"Man, poor Aaron" Ben said as he was webswinging around the city trying to take his mind off of what happened with Aaron and Mysterio. Fury was still looking into what had happened, but the spiders knew what had happened. Tarantula had shown up and murdered Aaron to protect whatever he was working on. But that was all he needed to know at this point in time, so to take his mind off of it he was just swinging around New York enjoying the lights and sound of the people they regularly saved. Anyway he was about to swing over and climb up onto the roof of the Bugle when his spider sense went off "What?" he asked when something suddenly appeared and roared at him "WHOA! What was that?" he asked before he looked around to see nothing there. "What was that?" Ben asked removing his mask

"Hey you okay?" Peter asked as he saw his sister curled up into a ball with tears streaking her face

"No" Teresa asked

"I'm sorry, I know you two were close" Peter said hugging her

"I was going to ask him out" Teresa said

"I knew he was going to do the same thing" Peter said "He had a crush on you"

"We were old friends" Teresa said still looking blue as the communication alert went off "What's going on?

"It's Ben" Peter said "What's up?"

"Oh there's some big ass monster thing loose in the NYC!" Ben shouted

"Monster thing?" Peter asked as Teresa joined him wiping her eyes

"Yeah, think like the thing from the black lagoon, or a living shadow" Ben said

"Dude's been hitting the monster movies a bit too much" Peter muttered

"Ben, the thing from the black lagoon lives out in the Bayou and a living shadow in a well lit city?" Teresa asked

"I'm just saying it seemed like a living shadow, I didn't get a good look at it" Ben said

"Okay I'll tell the others" Teresa said as she walked off.

"How is she doing?" Ben asked

"Not good" Peter said

"A monster, it's not even Halloween yet" Arana said

"I know, but Ben said he saw a monster so we're going monster hunting" Silk said

"So what do you think it is?" Arana asked

"Girls, enough with the chatter" Ghost Spider said as was upside down

"Sorry" the other two said before their spider senses went off

"Silk, where is it?" Ghost Spider said

"Up" Silk said as the three spider girls ascended to the roof.

"No one's here" ghost Spider said

"Then who is that?" Arana asked

"I have no idea" Silk said "hello" she said before the figure turned to them shocking them with his snow white skin, elf like ears and up-turned nose

"Good evening" he said in a raspy voice

"Nope" Arana said as the three took off as the figure hissed and took flight after them.

"What is that thing?" Silk asked before the landed on the wall of a building looking for what was chasing

"Where is it?" Arana asked

"I can't see it" Ghost Spider said

"Maybe it left" Arana panted

"No, it's still here" Silk said "ABOVE US!" she shouted as the monster hissed at them

"MOVE!" Ghost Spider said before the monster chased after them again "SPLIT UP!" she shouted before the monster got in front of them

"Oh no" Arana said before a blur of black and red intercepted the monster.

"What up girls?" Kid Arachnid said

"Arachnid Look out!" Ghost Spider said

"Why?" Kid Arachnid said before he was grabbed by the monster and thrown to the side. "Oh that's why" he said getting up and webbing the monster to pull him away from the girls, only for it turn ton on him and his at him

"Arachnid, get out of there now!" Ghost Spider shouted

"Not yet" Arachnid said as the monster grabbed his throat and lifted him into the air making his legs dangle

"NO!" the girls shouted

"Yo ugly" Kid Arachnid said grabbing the monster's shoulder. "Hey" he said smoothly as he used his venom shock to knock the monster back, which didn't work much making the monster hiss

"That didn't work did it?" Ghost Spider said

"Nope" Kid Arachnid said "What is this thing?"

"We have no idea" Arana said

"it looks like some kind of human-bat hybrid" Ghost Spider said

"Where's Spidey, he might have a better idea as to what this thing is" Arana said

"I'll try and get this thing to follow me while you try and a hold of Spidey" Ghost Spider said

"Wait what?" Kid Arachnid said shocked

"Just do it" Ghost Spider said "HEY UGLY!" she shouted

"Should we?" Arana asked

"Yeah, but I'm going to get some heavy reinforcements" Kid Arachnid said slinging away

"Oh come on" Arana said swinging off

"So if I was a living shadow monster, where would I be?" Spiderman asked as he looked around as he landed on a roof before he heard something behind him "Ghost Spider are you okay?"

"Not quite" Ghost Spider said

"Why is that, oh no you lead the monster here didn't you?" he asked

"Yeah sorry" Ghost Spider said

"So where is it?" Spiderman asked before a hissing was heard making the two spiders turn around "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME!"

"What?" Ghost Spider asked

"Its a Vampire!" Spiderman said

"Are you sure?" Ghost Spider asked

"No, I just think that because of the sparkly skin, of course I am!" Spiderman said

"Where did it come from?" Ghost Spider asked

"Does it look like I have a clue!?" Spiderman exclaimed before the vampire tried to swipe at them "We have to move now!" he shouted as the two jumped off the building they were on

"Hey look a pizzeria" Ghost Spider said

"So?" Spiderman asked

"Um...Garlic; Vampires hate the stuff" Ghost Spider said

"What are you waiting for?" Spiderman asked as Ghost Spider dove down to the pizzeria, only for the vampire to smash Spiderman against the wall and roar in his face "Not good" he said before something ripped the vampire off of him

"Hands off" Venom said throwing the vampire away before pulling Spiderman onto the roof

"Thanks Venom" Spiderman said

"What are you doing?" Venom asked

"Stopping that vampire" Spiderman said

"Vampire?" Venom asked as the monster stood back up and rolled his shoulder before bearing his fangs "Where did he come from?"

"I have no idea" Spiderman said as the vampire came charging at them

"Out of my way foul creature" the vampire said knocking Venom aside

"WHOA!" Spiderman said as the vampire charged at him, but it stopped when Ghost Spider jumped in holding a piece of garlic bread in her mouth smiling before the Vampire took the rest of the garlic bread and shoved it in his mouth and swallowed it

"Ah delicious, but now I need to wash it down with something" the vampire said

"It talks, since when can it talk?" Ghost Spider said as she flipped backwards

"I have no idea" Spiderman said "But who cars, RUN!" he shouted as the two got out of there, only to be stopped by the creature "Oh shit"

"You smell simply ravishing" he said opening his mouth to reveal his fangs

"LEAVE THEM ALONE!" Spinneret said landing before kicking him in the face, "MOVE!" she shouted before trying to kick the vampire again, what didn't go to plan was that the Vampire grabbed her leg and pushed it away before putting her in a chokehold

"SPINNERET!" Spiderman said

"Let her go" Ghost Spider said running at the creature who smirked and hissed before biting her neck

"NO!" Spiderman said as he switched his webshooter to fire web bullets as Ghost Spider grabbed Spinneret "Get her out of here"

"You go as well" Venom said as he showed up to shoulder charge the vampire

"Thanks Venom" Spiderman said as the three spiders swung away, Venom smiled before becoming serious

"Okay Bloodsucker, we would be very happy if you tell us who you are" Venom said

"You can pry it from my fangs" the vampire said hissing as he ran at Venom who roared an did the same

"What are we dealing with?" Harry said as he, MJ and Anya ran in

"The walking dead" Gwen said

"Come again?" Anya asked shocked

"A vampire, we're dealing with a vampire, and he's bitten Teresa" Spiderman said drawing some blood

"Okay I'll get the sample analysed" Harry said before pausing "I wish Aaron was here"

"Me too man, me too" Spiderman said before he got an idea "I'm going to see someone"

"Who?" Gwen asked

"A scientist" Spiderman said

"Meanwhile we try and get Teresa back on her feet" Harry said

"Good news, just from a preliminary glance it seems that whatever gave her powers is slowing down an infection" Anya said

"It's trying to turn her" Gwen said

"It does look like it" Anya said

"Come on Pete, hurry" MJ said

"So I was just sitting there marking some reports when suddenly I was marking a recipe for a red velvet cake" Otto said as he was using a tentacle to move a chess piece which was inside Lizard's habitat at the zoo

"So what did you do?" Lizard asked making a move

"Good move" Otto said before frowning "Who's there?" he asked before he used his tentacles to look around

"Wait" Lizard said "Spiderman?" he asked as Spiderman dropped to the ground

"I need your help" Spiderman said

"What's wrong?" Otto asked

"A vampire just bit my sister" Spiderman said

"Vampire?" Lizard asked

"IT couldn't be could it?" Otto asked

"What" Spiderman said

"This Vampire of your, I think it could be a colleague of ours, one who went missing in Romania" Otto said "Which is famous for its Vampire mythology what with Dracula"

"So who was this colleague?" Spiderman asked

"Michael Morbius, he was a Nobel winning Biologist who specialised in human and animal biology" Lizard said

"And he was working on something that would cure him of a rare blood disorder; only it appears that it gave him an even worse affliction" Otto said

"No" Spiderman said

G'day Guys Grizz here so originally this was going to be a bit of a story arc with Hammerhead and Black Cat, then the trailer for Morbius dropped and I decided to do a story featuring Morbius, now I not the biggest hand of horror so I apologise if this arc isn't scary as one was expecting since it features a Vampire, now I'm not sure if I'm going to feature Blade as a cameo or not but I might, not sure I'll figure it out before I start writing the next one for three months

So until next time I'll catch you on the flipside