Finn the lone heroChapter 2(Hello, it's been a while, sorry for taking too long whoever reads this fanfic I have been talking to the other people who write fanfic been learning from them ,and thanks to them, now I know how to write a fanfiction hope you enjoy this one)I don't own adventure time_

Candy kingdom

Princess bubblegum was sitting at her desk reading reports about the lone hero,the more she hears him,the more she wants to know his secret.

'There has been a lot of videos him fighting monsters,fighting bandit,and fighting the ice king.' Thought the Princess bubblegum.

'Ok almost done with these reports,I just need to read this.'as the princess started to read she the report she heard a knock on the door.


"Princess bubblegum may I come in,I have urgent news that I must tell you."said peppermint butler"sure pep but come on in,"said the princess, peppermint butler walk in the room,give a bow."so what the news that you want to tell me?"bubblegum asked."there's been trouble in the fire kingdom"peppermint butler said"what sort of trouble your talking about?" princess bubblegum asked in curious."the princess of flame is no longer in her lamp." "WHAT HOW SHE GET OUT OF HER LAMP!"princess bubblegum shouted in worried" it appears that the finn the human was responsible for her escape or aka the lone hero." "Wait your saying that the lone hero is human"princess bubblegum said and peppermint butler nodded 'so that is his secret he is the last of his kind,later I must find a way to put flame princess back into her lamp or the world is doom.'princess thought in her head.

The treefort

Finn the human was training outside,working on his sword and his skills,and little did he know that Phoebe was watching him train.

'he really good how he work his sword' phoebe thought. Finn was getting sweating and started to take off his shirt showing off his blush at the sight of his body,Finn had some muscles but not that much,finn continue training and stop at the growl of his stomach,Finn went inside to find something to eat.

As Finn went inside he saw phoebe staring out the window"hey phoebe see something you like out there."Finn said"maybe there just so much room out there,and there is so much to learn out there."Phoebe said,finn walk towards her"well I'm always here to help you"Finn said as he started to hold her hand,Phoebe started to blush at his actions she looked up at him"thank you Finn" "you're welcome phoebe.

"Finn said as he took a deep breath"phoebe there was something I want to ask you"Phoebe looks at him" sure what is it?"Phoebe asked"ok Cullen what is stop bugging me about this,but I was meaning to ask you do you want to go out with me"Finn started to blush like a tomato"w-wait you mean like a date"phoebe Stuttered"yeah like a date,you can no if you don't want to" "no it's ok, I have never been on a date before,and I would like to go out with you."Phoebe said with a blush,Finn also blush at her replies,"AHHHH"they stop blushing when they heard Cullen screaming finn grab his sword,and Phoebe prepared a fireball,Cullen came down stairs and hidden behind them.

"Cullen what is it what's wrong?"Finn asked"there someone here"Cullen said in fear"alright who there"Finn said until he felt a pinch on his back "ow,alright no more game show yourself." "Awww weenie did you forget about me already"the female voice said"finn why does it sound like she knows you?"Phoebe asked"come on weenie, tell them who I am."the voice said,finn sigh "marceline stop playing tricks on us" "Aww where the fun in that weenie."

marceline revealed herself out of the shadows."sup you must be finn news friends, If I'm not mistaken or you must be his new girlfriend "marceline looking at Elemental"w-what no I'm not girlfriend,I'm just his friend we just met"phoebe blushed"ooh so are you planning on being his girlfriend or something."marceline grinned"well only time will tell marceline,and second what are you doing Here unannounced?" Finn asked"well I drop by to show you this"marceline hand him a paper"what is this?"Finn asked as he looks at the paper,his eye twitch"Finn what is it?"Phoebe asked,and her eyes widen,as it read.


Finn the human


The Lone hero

Wanted for


Threatening the flame king

And kidnapping the princess of flame

"KIDNAP!?"Phoebe yelled"I was not kidnapped,I ran away from home,and the other two are correct ,but me being kidnapped that just taking too far,Finn are you doing ok"Phoebe said.

Finn was silent for a whole minute,he looked up at everybody"nope I'm not ok,and second I'm worried"Finn said in a worried tone"why you worried Finn.?"Cullen asked"I'm worried because my adopted family would come looking for me. I've been hiding from them for eight years,and now there wanted posters of me on them now."Finn said while phoebe think about what Finn said.

"Hey Finn I was meaning to ask you something when you invite me sleep here"Phoebe said while blushing,Finn also blush at her words"uhh,sure what do you want to know."

Phoebe took a deep breath"ok, here we go."Phoebe whispered to herself"I want to talk about your family,you never talk about them so much,did they do something to make you run away from them."Phoebe asked.

Finn sighed"no they didn't do anything to me,they only lie to me,they keep saying that I'm the last human on ooo but that not true, I know they're more human out there,I just need to find them"Finn said while looking at the floor.

Phoebe and Cullen were shocked to hear this,there was a moment of silence until Cullen spoke up"so is that the reason why you ran away from home"everybody look at Cullen"so that you can find your real family is that it"finn nodded.

Phoebe walk up to Finn,and give him a hug "don't worried Finn you'll find them someday,and I'm here to help"Finn accepted the hug,and hugged her back,and while Finn was hugging her,Finn see marceline writing something on a paper,and marceline flip the paper,and said 'tier1' Finn blush,and finn mouthed the word 'shut up'.

Finn and Phoebe finishes their hug."so Finn one thing,how did you and marceline meet?"Phoebe asked with curiosity and Cullen was curious too"oh,me and marceline met two years ago.


Finn was relaxing on the couch enjoying a book. It was raining outside he had nothing to do until he heard a tapping on the window ,he looks at the window,and saw a tree branch tapping on the chuckle until he saw a figure hand tapping on the window,finn gasped,and the window busted open blowing out all the candles. Finn grabbed his sword and shouted"who there,show yourself!?"Finn said showing no fear in a battle stance,Finn grab a flashlight he looks around,and saw a travelbag hit the ground. Finn shined his light on it,and look up the ceiling saw a woman with raven black hair wearing a dark grey tank top blue jeans,and a red woman hisses at me"who are you,and what do you want!"Finn shouted pointing his sword at her"whoa,calm down weenie,you can call me marceline the vampire queen,and you" "name finn, so what you're going to do suck my blood"Finn said,and marceline laugh at me"calm down weenie i'm not going to do that."marceline lift her hand,and all the candle lit up"so you don't suck blood?"Finn asked in confusion"sometimes I do but it's not the blood I like it's the color."she pulls out a strawberry"I eat shade of red" marceline suck the color out of it,and tossed it away"that's cool,but it doesn't answer my question,what do you want,and why are you here?"Finn asked"oh yeah"marceline floated to an old picture frame and move it aside"I carved this M years a…"marceline didn't finished her sentence as she looks at the scratch out M"w-what happened to the M that was carved here?" "Oooh you mean that M that was carved there"marceline nodded"I scratched that out years ago,I just got tired of looking at it,but I got tired of looking at the scratch mark so I just put an old pictures frame there"Finn said.

Marceline shrugged"so it only you here living in the house?"marceline asked"yeah I'm the only one here."Finn said marceline stare at him for a bit she look away."you look fun to hang out want to be friends"marceline had her hand out"ummm...sure"Finn shake marceline hand.


"So That explains how me and marceline became friends that day."Finn telling Phoebe and Cullen,when Phoebe spoke up"so you and marceline been friends for two years"Finn nodded"did you tell her that you were the lone hero" "nope never told her that part"Finn said marceline punch his shoulder"ow,what was that for?!"Finn asked"for not telling me that you were the lone hero,when I found out I was shocked that you never told me"marceline said."I'm just that you never found out?"Finn said.

Little did they know that a floating purple blob outside the window"OH MY GLOB!,I know where the lone hero lives,I got to go tell everyone the news!"the purple blob said going away the treefort.

Meanwhile in the candy kingdom.

Princess bubblegum was in her lab writing some science stuff on her board hoping to find flame princess before it's too late until a purple blob came through the window and interrupted her train of thought."hey PB I got some juicy gossip to tell you ''not now LSP I'm trying to work on something to keep the world from being destroyed."oh come on I promised this one good"LSP said"ok fine,what is it you want to tell me"bubblegum asked in annoyed toned."ok I was going through the woods hoping for a juicy gossip to tell. until I saw Marcy going to this treehouse in the grassland"LSP said"ok then what happened next?"bubblegum asked"ok I when to look through the window,and I saw a good looking hunk,and two flame people one little boy,and a flame girl same age as the good looking hunk"LSP said"ok but what's the point in all this"bubblegum said"the point is that the good looking hunk is finn the human." "WAIT WHAT!" bubblegum shouted"I know right I was shocked as you" "was flame princess there?"bubblegum asked"um yeah,and also her name is Phoebe just to point that out"LSP said"thanks you LSP for this information,and now I need to call a couple of friends of mine"bubblegum said pulling out a phone looking through her contact."alright I'm going to tell everybody, bye"LSP said leaving,and bubblegum talking to somebody on the other line"hey lady I need you and jake to come to the candy kingdom ASAP ''ok I'll be there in a few minute"lady said in Korean,and hanging up the phone.


lady and jake got to the candy kingdom"ok PB we're here what do you have to tell us"jake said "well I need help, I got information where the lone hero live"PB said shocking the two"wait you do!" "Yes,and also his real name"PB said still shocking the two."so spill what his name?"Jake asked eager to know"his name is finn the human"PB said and Jake jaw drop to the ground 'literally' "WHAT! Finn is alive I thought he died eight years ago?" "Wait you know who Finn is?"PB asked"Well yeah Finn ran away eight years ago don't know why? mom and dad never really talk about it,I guess they were really sad to talk about it"Jake said in a sad tone."ok then reason I call the two of you is because he kidnapped the princess of the fire kingdom"PB said shocking Jake and Lady"wait what,why would he do that?" "I don't know,but that where going to find out,come on he live in a treehouse in the grassland"PB said heading to the on the balcony"screech"PB made a screeching noise,and a large bird grab her,and the trio heading towards to the grassland,and everything fades to black.

Wow that took me a while but no worries I had to think about the stories and talk to other writers about this and I have an idea how to make phoebe life better with finn.

What will finn do when the trio arrived to his house.

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