Hello Readers,

This is my first story, as you can see on my profile. I always loved vampires, not the kind of vampires like in twilight, no, vampires like those I read about when I was younger in The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. Moreover I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter saga, but I've always entertained the thought of doing a darker and deeper, lore wise, world for me, so here I am proposing you an alternate version of the Harry Potter saga, with mature contents. (Fights; injuries, toture etc... You have been warned haha ;).

I hope that you will take my warning seriously, because in this story, there will be content that is not destined for sensible souls, that is why I put an M rating. However if this does not repulses you then you are welcome to read my story and enjoy !

I would like to precise that Harry Potter does not belong to me but to J.K Rowling.

Finally, before I let you enjoy this detailed summary, I will let you know that I am French and I am actually finishing my oral exams that will permit me to enter a great engineering school. So this means that for the moment updates will be un-scheduled but this will change after my exams are finished and I will update once a week, or two if I don't have inspiration (This happens sometimes but don't worry ^^ I'll try my best to stay to the schedule)

Well, well off you go enjoying my story.

Summary :

In this story, the Potter family is not the pureblood family that we know in the canon storyline, it is a false pureblood family hiding an hideous secret. For three millennia, the Potteria family was an Aristocratic Vampire family that lived in the southern actual Italy, that lived in an little kingdom of only Vampires. However during the eighteenth century, a world scaled Vampire purge occurred when they began to become more and more careless around muggles and causing havoc all around the world in the magical societies too. This caused their race to nearly go into extinction and the very few that survived were either living in seclusion far from any sort of life or laying low in the magical societies trying to melt into the mass of wizards and witches

The Potteria family went into extinction, a little bastard branch that was kicked out from their estates and exiled from the family survived in England under the name : Potter. The reason why they were banished was because they caught an incurable sickness that appeared in the late fourteenth century called : Ferveret Sanguis, or the Boiling Blood. This disease caused the Vampires to lose their longevity, their bloodlust and their instincts along with very painful and atrocious pains due to their blood that was boiling inside of their veins.

Since then the Potter created themselves a new history, a new home, a new reputation and a new gold filled bank. They were known to be the defenders of the poor, the kind hand given to the sick ones and the protectors of the light. Their banishment struck them hard and made them hate their origins even if they still taught it in secret to their descendants in order to fuel this hatred of the 'Dark Creatures'.

Moreover the Evan family was an ancient but not very influential or wealthy pureblood family, but was nonetheless pureblood. However this changed when the muggle began to hunt down the witches and wizards during the fifteenth and sixteenth century, that caused the major part of the family to die and the other to renounce to their magic and hide into the muggle population forgetting about their legacy to prevent death or torture. After nearly four generations all their magic powers faded away due to the denial of their magic and their stop in using their powers making them then, squibs.

So in this story, with this little bit of history being builder up from the ground, we can begin to delve into this alternative Harry Potter world. Talking about Harry Potter, well…


He simply does not exist. But do not worry he is replaced by Lyria Potter a beautiful, incredibly smart, gentle and innocent girl that will have the most terrible adventures and dangers thrown at her face for the most part of her life.

As for the main couple of this story, brace yourself readers because I think you're not prepared.

Well I won't hide it because I don't want to and I don't want to have people being disappointed later in the story or heinous ones that will throw a tantrum temper at me for doing this.

The main pairing will be Lyria Potter and Daphne Greengrass. That's all. Yes I know that by doing that half the potential readers are going to just close this tab and go search for another fanfiction to read because they don't want to read one where we talk about homosexuality.

I can understand this and I am not bothered at all by this possibility because everyone has the right to think what they want and to read what they feel like reading so no problem. If you want to read then do so and enjoy. If you don't want to then I wish you a good day and to have fun reading another story it was nice to have you here at least for this summary.

To finish this little summary I wanted to reveal you some important information :

First : Dumbledore is a good old man, that lived for so long and is so powerful that sometimes he makes mistake and lose track of time because for him years pass like months. I never really understood this theory where people think that he was evil and knew how Harry was treated at the Dursley's but never did anything. In my opinion he just did not have a better solution and just did what he think would be the best compromise.

Secondly : The Dark Lord is, well a Dark Lord, not just a villain figure that is only here for the plot. No, in this story, Voldemort is the big tough and evil guy that make everyone piss in their pants at sight. He is really strong and will not be defeated just by an expelliarmus after the destruction of his Horcruxes. Moreover the death eaters also are, for the inner circle, way, way stronger. For example no way that Bellatrix Lestrange could be killed by Molly Weasley even after twelve years in Azkaban.

Third : Lyria (the female Harry of the story, don't worry you will grow accustomed to it after some time) will suffer a lot, and I mean a lot, physically and psychologically, by the hands of the Dursley.

Finally : Hogwarts will last eight years in this story, the OWL's will still be in fifth year and NEWT's in seventh year. Why this change you ask then ? Well it is simply because I think Hogwarts lacks one part of school that is some sort of pre specialisation year where they can experience a special learning course to preparde for jobs that will require a longer education and a specialisation like potion master, mediwizard, aurors or curse breaker for exemple. This is simply in order for those students to be ready to enter the adult world. Finally I think it makes no sense to only start your education at the age of 11 so I will start it at the age of 10, thus they will still finish at their majority at 17. Moreover, in this fanfic most purebloods and half-bloods will already have followed some teachings by tutors or their parents and that is why I thought about Dumbledore introducing some supplementary hours for muggleborns and half-blood with no knowledge prior to Hogwarts for them to try and catch up at least the basics.