'doozy'?" Phosphora asked, trying to laugh away her one fear. It was a stretch to say that the problem could be related to the other problem, but there was always the tiiiinest possibility it could have been the same...problem.

"Let's just say, its the size of one Pit. And that Pit happens to have jumped off the fortress and into the deadly and dangerous cursed forest we discussed earlier. So yeah. Its big."

Both Phosphora and Dark Pit never wanted to be somewhere else more than right now.

-i kept forgetting to write in pittoos electroshock arm. opps.-

Dark Pit and Phosphora were left alone waiting in the throne room while Viridi and Palutena discussed the plan to change their mission from reconnaissance to a rescue mission.

Phosphora anxiously kicked her legs in the air and played with her hair. Even though she made it a habit to tease Pit whenever possible she'd be lying if she said she wasn't' at least a little worried about his safety. Both Pit and Dark Pit practically became like the annoying little brothers she never asked for, but in the end after a couple of years they turned out to not be that bad. It actually kinda fun when they were around. Not that she would ever admit that to herself or anyone else, of course. "You better be okay out there dweeb."

On the other side of the room, the other half of her newly designated little brothers was pacing around, his Electroshock Arm tossed to the side as he bit his thumb. A million thoughts ran through Dark Pit's head.

What happened to him?

Why did he jump into the cursed forest by himself?

Was this his fault?

"You good?"

Phosphora's question was enough to snap Dark Pit out of his rush of thoughts. He stopped pacing to turn to look at her, a uncharacteristic concerned look was all over her face.

Since his first day of working for the Forces of Nature Phosphora had never seen Dark Pit looking this worried. It was sort of...worrying. And while her main concern was hoping that Pit was still alive, it would be heartless of her not to consider his twin as well. Especially considering the whole double sided coin-thing Dark Pit explained to them once.

"I'm fine. Just confused." Dark Pit answered. The answer wasn't the whole truth but it was enough of it that he hoped his bad lying skills wouldn't get him caught.

"You don't have to try and hide it you know."

Dark Pit crossed his arms and curled his wings into himself. Whatever Phosphora was going to tell him, he wasn't interested in hearing any of it.

Phosphora noticed Dark Pit's apprehension and slowly floated closer to him. She was just far enough away that her electricity wouldn't send shivers through his body, "You're worried. Its really easy to tell." Dark Pit had been living with the Forces of Nature long enough for Phosphora and even Viridi to clue in when he was under distress.

When something was worrying Dark Pit, his wings would nervously flap on their own. They would also walk around in circles, unable to keep still and occasionally talk to themselves. Jury was still out if Dark Pit also did impressions like Palutena told them Pit was prone to do.

"I'm not worried! I'm mad!" Dark Pit corrected Phosphora.

"Mad? At what?"

"A-At Pitstain! Duh! Why would he do something as stupid as go by himself?! -'That was my idea!'- He wasn't supposed to even be here in the first place! Why is he so stupid?!"

"You wanted him to be here didn't you?" Phosphora recalled how oddly happy Dark Pit was on his return from another one of his visits to Palutena's temple. He didn't smile once but he did talk to her and Arlon all about how he and Pit played Idol Toss all day and even confided in them how Pit volunteered to go on next month's mission with him.


Before Dark Pit could spit out another lie, Palutena and Viridi warped back into the room.

Palutena's eyes immediately darted to Dark Pit. As soon as their eyes meet Palutena turned away and instead looked down at the ground.

Viridi looked over to the Goddess of Light and scoffed. She just spent the better part of their plan making time convincing Palutena that she was worrying too much, and that Pit would be fine once Phosphora and Pittoo found him, and now here she was. Still worried.

All her hard work, for nothing.

"Okay. We talked it over and we both pretty much agreed that the best plan we've got is to send you two down there to find Pit."

"Mistress Viridi are you-"

"-Sure? I'm positive this is the only way. It looks like you two have a new mission." Viridi waved her staff and within seconds the doors to her throne room began glowing a familiar golden glow. Her magic surrounded the doors, turning them into a portal to the outside once they opened.

"Pittoo. Phosphora. Your mission for today is to head down to the cursed forest, find Pit, and bring him back here so I can give him a piece of my mind! Got it?"

"Got it!"

Dark Pit silently nodded.

Deciding she was done staring at the floor for long enough, Palutena stepped forward. To Viridi's surprise. "The plan is to search for Pit in the air." she looked to Dark Pit, his wings twitched in anticipation, "I'll provide the Power of Flight while you search, but only for five minutes. After that you'll both have to look on foot."

"I hope we don't have to remind you how dangerous the forest is. Remember to stay together and if you find Pit-"

"Once you find Pit!" Palutena said, stomping her foot down. Dark Pit could have sworn he saw Viridi flinch in fear, but it was probably his imagination. "Once you find him...Phosphora you'll fly up and signal us to Pit and Pittoo's location so we can warp them back."

"R-Right...!" Phosphora expected Viridi to interrupt Palutena with another complaint that she had no business giving orders out to her troops, but it never came.

Viridi must have been really worried.

After quickly grabbing his Electroshock Arm from where he hastily placed it, Dark Pit meet up with Phosphora in front of the golden doors. "Alright! What are you waiting for?! Let's go people! Times a wastin'!" Viridi pointed at the set of doors as they opened on her command. "Operation: Rescue Pit, is a go!"

Outside the doors, the cursed forest awaited the pair. Whatever was in there stood no chance against the two of them. At least, that's what Viridi hoped.

Palutena hoped that Pit was strong enough to handle things on his own for now.

In no time at all, both Phosphora and Dark Pit jumped off after Pit.


Phosphora took off quick as lightning, stopping herself mid-air to wait for Dark Pit to catch up to her. Looking down at the imposing forest below her did not do anything to help her worry about finding Pit. 'Ugh, since when were you this easily worried. Pit's fine. He has to be.' She reassured herself.

Pit defeated her once after defeating Thanatos twice! Someone that strong wouldn't be defeated from something as small as fairies or even an entire cursed forest. She would make sure of it.

"You've been spending too much time stuck with those two dorks."

-and he's outta there!-

Dark Pit saw Phosphora speed out in front of him while he fell straight down to the ground. He would have been jealous if there was any time to be jealous.

It didn't take long before the Power of Flight activated in his wings and his free fall came to an end. Now in the air Dark Pit took a few seconds to adjust the Electroshock Arm in his hand, making sure the fall didn't throw it off balance.

Palutena directed his flight towards where Phosphora was flying in the air, assumedly waiting for Dark Pit to catch up. It was moments like these Dark Pit really missed flying on his own. Admittedly, he always missed it but sometimes it hurt more times than others.

Especially now, when he couldn't even fly on his own to find his missing brother.

Being led around like a puppet by its strings was not his style.

"Pittoo. Listen to me." Palutena's voice echoed in his head.

"I'm listening."

Palutena took in a sharp breath, it sounded like she was struggling to keep calm just like before. Even the Power of Flight itself felt a little unstable. "Pittoo...Dark Pit. Please be careful." Palutena pleaded, her voice shaking.

"Yeah. Sure." what else could Dark Pit answer with?

"Both you and Pit. Please come back to us safely."

-5 minutes of air time-

"Hey, you see anything Pittoo?"


"Guess I walked right into that one, didn't I?"

Dark Pit didn't mean his answer to be a joke. The only thing that he'd really seen so far was trees, and not much of anything else.

"Maybe if we're lucky Pit will come to us! I mean, he's smart. Sometimes" flashes of memories of Pit trying to solve the simple puzzles of the lightning temple ran through her mind. Sure, he only managed to solve the puzzle with Palutena's guidance but pushing three balls into three holes was more intelligence than she initially expected from him after what Viridi told her about him. "Who's to say he won't climb a tree to signal for help?"

Dark Pit ignored Phosphora, continuing to scan the land below him as Palutena led his flight pattern around the forest. At that point he lost count at how many times they circled the forest, and there was still no sign of Pit.

It was to be expected, Viridi and Palutena had said that the forest was dense and with the curse surrounding the forest it was a guarantee that no light entered into the forest, so of course no light would come out. And with no light there was no way they stood a chance of seeing Pit.

"Hey we'll find him, don't worry!"

Dark Pit looked up from looking down at the forest to his left, Phosphora was flying right beside him. She must have been able to tell that he was quickly losing hope in finding Pit from the skies. Either that or she read his mind, which considering how people communicated in this world, it wasn't that much of a stretch.

Phosphora sadly smiled and brought a finger up to her eyes, "You got a little something right here." It took a while for Dark Pit to understand what Phosphora was telling him, but once he did he gasped and quickly brought up his hand to his face.

Sure enough he could feel something wet on the side of his face.

In a panic he feverishly wiped away at his eyes. "I-I'm fine! Just worry about finding Pit! Leave me alone." Dark Pit could hear his voice was strained, he sounded like he was about to cry.

Which he couldn't. Doing that wouldn't be helping anyone, especially not Pit.

"Like I said, we'll find him." Phosphora held out her hand to touch Dark Pit's shoulder. Even with minimal control of his actions Dark Pit pulled himself away from her.

In his head, he heard Palutena sigh.

-is this a joke to you-


Time was running out and Dark Pit could only anxiously count the seconds until it he would no longer be able to search for Pit from the skies.


The three-minute mark would soon pass and that meant the Power of Flight timer only had a minute left.

And Dark Pit was afraid to admit it, but there was almost no chance they would find Pit at the literal last second. He wasn't surprised to hear Palutena's voice four minutes and 20 seconds into his flight, "Pittoo, I hate to say it, but the Power of Flight is running out..."

"Just keep me in the air as long you can."

"Do you remember what I said to you right after you left?"

Dark Pit grit his teeth, "Not everything." That was a lie. Dark Pit remembered what Palutena told him perfectly. She wanted both Angels back home safe and sound, and of course that meant that Palutena wanted Dark Pit to come home with both his wings unburnt. Neither he, nor Pit, would benefit from that at all if it happened. Even if Dark Pit miraculously spotted Pit while his wings were quickly burning off.

"I have to cut off the Power of Flight. I'm sorry Pittoo, but you're going to have to continue looking on foot."

That wasn't an option for him. Not when Pit's life was on the line.

"Its going to take forever to look on foot! Why can't Viridi just give me the Power of Flight after you?!"

"It doesn't work that way you dummy!" Viridi quickly refuted, "Your wings won't be able to take the surge of power! As soon as I activate it your wings will burst into flames!"


"And because of the forest's power, neither I or Viridi will be able to reach you once you're inside."

"Which means no Power of Flight!" Viridi quickly added, "I guess we should be thankful it wasn't Phosphora who got lost, huh? At least with her here she can help pull you out if things get rough."

"Mistress Viridi, there is a time and place..." Dark Pit heard Arlon say. Viridi must have called him in back in because of the emergency, at least that's why Dark Pit guessed he was still here.

Viridi sighed and he heard her apologize to Arlon and Palutena under her breath. "Right, right. Anyway, the point is you're almost out of flying power so you're gonna have to land soon." Viridi paused, even without being able to see her Dark Pit could tell she was thinking over her next words. A little longer than the usual Viridi. "Uh-You do remember everything we went over about the forest, right? How we can't reach you even with telepathy, how its dangerous, don't trust anything in there. Etcetera..."

"Yeah. I do."

"So do I Mistress Viridi!" Phosphora chimed in without anyone asking to. Dark Pit blew out some hot air. Poor Phosphora couldn't handle not being the center of attention for one, could she?

"I know you do Phosphora. That's why I didn't ask."

Phosphora awkwardly smiled and laughed, "Ha ha...Yeah I knew that." Phosphora looked over to Dark Pit and immediately shook off her embarrassed smile. She knew if Dark Pit saw her like that, he would never let her live it down.

Though, now that she looked closely, he wasn't even looking at her. His eyes were glued down to the ground below them.

He was using the last of his flight time to look for his lost twin.

From catching him crying earlier to how guilty she felt for possibly causing all this mess, Phosphora felt she had to say something to cheer him up or at least give him some hope that they would find Pit safe and sound.

Unfortunately, the Forces of Nature and compassion went together like pineapples and pizza. They're a good combination, but it doesn't work for everyone all the time.

"Since you can't fly and searching through the air is our best bet...How about I carry you?" Phosphora asked. After all, searching through the air would be easier than the two of them being trapped in the forest with no outside help.

"Excuse me?"

Phosphora flew in front of Dark Pit and outstretched her arms. "See? If the Power of Flight runs out, I can just carry you. From what I've seen you guys are pretty light and that way we can keep searching in the air for Pit! What do you say?"

"I'd say you're crazy for thinking I would agree to something like that." Dark Pit couldn't help but be jealous at how casual Viridi and Phosphora seemed to be acting. Pit was missing in a cursed forest, after jumping off the temple of all things. He could be lost, injured, or even worse.

Dark Pit and Palutena were on a timer that neither Phosphora or Viridi seemed to care about.

"Dark Pit?" Palutena's voice rang through his head again, it sounded like she was struggling to speak to him.


Palutena took in a breath and Dark Pit could feel his wings positioning themselves for a decent. He could see the forest getting closer and closer. From the corner of his eye he could see Phosphora right behind him. He didn't care about that, his focus was on finding Pit. Phosphora could follow if she wanted to. He would have preferred she stay behind though. How was she going to help him anyway?

"Prepare for land battle, Pittoo."

-things go from bad to worse-

The very second Dark Pit crossed the line of trees that separated the forest floor from the outside world, he understood why Palutena and Viridi were so insistent on staying together.

The forest was almost pitch black, save for the slivers of light that managed to break in through the small spaces between the trees. It gave the forest a slight purple glow to everything, whether that was just a trick of the light or a result of the magic in the air wasn't clear.

Even more unnerving than the lack of light was just how lifeless the forest felt.

There was no wind, no sounds, no signs of life. There was nothing. It was as if the forest itself was deserted, which according to both Goddesses it was far from that. There was no time for Dark Pit to wonder if they lied to all three of them about the monsters or fairies as some kind of sick joke, because Pit was still out there wandering the forest alone.

At least Dark Pit hoped he still was, because if he wasn't then...

Even thinking of the alternative made him sick to his stomach. Dark Pit shook his head, there was no time for that. "Pit!" he yelled out, hoping that somehow his twin would hear him.

To his shock his voice didn't even echo. Somehow his voice started and stopped where he stood.

Dark Pit felt everything close in at once. This forest wasn't normal, it wasn't safe, and it was not anything he ever dealt with before. He felt he very much underestimated the danger of this place and what might be lurking inside.

The worst part was that somehow, he could feel Pit come to the same realization.

-calming down a worried sick mother-

Viridi kept her eyes glued on the waterfall that, up until a few moments ago, reflected what Phosphora and Dark Pit were up to. Now it was just a mess of static and muffled noises. "I guess the forest is doing its job." she leaned back on her throne and silently hoped that any second now Phosphora would fly up over the trees with both Pit and Dark Pit in her arms.

Despite what she constantly told others and herself, she really did care for both Angels.

"Ugh, I wish there was a way to turn this stupid noise down." in an effort to distract herself, Viridi turned her attention to another cause of her headache that just so happened to be in the same room as her.

Near the entrance of her throne room Palutena was pacing back and forth, she anxiously bit her thumb to the point where Viridi was worried she might bite it off completely. Even from where Viridi was siting she could hear Palutena muttering to herself.

Palutena criticized herself out loud for not keeping an eye on Pit when she knew just how easy it was for him to get into trouble. She also whispered something about Dark Pit, but Viridi couldn't quite hear her.

It was obvious she was worried.

"Why not say something to calm her nerves, Mistress Viridi?"

"Wahh!" Viridi screamed and practically jumped from her chair in shock, just barely managing to stay put by holding on to her staff.

She whipped her head around to find Arlon standing close to her. "You're still here?!" Viridi could have sworn she told Arlon he was free to go back to the Lunar Sanctum. He must have stayed behind because he was worried, or something.

Viridi quickly looked over her shoulder to see if Palutena noticed her little scare, but the Goddess of Light looked to be still drowning in her own worries.

"Mistress Viridi, I'm terribly sorry. I had no intention of surprising you." Arlon took a bow, "I was merely attempting to give you some advice."

"What makes you think I need any advice?"

"Because it seems our dear Lady Palutena is currently burning through the floor."


Viridi quickly turned back around and true to Arlon's word Palutena had stopped pacing. Now she was standing in one place and glowing so bright that the ground around her was slowly catching on fire. If left unchecked Palutena would likely burn through the floor and Viridi's entire house. Which, to be fair, was protected against regular fire but not Goddess powered fire.

"Palutena stop!"

Palutena did not in fact, stop, but continued to glow brighter with every passing second. She was glowing so bright that Viridi couldn't look straight at her. "Palutena I asked you to stop!" yelling at Palutena was the best thing Viridi could think to do at this point. She didn't dare get any closer to the Goddess, lest she risk the chance of catching fire herself.

"It is as I said, Mistress Viridi." Viridi's attention turned back to her helpful butler, "I believe the smart move right now is to find a way to calm our dear Lady Palutena down. After all, this is a rather stressful time for her."

"I think she's being a baby about it-"

"Mistress Viridi."

"But, fine! I was gonna say fine!" Viridi huffed in frustration before turning back to try and face the Goddess of Light.

Palutena was brightly glowing, still biting her thumb and staring wide eyed at the floor. Viridi took in a deep breath before pausing, trying to think over what she should say.

Then all her planning went out the window when Palutena noticed her.


Viridi froze in place. She hadn't expected Palutena herself to start the conversation. Even worse she still had not thought of anything to say. Only getting so far as 'Please stop burning through my floor. Your weird Angels are going to be fine, weirdo.' and that wasn't nice at all! Even she was emotionally aware enough to know that.

"Hey Palutena? Just uh-wanted to know if you're doing okay?" Viridi gave herself a mental high five for not calling Palutena a crybaby.

Palutena didn't answer her question, instead choosing to think Viridi's question over.

Was she okay? No, not at all! She was worried and stuck thinking to herself why in the world Pit would do something as reckless and stupid as jump off by himself into the forest below. Yes it was true that Pit had a streak of last minute impulsive decisions but none of those were at this scale.

"-and he would never disobey my orders. That's not like Pit. Its not like him at all..."

"Is that what's worrying you?" Palutena twitched in surprise, forgetting for a moment that Viridi was a Goddess and fully capable of reading her thoughts. "Actually, Palutena you've been talking out loud this whole time." Viridi corrected her. Maybe she should have just let Palutena keep thinking out loud.

"Oh, my mistake but I suppose there's no need to repeat my worries then?"

Viridi shook her head, "Nah, but even I can tell that's not the only thing bothering you. So spill, I promise I wont laugh."

Palutena sighed, she didn't want to burden Viridi with her problems but if she was willing to listen, she figured there was no harm in talking just a little bit. "I guess to put it simply, I'm scared."

"Scared?" Viridi wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't just heard it. The oh-so-mighty Goddess of Light scared? That was almost too unbelievable to believe. Especially with how Viridi had seen Palutena act. Nothing ever seemed to phase her. Not the mysteries invaders or even Hades himself.

The only time Viridi could recall seeing Palutena scared was when Pit was in danger.

"Pit left without a word. He's gone, and now Pittoo and Phosphora are down there looking for him and we can't see them either! I have no idea what's going on or what they're doing or even if they're safe! I don't even know what's down there!"

"Palutena?" the room was getting hotter.

"I'm...I'm not used to being kept in the dark. I can't say I'm a fan of not knowing what's going on."

Viridi grit her teeth, this was going to much harder than she thought. But she still had to try, she owed it to Pit and Pittoo, and to Palutena herself. And her floor would be ruined that too, mostly that.

"Hey uh-" Viridi took a small step forward, keeping her eyes glued to a random spot on the wall in an effort to not look Palutena in the eyes.

Palutena turned her head to look at the small Goddess and Viridi took that as a cue to continue, "I wouldn't worry about them that much, Pittoo and Phosphora can handle themselves! I mean, just because they both lost to Pit doesn't mean they can't find him. That Angel of yours is as easy to find as a frog on a rainy day. They'll find Pit in no time and they'll all be back here before you know it!"

"Hmm." Palutena looked like she was thinking Viridi's words over. Viridi took this as the go ahead to keep going.

"And stop worrying about not being a know-it-all the time! There's gonna be some things you just don't know! Not even I know everything, and I'm the best Goddess around! That's how life works Palutena, whether you like it or not. So you can mope around all day and burn through my floor if you want or you can suck it up and live with it!"

Viridi stood triumphantly, proud of her carefully chosen words. Then she heard Arlon groan behind her. She didn't even have to look to know he was shaking his head disapprovingly.

To both their shock Palutena's warm glow began to fade and the tense atmosphere almost immediately disappeared from the room.

"I believe your words of encouragement did the trick." Arlon whispered to the bewildered Goddess.

"Huh? Oh! Well of course they did!" Viridi flipped her ponytail in triumph, she wasn't sure why people always told her she didn't have a way with words when she was obviously great at it! "You feeling better there, Palutena?" Viridi looked down at the singed floor. The damage wasn't too bad, just a few burns here and there. Nothing a mat wouldn't cover up.

Viridi's attention was ripped away from the floor by the sounds of clicking heels. She turned to see Palutena looking at her waterfall's view of the forest. Instead of looking nervous however, there was a look of anticipation on her face. Without a second thought Viridi walked over to Palutena's side to look alongside her. To no one's surprise the view was the same as it was a minutes before.

"Eh, they'll be okay. They've been through way worse. Remember that time Hades ate Pit? I swear you were seconds away from blasting Hades away before Pittoo reminded you Pit was inside him!"

Palutena suppressed a laugh and looked down at the Goddess of Nature, a relieved smile on her face. "Thank you, Viridi."

-every nook and cranny-

After collecting himself Dark Pit took off running. Where to? What direction? It really didn't matter which way he was going as long as he could find his lost brother.

"Where are you going?!" a surprised voice called out behind him, causing him to stop right in his tracks. Behind him Phosphora was right on his trail. "What are you still doing here?" Dark Pit asked, despite knowing full well why Phosphora was following him.

"What am I-?!" Phosphora was at a loss for words, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes, hoping that the rebellious Angel wouldn't take off running while she thought things through. She was relieved to see him still standing there. His arms crossed and single foot tapping in an inpatient rhythm just waiting for her to answer. "Did you really forget what Viridi warned us about just now or are both of your heads empty?!"

"M-Our heads aren't empty!"

"Then surely you remember that we have to stick together!"

"Maybe you do!"

"That...That doesn't even make any sense!"

"You don't make any sense!" Dark Pit yelled back at her, before turning to run from Phosphora as far away as he could. He believed that no matter which way he ran it would bring him closer to wherever Pit was, their weird twin connection would make sure of that. It just had to!


The forest around them was dense with trees. Much denser than how Viridi described it. The trees were bunched up together, way too close to each other. Almost like a child who'd never seen a forest in their life designed it. It was because of this reason that Phosphora found it difficult to quickly fly after Dark Pit. Its very hard to fly when you keep bumping into a tree almost every direction you went.

"Ugh, Viridi really needs to work on researching her sources..." Phosphora decided that the best course of action was to slowly navigate the maze of trees and quietly follow behind. While Dark Pit did storm off, he hadn't actually run too far. It looked like he encountered the same problem as Phosphora had. His Electroshock Arm was also turning out to be more of a burden than an asset, as almost every time he tried to turn a corner the Arm kept bumping into a tree or getting stuck.

Not to mention he didn't have Phosphora's advantage of being able to generate light, so he found himself stumbling around in the dark. His only saving grace was the few rays of lights trickling from above.

"If this is what it takes...Then Palutena better thank me later."

As Phosphora peeked her head from behind of a tree she noticed that Dark Pit was looking up at the trees.

If it wasn't for the sheer amount of leaves above them, he would have been staring up at the sky. She heard a clear sniffle coming from the young Angel before he flapped his wings and walked around another tree.

"Pit, please be okay..." he whispered to no one but himself.

-hey check out this rock-

"I know you're still following me!" Dark Pit turned around to yell where he knew Phosphora was spying at him from.

She was making no effort to hide herself. Why would she? "I can't believe you actually thought I would leave you alone." Phosphora crossed her arms and floated closer to the grumpy angel, "Besides, you need my help!" Phosphora didn't want to be partially responsible for two lost Angels today.

"No, I don't!" Dark Pit fluffed up his wings in anger. Phosphora couldn't even muster the energy to call him out on it.

"You've been walking around in circles this whole time!"

"So have you!"

"Because I've been following you, you dweeb!"

"Then stop following me you idiot!" with that final insult Dark Pit took off running deeper into a maze of trees.

Phosphora grabbed her scarf and screamed into it.

She liked Pittoo, she really did, but he was so insurable sometimes she questioned whether it was worth trying to work together with him. Phosphora glanced down the path Pittoo ran down, his silhouette was still visible so he hadn't run that far. "Ugh, he's really just a kid isn't he...?" and she couldn't leave him by himself, no matter how much he annoyed her. After all, it wasn't that long ago that she acted just like him. Like a know it all loner showoff with a mean streak.

...The part about the showoff-y streak was perfectly justified though, she was just that good.

"I better go after him." Phosphora floated closer as quietly as she could, soon enough she was back to hiding behind a tree.

Dark Pit was staring at an unremarkable large rock, carefully unequipping the Electroshock Arm from his hand and carefully placing it to the side. "Please don't tell me he's going to do what I think he's going to do." Phosphora whispered to herself. Dark Pit made it a habit to tell everyone who was willing to listen how smarter he was than Pit and looking under a rock for someone who was most likely not under a rock seemed like a very not-that-smart thing to do.

Dark pit whipped his head from side to side, failing to look behind him to where Phosphora was floating almost in plain sight. Then he lifted the rock above his head, "Pit?"

Phosphora floated in place, just staring while Pittoo gently put the rock down. "Yeah, I'm not going anywhere."

-hes not in my thoughts—

"Whyyyy do you keep following me?!" Dark Pit yelled at Phosphora, who was floating no less than a few 'Dark Pit steps' away from him. He swung his Electroshock Arm wildly in the air to prevent her from coming any closer.

"Maybe because I'm seriously concerned how much progress you're making since somebody keeps looking under rocks!"

Dark Pit's wings puffed themselves out again, "Pit could be under them!" he explained, he wasn't sure why Phosphora couldn't wrap her head around that concept. It was literally so easy.

"He could be under a rock?! How would you know?!"

"Hey, I know Pit better than anyone-"

"-because you are him, right?" Even after years of knowing him Phosphora still didn't know the whole story about Dark Pit's creation. From what she gathered from the bits and pieces she heard here and there, Pittoo was some dark side of Pit's. Which explained a lot because Pittoo was in no way evil or malicious like his name would have someone believe. He was just a little rude and direct, which was exactly what she expected someone like Pit to have as a 'dark side.'

Dark Pit seemed to think otherwise. "Because I was a PART of him! So, I know him better than anyone!" he stomped his feet and flapped his wings in clear annoyance. How many times would he have to explain his existence to everyone?

"Okay. Lets just say for a minute Pit would hide under a rock, in a tree or even in that hole in the ground you looked in just a few minutes ago. Do you want to explain how he would FIT in there?!"

"Shrinky bean."

"Excuse me."

"He might have a shrinky bean on him."

"...Do you know he has a 'shrinky bean' on him?"

Dark pit didn't bother answering and instead decided to climb the nearest tree to see if Pit was hiding among its leaves.

-then think again!-


Dark Pit fell out of his sixth tree in a row. Luckily by the sixth tree Phosphora caught on to his tumbles and successfully caught him in her arms. She looked down at him with a smug smile, "You're welcome."

"Please put me down."

"Only if you stop being such a pain."

"I can't stop being something I'm not being!" Dark Pit pushed himself out of Phosphora's grasp. He dropped to the ground but successfully landed on his feet. "At least I'm actually looking for Pit! What are you doing huh?!" Dark Pit crossed his arms and looked over to another tree, mentally planning how he could climb it without falling off. Maybe this time he could try climbing it up without his Electroshock Arm, but if the forest was as full of danger as Viridi and Palutena warned them he needed to make sure he was ready for a sneak attack.

His view was suddenly blocked by an angry Phosphora, her hands balled up into fists. "What I'm doing is making sure a bratty Angel doesn't get himself hurt! You know it would be really bad if we lost two Angels now wouldn't it?!"

Dark Pit gasped, a guilty look strewn across his face. Phosphora took a guess that some of her words must have finally made some sense to him. He sighed and looked away from her, "I guess."

Phosphora sighed and floated just a bit closer to him, she didn't mean to make him feel bad about being so determined to find Pit. They were all worried and out of all of them it made sense that Pittoo would be desperate to find him. They were after all, brothers. Even if the last thing they did before Pit disappeared was have an argument.

"Oh." suddenly everything clicked into place. Why Dark Pit was so intent on finding Pit by himself. 'Could it be that he feels this is his fault?' Sure, the argument was small in the grand scale of things but who knows what Pit was thinking at the time, or even after. Maybe he was just as reckless as Dark Pit. Maybe Pit thought if he handled the mission by himself Dark Pit would forgive him. It wasn't the soundest logic, but both Angels weren't the wisest people.

"What?" Dark Pit noticed that Phosphora was looking all around her, looking abnormally worried. "Don't tell me this place is already getting to you. We've only been here for half an hour, tops." and here she was boasting about watching him when she was already looking like she was seconds from giving up and going home.

Phosphora jolted back in surprise. She was so caught up in her own thoughts she completely forgot about Dark Pit! "Its n-nothing! I just..." she looked around everywhere trying to think of something to say.

Sure, she could confront Dark Pit about this here and now, but she still wasn't 100 percent sure that was even the problem. Phosphora's saving grace came in the form of a stray ray from the sun, shining into her eye.

"Ow...Oooh! Wait a minute!"

"I'm waiting."

"What if-" Phosphora's hands moved excitedly as she tried to put her plan into words. Small sparks flew out of her hands with every small movement. "What if I fly up and see I can spot Pit from the sky!"

"That's...That's actually kinda smart."

"I know!"

"Hmph! Can't you just take a compliment like a normal person?"

"Do you mean by not accepting it?"

"Uh, yeah duh. No normal person just accepts a compliment. What's wrong with you?"

Phosphora decided she would unpack that whole conversation at a later date, now it was time to focus to finding Pit. "Alright. Okay. Here's the plan." Phosphora floated up, just high enough to where her head hit the leaves of the trees. Shaking a few leaves off her head she pointed at Dark Pit and began explaining her plan. "Alright step one: I fly over the tree line and look for any signs of Pit."

Dark Pit nodded, Phosphora was happy because it looked like he was willing to follow her plan. So far.

"Step two: you stay right there and wait for me! Got it? You do not move even a single muscle."

Dark Pit scowled and grumbled something under his breath. Phosphora wasn't able to decipher it but it probably wasn't anything nice. Before she could say anything else to try to convince him to stay and wait, Dark Pit put his arms to his side and yelled a quick, "Fine!" before he sat down on the dirt.

Phosphora smiled, she knew from experience Dark Pit probably regretted acting purely on spiteful instinct and sitting on the first place he could.

"Pffft...Alright." Phosphora wiped a tear from her eye, "Can I trust you to stay here then?"


"Pinky promise?"

Phosphora's heart lit up when she heard a light snort from the Angel. Even if she could lighten the situation just a little bit, that was a victory for her. Without looking up at her Dark Pit answered, "Sure..."

Now a little more confident that she was been before, Phosphora slowly started to float up past the trees. Her eyes stayed on Dark Pit until he disappeared behind the leaves of the trees.

It looked like Dark Pit was right when he said not a lot of time had passed since they started searching in the forest. The sky was a clear blue and the sun was still almost right above them. From where Phosphora was floating she had a clear view of some of the forest, a light fog still covered up some of the farther away areas and all Phosphora could do about that was hope that Pit didn't wander that far into the forest.

"Okay Pit, where are you?"

-"embrace the role the other was destined to play"-

The sky was getting dark and Pit was getting tired. How long had he been walking now? Everything was kind of a weird blur of trees and whispers. Pit rubbed at his eyes in an attempt to keep himself awake. It wasn't easy to do with the Dark Pit Staff in his hand, but he managed.

"Uuh...?" Pit at this point was having trouble remembering what he was doing down here. He couldn't remember, he could only feel that he was supposed to be down here. Pit also knew he was scared. He knew he needed to go back and find Palutena and Pit, or even Phosphora and Viridi to help him.

But his guilt and slight desire for independence quickly snuffed those thoughts out. He needed to do this by himself. For himself.

'I'll find him-'

"-I know he's around here somewhere." Pit echoed, he was confident he would find him if he just kept looking. Whoever was following him wasn't doing a good job of completing the mission anyway.

'He's alive. I know he is-'

"-if I'm okay, he's okay." Pit kept walking, now more tired than ever. Yet, something told him this was the right way to go.

No, he knew this was the right way to go. And with every step he took, Pit quietly faded away.

-never trust a...-

Dark Pit sat on the ground, his legs crossed, one of them nervously shaking. He leaned forward on his Electroshock Arm and looked straight in front of him.

From where he sat, he knew he couldn't see past the trees to see how far Phosphora flew off to but if she was true to her word she was right above him. He just had to trust her. He had to learn to trust her.

Its not like Dark Pit didn't trust her, it was just that Dark Pit didn't know if he could trust her. He knew he wanted to trust her, otherwise at the rate they were going Pit would be lost forever and Dark Pit would be living on more of a timer than he already was...and he would be one brother short for the rest of his life.

"Why is this so hard?" Dark pit rested his cheek on his free hand and looked straight up at the barrier of trees that blocked out anything that dared to enter the forest. "Trusting shouldn't be this hard right?" its not like having to spend the first days of his existence being hunted down by literally almost everyone he knew could have caused him to develop severe trust issues or anything.

That would be ridiculous.

Dark Pit took off his Electroshock Arm to set it down on his side and stretched out his arms, letting out a long yawn. With the sky blocked out there was no way to tell how long it'd been since they started looking for Pit. Hopefully Phosphora would come down with some good news soon, because if Dark Pit was feeling tired chances were that Pit was exhausted.

Whatever he was out there doing.

"Out there dying maybe?"

Dark Pit jumped up from his dirt seat, hastily equipping his Electroshock Arm back on and readying himself for an attack.

Whoever's voice he just heard wasn't Pit's or Phosphora's, and if it wasn't them there could only be a handful of someones it could have been. And none of the possibilities were good. "Who's there?!" his Electroshock Arm sprung to life, ready to take out any enemy that dared jump out at him.

'Wow! Look at that! he's much more livelier than the other angel!'

"Other Angel-?!"

'Oh, yes!'

Dark Pit noticed that this voice sounded different than the first voice, that could only mean there were two mysterious people talking to him.

'A little white winged child! Wandering around without a care in the world. Quite dangerous really, especially with all those evil monsters running around.'

"That's Pit!" Dark Pit couldn't believe it. He knew Pit was still alive! Dark Pit was still living and breathing after all, but to hear that Pit was fine from someone else but him and Phosphora calmed his nerves down a lot.

'Ahh, what kind of a name is Pit?' one of the strange voices asked.

'I think its a funny name! Pit! Just like a hole in the ground!' the other voice giggled, almost for too long. 'Its fitting. Since he'll be in a hole six-feet in the ground pretty soon!'


'Don't fret! We can take you to him! It sounds like you're very worried!'

'You two look so much alike. Its uncanny! You must be twins of some sort!'

Dark Pit awkwardly kicked at the ground, kicking up a cloud of dirt. "You...You could say that." Wait what was he doing? This wasn't like him at all! Stop it!

'Ahaha! Then what are you waiting for?'

A strange purple glow lit up from behind a gathering of trees in front of Dark Pit. 'Come on and follow us! We'll lead you right to Pit!' the voices said in unison, 'He's just over here! He told us to find you! And here you are!'

Dark Pit nodded and stepped forward. He couldn't think of any reasons not to trust these voices.

...that was unless...

-finally! a clue!-

The cursed forest wasn't big, but when you had to stay stationary in one place or risk losing another Angel besides the one, it was absolutely giant.

Phosphora used everything in her to resist the temptation to fly away from Pittoo's position and take off flying on her own. For one, it would be disobeying Viridi's orders, and even worse she would be breaking her pinky promise to Pittoo.

"Man, did I actually go and get two free little brothers?"

As if getting a weird uncle and a pet rock wasn't enough when she joined the Forces of Nature, here she was now having to take care of actual children.

"I better not spend too much time up here." even though Pittoo fully agreed to her plan of having her search from the sky, there was still the scary possibility that he just said that to get rid of her while he ran off on his own.

"No. You have to trust him." she told herself. If Pittoo was going to trust Phosphora, she was going to trust him. No matter what.

Then by chance she spotted something. "A-ha!" Phosphora focused her gaze on strange spot in the forest where the trees were oddly shaking. It couldn't be the wind, the wind wouldn't be able to shake the trees that hard. Then to cement her suspicions a shot from what appeared to be a Staff shot up from the trees.

And there was only one person besides Pittoo that Phosphora knew used those types of weapons.

"Pit!" Phosphora let out a sigh of relief, a massive weight lifted from her chest. The good news was that Pit was still alive, and the even better news was that she knew where he was now.

"I just hope we're not too late."

-hearttoo heart-

As soon as Phosphora passed the tree canopy back into the forest and saw Dark Pit where she'd left him, albeit standing up, she let out a sigh. She knew she was right to trust him! She was going to trust him!

"Hey, Pittoo!"

Dark Pit jumped at the sound of his nickname being called and quickly turned around. To his relief it was just Phosphora, he let out a sigh and waited for her to fly closer to him. "D-Did you see anything?" he asked. Phosphora noticed that he seemed to be a little more jumpier than before she left him alone. His eyes were darting from side to side as if he were looking for something. 'Poor guy. I must have left him alone for longer than I thought.'

"Uh, Phosphora? Did you see anything?"

"Hmm? Oh right!" Phosphora spun around trying to pinpoint the direction where she saw shots being shot into the sky. "Right over there! I'm pretty sure saw some shoots were from a Staff! You know, those weapons you and Pit use!"

Dark Pit's eyes widened, Pit didn't bring a staff with him. He hadn't brought a weapon with him at all.

"I think maybe, Pit must have jumped with a Staff to try and take care of a few enemies by himself! I mean, it makes sense. What do you think, Pittoo?"

There was no way for Phosphora to know just how scared Dark Pit was. Dark Pit knew she wouldn't understand even if he explained. So it would be better to just, go.

And go, is exactly what Dark Pit tried to do.

He would have gotten away with running off to find Pit by himself if Phosphora wasn't as quick as she was and managed to fly ahead of him, stopping him in his tracks. "Where do you think you're going?!"

"I-I need to look for Pit!" Dark Pit pushed past Phosphora. It was something he'd never done before, her static electricity usually deterred him from doing that, but not this time. "Woah what!? H-Hey hold your horses!" taking more a forceful approach this time Phosphora grabbed Dark Pit's right arm, the one that wasn't holding on to the Electroshock Arm.

She wasn't surprised when Dark Pit tried to shake her off. "Let me go! I need to go!"

"By yourself?! Don't you remember you need to stick together?!"

"No, we don't! I can do this by myself!"

"We can go together! You can trust me!"

"I don't care! I need to find Pit!" with a hard pull of his arm Dark Pit pulled himself away from Phosphora so hard that he knocked himself to the ground, his Electroshock Arm tumbling right off his arm.

"Ugh..." not waiting for a chance for Dark Pit to tell her no, Phosphora took his hand and pulled him up.

"Don't take off running again because we both know how that's going to end."

Dark Pit moved his leg slightly forward, then moved it back.

"Look, I don't know what's going on but we need to work together to find Pit. Maybe you can put your teenage rebellion aside for one second so we can do this?"

"Its don't...Pit is..."


"...I have to do this by myself. I'm the reason...I'm the reason we're here..." Dark Pit looked down and instinctively shielded himself using his wings. Everything that happened today, from the argument, to Pit's mysterious actions, to dragging Phosphora into his dumb problems

It was all his fault. There was no one to blame but himself. so, there was no one to solve his problems but himself.

"Do you really think you can solve all of this by yourself? Or does it make you feel better about yourself if you take all the credit?"

"Huh...? That's not what I-?!"

Phosphora was smiling. A smug smile was all over her face.

Dark Pit's tears stopped, a small laugh escaping his mouth. He played right into Phosphora's hands and it was sorta funny. In a way. "That's...ha-that's not the problem. You wouldn't get it."

"I'm not gonna get it if you don't explain what's going on."

Dark Pit proceeded to not explain anything at all. He smiled sadly at Phosphora and shook his head "Its just my fault. Okay?"

Having a breakdown in the middle of a forest while surrounded by things that had the potential to kill them wasn't ideal, but if it was going to happen anywhere Dark Pit figured it might as well happen before he was about to die. Its funnier that way. "This is my fault! I wanted to try something dangerous but I never thought-I never thought that this would happen..." Dark Pit's guilty conscience decided to ignore the part where he decided that having Pit hold the Staff would be too dangerous in the end. He successfully pushed it into silence.

"How is this your fault?"

"A-After I fought with Pit he must have gone to my room and then...and then the Staff-"

"Were you the one who left him alone in the middle of the temple?"


"You know who did that?"

Dark pit slowly shook his head, he'd honestly forgotten. Phosphora couldn't blame him. Not after everything that happened.

Her hand lightly tapped the side of her face and she smiled, "That was me, remember? You even told me off for doing that." at the time she hadn't understood why Dark Pit was so mad at her for leaving Pit behind. Now, she finally understood. Dark Pit knew Pit better than anyone, probably rivaling even Palutena in that regard. If he was mad that she left him alone then she made a big mistake, and now she was sure more than ever that she did.

"...Oh yeah." Dark Pit lightly tapped his Electroshock Arm on the ground.

"So if there's anyone who's to blame, its me."


"Soooo I'm going to look for Pit by myself then!" Phosphora backed off and winked at the Angel. Getting ready to fly off on her own again.

Dark Pit panicked and held his hand out, "You can't do that! That's...dangerous." a grimace crossed his face as he realized he played right into Phosphora's hands. Again.

The understanding expression on Phosphora's face was enough proof to prove him right.

"I'm only going to say this once so listen up. Just because you created a problem doesn't mean you have to deal with it all by yourself. Not when there are people that care about you willing to help you out."

"I know that."

"Do you?"


"If you're not going through your 'Oooh im a tough guy so i dont need any help' phase, then what's up?"

Dark Pit brought his arms closer to himself and shrugged, he wasn't quite sure of what he was feeling anymore.

At first he wanted to show everyone that he could handle things by himself to show everyone he was perfectly capable of taking care of himself. But then after the mission to find Pit began, something changed, and he couldn't tell what it was.

His thoughts came to a full halt when Phosphora laid a soft hand on his hair, ruffling it affectionately. "Hey, its okay! Let's just keep things slow and focus on finding Pit for now, kay?"

Dark Pit pushed his hair back to its usual style, wondering why everyone liked doing that to his perfectly combed hair. "Fine, fine." Dark Pit looked over to a dark spot near some trees where an eerie purple glow had been earlier. He planned on not telling Phosphora about what he saw and heard, but now she needed to know. "But I need to tell you-

"You know, I was just like you."

Dark Pit raised a skeptical eyebrow.

"Okay maybe not just like you. But I was close!" Phosphora sighed and twirled a strand of hair on her finger. "A cocky kid who thought she could handle everything by herself. Any battle, any trail I could handle it all by myself." she looked up at the sky and Dark Pit looked up alongside her, of course there was nothing but dense leaves above them. "Lucky for me, when I got too over my head there were people to help me get through it. And I'm gonna help you get through this too."

"Oh..." Dark Pit didn't think to ask Phosphora to clarify about what she was talking about. He was satisfied with the little info he got.

"We rebellious sparks gotta stick together! Someones has to liven up things around Arlon and Pit. They're two sticks in the same puddles of mud if you ask me."

Dark Pit covered his mouth to try and not burst into laughter at Phosphora's ridiculous comparison of the most polar opposite people she could ever list. "Ppfftt! Arlon and Pit?! You're kidding!" Dark Pit laughed out loud, his laughter was a welcome noise to the silent forest surrounding them.

"Yeah! I mean don't tell me you can see Pit going 'Oh, Lady Palutena a pleasure to see you today. Would you like a cup of tea with sugar?' " this impersonation was complete with Phosphora's worst english accent of course.

Now Dark Pit was on the floor laughing, Phosphora laughed alongside him just up in the air instead.

She stopped laughing to look at the giggling Angel. As much as she told herself otherwise, she'd grown attached to him. To both him and Pit. After this they should really go and find him, he must have been scared by this point.

Phosphora let out a soft sigh, it was a nice moment, while it lasted.

'Aww isn't that sweet? Its enough to make me sick.'

Dark Pit's laughter came to a sudden stop when he gasped. He jumped to his feet and equipped his Electroshock Arm back on, charging it up.

"Who was that? What was that?!" Phosphora asked. The voice sounded distant and unfamiliar to her. Whoever it was also didn't sound friendly. Though not a lot of her friends did not to be fair.

Dark Pit ran up in front of Phosphora and spread his wings. Phosphora took this as a signal to prepare for a fight and flew up behind of Pittoo ready to cover him if anything tried to attack them. From behind her Phosphora heard Dark Pit trying to say something, "Um, hey Phosphora?"

"What's up?"

"You remember that lesson on fairies, right? Cause I wasn't really paying attention."

"You're kidding."

-pandoras box-

That morning when Phosphora first greeted Viridi, the Goddess offered her a cryptic fortune along with her morning tea.

"You'll be facing small enemies today. So uuuuhhh watch out. I guess"

At the time it made no sense. Now it made way too much sense.

Glowing flashes of purple and blue flew right past Phosphora again. She shot a bolt of lightning to where she predicted the orbs would fly, but just like before the lightning hit a tree. "Hold still will you!" she screamed at the orbs she was positive were the mythical fairies that Viridi warned them about. There wasn't even any time to be impressed.

'Are we too quick for you? How sad, I thought you were quicker than that.'

"Hey!" it wasn't Phosphora's fault she couldn't move around as fast as she could have. The forest was cramped and if Phosphora attempted to kick or fly around she would likely get Pittoo caught in the crossfire.

The same disadvantage also applied to him. All Dark Pit could do was shoot projectiles at the quick moving targets. This was the fairies home turf, not theirs.

The glowing fairies circled them to the point where Dark Pit could have sworn there were more than two. He shook his head clear, remembering what Phosphora told him about how fairies tended to use tricks and illusions to their advantage. "Just ignore them! They're trying to get your guard down." Dark Pit assured himself. He let out a couple of weak shots from his Electroshock Arm, trying to hit the flying blue orb.

"Nice job remembering this time Pittoo! Maybe next time you can remind me if I forget!"

Dark Pit faintly smiled at Phosphora's compliment and swung his Arm at an orb that had gotten to close for his liking.

The orb quickly flew away, causing him to miss, but from his perspective it almost looked like the orb of light teleported away. "Dang it." he grit his teeth. At this rate he and Phosphora would tire themselves out before even landing a single hit.

'Oh, little angel is that all you can do?'

What looked to be a large cloud of orbs flew towards Dark Pit, surrounding him completely. He raised his arms and his Arm to defend himself, but the anticipated hit never came. The fairies just flew around him, almost obscuring him from view.

"Pittoo!" he could hear Phosphora yelling but the glow of the fairies was too bright too see anything but a myriad of blues and purples. Dark Pit closed his eyes, as if that would give him more time to think of a way out of this mess.

The answer was simple. This was an illusion. But how much of it was an illusion? Phosphora was real, she had to be. They were talking just a few minutes ago...right? No, no she was real. definitely real. So then, what else could be the illusion?

Dark Pit was tempted to open his eyes, even just for a quick peek, but he knew what awaited him if he did. A breeze from the fairies flying around him was still hitting him, he could feel his scarf flutter with every pass.

But it wasn't strong enough of a breeze for the amount of fairies he thought he was seeing.

'Did you lose your fighting spirit? Ah, how tragic.' he could hear one of the fairies say, and even though his eyes were closed (or was it because they were closed?) he could tell they were to his left. No clue if it was the blue or purple one though, but that didn't really matter, did it?

'That's not a surprise. The other puny little wimp didn't put up much of a fight either.'

Dark Pit's eyes snapped open. He was meet with the predicted sight of a blinding assortment of lights. As quick as he opened them, he closed his eyes again. Just in case. He had so many questions for them, but the chance of a bunch of trickster fairies answering his questions honestly was slim to none.

'Are you curious young angel? Do you have any questions?'

'We've got the answers! Aren't you at least a little curious why we want-?'

Dark Pit heard enough.

He finally heard enough to know that there were only two fairies, the rest of the fairies he and Phosphora tried attacking must have been illusions. That also meant that they were close to him, right next to him even. The perfect opportunity presented itself. Inside of the Electroshock Arm, Dark Pit crossed his fingers hoping that Phosphora would follow his plan.

He couldn't do it alone after all.


"Pittoo?!" Phosphora was floating close by, but she was unsure of what she could do without hurting him. There wasn't much she could do but keep herself safe until the fairies left Dark Pit alone. There were also a few stray fairies flying around her. They didn't do much but pull at her hair and scarf, but as much as she swatted at them they wouldn't go away.

But amid the circle of lights and quick flashes an Electroshock Arm breached the illusions.

"Lightning rod! Its a lightning rod!" Dark Pit yelled as loud as he could, and like a flash a lightning Phosphora immediately understood. The plan was reckless and she knew if Palutena knew the stunt they were about to pull Phosphora would be dead where she floated, but she trusted Dark Pit to know what he was doing.

'What are you doi-?!'

'Look out!'

By the time the fairies understood what was going on Phosphora already fired a concentrated shot of lightning aimed straight at Dark Pit's Electroshock Arm.

The lightning made contact with the Arm and a shockwave of electricity rippled away from it and just as Phosphora hoped (and planned) the bigger the person was, the less effect the shockwave would have on them. The worst it did to Dark Pit was shock him at the level of if he'd just slid down a plastic slide on a hot summer day.

The fairies on the other hand were much smaller and not so lucky.

'Aaack!' the orbs of light surrounding Dark Pit immediately disappeared. The two familiar purple and blue orbs flew back in opposite directions. One orb flew right past Phosphora and she decided to give chase. Only to run right into a tree. She hoped, wished, that Dark Pit's eyes were still closed as she fell right into a bush.

Thank goodness they were.

The trees around them rustled and shook, revealing where the fairies (and also Phosphora) landed. Dark Pit opened his eyes and slammed his Electroshock Arm down, finally letting out a sigh of relief.

He didn't expect his plan to work as well as it did. Sure he might get a shock or two when he shakes other people's hands for the next hour or so, but it was worth the price of...whatever the fairies were planning on doing.

'I...We should have expected this. You angels are no laughing matter.'

Dark Pit gasped, aiming his Electroshock Arm in the direction he heard the fairies' voice come from. He mentally criticized himself for aiming considering this could just be another illusion. "What do you want? Why attack us?" his eyes darted from tree to tree, all the leaves were moving in succession. It must have been another illusion. "Are you the ones luring humans here?" the first reason they were all supposed to come down here became lost in the midst of the desperation to find Pit, but it wasn't a bad time to ask.

'Maybe. Can you afford to do anything about it?

Dark Pit took note of the direction where he heard the voice come from, the fairies weren't creating any more illusions so they must be exactly where they sounded they were. A tree to his right rustled, they were cornered. Now was as good a time as any to take the finishing shot. Dark Pit aimed the Electroshock Arm and with no hesitation he-

'All they needed was one of you. And you're not the one we want. Not anymore.'


Before the fairies could say anything else that was highly suspicious, Dark Pit heard a bang from behind him. A dark purple shot of energy flew past and hit a tree in front of him. Right after Dark Pit could see the purple and blue orbs flying away, most likely scared from whatever just shot at them.

"What the-?!"

He looked back to see if Phosphora decided to randomly add a different color to her lightning.

He was confused to see her lying in a bush, trying to get up with as much dignity as possible. It looked like mind was completely occupied on that because if she was paying attention to anything else, she would have noticed a very important person walk into the scene.

A person who Dark Pit was both elated to see and terrified out of his mind to find.

Standing right in front of Dark Pit, was Pit.

And just as Dark Pit feared, in his hand was his own Dark Pit Staff and a shocked look on Pit's face.

If was if Dark Pit were staring right into a mirror.

-The only me is me.-

"Well! That takes care of that." Phosphora dusted off any stray leaves still stuck on her. While she wasn't injured from running into a tree, the emotional embarrassment of doing so wasn't going to leave her anytime soon. For the first time in the mission to rescue Pit, Phosphora was glad Viridi couldn't see them.

If she could, Phosphora would never hear the end of it.

She was proud however about her lesson on teamwork having gotten through to Dark Pit. Maybe later when they were alone back home she would tell him just how proud she was. She could even throw in a nice snack as a reward! Phosphora grinned and took to the air again, making her way back to Dark Pit's side to congratulate him.

He was, oddly enough, standing in the same spot she last him in before she was blown away. There was something odd about his stance but Phosphora was willing to brush it aside as being tired. Anyone would be tired after a fight, even if it was against two small fairies. "Wow! I guess I'm a better teacher than I thought! Good job out there Pittoo!"

"It wasn't me."


Phosphora looked over to where Dark Pit was staring. Whatever he was seeing had him frozen in place and there wasn't much that could strike fear into Pittoo's heart like that.

Her confusion only grew when she saw Pit standing right in front of them.

"Pit! There you are!" before Phosphora could fly to him and ask if he was okay, Dark Pit held out his armed arm in front of her. With the Electroshock Arm Phosphora almost had the wind knocked out of her. Again. "Hey what's the deal? Pit is right there! The fairies are gone so this is no trick. What's wro-?"

Dark Pit ignored Phosphora's questions in favor of confirming his worst fears. "Pit?" Dark Pit asked.

"Pit?" his twin echoed.

"What the-?" Phosphora looked at Pit, looking him over. He stood perfectly still, the most she'd ever seen him stay in one place since the day they meet. Pit's eyes were focused something, she couldn't tell if he was looking at her or at his twin.

There was something eerie about that.

However, there was nothing more eerie than Pit's expression. He looked just as surprised as Dark Pit did.

In fact, Phosphora suddenly saw more similarities between them than she'd ever seen before. Was it her imagination or was Pit's hair darker than before? Maybe it was just the lack of light. "Hey Pit..." she said treading carefully, "I don't know what's going on or what you're doing but let's get you back home, okay? Palutena is really worried about you, and I know you'd never want to make her worried."

Pit said nothing in response.

Instead Pit turned his head slightly to look-right at Pit. Dark Pit looked down at the Staff in Pit's hand and-Pit gasped.

"Pit? Why did you come down here? And-"

"-why are you holding that?!" Pit said, finishing Dark Pit's sentence for him. It was something that both of them tended to do the other once in a while, but even so Dark Pit took a step back in surprise. There was something about this time that felt off.

Almost as if this time, Pit knew what Dark Pit was going to say before he did.

Pit's gaze remained locked on Dark Pit, even as he stepped back. Pit stepped back alongside him, following his clone's movements to a T. Pit's grip on the Dark Pit staff tightened.

"Didn't you hear me? Why are you holding my Staff?!"

To make matters even worse, Dark Pit could have sworn he saw a flash of red in Pit's eyes.

-Are you sure the only you is you?-

Dark Pit stood as still as the forest around him. Its not that he was scared of what would happen if he moved. It was more like he didn't know what to do next.

There his brother was in front of him, holding the same Staff he was going to ask him to hold only a few hours ago. He never planned this far ahead, but he really should have. One thing was for sure. He never planned to feel this scared.

"Psst! Hey, Pittoo?" Phosphora asked, he'd forgotten she was even here. Let alone floating right behind him. She must have been really confused, more confused than he was by a long shot.

Before he could answer her, his voice echoed out of someone else. "Yeah?" answered Pit.

"I-I wasn't talking to you, Pit." Phosphora's voice was clear with uneasiness. It didn't help that Pit said nothing back to her, he just stared at her with the same expression of confusion mixed with fear he'd been showing since he walked in.

"Okay. That's weird."

Dark Pit and Pit both sighed, slouching and flapping their wings in defeat. Right after that Pit gasped followed by Dark Pit, who was slowly losing his apprehension to just being plain annoyed. No one likes a copycat and Dark Pit hated when someone copied his style, especially if it was Pit. "Okay, Pit. Lets just..." Pit said, stepping back away from Dark Pit as he mirrored his twin's actions.

"Drop the-"

"-Staff, Pit!" Pit said after him.

"Woah..." Phosphora floated by, trying to put together what was happening from the little bit of clues she could gather. Whatever was really going on it looked like somehow, someway, Pit was repeating Dark Pit's movements. Not only in his expressions, Pit was mimicking his words and even his body language.

"Pit please-"

"-let's just go home!" the twins pleaded to each other.

"Pit stop it-"

"-just let it go-

"-and we can-"

"-put this all behind us!"

Phosphora looked back and forth at both twins, trying to note any difference between the two. There were virtually none, not as much as there were before. She knew as well as anyone else that knew the circumstances of Dark Pit's creation essentially meant they were the same person, but they were anything but that.

Pit was Pit.

Dark Pit was Dark Pit. It was as simple as that.

But this?

This was like Phosphora was staring at two Dark Pits and this wasn't at all like if one twin decided to dress like the other. This was like if Dark Pit was influencing Pit's thoughts and actions. Almost as if...

Phosphora gasped, loudly. Loud enough to cause Dark Pit to turn around to see if anything happened to her. Pit turned around right after him, to face no one.

"Wha-What is it? Can't you tell I'm busy..."

"You're-! You're controlling Pit!"

"How do you...?"

Phosphora flew to position herself in between Dark Pit and Pit, both of them turning around to look at her. Phosphora began to explain, "I just noticed that like, whenever you do something Pit does it too!"

"Yeah, I also-"

"-have eyes."

"You stay out of this Pit!" she yelled, turning and pointing her finger at the light Angel. Predictably he said nothing in response. He sure looked mad though.

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. Twice." Phosphora flew behind to Dark Pit's left so she could have a clear view of him and his twin, "Okay, do me a favor and lift up your arm." Dark Pit looked down then straight at his twin who stared right back. Pit looked nervous, that could only mean that Dark Pit looked just as nervous as he felt. This could all be solved if he told Phosphora what was really going on.

"The lingering echoes of his warped twin." That was him, he was controlling Pit with his thoughts. Pit was echoing him.

He was doing the exact opposite thing he always wanted for the both of them. Dark Pit, and by extension Pit, valued freedom above all else. Dark pit knew what he wanted and while he was positive Pit wanted the exact same thing, that was a problem for another day because what Dark Pit was doing now...What he was doing, it made him no different than the Chaos Kin or even Pandora. He'd taken away Pit's free will and turned him into a puppet that echoed his thoughts and actions. Right?

"Pittoo? Are you going know? We aren't gonna get any answers to this if you don't-"

Dark Pit wanted an answer to the mysterious idol, way back when. No answer was worth this. Phosphora needed to know that this was all because of him. Whatever happened after now and then didn't matter as long as he got his brother back.

Dark Pit took a deep breath. Pit took a deep breath.

"I...I know-"

"-I'm controlling Pit."

"Huehh?" Phosphora asked, her brilliant deduction been for nothing. She was happy that Dark Pit knew what was going on but-wait. But nothing! She still had no idea what was going on! "Alright Pittoo, care to clue me in on what you know? Cause now that I think about it you do look more like 'Kid caught stealing from a cookie jar' than 'Deer in the headlights.' "

"Its my fault-"

"-its the Staff."

"The Staff? Aren't you using the Electroshock Arm?" Phosphora asked.



Phosphora laughed, "You're kidding." she didn't even have to turn around to know that Pit was the one holding onto a Staff. "Look, whatever's going on you can explain later." Phosphora rarely, if ever, used any celestial weapons so as far as she knew there might as well have been a weapon that could control another person. Why not? She didn't need any explanation, at least not now, "You know what you have to do to solve this right?"

"Y-Yeah..." Dark Pit and Pit struggled to say.

"Great! Then just make Pit let go of the Staff and we can go home!"

"I don't-"

"-want to control him!" both Angels dropped to the ground, their wings shielding them from the outside world.

Phosphora flew back and sighed. Thankfully, even though it looked like she was dealing with two Angels she was, in all sense of the word, dealing with only one. One very difficult Angel.

"Look. I know you have a problem with authority. But now isn't the time!" Phosphora pleaded, even dropping everyone's affectionate nickname for him. Maybe Dark Pit would take her more seriously like that, "I know you don't want to control your brother, or whatever, but its too late for that! If its that Staff that's been doing it then its already been happening for who knows how long?!"

Dark pit and Pit looked up slightly. Their eyes meeting briefly before looking down again.

"I'm sorry its too late to stop this from happening, but you can still stop it from continuing. Tell him to let go of the Staff and we'll all make sure this never happens again."

"Do you-"


Phosphora flew down and hovered her hand over Dark Pit's shoulder, a fog of electricity covered his shoulder. In front of him he saw Pit flinch alongside of him.

"I promise. And I'm sorry I couldn't help you or Pit earlier. From now on though, I'll make sure that you never feel this scared again."

Dark Pit looked at Phosphora, her eyes looked a little wet. He could trust her, he wanted to trust her and he was going to.

She was right, there really was nothing he could do about it. Whether he liked it or not, as long as Pit held onto the Dark Pit Staff he was going to be nothing more than an echo of Dark Pit's thoughts. No matter how much he tried to fight it, he would have to directly control Pit. Just once. Only once.

Then never again.

"Okay." both twins agreed.

Phosphora smiled and backed away, "You got this." she reassured him.

Dark Pit stood up, and just as he expected Pit followed his movements perfectly. 'I'm sorry about this Pit.' he thought to himself, positive that Pit thought the same thing to himself. Taking note of which hand it was that was holding onto the Staff, Dark Pit closed his eyes and held his arm out. He couldn't see if Pit was still mirroring him but if everything was still the same as before then he must have. He could feel it.

Dark Pit took a deep breath, imagining his Staff in his empty hand, and then very quickly before he could hesitate-

Pit opened his hand and dropped the Staff to the ground.


Dark Pit heard the Staff hit the ground. He opened his eyes to see the weapon finally out of Pit's hands and saw his twin take a small step forward. A wave of relief washed over him. Pit was back to normal now, right?

That's when Pit let out a loud gasp, his eyes closed as his body began to lean over. Dark Pit acted fast, running to Pit's rescue. Just when it looked like he was going to be too late Phosphora flew right past him.

She was at Pit's side just before he was able to hit the ground. "Woah there! I got you!" she caught the Angel in her arms and supported his fall. She could feel Pit trying to support himself using her arms, so he was still a little aware of what was happening.

"Pit!" as quick as Dark Pit could, he unequipped his Electroshock Arm and ran to his brother, making sure to grab the Dark Pit Staff as he ran by. Pit was leaning in Phosphora's arms, it looked like Phosphora was doing most of the work of keeping him on his feet. He looked over his brother for any injuries, but everything seemed to be fine.

"Pit?" Dark Pit asked, hoping, but not expecting a response from his brother. To his surprise Pit's eyes slowly opened, his eyes the same sky blue as they've always been. "Hey..." Pit answered weakly, "Long time no see Pittoo..." He flapped his wings, almost as if he were checking if they were still there. Pit looked up at his brother and through tired eyes gave him a curious look.

"Um, Pit?" Dark Pit wondered if Pit might have maybe remembered the past few hours and if he did, would he be mad?

Instead Pit laughed, a dumb smile on his face. "...Huh. Usually in my dreams you talk more..."

Dark Pit pouted, "This isn't a dream Pitstain! We just spent hours looking for you and you're just gonna think you were sleeping?!"

Pit snored and went limp in Phosphora's arms.

"I think Pit has the right idea. A nap sounds great right now." Phosphora adjusted Pit in her arms and slowly floated closer to the ground. She placed him gently down, laying him on his side and making sure not to bend his wings.

"Figures Pitstain would be able to sleep in the middle of a cursed forest." Dark Pit crossed his arms and walked back to where he left his Electroshock Arm. He lightly tapped the weapon, trying to think of a way he could take both weapons back at the same time. There was no way he was going to hand Pit back the Dark Pit Staff or any weapon of his. As of that moment, all Dark Pit's weapons were now off limits to all Angels named Pit from now on.

And also, anyone named Phosphora for added safety measures.

"How are we going to get back?" Dark Pit asked turning his attention away from his weapons. Phosphora was sitting in the air watching over Pit, her hands casually behind her back.

"Pfft, that's easy but..."


Phosphora looked down at the sleeping Angel then back to the not-sleeping Angel. She grinned and brought a playful finger to her mouth, "We're gonna need to work together to get home. You still trust me, right?"

Dark Pit blushed and frowned, "Y-Yeah! Duh! I mean-!"

"Great!" Phosphora zipped on over to Dark Pit and playfully tapped him on his nose, a spark flying out of her finger. "Just stay here and don't move!" she moved over to fly to the sky but stopped just short of breaching the trees. Dark Pit watched as she flew back down towards Pit and tapped his head, causing his hair to stand up on its end. "That goes double for you, you troublemaker! Stay right there!" she waggled her finger at him.

"Mmmphhh..." Pit answered.

"I'm glad we understand each other."

Phosphora turned back to fly, flipping her scarf behind her. "Wait!" Dark Pit shouted, stopping Phosphora right in her air tracks. She froze and looked at Dark Pit, his arm was held out and he looked surprised that he shouted out to her.

"What's up? I kinda have to go. Don't want to keep you guys waiting any longer than you have."

"Tha-Thanks for helping out in finding Pit, or whatever. I liked working together with you and maybe we can team more. I guess. I mean I wouldn't mind. I just wanna say-" Dark Pit took in a deep breath. That was maybe the fastest he'd ever talked. "I just wanna say...Thanks, for everything."

Phosphora felt the need to pick up the Angel in a swooping hug and congratulate him on his efforts, but now was not the time to show any sort of emotional vulnerability. Now was the time to be the cool big sister that they needed and get her and her brothers home, "Eh, it was my pleasure kiddo."

She could always do that later anyway.

"Don't call me kiddo ever again or I will kill you."

Phosphora laughed loudly, covering her mouth when she remembered Pit was still asleep and that they were still surrounded by potential dangers. 'Better hurry it up!' Phosphora took a quick victory lap around the Angels, making sure to circle by Pittoo more than once to playfully shock him.


Then finally after hours of searching, Phosphora flew up past the trees for the second time that day and spread her arms in happiness.

"We got him!" she yelled at loud as she could. Telepathy or no telepathy, she was going to make sure Palutena and Viridi could hear her.

-home again, home again. glad to be, home again.-

"Hmm, yeah. I get it now."

"Good. Then I don't need to explain it again, do I?"

For the past hour while eating dinner in the Forces of Nature cafeteria, Dark Pit explained to Phosphora everything that lead up to Pit's disappearance that morning. Going all the way back to the day he visited Pit a few months ago.

"Let me get this straight." Phosphora took a bite out of her chocolate donut, "Mmph...You got a weird idol then some mysterious voice from the idol toss told you that Pit might hear your thoughts, or whatever, if he held your Staff?"

"Pretty much."

"And you thought trying that would be a good idea?"

"I was curious!"

A loud snore interrupted their conversation.

Across from them on the other side of the table sat, Pit. His face buried deep in the vanilla pudding Dark Pit served him just a few minutes ago. "You think he's going to be okay?" Phosphora asked, flying over the table and gently picking up Pit's head to slide the food tray from under him.

"Its like Palutena said. He's just tired." Dark Pit handed a handful of napkins to Phosphora so she could clean Pit's face free of pudding.

"The guy has been sleeping all day though! His sleep schedule is gonna be wrecked at this rate."

"Better him than me."

"Wooow! Some loving brother you are."

Pit let out another loud snore. He brought his arms up to the table, adjusting them into a makeshift pillow so he wouldn't have to rest his head on the hard wood of the cafeteria table. "Mmpff mini...taur..." he mumbled to himself.

"Aww...You know I'm still shocked Palutena decided to let him sleep over."

"I'm not." Dark Pit took a sip of his warm chocolate milk. Making sure to wipe off the milk mustache from above his lip. "Palutena is staying here too. She wouldn't leave Pit alone not after what I-"

"-Not after what happened. riiiight." Phosphora took another big bite out of her donut. "Man, I'm gonna go get some more! Saving the day takes it right out of you. Watch your brother for me while I'm gone. Kay'?"


Phosphora winked and took her leftover plate back to the snack counter. It something that annoyed Viridi every time she did it but she figured that she earned some free rule breaks after all she 'd done.

That left Dark Pit alone with Pit for the first time since Phosphora left both of them alone to wait in the forest.

Back in the forest all Dark Pit did was keep his eyes glued on his brother as he rolled and talked out loud in his sleep. Dark Pit was surprised to find out Pit even talked in his sleep. He started thinking, did he talk in his sleep too?

Shortly after that, he felt a warm wave of light overtake his body. He looked over to Pit and saw the same light surrounding him. Phosphora must have done her job and signaled to Palutena and Viridi where they were. He gripped the Dark Pit Staff in one hand and held onto the Electroshock Arm with the other, hoping neither would get left behind.

Dark Pit saw the forest slowly fade away from sight and the next thing he knew, he felt like he was being smothered in a hug.

"Err?" the hug felt warm, and tight. He looked up to see Palutena embracing him, to his left was Pit, still fast asleep. Her eyes looked a little red. She didn't say anything to him, her hand traveled to his head and pet his hair. It felt kinda nice.

After the hug Palutena asked Dark Pit about a million questions, like if he was okay, if he felt okay and if he was okay.

Dark Pit answered every last one of her questions.

Then after that, she turned her attention to Pit, trying to ask him the same things. Surprisingly, she had worse luck getting straight answers from Pit than she did with Dark Pit. At least Dark Pit answered all her questions. Palutena didn't even mind that he was still a little stand-offish to her. The important thing was that he and Pit were alive and Dark Pit was talking to her.

On the other hand, Pit answered every concern of hers with a snore.

From across the room Dark Pit could see a worried look on Palutena's face as she carried Pit away in her arms. She stopped just short of leaving the throne room, before bowing her head to both Viridi and Phosphora to thank them for their help.

"It was no problem, really." Viridi casually waved Palutena off while Phosphora floated nearby.

"Yeah! It was the least we could do!" Phosphora said, leaning back in the air. The rescue mission was a lot of hard work on her part, but it was thanks to everyone that Pit was able to come back home safe. Even Viridi must have been tired with how little she was complaining about being tired.

Phosphora figured she would give Palutena and Pit a break before complaining to them about how much effort she personally put in. They'd earned a little break after everything they've all been through.

And Viridi thought the same thing.

After that exchange, Dark Pit made his way back to his room to leave his weapons behind.

However, instead of hanging the Dark Pit Staff back on the wall he carefully placed it in the back of his closet. There was a chance he would hang it back up on his wall one day soon, but for now he would keep it out of Pit's reach.

Shortly after that, Phosphora came knocking on his door again, passing on Viridi's message that Pit and Palutena would be staying over for the night. "Viridi told me. Something about Palutena not wanting to tire Pit out more, but if you ask me it would be way easier if he were back home." With the message delivered, Phosphora invited Dark Pit over to have dinner at the unusually empty cafeteria. Dark Pit agreed mostly on the basis that he was starving and wanted to eat like one hundred cookies. All in one single sitting.

What the pair didn't expect to see when they got there though was the Goddess of Light and her Angel sitting side by side, both of them asleep on the cafeteria tables.

Pittoo took a single step into the cafeteria and Palutena jolted awake. "Ahh!" Palutena screamed and quickly looked around in a panic before calming down the instant she laid eyes on Pittoo.

"Pittoo its you! How are you doing?"

"Don't 'Pittoo how are you doing' me. What are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Palutena held up a single fruit cup, "Getting a snack of course!"


Palutena set down her fruit cup and let out a loud yawn, stretching her arms out behind her head. "Though, it is pretty late...Ah! Pittoo can you do me a favor?"

That was how Phosphora and Dark Pit ended up taking care of Pit. Again.

"Hey~! I'm back! They had more chocolate donuts! Today must be my lucky day, huh?" Phosphora brought back at least five more chocolate donuts with her, happily taking a bite out of the first one.

Dark Pit nodded, then looked back at his brother who was still peacefully sleeping the hours away. He hoped that somehow, someway, Pit would forget today.

Or at the very least, forget the part where Dark Pit controlled him like a puppet.

"Thanks the way."

"Hey, don't mention it." Phosphora grabbed a donut and plopped it down on Pittoo's empty plate. "We're friends after all!"

"Yeah, friends." a small smile crossed his face.

"Friends who are going to be working together again pretty soon!"

"We're what."

Phosphora circled around him, flying to his side. "Didn't you hear? Viridi was so impressed with us she assigned us to another mission! This time we're supposed to be going to the New! Lunar Sanctum Arlon is building! Sounds exciting doesn't it?"

"T-The Lunar-what?!" Dark Pit bolted up and slammed his hands on the table, slightly shaking the plates on the table and even causing Pit to stir a bit.

"Yup! You've been there, right?"

"I have but-!" Dark Pit looked behind himself and flapped his wings, "That was back when I could fly on my own. I doubt I could make it there on only five minutes of flight time."

"I heard Pit made it there easy! And anything Pit can do you can do better right?"

"What if I need to fly after getting there?!" The chances of that having to happen weren't big but at this point in Dark Pit's life he felt like anything that could happen, would happen. "Its not like you can fly me around."

"Hey, yeah! That's a great idea!" Phosphora set down her plate and flew up behind Dark Pit.

Before he could say anything, she swooped him up in her arms. Much like how one would hold a wet cat after taking them out from their bath.

"Wow! You guys really are light! It must come with being an Angel huh?"

"What are you doing?!" With Phosphora behind him, all Dark Pit could do to fight her restraint was kick his feet and flap his wings at a wild pace. To his credit, it did make it a little harder for Phosphora to keep a hold on him, but she was fully committed to this bit and a few stray feathers in her face was worth it.

"Put me down!"

"Aww, but this is great practice though! We'll make it to the Lunar Sanctum in no time!"

Under the two of them Pit happily snored away, dreaming of days long past.


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