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When they got home, Jethro Said: "how about we all shower and change into something comfy, order takeaway and watch some films?"

Jenny Said "I can't exactly shower but yes"

Kelly said "yes"

Jethro turned to Jenny and said "I'll help you, you need helping getting changed either way, what do you both want to eat"

Jenny and Kelly both looked at each other before saying "pizza"

Jethro agreed and quickly placed the order for it to be due in about 40 minutes, then said "it will be here in 40 minutes, Kelly if we're not back down when it arrives my wallet is on the side for you to pay" then lead Jenny upstairs to their room with Kelly also going upstairs.

Kelly was back downstairs in 20 minutes, and arranged napkins and cups, before also setting the sofa up with the blankets and having the TV ready for them to decide on a film, Jethro and Jenny come down 15 minutes later, they decide Jenny would sit in the middle with Kelly on her left, and Jethro on her right so she could lean on him without hurting her shoulder, they decided on Tim burtons Charlie and the Chocolate factory and also The Nightmare before Christmas, as the girls had said it was a Halloween movie as well as a Christmas movie and it was October now.

Jethro set up the film, before grabbing Jenny's medication and answering the door, when their takeaway arrived, he set everything out on the coffee table and made sure Jenny took the medications she was due before he started the film.

Two hours later they finished watching the film, they all went to the toilet and he and Kelly tidied up the food waste before binning it, he also made sure everything was locked up and grabbed an icepack and switched the film over, before getting Jenny to get comfy against him before placing the icepack on her shoulder.

An hour and 15 minutes later the film had finished both girls were half asleep, and though it was only 22:00 he knew that with the rough day, and all that happened especially with Jenny that it was going to be a long night, so the earlier they went to bed the better, he manoeuvred Jenny to rest on a cushion as he got up before going upstairs taking any medication Jenny needed overnight upstairs, and turning down both their beds, he went downstairs picked Kelly up and brought her upstairs, laying her on her bed and removing her hoody, before tucking her in. Then went back downstairs folded the blankets and turned the TV off leaving the lamp on, took their cups and the rest of the pop into the kitchen putting it away, and washing the cups up and putting them away. Before going back to the living room, and removing the icepack from Jenny's shoulder gently, he then went and put it away making sure another one was at the front, so if it was needed in the night it was easy to reach.

He then checked everything was away and off before he gently picked Jenny up and taking her upstairs and laying her on the bed, he came back downstairs to turn off lights, before going upstairs taking her sling and hoody off, and getting into bed with her, tucking them both in and falling asleep quickly.

As Jethro had predicted it was a long night, With Jenny waking him up in the midst of a nightmare, just after 00:00, 03:00 and 06:00 hours, that he had to quickly wake her up from to prevent her hurting herself even more or causing herself a new injury, it was not how he normally dealt with them, but even if he hated doing it he knew it was for the best, luckily after a few minutes of quiet reassurance and talking Jenny fell back to sleep And these had not woken up Kelly. But they were both woken up by Kelly's loud nightmare just after 01:00 hours which after getting Jenny to stay in bed, took him 15 minutes to settle her down, but luckily she didn't have another one.

They slept in till 09:00 when Jethro got up and made breakfast before getting them both up, they had breakfast, before getting changed and going into the living room where they talked with Kelly through her nightmare, before mentioning about her seeing someone to talk with, Kelly was a bit reluctant, until Jenny said that there was nothing wrong with it and she herself was going to see someone to, with Jethro agreeing he would as well, and if it made her feel better as well as individual sessions, they could have a few group sessions, and that he would also ask ducky to recommend someone.

They then started watching the Adams Family TV Series Until 12:00 hours when they were talking about getting some lunch when Jasper and Naomi arrived, with Lunch and mentioned they heard some of what happened on the news, but hadn't realized she was injured that badly, knowing if they had heard, then Jackson would have likely to have heard as well as Tom and Leah, They Rang all three before putting in on speakerphone and explaining what happened and Jenny's injury's, after they got off the phone Jethro could see the tenseness in Jenny's face and said "hey it's ok after today he will never be able to hurt your again either by himself or using someone to do it I promise"

Jenny sighed and said"I know but I can't help but worry until I Know for Certain that he's gone"

Jethro said "I Know but Tom said he would be there, and also make sure he confirms it himself and will phone us"

Jasper looked on confused and said, "What did you mean Jethro?"

Naomi said "it's ok I'll explain" and took Jasper into the study to explain what happened last time and everything with it.

Once this was done, they spent the afternoon talking, including more about Jasper and Naomi's previous relationships and current one and the same with Jenny and Jethro's, and also about Kelly and her interests so Jasper could get to know her more, which also had the bonus of distracting both Jenny and also Kelly from worrying.