What if I told there are multiple worlds out there where Spiderman exists, various worlds with various Peter Parkers, but what if I told you of a world with a Peter Parker who's world was radically different from the one you knew? Well sit down in the comfiest seat you can find, grab a drink maybe a hot dog or some popcorn, put down the video game, social media, whatever; yes even that! And prepare to listen to an epic tale, and how do I know this tale you ask, well its simple. Its mine!

Peter Parker was what one would call average, average height, average brown hair, average teenager problems. The only thing that wasn't average for him was his intelligence which was pretty high, he was one of the smartest people at his school which happened to get Peter noticed for the wrong reasons, namely he was bullied a lot, but he stuck at it and tried not to give the bullies an edge of him, as well as he's group of friends which were mainly science and engineering focused. Peter looked sky ward smiling at the blue sky right before a football shot into his range of focus

"Oh man" he said before he caught the football and landed on his back, and while he was smart, Pete was below average in upper body strength

"Nice catch Puny Parker" a voice said

"You're welcome Eugene" Peter said throwing the ball back to Eugene 'Flash' Thompson who was the captain of the Football team at their high school

"Whatever dork" Flash said helping Peter up after checking the coast is clear

"Are you ever going to act friendly with me in public"

"What do you think dork" Flash cackled before walking off, over to where a stunning redhead stood. That was Peter's next door neighbour and crush Mary Jane Watson who was currently dating Flash

"Strike out again hey pal?" a smooth voice said as a kid Peter's age with brown slicked back hair laughed at him

"Shut up Harry" Peter snapped as Harry just ruffled Pete's hair as the two walked off to class.

When they got to homeroom they saw their group of friends which consisted of Amadeus Cho, Gwen Stacy, Cindy Moon, Ned Leeds, Anya Corazon and Oliver Osnick sitting at a table looking at a laptop screen

"What's up?" Peter asked sitting down next to his friend Amadeus

"Venom showed up again, man that guy is good" Amadeus said, the rest of Peter's friends nodded.

"And the cop's haven't gone after him for some reason" Gwen said as she kissed Harry, the two had been dating for awhile

"So does anyone know who he is?" Peter asked

"Not yet" Ned said "Oh by the way, saw that awesome spill out of the football field" Ned said

"Geez thanks" Peter griped

"Come on Pete look up; we're going to that science thing tomorrow" Anya said

"Oh yeah, I heard Prof Banner and Dr Connors is going to be there" Peter said

"Banner, that's surprising no one's seen the guy in ages" Harry said

"I wonder why" Peter said as the bell rang

"This is going to be dangerous, you seriously can't be doing this" Banner said

"I agree with Bruce here" Dr Connors said

"I don't care, I am funding this project and since we have students coming, I think it would be interesting to show them this new plan" their benefactor walked off

"Curt, you and I both know this is dangerous, he's messing with something only one man was able to make, and who knows what will happen, he's messing with a type of energy that no knows about" Bruce said

"I know, I know but there's nothing we can do. You know he has been commissioned into trying to make that again" Curt said

"But why the Spider DNA, is there something in that which will help me unlock it?" Banner asked

"I don't know, all I know is that as long as we're here we can at least try and lessen the damage" Connors said walking off

"I hope you're right, because I would hate for the other guy to get involved" Banner said

"The New York Science Expo, man I never thought we would be here" Peter said

"Okay guys, you know what to do" Anya said as the group put their phones into the middle of a circle and pressed a button "Group messengers are synced up, so we can tell each where we are in case we're late or lost"

"Good idea" Gwen said as the group broke up, Peter was smiling as he looked around at all the new innovations and invention when he heard a whistle before a camera bag was placed in his arms

"Hey kiddo, sorry to shanghai your class trip, but I need a photographer and you're here" a man in a navy blue button down shirt, brown trousers and could be described as a rock star reporter

"Oh hi Eddie" Peter said placing the camera bag over his should and taking out the digital camera and took a few test pictures "So what does JJ want us to do?" he asked

"Just take pictures of the exhibits here, he wants me to write up a general over view about it and who was here" Eddie said. Edward Brock had been with the Bugle for five years after his work with as a reporter in San Francisco returning to his roots in New York and turning into a journalist for the Daily Bugle, where he met Peter and took him under his wing to help him become a reporter in the future, but he also knew of Peter's love of science and technology. So he sort of guided him to that type of reporting but for now Peter was technically an intern/junior photographer.

"Sounds easy enough" Peter said

"Great, I'll put in with Robbie that you get some overtime since you're on a school trip" Eddie laughed.

Soon the two were looking around the exhibits ranging from new inventions to breakthrough research, Peter was able to get some good shots

"Enjoying your time here?" a man said to Peter

"Yeah I am...You're Bruce Banner!" Peter said

"Yes I am" Bruce said shaking Peter's hand "You look familiar"

"Yeah, people say I take after my father" Peter said "Oh my name's Peter by the way, Peter Parker"

"Parker, Parker, OH! you're Richard's son" Bruce said smiling fondly

"You knew my dad?" Peter asked

"Yeah, I did. He helped me out on some of my work; it was terrible what happened to him" Bruce said

"I wouldn't know. I haven't been told anything" Peter said

"I see, I'm sorry to hear that" Bruce said as he's watch beeped "Oh, I'm sorry I've got a panel coming up soon that I have to prepare for, I hope to see you there" Bruce said smiling

"No, it's alright, I hope to see it" Peter said as Bruce walked off.

'I hope you find out the truth one day Mr Parker' Bruce thought before seeing a frazzled Curt Connors "What's wrong?"

"One of them escaped, I haven't been able to find it" Connors said

"Not good, was it placed through the machine?" Bruce said

"I think it was" Connors said "But luckily, or unluckily it was the only one to have survived"

"Okay, look for it but be subtle about it okay?" Bruce asked

"Yeah sure" Connors said

"This is incredible' Peter said taking photos of the latest invention at the Oscorp section

"It's just a Energy Particle Accelerator" Harry said bored "Said to be the same effects as radiation based energy without the harmful radiation" he said rolling his eyes

"That's what makes it more incredible" Peter said

"Come on man, Stark Industries has it patented Repulsor wave technology and this is what you're more excited about?" Harry asked

"I mean sure that's cool and all, but this is cutting edge technology" Peter said

"What if I told you Stark Industries was working on Bleeding Edge technology" a voice said making the two teens turn around to see on and the biggest names in the tech industry: Tony Stark

"Mr Stark?" Harry asked

"Good to see you master Osborn" Stark said "And who is this?"

"Oh I'm Peter Parker, I work at the Daily Bugle" Peter said

"I see, good to meet you, so you know a few things about science huh?" Stark asked "What's yoru area?" he asked

"I'm mostly into chemistry but I have dabbled with most of the other areas" Peter said

"Interesting, well is it good to see that there are people like you two out and about the place" Stark said slapping Peter on the shoulder before walking off. Harry was uneased by Stark, something about what he was doing here. Was he looking to commit sabotage or was it something else?

"Come on, Dr Connor's presentation is about to start" Peter said

The science group managed to gather for Dr Connors' panel on theoretical biological engineering and stuff like CRISPR and Cross Genetics, Peter was paying attention to the lecture at hand, when he was thinking he had glimpsed the formula from somewhere, but he couldn't remember where, when he felt a sharp prick in the back of his neck, Peter thought it was just a normal bug, none aware it was actually a genetically engineered spider that had escaped from the Oscorp area, the same spider Dr Banner and Dr Connors were subtly searching ofr. It had escaped into the rigging of the lights before spinning a web and descending onto the backpack of a passerby, where it bided its time until the human's guard was down, where it would strike and then wonder off. What the spider didn't know was that it was a delivery system from an experiment and meant to die after it struck its target. Once the show was over, Peter looked around for the bug but didn't find it as the spider had curled up and died. Once the students had gone Connors walked by and the wind from his footsteps revealed the dead spider, Connors gained a look of horror on his face

"Oh no" he gasped as he picked the spider up in a tissue and stuffed it into his pocket.

Peter was started to feel tired as the expo wound down

"Hey kid you okay?" Eddie asked

"Yeah, just tired" Peter said

"Okay, just as long as that's what it is and not you're getting sick" Eddie said as a police siren was heard making the two look over as an older police officer got out of the car and walked over to Peter and Eddie. "Ah, Sergeant Parker, how nice to see you again"

"Same here Edward" he said "Hey kiddo, have a good day?"

"Sure thing Uncle Ben" Peter said

"Hey Pete, I'll talk with Jameson about today" Eddie said

"Thanks man" Peter said as he and his uncle got into the police cruiser.

"Oh by the way, Jefferson said hello" Ben said

"Tell I said hello back next time you see him" Peter said as he enjoyed the ride home with his uncle.

That night Peter went to bed early to try rid of the tiredness, unaware that the spider bite was enhancing his body by adding various aspects of the spider that bit him, during the night while he was sleeping he had a flashback like dream of a place he had never seen before, hidden away in an abandoned place with only two words being able to be read: Parker Laboratories! After that dream Peter woke up panting

"What was that, Parker Laboratories. Did dad have a lab somewhere?" Peter asked confused.

G'day Guys Grizz here with a new Marvel fic with a character I haven't done a solo series for in 7 years and it was a crossover, but here we are with my take on the Spider-Man mythos which I want to fit in with my X-Men days of Future Shadows fic. Anyway this will not be you typical series.

This series will be a nice long one and one I've been wanting to do for ages which will be very different from what has been done before and figures since Spider-Man Far from Home is out soon I would make it now, so over the next week or so you'll get the four 'origin' chapter before it might become a weekly series

So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside