Finn the lone hero


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'My name is finn the human but nobody don't know that, it has been eight years taking care of myself'

'my adopted family says I'm the last human on ooo but I didn't believe that I'm not the last human on ooo I ran away from home at the age of six'.

'I kept looking for more humans but I haven't found them but they're out there somewhere I just need to find them'.

'Ok I'll tell my backstory how I became a hero.'


'my adopted family stop looking for me after two years when I ran away,during my travels my skill with the sword was perfect and good'.

'I was walking in the grassland and I spotted a treefort a single tree in the grassland I walked up to the door and knock on it but nobody answered I grab the door knob and turned it to my surprise it was unlock I walked inside the house"hello anybody here"I yell but no response I walked up the ladder and started to look around the house nobody home it was all dusty,it looks abandoned I started to walk out until I realize winter was coming I needed a place to stay and this house look in great shape to stay in so I went up stairs and found a bed cover in fur I laid down I close my eyes and fell asleep.

In the morning I woke up feeling all rested"wow I slept good haven't slept that good for a while"he stretch"this house I think I might settle here hope the shower still work"Finn said and went to the bathroom finn turn the water on"oh cool the still works"finn took a long shower"ahh that was a good shower better dried off"he grabbed his towel from his bag and dried off and put his clothes on and his bear hat"ok what should I do to today,ok I need food and supplies where the closest town or kingdom"he climbed up the tree he look around and see the candy kingdom "awesome" Finn said and put on his cloak and went towards the Candy kingdom.

When I got to the candy kingdom everybody seem sad and worried I went to a banana guard "hey what's wrong?"I asked the guard"the princess had been kidnapped by the ice king"the banana guard said"ok but who the ice king?"Finn asked"the ice king is the most crazy old man in ooo""oh ok I didn't know" I left the guard"ok the princess of the candy has been kidnapped but first I need supplies".

Finn started to walk one of the stores but it was close they were all closed"(sigh)great they're all closed with the princess gone they stay close,ok one option I need to save the princess and get my supplies"finn walk out of the candy kingdom and headed towards the ice kingdom

Finn got to the ice kingdom and climbed through the window he looked around for the princess and started to shiver"geez this cloak doesn't do anything for the cold should have brought a coat,ok gotta find the princess fast before I freeze to death here."

Finn walk look through every room until he heard a laughter he fellow the laughter he took a peek and see the ice king talking to princess bubblegum"let me go you ice king" "Ooooh I will let you go unless you become my bride hehehe"the ice king giggle"for the last time ice king,I will never become your bride never" "oh I will make you my bride and you'll be mine"ice king said and walk toward the other room"ok now my chance"finn walk toward the princess cell.

Princess bubblegum notice the cloaked figure walking towards her"who are you"the princess asked"not important the only important thing is it getting you out of here,now where the key" "the ice king has it with him,"the princess said"great does he have any weakness I should know about" "Yeah the crown that Where he drew his power from knock it off his head and he powerless" "oh really ok this will be easier than I thought"what finn said until he heard noises coming from behind him he ran behind some ice column and waited for the ice king to show up.

Ice king walk in the room"oh princess I'm back" "oh I'm overjoyed"princess bubblegum said in starcasmily Finn walk so quietly behind the ice king and kick the crown off of him he grabbed his behind his back and pointed at the ice king"let the princess go you crazy old man" "never princess bubblegum well be mine"ice king tried to zap him but he doesn't have his crown on"oh no my crown my power"ice king get kicked in the face,finn knock him out unconscious"wow that was easy now just gotta find the key"finn search the ice king and find the key"ok,I found the key princess" "Oh thank you my hero"princess bubblegum said when the cloaked figure open the cell door"your welcome and come on your candy people are worried about you" "your right we must hurry back to the candy kingdom"the two of them walk out of the ice kingdom and towards the candy kingdom.

When they reach the candy kingdom gate the banana guard saw their princess they ran towards her"PRINCESS!"the banana guards shouted"we thought the ice king still had you" "I was rescued by this hero umm I didn't quite get your name." "Oh my name it not quite important right now, I just came to candy kingdom to buy supplies but they were all close and I came to rescue you princess so everybody can calm down"the princess stared at the cloaked hero"so you came to the kingdom to buy supplies is that right." " yeah that right but I got sidetracked you were gone and everybody worried so yeah you know the rest"he told the princess"ok so I need to go and buy supplies and I'll be on my way ok see you later princess and be safe."I walk towards one of the stores and open door and see a clerk working I walk up to him"hello what can I get you" "can you give me the stuff on this list"I hand him the list he look at it"of course just give me a minute" "okay"the clerk walk off moment alters he came back with the supplies"alright here your supplies" "ok, how much will this cost"the clerk looks at me with a happy face"oh it on the house"Finn look confuse"how come" " because you save the princess words travel fast my friend"Finn was shocked now everybody knows he save the princess" ok thanks you for giving me the supplies" "your welcome hero"finn walk out of the store with the supplies"alright got everything I need it time to head back home"finn look up see the sky is red"wow it almost dark it has been a long day"Finn leave the candy kingdom.

Finn was walking through the grassland to the treefort until he realized something 'the princess and the clerk call me a hero kinda like the ring to finn the hero but if I use my name jake parent Will find me in no time that's my plan I can't reveal my name and my look I must not be found until I found my people,but what will I call myself ' the eight year old boy thought then it hit him"the lone hero like the sound of it the lone hero that I will call myself"that when finn knew he the new hero of ooo.

Flashback over

Back in the present' that's How I became a hero for all my hard work and duty' during my travel and adventure I became a Goblin king for a while but there was a lot of rules so I found a box draw my face on it and put it on Whispering Dan head the goblins still think it me,and I also save princess bubblegum from getting her heart ripped out from this heart guy named Ricardo who actually came from ice king body who was working on a love spell but it went wrong,also I think princess bubblegum get kidnap on purpose so she can take a look under the lone hero cloak but that not happening.

Finn the human was making a name for himself but not his real his hero name the lone hero that what Finn calls himself these days but he hasn't forgotten about humans that his primary mission a hero just his Hobbies.

Back at the treefort Finn has a lot of maps all these maps have little X Mark on them then finn spoke"(sigh) still nothing for eight years of looking and still no sight of them, my people are very good hiding themselves I look all over ooo but nothing they left no trail or clues just dust and ruin what else can I find more dust(sigh)I should go out for a walk"finn put on his cloak and walk out the door.

Finn walk around the grassland and spotted a flame Elemental child running away from a guard so finn ran towards them while running towards them the flame kid trip and fall the guard raised his hand and ready to hit him but I got there in time and grab the guard arm"hey there no reason hitting a child ok alright what did he do" "this brat stole my lunch and I'm going to teach him a lesson"finn hand a pouch a gold to the guard "will this cover your lunch"the guard looks at him and took gold"yes this will do just tell the brat don't do it again"the guard left, finn look at the flame kid"so what your name kid"the flame kid look at and said"Cullen my name is Cullen." "Cullen huh nice name so where are your parents."Finn asked, Cullen look down "my parents died two years ago when I was six"finn regretted his answer"oh I'm sorry" "it ok sir it not your fault you didn't know umm,I didn't quite get your name" "oh my name, you don't Who I am."Cullen shook his head"no I have no idea who you are" 'well that the first somebody ever said that' "ok,I'll tell you my name, it finn the human but everybody calls me the lone hero, but only you can call me finn the human ok" Cullen nodded"yeah I got it Finn" "alright, are you still hungry cullen"Finn ask and Cullen stomach"I'll take that as a yes."

Finn and Cullen we're at a restaurant eating food. 'It seem flame elemental can eat normal food too never seen it before or never, but good,finn spoke in his head."good thing you eat normal food like me"Finn said"yeah way better than coal and charcoal"finn chuckle"I'll take your word for it."

After done eating Finn and Cullen walk in the woods"so what are you going to do now Cullen"finn asked"I don't know,I got nowhere to go"Cullen said"oh ok so what can you do what are your skill"finn asked"my skill umm do you have any old metal in your backpack" "I think I do let me check"finn search into his backpack and found a couple of chunk of metals"here you go so what you going to do with them."Finn asked"you'll see" Cullen found a pile of sticks and made a fire and throw the metal into the fire Cullen uses his power to make something with metal, minutes later Cullen was done and he made an axe"here you go it done"Cullen hand him the axe Finn grab the axe swing it around"hmmm not bad let see how I throw it"Finn throw the axe at a tree,the axe hit the tree finn pull the axe out of the tree, when finn pull the axe out of the tree he see how far it went three inches through"wow your really good at these you should have your own blacksmith shop."Finn said in happy tone"r-really you think I can."Cullen stuttered"yeah you have the skill to do it" "b-but I don't think I can't do it."Cullen said"I know you can do it you just have to believe in yourself"Finn cheering up Cullen"you really think so" "yep I know you can"Finn said"so what happened now Finn" "I don't know what you're going to do"finn asked"I'm going back to the fire kingdom" "ok but one thing"Finn said"what" "here, take this"finn hand him a pouch of gold"wow thanks"Cullen took the pouch"use this to buy you food ok"Finn said"I will thanks"Cullen ran towards the fire kingdom' never been into the fire kingdom before well it better than never,better make sure this fireproof spell I put on myself work still' Finn walk towards the fire kingdom.

Cullen got to the fire kingdom walking through the streets until flame guard showed up to him"hello what seems to be the problem" "it time to pay your taxes boy"the flame guard said,Cullen seem counfuse" wait what why do I need to pay taxes" "since you're living in the kingdom everybody pay taxes even you so pay up boy"Cullen was upset he had to it so he give the guard the pouch of gold to him but the flame guard seem angry"where did you get this boy"the guard asked"someone give it to me," "I don't believe you boy, I'm taking you to the flame king for punishment."the guard said Cullen was taken to the Palace,and everything fades to black.

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