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A Confession in The Middle of Chaos

"I love you."

Those words— more than anything else in the world— made a man such as he weak in the knees. He nearly toppled over. Face flat on the ground as though something drained all of his strength and even took his ability to breathe.

Everyone around him was making noise. Screaming. Shouting. Throwing things and weapons up in the air. And yet he was as still as a post. His mind was somewhere else battling to hold onto whatever sanity he has left.

Is this a dream?

He had countless after all. Of her saying those words, of her touching him with the same passion that he tried to keep under leash for years. He had nightmares as well of her running from him and returning to the arms of the man that killed her father—

—of the man who betrayed them both.

However, this was probably the most frightening one of all the dreams he had. To the point that he felt tears starting to break through his eyes.

'Or is this a side effect of inhaling too much smoke?' He murmured, still on denial. Resisting the temptation to smack himself to death was a bit difficult given that it's the 2nd time he heard her say it.

"Hey, what are you doing just standing there? Say something to the poor lass!" Well, someone beat him to it and punched him on a shoulder that was badly injured.

Oh, well, it was probably the right amount of pain that he needed to gather his composure.

But the princess.. she smiled at him tenderly. "I'm sorry I only said it just now." and quickly she averted her eyes in embarrasment.

And just like that, one word from her, just hearing her voice, seeing her beautiful face, or just by being near her could render him speechless.


A powerful ex-general.

The infamous 'Thunder Beast'.

It's almost frightening how much power she held over him. And yet, he could only feel warmth and also a deep yearning for her to look back at him more than the way she looked at Su-Won.

"You idiot." He lowered his head.

"What?" she blinked at him, taken aback by the unexpected reply. A bit annoyed as well.

Oh, he wanted to annoy her— tease her until she cried.

He wanted to hold her.

Kiss her.

Own her.

Body and soul.

But what he wanted to do the most is to thank the heavens. To bow down before her and the gods for letting him be loved and cherished by someone like her.

He grabbed her hand, held it reverently, and knelt down on one knee.


Slowly, he turned her palm towards his face and lowered his head until his lips touched the skin. "Like I told you. I've always been yours."

He looked up to find her ugly crying face staring back at him and he just couldn't help but smile.

"I love you too, princess."


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