Greetings, one and all! Welcome to my newest work, "Tales of the Kaiju Universe"! I am writing this collection of one-shots and short-stories to establish the overall 'main' universe for most of my kaiju writings. This universe, while centered around Godzilla and Gamera; will include not only all kaiju and many human characters from all eras of their films, but also my version of the 'Ultraman' universe, Pacific Rim, SeaQuest DSV, Avatar, Dr. Who (mostly 10th), and even Alien/Predator!

As such, some of these shorts will not involve kaiju at all, and are included simply to show this greater overall universe. Some of these stories will chronicle what was happening elsewhere during the events of specific films/series episodes. Some are actually set-ups for bigger stories later on.

So let the DESTRUCTION….er…Stories begin!

Chapter 1: The Beginning.

A void, vast beyond imagination and completely empty except for one, single mass of matter and energy that was once the universe. In the fullness of Time, it had reached the maximum point of expansion, only to contract once again; imploding to condense into its single point of origin. It continued to compress tighter and tighter, the energy within building to critical-mass until, approximately 14 billion years ago….give or take a few hundred millennia….


...it exploded outward again; giving birth to a new, ever-expanding universe.

Eons pass, and clumps of matter and energy coalesced to form galaxies. And within those galaxies form stars, and around many of those stars form planets; all rotating and orbiting, orbits within orbits, twirling and swirling as the universe expanded from the point of explosive origin.

Billions of years pass, Life begins to emerge. On millions of planets throughout the universe, primitive organic life-forms are birthed from primordial ooze and begin to evolve; some faster than others.

At the same time, random elements and anomalies drifting through the vastness of Space began to take a life of their own. As they evolved, they fed upon each other and the organic life on any planet they encountered, sometimes even upon the life-force of the planets themselves. With each feeding they grew, evolved, and changed over the course of time. And as the life they fed upon grew more complex and intelligent, so did they; until they had each attained what they considered to be their ideal forms. They are the Primordial Demons of the Universe; powerful, malevolent, insatiable, terrifying, and nigh invincible.

Yet life in the universe persisted and continued to spread and evolve, for not even these insatiable devourers could snuff out life faster than it could grow, evolve, and spread. Having devoured so many of each other in the beginning, they were few in a universe that was well on its way to be teaming with life.

As early intelligent races grew more advanced, they discovered the existence of the Primordial Demons, and knew to fear them. In a hopeless attempt to lessen their fear, they gave the Demons names. The Demons themselves came to relish the names they were given as tools to spread and increase the terror among the lower life-forms. They found that fear made the life they devoured richer, sweeter, tastier. They fed not merely for sustenance, but because they enjoyed the chaos, terror, despair, and death they caused as they destroyed entire civilizations and wiped entire species from existence.

A few of the Demons grew so powerful as to spawn offspring. Offspring that remained linked to them; as they fed, so too were their Demon sires fed. Thus, the power of those few grew exponentially.

In time, a few intelligent races were able to build very advanced civilizations, some more advanced than others. The two oldest and most advanced arose on planet Ultra in what would become known as Nebula M78, and the Time Lords of planet Gallifrey. An alliance was formed. When the Ultrans' sun began to burn-out pre-maturely, the Time Lords helped the Ultrans create an artificial sun, the Plasma-Spark, to save their world and race. This had the unforeseen side-effect of changing the human-like Ultrans into powerful giants of silver, gold, red, and blue. Thus the Ultra Warriors were born.

Eventually, the Time Lords and Ultras became aware of not only the Primordial Demons and their spawn, but other advanced races that threatened and fed upon those weaker or less advanced than they were; spreading like parasitic locusts across space, wreaking havoc, mayhem, and devastation in their wake. So the allies took action to protect the younger worlds and races.

The united force of Ultra Warriors, Time Lords, Yautja, and Osirans brought an end to the Dark Age of the universe; as they battled threats like the Rachnoss, the Carrionites, the Great Space Vampires, Xenomorphs, and others like them to virtual extinction. Even a few of the Primordial Demons and their spawn fell to the might of this alliance. Peace reigned in the universe. For a time.

The Yautja returned their Code of Honor and the Hunt, hunting the most dangerous species in the universe for sport, honor, and trophies. They would become more commonly known among the younger races as 'Predators'. They would become revered as gods by some primitive cultures, as well as feared as the most dangerous hunters in the universe.

The Time Lords chose to return to Gallifrey and isolate themselves from the rest of the universe; to begin a new Golden Age and no longer concern themselves with 'lesser beings'.

The Osirans also chose isolation after the long and destructive campaign. However, peace was short-lived for them. King Ghidorah, one of the mightiest of the Primordial Demons, attacked their home-world with a terrible vengeance! Two of his spawn had been killed by the Cosmic Alliance, an affront that could not stand! The few survivors that escaped became nomads.

The Ultras, however, could not in good conscience follow the lead of their allies. They created the Intergalactic Garrison, training and sending their warriors out into the universe to continue to fight for peace.

Many of the younger races continued to grow and advance, to eventually spread out into space from their home-worlds. Some for exploration and trade. Some for conquest and power. As more and more races and civilizations expanded into space, the Shadow Proclamation was formed; a neutral coalition to police the galaxies and enforce Universal Law.

One would think that between the Ultras and the Shadow Proclamation, the universe would be at peace. But the universe is a big, ever-expanding place; and evil has many forms.

In the midst of all this universal upheaval, growth, and evolution; life on a small, seemingly insignificant planet orbiting the star that would be named 'Sol' within the Milky Way galaxy was evolving, as was the living spirit of the planet itself. After suffering a few extinction level events Gaia, the Spirit of this planet, realized the fragility of organic life. Each time she started over she took a more active role, guiding the evolution of the life on her surface, and eventually also gave birth to her earliest Guardians, and seeded the potential for more to rise should they be needed in the distant future.

For reasons as mysterious as the Universe itself, this relatively young planet that would one day be known as 'Earth', would become a focal point; a key planet in the grand scheme of the Universe. As such, Earth would eventually come to the attention of other forces in the Universe; both Good…and Evil.

Three distinct sapient species evolved on Earth. The first and oldest would become known as the Devonians, a water-breathing fish species that evolved into a human-like form. The second were the Silurians, who evolved from the most intelligent of the dinosaurs, and survived the great extinctions and Ice Age by going deep underground and hibernating in stasis for millions of years.

Finally, mankind arose. The humans' innate ability to learn and quickly adapt accelerated their evolution, creating two breeds of man arising in different climates: the Neanderthals and Cro Magnons. It remains unclear what exactly happened when the two met in Ice Age Europe. Was it bloody warfare as they competed for resources? Did they work together for the good of both, and interbreed? Were the Neanderthals wiped out by diseases carried by the Cromags to which they had no resistance? Was it a combination of all these factors? The end result was the eventual disappearance of the Neanderthals and the Cro Magnons eventual evolution into the modern humans known as Homo Sapiens.

The seven earliest human civilizations on Earth became miraculously advanced. They, the Guardians they created, the Silurians, and the Guardians birthed by Gaia, united and rose up to repel the nightmarish corruption of the 'Old Ones' that threatened to devour all life on the planet as surely as any Primordial Demon. They succeeded in banishing the fowl beings to a void empty of all other life. But the final battle had irrevocably set in motion a chain of events leading to the great cataclysm that shattered the most advanced of those ancient civilizations. Those that remained went into seclusion. All seven passed into myth and legend, while the remaining Silurians once again entered hibernation.

The surviving Osirans eventually found Earth and her sister planet of Mars, and were worshiped as gods by the fledgeling civilization of Egypt when they gave them agriculture, irrigation, and engineering. But this was short-lived as one of their own turned on the others.

Not long after this, a spawn of King Ghidorah, believed to be the Primordial Demon himself; appeared in the skies of Mars. Within a month, the civilization of Mars had been wiped out completely, the two native races all but extinct. The remaining 'Ice Warriors' went into hibernation, intending to emerge once the planet itself recovered from the devastation. The few remaining human-like Martians escaped to Earth. As they interbred with and gradually became Earthlings, only their vast psychic potential remained as a legacy of their Martian origins. Those with such powers often became royalty, religious figures, or prophets; until those gifts eventually became exceedingly rare, often dormant for generations at a time.

Thousands of years later, the birth of the Atomic Age also gave rise to the kaiju. All were initially threats to mankind, but eventually some of the most powerful would be revealed as new guardians of the planet.

At the same time, three Time Lords grew restless, and chose to leave the self-imposed isolation of Gallifrey, after choosing the names they would be known by others, each reflecting who they chose to be:

The Rani left in search of scientific knowledge by any means.

The Master sought power and immortality.

And finally, the Doctor had an unquenchable thirst for adventure and desire to help people wherever and whenever he went, all to make the universe a better place. He would eventually find Earth, and adopt it as his second home-world. In his travels across Time and Space, he would help and save many worlds; and oppose many evils in the universe.

Earth in particular was being noticed all across the universe; not only for its vast resources and ideal position in the cosmos, but also for Humanity itself. Humans, it seemed, possessed a 'genetic golden-ticket', making them genetically compatible with nearly every sapient species in the universe!

Ironically around this same time Earth, and the dark forces that threaten it, also came to the attention of the Ultras. It was decided by Intergalactic Garrison Command to station at least one Ultra Warrior there at all times until such time as the natives could easily defend themselves from any threat. Thus, whenever the Ultra on Earth received new orders, another would take his or her place.

And so, the stage is set. The Forces of Good will confront the Forces of Evil to decide the Fate of the Universe!


Author's notes: I am writing these works as a fan and for the fans of the kaiju genre. Given the plethora of source material, I cherry-picked what I considered the best and most workable details from the Showa, Heisei, and Millenium eras of both the Godzilla/Mothra franchises and the Gamera franchises, and took a bit of creative license with them and the other sources to make it all work.

I know the purists of the genre may balk at some of what I have done, so I want to explain a few details and assumptions to carry into reading my works for this universe.

First of all, the size-scale of all kaiju, unless stated otherwise, is that of the Heisei era and/or Final Wars of Godzilla's films, with Godzilla himself being 100 meters tall, and always has been(despite long-standing cannon to the contrary, depending on the era of films). Second, the Godzilla of the "present" in this work is the Godzilla Jr. who arose after his 'father' melted down at the end of "Godzilla vs Destroyah" by absorbing all the radiation from the meltdown, and it was this same Godzilla chronicled through most of the Millenium series, excluding the film known as "GMK". Although GMK is a favorite of many fans, it just doesn't work for my story. Third, I have written this to reflect that, for the most part, most of the events of all 3 eras have occurred in the chronological order of the films' release, with a few exceptions(ie: the presence of Minilla/Minya never happened). Gamera's Showa era has also been ignored in favor of the Heisei Gamera timeline, but I have reworked many of his classic Showa opponents for this modern story. For the sake of my story, "Final Wars" itself never happened, nor have the events of "Rebirth of Mothra 3". However, many long-time fans will recognize many familiar human characters from throughout all the eras and films, and one or two surprise characters from other sources besides those already included.

Next, Godzilla's appearance is that of the '2000/SOS/Kiryu' Godzilla, and Gamera's appearance is that of the "Revenge of Iris" Gamera. The appearance of the "current" Mothra is that of the "Rebirth of Mothra" films. Rodan has the appearance of the Final Wars version, but also has the powers of Fire Rodan from the Heisei era. Anguirus has the body and abilities(plus the 'sonic roar' from the video games) of his "Final Wars" version, but the appearance of his head/face is more like that of late Showa era. King Ceasar looks as he did in the Showa era, with the exception of having thumbs. The original, 'Primordial Demon' King Ghidorah has the appearance and powers he had in Rebirth of Mothra 3, and all "previous appearances" of Ghidorah in all the series were actually(one way or another) spawn or offspring of the "true" King Ghidorah. It was these spawn that fought and were destroyed in battle by Earth's kaiju all these years.

I must point out that I do also have a few seperate kaiju-related works planned that will NOT be part on this universe, and they will be clearly identified as such when I begin posting them.

So what do you all think? As always, I welcome long reviews and suggestions! No flames, please.