On the catwalk, Jenny and Jethro was finishing talking,

He said "we will have to do this on the way to mine as I need to change my shirt",

Knowing that they had a terrorist on the loose she said "fine" before following him to the car.

In the car as they were driving along she turned to him and said "Jethro I know it's against one of your rules but I'm sorry for leaving, but I had this five-point plan and I needed to get to the top which I have, but I never counted on the fact I'd fall in love or become a wife and a mother, I've missed you both so much though and knew we would be reunited one day, If you would let me I'd still like to be your wife and Kelly's mother, but I'd like to be it properly this time but I can understand if you won't let me and I'll explain at home why I needed to finish my five-point plan, I just hope you forgive me.",

Jethro said "that rule doesn't count between us, Jen, I'm sorry that you didn't think you could explain before I would have helped you get there Jen and I missed you so much to and Kelly has missed you too and I knew we would be reunited one day and of course I would love you to be a proper wife to me and a mother to Kelly, and there's nothing to forgive."

They had just pulled up at his house where they went inside and he went upstairs and changed his shirt when he came down she was sat on his sofa he came and sat down beside her and said "I just want you to know that while you've been working away, I've not even looked at another woman and all everyone knows is I have a wife who works away, I love you forever and always Jen".

Jenny replied "I know and I want you to know I've not even looked at another man, and all I've told people is my husband works back home in America, I love you forever and always Jethro" she then gently kissed him, he kissed her back.

All the way back to the navy yard they held hands till they got out the car as they were getting out

Jethro said "do you want me to come to yours tonight so we can talk properly",

Jenny replied "yes if you don't mind, there is a song I want you to listen to as well, but you will have to bear with me while I explain everything",

Jethro said, "of course I don't and you don't need to explain Jen".

Jenny replied with "I do, I have to"

Once they were inside the elevator, as it was empty they held hands till it stopped in the bullpen, he squeezed her hand and then walked out while she went up to her office. Knowing now she could pull out the photograph of her and Jethro stood in front of the church, they had a copy of it done so they could put it in a frame and on the side table in there room, she took this but left their wedding album with Jethro knowing it would be safer when she left.

She also pulled out a framed picture of her, Jethro and Kelly, one she had kept at her house and got Naomi to send it to her once she was settled in Rota Spain.

After work, they both went home Jethro to pick up their wedding album to take with him when he went to Jenny's. He then drove to Jenny's house and knocked on her door, Jenny answered and invited him in they then went and sat on the sofa in her living room.