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Summery: 15 years ago, a factionless by the name of Voldemort killed little twins Marianna and Harry. Or, at least, that's what everyone thinks. What really happened to the twins, and why were they thought dead? Currently gen, or if I say otherwise.

Be warned, I am not experienced at writing, and I would love get reviews on my story and tips for writing on this site.


Mr. and Mrs. Dursley were perfectly normal, thank you very much. Well...aside from their niece and nephew, whom they deny they are even related to.

The reason for this, well, Mrs. Dursley had a sister, though she never liked her, especially after she transferred.

Mrs. Dursley, Petunia, as well as her whale of a husband, Vernon, and their baby seal of a son, Dudley, as well hated the Potters.

"Honestly, " Petunia stated, after a particularly bad day, weeks after the sorting, "The nerve of her! Running away which that Potter and going to Dauntless!"

After that, she and her boyfriend at the time, Vernon, wished to never see, hear, or to be reminded of the Potters ever again, but it was not meant to be.


On a particularly cold November night, the first, a strange man appeared next to the Dursley's home.

This man wore a dark cloak, as to mask his appearance, but the shadows of late night - or was it early morning? - did enough of hiding his appearance.

He was holding a small basket, barely enough for a couple of fruit, but, nevertheless, a pair of adorable, but sleeping babies rested in it, holding the others hand in a death grip, as if something wanted to tear then apart, which something wanted - and had just tried - to do.

The smaller of the two, a boy, had a tuft of messy black hair seeping out of the thin, faded blue baby blanket from which the twins shared. His small, chubby face was scrunched up in terror - the kind of terror a child should never face, let alone a baby. On the child's forehead, a rune was carved. Sowilo, a lightning shaped rune, meaning success, was carved into his head. The scar, forever prominent on his head.

The elder of the two, a girl, had auburn hair peaking out, much longer and more prominent than the boy's, her brother. She slept soundly, holding her brother's hand, giving comfort and guidance -protection. On her forehead, a rune also sat, Algiz, the rune of protection.

The strange old man, the cloak hiding his face, whispered, "This is the only way, my boy, my girl."

At that, the man pulled a small letter out of his cloak, not of paper, but of parchment. On the back, a wax crest kept it closed- a crest of a lion, snake, badger, and an eagle -the mark of magic.

He lay the note in the basket of the two sleeping children, placing them on the doorstep of #4, effectively sealing their fate. For he had no way of knowing the misery and pain that would befall them for years of their lives -away from their parents, away from magic.


Who is this strange man? Why did he leave the twins with the Dursleys? And why do the twins have runes on their foreheads?

Alright, I will probably update once a week, maybe on Fridays, so I'll try to make long chapters.