It was a cool Summer night in the culdesac, a humid 104, in Ralph's vintage, plywood shed.

bang bang bang*

there were windows, but the sound of the neighbors bothered the shepherds son, so Ralph kept them as closed as he could. They were handmade after all, the cracks were abundant, but it was the best he could do.

bang pop bang*

Tonight was no quiet night, in fact, the noises he heard this night were all too familiar.

bang BANG!*

That was it! These noises! From Ralph's home country! They were gunshots !

He had to warn his family!

pow hiss bang*

Ralph ran back inside his home and locked the doors

Meanwhile down the street in Eddy's backyard

Eddy: "ya see double D, if we empty out all these firecrackers, internal gun powder, into a flower pot,

Then cover it back up with duct tape, leaving a small string fuse. we can make what my brother called a "dirty bomb."

Double D: " come on Eddy, we're supposed to be making legal fireworks, Ed is going to get in so much trouble from Sarah if we dirty bomb the culdesac."

Ed: " I love the Fourth of July "

And just like that, the Ed's toiled into the night, with the occasional test firework popping off.

The next day it was July 4th, meaning tonight was the night. And since it was summer, the kids all slept in late, practically all day. At a crisp 4pm, Ralph wiped the sleep from his eyes and rolled out of his bed, knocking a few soda cans onto the floor behind him. He groaned and creaked at the idea of moving so early. But a shepherds work cannot be ignored.

"what a night, I remember the gunfire, and hiding inside with papa, drinking a few sodas, *looking around at what must be 36 discarded cans, and falling asleep, but just like in the home country, you learn to live among the chaos."

"Wait just a second! What's this on my finger ? A gaudy ring? This does not suit the son of a shepherd !"

It was true, a blue ring with an L shaped object glistened on his finger.

Just then, the ring spoke back

sinistar voice*

"When you feel your planet is in danger, call upon me"

Ralph smiled.

"Aha yea, a brass knuckle to defend my home"

The ring shook in response but spoke no more.

The Ed boys were setting up their shabby fireworks stand. It looked about as good as any on the side of a highway. Big cheap tarp and cardboard boxes in a square around the vendors.

Eddy stood on his soap box.

"Come one come all, to the greatest firework stand of the summer"

Kevin rolled up on his bike and jeered

"Need a light, Eddy?"

Just then Kevin flicked a lit cigarette onto Eddy's Soap Box. Which had been full of his homemade "dirty bombs"

The box exploded, launching eddy into the air and out of sight. Double D and Edd just watched him in disbelief

This big explosion hit Ralph like a ton of bricks. His eyes went bloodshot

It was time.

"Okay ring, my planet is in danger"

And he raised his fist.

The ground below Ralph shook, and a blue arm with a red glove emerged, pulling the rest of a body with it.

Suddenly with a bright glow, standing in front of Ralph, was a buff blue man with green hair, and a red speedo.

He spoke in the voice Ralph heard from the ring that morning.

Captain Planet: "hello Ralph, what is your danger?"

Ralph: "people are shooting guns outside captain"

Captain Planet: "lift your ring boy"

Ralph did as he asked, and in his open hand, something began to appear

It was an ak47, with illegal bump stocks

Ralph frowned.

The captain nodded in approval.

He said "the only way to fight fire is with more fire Ralph, get out there and fight for your land"

Ralph began to object, but Captain Planet put a gloved finger to his lips.

"No no my boy, this is the only way."

The End.