Traitor. Oathbreaker. Monster. Madman. I've heard it all. I served my queen for almost 2000 years, doing whatever she asked me to. I built weapons of mass destruction, mechanical and genetically engineered horrors to destroy what she wished. Guns that could take down fallen dropships, Chemical weapons capable of poisoning ether and radiolaria, Genetically Engineered beasts that made the Hive look Beautiful in comparison. All for her. I had fallen in love with my queen and I could not tell her because of my cowardice.

Then, before I could confess, she was taken from me. Grief and regret had filled my being, that the woman I loved was dead. I would bring her back, no matter the cost. I knew I couldn't do though, I was too weak and powerless, So I traveled the system, journeying from the center of the Vex Controlled Mercury and the Legendary Vault of Glass to the Horrifying Halls of the Dreadnaught and the Darkness filled Caverns of the Moon, both swarming with Hive. Though I gained power, I was changed by it. My Right Arm took the shape of that of a hive wizard and my jaw replaced with vex metal. My transformation scarred my already fragile mind, shattering it driving me mad. I didn't even recognize myself anymore in the mirror. My face Horribly scarred like the Lunar surface, my skin paler than the Dreadnoughts Chitin armor, My eyes from a pale grass green to this Hateful Vibrant Soulfire Green. My hair, from a Calm Light Grey to a Dull Lifeless Black.

All for My queen.

My name is Dreven Vael, and this is how I Died

(The Cover art is done by Brian Moncus. Great Artist, you can find him at mrmoncus on Twitter. This is a story idea I have had bouncing in my skull for a while and wanted to at least get a prologue out before i lost the idea. Tell me what you guys think)