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So, due to huge writer's block, I'm going to be slightly changing things up a bit? I was originally planning on writing out the adventures Harry, Hermione, and Snape have in the past, mind doesn't want to focus on that.

This chapter is going to be a major flash forward explanation, and then the following chapters will be back to my normal writings (as I actually have inspirations for those). I will likely come back and re-write this chapter normally...but it just won't be anytime soon tbh.

Founder's time:

1st year:

-Harry & Hermione get to know their new classmates, especially their Slytherin year-mates.

-Lots of classes that actually go into the basics of magic (i.e. spell manipulation and how it works and not just 'say phrase, wave wand')


-.-best classes are rituals & potions

-.-as Slytherin's heir, Salazar privately teaches him parselmagic and potions (for family magic)


-.-best classes runes & dark arts (surprise, surprise!)

-.-Olivander gets brought in and begins teaching her about wands (i.e. wood types, core types, how to best harvest them, flow of magic, etc. etc.)

-..-(and Olivander in this fic is sorta immortal? Or at least slow yeah...'cause why not?)

2nd year:

-same as above, but arithmancy is added to the class list.

3rd year:

-kinda same thing, but outside of classes, Harry and Hermione learn what it's like to be introduced to society, so balls and high tea and political functions, etc.

4th year:

-starts the same as before...but come October...they get pulled forward through time.

Hogwarts Era (regular time):

1992-93 school year:

-Malfoy Sr. does not give the diary to Ginny in second year, but he instead adds pressure to Dumbledore to find the missing students + professor

-since no diary, there is no basilisk attack

-'normal' year! (mostly)

-Quirell is still teaching (much to the amazement of everyone)

1993-94 school year:

-Sirius still escapes Askaban since the newspaper still shows the Weasley family trip to egypt

-eventually ends up hiding out with Remus (after convincing him of innocence)

-he also tries to pull all his resources (as much as he can considering he's an 'escaped convict') to try to find what happened to Harry

-Wormtail meets up with Quirell (who is still teaching DADA!)

1994-95 school year:

-Tri-wizard tournament!

-the goblet of fire still 'spits out' Harry's name

-castle pulls the trio back through time so that Harry can participate (as it is a magically binding contract & the way the time is flowing…)

-The castle also pulls Salazar forward through time as well. It's his 'disappearing act' from the founder's time

AN: The next chapter will be a legit chapter and not just bullet points! I do apologize for this...but like I mentioned earlier...writers block is a real thing.

Thank you all for your support on this fic tho! I really appreciate it!